Monday, August 28, 2006

DFC VII Week One

As of 431pm, CST, Thursday 8/31, I've recieved games from:
Matt Latta, DMOsborne, Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw, Jason Turnbow, Eddy McBroom, Gary Eubanks, Jason Duren, Jason Demastus, Drew Morris, Sarah Hasha, Mark Gainey, James Hawbaker, Lori Smith, Zack Graves, Garrett Cheney, Gina Williams, Michael Nipp, Ryan Sherman, Daniel Powell, Jenn Ernst, Scott Latta, Jon Osborne, Tad Roose, Tim Wasyluka and my games are in as well.

All rankings from ESPN/USDeuce Today Poll, all times CST

Thursday Night Game
South Carolina Gamecocks vs Mississippi State Puppydogs, 7pm
Because of a lack of killer opening games, this is what kicks us off for the season.

Saturday Games
Stanford Cardinal vs #21 Oregon Ducks, 230p, ABC

The big tree versus the quack attack

#9 California Bears vs #23 Tennessee Volunteers, 430p, ESPN
Let the downward spiral of the Vols and Fulmer continue into oblivion

Virginia Cavaliers vs Pittsburgh Panthers, 6pm
The Cavs take on The 'Stache.

Washington State Huskies at #4 Auburn Tigers, 645pm ESPN2

Of course Auburn is supposed to win this. But they were supposed to beat Georgia Tech last year, and USC two years before that (the last time they were ranked so high preseason)

Brigham Young Fightin' Mormons at Arizona Wildcats, 915pm TBS
Because Mormons throwing a football in their jacketless suits on their bikes is just funny

Sunday Game
Memphis Tigers at Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels, 330pm, ESPN

And the fun continues. It gets better next week, I promise.

Monday Night Game
#11 Florida State Seminoles at #12 Miami Hurricanes, 7p, ESPN
And now we're talkin...

Tiebreak Game
FSU vs Miami... TOTAL points scored in that game

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Official Rules of DFC VII

Each week, beginning Monday, August 28th, you'll be given 8 games via email. Your goal is to simply pick the winners of these games, preferably by email, though I've taken phone calls, notes and other forms of communication. Get them back to me within a day of the first kickoff. If you miss the deadline for a Thursday or Friday night game (we'll have only a few of those) you can still get in the rest of your picks for the weekend games, but you take the loss for games missed.

Each Monday, you'll get another set of games via email. On Tuesday, you'll get an email with the previous week's results. Usually, I send out a reminder email on Friday to determine who's picks I still need.

Tiebreak Games
One of the games among the eight will be picked as the "Tiebreaker Game". You will send in your guess for the total combined points of the football game. Doesn't matter if you go over or under, just try to get it close. How far off you are will be recorded and used in something we call the TieBreak Average

The TieBreak Average is basically the average amount of points you are off from all the tiebreak games in the season. Though you can keep up with your own, the TBA usually is not released until after the fourth week. Example: Auburn plays Ga Tech. You guess they'll score a combined 40 points, and Auburn beats GT 21-14, totaling 35 points. Your TBA after one week is 5 points. The next week, you guess 50 in a game, and the total points scored is 25, so you were off by 25 points. The average of the two weeks is now 15 (5 + 25 = 30 divided by 2 weeks). You can see how this number will become more stable as the weeks go on.

The TBA is used to determine rankings and playoff spots--if Justin Glenn & Jason Turnbow both finish the season at 60-36, and Tebe has a TBA of 12.58, and Jason has a TBA of 12.75 at the end of the season, and there is one playoff spot remaining, Tebe gets it. Lower TBA.

TieBreak Drop
Everyone has a bad week every now and then. Each season, you get one "TieBreak Drop", which means you can use it to erase one bad tiebreak performance. Example being, you picked Texas and Oklahoma to score 80 points, and Oklahoma wins 14-3, your decent TBA suddenly took a 63 point hit. You can use the drop to get rid of the 63 points and its like it never happened. However, you can only use your drop in the week following the game, you cannot wait until the end of the season to use it on a Week Three game. While there is no penalty for not using it, know that you only have one per season, you must think of when it would be most advantageous.

There are eight people per conference to make it to the postseason. Seedings are determined by record & TBA, not necessarily by division winners--hence a division winner at 60-36 may be seeded 4th, behind a wild card winner at 61-35. The division winner gets the win in the event of a tiebreak, however.
After the first weekend of DFC Playoff games, the top 4 of each conference will advance to the next round... the next set of games will advance the top 2 records into the DFC Final Four. Once in the Final Four, you go head to head against the other person in your conference to determine who goes to play in DeuceBowl VII. Two finalists remain, they pick their winners, and the top record of the weekend is declared the DeuceBowl VII champion, and will get their name engraved on the Brooke DeRamus Championship Plate as the greatest football mind in all the land.

If there is a tie in TBA to determine seedings or playoff berths, the worst week of the season is dropped for each person, and the TBA is reconfigured. (if you used your drop in the season, that week will NOT be considered, its gone forever). If there is still a tie, the best week of the season is dropped, and then the TBA is reconfigured. Worst, then best, will be dropped one at a time until someone has a lower TBA, no matter how small the difference. If there is a tie game in the NFL, that game will be discarded altogether, and an extra NFL game will be used the following week. If the tie occurs in the final week of the season, the Monday Night Football game will be chosen as an extra game "just in case". If that game is also a tie, well, we'll see what happens.

The DFC Power Poll
Each Tuesday, when the results are released from the previous week, the DFC Power Poll is updated with the Top Ten of the week, ranked solely on record, then TBA. This Poll has no bearing on standings, or playoff rankings, but it does alot for braggin rights.