Monday, October 29, 2007

DFC VIII Week Ten Games

Apologies for getting this out late. I was... well, I was watching Raw, darn it.

College Games (all ranks from AP Poll, all times CST)

#21 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (6-2) at Virginia Cavaliers (7-2), 11a, ESPN Gameplan
The defending ACC Champs have very little shot at winning it again, unless they can keep winning, and hope that Boston College drops several games in a row. And I was totally ready to buy into the Cavs, forgetting that early loss to Wyoming... and then they went and lost to NC State.

Purdue Boilermakers (7-2) at Penn State Nikki Lions (6-3), 11am, ESPN
Ah, there's nothing like a pillow fight between two underacheiving Big Ten schools who aren't as good as Ohio State or Michigan

#3 LSU Tigers at #17 Alabama Crimson Tide, 4pm, CBS
Saban at home. Against his old team. Love it.

#6 Arizona State at #4 Oregon Ducks, 545pm, ESPN Gameplan
This should be a great game, though my guess is, if you're looking to go against the grain this week to pick up a game, go with A-State. This will be a heavily favored Oregon pick.

The NFL Games

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-2) at New Orleans Saints (3-5), 12pm CBS
Look out... the Saints might have finally got the ship upright, and they might be surging...

New England Patriots (174-0) at Indianapolis Colts (172-0), 315pm CBS
ESPN's Kenny Mayne said it best: "Coming up next on SportsCenter, we do our best to overhype the upcoming Pats/Colts game!" (which, I'll be upset if I'm subjected to Houston vs Oakland, due to "regional" action)

Dallas Cowboys (6-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-4), 715pm, NBC
Before you go Cowboy crazy, remember, they have to go to Philly, where the fans boo everyone, and they got completely shellacked by the Pats.

Baltimore Ravens (4-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2), 730pm, ESPN (Monday Night game)
Its Monday night football... and a game that I actually think might be better than it looks.

TieBreaker Game
Total points scored, Patriots vs Colts.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

DFC VIII Week Nine Results

This game has nothing to do with the DFC, but check this out... Trinity TX beats Millsap (both Div III schools) on the last play of the game... I watched it three times, its absolutely unbe-frickin-lievable. Millsap, by the way, is coached by Mike Dubose. Yes, that one.

#5 Oregon 24, #9 USC 17
Tennessee 27, #16 South Carolina 24, OT
#1 Ohio State 37, #25 Penn State 17
#4 Arizona State 31, #20 California 20 (tiebreak game, 51 points)

Detroit 16, Chicago 7
Philadelphia 23, Minnesota 16

Buffalo 13, NYJets 3
New Orleans 31, San Francisco 10

The Week That Was
Once again, this season brings a multi-week winner... Drew Morris picks up his 2nd win in three weeks, and the 6th of his career, becoming the 3rd this season to win two different weeks (Ty Coffey won weeks 2 & 3, while Jason Duren won 5 & 8).

The top 4 ended up with 7-1 records, with rookie Clif Render taking 2nd, Jason Duren taking 3rd and Sarah Hasha gets 4th for the week. In 5th, at 6-2, is Yours Truly, Lori Beirne is 6th, Tommy McLeod is 7th and Trey Cartledge gets 8th, all at 6-2.

Ryan Sherman finishes 9th, and rounding out the top ten, Tom Johnson in 10th, both at 6-2.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Matt Latta, DMOsborne, Mackey, Tebe Shaw, Jennifer Ernst, The Mighty Gainey, Tad Roose, Jon Osborne, Gina "Wife of the Dynasty" Roose, Eddy Jr, Joey Thornell and Michael Nipp
4-4: Matt Halpert, Barney, Turnbow, Justin Fisher, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, Demastus, Tyler Campbell, Scott Latta, Zack Graves, Tim Wasyluka, Garrett Cheney
3-5: Big Eddy, James Hawbaker, Daniel Powell

North Division

Name, record, (TBA) (College record)
Matt Halpert, 43-29 (9.88) (26-18)
Matt Latta, 40-32 (14.44) (25-19)
Ken Mackey, 39-33 (14.78) (22-22)
Tom Johnson, 38-34 (23.78) (24-20)
DMOsborne, 32-40 (18.38) (17-27)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer Ernst, 42-30 (14.25) (25-19)
Tebe Shaw, 41-31 (17.44) (26-18)
Tommy McLeod, 40-32 (10.38) (24-20)
Jason Barnette, 40-32 (12.63) (24-20)
Justin Fisher, 40-32 (13.78) (24-20)
Jason Turnbow, 31-41 (13.33) (21-23)

West Division
Jason Duren, 48-24 (12.67) (29-15)
Drew Morris, 46-26 (9.25) (28-16)
Gary Eubanks, 44-28 (11.0) (28-16)
Sarah Hasha, 39-33 (27.25) (20-24)
Eddy McBroom, 36-36 (9.63) (24-20)
Jason Demastus, 33-39 (29.56) (16-28)

If the Playoffs Started Today
Remember the rule... top two division winners get automatic byes. The third division winner gets the bye if they either have the 3rd best record, or are within 2 games of the third best record. If they are not within those 2 games, the 3rd best record gets the bye, and the division winner will be seeded according to record for Wild Card Weekend.
First Round Byes:
Top seeded Jason Duren, who wins the West Division, and Matt Halpert, who would win the North Division. Third seed goes to Drew Morris over MidCentral Division winner Jenn Ernst, due to a 4 game better record.
Wild Card Weekend (top seed gets tiebreak)
4th seed Gary Eubanks, 5th seed Mid Central champ Jennifer Ernst, 6th seed Tebe Shaw, 7th seed Tommy McLeod, 8th seed Jason Barnette, who is 40-32 with a 12.63 TBA
on the bubble (within two games)
Justin Fisher (40-32 with 13.78 TBA), Matt Latta (40-32, 14.44), Mackey (39-33, 14.78), Sarah Hasha (39-33, 27.25), Tom Johnson (38-34, 23.78)

East Division
Name, record, (TBA) (college rec)
Clif Render, 45-27 (14.44) (26-18)
Trey Cartledge, 41-31 (13.67) (26-18)
Yours Truly, 41-31 (16.5)
Mark Gainey, 40-32 (8.63) (25-19)
James Hawbaker, 39-33 (14.0)
Tyler Campbell, 37-35 (11.38)

SouthCentral Division
Jon Osborne, 44-28 (11.75) (26-16)
Zack Graves, 44-28 (16.75) (30-14)
Tad Roose, 43-29 (9.5) (31-13)
Scott Latta, 42-30 (10.78) (28-16)
Lori Beirne, 41-31 (10.63) (23-21)
Eddy Jr, 36-36 (10.89) (20-24)

South Division
Ryan Sherman, 44-28 (18.67) (29-15)
Michael Nipp, 40-32 (11.89) (22-22)
Gina Roose, 39-33 (15.13) (29-15)
Daniel Powell, 39-33 (21.13) (24-20)
Garrett Cheney, 37-35 (16.0) (20-24)
Tim Wasyluka, 36-36 (10.25) (25-19)
Joey Thornell, 32-40 (17.86) (17-27)

If the Playoffs Started Today:
First Round Byes
Top seeded East Division Champ Clif Render, South Central Division Champ Jon Osborne seeded 2nd, and 3rd seeded South Division Champ Ryan Sherman
Wild Card Weekend (top two advance)
4th seed Zack Graves, 5th seed Tad Roose, 6th seed Scott Latt,a, 7th seed Lori Beirne (41-31, with 10.63 TBA), 8th seed Trey Cartledge (41-31, 13.67)
on the bubble (within two games)
Yours Truly (41-31, 16.5), The Mighty Gainey (40-32, 8.63), Michael Nipp (40-32, 11.89), Hawbaker (39-33, 14.0), Gina Roose (39-33, 15.13) and Daniel Powell (39-33, 21.13)

1. Jason Duren, 48-24 (12.67) (2nd wk at #1)
2. Drew Morris, 46-26 (9.25) (5)
3. Clif Render, 45-27 (14.44) (9)
4. Gary Eubanks, 44-28 (11.0) (2)
5. Jon Osborne, 44-28 (11.75) (6)
6. Zack Graves, 44-28 (16.75) (3)
7. Ryan Sherman, 44-28 (18.67) (10)
8. Tad Roose, 43-29 (9.5) (8)
9. Matt Halpert, 43-29 (9.88) (4)
10. Scott Latta, 42-30 (10.78) (7)
11. Jenn Ernst, 42-30 (14.25) (11)
12. Lori Beirne, 41-31 (10.63) (NR)
dropped out: Justin Fisher (12)

And... the Bottom Five
32. Eddy Jr.... 33. Jason Demastus... 34. Joey Thornell.... 35. DMOsborne... 36. Jason Turnbow

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • From the "Out of the Mire" catagory... before this week, there were 10 who had not risen above the rank of 20 all season long. After this week, its only 8.
  • The following have been ranked 20 or below, with their highest rank this season in ( ).... Mackey (22), Sarah (26), Tom Johnson (27), Tyler Campbell (20), Demastus (33), DMOsborne (30), Jason Turnbow (21) and Joey Thornell (34)
  • And the following finally broke into the Top 20 for the first time this year, at just the right time as the playoff hunt is heating up... Trey Cartledge, who's previous high ranking was 21st last week to #13 now, on the verge of his first appearance in the DFC Power Poll, and Yours Truly, who's previous high was also 21 (22nd last week), now at #14.
  • On the same token, there are five who have never seen below the rank of 12, as in, in the Power Poll all season... Jonathan Osborne, Zack Graves, Tad Roose, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks and Scott Latta.
  • By comparison, staying within the ranks of #12 to #1 all season was done five times in DFC IV, five times in DFC V and five times in DFC VI, but only twice in DFC VII.
  • And its only been done 7 times ever by someone who didn't reach #1 that season, and not since DFC VI has it happened. Out of the five named above, Zack, Gary and Scott fall into that catagory
  • How bad has it been for Jason Turnbow this season? In the history of the DFC Playoffs, out of 130 playoff weekly records ever, only five times has a 2-6 or worse been accomplished. Eddy Jr and Jason Turnbow did 2-6 last season, bouncing out of Wild Card Weekend.
  • Turnbow spends his first week at the bottom of the Bottom 5 this week, but the true tragedy comes when you realize that ahead of him is #33 Jason Demastus, who missed a week, #34 Joey Thornell, who started late at 0-12, and #35 DMOsborne, who also missed a week. Jason has turned in every week, and is one game behind DMOsborne.
  • And since you're wondering who are the others, I'll tell you... Tim Wasyluka went 1-7 in DFC III postseason, which is actually the worst playoff performance ever.
  • The only others to go 2-6 include Daniel Powell (DFC III), Justin Glenn (DFC III), Justin Glenn (DFC V), and then last seasons Eddy Jr & Turnbow.
  • On the flip side, Tom Johnson also missed a week, sitting currently at #27. His 38-34 is remarkable, as he was at least 5 or 6 games under .500 at one point. In fact, this week he even managed to get back into a tie with Jennifer Ernst in the All Time Pro Catagory.
  • Also climbing is Daniel Powell, who's 247 college wins equals that of Michael Nipp's 247, but Daniel's 168 losses, less than Mikey's 180, puts Daniel into 4th all time in college.
  • Drew Morris jumps into the All Time Top Ten, passing Eddy McBroom, for 10th all time, knocking Big Eddy out for the first time in about three years.
  • Crawling toward 200 wins is Garrett (196) and Tyler (193), and Zack Graves just hit 100 (102). Trey Cartledge is up next for 100 at 92 wins.
  • Gina "Wife of the Dynasty" Roose got her 100th college win this week, while Tim Wasyluka is up for 200 (199 now), and Tebe Shaw is next for 100 (97 currently)
  • Gary "The Idol" Eubanks hit his 19th week at 4-4 or better, looking like he may make a run at Tad's almost impossible run.
  • Jason Duren, on a run that might get him an MVP award, just crossed 11 weeks at 4-4 or better.
  • Looking at 5-3 or better, which is an even harder record, Zack Graves has the current longest streak at 5 weeks.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

DFC VIII Week Nine Games

All times CST, all ranks from AP Poll

College Games
#12 USC Trojans (6-1) at #5 Oregon Ducks (6-1), 2pm
I hate the Trojans. I really do. And the key to this game is, they are playing at Autschwitz Stadium, where the first row is about four feet away from the sidelines.

#16 South Carolina Gamecocks (6-2) at Tennessee Volunteers (4-3), 645pm, ESPN
The ol' ball coach lost to Vanderbilt. Vandy. The Vols got the stuffin' beat out of them by an inconsistant Bama team. That *poof* sound you hear is the SEC West champion dreams of one of these teams disappearing.

#1 Ohio State Buckeyes (8-0) at #25 Penn State Nikki Lions (6-2), 7pm, ABC
Can I just say the only reason they Buckeyes are #1 is because all the other teams ahead of them lost? And the only reason the Buckeyes haven't lost yet is that they play in the stinkin' Big Ten and haven't played anybody. Well, except now, with Penn State, who hasn't played anybody either, but they did beat Michigan.

#21 California Bears (5-2) at #4 Arizona State Sun-Devils (7-0), 9pm (I don't know the channel, but I'm hoping its VS., which is the best place for weird upsets)
The Cal Fightin' Tedfords continue their slide, losing this week to a bipolar UCLA, while Dennis Erickson's Devils team makes it all the way to... four? One of the few unbeatens left, playing at home.

NFL Games
Note--you may wonder why all the NFL games where crappy teams take on crappy teams... well, all the rest of the games had good teams taking on crappy teams, in which everyone always picks the good teams. You'll notice that 6 of the 8 teams below are from the NFC. Pick 'em.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) at Minnesota Vikings (2-4), 12p, Fox

Detroit Lions (4-2) at Chicago Bears (3-4), 12p, Fox

Buffalo Bills (2-4) at NY Jets (1-6), 305p, CBS

New Orleans Saints (2-4) at San Francisco 49ers (2-4), 315p, Fox

TieBreak Game
The California Bears vs The Arizona State Sun Devils, total points scored (how well do you know your PAC-10 offenses?)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

DFC VIII Week Eight Results

Alabama 41, #21 Tennessee 17
#16 Florida 45, #7 Kentucky 37
Miami 37, Florida State 29
#4 LSU 30, #17 Auburn 24

New Orleans 22, Atlanta 16
Detroit 23, Tampa Bay 16
Kansas City 12, Oakland 10

Chicago 19, Philadelphia 16

The Week That Was
It took him five seasons to get going, but once Jason Duren got going, he's on it. Duren picks up his 2nd week in a month, going 6-2, as the season starts to look a little more sensible, and the contenders have begun seperating themselves.

Not content with finishing 4th for a third straight week, Jason Barnette moves up to 2nd for the week, tying with DMOsborne, both at 6-2, while Trey Cartledge continues his season rise, finishing 4th at 6-2.

In 5th, at 5-3, is Scott Latta, tying for 6th is Matt Halpert and Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, both at 5-3, in 8th is Tyler Campbell, 9th is Joey Thornell and 10th is Mackey, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Matt Latta, Ryan Sherman, Tebe Shaw, Tom Johnson, James Hawbaker, Clif Render, Zack Graves
4-4: Drew Morris, Sarah Hasha, Yours Truly, The Mighty Gainey, Jon Osborne, Eddy Jr,
3-5: Jennife Ernst, Big Eddy, Michael Nipp, Demastus, Tommy McLeod, Tad Roose, Lori Beirne, Tim Wasyluka, Garrett Cheney
2-6: Jason Turnbow, Justin Fisher, Daniel Powell, Gina Roose

North Division

Matt Halpert, 39-25 (9.29)
Matt Latta, 35-29 (13.63)
Ken Mackey, 34-30 (13.38)
Tom Johnson, 32-32 (23.5)
DMOsborne, 28-36 (20.14)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer Ernst, 37-27 (15.86)
Justin Fisher, 36-28 (11.88)
Jason Barnette, 36-28 (12.43)
Tebe Shaw, 36-28 (19.25)
Tommy McLeod, 34-30 (11.0)
Jason Turnbow, 27-37 (13.63)

West Division
Jason Duren, 41-23 (12.75)
Gary Eubanks, 40-24 (11.29)
Drew Morris, 39-25 (10.43)
Eddy McBroom, 33-31 (10.29)
Sarah Hasha, 32-32 (29.0)
Jason Demastus, 29-35 (29.0)

If the Playoffs Started Today
First Round Bye

1) West Division Champ Jason Duren
2) North Division Champ Matt Halpert
3) MidCentral Division Champ Jennifer Ernst
Wild Cards (top two advance)
4) Gary Eubanks... 5) Drew Morris... 6) Justin Fisher... 7) Jason Barnette... 8) Tebe Shaw
on the bubble (within two games): Matt Latta, Tommy McLeod, Ken Mackey

East Division

Clif Render, 38-26 (15.88)
James Hawbaker, 36-28 (14.14)
Mark Gainey, 35-29 (8.57)
Trey Cartledge, 35-29 (14.25)
Yours Truly, 35-29 (18.86)
Tyler Campbell, 33-31 (12.29)

South Central Division
Zack Graves, 40-24 (16.43)
Jonathan Osborne, 39-25 (12.14)
Scott Latta, 38-26 (10.38)
Tad Roose, 38-26 (10.71)
Lori Beirne, 35-29 (11.71)
Eddy Jr, 31-33 (11.63)

South Division
Ryan Sherman, 38-26 (18.25)
Daniel Powell, 36-28 (21.86)
Michael Nipp, 35-29 (13.25)
Gina Roose, 34-30 (17.5)
Garrett Cheney, 33-31 (15.0)
Tim Wasyluka, 32-32 (9.43)
Joey Thornell, 27-37 (19.17)

If the Playoffs Started Today
First Round Bye

1) South Central Division Champ Zack Graves
2) East Division Champ Clif Render
3) South Division Champ Ryan Sherman
Wild Card Weekend (top two advance)
4) Jon Osborne... 5) Scott Latta... 6) Tad Roose... 7) James Hawbaker... 8) Daniel Powell
On the Bubble (within 2 games): Mark Gainey, Lori Beirne, Michael Nipp, Trey Cartledge, Yours Truly, Gina Roose

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1. Jason Duren 41-23 (12.75) (5)
2. Gary Eubanks, 40-24 (11.29) (2)
3. Zack Graves, 40-24 (16.43) (6)
4. Matt Halpert, 39-25 (9.29) (7)
5. Drew Morris, 39-25 (10.43) (1)
6. Jonathan Osborne, 39-25 (12.14) (4)
7. Scott Latta, 38-26 (10.38) (11)
8. Tad Roose, 38-26 (10.71) (3)
9. Clif Render, 38-26 (15.88) (12)
10. Ryan Sherman, 38-26 (18.25) (NR)
11. Jennifer Ernst, 37-27 (15.86) (9)
12. Justin Fisher, 36-28 (11.88) (8)
dropped out: Daniel Powell (10)

And... the bottom five...
32) Eddy Jr... 33) Jason Demastus... 34) DMOsborne... 35) Jason Turnbow... 35) Joey Thornell

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • As promised, here's a look at the DFC Power Poll. Invented in DFC IV, though it will be possible to go back and "recreate" the Power Poll for seasons I thru III, this is who's gotten to the top spot, and for how long...
  • DFC IV - Scott Latta (1), Lori Smith (1), Eddy Jr (4), Gainey (1), Jenn Ernst (4)
  • DFC V - DMOsborne (1), Tom Johnson (1), Yours Truly (4), Mikey Nipp (1), Gainey (5)
  • DFC VI - Sarah Hasha (1), Angie Mark Osborne (1), Jonathan Osborne (1), Justin Glenn (2), DMOsborne (6), Gainey (1)
  • DFC VII - Matt Latta (1), Tebe Shaw (1), Gary Eubanks (1), Tim Wasyluka (2), Gary Eubanks (1), Tad Roose (6)
  • DFC VIII - Matt Latta (1), Jon Osborne (5), Tad Roose (1), Drew Morris (1), Jason Duren (1, current #1)
  • Who's never seen the top twelve? Aside from the several who only had one unsuccessful season in the DFC, those active participants who've never seen the DFC Power Poll Top 12 include Ken Mackey (highest ranking: 19, this season), James Hawbaker (highest ranking: 15, this week)
  • Longest drought? Jason Demastus, who ranked in 6th in the very first DFC Power Poll in DFC IV's Week 2... and hasn't been back since. In fact, D-Mas has only managed to get to 14 that same season, to 16th in DFC VI, and has only reached 22nd in the past two seasons. He is our Arizona Cardinals.
  • As far as streaks go, the longest active Power Poll streak belongs to Tad Roose, who's came in at 11th in Wk 4 of DFC VI, and has been in it ever since, totaling 28 weeks.
  • Gary "The Idol" Eubanks entered the DFC last year, came in at #4 in week one, and has yet to leave the Power Poll, for 20 straight weeks.
  • I'll try to add up some numbers and stats, and see about Top 5s and Top 10s over the next few weeks.
  • Speaking of The Idol (that would be Eubanks), it only takes him 20 regular season weeks to get to 100 wins, and I'm sure that's pretty close to a record... one day I'll have to compare that to Gainey's and Big Eddy's total. Zack Graves is next with 98.
  • With Drew's surge, and Big Eddy's continuing rebuilding, Drew ties Eddy's win total for a 10th place tie on the all time win list, and Drew actually bests Big Eddy McBroom by 14 when you factor in playoff wins.
  • Yours Truly became the member of another 300 club... I've managed to join all the original DFC'ers, save Daniel and Jennifer, with 300 lifetime losses.

Monday, October 15, 2007

DFC VIII Week Eight Games

Though it was tempting to go South Florida vs Rutgers, I know we didn't need another Thursday night game--so besides the three big SEC matchups, we got some crap from Florida for you...

College Games
#21 Tennessee Volunteers (4-2) at Alabama Crimson Tide (5-2), 1130, CBS
Its always fun to watch the DFC pick this game... true Vols fans, vs true Bama fans, and in a season like this, everyone in the middle doesn't have a clue which way to turn. Pick 'em.

#15 Florida Gators (4-2) at #7 Kentucky Wildcats (6-1), 230pm, CBS
How in the world did Kentucky do this? Did I pick the wrong team to jump to after Auburn? Go Gators!

Miami Hurricanes (4-3) at Florida State Seminoles (4-2), 230pm, ABC
This is kind of like watching George Foreman and Evander Holyfield fight? Two past champions, two former shells of themselves, and you know somehow, someone's getting grilled

#17 Auburn Tigers (5-2) at #4 LSU Tigers (6-1), 8pm, ESPN
I guarantee... the Tigers will eek this one out. Seriously, though, if Auburn wins this game, and I'm Tuberville, I'm working out the schedule next year so that ALL games are on the road. Let the SEC West Championship game begin!

NFL Games
Atlanta Falcons (1-4) at New Orleans Saints (1-4), 12pm Fox

Tampa Bay Bucs (4-2) at Detroit Lions (3-2), 12pm Fox

Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) at Oakland Raiders (2-3), 305pm CBS
Wow there are some slim pickin's in the NFL games this week... and don't ask me why I didn't go with J'ville & Indy, you know YOU would have picked the Colts.

Chicago Bears (2-4) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-3), 315pm, Fox
Finally a game with two solid quarterb... wait... okay, finally a game with two great offen... huh? Um, finally a game of two Super Bowl Conte... what? Screw it. Pick 'em.

TieBreak Game
Total points scored in Tennessee/Alabama game.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

DFC VIII Week Seven Results

College Games
Georgia Tech 17, Miami 14
Penn State 38, #9 Wisconsin 7
#6 Oklahoma 41, #11 Missouri 31
#22 Auburn 9, Arkansas 7

NFL Games
Green Bay 17, Washington 14
Jacksonville 37, Houston 17
Carolina 25, Arizona 10
New England 48, Dallas 27 (also TieBreak game--75 points)

The Week That Was
Joining the 5 Week Winner Club alongside of Mark Gainey, Jenn Ernst, Matt Latta, Michael Nipp and Big Wookiee, at 7-1, Drew Morris takes this week's crown, winning it for the first time in exactly two seasons (winning Week 7 of DFC VI in 2005).

Coming in 2nd, with an identical record but killed on TB, Garrett Cheney has a great week, while in 3rd, Daniel Powell also has a 7-1 record. In 4th for the week, Jason Barnette finishes 6-2, while Ryan Sherman rounds out the top 5, with 6-2.

The rest of the top ten includes, in 6th Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, in 7th Matt Halpert, in 8th Yours Truly, Tom Johnson in 9th and Tebe Shaw in 10th, all at 6-2.

Also finishing:
6-2: Jason Demastus, Sarah Hasha
5-3: DMOsborne, Ken Mackey, Justin Fisher, Tommy McLeod, Jennifer Ernst, Big Eddy, Jason Duren, Tyler Campbell, Trey Cartledge, Jonathan Osborne, Eddy Jr, Zack Graves, Michael Nipp
4-4: Mark Gainey, James Hawbaker, Clif Render, Tad Roose, Lori Beirne, Tim Wasyluka, Gina Roose, Joey Thornell
3-5: Jason Turnbow, Scott Latta
2-6: Matt Latta
0-8: Ty Coffey

North Division
The battle of the Matts continue, with Matt Latta's collapse almost becoming tragic. Mackey isn't too far out of a playoff berth, while Tom is still rebounding from that missed week. DMO is also trying to rebound, though he'll be really just chasing that elusive 49 win mark, ensuring him of a winning season. Ty Coffey, due to two straight missed weeks, is retiring from the league mid-season.
Matt Halpert, 34-22 (10.5)
Matt Latta, 30-26 (14.14)
Mackey, 29-27 (14.0)
Tom Johnson, 27-29 (24.57)
DMOsborne, 22-34 (22.17)
Ty Coffey, 21-35 (28.0) (final week for Ty)

MidCentral Division
Justin and Jennifer are tied up at the top, as the strong rookie and the all-time winningest player trade wins. Tommy is surging, as is Tebe and Barney, while Turnbow is trying to collect his season and come back in the last part of the year.
Justin Fisher, 34-22 (13.14)
Jennifer Ernst, 34-22 (15.17)
Tommy McLeod, 31-25 (10.67)
Tebe Shaw, 31-25 (19.14)
Jason Barnette, 30-26 (13.17)
Jason Turnbow, 25-31 (15.29)

West Division
Suddenly, a new hat for MVP is in the ring, and it belongs to Drew Morris, who's weeks haven't been stellar, but they've been consistant, and his Week 7 has given him a slight divisional edge. The preseason #1, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks is tied, though off on his TBA, while Jason Duren sits about over four points back. Big Eddy is trying to make his comeback to prove he's still got it, while Sarah is threatening to throw together a winning season. Demastus is recovering from an early season missed week.
Drew Morris, 35-21 (10.0)
Gary Eubanks, 35-21 (12.83)
Jason Duren, 35-21 (14.29)
Eddy McBroom, 30-26 (11.67)
Sarah Hasha, 28-28 (29.33)
Jason Demastus, 26-30 (29.0)

If the Playoffs Started Today:
First Round Bye (seeds)
(1) West Division Champion Drew Morris
(2) North Division Champion Matt Halpert
(3) MidCentral Division Champion Justin Fisher
Wild Card (top two advance from Wild Card Weekend, higher seed gets tiebreak)
(4) Gary Eubanks... (5) Jason Duren... (6) Jennifer Ernst... (7) Tommy McLeod... (8) Tebe Shaw
Outside Looking In (within a game):
(9) Eddy McBroom... (10) Jason Barnette... (11) Matt Latta

East Division
Rookie Clif Render continues to lead the division, trying to snap Mark Gainey's five consecutive East Division titles... in fact, Clif is currently the only one from this division who sits in a playoff spot. Could there be a Gainey-less postseason? James Hawbaker continues to impress, while Yours Truly finally puts together a decent week, though not using my drop in Week 1's debacle haunts me still. Trey and Tyler battle to stay out of the cellar.
Clif Render, 33-23 (16.71)
Mark Gainey, 31-25 (10.0)
James Hawbaker, 31-25 (12.67)
Yours Truly, 31-25 (20.83)
Trey Cartledge, 29-27 (14.14)
Tyler Campbell, 28-28 (13.5)

South Central Division
The absolute, bar none hardest division in the league, and possibly in the DFC's history. This IS the SEC of the DFC. Tad and Jonathan tie up for the lead, with less than a point separate a first round bye (and #1 seed) with a date in Wild Card Weekend. Zack Graves also ties for first, with a worse TBA, while Scott and Lori are still within striking distance of the postseason. Its not over for Eddy Jr, but he's got to start winning quickly.
Tad Roose, 35-21 (13.0)
Jon Osborne, 35-21 (13.83)
Zack Graves, 35-21 (16.5)
Scott Latta, 33-23 (11.71)
Lori Beirne, 32-24 (13.0)
Eddy Jr, 27-29 (11.43)

South Division
Currently, Daniel is the only reigning division champion who sits in first in their division all alone (Tad is tied with Jonathan), though Ryan is but a game back from his first division crown. The Wife of the Dynasty, Gina, had a terrible week at a terrible time, and it could cost her, while Michael's rebuilding year (which makes his, what, fifth in a row?) continues well. Garrett's winning week came at a huge time, as he surges back into the playoff hunt, while Joey's late start combined with just so-so weeks is going to make it hard for a +.500 season.
Daniel Powell, 34-22 (20.5)
Ryan Sherman, 33-23 (18.0)
Gina Roose, 32-24 (17.0)
Michael Nipp, 31-25 (13.29)
Garrett Cheney, 30-26 (18.86)
Tim Wasyluka, 29-27 (11.0)
Joey Thornell, 23-34 (15.43)

If the Playoffs Started Today:
First Round Byes:
(1) Tad Roose
(2) Daniel Powell
(3) Clif Render
Wild Card Weekend (top two advance, higher seeds get tiebreak)
(4) Jonathan Osborne... (5) Zack Graves... (6) Scott Latta... (7) Ryan Sherman... (8) Lori Beirne
On the Outside Looking In (within a game)
(9) Gina Roose... (10) Mark Gainey... (11) James Hawbaker... (12) Michael Nipp... (13) Yours Truly

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
Rank, Record (TBA) (last week)
1) Drew Morris, 35-21 (10.0) (10)
2) Gary Eubanks, 35-21 (12.83) (6)
3) Tad Roose, 35-21 (13.0) (1)
4) Jonathan Osborne, 35-21 (13.83) (5)
5) Jason Duren, 35-21 (14.29) (3)
6) Zack Graves, 35-21 (16.5) (4)
7) Matt Halpert, 34-22 (10.5) (11)
8) Justin Fisher, 34-22 (13.14) (7)
9) Jennifer Ernst, 34-22 (15.17) (8)
10) Daniel Powell, 34-22 (20.5) (NR)
11) Scott Latta, 33-23 (11.71) (2)
12) Clif Render, 33-23 (16.71) (9)
dropped out: Lori Beirne (12)

And... the Bottom Five
33) Jason Demastus.... 34) Jason Turnbow.... (35) Joey Thornell.... (36) DMOsborne.... (37) Ty Coffey

TieBreak Drops... the following still have their drop:
Matt Latta, Mackey, Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw, Turnbow, Justin Fisher, Jason Duren, Jason Demastus, Clif Render, Trey Cartledge, Tad Roose, Eddy Jr, Scott Latta, Ryan Sherman, Gina Roose, Garrett Cheney, Michael Nipp, Joey Thornell

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • Ah, its The DFC Power Poll... I finally went back and copied each season's Power Poll, from DFC IV to this year, stuck them side by side and looked it over. Remember, some of the stats you'll see will be unofficial, at least until I go back and "recreate" DFC I thru III to see the full picture.
  • Also, in seasons IV, V & VI, The DFC Power Poll was a top 10, not a top 12, so I moved #11 and #12 up for those seasons, just for consistantcy... and in all this work, I'll give that info next week. So I can be thorough.
  • Can you believe that only 5 weeks remain in the regular season? Suddenly, those 3-5 and 4-4 weeks are beginning to catch up, as is the horrid tiebreak average. The playoffs start at the end of November, and out of 51 to play the DFC game, 25 have made it to the postseason. Only 17 of those have made it more than once, not counting the 6 who made it for the first time last season.
  • Longest active playoff streak? Mark Gainey. He's made it 5 straight years... as a matter of fact, he's never missed the post season. The next longest streak belongs to Yours Truly, who has been in 4 straight years... and both are on the fence as to whether we'll make it again.
  • For Gainey, another appearance would give him not only 6 total, but 6 straight... and would equal both Drew Morris' and Jennifer Ernst's total, which if they gets in--and it looks like both will--will be 6 playoff appearances.
  • Drew is #1 on the list for postseason wins, with a 63-28 record, including 2 straight DeuceBowl appearances. Second is Big Wookiee, at 55-24 and two championships, while 3rd belongs to 3 time champion Tad Roose, 51-21. Big Eddy McBroom has gone from 2nd to 4th in two seasons, as from DFC II to V making the playoffs each year, but has missed the postseason in both the past two years. In 5th is, you guessed it, Jennifer Ernst, at 48-24 (I'm in 6th with a 47-25 record). Jennifer is the highest ranking player on this list who's never been to the championship.
  • Scott Latta appears 14th on the list, just behind Lori Smith and ahead of Michael Nipp, and is worth mentioning as he's the highest ranking player to only make the postseason one time--that would be because of his great run to DeuceBowl VI in his first playoff appearance.
  • Daniel Powell and Mikey Nipp finally get that 400th win! Tad Roose is on the way (385) and Big Eddy (380) and Drew (379) are up next. This is, of course, regular season, so next up for 400 regular + postseason is Gainey, who is 13 away.
  • Sarah Hasha is only 7 away from 300 all time, while Garrett Cheney is 11 from 200. Tyler Campbell is 16 from 200.
  • For the 100 win mark, Gary made it this week if you toss in the postseason wins, but he's 3 away from regular season.
  • Right now, Drew Morris sits atop the DFC Power Poll, not only his first time at #1, but the first time EVER in the top five... who knew? Anyway, his 35-21 record is matched by 6 others.
  • To tell you what kind of season this is, Drew had the exact same record last year after Week 7, with a comparable TBA (10.0 now, 8.17 then), and he wasn't 1.. or 2... or 4... he was 8th.
  • Last season at this time, Tad Roose already had 40 wins, en route to a 66 win, MVP & DeuceBowl championship season.
  • All is not drastic, however... two seasons ago, DFC VI, the same 35-21 record would put you in a tie for 2nd... behind David Mark Osborne's #1, 38-18 record ranking.

Monday, October 08, 2007

DFC VIII Week Seven Games

College Games
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-3) at Miami Hurricanes (4-2), 11am, ESPN
How good are the Canes? Okay, let me rephrase that... how bad are the Canes? I mean, they beat the begeezus of Texas A&M's Frannies (good), but so do most teams.

#19 Wisconsin Badgers (5-1) at Penn State Nikki Browns (4-2), 230pm, ABC
(people who know Nikki Brown might get that joke... for people in Starkville, Penn State is actually "The Nittany Lions")

#11 Missouri Tigers (5-0) at #5 Oklahoma Sooners (5-1), 530pm
I'm totally going Sooner just because I'm not a fan of Mizzou or Oklahoma State (I'm a MAN! I'M 40!!).

#22 Auburn Tigers (4-2) at Arkansas Razorbacks (3-2), 645pm, ESPN
This game scares me. I'm going to go back and forth on this pick for days. Revenge factor, versus Run DMC. Auburn's "Tubby Wins Big Games on the Road" vs Arkansas at home. Pick 'em.

NFL Games
Washington Redskins (3-1) at the Green Bay Packers (4-1), 12pm, Fox
The Fightin' Favres should have totally blown out Chicago... is the magic over? And, four years ago, who knew Jason Campbell, from Auburn, would be such a decent--if not good--quarterback?

Houston Texans (3-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-1), 12pm, CBS
Its actually kinda fun picking the Texans this year--they finally aren't too bad. And J'ville? David Gerard (from! East! Carolina!) is burnin' it up dude.

Carolina Panthers (3-2) at Arizona Cardinals (3-2), 305pm, Fox
We're choosing an Arizona game without the words "Crap", "Week" or "O'the" titling the game! Remember, Jake "Daylight Come & you've got to" Delhomme is out for the season, and Matt Leinart is also out for several weeks. That leaves Kurt Warner, plugged up into the Rejuvination Machine.

New England Patriots (5-0) at Dallas Cowboys (4-0), 315pm, CBS
Keep in mind, Dallas plays tonight at Buffalo... so they could be 4-1. But they wont be. They'll be 5-0. Its Buffalo.

TieBreak Game
Total points scored in Dallas/New England game..
plus a good answer why this isnt on Monday Night football, or at least on Sunday night...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

DFC VIII Week Six Results

South Carolina 38, Kentucky 23

Oklahoma 28, Texas 23
Tennessee 35, Georgia 14
Virginia Tech 41, Clemson 23
Cincinnati 28, Rutgers 23
LSU 28, Florida 24
Ohio State 23, Purdue 7

Missouri 41, Nebraska 6

The Week That Was
For the 2nd week in a row, we have a "first time" winner... James Hawbaker holds his hands up high, taking Week 6 of DFC VIII. Narrowly missing his 2nd win in a row, Jason Duren, at 7-1, comes in just behind Hawbaker for 2nd place.

"The Wife of the Dynasty" Gina Roose is on a tear as well, as she finishes at 6-2, good enough for 3rd, while Jason "Barney" Barnette and Scott Latta tie for 4th. In 6th is Tebe Shaw, and 7th is rookie Clif Render, both at 6-2. For 8th place, Lori Beirne gets a 6-2 record, while 5-3 was good enough for 9th and 10th, which were Gainey and Wasyluka.

The Rest
5-3: Matt Halpert, Jennifer "My Husband Doesn't Pick My Games, I Promise" Ernst, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, Drew Morris, Big Eddy, Demastus, Trey Cartledge, Eddy Jr, Zack Graves, Daniel Powell, Joey Thornell
4-4: Tom Johnson, Matt Latta, Tommy McLeod, Justin Fisher, Yours Truly, Jon Osborne, Ryan Sherman, Mikey Nipp
3-5: Turnbow, Mackey, Sarah Hasha, Garrett Cheney
2-6: Tyler Campbell
0-8: DMOsborne, Ty Coffey

The Standings
North Division
Matt Halpert, 28-20 (8.2)
Matt Latta, 28-20 (13.67)
Mackey, 24-24 (13.17)
Ty Coffey, 21-27 (20.17)
Tom Johnson, 21-27 (23.17)
DMOsborne, 17-31 (19.6)

MidCentral Division
Justin Fisher, 29-19 (12.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 29-19 (13.2)
Tommy McLeod, 26-22 (7.8)
Tebe Shaw, 25-23 (16.67)
Jason Barnette, 24-24 (12.8)
Jason Turnbow, 22-26 (12.5)

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 29-19 (11.4)
Jason Duren, 30-18 (12.17)
Drew Morris, 28-20 (7.6)
Eddy McBroom, 25-23 (9.4)
Sarah Hasha, 22-26 (24.6)
Jason Demastus, 20-28 (25.33)

East Division
Clif Render, 29-19 (16.17)
Mark Gainey, 27-21 (8.6)
James Hawbaker, 27-21 (10.4)
Yours Truly, 25-23 (20.83)
Trey Cartledge, 24-24 (11.5)
Tyler Campbell, 23-25 (12.4)

South Central Division
Tad Roose, 31-17 (11.0)
Scott Latta, 30-18 (10.5)
Zack Graves, 30-18 (13.20)
Jon Osborne, 30-18 (13.6)
Lori Beirne, 28-20 (9.4)
Eddy Jr, 22-26 (10.17)

South Division
Gina Roose, 28-20 (14.17)
Daniel Powell, 27-21 (16.6)
Ryan Sherman, 27-21 (17.83)
Michael Nipp, 26-22 (10.5)
Tim Wasyluka, 25-23 (9.2)
Garrett Cheney, 23-25 (15.83)
Joey Thornell, 18-30 (13.5)

Playoff Rules
Top two division winners, based on record, get automatic first round byes. Third division winner will get automatic first round bye if their record is third best, or within two games of the third best record in conference. Example, if Mark Gainey wins the East Division with a 55-41 record, and is third best in confernence, he is awarded automatic first round bye. If the 3rd best record belongs to Scott Latta, who didn't win the Mid Central Division, and Scott's record is 57-39, Mark gets it. If Scott's record is 58 wins or more, Scott is awarded the bye. This is to put a little more emphasis on division winners, without taking away seedings based on record.

If the Playoffs Started Today
First Round Byes:
1) West Division Champion Jason Duren
2) Mid Central Division Champion Justin Fisher
3) North Division Champion Matt Halpert
Wild Card (top two advance after Wild Card Weekend)
4) Gary Eubanks
5) Jennifer Ernst
6) Drew Morris
7) Matt Latta
8) Tommy McLeod
on the bubble: Big Eddy, Tebe Shaw, Jason Barnette

First Round Bye
1) South Central Division Champion Tad Roose
2) East Division Champion Clif Render
3) South Division Champion Gina Roose
Wild Card (top two advance Wild Card Weekend)
4) Scott Latta
5) Zack Graves
6) Jonathan Osborne
7) Lori Beirne
8) Mark Gainey
on the bubble: James Hawbaker, Daniel Powell, Ryan Sherman

The DFC Top 12 Power Poll
Rank, Rec, (TBA), (Last Week)
1. Tad Roose, 31-17 (11.33) (2)
2. Scott Latta, 30-18 (10.5) (5)
3. Jason Duren, 30-18 (12.17) (11)
4. Zack Graves, 30-18 (13.2) (3)
5. Jonathan Osborne, 30-18 (13.6) (1)
6. Gary Eubanks, 29-19 (11.4) (8)
7. Justin Fisher, 29-19 (12.0) (4)
8. Jennifer Ernst, 29-19 (13.2) (7)
9. Clif Render, 29-19 (16.17) (12)
10. Drew Morris, 28-20 (7.6) (9)
11. Matt Halpert, 28-20 (8.2) (10)
12. Lori Beirne, 28-20 (9.4) (NR)
dropped out: Matt Latta (6)

...And.... The Bottom Five
33) Ty Coffey (21-27)... 34) Tom Johnson (21-27)... 35) Jason Demastus (20-28)... 36) Joey Thornell (18-30)... 37) DMOsborne, 17-31

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • Well, its like a version of the Madden Cover jinx, or the SI Cover Jinx... I mention the success of someone, and they crash and burn. I mentioned Gina Roose's current streak, and it was broken. Last week, I mention Jon Osborne's success, and chance to at least get a piece of the "Longest at #1 Streak", and what happens? He takes a tumble to #5 in the DFC Power Poll.
  • Using this rationale, I think I'll discuss how good Gainey is, and how he's been so dominating.
  • Tad Roose ascends to the #1 spot for only the 2nd time. He's won three DFC Championships, yet this is only the 2nd time he's been at the Power Poll top spot. His other time was last year in DFC VII, when he spent the final half of the season at #1, en route to the DeRamus Plate.
  • Looking at some all time win-loss records, there's alot of changes in the rankings... Tom Johnson leaps back into the regular season top ten, pushing Michael Nipp out, while at the same time, joining the 400 Regular Season Win club. Michael seems like he'll join next week, at 397.
  • Lori Smith, ranked 17th all time, is about to pass Justin Glenn on the list for 16th place. Lori, with 315 wins, is well behind 15th place Scott Latta, with 358, who just got passed for 14th by Jon Osborne, who has 359.
  • As for the 3rd year DFC participants, Gina Roose leaps over Tebe Shaw, 141 to 139, to take over 27th place all time, while Justin Fisher, Clif Render and Matt Halpert move past Ross Kingrey and Dawn "The Snapdragon" Langner for 45th, 46th and 47th place, respectively.
  • Toss in the playoff wins and losses, and the numbers get even better... Tom again passes Michael for 10th all time, which is impressive, because Michael actually has had 24 playoff games lifetime, to Tom's 16.
  • Big Wookiee is about to get passed again, this time by Sarah Hasha. Sarah, in 20th, has 287 games picked correctly, while 19th on the list Wookiee has 291 (which is not only 236 regular season wins, but an astonishing 55 playoff games correct--2nd most all time, only behind Drew Morris' 63).
  • On to the college stats, Matt Latta sits at #3 all time, currently only 2 games behind Yours Truly for 2nd on the list. Yours Truly has been 2nd on the all time list and the college list for over two seasons now, and Matt is about to displace me if I keep it up. Or don't get it going.
  • Scanning the weekly records chart (yes, I have one... you don't think I'm just making this up, do you?) you have to go waaaaay back to Season III in 2002 to find a season where someone didn't go almost the whole way through the season without a losing record. Justin Glenn lasted to week 10 before getting a 3-5 mark.
  • This season? Through week 6, only Matt Halpert, Jason Duren, Gary Eubanks and Drew Morris remain unscathed by a 3-5 or worse.