Monday, October 31, 2005

DFC News

This just in... an email just received from Jennifer Ernst:

She writes:

Just wanted to let you know that there will soon be another "Ernst"to contend with in the DFC. Please give everyone my best and tell them that I'm 5 weeks pregnant!

Congrats Jennifer! We look forward to DFC Expansion!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

DFC Week Ten

Another crazy weekend of college football, another unpredictable weekend of NFL--the results are on the blogsite right now, will be released via email by Tuesday.... for right now, though...

College Games
times are CST, rankings are AP

Tennessee Volunteers (3-4) at 8. Notre Dame Fightin' Catholics (5-2), 130pm NBC
Bama fans should root for the Vols if the Tide has any Rose Bolw hopes. Can they beat the Irish? In South Bend? Stranger things have happened.

14. Wisconsin Badgers (8-1) at 10. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-1), 230pm ABC
#2 versus #1 in the Big Ten Conference. This will be a HUGE game in Happy Valley.

23. California Bears (6-2) at 15. Oregon Ducks (7-1), 230pm ABC
The race to finish third in the Pac 10 (behind the Bruins and the Men of Troy) is on!

5. Miami Hurricanes (6-1) at 3. Virginia Tech Hokies (8-0), 645pm ESPN
Yes, they beat BC this week. But this will be the real test for the Hokies. (also the TB game)

NFL Games
Carolina Panthers (5-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2), 12pm Fox
The NFC South's title game, right here.

Tennessee Titans (2-6) at Cleveland Browns (2-5), 12pm CBS
Thats right, kiddies... the Titans make it to another Crap O'the Week Game!!

Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) at Washington Redskins (4-3), 730pm ESPN
Philly got smoked by Denver, while the Redskins got demolished by the Giants... the NFC East third place losers bracket game.

Indianapolis Colts (7-0) at New England Patriots (3-3), 8pm Monday ABC
Yeah, most of you will want to pick the Colts... but remember, its Manning playing in Boston. And you know how that's turned out. (the Pats play on Monday night against the Bills)

Tiebreak Game: Miami vs. Va Tech -- total points scored

DFC Week Nine Results

A mistake was made in calculating wins/losses for the week... the results are that Scott Latta wins his second week of the season, and Eddy Mc Jr comes in 2nd. Also, Scott moves up to 2nd in the DFC Power Poll, and leads the SouthCentral Division...

The Week That Was
Winning the second week in a row, and the fourth of his career, Scott Latta takes home the weekly win crown.

Finishing second was Eddy Mc Jr, also at 6-2 and vaulting himself into the thick of the McBroom Conference playoff hunt.

Third was Yours Truly, also at 6-2, and in fourth is Jason Duren, at 6-2. The rest of the top ten finishes at 5-3, with Tad Roose & Jon Osborne tying for 5th, Lori Smith in 7th, Drew Morris in 8th, the elder Eddy McBroom and James Hawbaker tying for 9th.

Also finishing:
5-3: DM Osborne, Justin Glenn, Tebe Shaw, Jason Demastus, Mark Gainey, Gina Williams, Matt Latta and Tyler Campbell
4-4: Tommy McLeod, Jennifer Ernst, Garrett Cheney, Ryan Sherman
3-5: Jason Barnette, Daniel Powell, Tim Wasyluka
2-6: Tom Johnson, Angie Pilgrim, Ty Coffey
1-7: Sarah Hasha
0-8: Michael Nipp (more on this below)

Fulaytar Conference
North Division

Osborne opens up a 3 game lead over Matt, and a 12 game lead over defending division champ Tom, Angie and Ty. Looks like a two man foot race in this division, with 24 games to go. If Matt can catch David Mark, his TBA will almost assuredly put him ahead--Matt hasn't used this TB drop yet, while DMO used his several weeks ago. Matt is going for his first DFC division title, and only second playoff appearance in six seasons (he posted a 3-5 record in Wild Card Weekend, which knocked him out of DFC III postseason), while DMO is trying for his 2nd division title and third playoff appearance (won the division in DFC II, made the postseason again in DFC V)
DM Osborne, 47-25 (14.13) (26-16) (21-9)
Matt Latta, 44-28 (12.0) (27-15) (17-13)
Tom Johnson, 35-37 (14.33) (21-21) (14-16)
Angie Pilgrim, 35-37 (17.0) (22-20) (13-17)
Ty Coffey, 35-37 (19.38) (22-20) (13-17)

MidCentral Division
Also a two man footrace, seemingly, between Justin and Tommy. Justin gained a game on Tommy this week, but knows he's got to win more than he, because it would take a lot for this TB to get below Tommy's at this point. Both men have used their drop. Jason Barnette, poised to make a run for the playoffs last season, took a stumble this week, while Tebe Shaw gained two games on him. Jenn, all but eliminated from the playoffs barring a monsterous finish these last three weeks, should be shooting for a winning season. Justin is trying for his third division title (He won the North in DFC II, and the Central in DFC V) and third playoff appearance, while Tommy's only playoff appearance came in DFC II, when he won the West Division and MVP title that season.
Tommy McLeod, 44-28 (13.38) (24-18) (20-10)
Justin Glenn, 43-29 (15.75) (22-20) (21-9)
Jason Barnette, 37-35 (12.0) (20-22) (17-13)
Tebe Shaw, 35-37 (14.0) (21-21) (14-17)
Jennifer Ernst, 34-38 (14.38) (17-25) (17-13)

West Division
Jason Duren's divisional lead now stretched to its 10th week, possibly a record in the DFC, though Drew Morris is now surging towards the top. Eddy's streak of winning 59+ games per season is all but over at this point, and his streak of four straight playoff appearances seems to be in danger as well (see East Division recap for details). Demastus, on his honeymoon, and Sarah, once again, seem to leave expectations unfulfilled. Duren is trying for his first playoff spot in this, his third season, in the DFC. Drew Morris has been there three times before, twice as a Wild Card (DFC II and III) and once as a West Division champion (last season). He's also made it to Deuce Bowl II and III, as a runner up to first Tad Roose then Chris Fulaytar.
Jason Duren, 42-30 (17.63) (25-17) (17-13)
Drew Morris, 40-32 (12.25) (24-18) (16-14)
Eddy McBroom, 38-34 (11.0) (22-20) (16-14)
Json Demastus, 36-36 (20.0) (20-22) (16-14)
Sarah Hasha, 33-39 (14.56) (21-21) (12-18)

McBroom Conference
East Division

The Mighty Gainey is not only trying for his record fourth straight division title, but will tie Eddy McBroom for consecutive playoff appearances if Eddy doesn't make it. I'm only three games back, however, and for the first time, the TBA is on my side. Tyler falls a game behind me, though still in the lead for the TieBreak title this year, while Garrett's playoff hopes are gone. Hawbaker, starting upside down, is only 2 games from righting his ship as well. Yours Truly is seeking my third straight playoff appearance and fourth overall (made it in DFC II, IV and V), while Tyler has never seen the postseason--of course, its only his second season.
Mark Gainey, 42-30 (13.63) (24-18) (18-12)
Yours Truly, 39-33 (12.22) (23-19) (16-14)
Tyler Campbell, 38-34 (9.0) (24-18) (14-16)
Garrett Cheney, 33-39 (19.22) (19-23) (14-16)
James Hawbaker, 23-25 (14.17) (14-16) (9-9)

South Central Division
The guys who have played the longest without a postseason game to speak of looks like they might end that holdout this year. Now that correction has been made, Scott is in control by a game. More than likely, the winner of this division will have a first round bye. Tad Roose is not finished yet, though, as he's third playoff spot--he makes it in every other year, but when he does, he does it right, having won the DeRamus Plate in DFC II and DFC IV. Lori, the defending divisional champion, and Eddy Jr both are trying for their third straight playoff appearances. Hopes for a McBroom Bowl, though faint, are still alive. Hopes for an Osborne Bowl or a Latta Bowl seem more like it.
Scott Latta, 44-28 (11.25) (25-17) (19-11)
Jon Osborne, 43-29 (9.75) (26-16) (17-13)
Tad Roose, 41-31 (11.0) (25-17) (16-14)
Lori Smith, 39-33 (11.38) (23-19) (16-14)
Eddy Mc Jr, 39-33 (19.22) (26-16) (13-17)

South Division
The evil of the TieBreak Average is that Daniel Powell can feasibly win this division--his first title--tied with Tim in record, but by virtue of a lower TBA, leave Tim not only out of the divisional race, but possibly out of the postseason, depending on where Yours Truly, Lori, Tad and others fall. Though making some headway, Gina is in a "now or never" mode for the division, while Ryan's Hope is fading quickly. Daniel made it to the postseason once before, in DFC III, finishing one game behind Tim Wasyluka for the division. Tim also won DFC IV's Central Division, but missed the postseason in DFC V. The defending divisional champ, Michael Nipp, has already put a stamp on his season and is heading towards the post office.
Daniel Powell, 40-32 (12.38) (27-15) (13-17)
Tim Wasyluka, 40-32 (12.75) (24-18) (16-14)
Gina Williams, 36-36 (10.63) (23-19) (13-17)
Ryan Sherman, 33-39 (23.22) (21-21) (12-18)
Michael Nipp, 25-47 (11.13) (18-24) (7-23)

Playoff Race
Top 2 division winners in each conference get 1st round bye, 3rd division winner and 4th, 5th, and 6th seeds in Wild Card Weekend.
Fulaytar Conference
1) DM Osborne, 47-25 (14.13) (would be North Division champ)
2) Tommy McLeod, 44-28 (13.38) (would be MidCentral champ)
3) Jason Duren, 42-30 (17.63) (would be West champ)
4) Matt Latta, 44-28 (12.0)
5) Justin Glenn, 43-29 (15.75)
6) Drew Morris, 40-32 (12.25)
7) Eddy McBroom, 38-34 (11.0)
8) Jason Barnette, 37-35 (12.0)
9) Jason Demastus, 36-36 (20.0)

McBroom Conference
1) Scott Latta, 44-28 (11.25) (would be South Central champ)
2) Mark Gainey, 42-30 (13.63) (would be East champ)
3) Daniel Powell, 40-32 (12.38) (South champ)
4) Jon Osborne, 43-29 (9.75)
5) Tad Roose, 41-31 (11.0)
6) Tim Wasyluka, 40-32 (12.75)
7) Lori Smith, 39-33 (11.38)
8) Yours Truly, 39-33 (12.22)
9) Eddy Mc Jr, 39-33 (19.22)
10) Tyler Campbell, 38-34 (9.0)

DFC Power Poll
1. DMOsborne, 47-25 (14.13) (1)
2. Scott Latta, 44-28 (11.25) (5)
3. Matt Latta, 44-28 (12.0) (3)
4. Tommy McLeod, 44-28 (13.38) (2)
5. Jon Osborne, 43-29 (9.75) (4)
6. Justin Glenn, 43-29 (15.75) (6)
7. Mark Gainey, 42-30 (13.63) (7)

8. Jason Duren, 42-30 (17.63) (NR)
9. Tad Roose, 41-31 (11.0) (10)
10. Drew Morris, 40-32 (12.25) (NR)
dropped out: Daneil Powell (8); Tim Wasyluka (9)

Game Bucket O'Wings
Thirteen times in DFC Regular season history has someone gone undefeated in a week. Its happened three times in the postseason. To go 0-8, however, mostly it takes not getting your picks in...
But twice, and only twice has someone turned in their picks and missed every single one of them. The first time was the legendary Ross Kingrey, who really should have had a solid career in the DFC. He went 0-8 in week three of DFC II.
And this week... our Michael Nipp, who turns in his picks first every week... missed every single one he turned in. This bucket of wings is for you, Mikey. Eat up.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • And while we're on the subject of Mikey, lets talk about horrendous records... the worst full season record in DFC History was in DFC III, with Jason Demastus only mustering up a 31-65 record, followed closely by Trey O'Neal's 34-62 debacle in DFC IV and Josh Crosby's 39-57 nightmare in DFC II. But what makes Michael's potential record setting year (he's at 25-47) a potential record setting year is the fact that Jason, Trey and Josh all had trouble getting picks in, each missing at least 16 games due to non-picking. Michael has turned in his picks every week.
  • With 96 games in a season, it takes 48 wins to make it to .500, and 49 to have a .500+ record for the year. Last year was remarkable because Tyler Campbell was last in the league, and he was at 48-48 for the year.
  • Those in the league who have never had a losing record for the season, with at least two full seasons behind them, regardless of playoff appearances: Yours Truly, Lori Smith, Jenn Ernst, Matt Latta, Big Eddy, Tommy McLeod, Sarah Hasha, Drew Morris, Mark Gainey, Jon Osborne, Scott Latta, Michael Nipp and Tim Wasyluka.
  • Of those listed, Lori, Jennifer, Big Eddy, Tommy, Drew, Mark, Jennifer, Scott, and Michael have won at least 50 or more in every season they've been in the league--Jennifer holding the record with five consecutive seasons of 50 or more. Mark Gainey has had three straight 60+ win seasons.
  • Taking a look at all time records, Michael falls a little further, as he's now 6th all time with a 305-239 record. Matt Latta moved into 5th this past weekend, while Mark Gainey and Little Eddy passed Chris Fulaytar for 16th and 15th, respectively, on the list.
  • Sarah Hasha is 8 games away from 200 lifetime wins, Jason Duren is 9 from 150 wins and Garrett Cheney is 3 away from 100.
  • All time College listings find Jennifer still on top, and at 188-121, she's 12 from 200. DMO is in 2nd, while Michael and Yours Truly have tied for third all time.
  • The 10th spot on that list, and the race to finish in the top ten, heats up as Drew and Jonathan both are at 163-104, with #12 being owned by both Scott and Tad at 161-106.
  • Big Eddy becomes the 10th and final person in the College Top Ten to lose 100 games--next up to hit the 100 college losses mark is Ty (95) and Sarah (94).
  • In All Time Pro, Big Tom Johnson has held the #1 spot for over three years... but for the first time, he's got company at the top, as Jennifer and Yours Truly now share Tom's 137-98 record. I dont have the exact number, but I do know that Tom has been on top of this list for at least 36 consecutive regular season weeks... this is the first time he's been tied.
  • As for the rookies, Jason Barnette becomes the first of the rookie crop to break the top 30 in any of the Top Catagories--he's now 30th all time in Pro, with a 17-13 record. He needs 9 more wins to pass Brooke DeRamus' 26-20 record and take over 27th in the league, becoming the first (and possibly only this season) to join the "active block", which is the block on the list of active DFC'ers.
  • As many people as we've seen in the DFC, after five seasons, only six people have seen a Deuce Bowl. Tad Roose and Chris Fulaytar have each been their twice, having won both of theirs, while Drew Morris has come up a runner up twice. Jennifer Ernst made it once, Shawn Sharp won it once and Eddy McBroom made it last year (and lost).
  • With Chris retiring last season, the top spot for All Time Playoff Wins is up for grabs... the top seven is 1) Chris, 55-24; 2) Big Eddy, 50-22; 3) Drew Morris, 47-20; 4) Jenn Ernst, 42-22; 5) Tad Roose, 35-13; 6) Mark Gainey, 23-17; 7) Yours Truly, 21-11.
  • I mention this only because Chris is gone, there is a good chance that Big Eddy will miss the postseason, there is a decent chance that Drew will miss the postseason, and there is almost no chance Jenn will make it... meaning Tad and Mark--if they make it--have no where to go but up.
  • Nineteen people have tasted postseason glory... Tommy, Matt and Vic Paschal all are on the bottom with a 3-5 record each.
  • The best winning percentage, however, is Tad Roose, with a 72.9% playoff average, and Drew Morris in 2nd with 70.1%

Monday, October 24, 2005

DFC Week Nine

64 games down, 32 to go. Much was decided this weekend, and much more to be decided in the coming weeks... TB Averages are more important than ever, with many key division leaders not having used theirs yet...
...the division that Justin had all but won sees him in 2nd now...
...Daniel Powell is seeking his first division title in his six season career, having passed a once solid Tim Wasyluka
...the rookie to now watch is not Angie Pilgrim but Jason Barnette
...and Jason Duren's solid lead (and attempt at a wire-to-wire divisional lead) is in danger...
...all of this and immediate results on the website now... full results sent via email tomorrow...

College Games
All ranks from AP Poll, all times CST

#4 Georgia Bulldogs (7-0) vs. #18 Florida Gators (5-2) in Jacksonville, Florida, CBS
The Worlds Largest Cocktail Party commences again, this time with some intriguing storylines... it would be easy to take the fourth ranked Bulldogs over Urban Meyer's Gators, a young team that has not quite grasped the offense that Urban is trying to lay on them. However, the Georgia QB, DJ Shockley, went down hard with a knee injury on Saturday, and afterwards, they struggled to beat Arkansas (and the Hogs should have beaten them, honestly). From all accounts, Shockley will not play on Saturday against the Gators, but even if he does, play will be limited and he won't be 100%. So take the team with the backup QB, or the team with the shaky offense that you know will one day explode for 1,000 yards in a single quarter. Pick 'em.

#25 Michigan Wolverines (5-3) at #21 Northwestern Wildcats (5-2), 6pm
Yes, yes, Ryan Sherman said it best... NW picking Mich State is like picking two donkeys fighting over a turnip... but if you saw that game, you saw one donkey beat the crap out of the other. Seriously, imagine Ryan, the Lattas and the Osbornes, all armed with wooden planks against Philip Fulmer, armed with a feather duster, in a dark alley. Thats the kind of beating the Cats laid on the Spartans--and they looked almost flawless doing it. I dont care who the Wolvies are... I'm picking the Wildcats again, and their huge offense and their bad-A QB, Basenez (prounced bazz-ih-nay). Homeboy is a hoss, and I'd pick him over Michigan's Henne any day. ( ALSO TB GAME)

Oklahoma Sooners (4-3) at Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-2), 11am ABC
Imagine my surprise when I flip on ESPNews and see the Boomer Sooners are in their 2nd overtime... "Wow," I thought... "I didnt know they played Colorado." Or maybe Ithought it was Oklahoma State, who they always have problems with. Or maybe they are playing Nebraska, though I was almost positive it wasn't this past weekend.
So I listen in to find out who could be taking the Sooners to 2 overtimes. I found out. It was Baylor. Yes, Baylor. BAYLOR!!!!!! You have to know that Oklahoma is a young team, and they lost, like, everyone last year, and Adrian Peterson is a shell of what he was last season when they took Auburn's place against USC. But Baylor? I like the Huskers.

Clemson Tigers (4-3) at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (4-2), 11am, ESPN2
I'll be honest with you... there weren't many more games that sound appealing. I mean, I could have picked Auburn/Ole Miss, but you don't really think that the Runnin' Rebels will win? And there is a great game on Thursday night, but its Thursday, and I know you people better than that. Too late in the season to be missing games. And hey, its on TV. So, here you go. Pick 'em.

NFL Games

Washington Redskins (5-2) at the New York Football Giants (4-2), 12noon FOX
You know, even though the powers that be act like Eli is the second coming of Peyton (can I tell you how funny it would be if Eli won a Super Bowl before Peyton? We're talking Venus and Serena all over again, times 5,000), after yesterday's comeback win over the Broncos, I'm starting to think Eli is coming around. And with the Skins, who knew that Brunell was the deal? Joe Gibbs is proving that the "game is not passing him by". If only LaVar Arrington can get his thumb out of his naval, and act like a man, the Skins can be a contenda.

Chicago Bears (3-3) at Detroit Lions (3-3), 12pm FOX
A question. Is it possible that the NFC North can be won by a 6-10 team, while a 10-6 Philadelphia team or a 11-5 Dallas Cowboy team misses the playoffs? Anyone else think we should go back to 3 divisions?

Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) at San Diego Chargers (3-4), 305pm, CBS
Another question. If the Chargers go 7-9 this year (or even 6-10), would they be the best 7-11 or 6-10 ever?

Oakland Raiders (2-4) at Tennessee Titans (2-5), 12pm CBS
That's right, boys and girls... the Titans, for the first time ever, have stunk just enough to qualify for... The Crap of the Week! Steve McNair's right ankle fell off last week, and the duct tape on this throwing hand is frayed, so they are starting the legendary QB Billy Volek, who honestly sounds like he should be starting for the Pittsburgh Penguins (who also stink). And the Raiders? Randy Moss can only do so much... in fact, depending on the game, he only does so much. Crap of the Week! Be there!

Lets go for some offensive firepower after last week's 6-3 Ala/Tenn TB debacle (the game wasn't a debacle... the points were).
Northwestern vs. Michigan. Total points scored

Saturday, October 22, 2005

DFC Week Eight Results

You'll have to bear with me... I'm in the middle of a massive job search, possibly career change, so I'll make corrections and adjustments as needed!

TB Drops for Scott, Tyler, Tad, Scott, Big Eddy, Tebe, Michael, Tim, Gina, Drew, Daniel and Barney have been factored into the stats below... also, Drew Morris' correction is done below...

Also... for anyone who thought they got the Chiefs game correct, if you sent your email in after the game started on Friday, then it was counted as a loss (some of you picked Miami, so it didnt matter). The Hurricane moved the start of the game up, and I tried to let everyone know to get picks in (and put it on the site here). Just trying to be fair. =)

The Week that Was
First Matt wins his third week of his career, and now younger brother Scott takes his third week, his first since his 8-0 win of Week 1 in DFC IV (his other win was 7-1 week in DFC II, Week 10 in 2002). This time he wins the week at 6-2.

Coming in 2nd for the week is Tommy McLeod, at 6-2, and also in 6-2 is Jenn Ernst, having a great week (finally!) for 3rd.

The rest of the top ten all finished at 5-3, starting with Yours Truly in 4th, a tie for 5th with James Hawbaker and Tebe Shaw, in 7th is Tad Roose, in 8th is Mark Gainey, 9th is Jason Barnette and 10th is Jon Osborne.

Also Finishing:
4-4: DM Osborne, Matt Latta, Drew Morris, Lori Smith, Eddy McBroom, Tyler Campbell, Daniel Powell, Ryan Sherman
3-5: Tom Johnson, Tim Wasyluka, Angie Pilgrim, Justin Glenn, Jason Demastus, Michael Nipp
2-6: Ty Coffey, Sarah Hasha, Gina Williams, Jason Duren, Eddy McBroom Jr
1-7: Garrett Cheney

Fulaytar Conference
North Division REC TBA College Pro
David Mark's mediocre week didnt' hurt him at all, since no one else in the North had a good week either. He holds a 3 game lead over Matt, who decided to be good in a DMO MVP type year. Tom, Angie and Ty are pretty much out of the divisional race, only gunning for a playoff seed now.

DM Osborne, 42-22 (13.86) (25-13) (17-9)
Matt Latta, 39-22 (12.5) (25-13) (14-12)
Tom Johnson, 33-28 (14.88) (20-18) (13-13)
Angie Pilgrim, 33-28 (16.0) (21-17) (12-14)
Ty Coffey, 33-28 (21.86) (21-17) (12-14)

MidCentral Div
Tommy is having a great year, only getting better now that he has knocked off Justin from the top spot. And though six games back, here comes Jason Barnette (a preseason top 10er) to take the conference's 6th seed, at least temporarily.

Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (13.71) (23-15) (17-9)
Justin Glenn, 38-26 (15.86) (20-18) (18-8)
Jason Barnette, 34-30 (12.71) (19-19) (15-11)
Tebe Shaw, 30-34 (13.86) (17-21) (13-13)
Jennifer Ernst, 30-34 (16.14) (16-22) (14-12)

West Division
Possibly the worst week for Duren to go 2-6, as defending division champ Drew Morris is now only 2 games back. Eddy seems to stay afloat, but is in danger of having his four straight playoff appearances streak broken.

Jason Duren, 36-28 (18.43) (23-15) (13-13)
Drew Morris, 35-29 (13.29) (22-16) (13-13)

Eddy McBroom, 33-31 (11.71) (20-18) (13-13)
Sarah Hasha, 32-32 (16.0) (21-17) (11-15)
Jason Demastus, 31-33 (20.0) (18-20) (13-13)

McBroom Conference
East Division
The Mighty Gainey is finally showing his usual form, taking a solid four game lead over Tyler and Yours Truly, and looking for his 4th straight division title. Garrett, mostly out of the divisional race, can now only hope to make it as a wild card (but needs to get going soon), while Hawbaker shows signs of life, making his first weekly top ten.

Mark Gainey, 37-27 (13.86) (21-17) (16-10)
Tyler Campbell, 33-31 (9.14) (22-16) (11-15)
Yours Truly, 33-31 (12.5) (21-17) (12-14)
Garrett Cheney, 29-35 (20.38) (18-20) (11-15)
James Hawbaker, 18-22 (15.8) (11-15) (7-7)

SouthCentral Division
My my, what a race we have here... seperated by only 2 TB points, neither has used their drop yet, and the winner of this division will almost certainly have the first round bye... but here comes the Rooster. Lori now falls four games from first, and Eddy Jr falls 5.

Jonathan Osborne, 38-26 (11.0) (23-15) (15-11)
Scott Latta, 38-26 (12.43) (22-16) (16-10)
Tad Roose, 36-28 (12.43) (24-14) (12-14)
Lori Smith, 34-30 (14.38) (21-17) (13-13)
Eddy McBroom Jr, 33-31 (21.0) (22-16) (11-15)

South Division
By virtue of the TBA, Daniel now holds the top spot, looking for his first division title in six seasons. Neither Daniel nor Tim has used their TB Drop yet. This will be a two man race, as Gina goes 2 games under .500, Ryan is 8 games out of first, and not only is Michael 12 games out of first, he's 9 games from the playoffs 6th seed.

Daniel Powell, 37-27 (12.0) (26-12) (11-15)
Tim Wasyluka, 37-27 (12.0) (24-14) (13-13)
Gina Williams, 31-33 (13.0) (21-17) (10-16)
Ryan Sherman, 29-35 (24.25) (19-19) (10-16)
Michael Nipp, 25-39 (12.0) (18-20) (7-19)

DFC Power Poll
Rank Rec (TBA) (LW)
1. DM Osborne 42-22 (13.86) (1)
2. Tommy McLeod 40-24 (13.71) (4)
3. Matt Latta 39-25 (12.5) (2)
4. Jon Osborne 38-26 (11.0) (7)
5. Scott Latta 38-26 (12.43) (10)
6. Justin Glenn 38-26 (15.86) (3)
7. Daniel Powell 37-27 (12.0) (8)
8. Tim Wasyluka 37-27 (13.57) (5)
9. Mark Gainey 37-27 (13.86) (9)
10. Tad Roose 36-28 (12.43) (NR)
dropped out: Jason Duren (6th)

The Playoff Race:
ONLY top six records per conference get playoff berth.
Top two seeds get first round byes, 3rd seed thru 6th seed play in Wild Card Weekend
Fulayter Conference
1) DM Osborne, 42-22 (13.86) (North Division Champion)
2) Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (13.71) (Midcentral Division Champion
3) Jason Duren, 36-28 (18.43) (West Division Champion)
4) Matt Latta, 39-25 (12.5)
5) Justin Glenn, 38-26 (15.86)
6) Drew Morris, 35-29 (13.29)
7) Jason Barnette, 34-30 (12.71)
8) Eddy McBroom, 33-31 (11.71)
9) Tom Johnson, 33-31 (14.88)
10) Angie Pilgrim, 33-31 (16.0)
11) Ty Coffey, 33-31 (21.86)

McBroom Conference
1) Jon Osborne, 38-26 (11.0) (SouthCentral Division Champ)
2) Daniel Powell, 37-27 (12.0) (South Division Champ)
3) Mark Gainey, 37-27 (13.86) (East Division Champ)
4) Scott Latta, 38-26 (12.43)
5) Tim Wasyluka, 37-27 (13.57)
6) Tad Roose, 36-28 (12.43)
7) Lori Smith, 34-30 (14.38)
8) Tyler Campbell, 33-31 (9.14)
9) Yours Truly, 33-31 (12.5)

Game Bucket O' Wings
I award this week's DFC version of a helmet sticker or a game ball to Sarah Hasha, Mikey Nipp, Daniel Powell, Tommy McLeod, Jenn Ernst and Yours Truly... may we all sit and enjoy a big bucket together for having faith in the Northwestern Wildcats. We believed. They delivered. Tip your waitress.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

--Last season may be more of an anamoly than anything else. Consider this: we had 13 people in a 26 person league win 60 games or more. Thats compared to only 5 in DFC II, 3 in DFC III and 3 in DFC IV. No one got higher than 58 wins in DFC I (Shawn Sharp) but during the first year, there were only 88 games as opposed to the 96 we currently have.
--This season, we will have possibly one, maybe two. DMOsborne has 42 wins, Tommy McLeod has 40, with 32 games left. That winds down to both averaging a 5-3 mark every week during the final four weeks. Matt Latta (39) can do it, but has to have a 6-2 week in there somewhere, while all those at 38 wins need 2 of those 6-2 weeks.
--Think winning the division gives you the upperhand? Think again. Since divisions were started in DFC II, only Tad Roose has won a championship as a division title winner. He did it in DFC II. Since then, Tad won his second title and Chris Fulaytar won his two all as wild cards, all going through wild card weekend. Its all about momentum.
--Things are looking rosy for Daniel Powell, as he is charging towards a possible first division title. Out of the original DFC'ers who are still around, only three have never had a Division Title trophy on their shelf... Matt Latta, Yours Truly and Daniel.
--Strangely, this could be the first DFC postseason (since DFC I, when neither were involved) with nary a McBroom in it. Both Eddys, senior and junior, have had their troubles this year, and might both miss the playoffs.
--On the other hand, this will be the first postseason where both Lattas are involved. In fact, most playoffs have seen neither Scott nor Matt, with Matt's only playoff appearance coming in DFC III, where he was knocked out of the first round.
--The Rookie of the Year race has just gotten interesting... do you award Angie Pilgrim, who was hot early (according to her fiance, she's hot all the time) winning both Week One and Five? Or do you award Jason Barnette, who struggled early, but has been consistant enough to climb the division (facing juggernauts Justin and Tommy, no less) and currently pull himself into playoff contention. Perhaps if he misses the playoffs, the voting will swing for Angie, but if he makes the postseason--and what if he advances?--you have to consider that.
--Checking out the all time stats, Tommy, Matt and Tom all crossed the 300 win mark this weekend, leaving only Daniel as the last DFC I'er to not make it (granted, he started three weeks late)
--Tim Wasyluka, from around the world (mission trip to the Middle East) made 200 this weekend as well. Next up is Sarah Hasha, who is 9 wins away
--The Wookiee, Chris Fulaytar, falls a little further. Beginning the season in the All Time Top Ten, he has been passed by several DFC'ers this year, and he now sits in 15th with a 236-140 record. Eddy Jr is 16th, with 234 wins, while Mark has 233. After Wookiee goes to 17th, there he probably will remain, at least until next season, because Lori is 18th with 207 wins, which means she'd have to have a 29-3 record in the final weeks of the season to make it. Not going to happen.
--Perhaps it would be a great rookie goal to make the All Time Top 30... Scott Burks holds the 30th spot now with 44 wins. I think Barney and Angie will definately hit the top 30. Tebe and Gina... maybe. Ryan and James? Probably not.
--Jennifer now is 13 collegiate wins away from being the first person to break 200 in that catagory. Michael and DMO are 18 back, Yours Truly is 20 back (which means we wait until next season, with only 16, perhaps 20, college games coming up before season's end)
--Somehow, Tom still is atop the All Time Pro records, now two ahead of Jenn, three from me. Right back, however, is David Mark Osborne with 128 (tied with Tommy). I mention this only because only three people have ever spent anytime in the top three of ALL major catagories at the same time--Jennifer, Yours Truly, Michael.

--We're not all there now, but at one time or another, we were in the top three of All Time, Pro and College. Jennifer is there now (1 in All Time and College, 2 in Pro) and I was there for a while until DMO passed me to take third in College (tied actually with Michael for 2nd place). Anyway, he's five behind me in Pro... and he'd become the 4th person to ever be in the top three of all catagories.

Kansas City 30, Miami 20 (NFL on Friday night)
Northwestern 49, Michigan State 14 (I watched this game in its entirety... imagine Ryan Sherman, the Lattas and the Osbornes with bats in a dark alley against Philip Fulmer. Thats how badly NW beat MSU... total domination.)
Alabama 6, Tennessee 3
Texas 52, Texas Tech 17
LSU 20, Auburn 17 (I just invested three hours of my life in a thrilling game decided by a football bouncing off an upright. Thats just wrong. Just wrong.)

Also... interesting article about the feud and hatred between Alabama and Tennessee

Sunday, October 16, 2005

DFC Week Eight

College Games

Northwestern Wildcats (4-2) at #22. Michigan State Spartans (4-2), 11am
Yes, I watched the Cats beat the crap out of Purdue, yes I picked them and yes, I was gleefully happy they won. And yes, I watched Michigan State go down in flames to a superior Ohio State team, and yes, I was very ungleefully happy. This is one of those weeks where I'm just torn all the way around. Winner here stays in the Big Ten title hunt, loser settles for the bowl or something.
The Wookiee Sez: Northwestern looked good against Purdue (who doesn't?). Michigan State choked against the poison nuts. Maybe Northwestern can take that Chicago is happy vibe (Pale Hose in the World Series baby!) and turn it into a victory but I doubt it. Take the Spartans and the guy who reminds me of Mana Manu the Slender from Necessary Roughness.

#10. Texas Tech Red Raiders (6-0) at #2. Texas Longhorns (6-0), 230p ABC
Most people in the DFC will go for Texas (I'd be shocked if more than two or three went for Tech) but in a battle of two unbeaten, top ten teams, ya gotta pick it. Besides, what happens if Vince Young has an off day? Or they overlook this team because they are gearing up for OK State or Baylor down the road? And more than anything, this truly is the South Division championship in the Big XII, because neither team has much challenge from here on out.

Wookiee sez: I am surprised the quarterback at Texas Tech hasn't had his arm fall off. He threw for over 630 yards last week. If Texas isgoing to choke, this would be the game becuase Texas A&M (they stink) does not concern me at all. If Texas is focused (and they should be because Tech will beat them if they are not) then they should win. Am I the only one who thinks the Horns would beat SC right now? Hook 'em Horns!

#17. Tennessee Volunteers (3-2) at #5. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0), 230p CBS
This game scares the begeezus out of me, simply because its so simple. Alabama, undefeated, 5th in the nation and in the new BCS rankings, should kill Tennessee. The Vols have no offense (two QBs, neither one very clutch), no defense, and except for that LSU comeback, nothing really special to speak of. So Bama wins, big, right? Right? Like they did against Ole Miss yesterday, they win big... wait... the barely beat Ole Miss. I'm picking Bama, if only because I'm chalking up yesterday to a "look past them to the big game" game. And with John Wilson busted for DUI (the backup QB), you'd better know that the Vols are gunning to take Croyle down at all costs.
Wookiee sez: Part of me says to recommend UT just to tick off all the Alabama fans. Looking at the numbers, I just do not see how I could justify it. However I will say that Alabama better hope the escape at Ole Miss was a case of looking ahead and not what the team is like without Prothro. So I guess an argument could be made for picking UT, but if you want to win this one pick Alabama.

#16. Auburn Tigers (5-1) at #7. Louisiana State Tigers (4-1), 645pm
So, the BCS comes out today... Auburn is ranked 18th. 15th in one poll, 16th in the AP, they lose one to Georgia Tech at the beginning of the season, and the Tigers have gotten no respect. I mean, they have won what, 22 of 23 games now, including 13 straight SEC games, and they are ranked 18th in the BCS? Come on now... you Alabama fans know if you were coming off an undefeated season where you were robbed of a shot at the title (and even you can't deny that) and been as successful as they have this season, you guys would be going nuts. They take LSU. Brandon Cox is shaky--but gets it done.

Wookiee sez: Tubby's boys have looked good since their season opening UPSET to Georgia Tech against some junior high teams. Anybody catch that idiot DC at Arkansas talking about Auburn's "Merry Christmas" schedule? What a goob! I hope he enjoyed watching Santa's elves (Auburn's Offensive Line) grind his defense into the dirt. Merry Christmas Reggie Herring. On the other hand, LSU barely got past a UF team that was drilled by Brodie and the Boys. They even turned it over four times. Anybody remember Les Miles trying to call a timeout after LSU intercepted a pass during the UT game? What a dork! Auburn looks like it should win this game. However, they have had a knack for going into games like this and getting waxed. I have a funny feeling that might be the case again. A shaky nod to LSU but do not be surprised if Auburn eeks it out.

Pro Games

Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-1) , 12pm CBS
Ya know... I actually think that the Bengals are good. Maybe he's just lucky this year, or having one crazy, standout season (Kurt Warner, anyone?), but right now, Carson Palmer is the dude. He rocks. The Steelers performance all will depend on whether Big Ben comes back, and if Hines Ward is healthy as well... without Ben & Hines, they barely lost to the pretty good Jags... so if those two come back, how good will they be against a really good Bengal team? (did i just say that?)
Wookiee sez: The Bungles may actually be for real. They went on the road and beat a Titans team that had beaten them 9 out of the last 10 times they had played. The Steelers lost in OT due to the fact that Tommy Maddox couldn't hold on to the ball or remember what team to throw it to. If Roethelisberger and Hines Ward play, then the Steelers could win. With that said I am getting on the Bungles band wagon and don't be surprised if that turns out to be the kiss of death. So be warned. If I were picking for real, I would pick Cincy.

San Diego Chargers (2-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) , 12pm CBS
I really want the Chargers to be like, 16-0, simply because they are too good to be 3-3. LDT is just rocking and rolling this year, running over everyone, on pace for what, 12,400 yards this year? And poor Philip Rivers... Drew Brees waited until Rivers was drafted to finally decide to be relevant. The Eagles welcome the Bolts with a banged up McNabb, the entity known as T.O. and a team that suddenly finds themselves trailing the Cowboys (!) in the East.
Wookiee sez: I am picking San Diego for the sheer fact that I think TO is a freakin' idiot/crybaby. Pick this game at your own risk.

Kansas City Chiefs (3-2) at The Fins of Miami (2-3) , 12pm CBS
The Chefs and Priest Holmes (speaking of suddenly irrelevant...) take on Ricky Williams and the Miami Fins! Ricky will be huffing and puffing all over the field, hoping to be as annoying to the Chefs as a weed in the garden. The whole game takes place down at the Miami joint, and the Fins hope to roll up a big fattie in the W column this week.
Wookiee sez: Miami sure looked great with the return of Ricky "Chronic" Williams against the Bucs huh? Tampa Bay just slapped them around on both sides of the ball and that was with Chris Simms at QB (where have you gone Major Applewhite?). Kansas City defense still stinks but it is a little better than it was. I don't think the Dolphins can hold the Chefs at bay for 4 quarters. Go with KC.

Denver Broncos (5-1) at The New York Football Giants (3-2) , 315p CBS
Like USC, I finally now believe in the Broncos. They completely schooled the Pats yesterday--yes, yes, the Patriots are down, but they manhandled them all over. Winners of five straight, the Horseys go on the road to face off against The Other God Known As Eli and the New York Football Giants, who tossed an OT game to the Cowboys yesterday.
Wookiee sez: If you ask the ESPN Sunday Night Football crew, Eli is the greatest thing ever. They never mention he has never won a start on the road. However this game is at home and he plays really well there. On the other hand, Denver has looked good since they realized they probably should run the football and not rely on Jake Plummer to win the game for them. This game too close to call. My gut says pick the Giants. Or is it saying, "feed me"? You make the call.

TieBreak Game
Alabama/Tennessee total points scored

Saturday, October 15, 2005

DFC Week Seven Results

Weekly recap
If the Playoffs Started Today...
The DFC Power Poll
L, DL & S
Recaps of Week 7 games

The Week That Was
Whereas Matt Latta joined the "3 Weekly Win" club last week, Drew Morris joined an even more exclusive club this week... his 7-1 record this weekend was good enough to take the week, his first week win since Week 9 of DFC III in 2002. He joins Michael Nipp and Eddy McBroom as the only ones to capture 3.

Finishing 2nd is David Mark Osborne at 6-2. Its notable that even though he has one weekly win to his name (DFC V, Week 1) he's finished 2nd for the week six times in his career.

For 3rd is Tom Johnson, making a huge comeback in the last few weeks, at 6-2. The rest of the top ten all finished at 5-3, starting with Daniel Powell in 4th, Jason Barnette and Yours Truly tied for 5th, Matt Latta in 7th, Sarah Hasha in 8th, Mark Gainey in 9th and Tim Wasyluka in 10th.

Also Finishing:
4-4 - Ty Coffey, Justin Glenn, Eddy McBroom, Tyler Campbell, James Hawbaker, Jason Duren, Tommy McLeod, Jenn Ernst, Gina Williams, Tad Roose
3-5 - Angie Pilgrim, Tebe Shaw, Garrett Cheney, Lori Smith, Eddy Mc Jr, Scott Latta, Jon Osborne, Michael Nipp, Ryan Sherman
2-6 - Jason Demastus

Player, Record, (TBA) (College) (Pro)
Fulaytar Conference
North Division

In what would normally be a division title year for Matt, this is the year that David Mark picks to dominate. The DFC Power Poll now has 1-2 coming out of this division, and surprise, surprise, Ty Coffey is suddenly looking like a playoff contender. Angie takes a huge tumble from the poll to 17th overall, and coupled with Tom's continuing success in the last few weeks, finds herself at the bottom of the divison.
DM Osborne, 38-18 (11.33) (22-12) (16-6)
Matt Latta, 35-21 (11.14) (22-12) (13-9)
Ty Coffey, 31-25 (18.33) (19-15) (12-10)
Tom Johnson, 30-26 (12.86) (18-16) (12-10)
Angie Pilgrim, 30-26 (14.14) (18-16) (12-10)

MidCentral Division
Perhaps the luster is beginning to wear on Justin's power season, as he slips a little further in the Power Poll, and Tommy stays only one game back. Jason is starting to get a few games over .500, while Tebe and Jennifer seemingly need to shoot for 40 wins to have a successful season.
Justin Glenn, 35-21 (13.0) (17-17) (18-4)
Tommy McLeod 34-22 (11.0) (19-15) (15-7)
Jason Barnette, 29-27 (12.71) (16-18) (13-9)
Tebe Shaw, 25-31 (13.86) (14-20) (11-11)
Jennifer Ernst, 24-32 (12.33) (12-22) (12-10)

West Division
In a tight division, Duren opens up a 4 game lead over Big Eddy, who bounces from last to 2nd and everywhere in between from week to week. Drew has also rebounded nicely, looking as if he wants to finally defend his division title, while Sarah and Jason Demastus are trailing along.
Jason Duren, 34-22 (16.0) (21-13) (13-9)
Eddy McBroom, 30-26 (11.71) (17-17) (12-10)
Drew Morris, 30-26 (13.29) (20-14) (10-12)
Sarah Hasha, 29-27 (15.0) (19-15) (11-11)
Jason Demastus, 28-28 (22.0) (16-18) (12-10)

McBroom Conference
East Division

The Mighty Gainey continues to lead, looking for his fourth straight East Division title, while Tyler Campbell looks like the unlikely contender. I'm still trying to beat back Cheney, and get above .500 (though with Garrett's horrendous TBA, I only have to stay even with him), while James quietly strolls along.
Mark Gainey, 32-24 (11.17) (18-16) (14-8)
Tyler Campbell, 29-27 (9.14) (19-15) (10-12)
Yours Truly, 28-28 (11.29) (18-16) (10-12)
Garrett Cheney, 28-28 (21.57) (17-17) (11-11)
James Hawbaker, 13-19 (14.25) (9-13) (4-6)

South Central Division
In the absolute hardest and tightest division in the league, Jonathan still leads it by a game over Scott Latta. Tad has a decent week, though he's helped by the fact he's the only person in the SC Division to go 4-4 (everyone else went 3-5). This allows the Rooster to get above Lori and pull slightly ahead of Eddy McBroom. Its even feasible that all of the Wild Cards could come from this one division, something that has never happened--so to Jon, Scott, Lori, Tad & Eddy... every game counts for you guys.
Jon Osborne, 33-23 (9.29) (20-14) (13-9)
Scott Latta, 32-24 (12.43) (19-15) (13-9)
Tad Roose, 31-25 (12.43) (21-13) (10-12)
Eddy Mc Jr, 31-25 (18.86) (20-14) (11-11)
Lori Smith, 30-26 (10.0) (18-16) (12-10)

South Division
Tim is looking for his third division title in four seasons, though Daniel seems like his most likely competitor. Gina is still doing well, quietly putting in her bid for Rookie of the Year, though constantly overshadowed by Angie Mark Osborne. Ryan and Michael still look on the horizon for .500, somehow.
Tim Wasyluka, 34-22 (13.57) (23-11) (11-11)
Daniel Powell, 33-23 (12.0) (23-11) (10-12)
Gina Williams, 29-27 (10.86) (19-15) (10-12)
Ryan Sherman, 25-31 (23.0) (16-18) (9-13)
Michael Nipp, 22-34 (12.0) (16-18) (6-16)

If the Playoffs Started Today
Fulaytar Conference
First Round Byes: North Division Champ David Mark Osborne (1st) and MidCentral Champ Justin Glenn (2nd)
WildCard Weekend: West Division Champ Justin Glenn (3rd), Matt Latta (4th), Tommy McLeod (5th) and Ty Coffey (6th)

McBroom Conference
First Round Bye: South Division Champ Tim Wasyluka (1st) and Southcentral Division Champ Jon Osborne (2nd)
WildCard Weekend: East Division Champ Mark Gainey (3rd), Daniel Powell (4th), Scott Latta (5th) and Tad Roose (6th)

The DFC Power Poll
DMOsborne stays at number one for the second week in a row, while Matt gives the DFC North a 1-2 punch. Justin slips another notch to 3, after a two week stay a #1 earlier in the year, while Tommy hasn't seen lower than 5 since Week 1 (when he was 6th). Daniel makes his first appearance in the DFC Power Poll since the final week of DFC III in 2002.
1. David Mark Osborne, 38-18 (11.33) (1)
2. Matt Latta, 35-21 (11.14) (4)
3. Justin Glenn, 35-21 (13.0) (2)
4. Tommy McLeod, 34-22 (11.0) (5)
5. Tim Wasyluka, 34-22 (13.57) (8)
6. Jason Duren, 34-22 (16.0) (6)
7. Jonathan Osborne, 33-23 (9.29) (3)
8. Daniel Powell, 33-23 (12.0) (NR)
9. Mark Gainey, 32-24 (11.17) (NR)
10. Scott Latta, 32-24 (12.43) (7)
dropped out: Eddy Mc Jr (10th to 13th), Angie Pilgrim (9th to 17th)

College Race
1 tie) Tim Wasyluka & Daniel Powell, 23-11
3 tie) DMOsborne & Matt Latta, 22-12
5 tie) Jason Duren & Tad Roose, 21-13

Pro Race
1) Justin Glenn, 18-4
2) DMOsborne, 16-6
3) Tommy McLeod, 15-7
4) Mark Gainey, 14-8

TBA Race
1) Tyler Campbell, 9.14
2) Jon Osborne, 9.29
3) Lori Smith, 10.0
4) Gina Williams, 10.86
5) Tommy McLeod, 11.0

Game Bucket O'Wings
This is going to sound silly, but this week, I give the proverbial Gameball... the Bucket O'Wings... to anyone who watched college football this past Saturday... if I could come up with a Top Five Best Saturdays of College Football In My Lifetime, this would surely be in the top three. Running my Saturday errands, I heard the crazy ending to the Bama/Miss game, where the Tide kicked a field goal on the last play to win the game. Then, Wisconsin had just beaten Minnesota by 4. Then, in the span of 30 minutes, I flipped back and forth to see LSU close out Florida, then NW hold off Purdue, then on the last play of the game, Michigan beat Penn State, then on the last play of the game, USC beat Notre Dame... and then later, Louisville loses to West Virginia in THREE OVERTIMES... while Stephanie ran around the house without a care in the world, my heart beat about 3,440 times per minutes, my finger contining to click "Last Channel" and "Favorites" over and over and over, freaking out at games that mattered in the DFC...
So, if you watched football on Saturday, you were definately in for a treat... if you missed it, you missed alot. And yes, I can finally say I believe that USC is the real deal, and I'm now rooting for them to win their third straight (unless they play Texas... then I'll be torn).

Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics
--Well, 300 wins is now old hat for many of the DFC'ers, as DMOsborne crossed that line this weekend (and also tied Michael for 3rd all time on the list), while Tommy is one away, and both Matt and Tom are four games away.
--Tim is 2 away from 200, while Sarah is 13 away, and Garrett is 9 from 100 all time.
--With the addition of James Hawbaker, that makes a total of 42 people who have at one time or another participated in the DFC, at least for part of a season. Obviously, 30 of those are now active, and with that, 8 of us are in our 6th year, 7 are in their 5th year, 6 in their 4th year, Jason Duren is in his 3rd year, Tyler and Garrett are in their 2nd seasons and we've got 6 rookies this year. The DFC abides.
--The fight to end the season in that 10th spot for All Time Wins is between Tad, Justin and Drew currently, with 258, 257 and 256 wins respectively. Scott is right behind that with 253 and Jonathan has 251.
--Jenn Ernst, despite her down year, continues almost 3 straight years atop the All Time Wins and All Time College list, as both Michael and Yours Truly (2nd and 3rd in both lists at the beginning of the year) are not having good years either. Possible to upend Jennifer is David Mark Osborne, who, as noted before, is now tied for 3rd all time. Jennifer has 313 lifetime wins, leaving Dave 10 behind. Yours Truly is currently in 2nd with 307.
--Looking at college, Jenn has 183 total, with Michael in 2nd at 180 and now Osborne with 179.
--Demastus now gets his 100th college win this weekend, as he now has 101. Ty Coffey is up next, as he has 88.
--As for the NFL, the race is a little different. Tom continues his reign at the top, now at 135 wins, over Jenn's 132 and Yours Truly at 131.
--Justin now has a solid lead for 10th with 109, compared to 11th place Tad at 101. Eddy is in 9th, with 111. What makes Eddy McBroom so special is that the top 8 has been, and always been nothing but the original DFC'ers, and Eddy is 9th in all catagories. However, either Justin or Eddy could be the first to bust into the Top 8, even the Top 7, in this catagory.
--Speaking of Rookies, for All Time Wins, Scott Burk holds the 30th spot with 44 wins... Angie, with 30, and Gina with 29 look to possibly break that. Josh Crosby is in 30th in college, with 27, as again both Gina (19) and Angie (18) look to break into the top 30.
--As for pro, Ross Kingrey is 30th with 15 total wins... Jason Barnette looks to be the first rookie to break into the NFL Top 30 with his 13 wins... he could even do it this weekend.
--The greatest college season ever is 45-13, in DFC IV by Mark Gainey. Currently Daniel & Tim both have 23-11 records... meaning to top that record, with four weeks about at least 32 college games left, both would have to finish 23-9 to best his wins, and 30-2 to best his percentage. Not going to happen.
--Pro games are harder to get, however, with various amounts of pro games per year, and always less than college. In fact, only Tom Johnson has ever won 30 NFL games, and that was in DFC I. Yours Truly holds the best record in pro since that year, with 28-10 in DFC IV (2003), though with Justin's 18-4, and at least 12 NFL games left, he has an outside shot at besting the wins. Currently, though, his 82% winning percentage is one of the best in any catagory in DFC history.
--With Drew Morris winning the week for the first time in 33 weeks, his long drought finally ends. The longest drought currently between weekly wins currently belongs to Tommy McLeod, who now has gone 50 weeks without a win. His first win came in DFC I, Week 6, and the 2nd (and last) came in DFC II, Week 5. He actually shared a weekly win with Jason Quinn that same season in Week 7, so you can say he's gone only 48 weeks without a win.

DFC Games
Wisconsin 38, Minnesota 34
Ohio State 35, Michigan State 24
Northwestern 34, Purdue 29
USC 34, Notre Dame 31
LSU 21, Florida 17
West Virginia 46, Louisville 44 (3 OTs)

Games of Interest
Alabama 13, Ole Miss 10
Michigan 27, Penn State 25

Thursday, October 13, 2005

DFC VI Midseason Report Card

So, here we are at mid-season of the sixth season of the Deuce Football Championships... its time to hand out some grades and evaluate who makes the grade and who doesnt...

Justin Glenn... showing nothing but dominance so far this season. This past week was an anomoly... or it the beginnings of a historic collapse the likes of which only Scott Latta has seen.

David Mark Osborne... going for a second straight division title, its more remarkable that he's having two winning seasons in a row.
Jason Duren... finally. He has success. The only guy to lead his division for six straight weeks.

Jonathan Osborne... like Jason Duren we say "finally". Too much potential to languish forever in the drivel of mediocrity.
also receiving an A- : Tim Wasyluka, Matt Latta, Tommy McLeod

Angie Pilgrim... headed for the Rookie of the Year title if she keeps this up.
Ty Coffey... definately improving as the years go by
also receiving a B+ : Daniel Powell

Tyler Campbell... the DFC's own Sexy Beast has the potential to blow away division rival Garrett, older bro-in-law Yours Truly, and make a crazy run for the postseason
also receiving a B : Eddy McBroom Jr

Tad Roose... the Rooster is in an odd year--and he does well in odd years (he stunk in 2002 and 2004)
Sarah Hasha... seemingly on the cusp of becoming a major DFC'er
also receiving a B- : Jason Demastus, Lori Smith, Gina Williams

Mark Gainey... the Artist Formerly Known as The Mighty Gainey is simply having a rebuilding year--don't tell him, though... he seems to think he's headed for something other than Wild Card Weekend... or a spot on the bench during the first round
also receiving a C+ : Jason Barnette, Ryan Sherman

Garrett Cheney... so strong last year, despite missing the playoffs in a last game of the last week choke... this year? Bupkis.
also receiving a C : Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw

Yours Truly... sure I deserve a "D". However, I'm still in denial that my season has tanked so badly. Besides, this is my game. I get a C-.
also receiving a C- : Eddy McBroom, Drew Morris

Jennifer Ernst... let's talk about the Green Bay Packers. So much potential. So much success. A multi-year, experienced veteran who holds all sorts of records, one who has come through in the clutch many, many, many times, giving division rivals fits. This year, however... the wheels have come off and the train is now a train wreck. I give you Jenn Ernst's season.

Michael Nipp... wow
Willis Watkins... if only he had kept up, he coulda been a contenda.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

DFC Week Six Results

Week Six Results

The Week That Was
He did it in the third week of Season 1 with a 6-2 record, he did it in Week 10 of DFC III (2002) with a 6-2 record, and now Matt Latta is the 10th member of the "At Least 3 Weekly Wins in a Career" club with a win this week... you guessed it--6-2. He's the Great Bear of the North... hear him roar.

Looking at the rest of the Top Ten for the week, Tim Wasyluka finishes at 6-2, as does DMOsborne and Ty Coffey, both at 6-2, for 3rd and 4th place. Tied for 5th is Scott Latta and Tommy McLeod, both at 5-3, while Tyler "Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell is in 7th at 5-3. Jon Osborne finishes in 8th at 5-3, Gina Williams in 9th at 5-3 and finally, Jason Duren in 10th at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Angie Pilgrim, Lori Smith, Daniel Powell
4-4: Drew Morris, Eddy McBroom, Jason Demastus, Ryan Sherman, Mark Gainey, Yours Truly, Garrett Cheney, Eddy McBroom Jr, Tad Roose, Michael Nipp
3-5: Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw, Sarah Hasha, Jason Barnette, Justin Glenn
2-6: Jenn Ernst

Fulaytar Conference

North Division
Not only making a run for the division crown, DMOsborne may be gunning for the MVP trophy with the kind of season he's having... however, a San Diego win the past Monday night would leave Matt Latta in front of the division via TB, so nothing is certain yet. Angie Mark Osborne is also keeping pace, making her bid for Rookie of the Year, while Ty Coffey is having a great season as well. Tom keeps at .500, but knows he's got to get some wins soon to make the postseason again.
DM Osborne, 32-16 (16.0)
Matt Latta, 30-18 (12.17)
Angie Pilgrim, 28-20 (16.17)
Ty Coffey, 27-21 (19.2)
Tom Johnson, 24-24 (12.17)

MidCentral Division
Having such a great year, Justin can afford one down week... but only one. Tommy is right on his back, one game behind, as this appears to be a two man race--a race that, for the first time in DFC history, doesn't include Jennifer Ernst, who is having a Michigan Wolverines kind of year... high expectations, low results. Jason is trying to pull away from Tebe and both are trying to avoid the division cellar.
Justin Glenn, 31-17 (12.2)
Tommy McLeod, 30-18 (12.8)
Jason Barnette, 24-24 (14.17)
Tebe Shaw, 22-26 (14.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 20-28 (12.8)

West Division
Duren has opened up a four game lead over Demastus, the largest in the league, and is looking to become a wire-to-wire division leader this season. Eddy, Drew and Sarah (and even Demastus) could all be a runner up, if only they could catch Jason Duren's commanding lead.
Jason Duren, 30-18 (18.4)
Jason Demastus, 26-22 (22.17)
Eddy McBroom, 25-23 (11.83)
Sarah Hasha, 25-23 (16.33)
Drew Morris, 23-25 (14.33)

McBroom Conference
East Division

Truly, the East Division has now become the NL West of the league. It hurts me to say that we, including Yours Truly and The Artist Formerly Known as the Mighty Gainey, are simply mediocre this season. This allows, however, Tyler "Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell to shine, especially with his stellar TBA, while Garrett's momentum from last season hasn't transferred to this year. The info on James Hawbaker is below.
Mark Gainey, 27-21 (11.6)
Tyler Campbell, 25-23 (9.0)
Garrett Cheney, 25-23 (21.67)
Yours Truly, 23-25 (12.5)
James Hawbaker, 9-31 (TBD)

South Central Division
Lattas and Osbornes abound this year, as both would get their first playoff berths this year if the playoffs started tomorrow... but alas, they don't. Eddy Jr, Tad and Lori are all within one good week of going from first to last and back again in the same weekend--its happened already.
Jonathan Osborne, 30-18 (10.5)
Scott Latta, 29-19 (13.0)
Eddy Mc Jr, 28-20 (19.0)
Tad Roose, 27-21 (13.33)
Lori Smith, 27-21 (13.33)

South Division
Big Tim keeps the lead in the division, as Daniel's beginning to gain a little. Gina also seems on the verge of breaking out, as she's only a good week or two away (though there are only six weeks left) while Michael is beginning to gain a little ground on Ryan to climb out of the bottom, a la Major League's Indians.
Tim Wasyluka, 29-19 (14.17)
Daniel Powell, 27-21 (13.5)
Gina Williams, 26-22 (12.17)
Ryan Sherman, 23-25 (25.67)
Michael Nipp, 19-29 (12.83)
Used Their TB Drop This Season:
Justin Glenn (1); Mark Gainey (1); Tommy McLeod (2); Jason Duren (3); Jenn Ernst (6); Ty Coffey (6)
DMOsborne has also used his TB for week 6, but it will not be reflected until next weeks standings.

The Introduction of James Hawbaker
Because he misunderstood the sign-up email, James--a friend of ours from Valleydale Church (an sbc fellowship) didn't sign up properly, and was therefore left out of the league though he wanted to join. I told him to make picks, because out of 30 participants, there was bound to be someone who didn't stay fully committed... and Willis Watkins wasn't able to finish. James has made picks for three of the six weeks, and his record came out to be 9-15. James will not be eligible for the playoffs this season, as he missed three weeks of the first half of the season, but I have full confidence he will not miss any more. Willis will be exiting with a 12-20 lifetime record that he can build on, if he so chooses to return in DFC VII, because he will get an invitation. Any comments or concerns can be addressed to the DFC Administration, where they will be duly noted.

The DFC Power Poll
1. David Mark Osborne, 32-16 (16.0) (2)
2. Justin Glenn, 31-17 (12.20) (1)
3. Jon Osborne, 30-18 (10.5) (3)
4. Matt Latta, 30-18 (12.17) (6)
5. Tommy McLeod, 30-18 (12.8) (4)
6. Jason Duren, 30-18 (18.4) (5)
7. Scott Latta, 29-19 (13.0) (7)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 29-19 (14.17) (NR)
9. Angie Pilgrim, 28-20 (16.17) (NR)
10. Eddy McBroom Jr, 28-20 (19.0) (8)
dropped out: Mark Gainey (9th); Tad Roose (10th)

The Bottom Five...
26... Ryan Sherman, 23-25 (25.67)
27... Tebe Shaw, 22-26 (14.0)
28... Jenn Ernst, 20-28 (12.8)
29... Michael Nipp, 19-29 (12.83)
30... Willis Watkins/James Hawbaker

*Returning Feature*
If the Playoffs Started Today...
Your weekly glance at where everybody stands for the postseason...
The Fulaytar Conference
DMOsborne would be the North Division champ for a second straight season, and also take the #1 seed into the playoffs, and along with Justin Glenn, seeded 2nd and the MidCentral Champ for the 2nd straight year, get the coveted first round bye.
Jason Duren would win the West, and be seeded 3rd for his first parlay into the DFC Postseason, but he'd be in Wild Card Weekend along with Matt Latta (4th), Tommy McLeod (5th) and Angie Pilgrim (6th)
The McBroom Conference
Jon Osborne would not only get his first postseason berth, he'd do it ranked 1st in the conference and with a South Central Division title. Seeded 2nd and enjoying his 3rd division title in four seasons would be Tim Wasyluka... both Jon and Tim would get the bye.
Mark Gainey would win his fourth straight division crown, but be placed in his first Wild Card Weekend seeded 3rd, along with Scott Latta (4th), Eddy McBroom Jr (5th) and a for the first time, a TBA tiebreaker would be used to break the deadlock between Tad Roose & Lori Smith--and Lori would win the tie for the 6th seed.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
--The Road to 300 has been completed for Jennifer a few weeks ago, and Yours Truly this past weekend... with one win, Michael gets to 300, and with 2 wins, DMO is there. Tommy needs 4 victories, and both Tom and Matt are 8 games away from the milestone.
--Though perhaps not as cool as "double 0" marks (100, 200, 300), hitting 250 wins is Drew Morris (251) and Scott Latta (250) and a few away is Jonathan (248)
Lori Smith got her 200th of her career this weekend, while Big Tim Wasyluka is at 193, at least, probably 2 weeks away.

--Next up for 100 is Young Garret Cheney, who has 89 wins in 1 1/2 seasons of his career
--The battle to get into the All Time Top Ten College ranks is still deadlocked, as Drew, Jonathan and Tad all are at 154-99, with Scott at 152-101. With the season that Jon and Scott (and even Tad) are having, compared to the struggles that Eddy (#9, with 158) and Tom (#8, 159) are having, its feasible that one, two or even all three could end up 8th thru 10th in the all time records by the end of the season.
--Looking at Pro Records, Tom still leads the pack at #1, while Yours Truly and Jenn Ernst are now 3 games back in the chase to usurp Big Johnson from his three year reign atop the Pro picks.
--In DFC V, out of 12 weeks, four were won by 6-2 records, four by 7-1 records and an unprecedented four weeks by an 8-0 margin (not including my week of 8-0, which finished second to Michael's 8-0). By comparison, through the halfway point of the season, four weeks have already been won by 6-2 marks, only one by 7-1 and one by 6-2.
--Who holds the record for most weeks won? Jennifer Ernst, with six career weekly wins. Mark Gainey is second with 5, while Michael Nipp and Eddy McBroom each won four (Eddy's fourth was a three way tie between Tad Roose, Jon Osborne and himself)

Sunday, October 09, 2005

DFC Week Seven

Can you believe it? We are past the halfway point of the sixth season of the DFC...

...and due to lack of really good NFL Games, we're going with 6 College & 2 Pro this week...

SIX College Games
All times CST, all ranks from AP Poll
#16 Michigan State Spartans (4-1) at #15 Ohio State Buckeyes (3-2), 11am, ABC
Yes, yes, you think "why all the Big 10 games?" Because they are the best in the nation right now... better than Alabama-Ole Miss, I tell ya. Michigan State's only loss is a heartbreaker to Notre Dame (OT) and Ohio State lost to both Texas and Penn State--two very good teams. The road to the Big 10 title ends here for one of these teams.

#23 Wisconsin Badgers (5-1) at #22 Minnesota Golden Gophers (5-1), 11am
The Badgers were shocked by Northwestern on Saturday in a 51-48 slugfest, while Minnesota got drilled by Penn State (who is seemingly doing a lot of drilling lately). Now they take on each other for the 2nd spot in the Big Ten (with Mich State), behind Penn State.

Northwestern Wildcats (3-2) at Purdue Boilermakers (2-3), 12pm
For Purdue, dreams of Pasadena and a Big Ten title have shifted to the reality of perhaps the Alamo Dome and not much else. For NW, its been a while since we picked a 'Cats game--and after thier huge win over Wisconsin, what better time to see if they are riding momentum, or just got lucky one day.

#1 USC Trojans (5-0) at #9 Notre Dame (4-1), 230pm, NBC
They've won 27 in a row. Some of the DFC is predicting a USC loss before season's end. Will it be Touchdown Jesus to do it?

#11 Florida Gators (5-1) at #10 LSU Bengal Tigers (3-1), 230pm, CBS
I can't tell you if these are two good teams who had bad days (LSU struggled early with Vandy, and you saw the Bama game) or they are just overrated. Pick 'em.

#19 Louisville Cardinals (4-1) at West Virginia Mountaineers (5-1), 230pm, ABC
I would love to think Louisville would dominate this game (especially after blowing out national powers Kentucky and Florida Atlantic), and three weeks ago, this game wasn't even a consideration for the DFC... but the Cards got pummeled--and I mean pummeled--by flippin' South Florida 45-14... so now, this game poses as the game for the Big Least lead.

Minnesota Vikings (1-3) at Chicago Bears (1-3), 12pm, Fox
Total and utter crap. Smile, its the Crap O'the Week!

New England Patriots (3-2) at Denver Broncos (4-1), 315pm, CBS
The Broncos have reeled off 4 straight (the Skins botched a 2 point conversion just now) including just beating Washington, while the Patriots keep finding a way to win. They brought Viniteiri to the line for his 6,223rd last-second-FG-for-the-win in the last few years.

TB Game:
Florida/LSU total score.