Monday, August 26, 2013

DFC XIV Week One Games

Here it is, folks.. Week One of the 14th edition of the DFC Championships... ten games this week, all college.

All times CST, all rankings from the ESPN Coaches Poll

Purdue Boilermakers at Cincinnati Bearcats
11am, ESPNU

LA Tech Whatevertheyares at NCState Wolfpack
1130a, ESPN3

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs (13) Oklahoma State Cowboys
The Texas Kickoff Classic in Houston, TX
230p, ABC, ESPN2

Syracuse Orange vs Penn State Nittany Lions
MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, 230p, ABC, ESPN2

Brigham Young Fightin' Mormons at Virginia Cavaliers
230p, ESPNU

Washington State Cougars at Auburn Tigers
6pm, ESPNU

(5) Georgia Bulldogs at (8) Clemson Tigers
7pm, ABC

(12) LSU Tigers vs (20) Texas Christian Horned Frogs
Cowboys Classic in Arlington, TX, 8p, ESPN

(22) Northwestern Wildcats at California Bears
930p, ESPN2


Colorado Buffs at Colorado State Rams
5p, CBS Sports Network

Georgia vs Clemson, total points scored

Sunday, August 25, 2013

DFC XIV Preseason Chatter

Apologies for the on-again, off-again, on-again status of this season... we've had some issues with Campbell, our 20 month old, and it occurred to me that as the years go by, it might get harder to do.  So this year, we move forward with Season 14.  Also, in some of your responses, I get the sense that this annual football tradition is just as important to you as it is to me... especially those of you who have been here since it started, in 2000. 

So let's get 'er done.

I know this is silly, doing this a day before the games go out, and late at night too, but here ya go... you'll find the Divisional Lineup, along with a refresher on last years regular season results... the anticipated Preseason Top 15... plus, a look at those who have left this season, in our In Memoriam section...


Quick correction... Joey Thornell is rejoining the league after a year off... so he will re-join the North Division.  Its not in here right now because its late, and I didn't want to have to redo the page

Here's what it looks like, with James Hawbaker as the reigning DFC Champion, and Trey Cartledge both making the finals, thus getting conferences named after them, as per tradition.  An X means a playoff spot, a Y means a division title, and a Z means they were awarded a first round bye.

The Hawbaker Conference

  Hawbaker North W-L TB Coll Pro
XY Matt Halpert 60-36 16.10 36-22 23-14
X Matt Latta 58-38 14.50 37-21 20-17
  Zack Graves 57-39 11.10 34-24 23-14
  DM Osborne 54-42 18.00 35-23 18-19
  Drew Warren 50-46 12.60 30-28 20-17
  Rhett Barnett 48-48 12.50 35-23 14-23
  Justin Harrison 0-0 0 0-0 0-0
  Hawbaker Central        
XYZ Jennifer Ernst 62-34 17.80 34-24 27-10
XZ Brad Latta 61-35 14.60 36-22 24-13
X Tommy McLeod 60-36 15.00 38-20 21-16
  Brad Ashby 57-39 14.50 35-23 22-15
  David Stamper 56-40 13.90 31-27 24-13
  Aaron Hitchcock 0-0 0 0-0 0-0
  Justin Glenn 0-0 0 0-0 0-0
  Hawbaker West        
XYZ Bradley Pinkerton 63-33 15.60 37-21 25-12
X Drew Morris 59-37 14.10 34-24 24-13
X Trey Cartledge 59-37 17.40 38-20 20-17
  Eddy McBroom 57-39 15.50 35-23 21-16
  Dan Sellers 56-40 15.10 38-20 17-20
  Tom Johnson 51-45 16.00 28-30 22-15
  Sarah Hasha 49-47 22.80 28-30 21-16

The Cartledge Conference

  Cartledge East W-L TB Coll Pro
XYZ Jessica Hawbaker 62-34 11.10 35-23 26-11
XZ Yours Truly 62-34 11.80 41-17 21-16
X Mark Gainey 60-36 11.70 37-21 22-15
  Ryan Sherman 60-36 21.40 36-21 22-15
  Tyler Campbell 56-40 16.50 30-28 25-12
  Chris Croyle 51-45 11.20 33-25 18-19
  Garrett Cheney 45-51 13.00 25-33 19-18
  Cartledge Central        
XY Steven Ray 61-35 13.30 36-22 24-13
X Randy Latta 60-36 14.00 35-23 24-13
X Lori Beirne 60-36 16.40 36-21 23-14
  Scott Latta 60-36 16.90 36-21 22-15
  Jonathan Osborne 56-40 11.90 30-28 25-12
  Alex Whitley 56-40 21.20 34-24 21-16
  Mark Warner 51-45 13.00 31-27 20-17
  Cartledge South        
XYZ James Hawbaker 68-28 10.30 38-20 29-8
X Tad Roose 61-35 21.10 37-21 23-14
  Eddy Jr 56-40 14.10 35-23 20-17
  Daniel Powell 51-45 18.80 32-26 18-19
  Michael Nipp 51-45 21.20 34-24 16-21
  Tim Wasyluka 47-49 12.50 28-30 18-19
  Jacob Pinkerton 0-0 0 0-0 0-0


My picks for The DFC rankings this season...

1) Trey Cartledge... been a monster few years, though 1 & 2 are almost indecipherable
2) James Hawbaker... the reigning champion, poised for a repeat
3) Matt Halpert... so close for so many years
4) Eddy McBroom Jr... this year, the son becomes the master
5) Lori Beirne... with the hubby now playing, its a good year to shine
6) Drew Morris... always reliable, year after year
7) Yours Truly... I dedicate my championship to my son
8) Mark Gainey... the aura of The Mighty Gainey is beginning to lose some luster
9) Tad Roose... They don't call him The Dynasty for nothin'
10) Jonathan Osborne... 70 wins two years ago with a mediocre season last year
11) Jessica Hawbaker... looking to bookend a hubby/wife powerhouse in the DFC
12) Brad Latta... hoping to litigate himself 60 or more wins
13) Brad Ashby... can he translate Rookie of the Year into champion?
14) Eddy McBroom... arguably the greatest player to never win a title
15) Jennifer Ernst... arguably, the other greatest player to never win a title

The Next Fifteen
Bradley Pinkerton... Aaron Hitchcock... Tyler Campbell... Steven Ray... Randy Latta... Scott Latta... Dan Sellers... Zack Graves... Matt Latta... Tommy McLeod... Ryan Sherman... Justin Glenn... Daniel Powell... Tim Wasyluka... Matt Latta

The Rest...
Joey Thornell... DMOsborne... Alex Whitley... Chris Croyle... Tom Johnson... Mark Warner... Mike Beirne... Justin Harrison... Rhett Barnett... David Stamper... Sarah Hasha... Jacob Pinkerton... Michael Nipp...


We have four rookies this year joining the ranks of the DFC Legend...

Justin Harrison... father of Eli, married to Mary, big Alabama fan.  Will join the North Division
Aaron Hitchcock... father of Seth, married to Elizabeth.  Alabama fan, I think.  Will join the Hawbaker Central
Jacob "Pinky" Pinkerton... JUCO Transfer, brother of former Rookie of the Year and reigning West Division champ Bradley Pinkerton.  Will be in the South Division
Mike Beirne... hubby of Lori "Sunshine" Beirne, the DFC X Champion.  Wanted to play to create some in-house rivalry because he "didn't like the way Lori played."  Lori simply said, "Look at my championship."  Not featured in the above standings, as.... well, I forgot to put him in.  He'll likely join the East Division.

And making his triumphant return after a 6 year absence...

Justin Glenn... father of many, married to Jennifer, connected and fell in love on the floor of The Deuce way back in the day... played in DFC II thru DFC VII, compiling an overall 338-230 record.  Carried a 4 season playoff streak, from DFC III thru VI.  Won the DFC North in DFC III, and after a move to the DFC Central, won that division in DFC V.  Welcome back, Justin... to the Central you go...


This season, we lose three...

Tebe Shaw... 7 seasons... lifetime 398-290 record, ranked 24th all time... 1 playoff appearance in DFC VII.  Hall of Fame bound?  Unlikely.  Solid career, but nothing outstanding

John Wolf... 3 seasons... lifetime 166-122 record, ranked 45th all time... 0 playoff appearances... Individual Awards:  Won the DFC XII Best Season Tiebreak Award... Hall of Fame bound?  No.  Though its worth nothing John improved 2-3 wins each year he participated. 

Justin Fisher... 6 seasons... lifetime 325-268 record, ranked 30th all time... 1 playoff appearance in DFC VIII... Hall of Fame Bound?  No. Decent career record, but could never break through after his first postseason berth

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Yup.... its about that time again... and The DFC "Who Wants In" Email just went out tonight... check your inbox.