Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DeuceBowl X

Eddy McBroom vs. Lori Beirne for a name on the Brook DeRamus Championship Plate

DeuceBowl X Games

The Outback Bowl, Tampa, FL, January 1st, 10am
Northwestern Wildcats (8-4) vs Auburn Tigers (7-5)

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, FL, January 1st, 12pm
West Virginia Mountaineers (9-3) vs Florida State Seminoles (6-6)

Capital One Bowl, Orlando, FL, January 1st, 12pm
Penn State Nittany Lions (10-2) vs LSU Tigers (9-3)

International Bowl, Toronto, January 2nd, 11am
South Florida Bulls (7-5) vs North Illinois Huskies (7-5)

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Tempe, AZ, January 4th, 7pm
TCU Horned Frogs (13-0) vs Boise State Broncos (12-0)

NFL GAMES (all on Sunday, January 3rd)
Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7) at Miami Dolphins (7-8), 12pm, CBS

Green Bay Packers (10-5) at Arizona Cardinals (10-5), 315p, Fox

Philadelphia Eagles (11-4) at Dallas Cowboys (10-5), 315p, Fox

Tiebreak Game:
TCU vs Boise State (if tie still exists after this game, then we go to next game)

Tiebreak Game II:
Philadelphia at Dallas (only used if tie is not broken after first Tiebreak game)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

DeuceBowl X: Eddy vs Lori

Deuce Final Four Game Results
BYU 44, Oregon State 20
Utah 37, California 27
Pittsburgh 19, North Carolina 17
Kentucky vs Clemson
San Diego 42, Tennessee 10
Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 20
Houston 27, Miami 20
Denver at Philadelphia


It was over Saturday for Trey Cartledge, as his 2nd Final Four appearace in three seasons ends just shy of the coveted spot in the DFC Title Week, DeuceBowl X.  That means that Big Eddy McBroom, 9 season vet of The Deuce Football Championships, is making his return to the DeuceBowl--his first appearance, in DFC V, was a thrilling battle against Wookiee Fulaytar--they both went 5-3, but Wookiee won virtue of the TieBreak.  His 41 points was closer to 38 than Big Eddy's 45 points--still the closest DeuceBowl in history.

On the other side, DFC Champ The Mighty Mark Gainey's bid for a 2nd straight championship ended with Baltimore's 23-20 loss to Pittsburgh.  That capped off a terrible Final Four week for Mark, putting him at 1-5 (with 2 games left) for the week--after a great 15-1 run in the first two weeks of the postseason.  Lori's average 3-3 record is now an insurmountable lead for her, placing her in her first championship, and making her the first chick to make the DeuceBowl since Jennifer Ernst's loss to Tad Roose in DeuceBowl IV in 2003.  Even with a 6-2 record, she lost to Tad's 8-0 week.

This sets up a classic DeuceBowl match between two long time DFC'ers.  There are 1081 victories between the two, with 17 years combined. 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DFC X Final Four

It's Time.  It's On.  It's the Tenth Deuce Football Championship Final Four...

The MAACO Las Vegas Bowl (Las Vegas, NV)
Oregon State Beavers (8-4) vs BYU Cougars (10-2), Tuesday, 12/22, 7pm

The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsetta Bowl (San Diego, CA)
Utah Utes (9-3) vs California Bears (8-4), Wednesday, 12/23, 7pm

The Meineke Car Care Bowl (Charlotte, NC)
Pittsburgh Panthers (9-3) vs. North Carolina (8-4), Saturday 12/26, 330pm

The Gaylord Hotels City Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN)
Kentucky Wildcats (7-5) vs Clemson Tigers (8-4), Sunday 12/27, 730pm

San Diego Chargers (11-3) at Tennessee Titans (7-7 ), Friday, 12/25, 630p, NFL Network

Baltimore Ravens (8-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7), Sunday, 12/27, 12p CBS

Houston Texans (7-7) at Miami Dolphins (7-7), Sunday, 12/27, 12p, CBS

Denver Broncos (8-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (10-4), Sunday, 12/27, 315p, CBS

TieBreak Game
Oregon State vs BYU, total points scored

Saturday, December 05, 2009

DFC X Divisional Playoff Results

(16) Oregon Ducks 37, (7) Oregon State 33
(5) Cincinnati Bearcats 45, (15) Pitt Panthers 44 (tiebreak game, 99 points total)
(2) Alabama Crimson Tide 32, (1) Florida Gators 13
UConn Huskies 29, South Florida Bulls 27
NYJets 19, Buffalo 13
Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens at Green Bay Packers

(1) Eddy McBroom, 4-1... picked Philly, Indy, Green Bay (TB 49)--advances to DFC Final Four
(2) Trey Cartledge, 4-1... picked Philly, Indy, Green Bay (TB 45)
(5) Drew Morris, 4-1... picked Philly, Indy, Baltimore (TB 51)
eliminated: Tommy McLeod, 2-3... picked Philly, Indy, Green Bay (TB 49)

If Baltimore wins, Eddy McBroom and Drew Morris advance to DFC Final Four
If Green Bay wins, Eddy McBroom and Trey Cartledge advance to DFC Final Four

(4) Mark Gainey, 4-1... picked Philly, Indy, Green Bay (TB 56)--advances to DFC Final Four
(1) Yours Truly, 3-2... picked Philly, Tenn, Baltimore (TB 47)
(2) Lori Beirne, 3-2... picked Philly, Indy, Green Bay (TB 35)
eliminated:  James Hawbaker, 2-3... picked Philly, Indy, Green Bay (TB 59)

If Indy & Green Bay both win, Mark Gainey and Lori Beirne advance to DFC Final Four
If either Tenn or Baltimore win, Mark Gainey and Yours Truly advance to DFC Final Four