Wednesday, September 28, 2005

DFC Week Four Results

Here are the weekly results for DFC VI Week Four... corrections have been made to Jon Osborne's TBA, Mark Gainey's record and Lori Smith is 10th now in the DFC Power Poll

Weekly Winners
Joining the group consisting of Lori, Drew, The Wookiee and Tad (which shares one of his wins), Justin Glenn becomes the fifth person in DFC History to claim his third lifetime weekly win, and completes just the 13th undefeated week ever. And, he also is the 2nd person to have 2 regular season undefeated weeks in a career, having done it once before in Week 5 of DFC III. What's more impressive is when you toss in his 8-0 Wild Card Weekend peformance of the DFC IV playoffs, he's now the only person to go 8-0 three different times. Congrats Justin.

In second place for the week, at 7-1, is Matt Latta, while rookie Jason Barnette takes 3rd for the week at 7-1. Tad is in 4th, at 6-2, and Scott Latta rounds out the top five with 6-2. 6th place is Tommy McLeod, tied for 7th is Young Garrett Cheney and DMOsborne, and in 9th is Jason Demastus. Tied for 10th is Mark Gainey and Lori Smith, both at 5-3

Also finishing:
5-3: Jenn Ernst, Eddy McBroom, Eddy Jr, Jon Osborne, Daniel Powell, Tim Wasyluka, Gina Williams
4-4: Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw, Drew Morris, Jason Duren, Yours Truly, Ryan Sherman
3-5: Ty Coffey, Angie Pilgrim, Sarah Hasha
2-6: Michael Nipp, Tyler Campbell
0-8: Willis Watkins

Fulaytar Conference

North Division

The Great Bear of the North, Matt Latta, has finally risen to his title--at least after Week Four. He and DMO hold a tie over the lead, while the TBA's importance comes in to play. Three games back, a three way tie ensues for 3rd place, as Tom finally begins to show he's got some experience in this game. Angie's early season victories are long forgotten, while Ty is contiuning to show signs of improvement and DFC maturity. This is shaping up to be a pretty good division.
Matt Latta, 21-11 (15.5)
DMOsborne, 21-11 (16.5)
Tom Johnson, 17-15 (13.5)
Angie Pilgrim, 17-15 (15.25)
Ty Coffey, 17-15 (19.5)

MidCentral Division
Justin is showing all the signs of a champion, as his 8-0 week continues to pour on the domination over the league. Tommy also is rolling, while rookie Jason is showing why he was ranked in the Top Ten in preseason. This is a rebuilding year for Jennifer, while Tebe's struggles continue.
Justin Glenn, 24-8 (10.25)
Tommy McLeod, 22-10 (15.0)
Jason Barnette, 18-14 (14.5)
Jenn Ernst, 16-16 (12.25)
Tebe Shaw, 15-17 (12.25)

West Division
Duren and Tim Wasyluka are truly the only people to have led their division from day one, as Jason is hoping that the mid-season "slowdown" doesnt occur this time around. Sarah and Demastus also do well, while Eddy is seemingly finding his groove... Drew we still dont know about.
Jason Duren, 20-12 (20.33)
Sarah Hasha, 18-14 (14.75)
Jason Demastus, 18-14 (19.5)
Eddy McBroom, 17-15 (10.0)
Drew Morris, 16-16 (13.5)

McBroom Conference
East Division

The Mighty Gainey keeps his track to regular season dominance followed by a playoff collapse, as Yours Truly's pick of Oregon over USC doesn't seem like such a good idea now.... with a correction, however, we are both tied at the top. Though he showed early signs of success, Tyler has fallen behind Garrett once again. See the note on Willis below.
Mark Gainey, 18-14 (12.5)
Yours Truly, 18-14 (14.75)
Garrett Cheney, 17-15 (21.75)
Tyler Campbell, 15-17 (9.0)
Willis Watkins, 10-22 (11.0)

South Central Division
Perhaps my hopes that one day Jon and Scott making the playoffs might actually come true, though it is early. Of course, Jon was never good enough for a recognizeable season collapse, but Scott still has to be careful. Very competitive division, as Tad's last place record here would be good enough for 2nd in the East, South and West divisions.
Jon Osborne, 21-11 (7.0)
Scott Latta, 20-12 (14.75)
Eddy McBroom Jr, 20-12 (18.0)
Lori Smith, 19-13 (13.25)
Tad Roose, 19-13 (14.25)

South Division
The weakest division in the league right now, as Tim still holds a solid 3 game lead over Gina and Daniel, five over Ryan, and Michael... poor Michael... need I say any more?
Tim Wasyluka, 20-12 (15.5)
Gina Williams, 17-15 (10.75)
Daniel Powell, 17-15 (12.5)
Ryan Sherman, 15-17 (20.25)
Michael Nipp, 13-19 (13.75)

Used Their TBA:
Justin Glenn (Wk 1); Mark Gainey (1); Tommy McLeod (2); Jason Duren (3); Jon Osborne (3)

DFC Power Poll
1. Justin Glenn, 24-8 (10.25) (3)
2. Tommy McLeod, 22-10 (15.0) (2)
3. Jon Osborne, 21-11 (7.0) (1)
4. Matt Latta, 21-11 (15.5) (NR)
5. DMOsborne, 21-11 (16.5) (5)
6. Scott Latta, 20-12 (14.75) (NR)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 20-12 (15.5) (7)
8. Eddy McBroom Jr, 20-12 (18.0) (8)
9. Jason Duren, 20-12 (20.33) (4)
10. Lori Smith, 19-13 (13.25) (NR)
Dropped Out: Sarah Hasha (6th), Mark Gainey (9th), Yours Truly (10th)

The DFC 500
Though it sounds like a NASCAR race, its actually in recognition of the DFC's 500 game selection (regular season). It was supposed to be Tennessee/LSU, but the weather had other plans, so the 500th game to be played within the confines of the DFC regular season was none other than... Cincinnati Bengals taking on Chicago Bears. Cincy won, 24-7. Tebe, Jennifer & Tom picked Chi-town... everyone else had sense.

The Willis Watkins Controversy
Willis is a rookie in my division, the East Division, who leads a very busy life and has missed sending in his picks 2 1/2 of the four weeks of the season (1/2 because he gave me his pro games at church). Now, there is someone else who is standing by ready to jump in--he only missed the DFC sign up earlier because he misunderstood the email to begin with. Previously, I told him that I could just slide him in and slide Willis out--
--before you cry foul, there is a precedence for this... Ty Coffey took over for an injured Shawn Sharp in DFC III, while Eddy McBroom Jr jumped in and took over for someone in DFC II--
--but it would be unfair just to punt because I never spoke to Willis about his dismissal. So, here's the deal... to make it fair, I'll make this DFC announcement. If Willis misses his picks once more (he has gotten them in for Week Five), he'll be suspended for substance abuse, and given an invitation next year. His replacement will fill the spot, we'll use previous methods of record adjustment and such. I see this as the best course of action, to be fair all around--a warning given, with a backup plan ready to go.
If there are any thoughts to this process--both in agreement or disagreement--please let me The DFC Admin (me) know.

Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics
--Let's begin today with the drive for 300... Jennifer has already gotten there, and barring disaster, I'm there this week (298). Michael (293) may come this week, probably the next, while closing in is Tommy (288), DMO (287), Tom (285) and Matt (283)
--The scary thing about Jennifer's three season reign atop the all time win list is not only is she a girl, not only did she cross 300 wins at least a week before everyone, but she's not even at 200 losses yet, which no other DFC'er in their 6th season can say that. She has 197, so that may change this week, but impressive nonetheless.
--Tad Roose had all of one week to enjoy his spot in the All Time Top Ten before Justin Glenn blew out the week at 8-0. Now they both sit tied for 10th on the all time list, both with 247 wins. Given the slower season that Big Eddy is having, its feasible that Justin, and even Tad, can catch him in 9th place, where he is with 260 lifetime wins.
--Lori looks to be the next at 200 wins, as she's at 192, while Tim's 184 wins aren't far behind. Garrett is 19 away from 100 wins, while Tyler's 63 total wins so far this year leaves him 37 from 100... its possible. Not likely, but possible.
--Taking a look at college, that 10th spot on the All Time College list vacated by Wookiee earlier this year is a three way battle between Drew (151), Jon (150) and Tad (150)
--Demastus has 98 college wins in his career, and can not only hit 100, but can at least tie, if not pass the retired Shawn Sharp for 24th on the all time college list. Seems like a distant ranking, but hey, thats the way you do it.

--The rookies are starting to make some headway... Gina Williams' 12 college wins this year just passed Ross Kingrey (retired) for 35th on the all time list.
--The list of "Top Ten All Season" in the DFC Power Poll just got a name shorter... Sarah drops to 14th overall, after spending the first three weeks in the DFC Power Poll. That leaves Justin, Tommy and DMOsborne.
--Daniel crawls out of the Bottom 10, however, to 19th overall, the first time he's been above 20th all season. Rookie Jason Barnette also reaches that feat, going from 21st, to 28th, to 26th all the way up to 13th in the league this week.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

DFC Week Five

DFC Week Five

College Games
All times CST, all ranks from AP Poll

Michigan Wolverines (2-2) at #11. Michigan State (4-0), 11am, ABC
For the first time, since 1998, Michigan finds itself not being ranked in the Top 25 (Miami now holds the current streak at 93 weeks). They lost by 7 to Notre Dame, and by 3 to Wisconsin team that is now 4-0. As good at the Spartans seem, know that they outscored their opponents 152-42 in three of their four wins... which came against Kent State, Hawaii and Illinois. Their closest game was the 44-41 win over Notre Dame.
Wookiee Sez: Michigan stinks. Michigan State is looking for payback after last year. MSU had over 700 yards of offense last week. Yeah it was against Illinois, but that is still pretty darned impressive. Take the Spartans.

#5 Florida Gators (4-0) at #15. Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0), 230pm, CBS
I told Matt Latta we wouldnt do this game, but I think I lied. Alabama, ranked 15th, is playing at home against Urban's Gators, ranked 5th. Yes, they had trouble with Arkansas, but perhaps they were just looking ahead to this game, not taking The Hogs seriously. Whatever the case, though I may or may not pick the Gators, I think this is a winnable game for the Tide. Also... the TB game.
Wookiee sez: Until Alabama actually proves it can beat someone it is not supposed to, then I will not recommend picking Alabama. Before you get all excited about Alabama rememeber who the Crimson Tide has beaten. Middle Tennessee (from the Sun Belt, the worst conference in 1-A), Southern Miss (Big deal, they were supposed to beat them), South Carolina (beating the Fightin' Chickens this year is not much of an accomplishment), Arkansas (What a difference not having Matt Jones makes). With that in mind, take Florida.

#18. Minnesota Golden Gophers (4-0) at Penn State Nittany Lions (4-0), 230pm, CBS
Gotta say, the Gophs win over Purdue came at 2 overtimes, and was a great game to watch. Finally, they get some respect and appears in the Top 25. This week, they take on Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions, who are 4-0 for the first time in a very long time. Joe Pa, entering his 153rd year coaching, is either going to end it all in the next few seasons or drop dead on the sidelines.
Wookiee sez: Penn State hasn't beaten anyone, Minnesota has a reputation of getting off to great starts and then choking. I just think Minnesota has been tested a little bit more. Take the Gophers.

#13. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (3-1) at #22. Purdue Boilermakers (2-1), 645pm ESPN
They beat Michigan, lost to Mich St by 3, and rebounded by thrashing Ty Willingham's Washington Huskies... is it just me, or is Ty Willingham just not a good coach? (Reverend Jesse Jackson, I didnt say that...) So now, they take on Purdue, who lost in a heartbreaker to Minnesota. Can the 'Makers rebound? Or is this a repeat of last season (starting 5-0, finishing with many, many straight losses)
Wookiee sez: This game is a toss-up in my mind. I will pick Notre Dame because they ran that play the terminally ill kid (From their own one-yard line!) I hate it that the poor kid did not live to see the play. He passed away on Friday. Incidentally the kids first name was Montana (after the former ND QB). The story is somewhere on How can you pick against a team like that? Go Irish!

NFL Games
All times CST

Denver Broncos (2-1) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1), 12noon
Honestly, I have no clue. Pick 'em.
Wookiee sez: The Jags "D" is awesome. Jake Plummer stinks. Take Jacksonville at home.

St. Louis Rams (2-1) at NYGiants (2-1), 12noon
Mike Martz--either he's a genius or a raving idiot--led his Greatest Show on Turf down to Tennessee and came out winners... the Giants are currently embroiled in a big battle against San Diego, who is handing it to Eli. Am I the only one who thinks that he's overrated?
...I don't even know who is calling this game I'm watching (Giants/Chargers) but for the last 1/2 hour, its been an Eli love fest... "Wow, look how tough he is!" "Whoa, look at his presence" "Oh my gosh, he's got such an arm" "Bob, I think I want to have his baby!". Kinda funny. Even better, they are down by 15 right now....
...Manning just got drilled by a Charger... I think two of the announcers just passed out, and one ran on the field like Jerry Maguire with Rod Tidwell.
...after a Giants FG (Eli couldn't get it done) the Chargers just scored. Again. They are up by 17. I'll bet if Eli was a defensive lineman, that wouldn't have happened.
...By the way, Eli not coming to San Diego? It was a conspiracy, so sez Papa Archie.
...The Giants just fumbled the ball. One play later, Lorenzo Peterson just ran the ball back 62 yards to the 30. Poor Eli.
...The Bolts just put the ball through the upright again... 45-23. They haven't mentioned Eli in like, two minutes.
...As one fan holds up a sign that says "Goodnight Eli. Go Home", and the crowd boos him, the announcers talk about how proud Peyton and Archie must be, and how great it was that he went to Ol Miss, and blah blah blah... right AFTER ELI ALMOST THROWS AN INTERCEPTION. It's like they want to pull a Ron Burgandy and say "Hey everyone, come look and see how good he looks!"
..."He's thrown for almost 350 yards... he's getting better and better, despite the day he's had" Folks, they are down BY TWENTY TWO POINTS.
...22 seconds... I think this one is over.
Wookiee sez: I agree with Dave on one thing. Martz is an idiot. It is amazing how one-man can screw up a team that had so much talent. It is too early to call Eli overrated. He is still learning. Jeremy Shockey will be the difference in the game. Go with the G-Men.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-1), 315pm
T.O. and Donovan against Weepy Vermeil at Arrowhead Stadium. Trent Green by himself is crap. Trent Green with a quality line can get it done.

Wookiee sez: I dunno if the Chefs (not a typo) are for real or not. Their "D" looked like the "D" of old last night. I will just flip a coin on this one and take Philly.

San Francisco 49ers (1-2) vs, Arizona Cardinals (0-3), 730pm
Thaaaaaat's right... the Crap O'the Week has returned! This games smells so bad, I dont even know where to begin. And to top it off... this game is being played in Mexico City. Good times, good times.
Wookiee sez: Arizona's offense could not score at a kissing booth. They realllllllly stink. They can beat San Fran anyways. Take the 49ers........I guess.

Tiebreak Game...
Florida/Alabama, total points scored.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

DFC Week Four

College Games, all rankings from AP, all times CST

Boston College Eagles (2-1) at Clemson Tigers (2-1)
Both were ranked until BC lost to FSU, and Clemson lost in 3 OTs to Miami (!!)
Wookiee sez: BC had FSU right where they wanted them (on offense) and still lost. Their starting QB is hurt. Clemson will be fuming after choking against the 'Canes. Take Clemson

1. USC Trojans (3-0) at 24. Oregon Ducks (3-0)
The sports folks love the USC Trojans... personally, I'd like to see themget whalloped by one of their few tough opponents on their cream puffschedule.
Wookiee sez: As much as I would like to see the Ducks pull it out, I just don't see it. I hope I am wrong but I am not going to pick against USC until they lose or one of the star players gets hurt. Take SC.

10. Tennessee Volunteers (2-1) at 3. LSU Bengal Tigers (1-0)
Keep in mind, this is a home game for the LSU Tigers, but I dont know thatthey know where they are even playing...
Wookiee sez: LSU was lucky to beat the ASU Sun evils (Notice the lack of a "D"). However the only thing that is worse than the Sun evils "D" is the UT "O." It just is not very good. LSU will be playing at home and will win one for the people of Louisiana. Geaux Tigers!

21. Iowa Hawkeyes (2-1) at 8. Ohio State Buckeyes (2-1)
Wookiee sez: Iowa looked pathetic after they got rolled by Iowa State. Ohio State choked against Texas. The chickens against the poison nuts. Take the Buckeyes. Final score 3-2 :)

NFL Games, all times CST
Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) at Chicago Bears (1-1), 12noon
Wookiee sez: The real Bears will show up on Sunday and Carson Palmer will pass for about a billion yards against them. Cincy is looking pretty good. Take the Bengals.

Tennessee Titans (1-1) at St. Louis Rams (1-1), 12noon
Wookiee sez: The Titans beat the Ravens. Kind of easy considering that Baltimore's offense didn't even get off the bus on Sunday. St. Louis beat Arizona. Big whoop! St. Louis at home, if they decide to show up and play unlike two weeks ago in San Francisco.

New England Patriots (1-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0), 315pm
Wookiee sez: Carolina spanked the Pats pretty good. I have to admit I liked it because I am getting tired of the PAtriots and their unselfish team players. Give me a team full of obnoxious "ME" players. Well, the Steelers do not fit that bill. I am going to pick them at home. Since I have done that watch NE win by 21 points.

NYGiants (2-0) at San Diego Chargers (0-2) 715pm
Wookiee sez: After their win against the Saints on the "road" the Giants will run into the best 0-2 team in the NFL. Yes there is such a thing. Take the Bolts at home because they have prettier uniforms.

DFC Week Three Results

DFC Week Three Results

Weekly Winners
Jon Osborne takes the top spot this week, all by himself this time. Last season, in Week 10, he, Tad and Big Eddy all shared a piece of the week's top spot, but this time, at 7-1, Jon gets it all alone.
At number 2 for the week is Tom Johnson, rebounding from a very tough beginning of the season. He finishes at 6-2, which is also what #3, Mark Gainey, ends up with. In 4th is Ty Coffey (!) at 6-2, and 5th is Justin Glenn, also at 6-2. DMOsborne is 6th at 5-3, as is Tyler Campbell in 7th. A tie for 8th between Yours Truly and Sarah Hasha, then finishing out the top 10 is Tommy McLeod, all at 5-3.

Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Looks like the proverbial honeymoon is over for Angie in the DFC, after spending 2 weeks at the top, she takes a tumble in the Power Poll, all the way down to #13, as her man DMO takes over the top spot in the division. Matt and Ty both are finally catching some breaks, and it looks like Tom hasn't just rolled over yet either. This might just be a competitive division after all.
DM Osborne, 15-9
Angie Pilgrim, 14-10
Matt Latta, 14-10
Ty Coffey, 14-10
Tom Johnson, 12-12
MidCentral Division
It's too early to know if this is the MVP Tommy from DFC II, though he's had a better start here than he has had in years. While fending off Justin Glenn who shares the divisional lead, Jennifer is not showing any of her annual prowess, dwelling in the division cellar with the two rookies, Tebe & Jason.
Tommy McLeod, 16-8
Justin Glenn, 16-8
Jenn Ernst, 11-13
Tebe Shawn, 11-13
Jason Barnette, 11-13

West Division
Both Jason and Sarah continue to surprise, as it almost looks like this division is upside down... but no, Duren & Hasha lead the division, while former division title holders McBroom and Morris languish, and Demastus has yet to get his momentum back from last year that almost took him to the postseason. However, the Hasha family and Duren family shouldn't start booking hotel rooms for DeuceBowl VI just yet... see the note in the "Lies... Statistics" below about quick starts and late bloomers in this division.
Jason Duren, 16-8
Sarah Hasha, 15-9
Eddy McBroom, 12-12
Drew Morris, 12-12
Jason Demastus, 12-12

McBroom Conference
East Division
Somehow it just doesnt seem right without Gainey leading this division, and via tiebreak, he holds a slight edge over Yours Truly. Frankly, I'm pretty surprised at the fact that Tyler has been kicking Garrett's butt all season, while Willis just can't get it together.
Mark Gainey, 14-10
Yours Truly, 14-10
Tyler Campbell, 13-11
Garrett Cheney, 11-13
Willis Watkins, 10-14

SouthCentral Division
Due to his great 7-1 finish this weekend, Osborne the Younger pushes ahead of McBroom the Younger, while Scott and Lori sit a game back. This being an odd year, one would expect The Rooseter to explode for a 65 win season, but it hasn't happened just yet.
Jon Osborne, 16-8
Eddy Jr, 15-9
Scott Latta, 14-10
Lori Smith, 14-10
Tad Roose, 13-11

South Division
Tim is like herpes. Just when you think he's gone, its over and done with, he comes roaring back with a vengeance (that was a compliment, by the way). The Big Wasyluka is now my official pick to not only win the weakest division in the league, but to win it by about 10 games.
Tim Wasyluka, 15-9
Gina Williams, 12-12
Daniel Powell, 12-12
Michael Nipp, 11-13
Ryan Sherman, 11-13

DFC Power Poll
Last week's rank in ( )
1. Jon Osborne, 16-8 (9)
2. Tommy McLeod, 16-8 (2)
3. Justin Glenn, 16-8 (4)
4. Jason Duren, 16-8 (3)
5. DMOsborne, 15-9 (6)
6. Sarah Hasha, 15-9 (7)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 15-9 (5)
8. Eddy McBroom Jr, 15-9 (8)
9. Mark Gainey, 14-10 (NR)
10. Yours Truly, 14-10 (NR)
dropped out: Angie Pilgrim (1), Gina Williams (10)

Game Bucket O'Wings
Typically, this is reserved for someone in the DFC, but this week, I give the weekly Bucket o'Wings to the Commodores of Vanderbilt, who realistically could be 5-0 heading into Georgia, playing the in CBS Game of the Week. Break up the 'Dores!!!

In case you were wondering how people are ranked and filed, even when they have the same record, it is because of the TieBreak Average. To quote Tebe Shaw: "Oh... so that is important, huh?". Anyway, TBAs are usually released after week four, which means in next week's results email, you'll see all TBAs listed. If you haven't kept up with yours and want to see it, just email me, and I'll send it to you. There really isnt an advantage for me seeing all of them in the three weeks leading up to the release date, but until there is four weeks worth of numbers/data, its really flawed, misleading information.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
--The DFC 500th Game will be this weekend. That means for Yours Truly, Michael Nipp, Daniel Powell, Matt Latta, DMOsborne, Tom Johnson, Jennifer Ernst and Tommy McLeod, the Tennessee vs. LSU game on Saturday night will be the 500th game picked and predicted in the Deuce Football Championships.
--The DFC 1000th Game is slated for the end of Week 6 in DFC XI (thats 11 for you Crimson Tide folks)... thats somewhere in the neighborhood of October 2010.
--Jennifer Ernst finally did it... when the Florida Gators beat the Tennessee Volunteers, she recorded her 300th regular season win of her career, the first person to do so. And its a girl that did it.
--Next up for 300... Yours Truly (294) and Michael Nipp (291), and later on, Tommy (282), Osborne (281), and Matt (276).
--Speaking of machismo, what do Tebe, Jason Barnette, Mikey Nipp, Garrett Cheney, Ryan Sherman and Willis Watkins have in common, despite the fact that all but Mikey & Garrett are rookies? They are all getting beat by every girl in the league. Jennifer sits in a very uncharacteristic 24th, while these guys are 25th through 30th, respectively.
--Set to pass Chris Fulaytar's 236 wins (13th) on the all time list? Scott (235) and Jon (233)
--Set to pass Chris's 139 wins (14th) on the college list? Justin also has 139, but his losses (102) are greater than Chris' (70), so he sits 1/2 game back. But only for another game or two. Mark (134) and Eddy Jr (131) are also ready to pass.
--The chase for Tom Johnson is now on. Tom has had the #1 spot in the All Time Pro list for over two seasons now, but he lead has been lessening little by little, as he now has 127 wins, compared to Yours Truly (in 2nd) with 124 and Jennifer's 123 (in third). This should make for an interesting subplot to watch as the NFL season progresses.
--Big Eddy had his 100th Pro win last week (102 now), as Justin's 98 wins not only has him poised to cross 100 this weekend, its also enough to push him into 10th place on the all time list, the first time he's made an All Time Top Ten appearance in any of the three major catagories.
--Tad (93), Drew (91) and Scott (89) also look to roll into the 100 win mark in the next few weeks in pro games.
--Fast start as it may be, Sarah Hasha and Jason Duren both have done this before... last season. After Week Three in DFC IV, Sarah was at 18-6 and 4th in DFC Power Poll, while Jason was at 16-8. Both Eddy and Drew were a game back at 15-9, but Drew went on to win the division at 63-33, with Eddy getting a wild card berth at 61-35, while Sarah and Jason finished 58-38 and 55-41 respectively, both out of the postseason.
--To stay in the DFC Power Poll top ten all season is a very tough thing to do... each week, someone else falls out, eliminating them from that distinction, and between Weeks 1 and 2, many of us were already gone. Last season, Yours Truly, Mark Gainey and Garrett were the only ones to do so, while Eddy Jr remained in the top ten every single week but Week 5, when he was 11th.
--This year, after only two weeks, the only people who have a shot at claiming this honor at season's end are: Tommy, Jason Duren, Jon Osborne, DMOsborne and Tim Wasyluka. Both Angie Mark Osborne and Gina Williams fell from this group this week.
--Conversely, there were those last season who never saw the top ten at any piont last season: Daniel, Demastus, Shawn Sharp, Ty Coffey, Tommy, Tim and Tyler Campbell. In fact, the hard luck of Ty, Tommy, Tim and Tyler never let them see above the rank of 20th the entire season.
--Its early to talk about those not seeing the top ten, but so far the list of those who haven't seen above 20th is long: Daniel Powell (20th), Tom Johnson (22nd), Demastus (23rd), Tebe Shaw (25th), Jason Barnette (26th), Michael Nipp (27th) and Garrett Cheney (28th)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

DFC Week Two Results

DFC Week Two Results

Another sketch week for the league, as it gets tougher and tougher... in last season's DFC IV, there were 13 people who won 60+ games, including one guy who didnt even make the playoffs (Garrett). However, I'm not sure thats going to happen this year...

Weekly Winners
Winning his first week after beginning his third season in the DFC, Jason Duren comes up big this week with a 6-2 record... he won via tiebreak, over the rookie Willis Watkins, who rebounds from a tough week. His 6-2 comes in 2nd for the week, while 3rd goes to Justin Glenn, also at 6-2. Eddy Jr is in 4th, and Sarah and Tommy share 5th place, all at 6-2. The Mighty Gainey has a relatively good comeback from last season's disaster, at 5-3, good enough for 7th, while Ty Coffey takes 8th at 5-3. In 9th, Big Eddy and a three way tie for 10th between Yours Truly, Angie Pilgrim & Daniel Powell.

DFC Standings
Fulaytar Conference
North Division

Angie Mark Osborne does what no other rookie has done... stay atop the DFC Power Poll (below) for the first two weeks of her DFC career... which means she continues to hold the top of her division, while her fiancee sits a game back. Tom's woes continue.
Angie Pilgrim, 11-5
DM Osborne, 10-6
Matt Latta, 9-7
Ty Coffey, 8-8
Tom Johnson, 6-10

MidCentral Division
Tommy hasn't had a quick start like this since DFC II, which led him to over 60 season wins and a MVP title. Justin is just getting started, however, and we begin to wonder if the magic that was Jenn Ernst is now gone. Rookies Tebe and Jason just fight each other to stay out of the division basement.
Tommy McLeod, 11-5
Justin Glenn, 10-6
Jennifer Ernst, 8-8
Tebe Shaw, 7-9
Jason Barnette, 6-10

West Division
We knew it had to happen sooner or later... that is, Jason Duren getting something going finally. The DFC III Rookie of the Year has improved each season, but now he seems like he's for real, while perennial powers Eddy and Drew continue to struggle.
Jason Duren, 11-5
Sarah Hasha, 10-6
Eddy McBroom, 8-8
Jason Demastus, 8-8
Drew Morris, 7-9

McBroom Conference
East Division
Yours Truly takes his rightful place--atop the division and ahead of Mark Gainey, while rookie Willis Watkins begins to show signs of life, after a horrible 2-6 beginning, his 6-2 this week may show that Week One was an anomoly.
Yours Truly, 9-7
Mark Gainey, 8-8
Willis Watkins, 8-8
Tyler Campbell, 8-8
Garrett Cheney, 8-8

SouthCentral Division
Eddy the Younger holds off Jon, Scott, Lori and Tad, in what seems to be the closest division in the league... at one point this weekend, everyone in this division had identical records.
Eddy Jr, 10-6
Jon Osborne, 9-7
Scott Latta, 9-7
Lori Smith, 9-7
Tad Roose, 8-8

South Division
Its been a while, but Tim is showing signs of life after a few seasons of nothing. He's won this division twice, and seems poised to make a run for it once again. Rookie Gina Williams is also doing well, but you can't help but note the disasterous start to the year from defending South Division champ Michael Nipp.
Tim Wasyluka, 10-6
Gina Williams, 9-7
Daniel Powell, 8-8
Ryan Sherman, 7-9
Michael Nipp, 6-10

DFC Power Poll
Last Week's Rank in ( )
1. Angie Pilgrim, 11-5 (1)
2. Tommy McLeod, 11-5 (6)
3. Jason Duren, 11-5 (8)
4. Justin Glenn, 10-6 (NR)
5. Tim Wasyluka, 10-6 (2)
6. DMOsborne, 10-6 (5)
7. Sarah Hasha, 10-6 (NR)
8. Eddy Mac Jr, 10-6 (NR)
9. Jon Osborne, 9-7 (3)
10. Gina Williams, 9-7 (7)
Dropped out: Scott Latta (4), Lori Smith (9)

Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics
--Jennifer Ernst stands now where we knew she would eventually... as the all time winning leader, she has now gotten 299 victories in her career, and needs one more to break 300.
--Also in position for a milestone, Tad Roose set to push out The Wookiee for the 10th spot in career wins, marking the first time someone not named Eddy McBroom that wasn't an original DFC'er has entered the Top Ten All Time. Both Tad and The Wookiee have 236 wins, but Roose's 164 losses put him behind Wook's 140.
--Ready to pass Wookiee as well, Drew (235), Justin (233) and Scott Latta (230)
--Michael's rough weekend has now brought him to 202 all time losses, leaving Yours Truly (199) and Jenn Ernst (189) as the only active Originals to not hit that lowpoint.
--Tyler Campbell needs one more win all time to push past Hall of Famer Vic Paschal for 26th on the all time list, meaning he's passed the Retired Block completely.
--For the Rookies, "The Retired Block" are a list of 9 previous DFC'ers who have all retired, and after Tyler passes Vic, will occupy No. 27 thru 35 on the all time win list... meaning Dawn Langer, at 35, is the first person that the rookies will pass as their wins accumulate. Dawn has 26 wins in her brief career.
--With his 5-3 record this week, Mark now has crossed 200 wins, the 17th person to do so in DFC history. 200 wins is becoming like 500 homers in the majors... 300 wins is now the new 600 homer mark.
--Turning to college wins, the Big Wookster tumbles to #14 on the all time list (139), as both Justin (137) and Mark (131) are set to pass him soon.
--The NFL season kicked off this weekend as well, as Tom holds to his #1 spot in the All Time Pro Wins for over 2 1/2 years... though his 125 wins is barely ahead of Yours Truly (123) and Jennifer (121)
--To tell you what a rough season it has been thusfar, consider that the combined records of Angie & Jason, the first two weekly winners, is 12-4. Though that seems good, its the lowest Week 1 & 2 combined record EVER...
--Mark has something to speak of as well... after dropping his tiebreak from Week one, his current 2.0 TBA is the lowest TBA in the history of the DFC. Don't expect it to remain 2.0, but it was worth mentioning.
Games have been sent out, and can also be found on this site.

Week Three Games

The DFC Week Three

College Games...
All ranks from new AP Poll; All times CST

Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels (1-0) at Vanderbilt Commodores (2-0), 11:30am
Holy schnikes! The Commies are 2-0 for the first time since 1999... doesn't matter if it was Arkansas and Wake, they are 2-0! If they can get by Ole Miss at home, there is a chance at winning 6 games this year... of course, the earth may crash into the sun after that, but it can happen...

Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0) at South Carolina Gamecocks (1-1), 2:30pm, CBS
The Rollin' Tide, complete with the impossible huggin' TD by Prothro, comes against The Ol' Ball Coach for the first time in quite a while. This should be quite a game, because the Gamecocks gave Georgia all they could handle this weekend, while the Tide is looking very much like a sleeper team in the SEC.

#24 Fresno State Bulldogs (1-0) at Oregon Ducks (2-0), 6pm, TBS
Ya gotta love the 'Dogs and we all love the Ducks... who's kool-aid you gonna drink for this weekend? And will Oregon overlook F'St because USC is circled on their schedule for next weekend?

#5 Tennessee Volunteers (1-0) at #6 Florida Gators (2-0), 7pm, CBS
The Vols and the Gators, head to head again. This is one of those fun games where half the league will pick one team, half the league will pick the other and in a season like this, every game counts. (also the tiebreak game)

NFL Games
All times CST

Buffalo Bills (1-0) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0), 12pm, CBS
The Bills ran rampant over the Houston Texans (who wouldn't?) and Chucky & the Bucs went into Minnesota and beat down the Vikes (!). Now the Bucs come home to Tampa, and try to defend themselves against Buffalo, sans Drew Bledsoe (which can only make them better).

Detroit Lions (1-0) at Chicago Bears (0-1), 12pm, Fox
Joey Harrington and the Lions for real, finally? Or did they just get lucky against a 57 year old Brett Favre and an aging Green Bay (they beat them Sunday 17-3). And here come the Bears, losers to the Skins 9-7 in an obvious offensive juggernaut... offensive being the word.

Atlanta Falcons (0-0) at Seattle Seahawks (0-1), 305pm, Fox
(The Falcons play their first game tomorrow night versus the Philly Eagles)
The Seahawks were pretty doggone good last year, but somehow, the analysts are putting them in the "overrated" catagory (they fell into that at last season's end, honestly). The big question is, is Vick and the Falcons ready to make The Leap, or will they remain "on the edge" of pretty good and really good?

St. Louis Rams (0-1) at Arizona Cardinals (0-1), 305pm, Fox
So the Rams weren't supposed to lose to the 49ers, but they did, 28-25. Arizona, the trendy pick for the playoffs and the division, were supposed to beat the NYGiants, but got totally dismantled, 42-19. Now the battle of the Was Supposed to Wins begins.

TieBreak Game
Tennessee/Florida--total combined points scored

Reminder... If your tiebreak was crap last week, you have until kickoff Saturday morning to drop it...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DFC Week One Results

Weekly Results...
The last time it happened was in DFC III, in 2002--a rookie winning their first week in the league. Mark Gainey did it with a 7-1 record, and this week, Angie Mark Osborne (fiancee of DMOsborne) takes not only her first weekly win, but she does it in her very first week of competition.

Extremely tough week on the league, as Angie wins it via tiebreak, snatching it from Tim Wasyluka's hand--Tim ended up in 2nd. Jonathan Osborne takes 3rd, Scott Latta comes in 4th, the taller Osborne in 5th and Tommy McLeod and rookie Gina Williams ties for 6th, all with a 5-3 record. Jason Duren finishes with a 5-3 record in 7th, while Lori Smith gets 8th at 4-4. Tying for 10th place is Tyler Campbell and Matt Latta, each at 4-4.


Remember, standings are based on not only record, but also TBA--which after one game, is not too bad for some people, but atrocious for others.
Fulaytar Conference
North Division

The fiancee of DMO comes out strong with very little trash talk before to not only grab the first week lead in the North Division, but also the top spot in the DFC Power Poll. Osborne doesn't do too badly this week, though, and considering the week it was, neither does Matt. Ty Coffey stumbles out of the gate, while Tom has a disasterous week to start the year.
Angie Pilgrim (6-2)
DMOsborne (5-3)
Matt Latta (4-4)
Ty Coffey (3-5)
Tom Johnson (2-6)

Midcentral Division
With the first week down, Tommy comes in on top, ahead of Jenn and defending division champ Justin, while rookies Tebe and Jason Barnette have a rough first go around.
Tommy McLeod (5-3)
Jennifer Ernst (4-4)
Justin Glenn (4-4)
Jason Barnette (3-5)
Tebe Shaw (3-5)

West Division
A disasterous TBA after Week One notwithstanding, Duren seems like he might be a contender this year, though he started strong last season only to falter as the season wore on. In a new division, Demastus can't carry the momentum he had at the end of Season V, while Eddy doesnt do so well in his first week.
Jason Duren (5-3)
Sarah Hasha (4-4)
Drew Morris (4-4)
Eddy McBroom (3-5)
Jason Demastus (3-5)

McBroom ConferenceEast Division
A sight unseen until today, Tyler Campbell sits atop his division, edging out Yours Truly, while The Might Gainey has a rare bad week. Possibly a rebuilding year.
Tyler Campbell (4-4)
Yours Truly (4-4)
Mark Gainey (3-5)
Garrett Cheney (3-5)
Willis Watkins (2-6)

Southcentral Division
Two perennial regular season powers, though never a playoff berth between them, Jon and Scott begin the season in front, while the rest of the division averages 4 wins and losses.
Jon Osborne (5-3)
Scott Latta (5-3)
Lori Smith (4-4)
Tad Roose (4-4)
Eddy McBroom Jr (4-4)

South Division
Its been a while since he did much to speak of, but Big Tim Wazzy starts out huge. He's got 2 division titles in his pocket, though, so this might be a return to glory after years of languishing in mediocrity. Rookies Gina and Ryan also have decent weeks, while Daniel & Michael await next week's chances for improvements.
Tim Wasyluka (6-2)
Gina Williams (5-3)
Ryan Sherman (4-4)
Daniel Powell (3-5)
Michael Nipp (3-5)

DFC Power Poll
After only one week, a look at the weekly top ten finishes gives you the first DFC Power Poll, but here it is:
1. Angie Mark Osborne, 6-2
2. Tim Wasyluka, 6-2
3. Jon Osborne, 5-3
4. Scott Latta, 5-3
5. DMOsborne, 5-3
6 tie. Tommy McLeod, 5-3
6 tie. Gina Williams, 5-3
8. Jason Duren, 5-3
9. Lori Smith, 4-4
10 tie. Matt Latta, 4-4
10 tie. Tyler Campbell, 4-4

Tie Break Drop...
Don't forget--you have the option of dropping your TB score from this week and have it not count against you for the rest of the season. However, once you do this, you cannot do it again this season. You have until the next weekend's kickoff to drop this past week's TB.

The Game Bucket O'Wings
Other shows give out gameballs... we're too lazy. We give out the honorary bucket o'wings... and this week, you can't deny that her first week in, showing up with a 6-2 record, beating not only her boyfriend, but a surging Tim Wasyluka and everyone else in the league... this year's Game Bucket O'Wings goes to Angie Pilgrim.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

--THE STREAK IS OVER... Mark Gainey, who entered the league like gangbusters in 2002, had a 2-6 record in the third week... and since, had not had a record below 4-4. In fact, the last 4-4 week he put up was in 2003's Week 11. Thats 14 straight weeks with at least a 5-3 record, and an unbelievable 33 weeks with at least a 4-4 record... however--Miami's loss to Florida State tonight sunk Mark to not only a 3-5 record, it snapped the longest such DFC streak in history.
--The next longest streak of at least a 4-4 mark belongs to Tad Roose, who is 20 weeks currently. Second on that list is... Lori Smith (!) with 17 weeks now (counting both this week for Lori & Tad)
As far as the record of 5-3 and up? With this first week being so dismal for most of the league... NO ONE sits at more than 2 weeks.

--Looking at all time numbers, Jennifer inches closer to 300 wins lifetime (regular season, of course) as she's at 295, while Yours Truly (284) and Michael Nipp (283) will probably need at least 3 weeks to see that mark happen.
Both Tad and Drew are locked at a 232-160 lifetime record, both 4 wins away from knocking out Wookiee from the Top Ten.
--Mark's 3-5 also denied him the shot at hitting 200 wins lifetime in this first week, as 3 victories only got him to the 199 point.
--Notice that the Sexy Beast of the DFC, Tyler Campbell, is sitting atop the East Division for the first time. If the playoffs started today, he'd be the division champ, and thats the first time that can be said for him. He also passed Brook DeRamus in the all time win column, as DeRamus only got to 50 wins in his career, while Tyler is now at 52. Tyler's 4-4 mark also let him pass Ryan Smith, Scott Burk and legendary Vic Paschal in the College All Time records.
--Speaking of college, Wookiee takes a tumble from 10th to 14th in the all time list, as his 139 wins were passed by Tad (140), Scott (141), Jonathan (141) and Drew (143), who sits in the All Time College Top Ten, currently at #10.
--With the success of such players as listed just now, Tom Johnson--who is 9th all time in college with 147--is in danger of possibly being passed by several of them, which would make him the only DFC'er who has been here since the beginning to not be among the Top Ten in all three major catagories (all time, college and pro).
--Sarah made the leap to 100 college wins this week
--Another streak was snapped this week, as Yours Truly, Mark Gainey, Michael Nipp and Garrett Cheney were the only people to stay within the DFC Power Poll Top Ten the entire season in 2004. Not this year. Yours Truly was the closest, sitting right now in 12th place, while Mark (23rd), Garrett (2 5 th) and Michael (2 6 th) have some ground to make up.
--On the flip side, Tim Wasyluka's #2 ranking is the highest he's been in years... he never went above #18 last year, while Tommy finished this week in 6th, while he never saw above #20 last season.
Don't read too much into the DFC Power Poll just yet, after only one week... Jason Duren was 6th last season after Week One (he's 8th currently) and tumbled to 14th in Week Two... after a brief week at 11th, he languished in the lower ranks, finishing the season at #22.
--Matter of fact, from last season's final DFC Power Poll, the only one to make it back this first week of DFC VI... Lori Smith. She finished 3rd at the end of last season, and is currently 9th this week.

Monday, September 05, 2005

DFC Week Two

College Games (All times CST, all ranks from last week's AP Poll, all games on Saturday)

Notre Dame Fightin Catholics (1-0) at #4 Michigan Wolverines (1-0), 11am ABC

Go Charlie Weis! The Irish rode roughshod all up and down Wannstache's Pitt Team, but you have to aks yourself... are the Irish getting good? Or is Pitt just a typical Big East team. As always, Michigan rocks.

The Wookiee sez: Pitt was never really that good in the first place. Don't get too caught up in the Notre Dame hype. Take the Big Blue at home.

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-0) at Auburn Tigers (0-1), 1130am
The loss to Georgia Tech was rough. Were they a better team, Auburn could have lost by about 65 points... wait, this just in, Brandon Cox threw another interception. I think Eddy McBroom caught it (he'll throw to anyone if they aren't in blue...). The Croomdawgs had a nice victory against Murray State, but... its Murray State.

The Wookiee sez: OK fine, Auburn will be 5-1 heading into the LSU game. They were not mentally ready for last weeks game. Tuberville even said so. What is he supposed to say, "We suck?" Look for a much better performance from the Tiggers (no that is not a typo). BTW did you know Croom is the first black head coach in the SEC?

Southern Miss Golden Eagles (0-0) at Alabama Crimson Tide ( 1-0), 645pm, ESPN2
My thinking was that Alabama did pretty good... diehard Tider Ryan Sherman (4-3) wasn't so sure. They are playing at home, though, so thats gotta help. Southern Miss' first game against Tulane was postponed due to Katrina.

The Wookiee sez: Does anyone really think USM has a chance here? I don't. Yeah they got the whole displaced by Katrina thing going for them but Alabama will win. It might be closer than people think. Brodie Croyle may just clinch the Heisman this week after his stunning performance against mighty MTSU. Geez if the sports writers in this state loved him anymore, they should all chip in and buy him a big valentine. The guy still has a losing record as a starter.

#2 Texas Longhorns (1-0) at #6 Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0), 7pm, ABC
I wouldn't even pick this game, because it would seem like a slam dunk for the Horns, but they are playing at Ohio State... and thats a major Buckeye advantage. Also the tiebreak game.

The Wookiee sez: As much as I want to say Texas will choke, I believe they will win. Besides, I like their cool new retro unis. Hook 'em Horns! Texas

NFL Games (all times CST, all games on Sunday)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings, 12pm, Fox

Gruden vs. the Moss-less Vikes!
The Wookiee sez: Minnesota is a sexy Super Bowl pick. Tampa sucks and Chris Simms may start at QB. Maybe he will do a Brandon Cox impression. Take the Vikings.

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins, 12pm, CBS
Jerry Rice's 83rd season vs. a Bong-less Ricky Williams (we hope)
The Wookiee sez: Jerry Rice retired. Miami has Sage Rosenfels at QB (Where have you gone Don Strock?) This game promises to have all the excitement of watching paint dry. If Jake Plummer remebers what team he palys for then Denver will win.

NYJets at Kansas City Chiefs, 12pm, CBS
J-e-t-s jetsjetsjets vs. Weepy Vermeil
The Wookiee sez: Dick Vermeil is a pansy and his defense could not stop a jr. high offense. The Jets are a popular dark horse pick to win the AFC East. Herm Edwards is cool. J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens, 730pm, ESPN
Peyton's offense vs. Ray's defense (he's a killer!)... pick 'em
The Wookiee sez: I am picking the Colts because I just dislike the Ravens that much. Besides the Ravens QB couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.

Total points scored in the Texas/Ohio State

ps... The Wookiee went 4-4, which wasn't bad considering everyone else's week...