Sunday, September 25, 2011

DFC XII Week Four Results

Georgia Tech 35, North Carolina 28
Alabama 38, Arkansas 14
Oklahoma 30, Texas A&M 29
Clemson 35, Florida State 30
New Orleans Saints 40, Houston Texans 33
Carolina Panthers 16, Jacksonville Jaguars 10
Green Bay Packers 27, Chicago Bears 17
Dallas Cowboys 18, Washington Redskins 16

Congrats to another undefeated weekly champion, and perhaps the only person who has gone undefeated twice and has also twice denied another undefeated from their own weekly win.  Both Mikey Nipp and Lt. Dan Sellers reeled off 8 straight this week, but due to that pesky TieBreak, Michael Nipp for the win.  And yes, Lt. Dan comes in a strong 2nd, but in my massive DFC Archives, guess which spot I don't keep a record of?  Second place.

A huge tie for 3rd place with Brad Latta, Drew Morris and Jonathan Osborne, with Tommy McLeod getting the 6th place.  In 7th place is Jennifer Ernst, in 8th place is Big Eddy McBroom, in 9th is Scotty Latta, and finishing the Weekly Top Ten is Matt Latta, all at 7-1.

Also Finishing:
7-1:  Tyler Campbell... David Tuck
6-2:  Sarah Hasha... Joey Thornell... Zack Graves... Matt Halpert... Trey Cartledge... Lori Beirne... Steven Ray... Jessica Hawbaker... The Mighty Gainey... Tim Wasyluka... Greg Graves... James Hawbaker... Tad Roose...
5-3:  DMOsborne... John Wolf... Ryan Sherman... Chris Croyle... Garrett Cheney... Tebe Shaw... Yours Truly... David Stamper... Drew Warren... Eddy Jr... Daniel Powell... Drew Warren
4-4:  Bradley Pinkerton... Mark Warner...
3-5:  Hurricane Rhett... Tom Johnson... Justin Fisher

TieBreak Average now in the standings... over four weeks, your worst TB was removed.  Next week, your worst will still be dismissed, but your best will also be removed.


Matt Latta, 23-9 (8.33)
Matt Halpert, 20-12 (8.67)
Zack Graves, 19-13 (6.33)
Joey Thornell, 19-13 (10.67)
Rhett Barnett, 18-14 (13.67)
Drew Warren, 17-15 (13.67)
DMOsborne, 13-19 (19.67)

Tommy McLeod, 23-9 (7.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 23-9 (8.0)
Brad Latta, 22-10 (7.0)
Tebe Shaw, 18-14 (14.67)
Justin Fisher, 18-14 (17.33)
Sarah Hasha, 16-16 (9.33)
David Stamper, 14-18 (12.33)

Dan Sellers, 24-8 (10.33)
Drew Morris, 23-9 (8.33)
Eddy McBroom, 22-10 (12.33)
Trey Cartledge, 20-12 (11.33)
Bradley Pinkerton, 18-14 (10.0)
David Tuck, 18-14 (13.33)
Tom Johnson, 16-16 (14.33)


Mark Gainey, 22-10 (7.0)
Garrett Cheney, 21-11 (9.0)
Yours Truly, 21-11 (11.0)
Ryan Sherman, 21-11 (15.33)
John Wolf, 20-12 (9.0)
Chris Croyle, 19-13 (12.33)
Tyler Campbell, 18-14 (14.67)

Jonathan Osborne, 25-7 (7.67)
Randy Latta, 24-8 (9.33)
Steven Ray, 21-11 (11.0)
Jessica Hawbaker, 20-12 (11.33)
Scott Latta, 20-12 (14.33)
Lori Beirne, 20-12 (15.67)
Mark Warner, 8-24 (24.0)

Greg Graves, 23-9 (7.33)
Tad Roose, 21-11 (6.33)
Tim Wasyluka, 20-12 (6.67)
James Hawbaker, 20-12 (8.33)
Eddy Mc Jr, 20-12 (12.0)
Daniel Powell, 19-13 (18.0)
Michael Nipp, 18-14 (9.0)

Rank, Rec, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Jonathan Osborne, 25-7 (7.67) (1st-2 wks)
2. Randy Latta, 24-8 (9.33) (2nd-2 wks)
3. Dan Sellers, 24-8 (10.33) (7)
4. Tommy McLeod, 23-9 (7.0) (8)
5. Greg Graves, 23-9 (7.33) (3)
6. Jennifer Ernst, 23-9 (8.0) (9)
7-tie. Matt Latta, 23-9 (8.33) (4)
7-tie. Drew Morris, 23-9 (8.33) (6)
9-tie. Mark Gainey, 22-10 (7.0) (5)
9-tie. Brad Latta, 22-10 (7.0) (NR)
11. Eddy McBroom, 22-10 (12.33) (NR)
12. Tad Roose, 21-11 (6.33) (NR)
dropped out:  Garrett Cheney (12)... Yours Truly (10)... Ryan Sherman (11)


  • This will be brief, as its late... 
  • Just a quick nod to those who have lasted such a long time in the DFC... Looking at regular season victories, Drew Morris got to 600 this past weekend... Big Eddy Mc did a double this weekend, going over 600 wins for regular season, and crossing 700 wins all time.
  • Looking at All Time Wins (regular season + playoffs), Eddy Jr hit 600 all times (now at 601)... Tebe Shaw got over 300 this weekend (305), and Zack Graves has hit 300 this weekend (at 301)... upcoming milestones are Matt Latta (695)... Drew Morris (693)...   Michael Nipp (597)... Sarah Hasha (495)... 
  • Congrats to Jonathan Osborne, as his great run so far in the first three weeks of the season has placed him in the Top Ten All Time on regular season victories with 588.  He's in 10th place, behind Daniel Powell, who has 593, so given the current trajectories, Jonathan have a shot at passing him for 9th place. 
  • Looking across the DFC weeks, Michael Nipp has won Week 4, but its actually the 3rd Week 4 he's won.  In DFC I, Brook DeRamus won it with a 7-1 record.  DFC II was Drew Morris at 7-1.  III was Michael Nipp at 6-2.  IV was Eddy Jr at 6-2.  Mikey won it in DFC V, undefeated.  Justin Glenn won Week 4 in DFC VI with a 8-0 record as well.  
  • In DFC VII was a tie between The Mighty Gainey and Jennifer Ernst, at 6-2.  In VIII, The Mighty Gainey won it alone at 7-1.  Another undefeated week in DFC IX, won by Lori Beirne.  In DFC X, Jason Roberts took the weekly win at 6-2, and last season, Zacky Graves won Week 4 with a 7-1 record.  

DFC XII Week Five Games

If Washington defeats Dallas on Monday night, there will be a tie for the Weekly win between Matt Halpert, who would get his 2nd weekly crown in his career and Sarah Hasha, who has never won a week in the DFC.

However, if Dallas defeats Washington, Mikey Nipp will capture his 8th career week, and go 8-0, heading off Lt. Dan Sellers, who would also be 8-0 but would come up to 2nd due to that pesky TieBreak...

Week Five in The DFC brings us to a game where two schools are licking their wounds... two schools who are riding high for a possible chance to lose to the SEC in the BCS Championship... an SEC game that will hopefully not end the way I think it will end... and a legendary program with its first game in its new conference... 

all times central, all rankings from the AP Poll

(14) Texas A&M "We Choked" Aggies (2-1) vs. (18) Arkansas "We Got Blowed Out" Razorbacks (3-1)
11am, ESPN, played at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX

(13) Clemson Tigers (4-0) at (11) Virginia Tech Hokes (4-0)
5pm, ESPN2

(3) Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0) at (12) Florida Go Gators (4-0)
7pm, CBS

(8) Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-0) at (7) Wisconsin Badgers (4-0)
7pm, ABC

all times central

Minnesota Vikings (0-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-3)
12p, FOX

San Francisco 49ers (2-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)
12p, FOX

New England Patriots (2-1) at Oakland Raiders (2-1)
315p, CBS

NYJets (2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
720p, NBC

Clemson at Virginia Tech, total points scored

Monday, September 19, 2011

DFC XII Week Three Results

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 66, Kansas Jayhawks 24
Miami Hurricanes 24, (17) Ohio State Buckeyes 6
(1) Oklahoma Sooners 23, (5) Florida State Seminoles 13
Utah Utes 40, Brigham Young Coogs 10
Cleveland Brown 27, Indianapolis Colts 19
Tampa Bay Bucs 24, Minnesota Vikings 20
Washington Redskins 22, Arizona Cardinals 21
New England Patriots 35, San Diego Chargers 21

The DFC has now accepted the application of Mark Warner as a rookie.  Warner, 53 or something, was recently a member of the W&LPC (the WNBA and LPGA Pick'em Championships), and seeks to be a part of our league instead.  The conditions of his late arrival is that he will begin the season at 0-16, and he will not be eligible for the postseason, regardless of his regular season performance.  However, the initial 16 losses will not be added to his all-time records.  He will, however, be eligible for postseason awards such as Rookie of the Year, meaning if he finishes with 60+ wins after a 0-16 hole, he might deserve such.  Warner, a lifelong Mississippi State junkie, will join the Central Division in the Cartledge Conference.

He hasn't won a week since Week 12 of DFC IX, and hasn't gone undefeated since Week 1 of DFC VIII, but Jonathan Osborne has gone 8-0 for a second time in his career, and won his 4th week overall.  Counting the last two games of last week, thats 10 straight...

Former DFC Champ Matt Latta gets a strong 2nd week performance, coming in 2nd, while Dan Sellers gets 3rd place, both at 7-1.  In 4th place, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, in 5th, Tommy McLeod and in 6th, Jennifer Ersnt, all at 6-2.

For 7th place, Ryan Sherman"ator", and tied for 8th place is Eddy the Junior and Yours Truly.  And tied in 10th place in our Weekly Top Ten is Mark "The Mighty" Gainey and Drew Morris, all at 6-2.

Also Finishing
6-2:  Jessica Hawbaker... Matt Halpert... Hurricane Rhett... JustFish...
5-3: Joey Thornell... Zack Graves... Brad Latta... Trey Cartledge... Bradley Pinkerton... Tyler Campbell... John "The Lone" Wolf... Garrett Cheney... Randy Latta... Lori Beirne... Steven Ray... Scotty Latta... James Hawbaker... Greg Graves...
4-4:  Teber Shaw... Eddy the Bigger... Tom Johnson... David Tuck... Chris Croyle... Marky Mark Warner.. Tim "The Big" Wasyluka... Daniel Powell
3-5:  DMOsborne... Drew Warren... David Stamper... Sarah Hasha... Mikey Nipp

Matt Latta, 16-8
Rhett Barnett, 15-9
Matt Halpert, 14-10
Zack Graves, 13-11
Joey Thornell, 13-11
Drew Warren, 12-12
DMOsborne, 8-16

Tommy McLeod, 16-8
Jennifer Ernst, 16-8
Brad Latta, 15-9
Justin Fisher, 15-9
Tebe Shaw, 13-11
Sarah Hasha, 10-14
David Stamper, 9-15

Drew Morris, 16-8
Dan Sellers, 16-8
Eddy McBroom, 15-9
Trey Cartledge, 15-9
Bradley Pinkerton, 14-10
Tom Johnson, 13-11
David Tuck, 12-12

Mark Gainey, 16-8
Yours Truly, 16-8
Ryan Sherman, 16-8
Garrett Cheney, 16-8
John Wolf, 15-9
Chris Croyle, 14-10
Tyler Campbell, 11-13

Jonathan Osborne, 18-6
Randy Latta, 17-7
Steven Ray, 15-9
Jessica Hawbaker, 14-10
Lori Beirne, 14-10
Scott Latta, 13-11
Mark Warner, 4-20

Greg Graves, 17-7
Tad Roose, 15-9
Eddy McBroom Jr, 15-9
Tim Wasyluka, 14-10
James Hawbaker, 14-10
Daniel Powell, 14-10
Michael Nipp, 10-14

rank, DFC'er, record, (last week)
1. Jonathan Osborne, 18-6 (9)
2. Randy Latta, 17-7 (1-tie)
3. Greg Graves, 17-7 (1-tie)
4. Matt Latta, 16-8 (NR)
5. Mark Gainey, 16-8 (8)
6. Drew Morris (10)
7. Dan Sellers, 16-8 (NR)
8. Tommy McLeod, 16-8 (NR)
9. Jennifer Ernst, 16-8 (NR)
10. Yours Truly, 16-8 (12)
11. Ryan Sherman, 16-8 (NR)
12. Garrett Cheney, 16-8 (3)
dropped out:  John Wolf (6th)... Brad Latta (7th)... Big Eddy (4th)... Steven Ray (11th)... Tim Wasyluka (5th)

38. Michael Nipp (10-14)... 39. Sarah Hasha (10-14)... 40. David Stamper (9-15)... 41. DMOsborne (8-16)... 42. Mark Warner (4-20)

  • First up, a correction on last week... I had Big Eddy's record miscounted in the standings--but if you look at last week's results via the site, its been updated. 
  • Week Three in the DFC, Jonny Osborne has the first undefeated Week Three in the league's history.  Looking back over all the weekly winners, the only weeks without an undefeated champion are Weeks 6, 7 and 11. 
  • Check out the list of Weekly Undefeated wins (sometimes there were multiple in one week, but I'm only listing who actually won the week).  Week 1-- Shawn Sharp (DFC I), Daniel Powell (DFC II), Scotty Latta (DFC III), DMOsborne (DFC IV), Matt Latta (DFC V) and Mark Gainey (DFC XI).  Week 2--Big Tim Wasyluka (IX)... Week 3--Jon Osborne (XII)... Week 4--Mikey Nipp (V), Justin Glenn (VI)... Week 5--Justin Glenn (III), Garrett Cheney (V), Mikey Nipp (XI)... Week 6--None
  • Week 7--None... Week 8--Jason Barnette (IX)... Week 9--Jenn Ernst (IV), Ryan Sherman (IX)... Week 10--Tad Roose (IV), Tyler Campbell (VI), Tebe Shaw (VII), James Hawbaker (VIII)... Week 11--None... Week 12--Mark Gainey (III), Mark Gainey (IV), Wookiee Fulaytar (V), Zack Graves (VII)
  • Interesting to note, Mark Gainey went 9-0 in Week 12 of DFC III.  If a game (now only NFL can do this) ends in a tie in Week 1 through Week 11, its disregarded and there are 9 games the following week.  In Week 12, its just granted as a "win".  And this happened to be the only time this rule has ever come into play.
  • Then there are those who have seen 8-0, but was unfortunate enough to do so when another someone does the same thing, only their TB is better.  Those who have seen 2nd place perfection include Joey Thornell, Randy Latta, Eddy Jr and Trey Cartledge.  Both Yours Truly and Lori Beirne has had this 2nd place 8-0 thing happen twice in their careers. 
  • Who's still waiting for that perfection?  Not counting the newbies this year, there are a few who have only had one or two years of experience and haven't seen that Zero in the L column--Drew Warren, Brad Latta, Hurricane Rhett, Dan Sellers, Bradley Pinkerton, David Tuck, John Wolf, Steven Ray
  • As far as those who have been in more than a few seasons, you've got Matt Halpert... Justin Fisher
  • And then there are those who's waits are much longer.  Sarah Hasha has had 111 weeks of DFC without an undefeated week.  Big Eddy Mac has seen 123 weeks go by. 
  • But the longest wait for an undefeated week?  Both Tom Johnson and Tommy McLeod, in the DFC since the beginning, have gone 134 weeks with nary an 8-0... though in Tommy's defense, that week when Mark Gainey went 9-0, he managed a pretty good 8-1 record.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

DFC XII Week Four Games

We enter Week Four in The DFC with a few notes... Week Three was won by a guy getting his fourth career weekly win, and first in two years... and we've got a late addition to the DFC lineup... all will be explained in The DFC Results posted here later, and emailed on Tuesday.   But today, here are the games...

As always, times are central, ranks from the AP Poll

North Carolina Tar Heels (3-0) at 25. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-0)
11am, ESPN

14. Arkansas Razorbacks (3-0) at 3. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0)
230p, likely on CBS

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys (3-0) at 8. Texas A&M Aggies (2-0)
230p, ABC

11. Florida State Seminoles (2-1) at 21. Clemson Tigers (3-0)
230p, ESPN

Houston Texans (2-0) at New Orleans Saints (1-1)
12p, CBS

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) at Carolina Cam Newtons (0-2)
12p, CBS

Green Bay Packers (2-0) at Chicago Bears (1-1)
315p, FOX

Washington Redskins (2-0) at Dallas Cowboys (1-1)
Monday Night, 730p, ESPN

Arkansas at Alabama, total points scored

Sunday, September 11, 2011

DFC XII Week Three Games

Kansas Jayhawks (2-0) at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-0)
1130a, ESPN3

17. Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0) at Miami Hurricans (0-1)
630p, ESPN

1. Oklahoma Sooners (2-0) at 5. Florida State Seminoles (2-0)
7p, ABC

Utah Utes (1-1) at BYU Cougars (1-1)
815p, ESPN2

Cleveland Browns (0-1) at Indianapolis Colts (0-1)
12p, CBS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1) at Minnesota Vikings (0-1)
12p, FOX

Arizona Cardinals (1-0) at Washington Redskins (1-0)
12p, FOX

San Diego Chargers (1-0) at New England Patriots (1-0)
315p, CBS

TIEBREAK GAMEOklahoma at Florida State, total points scored

Saturday, September 10, 2011

DFC XII Week Two Results

Auburn 41, (16) Mississippi State 34 (tie break game, 75 points)
(3) Alabama 27, (23) Penn State 11
Tennessee 45, Cincinnati 23
Notre Dame 17, Michigan 7
Cincinnati Bengals 27, Cleveland Browns 17
Baltimore Ravens 35, Pittsburgh 7
Houston Texans 34, Indianapolis Colts, 7
NYJets 27, Dallas Cowboys 24

The Jeopardy answer is, "He was the first DFC Season XI to win a week, and did so undefeated at 8-0", and the question for the win is, "Who is Greg Graves?"  Yep, the 64 year old (according to son Zack) rode through the weekend in perfection, even clinching the weekly victory before the final game of the weekend (Jets/Cowboys) had even started.

Young Garrett Cheney is also riding a wave of success that he's not seen since his Rookie of the Year season in DFC V--he won 66 games, though missed the postseason, a record for most victories in a non-playoff year.  He comes in 2nd for the week at 6-2, while in 3rd is Big Tim Wasyluka.

In 4th place for the week is Big Eddy Broom, while in 5th is a tie between Eddy the Junior and Jennifer Ernst.  Coming in 7th is another tie, this time between Tommy McLeod and Steven Ray.  All finished at 6-2, just like Tom Johnson in 9th. Rounding out the Weekly Top Ten is John "The Lone" Wolf at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Zack Graves... Matt Latta... Brad Latta... Yours Truly... Sarah Hasha... Trey Cartledge... Bradley Pinkerton... Drew Morris... Chris Croyle... Jonathan Osborne... Randy Latta.. Lori Beirne... Drew Warren... Hurricane Rhett Barnett...  James Hawbaker... Daniel Powell...
4-4:  Joey Thornell... David Tuck.. Lt. Dan Sellers... Tebe Shaw... The Mighty Gainey... Jessica Hawbaker... Scott Latta... Tyler Campbell... Ryan Sherman... JustFish... Michael Nipp... Tad Roose...
3-5:  Matt Halpert... DMOsborne... David Stamper...    



Matt Latta, 9-7
Drew Warrne, 9-7
Rhett Barnett, 9-7
Zack Graves, 8-8
Joey Thornell, 8-8
Matt Halpert, 8-8
DMOsborne, 5-11

Brad Latta, 10-6
Jennifer Ernst, 10-6
Tommy McLeod, 10-6
Justin Fisher, 9-7
Tebe Shaw, 9-7
Sarah Hasha, 7-9
David Stamper, 6-10

Eddy McBroom, 11-5
Drew Morris, 10-6
Bradley Pinkerton, 9-7
Dan Sellers, 9-7
Tom Johnson, 9-7
Trey Cartledge, 9-7
David Tuck, 8-8

Garrett Cheney, 11-5
John Wolf, 10-6
Mark Gainey, 10-6
Yours Truly, 10-6
Ryan Sherman, 10-6
Chris Croyle, 10-6
Tyler Campbell, 6-10

Randy Latta, 12-4
Jonathan Osborne, 10-6
Steven Ray, 10-6
Lori Beirne, 9-7
Jessica Hawbaker, 8-8
Scott Latta, 8-8

Greg Graves, 12-4
Tim Wasyluka, 10-6
Daniel Powell, 10-6
James Hawbaker, 9-7
Tad Roose, 9-7
Eddy Jr, 9-7
Michael Nipp, 7-9

Rank, DFC'er, Rec, (last week)
1-tie. Randy Latta, 12-4 (1)
1-tie. Greg Graves, 12-4 (NR)
3. Garrett Cheney, 11-5 (NR)
4. Big Eddy, 11-5 (NR)
5. Tim Wasyluka, 10-6 (NR)
6. John Wolf, 10-6 (8)
7. Brad Latta, 10-6 (4)
8. Mark Gainey, 10-6 (2)
9. Jonathan Osborne, 10-6 (9)
10. Drew Morris, 10-6 (6)
11. Steven Ray, 10-6 (NR)
12. Yours Truly, 10-6 (7)
dropped out:  Ryan Sherman (3)... Matt Halpert (5)... Tebe Shaw (10)... Dan Sellers (11)... Tad Roose (12)...

  • As mentioned before, its been kinda fun watching the resurgance of Young Garrett Cheney, if only because he exploded to 64 wins in DFC V, only to... well, basically suck in every season since then.  If memory serves correctly, he needed to win only 2 games out of 8 that weekend to make the postseason, or he could just go 1-7, and the person behind him, Wookiee Fulaytar, would have to go undefeated... otherwise, Garrett would get into, albeit limping along, the playoffs.
  • And guess what happened?  Yep, Garrett went 1-7 and yep, Wookiee went 8-0, en route to a DFC title that season.  Poor, poor Garrett
  • Its Week 2, and here are your Week 2 champs in DFC history... in DFC I, Wookiee Fulaytar and Brook DeRamus shared the weekly win, and in II, it was Vic Paschal.  III saw Wookiee again, while Jason Demastus took IV.  Tom Johnson won in V, Jason Duren in VI, Tebe Shaw in VII, Ty Coffeey in VIII, The Big Wasyluka went undefeated for Week 2 in DFC IX, Lt Dan Sellers got DFC X, and last season, The Big Wasyluka won again in Week 2. 
  • No sooner did we congratulate The Mighty Gainey on his current streak of 5-3+ weeks than he went 4-4 this week.  His. .500 streak is at 6 weeks, but his .500+ ends.  The new leaders with 5 weeks are Drew Morris, Yours Truly and John Wolf, all dating back to last season.
  • Looking at regular season wins & losses, 600 is a big mark, and set to cross, maybe this week, is Tom Johnson with 597, followed by DMOsborne with 595, and Big Eddy McBroom at 593.
  • Congrats to Tim Wasyluka, as he crossed 500 regular season wins this past week.  Next up for 500 is Sarah Hasha with 485.  Garrett Cheney and Tyler Campbell are next for 400 wins, but a long way off, as they sit at 365 and 364 respectively. 
  • Defending DFC Champ Trey Cartledge has 295 regular season victories, and will likely cross 300 in the next two weeks.   At 167, Chris Croyle is closest to 200, and for 100 victories, it will be later this season for Bradley Pinkerton (69), Randy Latta (68) and Drew Warren (63)
  • However, when I re-sort the spread sheet, and pull up All Time Wins & Losses, which include playoffs, things change a little.  Now we are looking at 700 wins all time, which Yours Truly alone has crossed (723).  Next in line is Jennifer Ernst (689), Big Eddy McBroom (688) and Matt Latta (681).
  • Scott Latta is next for 600 all time, with 594, followed closely by Jonathan Osborne with 592. 
  • As far as college rankings go, sadly I only keep track of regular season wins, which when I will find the time (when Lorelei or Campbell turns 18 and heads to college, right before DFC XXX, which will be fun to say because Rhett Barnett will see the "XXX" and make jokes) I will add in playoff college wins too, currently the milestones of note are Big Tim Wasyluka (306) and Sarah Hasha (300) hitting the 300 win mark.
  • Ryan Sherman (206) and James Hawbaker (201) just crossed 200, and Chris Croyle has picked 104 college games correctly in his DFC career.
  • Finally, looking at The DFC Power Poll Top 12, what a difference a week makes--FIVE people dropped out, with Matt Halpert falling from 5th to 33rd, and were replaced by five more, with Wasyluka making the biggest jump from 22nd to 4th.  And a tie at the top of the Power Poll between two of our oldest gents of the game.
  • To explain, and answer any lingering questions, yes, you are ranked by record, then by TBA.  And I don't display that until after week 4, because its so tough to gauge just yet--while its true your best and worst weeks will be dropped, I choose to wait until 4 weeks have passed in order for your best and worst to be discounted, and still have two weeks to average together... make sense?  So, even though Lori Beirne's TBA is dreadful, it will likely jump at least 10 to 20 points better once Week 4 passes. 
  • But remember... if your worst week in Week 6 is dropped, and you have an even worse week in Week 9, your Week 9 will then be dropped and Week 6 will be factored back in.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

DFC XII Week Two Games

COLLEGE GAMES (rankings to be released)... ALL TIMES CENTRAL

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-0) at Auburn Tigers (1-0)
1121a, ESPN3

Alabama Crimson Tide (1-0) at Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0)
230p, ABC

Cincinnati Bearcats (1-0) at Tennessee Volunteers (1-0)
230p, ESPN2

Notre Dame Fightin Irish (0-1) at Michigan Wolverines (1-0)
7p, ESPN

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns
12p, CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
12p, CBS

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
12p, CBS

Dallas Cowboys at NYJets
720p, NBC

TieBreak Game
Mississippi State vs. Auburn, total points scored

Saturday, September 03, 2011

DFC XII Week One Results

The Games:
Northwestern 24, Boston College 17
South Florida 23, 16. Notre Dame 20
BYU 14, Ole Miss 13
5. Boise State 35, 19. Georgia 21 (tiebreak game-56)
4. LSU 40, 3. Oregon 27
Hawaii 34, Colorado 17
Maryland 32, Miami 24

Even though he was Rookie of the Year last season, it took until Randy Latta's 13th regular season week to capture a weekly win.  At 7-1, he was pretty much all over this weekend's games, saying about the one he missed, "I'll never pick Notre Dame again."

Coming in second, The Mighty Gainey hits big at 6-2, while in third was Ryan Sherman'ator also at 6-2.  Tied for 4th is Matt Halpert and Brad "The Lawdawg" Latta, at 5-3, while in a three way tie for 6th is Drew Morris, John "The Lone" Wolf and Yours Truly.  In 9th place is Jonathan Osborne, and in 10th is Tebe Shaw rounding out the Top Ten, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Justin Fisher... Tad Roose... Chris Croyle... Young Garrett... Big Eddy Mac (on his bday!)... Lt. Dan Sellers... Daniel Powell...
4-4:  Greg Graves... Big Tim Wasyluka...  Trey Cartledge... Tommy McLeod... Jennifer Ernst... Joey Thornell... Hurricane Rhett... Drew Warren... Matt Latta... Bradley Pinkerton... Lori Beirne... Steven Ray... Jessica Hawbaker... Scott Latta.. James Hawbaker...
3-5:  Zack Graves... Mikey Nipp... David Stamper... Eddy Jr... Tom Johnson... David Tuck
2-6:  Tyler Campbell... DMOsborne... Sarah Hasha 

Matt Halpert, 5-3
Rhett Barnett, 4-4
Matt Latta, 4-4
Joey Thornell, 4-4
Drew Warren, 4-4
Zack Graves, 3-5
DMOsborne, 2-6

Brad Latta, 5-3
Tebe Shaw, 5-3
Justin Fisher, 5-3
Tommy McLeod, 4-4
Jennifer Ernst, 4-4
David Stamper, 3-5
Sarah Hasha, 2-6

Drew Morris, 5-3
Dan Sellers, 5-3
Eddy McBroom, 5-3
Bradley Pinkerton, 4-4
Trey Cartledge, 4-4
Tom Johnson, 3-5
David Tuck, 3-5

Mark Gainey, 6-2
Yours Truly, 5-3
John Wolf, 5-3
Ryan Sherman, 5-3
Garrett Cheney, 5-3
Chris Croyle, 5-3
Tyler Campbell, 2-6

Randy Latta, 7-1
Jonathan Osborne, 5-3
Steven Ray, 4-4
Jessica Hawbaker, 4-4
Scott Latta, 4-4
Lori Beirne, 4-4

Tad Roose, 5-3
Daniel Powell, 5-3
Greg Graves, 4-4
Tim Wasyluka, 4-4
James Hawbaker, 4-4
Michael Nipp, 3-5
Eddy Jr, 3-5

(will mirror the weekly results this week)
1) Randy Latta, 7-1
2) Mark Gainey, 6-2
3) Ryan Sherman, 6-2
4-tie) Brad Latta, 5-3
4-tie) Matt Halpert, 5-3
6-tie) Drew Morris, 5-3
6-tie) Yours Truly, 5-3
6-tie) John Wolf, 5-3
9) Jonathan Osborne, 5-3
10) Tebe Shaw, 5-3
11) Dan Sellers, 5-3
12) Tad Roose, 5-3

"There are three kind of lies in this world.  Lies, darn lies and statistics." -- Mark Twain.

  • And here we are, Season Twelve of The Deuce Football Championships!  What started out as an 11 person football pick 'em has turned into a fall tradition, and we are 41 people strong this year!  Welcome back!
  • Let's talk streaks first... there are two "untouchable" streaks that have emerged over the years that we like to keep track of, the first being Consecutive Weeks with a +5-3 record, meaning consecutive weeks with either a 5-3, a 6-2, a 7-1 or an undefeated 8-0 record.   The current record is held by Matt Latta, who went from Week 8 of DFC VIII to Week 12 of DFC IX with nary a 4-4 or below mark.  He opened up the following DFC X season by ending the streak with a 1-7.
  • In fact, its so difficult to do that week after week, I can only find three other people who have topped 10 weeks with such a streak... Yours Truly did it for 14 weeks in DFX IX and X... Mark Gainey did it also for 14 weeks between DFC IV and V... and Big Eddy went 11 weeks in DFC III and IV.
  • Who's got the current streak going right now?   The Mighty Gainey, who is sitting at 5 straight weeks.  
  • The other record we keep an eye on is the +4-4 record, which is slightly easier, yet still hard to keep going.  Thats consecutive weeks going 4-4 and better.  
  • The record is huge.  Tad Roose went 45--thats forty five--straight weeks from mid-DFC IV to DFC Week 1 of DFC VIII with at least a 4-4 record.  That's why we call him "The Dynasty" and that's why he has three Brook DeRamus Championship Plates.  
  • Coming in a not-even-close second is retired legend Gary "The Idol" Eubanks with 24 weeks, Yours Truly with 22 weeks in third, in fourth is retired DFC Hall of Famer Justin Glenn with 21, and Lori "Sunshine" Beirne at #5 with 20 weeks.  
  • The longest current streak now?  Yours Truly and Drew Warren are tied at 9 weeks.
  • How does Randy Latta's great 7-1 record stand up to other Week One records?  Let's take a look, as weekly I'll give you that particular week's winners, season by season... this week, I'll let you know if they made the postseason
  • From DFC I to X... Shawn Sharp (8-0, won DFC title)... Daniel Powell (8-0, missed playoffs)... Mark Gainey (7-1, made playoffs)... Scott Latta (8-0, missed playoffs)... DMOsborne (8-0, made playoffs)... Angie Mark Osborne (6-2, missed playoffs, won RotY)... Matt Latta (7-1, won title)... Matt Latta (8-0, made playoffs)... Trey Cartledge (7-1, made playoffs)... Yours Truly (5-3, made playoffs)