Saturday, January 05, 2008


For those waiting for Final Four info, I'll get that up next week.

For now, Mark Gainey vs Drew Morris in Deuce Bowl VIII

Texas Tech 31, Virginia 28 (both picked Texas Tech)
Michigan 41, Florida 35 (both picked Florida)
West Virginia 48, Oklahoma 28 (both picked Oklahoma)
Kansas 24, Virginia Tech 21 (both picked Virginia Tech)
LSU vs Ohio State (both picked LSU)

Seattle 34, Washington 14 (both picked Seattle)
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh (both picked Jacksonville)
NYGiants at Tampa Bay (Mark picked Tampa, Drew picked NYGiants)

TieBreak Game
LSU/Ohio State (Mark 49, Drew 45)

Bottom Line.... If Tampa Bay beats NYGiants, Mark Gainey wins his first DFC Championship. If NYGiants beats Tampa Bay, Drew Morris completes his MVP season with a DFC Championship.