And here is the official rules for the 24th Season of the Deuce Football Championships

First, please make sure you are willing to last the season. Its not fun to have someone drop out in the middle of the year, even if its due to just them being busy. Obviously, some circumstances warrant an early exit, but those are typically few and far between. If you are leaving the country or will be out of contact, you can always email me and say "Hey, just give me all home games, with a ## for my tiebreak until I get back", or "My boo will be picking for me this weekend, here is their email". All you have to do it pick games, I do all the work.... that said...

I will be out of the country for a week at the end of September -- but games will till go out!   

You will receive in your inbox an email titled "DFC XXIV Week One Games".  There will be 10 college games of interest listed, and your responsibility will be to pick your winner. Hit reply, or in another email, send to me your predictions for the winners of those games. Each week will also feature a "tiebreak" game... you'll guess the total number of points to be scored in that game, and also send that back. Your predictions will be logged for the weekend. You are allowed to change your picks if needed up until kickoff of the first weekend game.

Sometimes, though it will be rare, there will be a Thursday night game. You are allowed to give your pick for that game, then send the rest of the picks in the following day. However, again, once the weekend games kick off-and if there is a Friday night game, that is the weekend start--all picks are locked and cannot be changed.

Once the games are over, the following Monday you'll receive an email with 4-6 college games and 4-5 NFL games (the NFL Season starts the next weekend). Once picks are locked for the weekend, NFL games cannot be changed either.

On Tuesday usually, you'll get a DFC Week One Results email, with weekly results, then season updates as well, with division listings, a Top 12 Coaches Poll and some fun stats (when I have time!).

Also, on Thursdays, you'll get a quick DFC Games reminder, informing you of the picks I have received, who I am needing picks from, and also letting anyone know if I'm missing anything from you.

With 30+ people participating this season, remember there is a lot to keep up with -- if I miss a pick you made, or don't give you credit for a win, then please let me know... I save all emails and can easily research it and make the necessary changes.

If there is a tie in an NFL game, that game will be disregarded, and 11 games will be chosen the following week. If there is an NFL tie following Week 12, an automatic "Win" will be given to everyone, regardless of their prediction in that game.

To those in The East Division, mine, I typically make my picks on Thursday afternoons, just before I send the reminder email out.

No one has really ever questioned my own integrity, as I don't share my picks until playoff time, because truthfully, if I were going to cheat, I'd have won at least one title in 22 seasons.    

The first tiebreak averages will be released in Week Four's results email, if not earlier.

Your TieBreak score (the guess you make for the tiebreak game) will be kept and averaged for the season. This is used to rank players who are tied, and is especially useful to determine playoff seedings. To make it fair, and to help with those random missteps, your worst TB will be dropped...

At the end of the season, however, if there is a tie to determine ranks, playoffs spots, playoff berths and/or anything else, your worst TB will be added back in just to break the tie. If there is STILL a tie, your average seasonal ranking will be taken. And, though I cannot possibly fathom this, if there is still a tie, we'll do something else.

Sometimes I do happen to forget the TieBreak game... if I do, please just email me or wait for a correction--there will always be a tiebreak game.

And if you forget to list the tiebreak score, I will send you an email to remind you. If the weekend goes on, and I don't get a TB guess from you, it will go down as a 0... which, may or may not even help you, who knows.

This year, the season will be 10 weeks.  It will begin with games going out August 28th, for games starting August 31st thru Sept 4th.  The regular season will end the weekend of  11/3-6.  The playoffs will then then begin on November 9th-13th with Wild Card Weekend, with the Divisional Playoffs the following weekend, November 16th-20th.

The DFC Final Four will be 11/23-27 and finally, Nov 20-Dec 4 will be DeuceBowl XXIV.

Out of the entire league, the top 12 records will get playoff berths.  All division winners are guaranteed a spot -- if a divisional champion's record is outside of the top 12, the division winner in particular will be the 13th seed. 

Top four seeds in record get a First Round Bye.  TB game used to break ties, only for that week, as TB Average does not carry over from week to week. 

The Wild Card Weekend will consist of the remaining 8 DFC'ers, in the playoff first round. After determining playoff seeds, the seasons TBA will be disregarded and will no longer count. The best FOUR records out of the 8+ will advance to the Divisional Round, the Conference Semi-Finals, joining those Four who had first round byes. 

Then, the best Four records out of those 8 will advance to the DFC Final Four. The best of the two that weekend will then go on to DeuceBowl XXIV

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