Wednesday, December 16, 2020

DeuceBowl XXII

Welcome to the 21st DeuceBowl... Jennifer, a chance to make history as no original DFC'er has won the title since DFC VI in 2005. Steven, a chance to become immortal and one of the all time greats with a 2nd title, becoming only the 4th DFC'er to do so.

As we did last week, here are 10 games, and then 2 contingency games below. If any of the 10 are canceled, we will use CG #1 first, then #2. If more than two are canceled, we'll just chalk it up as W for both of you.

And like any championship, it all comes down to the number of games you pick differently. We've had a season previous come down to the outcomes of a single game, but it is what it is. 

And you do have the chance to change your picks after submission until Friday afternoon. 

Good luck.


Oregon Ducks (3-2) at 13. USC Trojans (5-0)
Friday night, 7p, LA Coliseum, FOX
PAC 12 Championship Game

Ball State Cardinals (5-1) at Buffalo Bulls (5-0)

Friday night, 630p, Detroit MI
MAC Championship Game

10. Oklahoma Sooners (7-2) at 6. Iowa State Cyclones (8-2)
11a, AT&T Stadium in Dallas, ABC
Big XII Championship Game

Ole Miss Runnin Kiffins (4-4) at LSU Geaux Tigahs (4-5)

230p, SEC Network

Boise State Broncos (5-1) at 24. San Jose State (6-0)
315p, Las Vegas, FOX
Mountain West Championship

Michigan State Spartans (2-5) at Maryland Terrapins (2-3)

630p, B1G Network


New England Patriots (6-7) at Miami Dolphins (8-5)

12p, CBS

Chicago Bears (6-7) at Minnesota Vikings (6-7)
12p, FOX

San Francisco 49ers (5-8) at Dallas Cowboys (4-9)
12p, CBS

Kansas City Chiefs (12-1) at New Orleans Saints (10-3)
325p, CBS

Total Points Scored Kansas City vs New Orleans


Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-5) at Rutgers Scarlet Knights (3-5)
Friday night, 630p, B1G Network


Florida State Seminoles (3-6) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-4)
11a, ACC Network

Tuesday, December 15, 2020


San Jose St 30, Nevada 20
Minnesota 24, Nebraska 17
(17) North Carolina 62, (10) Miami 26
Louisville 45, Wake Forest 21
Virginia Tech 33, Virginia 15
Arizona Cardinals 26, NYGiants 7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26, Minnesota Vikings 14 (total pts 40)
Denver Broncos 32, Carolina Panthers 27
Washington Football Team 23, San Francisco 49ers 15
Baltimore Ravens , Cleveland Browns

All four - Yours Truly, Lil Stevie Ray, Jenni Ernst, Big Eddy Mc - were in contention headed into Sunday Afternoon, until Eddy McBroom was eliminated via tiebreak.  Jennifer Ernst secured her very first DeuceBowl appearance after 21 years. 

And it came down to Baltimore vs Cleveland and with a Baltimore win, Steven Ray moves on to his 2nd DeuceBowl appearance, looking for his 2nd championship.

(3) Steven Ray, 5-5 (11pts off TB)
(1) Jenn Ernst, 4-6 (2pts off TB)
(6) Yours Truly, 3-7 (6pts off TB)
(4) Eddy McBroom, 3-7 (9pts off TB)

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

DFC XXI Playoffs: Final Four

Sorry we are late on this!

Welcome to the DFC Final Four, my three friends and myself.

Here are your games. At the bottom are two contengency games. If a game is canceled, Contingency Game #1 kicks in. If another is canceled, Contingency Game #2 kicks in. If another is canceled, then we just lose that game.

Nevada Wolfpack (6-1) at San Jose State Aztecs (5-0) 
Friday Night, 9p, CBS Sports

Minnesota Golden Gophers (2-3) at Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-4)
11a, B1G Network

17. North Carolina Tarheels (7-3) at 10. Miami Hurricanes (8-1)
230p, ABC

Washington Huskies (3-1) at Oregon Ducks (3-2)
3p, FOX Sports 1

Virginia Cavaliers (5-4) at Virginia Tech Hokies (4-6)
7p, ACC Network

Arizona Cardinals (6-6) at The New York Football Giants (5-7)
12p, FOX

Minnesota Vikings (6-6) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5)
12p, FOX

Denver Broncos (4-8) at Carolina Panthers (4-8)
12p, CBS

Washington Football Team (5-7) at San Francisco 49ers (5-7)
325p, FOX

Baltimore Ravens (7-5) at Cleveland Browns (9-3)
Monday Night, 715p, ESPN

Minnesota at Tampa Bay, total points scored


Contingency Game #1 - Only will be used if any of the above games are canceled

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-3) at Louisville Cardinals (3-7)
11a, ACC Network

Contingency Game #2 - Only will be used if a second of any of the above games are canceled.

Houston Texans (4-8) at Chicago Bears (5-7)
12p, CBS

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

DFC XXI Playoffs - Divisional Round GAMES



5. Texas A&M Aggies (6-1) at 22. Auburn Tigers (5-3)
11a, ESPN

Arkansas Razorbacks (3-5) at Missouri Tigers (4-3)
11a, SEC Networks

Liberty Flames (9-1) at Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (9-0)

12. Indiana Hoosers (5-1) at 16. Wisconsin Badgers (2-1)
230p, ABC

Maryland Terrapins (2-2) at Michigan Wolverines (2-4)
230p, B1G Network

South Carolina Gamecocks (2-7) at Kentucky Wildcats (3-6)
630p, SEC Network


Cleveland Browns (8-3) at Tennessee Titans (8-3)
12p, CBS

Detroit Lions (4-7) at Chicago Bears (5-6)

12p, FOX

LA Rams (7-4) at Arizona Cardinals (6-5)
305p, FOX

New England Patriots (5-6) at San Diego Chargers (3-8)
325p, CBS

Auburn v Tex A&M, total points scored

DFC XXI Playoffs - Wild Card Weekend RESULTS

(13) Iowa State 23, (17) Texas 20
Stanford 24, Cal 23
Penn State 27, Michigan 17
Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 24 (total points 55)
Georgia Tech 56, Duke 33
Washington Football Team 41, Dallas Cowboys 16
The New York Football Giants 19, Cincinnati Bengals 17
Tennessee Titans 45, Indianapolis Colts 26
Minnesota Vikings 28, Carolina Panthers 27
San Jose State vs Boise State (cancelled)

Eight players went in, four players proceed.

It was a rough weekend for everyone, and for the first time in recent memory, no one came out with an above .500 record. Jonathan Osborne, Mark Gainey and Matthew Pinkerton made it through at 4-5, taking up 3 of the 4 spots.

(Everyone picked the same in the Boise St/San Jose State game, so it's cancellation had no impact on the final standings)

The final spot was taken up by Yours Truly, courtesy of the tiebreak, at 3-6, beating out Tyler Campbell, Drew Morris, Brad Latta, and James Hawbaker.

(Seed) Results, Record, (Pts off of TB)
(5) Jonathan Osborne, 4-5 (13) - advanced to next round
(10) Mark Gainey, 4-5 (13) - advances to next round 
(11) Matthew Pinkerton, 4-5 (15) - advances to next round 
(6) Yours Truly, 3-6 (5) - advances to next round 
(7) Tyler Campbell, 3-6 (8) - eliminated 
(12) Drew Morris, 3-6 (12) - eliminated 
(8) Brad Latta, 3-6 (15) - eliminated 
(9) James Hawbaker, 3-6 (17) - eliminated 

Next round of games goes out tonight!!