Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, here are the Final Four Results...

Boise State 26, Utah 3
San Diego State 35, Navy 14
Tulsa 62, Hawaii 35
Air Force 14, Georgia Tech 7
Arizona Cardinals 27, Dallas Cowboys 26
Chicago Bears 38, NYJets 34
New Orleans Saints 17, Atlanta 14
Green Bay Packers 45, NYGiants 17 (tiebreak game, total points 62)

Gotta say, the battle I looked forward to the most was between Yours Truly and Eddy McBroom the Younger, two individuals with long DFC history, with the two all time regular season records combining to make just over 1200 wins.  However, it was a thumping, if I do say so myself, with Yours Truly finishing up at a respectable 5-3, while Eddy Jr limped to the end at 1-7.

On the other side, division mates Lt. Dan Sellers and Trey Cartledge went head to head.  Dan won the division with a 2.4 edge over Trey, both winning 58 games.  Trey, however, making his third Final Four appearance in four seasons has advanced to his first Deuce Bowl, while Dan, in only his second season, punks out.  Trey gets a 5-3 mark, beating Dan's 4-4.

So here it is... Yours Truly, making my first Deuce Bowl appearance after eleven seasons, taking on Trey Cartledge, in his fifth season of what will possibly be a Hall of Fame career. 

Because I'm in the championship, and I want no room for chicanery, I've asked Scott Latta to come up with the DeuceBowl XI games.  He readily agreed to the challenge, in addition to giving a worthy Tom Coughlin like, sans F-bombs, pregame pump-you-up speech. 

I've also asked Trey to send his games to Tyler Campbell, and I will do the same, so that my picks are not influenced by Trey's for any reason.  I am sending my picks in later today, Tyler will let me know when Trey's are in, and I'll post all games online. 

Good luck, Trey. May you lose. 

Scotty Latta writes:

My adoptive father, Nick Lou Saban, likes to equate the journey through the long regular season with a treacherous climb up a daunting mountain. There are pitfalls — loose rocks, harsh winds, and perilous obstacles that any potential champion must overcome if he is to find himself, arms raised in triumph, at the top of the mountain. My adoptive drunk uncle, Dr. Lou Holtz, likes to equate the Meineke Man to the Muppets while spitting all over my screen. At any rate, the time has come. You have climbed the mountain one step at a time, pushing aside those who kindly asked to climb alongside you into the rocky ravines with outstretched arms that are meant only to hold the cold porcelain that is the Brook DeRamus Championship Plate. And nevermind that if this analogy were true, Lou Saban's team would be crippled in a heap at the bottom of this mythical mountain, with Greg McElroy eating his own hair and Julio Jones pinned between boulders like James Franco in "127 Hours." Nevermind that! The time is come!

You are eight games from immortality. Eight games from seeing your name etched alongside legends like Mark Gainey, Tad Roose, and.....Lori Beirne?! We still let women in this league?!

The games are below. Good luck. And may the spirit of Dr. Lou rest upon your shoulders as you make this final climb. TO THE GAMES!


Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Friday 12/31, 6:30p, ESPN, Atlanta, GA
South Carolina Gamecocks (9-4) vs. Florida State Seminoles (9-4)
There was once a time when we thought South Carolina was a championship-caliber team. They breezed through then-No. 1 Alabama with the energy of Billy Mays hopped up on SURGE. Then we remembered who their quarterback was, and they lost to Kentucky and Arkansas before letting Cam Newton add enough equity to his value to fix the roof of the Metrodome in a 436-point loss. Florida State, behind the arm of Christian Ponder, should be poised to win if Ponder can remember the correct shade of Garnet to which he is supposed to throw, as they are playing in memory of Bobby Bowden, who passed away 12 years ago.

Progressive Gator Bowl, Saturday 1/1, 12:30p, ESPN2, Jacksonville, FL
Mississippi State Bulldogs (8-4) vs. Michigan Wolverines (7-5)
If running QBs were cars, Chris Relf vs. Denard Robinson would be a 2002 Mustang against a 2003 Miata. It's like life. While you wish you could get the 2011 Porsche, it's on a lot in Auburn and anyway its $180,000 price tag is simply too high, and this is the best you can do. So this is what you are left with, and it actually shapes up to be quite the battle, with Mississippi State trying to hit nine wins for the first time since the Fillmore administration, and Michigan trying to do anything to make people forget Rich Rodriguez is their coach.

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Vizio, Saturday 1/1, 3:30p, ESPN, Pasadena, CA
Wisconsin Badgers (11-1) vs. TCU Horned Frogs (12-0)
I can't make any jokes about Wisconsin or TCU. This is a good game.

Discover Orange Bowl, Monday 1/3, 7:30p, ESPN, Miami, FL
Stanford Cardinal (11-1) vs. Virginia Tech Hokies (11-2)
Remember when Virginia Tech lost to James Madison, and we were all like "DANG VIRGINIA TECH DONE LOST TO BOISE AND JAMES MADISON LOL"? Well somehow they've won ELEVEN STRAIGHT games and find themselves in the freaking Orange Bowl. This will be the last time Andrew Luck ever has fun playing football, as he is set to go to the Panthers. Tyrod Taylor has all the NFL potential of a three-legged Jack Russell Terrier, so this will probably be it for him.

San Diego Chargers (8-7) at Denver Broncos (4-11), 3:15p, CBS

Chicago Bears (11-4) at Green Bay Packers (9-6), 3:15p, FOX
Let this be a lesson: If you want to win a tough division and 11 games in an NFL season, get your best players from Vanderbilt, Tulane, and Abilene Christian.

New York Giants (9-6) at Washington Redskins (6-9), 3:15p, FOX
Manning vs. McNabb, in the AdvoCare Which Quarterback is More Hateable Bowl!

St. Louis Rams (7-8) at Seattle Seahawks (6-9), 7:20p, NBC
Sam Bradford is the feel-good story of 2010, while Matt Hasselbeck is the feel-kinda-nauseous story of 2010.

Tiebreak Game:
Wisconsin Badgers vs. TCU Horned Frogs, total points scored.

Monday, December 20, 2010

DFC XI Final Four Games

I know you've been waiting... so here it is.  The Final Four Games this week, en route to next week's Deuce Bowl XI!

College Games:
The MAACO Las Vegas Bowl, Wednesday 12/22, 7p, ESPN
Utah Utes (10-2) vs. Boise State Broncos (11-1)
The only reason I wanted this game was, although it seems like Boise State should dominate, Alabama should have dominated as well a few years back... and a huge let down left them with nothing to play for and listless in the bowl game.

The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, Thursday 12/23, 7p, ESPN
Navy Midshipmen (8-3) vs. San Diego State (8-4)
Until the GoDaddy dot com Bowl, this was my very favorite bowl game name, a prime example of corporate sponsorship run amok, and another nail in the "we gots too many crappin' bowl games" coffin.

The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Friday, 12/24, 7p, ESPN
Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (10-3) vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricane (9-3)
I always pity poor Hawaii, because they always seem to play on their own field and never get to go anywhere.  Of course, they play in Hawaii.  And live in Hawaii.  And go to school in Hawaii.  Those poor, poor football players.

The AdvoCare V100 Independance Bowl, Monday, 12/27, 4pm, ESPN2 in Shreveport, LA
Air Force Falcons (8-4) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (6-6)
Sure, the Academy has a better record, but they do play in the Mountain West. And Tech plays in... well, the ACC, so I guess that argument is a wash.   

Saturday, Christmas Day
Dallas Cowboys (5-9) at Arizona Cardinals (4-10), 630p, NFL Network

Sunday, 12/26
NYJets (10-4) at Chicago Bears (9-4), 12p, CBS

The New York Football Giants (9-5) vs The Green Bay Packers (8-6), 315p, FOX, at the Frozen Tundra of LAM-BOW FIELD

Monday, 12/27
New Orleans Saints (10-4) at Atlanta Falcons (12-2), 730p, ESPN
Remember when this game would come on Fox at 12p on Sunday, because it was a "local" game, and you'd get so mad because you wanted to see two good teams play, not crap?  Well, here you are.

TieBreak Game:
The New York Football Giants vs. The Green Bay Packers, total points scored.

If, and ONLY IF, there is still a tie between DFC'ers after the TieBreak Game is settled (say the total score is 40, someone guess 38, someone guessed 42, and both records are 5-2, especially if both picked the same team in the Saints/Falcons game, there will be a go-to tiebreak for the Monday night Saints/Falcons game.  But parties involved will be notified of such a tiebreak, don't worry about sending me extra scores)

Also, I will be forwarding all of my picks to Mikey Nipp Tuesday evening, so Young Master Eddy Jr, you may get them to me early, or you may send them to me Wednesday, your choice.  I promise you your picks will not influence mine. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The DFC XI Divisional Playoffs Results

Fresno State 25, Illinois 23
1. Auburn 56, 19. South Carolina 17
15. Virginia Tech 44, 21. Florida State 33
9. Oklahoma 23, 13. Nebraska 20
UConn 19, South Florida 16
Minnesota Vikings 38, Buffalo Bills 14
Pittsburgh Steelers 13, Baltimore Ravens 10
New England Patriots 45 at NYJets 3

Its been a busy few weeks at The DFC Corporate Headquarters, aka, The Cabana, which is why I'm just getting back to reveal results... so, I do thank you for your patience!

Okay, lets talk about the previous week's Divisional Round... the rules state that no tiebreak game the first two rounds, the tie breaker goes to the higher seed.  This is a rule we might re-visit in the off season, but for now, it put four people into the Final Four, despite everyone having stellar records.

Dan Sellers, Trey Cartledge and Big Eddy McBroom all went 7-1. but Dan and Trey advance via the higher seeds, 2 and 3 respectively.  Joey Thornell, top seed, went 6-2--good, but not enough.

Yours Truly and Eddy the Junior, seeds 1 and 2, advance, both at 7-1 and move on to The Final Four, while rookie gRandy Latta and The Big Wasyluka go 6-2, but are eliminated.

Final Four Games will encompasse a couple of bowl games and NFL, and will go out soon, and I will probably just send those games to Dan, Trey and Eddy Jr.  Check back for more frequent updates, plus a year-end recap coming soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

DFC XI Wild Card Weekend Results

(2) Auburn 28, (6) Alabama 27
(19) Nevada 34, (4) Boise State 31 OT
(9) Arkansas 31, (5) LSU 23
(13) Oklahoma 47, (9) Oklahoma State 41
Notre Dame 20, USC 16
Atlanta Falcons 20, Green Bay Packers 17
Kansas City Chiefs 42, Seattle Seahawks 24
Baltimore Ravens 17, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10

(1) Joey Thornell (in 2nd round)
(2) Dan Sellers (in 2nd round)
(3) Trey Cartledge, 5-3 (advances to 2nd round)
(4) Eddy McBroom, 5-3 (advances to 2nd round)
(5) Tom Johnson, 3-5 (eliminated)
(6) Tommy McLeod, 3-5 (eliminated)

(1) Yours Truly (in 2nd round)
(2) Eddy Jr (in 2nd round)
(3) Randy Latta, 4-4  (advances to 2nd round)
(5) Tim Wasyluka, 4-4 (advances to 2nd round)
(4) Steven Ray, 3-5 (eliminated)
(6) Jonathan Osborne, 4-4 (eliminated)

Friday Night Game
Illinois Fighting Illini (6-5) at Fresno State Bulldogs (7-4), 915p, ESPN2

SEC Championship Game
1. Auburn Tigers (12-0) vs 19. South Carolina Gamecocks (9-3), Atlanta, GA, 3pm, CBS

ACC Championship Game
21. Florida State Seminoles (9-3) vs 15. Virginia Tech Hokies (10-2), Charlotte, NC, 645p, ESPN

BIG XII Championship Game
9. Oklahoma Sooners (10-2) vs 13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (10-2), Dallas, TX, 7pm, ABC

A Big East Battle To Remind You That a 3 or 4 Loss Team Will Get a BCS Berth And a 1 Loss Team Like Boise State or Michigan State Will Get Something Crappy Like the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl... Real Bowl, Look It Up 
UConn Huskies (7-4) at South Florida (7-4), 7pm, ESPN2

Buffalo Bills (2-9) at Minnesota Vikings (4-7), 12p, FOX

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) at Baltimore Ravens (8-3), 720p, NBC

NYJets (9-2) at New England Patriots (9-2), 730, ESPN on Monday Night

Sunday, November 21, 2010

DFC XI Wild Card Weekend

Here's who is in...

1. Joey Thornell, 59-36 (14.2)... North Division Champion, clinched First Round Bye
2. Dan Sellers, 57-38 (10.5)... West Division Champion, clinched First Round Bye
3. Trey Cartledge, 57-38 (12.1)... clinched playoff berth
4. Big Eddy McBroom, 56-39 (12.10)... clinched playoff berth
5. Tommy McLeod, 53-42 (10.7)... Central Division Champion, clinched playoff berth

If Denver beats San Diego... Zack Graves gets 5th seed, Tommy drops to 6th
If San Diego beats Denver... Tom Johnson gets 5th seed, Tommy drops to 6th

Officially eliminated... Matt Halpert... DMOsborne... Drew Warren... Rhett Barnett... Matt Latta... Brad Latta... Sarah Hasha... Jenny Ernst... JustFish... Drew Morris... David Tuck

1. Yours Truly, 65-30 (12.3)... East Division Champion, clinched First Round Bye
2. Eddy Jr, 57-38 (12.3)... South Division Champion, clinched First Round Bye
3. Randy Latta, 56-39 (10.4)... Central Division Champion, clinched playoff berth
4. Steven Ray, 55-40 (13.1)... clinched playoff berth
5. Chris Croyle, 55-40 (14.1) or Jonathan Osborne, 54-41 (11.1)
6. Tim Wasyluka, 54-41 (10.5)... clinched playoff berth

If Denver beats San Diego... Chris Croyle clinches playoff berth
If San Diego beast Denver... Jonathan Osborne clinches playoff berth

Still eligible... Chris Croyle... Steven Ray... Jonathan Osborne...

Officially Eliminated... Mark Gainey... John Wolf... Scott Latta... James Hawbaker... Mikey Nipp... Ryan Sherman... Tyler Campbell... Garrett Cheney... Lori Beirne... Tad Roose... Daniel Powell

Joey Thornell, Dan Sellers, Yours Truly & Randy Latta get first round byes, do not have to participate.

Top two records in each conference will advance to next round.  No tiebreak game, any tied records will go to higher seed. 

2. Auburn Tigers (11-0) at 6. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-2), 130p, CBS

14. Boise State Broncos (10-0) at 19. Nevada Wolf Pack (10-1), 915p, ESPN

5. LSU Tigers (10-1) at 12. Arkansas Razorbacks (9-2), 230p, CBS

13. Oklahoma Sooners (9-2) at 9. Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-1), 7p, ABC

Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (6-5) at USC Trojans (7-4), 7p, ABC

Green Bay Packers (7-3) at Atlanta Falcons (8-2), 12p, FOX

Kansas City Chiefs (6-4) at Seattle Seahawks (5-5), 305p, CBS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) at Baltimore Ravens (7-3), 315p, FOX

DFC XI Week Twelve Results

North Carolina State Wolfpack 29, North Carolina Tarheels 25
14. Virginia Tech Hokies 31, 24. Miami Hurricanes 17
8. Ohio State Buckeyes 20, 21. Iowa Hawkeyes 17
Florida State Seminoles 30, Maryland Terrapins 16 (tiebreak game, 46)
Buffalo Bills 49, Cincinnati Bengals 31
Washington Redskins 19, Tennessee Titans 16
Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at New England Patriots (7-2), 315p, CBS
Denver Broncos (3-6) at San Diego Chargers (4-5), 730p, Monday Night, ESPN

I know, I know, the emails I've sent out have been as confusing as the BCS--first I had a typo leaving Randy and Eddy Jr both unsure of whether they have byes or not (Eddy Jr does, Randy does not), then another email sent out to just those in the playoffs, only I accidentally left Tebershaw's email in there, leaving him to ask "Am I in?" (just missed it).  So now that Week 12 is complete, here is the official tally of who's in, who's out, who's got a bye in the first round and who's playing every round on the road to Deuce Bowl XI... for a shot at their name on the immortal Brook DeRamus DFC Championship Plate.

First Round Byes get to sit out this upcoming weekends worth of games and just enjoy them.  Wild Card Weekend participants will pick this upcoming weekend's worth of games, top two in each conference advance to next round, if records are tied at the end of the weekend, higher seed gets the tiebreak.


First Round Byes
(1) North Division Champion Joey Thornell
(2) West Division Champion Dan Sellers
Wild Card Weekend
(3) Trey Cartledge
(4) Eddy McBroom Sr
(5) Tom Johnson
(6) Central Division Champion Tommy McLeod

First Round Byes
(1) East Division Champion Yours Truly
(2) South Division Champion Eddy McBroom Jr
Wild Card Weekend
(3) Central Division Champion gRandy Latta
(4) Steven Ray
(5) Tim Wasyluka
(6) Jonathan Osborne

Tiebreak scores are what determines your end record, and also what determines winners week by week... sort of like NASCAR--you can still win a race and not be eligible for The Chase.  That's the case with one of the two winners in this, Week 12 of the DFC. 

I only mention tiebreaks because the most often picked scores fall between 42 and about 48... some people study defenses and offenses, figuring games to be high or low scoring, with Justin Fisher picking 100 in a game this year--and most other people just make it a crap shoot, figure 45 or 46 is a good middle number and they go with that.  Drew Morris has probably 45 about 300 times in his life. 

All that being said, the actual tiebreak game score rarely falls into that 42-48 points scored margin, but it did for just the second time this season.  This puts Yours Truly and DFC Defending Champion Lori Beirne in a tie for the weekly win this week, giving me my 7th week for my career, and her 6th in her career (she also has a Brook DeRamus Trophy on her shelf, so she still wins).  We were both at 6-2.

Another tie happens in 3rd place, with both Hurrican Rhett Barnett and Preseason #1 Scott Latta both getting to 6-2.  Rookie John Wolf shares 5th place by himself, former DFC Champion Drew Morris gets 6th, and Sarah Hasha, missing the playoffs again, gets 7th, all at 6-2.

Three time DFC Champion Tad "The Dynasty" Roose comes in at 5-3, for 8th place, and in a three way tie for 9th, Ryan Sherman, Michael Nipp and playoff-bound Trey Cartledge, at 5-3

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Jonny Osborne, Little Stevie Ray, Eddy the Ancient, Eddy the Newer, The Big Wasyluka, Danny Powell, gRandy Latta, "The Great Bear of the North" Matt Latta, Young Garrett, Chris Croyle, The Mighty Gainey, Tyler "Self Proclaimed Sexy Beast of Like, Ever" Campbell, Joey Thornell, Tommy McLeod, Lt Dan, Hawbaker, Brad Latta
4-4: DMOsborne, Drew Warren, Jenny Ernst, Tebe Shaw, Tom Johnson
3-5: Matt Halpert, Zack Graves, JustFish
2-6: The Tuck Rule

X-Playoff Berth;  Y-Division Champion;  Z-First Round Bye
W-L, (TBA) (College) (NFL) (Conf Rank)

XYZ Joey Thornell, 60-36 (14.2) (36-18) (24-18) (1st)
Matt Halpert, 55-41 (8.3) (37-17) (18-24) (7th)
Drew Warren, 55-41 (12.0) (35-19) (20-22) (8th)
Zack Graves, 54-42 (9.9) (32-22) (22-20) (10th)
Rhett Barnett, 51-45 (13.6) (33-21) (18-24) (13th)
DMOsborne, 51-45 (14.4) (30-24) (21-21) (14th)
Matt Latta, 49-47 (10.8) (32-22) (17-25) (17th)

XY Tommy McLeod, 54-42 (10.7) (35-19) (19-23) (6th)
Tebe Shaw, 53-43 (12.0) (35-19) (18-24) (11th)
Brad Latta, 51-45 (10.8) (33-21) (18-24) (12th)
Sarah Hasha, 50-46 (15.9) (35-19) (15-27) (15th)
Jennifer Ernst, 48-48 (7.7) (31-23) (17-25) (18th)
Justin Fisher, 41-55 (16.3) (27-27) (14-28) (19th)

XYZ Dan Sellers, 58-38 (10.5) (38-16) (20-22) (2nd)
X Trey Cartledge, 58-38 (12.1) (37-17) (21-21) (3rd)
X Eddy McBroom, 57-39 (12.1) (36-18) (21-21) (4th)
X Tom Johnson, 56-40 (12.3) (32-22) (24-28) (5th)
Drew Morris, 54-42 (9.4) (35-23) (19-23) (9th)
David Tuck, 50-46 (16.6) (32-22) (18-24) (16th)

XYZ Yours Truly, 66-30 (12.3) (39-15) (27-15) (1st)
Chris Croyle, 55-41 (14.1) (36-18) (19-23) (7th)
Mark Gainey, 54-42 (10.7) (39-15) (15-27) (8th)
John Wolf, 53-43 (36-18) (17-25) (10th)
Ryan Sherman, 52-44 (10.6) (32-22) (20-22) (11th)
Tyler Campbell, 49-47 (12.0) (29-25) (20-22) (15th)
Garrett Cheney, 48-48 (18.9) (33-21) (15-27) (17th)

XY Randy Latta, 57-39 (10.4) (39-15) (18-24) (3rd)
X Steven Ray, 56-40 (13.1) (36-18) (20-22) (4th)
X Jonathan Osborne, 55-41 (11.1) (34-20) (21-21) (6th)
Scott Latta, 53-43 (9.9) (32-22) (21-21) (preseason #1, end of season #9)
Lori Beirne, 50-46 (11.1) (34-20) (16-26) (14th)

XYZ Eddy McBroom Jr 58-38 (12.3) (38-16) (20-22) (2nd)
X Tim Wasyluka, 55-41 (10.5) (34-20) (21-21) (5th)
James Hawbaker, 52-44 (12.0) (34-20) (18-24) (12th)
Mikey Nipp, 52-44 (13.1) (33-21) (19-23) (13th)
Tad Roose, 49-47 (12.0) (31-23) (18-24) (15th)
Daniel Powell, 45-51 (17.7) (28-26) (17-25) (18th)

Rank, Record, (TBA) (Last Week) (Highest Rank/Lowest Rank this season)
1. Yours Truly, 66-30 (12.30) (1)
2. Joey Thornell, 60-36 (14.2) (2)
3. Dan Sellers, 58-38 (10.5) (3)
4. Trey Cartledge, 58-38 (12.1) (5)
5. Eddy Jr, 58-38 (12.3) (4)
6. Randy Latta, 57-39 (10.4) (7)
7. Eddy McBroom, 57-39 (12.1) (8)
8. Tom Johnson, 56-40 (12.3) (9)
9. Matt Halpert, 55-41 (8.3) (6)
10. Steven Ray, 56-40 (13.1) (12)
11. Tim Wasyluka, 55-41 (10.5) (NR)
12. Jonathan Osborne, 55-41 (11.1) (NR)

The Slightly Above Average Next Ten
13. Drew Warren, 55-41 (12.0) (11)
14. Chris Croyle, 55-41 (14.1) (13)
15. Drew Morris, 54-42 (9.4) (29)
16. Zack Graves, 54-42 (9.9) (10)
17. Tommy McLeod, 54-42 (10.7) (16)
18. Mark Gainey, 54-42 (10.7) (17)
19. Scott Latta, 53-43 (9.9) (21)
20. John Wolf, 53-43 (10.2) (22)
21. Tebe Shaw, 53-43 (12.0) (18)
22. Ryan Sherman, 52-44 (10.6) (23)

The Somewhat Mediocre Next Nine
23. James Hawbaker, 52-44 (12.0) (19)
24. Mikey Nipp, 52-44 (13.1) (24)
25. Brad Latta, 51-45 (10.8) (26)
26. Rhett Barnett, 51-45 (13.6) (27)
27. DMOsborne, 51-45 (14.4) (25)
28. Lori Beirne, 50-46 (11.1) (31)
29. Sarah Hasha, 50-46 (15.9) (33)
30. David Tuck, 50-46 (16.6) (20)
31. Matt Latta, 49-47 (10.8) (30)

AAAAAAND... The Bottom Five of the Year
32. Tyler Campbell, 49-47 (12.0) (32)
33. Jennifer Ernst, 48-48 (7.7) (28)
34. Garrett Cheney, 48-48 (18.9) (34)
35. Daniel Powell, 45-51 (17.7) (35)
36. Justin Fisher, 41-55 (16.3) (36)

Next Week... Individual Awards including MVP, Rookie of the Year abd the College, NFL and TieBreak Titles are awarded... plus, the winner of The Osborne Award is in a position unprecedent in DFC History...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The DFC XI Week Eleven Results

20. Missouri 38, 24. Kansas State 28
Tennessee 52, Ole Miss 14

11. Alabama 30, 17. Mississippi State 10
22. South Carolina 36, 24. Florida 14
Buffalo Bills 14, Detroit Lions 12 (tiebreak game 28 points)
Jacksonville Jaguars 31, Houston Texans 24
New England Patriots 39, Pittsburgh Steelers 26
Philadelphia Eagles 59, Washington Redskins 28

Though his playoff hopes are slim, 3 games out with 8 games to go, The DFC is just like NASCAR in one respect--you can still win a week and not make The Chase.  So goes it for rookie John Wolf, our resident DFC Husker, who gets his very first weekly win at 6-2.   Tied for second are two more who either have a slim chance, or no chance, and thats rookie David "The Rule" Tuck and original DFC'er Daniel Powell, respectively, both at 6-2.   Mark "The Mighty" Gainey gets 4th, and Matt "The Chemist" Halpert gets 5th, all at 6-2.

In sixth is Sarah Hasha at 5-3, in seventh is Zack Zack "The DFC Maniac" Graves, eighth is Big Tom Johnson, and tied for 9th and rounding out our Top Ten is Yours Truly and Lt. Dan, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Drew Warren... Tommy McLeod... Drew Morris... Trey Cartledge... Tyler Campbell... Scotty Latta... Stevie Ray... Eddy Jr...
4-4:  Matta Latta... Joey Thornell... Jenny Ernst... Bradda Latta... Eddy Sr... Ryan Sherman... Chris Croyle... Lori "Sunshine" Beirne... Randy Latta... The Hawbaker... Mikey Nipp
3-5:  DMOsborne... Jonny Osborne... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... The Big Wasyluka... Hurricane Rhett... JustFish... Tebershaw...
1-7:  Young Garrett Cheney
dropped out, nursing a groin injury (his own, we hope) Jason Roberts


Conf Rank, name, W-L (TBA) (College) (NFL)
1. Joey Thornell, 55-33 (15.11) (33-17) (22-16)
4. Matt Halpert, 52-36 (9.11) (36-14) (15-22)
7. Zack Graves, 51-37 (10.67) (31-19) (20-18)
8. Drew Warren, 51-37 (12.56) (33-17) (18-20)
12. DMOsborne, 47-41 (15.67) (27-23) (20-18)
14. Rhett Barnette, 45-43 (14.67) (29-21) (16-22)
17. Matt Latta, 44-44 (11.67) (28-22) (16.22)

9. Tommy McLeod, 49-39 (11.11) (32-18) (17-21)
10. Tebe Shaw, 49-39 (12.0) (32-18) (17-21)
13. Brad Latta, 46-42 (12.67) (30-20) (16-22)
15. Jennifer Ernst, 44-44 (8.11) (29-21) (15.23)
18. Sarah Hasha, 44-44 (16.44) (32-18) (12.26)
19. Justin Fisher, 38-50 (17.78) (25-25) (13.25)

2. Dan Sellers, 53-35 (10.33) (34-16) (19-19)
3. Trey Cartledge, 53-35 (13.22) (34-16) (19-19)
5. Eddy McBroom, 52-36 (12.78) (33-17) (19-19)
6. Tom Johnson, 52-36 (13.44) (31-19) (21-17)
11. David Tuck, 48-40 (17.78) (31-19) (17-21)
16. Drew Morris, 44-44 (9.44) (27-23) (17-21)

1. Joey Thornell, 55-33 (15.11)... North Division Champion, first round bye
2. Dan Sellers, 53-35 (10.33)... West Division Champion, first round bye
3. Trey Cartledge, 53-35 (13.22)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
4. Matt Halpert, 52-36 (9.11)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
5. Eddy McBroom, 52-36 (12.78)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
6. Tommy McLeod, 49-39 (11.11)... Central Division Champion, Wild Card Weekend
on the bubble:  Zack Graves, 51-37 (10.67)... Drew Warren, 51-37 (12.56)...

X-Playoff berth;  Y-Division Winner;  Z-Clinched first round bye
XYZ 1. Yours Truly, 60-28 (13.56) (36-14) (24-14)
5. Chris Croyle, 51-37 (13.89) (32-18) (19-19)
8. Mark Gainey, 49-39 (11.22) (36-14) (13-25)
11. John Wolf, 47-41 (11.25) (32-18) (15-23)
12. Ryan Sherman, 47-41 (11.56) (29-21) (18-20)
15. Tyler Campbell, 44-44 (12.89) (25-25) (19-19)
17. Garrett Cheney, 43-45 (20.33) (30-20) (13-25)

3. Randy Latta, 52-36 (11.0) (36-14) (16-22)
4. Stevie Ray, 51-37 (13.67) (33-17) (18-20)
6. Jonny Osborne, 50-38 (10.78) (31-19) (19-19)
10. Scott Latta, 47-41 (10.56) (28-22) (19-19)
14. Lori Beirne, 44-44 (12.22) (30-20) (14-24)

2. Eddy the Junior, 53-35 (13.22) (35-15) (18-20)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 50-38 (31-19) (19-19)
9. James Hawbaker, 48-40 (12.67) (31-19) (17-21)
13. Mikey Nipp, 47-41 (14.11) (30-20) (17-21)
16. Tad Roose, 44-44 (13.88) (28-22) (16-22)
18. Daniel Powell, 40-48 (17.56) (25-25) (15-23)

1. Yours Truly, 60-28 (13.56)... Clinched East Division title, clinched first round bye
2. Eddy Jr, 53-35 (13.22)... South Division Champion, first round bye
3. Randy Latta, 52-36 (11.0)... Central Division Champion, wild card weekend
4. Stevie Ray, 51-37 (13.67)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
5. Chris Croyle, 51-37 (13.89)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
6. Jonathan Osborne, 50-38 (10.78)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
On the Bubble:  Tim Wasyluka, 50-38 (11.67)... Mark Gainey, 49-39 (11.22)... James Hawbaker 48-40 (12.67)...

1. Yours Truly, 60-28 (13.56) (1-five weeks)
2. Joey Thornell, 55-33 (15.11) (2-four weeks)
3. Dan Sellers, 53-35 (10.33) (3-two weeks)
4-tie. Eddy Jr, 53-35 (13.22) (6th)
4-tie. Trey Cartledge, 53-35 (13.22) (7th)
6. Matt Halpert, 52-36 (9.11) (12-tie)
7. Randy Latta, 52-36 (11.0) (3-tie)
8. Eddy McBroom, 52-36 (12.78) (5th)
9. Tom Johnson, 52-36 (13.44) (11th)
10. Zack Graves, 51-37 (10.67) (12-tie)
11. Drew Warren, 51-37 (12.56) (NR)
12. Steven Ray, 51-37 (13.67) (NR)
dropped out:  Chris Croyle (10th)... Jonathan Osborne (8th)... Tim Wasyluka (9th)

AAAAAAND... the bottom five...
Tyler Campbell... Sarah Hasha... Garrett Cheney... Daniel Powell... Justin Fisher

Well, it looks like, for the very, very first time in the ten completed years of The Deuce Football Championships, we might have a Division Winner (Tommy McLeod), get a postseason berth over someone who has a better record than he does.  Currently, Tommy has a 49-39 record, with a 11.11 TBA, but is leading the Central Division.  This poses a problem for Zack Graves and Drew Warren, who both have 51-37 records.  However, as written in this season's DFC Rules (listed in this preseason post), Tommy will get the nod as a division winner over those who have a better record:

Says the rules:  The top six records in each conference will make the postseason, with division winners making it regardless, even if a division winner has a worse record than someone in another division for the 6th spot. The top two seeds, regardless of divisional status, get first round byes, the other four per conference will participate in "Wild Card Weekend". Divisional winners get higher seeds when in a record-tie with 2nd+ place in another division, regardless of TBA, but if 2nd place in a division has a higher record than a divisional winner, that higher seed is awarded to the 2nd place division finisher.

Just wanted to make sure the rules are clear... let me know if you have any questions!
Wanted to give you this list, so you'll be fully aware of where the Tiebreak Average is coming from.  As we eliminated the "drop" this year, your best and worst tiebreak score this season have been dropped, leaving all remaining scores to be tallied and averaged.  Through eleven weeks, this is where everyone stands...
How to read:  By your name, you'll see a list of numbers, with two in parantheses.  This is how far off you have been per week, with the two in parantheses being the two scores not counted.  For instance, Matt Latta is first--his first three weeks are 12, 28, and 6.  The first tiebreak game had a total score of 63, he guessed 51, he was 12 off.  Second week, the total points were 23, he guessed 51, he was off 28, and so on, week by week.  The number 28 is in ( ) because its his worst TB score of the season.  His 3 is also in ( ) because that's his best of the season.  He also had a 3 Week Ten, but it counts, because only one will be counted as "best".  If he is off by 29 in Week Twelve, that 29 will be eliminated, and the 28 will be included in the TBA.   All numbers are then divided by 9, which is 11 weeks of the season, minus the best and worst weeks... hope this makes sense, and I hope I didn't overexplain it...
Matt Latta:  12, (28), 6, 4, 17, 13, (3), 7, 19, 3, 24... TBA 11.67
DMOsborne:  28, 15, 12, 27, 4, 20, 20, 3, (29), (1), 12... TBA 15.67
Matt Halpert:  11, (26), 6, 13, 14, 2, 4, 5, 11, (1), 16... TBA 9.111
Rhett Barnett:  18, (28), 4, 4, 11, 17, 18, 19, 18, (2), 23... TBA 14.67
Joey Thornell:  15, 25, 17, 16, 12, 11, (8), 16, (72), 5, 19... TBA 15.11
Zack Graves:  4, 11, 7, (3), 4, 27, 21, 10, (34), 8, 4... TBA 10.67
Drew Warren:  7, (24), 11, 6, 18, 13, (4), 14, 23, 4, 17... TBA 12.56
Jennifer Ernst:  3, (23), (2), 9, 7, 14, 2, 7, 5, 12, 14... TBA 8.111
Justin Fisher, 10, 21, 14, 6, 22, 17, 12, (3), (72), 46, 12... TBA 17.78
Tommy McLeod: 13, (25), (3), 5, 12, 17, 3, 6, 14, 10, 20... TBA 11.11
Brad Latta: (0), 23, 10, 17, 17, 12, 4, 6, (27), 18, 7... TBA 12.67
Tebe Shaw: 1, 22, 16, 3, 8, 8, 17, 19, (27), (0), 14... TBA 12.0
Sarah Hasha, (32), 6, 17, 24, 4, 21, 15, 22, 25, 14, (2)... TBA 16.44
Eddy the Bigger:  11, 22, 6, 12, 8, 17, 10, (4), (30), 5, 24... TBA 12.78
Drew Morris:  10, (18), (1), 3, 7, 7, 7, 11, 20, 6, 14... TBA 9.444
Trey Cartledge:  15, 19, 6, 15, 11, 14, 14, 11, (24), (2), 14... TBA 13.22
Dan Sellers: 17, (19), 6, 9, (4), 8, 4, 10, 17, 12, 10... TBA 10.33
Tom Johnson: 20, 20, 5, 13, 21, 14, 9, 10, (24), (1), 9... TBA 13.44
David Tuck: 2, 20, 36, (2), 9, 10, 11, 35, (37), 21, 7... TBA 17.78
Mark Gainey:  13, (25), (3), 5, 15, 13, 7, 11, 19, 4, 14... TBA 11.22
Yours Truly: 17, (27), 11, (1), 7, 20, 10, 9, 25, 13, 10... TBA 13.56
Tyler Campbell:  21, 12, 13, 19, 2, 13, (1), 6, (30), 9, 21... TBA 12.89
John Wolf: 15, (28), 10, 5, (1), 3, 1, 20, 27, 9, 6... TBA 10.67
Ryan Sherman: (2), 25, 11, 16, 7, 17, 13, 7, (27), 5, 3... TBA 11.56
Garrett Cheney:  21, 13, 9, 19, (6), (62), 6, 32, 22, 33, 28... TBA 20.33
Chris Croyle: 15, 13, (2), 4, 18, 16, 27, 14, 7, 11, (39)... TBA 13.89
Scott Latta: 8, (24), 7, (3), 9, 12, 7, 6, 22, 6, 18... TBA 10.56
Lori Beirne: 18, 22, 17, 5, 3, 17, 10, (1), (30), 9, 9... TBA 12.22 
Jonathan Osborne: 13, (32), 3, 13, 7, (2), 2, 9, 12, 14, 24... TBA 10.78
Steven Ray:  15, 30, 9, (8), 14, 9, 9, 10, (31), 8, 19... TBA 13.67
Randy Latta: 4, 22, 15, (1), 8, 3, 18, 11, (31), 2, 16... TBA 11.0
James Hawbaker: 12, (25), (4), 4, 14, 11, 5, 13, 21, 17, 17... TBA 12.67
Eddy Jr:  11, 31, 7, 9, (4), 17, 4, 18, (72), 5, 17... TBA 13.22
Tad Roose: 24, 16, 3, 12, 8, 17, 23, 8, (29), (1), 8... TBA 13.22
Tim Wasyluka: 15, (26), 1, 3, 13, 13, 2, 17, 21, (0), 20... TBA 11.67
Daniel Powell:  28, 12, 13, 26, (2), 30, 17, 6, (37), 19, 7... TBA 17.56
Michael Nipp:  21, 19, 11, 16, 8, 17, 12, (4), (32), 4, 19... TBA 14.11 
Finally... I just typed in a whole lotta numbers, so its possible I mistyped or skipped a number from the correct TBA standings on The Official DFC Spreadsheet.  So if you do your own math, and see a mistake, let me know and I will investigate and correct it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

DFC XI Week Twelve Games

Just a reminder... once you send in these picks, you cannot change your picks, so choose carefully.

Also... if you are in dire straits and don't think you'll end up in the postseason, please finish out the season.  Its one more week, and not sending in picks with a "it doesnt matter now" flair about you is a quick way to not get an invite to DFC XII... thanks--admin.

North Carolina State Wolfpack (7-3) at North Carolina Tarheels (6-4), 11a, ESPN3

16. Virginia Tech Hokies (8-2) at 24. Miami Hurricanes (7-3), 230p, ESPN

9. Ohio State Buckeyes (9-1) at 20. Iowa Hawkeyes (7-3), 230p, ABC

25. Florida State Seminoles (7-3) at Maryland Terrapins (7-3), 7pm, ABC

Buffalo Bills (1-8) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-7), 12p, CBS

Washington Redskins (4-4) at Tennessee Titans (5-4), 12p, CBS

Indianapolis Colts (6-3) at New England Patriots (7-2), 315p, CBS

Denver Broncos (3-6) at San Diego Chargers (4-5), 730p, Monday Night, ESPN

Florida State vs Maryland, total points scored

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The DFC XI Week Ten Results

4. TCU 47, 6. Utah 7 (tiebreak game, 54)
17. Arkansas 41, 18. South Carolina 20
12. LSU 24, 5. Alabama 21
10. Stanford 42, 13. Arizona 17
Atlanta Falcons 27, Tampa Bay Bucs 21 OT
NYGiants 41, Seattle Seahawks 7
Philadelphia Eagles 26, Indianapolis Colts 24
Oakland Raiders 23, Kansas City Chiefs 20 OT

The last few weeks of the season are always noteworthy for the late season surges by some, and late season collapses by other.  Trey Cartledge is doing the former--surging, with a big 7-1 week and a weekly win, the first this season for him, and the third of his career.

Rookie Drew Warren is trying desperately to get a piece of gRandy Latta's inevitable Rookie of the Year Award, going 6-2 for second place in the week.  In third is Eddy McBroom the Junior, coming in fourth is Drew Morris, another who was needing a good week, and in fifth is rookie John Wolf, all at 6-2.

In sixth for the week is Jonny Osborne, at 6-2, in seventh is Matt Halpert at 5-3, and tied for eighth is Hurrican Rhett and gRandy Latta, both at 5-3.  Rounding out the Weekly Top Ten is The Mighty Gainey, at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Yours Truly... James Hawbaker... Zack Graves... Preseason #1 Scott Latta... JustFish... Tommy McLeod... Big Eddy... Brad Latta...
4-4:  Defending DFC Champion Lori Beirne... Steven Ray... Joey Thornell...  Chris Croyle... Jenny Ernst...  Sarah Hasha... Dan Sellers... Tom Johnson...  Tim Wasyluka...
3-5:  Matt Latta... Tyler Campbell... Tad Roose... Ryan Sherman... DMOsborne... Tebe Shaw... Dave Tuck
2-6:  Garrett Cheney... Daniel Powell
0-8:  Jason Roberts

Joey Thornell, 51-29 (14.63)
Matt Halpert, 46-34 (8.25)
Zack Graves, 46-34 (11.5)
Drew Warren, 46-34 (12.0)
DMOsborne, 44-36 (16.13)
Rhett Barnett, 42-38 (13.63)
Matt Latta, 40-40 (10.13)

Tebe Shaw, 46-34 (13.43)
Tommy McLeod, 44-36 (10.0)
Brad Latta, 42-38 (13.38)
Jennifer Ernst, 40-40 (7.38)
Sarah Hasha, 39-41 (18.0)
Justin Fisher, 35-45 (18.5)

Dan Sellers, 48-32 (10.38)
Eddy McBroom, 48-32 (11.38)
Trey Cartledge, 48-32 (13.13)
Tom Johnson, 47-33 (14.0)
David Tuck, 42-38 (19.13)
Drew Morris, 39-41 (8.88)

(1) Joey Thornell, 51-29 (14.63)... North Division Champion, first round bye
(2) Dan Sellers, 48-32 (10.38)... West Division Champion, first round bye
(3) Big Eddy McBroom, 48-32 (11.38)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
(4) Trey Cartledge, 48-32 (13.13)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
(5) Tom Johnson, 47-33 (14.0)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
(6) Tebe Shaw, 46-34 (13.43)... Central Division Champion, Wild Card Weekend
On the Bubble:  Matt Halpert, 46-34 (8.25)... Drew Warren, 46-34 (12.0)...

Would Take a Major Collapse to Miss Postseason:  Joey Thornell
Probably In:  Dan Sellers, Eddy McBroom, Trey Cartledge
In a Little Danger:  Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw
Has a Great Shot at Postseason:  Matt Halpert, Zack Graves, Drew Warren
Needs a Little Help and a Little Luck:  Rhett Barnett, DMOsborne, Tommy McLeod, Brad Latta, David Tuck
Long Shot, But Still Possible:  Matt Latta, Jennifer Ersnt
Would Take a Miracle:  Sarah Hasha, Drew Morris
There's Always DFC XII:  Justin Fisher

Yours Truly, 55-25 (14.0)
Chris Croyle, 47-33 (13.38)
Mark Gainey, 43-37 (10.88)
Ryan Sherman, 43-37 (12.63)
Garrett Cheney, 42-38 (19.38)
John Wolf, 41-39 (11.25)
Tyler Campbell, 39-41 (11.88)

Randy Latta, 48-32 (10.38)
Jonathan Osborne, 47-33 (9.13)
Steven Ray, 46-34 (13.0)
Scott Latta, 42-38 (9.63)
Lori Beirne, 40-40 (12.63)
Jason Roberts, 36-44 (15.13)

Eddy McBroom Jr, 48-32 (12.75)
Tim Wasyluka, 47-33 (10.63)
James Hawbaker, 44-36 (12.13)
Mikey Nipp, 43-37 (13.5)
Tad Roose, 41-39 (13.88)
Daniel Powell, 34-46 (18.88)

IF THE PLAYOFFS STARTED TODAY(1) Yours Truly, 55-25 (14.0)... East Division Champion, first round bye
(2) Randy Latta, 48-32 (10.38)... Central Division Champion, first round bye
(3) Eddy McBroom Jr, 48-32 (12.75)... South Division Champion, Wild Card Weekend
(4) Jonathan Osborne, 47-33 (9.13)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
(5) Tim Wasyluka, 47-33 (10.63)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
(6) Chris Croyle, 47-33 (13.38)... wild card, Wild Card Weekend
On the Bubble... Steven Ray, 46-34 (13.0)...

Would Take a Major Collapse to Miss Postseason: Yours Truly
Probably In: Randy Latta, Eddy Jr, Jonathan Osborne, Tim Wasyluka
In a Little Danger: Chris Croyle
Has a Great Shot at Postseason:  Steven Ray, James Hawbaker
Needs a Little Help and a Little Luck:  Mark Gainey, Ryan Sherman, Mikey Nipp, Garrett Cheney, Scott Latta,
Long Shot, But Still Possible:  Tad Roose, John Wolf
Would Take a Miracle: Lori Beirne, Tyler Campbell
There's Always DFC XII:  Daniel Powell, Jason Roberts
1)  Yours Truly, 55-25 (14.0) (1st last wk)
2)  Joey Thornell, 51-29 (14.63) (2)
3-tie)  Dan Sellers, 48-32 (10.38) (3)
3-tie)  gRandy Latta, 48-32 (10.38) (4)
5)  Eddy McBroom, 48-32 (11.38) (6)
6)  Eddy Jr, 48-32 (12.75) (11)
7)  Trey Cartledge, 48-32 (13.13) (NR)
8)  Jon Osborne, 47-33 (9.13) (12)
9)  Tim Wasyluka, 47-33 (10.63) (5)
10)  Chris Croyle, 47-33 (13.38) (8)
11)  Tom Johnson, 47-33 (14.0) (9)
12-tie) Matt Halpert, 46-34 (8.25) (NR)
12-tie) Zack Graves, 46-34 (8.25) (NR)
dropped out:  Steven Ray (10th)... Tebe Shaw (7th)...

(33) Tyler Campbell... (34) Sarah Hasha... (35) Jason Roberts... (36) Justin Fisher... (37) Daniel Powell

  • Its been a tough season for some, as reported last week in LDL&S... some "worst" season marks are being approached--heck, The Mighty Gainey has to go 15-1 to best his career worst of 58 wins... which for some, a career worst of 58 wins is a remarkable, enviable feat.
  • Looking at "Career Years", Chris Croyle is having one.  His previous two seasons saw him getting 52 and 50 wins, but at 47 so far this year, he'll have to have one huge meltdown to miss his career best.  Not saying it won't happen, but its unlikely.
  • At streaks, looking at the "At Least 4-4" record, no one is coming close to Tad Roose's 45 weeks, which just lends to how massive and incredible that mark is.  Right now, the longest current streak is Yours Truly, with six weeks.
  • With the "At Least 5-3" record, who has Matt Latta as the record holder of 17 weeks, the current streak is held by Matt Halpert, Hurricane Rhett, Trey Cartledge, The Mighty Gainey, Scott Latta and Eddy Mc Jr, all tied with... two weeks. 
  • Top Ten in All Time Regular Season Wins goes like this... Yours Truly... Jenn Ernst... Matt Latta... Tommy McLeod... DMOsborne... Tom Johnson... Eddy Mac... Daniel Powell... Drew Morris... Mikey Nipp...
  • I mention this because when I added in the current win totals and recalculated the all-time standings, its the first time in a very, very long time, and I mean years, that the Original Eight (those currently in the DFC that have been here every year--the top ten, minus Big Eddy Mac and Dredw Morris) are all in the Top Ten at the same time. 
  • DFC V was a season known for the success of practically everyone--13 people won 60+ games, in a league with only 26 at the time--so many DFC'ers highest career win years came that season.  This is true for Mikey Nipp and Tom Johnson, who won 65 and 61 respectively, and both won division titles.
  • Since then, Tom won 57 one year (DFC VII) and Mikey won 54  (DFC VIII), their highest wins since DFC V.  Tom is currently at 47, Mikey is at 43, so its possible they'll hit those marks. 
  • There are a few DFC'ers who have never been to the postseason.... not talking about rookies this year, or sophs to the league, but people who are in at least their third year of action, here's a list of those who have yet to see the playoffs, and how many games they've played--games include everything up until this past week.
  • Jason Roberts (262)... Chris Croyle (262)... Tyler Campbell (656)... Garrett Cheney (656)... Sarah Hasha (848)
  • Then there are those who haven't been in a long, long time... those include Tom Johnson (last appearance DFC V)... Mikey Nipp (DFC V)... DMOsborne (DFC VI)...
  • Current Playoff Streaks:  The Mighty Gainey, 8 seasons in a row... Matt Latta, 5 seasons in a row... Hawbaker, Jonathan Osborne and Trey Cartledge, 3 seasons in a row... Big Eddy Mac, Lori Beirne and Yours Truly, 2 seasons in a row...
Someone sent in an email question asking how The DFC came to be.  When I lived in Troy, with my best mate, DFC Hall of Famer and two time champion Wookiee Fulaytar, we had a little game we called "The Sport Dawg", and we would pick ten games a week, all college.  The winner got to keep this big, plush dog in their room for the week as the prize for being the best mind of the week.  It lasted about, I dunno, three weeks, and fell apart.

When I got to Birmingham, and moved into The Deuce with Mikey Nipp, Tom Johnson, Shawn Sharp and surrogate roommates Tommy McLeod, Drew Morris, Ty Coffey, Wookiee Fulatyar and others, I came up with another version of The Sport Dawg.

Living in The Deuce, we kinda pieced the name together, calling it The DFC, standing for The Deuce Football Championship... which means, if you win the championship, and I say you win The DFC Championship, you are winning The Deuce Football Championship Championship.  Go figure.

Anyway, there were 11 of us--Yours Truly, Mikey, Tom, Shawn, Tommy, Wookiee, Jennifer Hudson, David Mark Osborne, Matt Latta, our downstairs neighbor Brook DeRamus, and Daniel Powell, who jumped in about two weeks late.  There were 88 games in the season, and at the end, we had a 2 week playoff... Shawn Sharp beat out Wookie Fulaytar, with Jennifer Hudson (now Ernst) and Michael Nipp also making it. 

We had a good time with it, it was fun keeping up, and when the season was over, I put the floppy disc aside.  We didn't really have a championship plate, we just had Shawn as the "champion"--he's kinda like the Florida Marlins of the DFC... no one really wanted him to win, he just kinda did.  And in seasons after that, he sucked. 

Well, as the next summer, 2001, rolled around, the guys started asking if we were doing the DFC again.  I thought, "Well, sure", and figured we'd have about another 9 or 10 people or so... well, word was out.  Only Brook DeRamus obstained from the league in DFC II, but this time we were joined by Justin Glenn, Big Eddy McBroom, Drew Morris, Eddy Jr, Scotty Latta, Vic Paschal, Jason Quinn, Josh Crosby, Tad Roose and Jonathan Osborne, giving us a total of 20.  I decided to actually put people in divisions, instead of just making it a list of 20, and we had the North and West in one conference, the East and Central in the other.  The tradition of naming the conferences after the previous seasons championship participants were also born, as we had The Sharp Conference and the Fulaytar Conference.  

Tad Roose won the first of his 3 titles that year, and we decided to come up with an actual championship trophy.  In honor of our kinda odd neighbor, Brook DeRamus, who was kind of a running joke in The Deuce, it was decided his name would be on the plate.  I worked at the Parisian Corporate office, and managed to get "proofs" and "samples" of various things like silverware, mugs, and... plates.  I took a white plate and wrote on it "The Brook DeRamus Championship Plate", then scribbled down Shawn's and Tad's name.  In years since, I've redone the plate a few times, but its remained primarily the same.

By DFC III, it was a tradition.  Ty Coffey, Scott Burk, Sarah Hasha, Mark Gainey, Ryan Smith, Tim Wasyluka and Jason Demastus joined up, and we had a total of 24.  In DFC V, we hit 6 total divisions, which we still have to this day, though we did an 8 division league in DFC IX, which didn't work as well as I wanted it too.

So here we are, 11 years in.  In the time the DFC has existed, we've had 63 people play the DFC game, counting Week Ten of this year, we've picked 1032 regular season games, over 200 more playoff games, seen 13 marriages involving active members, 13 babies born, 3 more on the way as I type, and a whole lot of life changes.  But The DFC remains.

Someone asked me how long I'd keep doing it.  I'll admit, some weeks, I get tired of doing it, I think that it'll be my last year heading it up, and sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit down and count games, do spreadsheets and type up results... but I keep chugging along.  And after the emails are sent, after the season is over, I'm always satisfied, if not by my yearly flameout at the end, then by the fact that we've all had fun with it.

So to answer that question, I guess as long as people want to do it, we'll keep on.  Be it 37, like this year, or 25 or 10.  With eight of us left from the beginning, I always wonder when some of them will finally say, "Okay, I'm done", but I hope we keep on.  I can't believe DFC X happened, so I guess DFC XX will be our next goal. 

The DFC Abides. 

Monday, November 08, 2010

The DFC XI Week Eleven Games

All times CST, all ranks from AP Poll

Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels (4-5) at Tennessee Volunteers (3-6), 11a

24. Kansas State Wildcats (6-3) at 20. Missouri Tigers (7-2), 1130a

17. Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-2) at 11. Alabama Crimson Tide (7-2), 615p, ESPN2

22. South Carolina Gamecocks (6-3) at 24. Florida Gators (6-3), 615p, ESPN

Times CST

Detroit Lions (2-6) at Buffalo Bills (0-8), 12p, FOX

Houston Texans (4-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4), 12p, CBS

New England Patriots (6-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2), 720p, NBC

Philadelphia Eagles (5-3) at Washington Redskins (4-4), Monday 730p, ESPN

Tiebreak Game
Detroit Lions vs Buffalo Bills, total points scored

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

DFC XI Week Nine Results

(14) Nebraska 31, (7) Missouri 14
Florida 34, Georgia 31 OT
Oregon State 35, California 7
Penn State 41, Michigan 31 (tiebreak game, 72 points)
San Francisco 49ers 24, Denver Broncos 16
Tampa Bay Bucs 38, Arizona Cardinals 35
New Orleans Saints 20, Pittsburgh Steelers 10
Indianapolis Colts 30, Houston Texans 17

I learned a lesson some eight years ago... when it seemed that the Cleveland Browns were winning the game, with just a few seconds to go, I went through and added that extra win to everyone who picked Cleveland.  Then, in the last play of the game, one of the Browns players tosses his helmet.  The subsequent penalty then causes Cleveland to lose the game, and then causes me to go back to my DFC sheet, and have to remove a win and add a loss to half the league, then remove a loss and add a win to the other half, and it was an hour that I could've saved.  Which taught me, make sure I'm sure before I add and announce...

So last night, I blurted on The DFC BLogspot that Dan Sellers has won his second career week, and that I'd have the results today.  And looking today... Matt Halpert has won the week.  Not only has he won the week... its the FIRST week he's ever won.  I was expecting to say "third" or maybe "second" but the DFC VIII Rookie of the Year takes his first Weekly Crown.  Good job.

And Lt. Dan comes in 2nd, both at 6-2.  Here comes Matt Latta in third, Scott Latta in fourth and in fifth, here's Sarah Hasha, all at 6-2.   Eddy Jr gets sixth at 6-2, in seventh is Hurrican Rhett, eighth is The Mighty Gainey, in ninth is The Big Wasyluka and rounding out the Weekly Top Ten is Young Garrett, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing
5-3:  DMOsborne... Joey Thornell... Tebe Shaw... Trey Cartledge... Steven Ray...
4-4:  Zack Graves... Drew Warren... Big Eddy... The Tuck Rule... Yours Truly... John Wolf... Ryan Sherman... Chris Croyle... Lori Beirne... Jonny Osborne... gRandy Latta... Tad Roose... Mikey Nipp...
3-5: Jenny Ernst... Tommy Mac... Brad Latta... Big Tom Johnson... Jason Roberts... Hawbaker... Daniel Powell
2-6:  Tyler "Self Proclaimed Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell...
1-7:  Drew "Former World Champ Now World Chump" Morris
0-8:  Justin Fisher

Record, (TBA) (College) (NFL)
Joey Thornell, 47-25 (16.0) (30-12) (17-13)
Matt Halpert, 41-31 (9.14) (30-12) (11-19)
Zack Graves, 41-31 (12.0) (26-16) (15-15)
DMOsborne, 41-31 (18.0) (23-19) (18-12)
Drew Warren, 39-22 (13.14) (27-15) (12-18)
Matt Latta, 37-35 (11.14) (24-18) (13-17)
Rhett Barnett, 37-35 (15.0) (25-17) (12-18)

Tebe Shaw, 43-29 (13.29) (28-14) (15-15)
Tommy McLeod, 39-33 (10.0) (27-15) (12-18)
Brad Latta, 37-35 (12.71) (26-16) (11-19)
Jennifer Ernst, 36-36 (6.71) (26-16) (10-20)
Sarah Hasha, 35-37 (18.57) (26-16) (9-21)
Justin Fisher, 30-42 (14.57) (21-21) (9-21)

Lt Dan Sellers, 44-28 (10.14) (29-13) (15-15)
Big Eddy McBroom, 43-29 (12.29) (28-14) (15-15)
Tom Johnson, 43-29 (15.29) (28-14) (15-15)
Trey Cartledge, 41-31 (14.14) (29-13) (12-18)
David Tuck, 39-33 (18.86) (27-15) (12-18)
Drew Morris, 33-39 (9.29) (23-19) (11-19)

Top two seeds get first round byes, ties in record goes to division winner, regardless of TBA
(1) Joey Thornell, 47-25 (16.0)... North Division Champion, first round bye
(2) Dan Sellers, 44-28 (10.14)... West Division Champion, first round bye
(3) Tebe Shaw, 43-29 (13.29)... Central Division Champion, wild card weekend
(4) Eddy McBroom, 43-29 (15.29)... wild card
(5) Tom Johnson, 43-29 (15.29)... wild card
(6) Matt Halpert, 41-31 (9.14)... wild card
On the Bubble (within two games)... Zack Graves, 41-31 (12.0)... Trey Cartledge, 41-31 (14.14)... DMOsborne, 41-31 (18.0)... Tommy McLeod, 39-33 (10.0)... Drew Warren, 39-33 (13.14)... David Tuck, 39-33 (18.86)

Yours Truly, 50-22 (14.14) (31-11) (19-11)
Chris Croyle, 43-29 (13.71) (27-15) (16-14)
Ryan Sherman, 40-32 (13.71) (26-16) (14-16)
Garrett Cheney, 40-32 (17.43) (29-13) (11-19)
Mark Gainey, 38-34 (11.86) (30-12) (8-22)
Tyler Campbell, 36-36 (12.29) (22-20) (14-16)
John Wolf, 35-27 (11.57) (26-16) (9-21)

gRandy Latta, 43-29 (11.57) (31-11) (12-18)
Steven Ray, 42-30 (13.71) (28-14) (14-16)
Jon Osborne, 41-31 (8.43) (26-16) (15-15)
Scott Latta, 37-35 (10.14) (24-18) (13-17)
Jason Roberts, 36-36 (12.43) (25-17) (11-19)
Lori Beirne, 36-36 (13.14) (26-16) (10-20)

Tim Wasyluka, 43-29 (12.0) (28-14) (15-15)
Eddy Jr, 42-30 (13.86) (29-13) (13-17)
James Hawbaker, 39-33 (11.43) (27-15) (12-18)
Michael Nipp, 38-34 (14.87) (25-17) (13-17)
Tad Roose, 38-34 (15.43) (25-17) (13-17)
Daniel Powell, 32-40 (18.86) (22-20) (10-20)

(1) Yours Truly, 50-22 (14.14)... East Division Champion, first round bye
(2) Randy Latta, 43-29 (11.57)... Central Division Champion, first round bye
(3) The Big Wasyluka, 43-29 (12.0)... South Division Champion, wild card
(4) Chris Croyle, 43-29 (13.71)... wild card
(5) Steven Ray, 42-30 (13.71)... wild card
(6) Eddy McBroom Jr, 42-30 (13.86)... wild card
On the Bubble:  Jonathan Osborne, 41-31 (8.43)... Ryan Sherman, 40-32 (13.71)... Garrett Cheney, 40-32 (17.43)

Rank, Record, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 50-22 (14.14) (1)
2. Joey Thornell, 47-25 (16.0) (2)
3. Dan Sellers, 44-28 (10.14) (7)
4. Randy Latta, 43-29 (11.57) (4)
5. Tim Wasyluka, 43-29 (12.0) (8)
6. Eddy McBroom, 43-29 (12.29) (5)
7. Tebe Shaw, 43-29 (13.29) (9)
8. Chris Croyle, 43-29 (13.71) (6)
9. Tom Johnson, 43-29 (15.29) (3)
10. Steven Ray, 42-30 (13.71) (11)
11. Eddy McBroom Jr, 42-30 (13.86) (NR)
12. Jon Osborne, 41-31 (8.43) (12)
dropped out:  Zack Graves (10th)

Aaaaaand.... the Bottom Five
(33) John Wolf... (34) Sarah Hasha... (35) Drew Morris)... (36) Daniel Powell... (37) Justin Fisher

  • So, this has been a tough season for DFC Perennial Successes... Mark Gainey is possibly going to miss his first postseason ever, defending DFC Champion Lori Beirne is looking like she might be the fifth defending champion in ten full seasons of the DFC to miss the postseason following a title.
  • That sounds crazy, but it gets even worse when you realize that in two of those seasons, when Wookiee Fulaytar won his titles (DFC III and DFC V), he didn't particpate the follow season.  So only three times has a defending champion made the postseason the next year--Matt Latta won DFC VI, back to the Deuce Bowl the next year, beaten by Tad Roose, who following his title in DFC VII, got knocked out of Wild Card Weekend in the next season.  Mark Gainey won DFC IX, and got to all the way to the Final Four last season before losing to Lori... who might miss the postseason.
  • Wanted to also focus in on something else... worst seasons.  With three weeks left, thats 24 games to make or break whatever records one might be looking at, not to mention to shore up Rookie of the Year (its Randy Latta's for the losing) or to lock up another MVP title (looks like I might get a third straight--eat that, Gainey)
  • Drew Morris' worst season ever, DFC III, a 50-46 effort.  He's at 33-39 right now.  Do the math, and thats a 17-7 record needed to just equal that 50 win season... Gainey's worst record ever is his 58-38 record last season.  He's at 38-34, putting him at needing a 20-4 record to equal that own mark.
  • Scott Latta is not faring much better.  The much hyped preseason #1 is sitting at 37-35, though he only needs 13 more wins to equal his career worst 49-47 record in DFC VII
  • Jennifer Ernst has seen her star fall too... her worst career record ever was in DFC VI, going 50-46.  Right now at 36-36, she'll need another 14 wins to match, 15 to surpass.  And none of these DFC'ers are projected to make the postseason.
  • Daniel Powell has also had some rough seasons... in DFC I, he was 32-24, but did come into the season late, missed a few weeks, and we also had a 11 week regular season, as opposed to the 12 we have now.  His worst after that comes in DFC IV, at 47-49, but right now at 32-40, he does have some making up to do.
  • More upbeat LDL&S next week, when I'm not so frakkin' tired!

Monday, November 01, 2010

The DFC XI Week Ten Games

The games for Week Ten of the DFC...

All Times CST, All Ranks from AP.  Combined records of this weeks teams:  57-8.  Good luck.

4. Texas Christian University Hornady Toads (9-0) at 6. Utah Fightin' Mormons (8-0), 230p

17. Arkansas Razorbacks (6-2) at 18. South Carolina Gamecocks (6-2), 6p, ESPN

5. Alabama Crimson Thirteens (7-1) at 12. LSU Mismanaged Tigers (7-1), 7p

13. Arizona Wildcats (7-1) at 10. The Stanford Tree (7-1), 7p, ABC

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2) at Atlanta Falcons (5-2), 12p, FOX

NYGiants (5-2) at Seattle Seahawks (4-3), 305p, FOX

Indianapolis Colts (4-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-3), 315p, CBS

Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) at Oakland Raiders (4-4), 315p, CBS

TieBreak Game
TCU at Utah, total points scored

Monday, October 25, 2010

DFC XI Week Eight Results

(4) Auburn Tigers 24, (6) LSU Tigers 17
(13) Wisconsin Badgers 31, (15) Iowa Hawkeyes 30
(16) Nebraska Cornhuskers 51, (14) Oklahoma State Cowboys 41
(18) Missouri Tigers 36, (3) Oklahoma Sooners 27
Washington Redskins 17, Chicago Bears 14
Tampa Bay Bucs 18, St. Louis Rams 17
Oakland Raiders 59, Denver Broncos 14
Green Bay Packers 28, Minnesota Vikings 24

For the second time this season, and for the sixth time in his career, Mikey Nipp pulls out all the stops in finishing first for the week--his 6th weekly win all time.  This is a huge week for said Nipp, after going 0-8 last week (something we'll discuss in Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics below).

Coming up short on Yours Truly's quest for an unprecedented third straight weekly win, Yours Truly does in fact get 2nd place, at 6-2.  In 3rd, its rookie David Tuck, also at 6-2.  For 4th for the week, Big Eddy McBroom goes 5-3, Tommy McLeod in 5th and Tyler Campbell in 6th, both at 5-3.

For 7th for the week, Ryan Sherman, at 8th is Joey Thornell, and in 9th is Young Garrett Cheney, all at 5-3.  Rounding out the weekly top ten is DMOsborne, finishing 4-4.

Also Finishing:
4-4:  Drew Warren, Tebershaw, Sarah Hasha, Trey Cartledge, Chris Croyle, Jonny Osborne, Stevie Ray, Hawbaker, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Daniel Powell
3-5: Matt Halpert, Jenn Ernst, Dan Sellers, Tom Johnson, Mark "The (un)Mighty" Gainey, John Wolf, Lori "Gonna Have a Baby" Beirne, gRandy Latta, Eddy Jr, The Big Wasyluka
2-6:  Hurricane Rhett, Brad Latta, Drew Morris, Jason Roberts
1-7: Scotty Latta, Matta Latta, Zack Graves 

Joey Thornell, 42-22 (14.5)
Zack Graves, 37-27 (9.5)
DMOsborne, 36-28 (16.3)
Matt Halpert, 35-29 (8.83)
Drew Warren, 35-29 (11.5)
Rhett Barnett, 32-32 (14.5)
Matt Latta, 31-33 (9.83)

Tebe Shaw, 38-26 (11.8)
Tommy McLeod, 36-28 (9.33)
Brad Latta, 34-30 (11.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 33-31 (7.0)
Justin Fisher, 30-34 (13.3)
Sarah Hasha, 29-35 (17.5)

Tom Johnson, 40-24 (14.30)
Big Eddy McBroom, 39-25 (10.7)
Dan Sellers, 38-26 (9.0)
Trey Cartledge, 36-28 (13.3)
David Tuck, 35-29 (16.0)
Drew Morris, 32-32 (7.5)

(1) Joey Thornell, 42-22 (14.5) (North Division champ, first round bye)
(2) Tom Johnson, 40-24 (14.3) (West Division champ, first round bye)
(3) Big Eddy, 39-25 (10.7) (wild card)
(4) Tebe Shaw, 38-26 (11.8) (wild card)
(5) Dan Sellers, 38-26 (9.0) (wild card)
(6) Zack Graves, 37-27 (9.5) (wild card)
On the Bubble... Tommy McLeod (36-28/9.33)... Trey Cartledge (36-28/13.3)... DMOsborne (36-28/16.3)... Matt Halpert (35-29/8.83)... Drew Warren (35-29/11.5)... David Tuck (35-29/16.0)

Yours Truly, 46-18 (12.3)
Chris Croyle, 39-25 (14.8)
Ryan Sherman, 36-28 (11.8)
Garrett Cheney, 35-29 (16.7)
Tyler Campbell, 34-30 (10.8)
Mark Gainey, 33-31 (10.7)
John Wolf, 31-33 (9.0)

Randy Latta, 39-25 (9.83)
Jon Osborne, 37-27 (7.83)
Steven Ray, 37-27 (11.0)
Jason Roberts, 33-31 (10.5)
Lori Beirne, 32-32 (11.7)
Scott Latta, 31-33 (8.17)

Tim Wasyluka, 38-26 (10.5)
James Hawbaker, 36-28 (9.83)
Eddy Jr, 36-28 (11.0)
Michael Nipp, 34-30 (13.8)
Tad Roose, 34-30 (14.0)
Daniel Powell, 29-35 (17.0)

(1) Yours Truly, 46-18 (12.3) (East Division champ, first round bye)
(2) Randy Latta, 39-25 (9.83) (Central Division champ, first round bye)
(3) Chris Croyle, 39-25 (14.8) (wild card)
(4) Tim Wasyluka, 38-26 (10.5) (South Division champ)
(5) Jonathan Osborne, 37-27 (7.83) (wild card)
(6) Steven Ray, 37-27 (11.0) (wild card)
On the Bubble... James Hawbaker (36-28/9.83)... Eddy Jr (36-28/11.0)... Ryan Sherman, (36-28/11.8)... Garrett Cheney (35-29/16.7)...

Playoffs... Remember, top six in each conference go to postseason.  Top two records get first round bye, remaining four participate in "Wild Card Weekend", sending the top two of that group into the next round.  Ties are broken via TieBreak Average, but division winner always gets higher seed regardless of TBA. 

Rank, DFC'er, Record (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 46-18 (12.3) (1)
2. Joey Thornell, 42-22 (14.5) (2)
3. Tom Johnson, 40-24 (14.3) (3)
4. Randy Latta, 39-25 (9.83) (5)
5. Eddy McBroom, 39-25 (10.7) (10)
6. Chris Croyle, 39-25 (14.8) (8)
7. Dan Sellers, 38-26 (9.0) (6)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 38-26 (10.5) (7)
9. Tebe Shaw, 38-26 (11.8) (9)
10. Zack Graves, 37-27 (9.5) (4)
11. Steven Ray, 37-27 (11.0) (NR)
12. Jonathan Osborne, 37-27 (7.83) (11)
dropped out... Eddy Jr (12th)

Aaaaaand... the bottom five...
(33) John Wolf... (34) Matt Latta... (35) Justin Fisher... (36) Daniel Powell... (37) Sarah Hasha

Thanks to a few of you who have responded in kind with various ways to improve the flow of DFC information... I had several spreadsheets and formulas sent my way, and spent time looking at all of them.  Like the NFL or NCAA, I'm a little slow to adopt the necessary actions to improve my life... but suggestions like an email where you just click on a winner, and sheets where All-Time info can be kept easier will be seriously considered. 

  • There have been a number of 0-8 weeks in the history of The DFC, and almost all of them are due to the lack of picks being sent in.  Before last week, only twice has someone actually gone all the way through the week and missed every.  single.  game... First, it was done in DFC II, Week Three by one Ross Kingrey.  
  • The next time was by Michael Nipp, in DFC VI, Week 9.  And not until last week had it happened again...
  • Wanted to mention this last week, but didn't get to write out the LDL&S... Michael Nipp became the first DFC'er to legitimately lose all eight games in a single weekend--twice.
  • But, its important to note this week for Mikey, as he has another connection with the long since retired Ross Kingrey--the biggest week-to-week turnaround, going from 0-8 to 7-1, which both Ross did in DFC II and Michael did last week to this week.
  • All Time Wins... Congrats to DMOsborne who passed 600, and Tad Roose, who is 1 shy from that mark.  Daniel Powell is at 587, and Big Tom Johnson is at 584.  Bear in mind that "All Time" includes playoffs.
  • Tim Wasyluka recently crossed 500 (at 509), while Ryan Sherman hit the 300 mark (at 311).  Trey Cartledge needs but one win to go to 300.  Justin Fisher rolls to 200, while Brad Latta needs 7 more to get to 100 all time wins. 
  • Since its getting close to that time, let's check out some playoff stats...  Mark Gainey (94-51), Drew Morris (93-58) and Eddy McBroom (84-36) are the top three when it comes to playoff victories.  From third to fourth is a huge dropoff, as Matt Latta only has a 58-31 record.  This is important for Eddy McBroom, as unless there is a huge surge from Gainey or Drew, Eddy might be the only one to make the postseason this year out of those top three.  With a strong run, this would give Eddy a chance to become the number one playoff winner of all time.
  • Could it be the end of a true dynasty?  Mark Gainey is having what will possibly be the worst season he's ever had in his 9 season career.  His lowest win total came last season with 58, but with a 33-31 record currently, he's going to have to coast to a 25-7 in the final four weeks.  Not impossible, but not likely.  This is important because Gainey has one heck of a streak going--he's made the postseason nine straight years.  The next longest streak is Matt Latta, currently at five, but that also seems as if that will end this year.
  • If Jonathan Osborne or James Hawbaker make this postseason this year, they will own the longest active streak at four seasons.  Otherwise, three is the magic number, from Yours Truly--if Yours Truly makes it. 

DFC XI Week Nine Games

Week Nine in The Deuce Football Championships... four weeks left until playoff time... all college ranks are from the AP Poll, all times Central times.

7. Missouri Tigers (7-0) at 14. Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-1), 230p, ABC

Florida Gators (4-3) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (4-4), in Jacksonville, 230p, CBS

California Bears (4-3) at Oregon State Beavers (3-3), 230p,

Michigan Wolverines (5-2) at Penn State Nittany Lions (4-3), 7p, ESPN

Denver Broncos (2-5) at San Francisco 49ers (1-7), 12p, CBS

Tampa Bay Bucs (4-2) at Arizona Cardinals (3-3), 315p, FOX

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) at New Orleans Saints (4-3), 720p, NBC

Houston Texans (4-2) at Indianapolis Colts (4-2), 730p, ESPN

Michigan vs. Penn State, total points scored

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DFC XI Week Seven Results

7. Auburn 65, 12. Arkansas 43
USC 48, California 14 (tiebreak game, 62 points)
Texas 20, (5) Nebraska 13
(18) Wisconsin 31, (1) Ohio State 18
Miami Dolphins 23, Green Bay 20 OT
New England 23, Baltimore 20
Philadelphia 31, Atlanta 17
Tennessee 30, Jacksonville 3

So, here's the deal.  The problem with being successful in the regular season is that when I crash and burn in the postseason, its all the more horrific and hilarious.  Toss in the slight suspicion that I'm sure someone out there is having deep down inside that perhaps I'm rigging it a little, and its a two fold curse.  Its very difficult being this awesome.

All that is to say, Yours Truly took the second week in a row, at 7-1.  And Chris Croyle is a bridesmaid again, for the second time this season, coming in 2nd with a 6-2 record.  Jenn Ernst gets 3rd at 5-3, with Drew Warren taking 4th, also at 5-3.

The Mighty Gainey makes what is turning out to be a rare appearance in the weekly top ten this week, at number 5, at 5-3, while Joey Thornell gets 6th.  Finishing up the week is Big Tom Johnson in 7th, Trey Cartledge in 8th, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose in 9th, all at 5-3, and tying for 10th is The Big Wasyluka and Jonny Osborne.

Also finishing:
4-4:  Hurricane Rhett Barnett... Zack Graves... JustFish... Tommy Mac... Brad Latta.. Eddy McBroom... Drew Morris... Dan Sellers.. Tyler Campbell... Ryan Sherman... Garrett Cheney... Steven Ray... Randy Latta... Eddy McBroom Jr...
3-5:  DMOsborne... Matt Halpert... Tebershaw... Scotty Latta... Jason Roberts... Hawbaker... Daniel Powell
2-6:  Matt Latta... David Tuck... John Wolf... Lori Beirne...
1-7:  Sarah Hasha
0-8:  Mikey Nipp (more on this later)

Joey Thornell, 37-19 (14.2)
Zack Graves, 36-20 (9.4)
Matt Halpert, 32-24 (9.6)
DMOsborne, 32-24 (18.8)
Drew Warren, 31-25 (11.0)
Matt Latta, 30-26 (10.4)
Rhett Barnett. 30-26 (13.6)

Tebe Shawn, 34-22 (10.4)
Brad Latta, 32-24 (12.0)
Tommy McLeod, 31-25 (10.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 30-26 (7.0)
Justin Fisher, 29-27 (15.8)
Sarah Hasha, 25-31 (16.6)

Tom Johnson, 37-19 (15.2)
Dan Sellers, 35-21 (8.8)
Eddy McBroom, 34-22 (11.6)
Trey Cartledge, 32-24 (13.8)
Drew Morris, 30-26 (6.8)
David Tuck, 29-27 (12.2)

(1) Joey Thornell, 37-19 (14.2) (North Division Champion, first round bye)
(2) Tom Johnson, 37-19 (15.2) (West Division Champion, first round bye)
(3) Zack Graves, 36-20 (9.4) (wild card, in Wild Card Weekend)
(4) Dan Sellers, 35-21 (8.8) (wild card, in Wild Card Weekend)
(5) Tebe Shaw, 34-22 (10.4) (Central Division Champion, in Wild Card Weekend)
(6) Eddy McBroom, 34-22 (11.6) (wild card, in Wild Card Weekend)
On the Bubble--within 2 games:  Brad Latta (32-24/12.0)... Trey Cartledge (32-24/13.8)... DMOsborne (32-24/18.8)

Yours Truly, 40-16 (13.0)
Chris Croyle, 35-21 (15.0)
Ryan Sherman, 31-25 (12.8)
Mark Gainey, 30-26 (10.6)
Garrett Cheney, 30-26 (13.6)
Tyler Campbell, 29-27 (11.8)
John Wolf, 28-28 (6.8)

Randy Latta, 36-20 (9.6)
Jonathan Osborne, 33-23 (7.6)
Steven Ray, 33-23 (11.2)
Jason Roberts, 31-25 (9.2)
Scott Latta, 30-26 (8.6)
Lori Beirne, 29-27 (13.4)

Tim Wasyluka, 35-21 (9.2)
Eddy McBroom Jr, 33-23 (9.6)
James Hawbaker, 32-24 (9.2)
Tad Roose, 30-26 (15.2)
Mikey Nipp, 27-29 (15.0)
Daniel Powell, 25-31 (19.2)

(1) Yours Truly, 40-16 (13) (East Division Champion, first round bye)
(2) Randy Latta, 36-20 (9.6) (Central Division Champion, first round bye)
(3) Tim Wasyluka, 35-21 (9.2) (South Division Champion, in Wild Card Weekend)
(4) Chris Croyle, 35-21 (15.0) (wild card, in Wild Card Weekend)
(5) Jonathan Osborne, 33-23 (7.6) (wild card, in Wild Card Weekend)
(6) Eddy McBroom Jr, 33-26 (9.6)
On the Bubble, within 2 game... Steven Ray (33-23/11.2)... James Hawbaker (32-24/9.2)... Jason Roberts, (31-25/9.2)... Ryan Sherman (31-25/12.8)...

Rank, Playaplaya, Rec, (TBA), (Last Wk)
1. Yours Truly, 40-16 (13.0) (1st)
2. Joey Thornell, 37-19 (14.2) (4th)
3. Tom Johnson, 37-19 (15.2) (5th)
4. Zack Graves, 36-20 (9.4) (2nd)
5. Randy Latta, 36-20 (9.6) (3rd)
6. Dan Sellers, 35-21 (8.8) (7th)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 35-21 (9.2) (8th)
8. Chris Croyle, 35-21 (15.0) (NR)
9. Tebe Shaw, 34-22 (10.4) (6th)
10. Eddy McBroom, 34-22 (11.6) (9th)
11. Jonathan Osborne, 33-23 (7.6) (10th)
12. Eddy Jr, 33-23 (9.6) (12th)
dropped out:  James Hawbaker (11th)

Aaaaaaaaaand... the bottom five...
(33) Justin Fisher... (34) John Wolf... (35) Michael Nipp... (36) Sarah Hasha... (37) Daniel Powell

Got an email earlier this week, with Drew Morris asking:  "I wonder what the longest streak of 3-5 or better is.  I also wonder how many weeks in my career I've done worse than 3-5."

That answer will be coming next week, but I also wanted to open it up to the DFC League... if you your own Lies question, a Darn Lies question or a Statistic question, about records or games or weeks or streaks or anything else, send it to me!  I'll be happy to look and find out!

Thought I'd share a bit... how The DFC comes together, week by week... 

Before the beginning of the season, a few weeks before Game One, the spreadsheet is built.  The standings list is slowly filled in, based on who responds to the invitation.  Decisions have to be made in filling up divisions, who gets moved where, and so on and so forth.  As Week One approaches, I send out emails to get just that--email addresses.  Making sure that I have everyone's email address correct, though sometimes it takes a while (Hawbaker!). 

I spend a few days looking at and to find the games that I think are worth picking.  I have to be careful not to pick games that would have everyone picking the same team--thus, in recent years, we've avoided the Alabama/Auburn game, mostly because it would be almost entirely Alabama.  I'd rather go Purdue/Northwestern and get somewhat of a split.

Typically on a Sunday night, games are posted to the website, and sometimes on Monday, they are sent via email.  I end up getting a few responses immediately--Brad Latta and Mikey Nipp are almost always neck-in-neck on who responds first.  Over the next few days, I get a dozen or more emails with games, and sometimes with the ominous "Hey, check my record..." email.  I make the corrections.

During the week, I listen to the PTI podcast daily, as well as the College Gameday ESPN podcast, which helps me pick the games for myself.  Thursday, it really kicks into high gear.  I make my own picks on Thursday, then go through each email and make sure I've got the games in, and work on a "Reminder" email to the DFC.  I list each person who has already sent (or sometimes needs to send) their picks in, then copy and paste the games from the website.  Usually, that elicits everyone else to jump on in and get their picks done.

The weekend is here!  Games start, are played and finish--sometimes, I have time to update through the weekend, at least on the DFC Spreadsheet.  I like to wait until all college games are played, then go through and add in 2-2 or 4-0 or 3-1 or 1-3 to corresponding records.  Its easier making the tiebreak game a college game, because it gives me time that evening or Sunday to take care of the TieBreak Average... one by one, I fix the formulas on each player, taking out the worst score and the best score, and doing a new game total. 

The next day, after NFL games are through, I add the records in to get a weekend picture.  I number the records, considering tiebreaks, 1 through 10 on the grid.  Then I travel to and once again to look at the next week's games.  Many times I'll post them online before the current weekend's slate of games is complete, especially if there is a Monday night game we are picking.  Monday, the games go out via email, and I begin to look at the just-finished results.

Monday night, sometimes Tuesday (and sometimes Wednesday) I begin to craft the Results email, sort the rankings any type it all up first. I open up the DFC ALL TIME MASTER spreadsheet with every possible stat you can imagine (and some you can't) and see if there are any lies, darn lies and statistics worth mentioning... this season, its been a once-every-two-weeks feature, just because it takes more time than I have sometimes. 

By Wednesday at the latest, the results are sent out--while I'm getting game pick emails for the next week... and it goes on for 12 weeks, until the playoffs, which are done slightly different.

You'd ask, "Where do you get all this time?" and I answer, "Just squeeze it in where you can..."

And that's how the Admin offices of the DFC have spent 16 weeks out of every fall!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

DFC XI Week Eight Games

Here are the next week's games... all times are central, all rankings are from the AP Poll

6. LSU Tigers (7-0) at 5. Auburn Tigers (7-0), 230p, CBS

10. Wisconsin Badgers (6-1) at 13. Iowa Hawkeyes (5-1), 230p, ABC

14. Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-1) at 17. Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-0), 230p, ABC

3. Oklahoma Sooners (6-0) at 18. Missouri Tigers (6-0), 7p, ABC

Washington Redskins (3-2) at Chicago Bears (4-2), 12p, FOX

St. Louis Rams  (3-3) at Tampa Bay Bucs (3-2), 12p, FOX

Oakland Raiders (2-4) at Denver Broncos (2-4), 315p, CBS

Minnesota Vikings (2-3) at Green Bay Packers (3-3), 720p, NBC

TIEBREAK GAMELSU vs Auburn, total points scored

Monday, October 11, 2010

DFC XI Week Seven Games

Can you believe the season is half over?  Onto the playoffs!!

12. Arkansas Razorbacks (4-1) at 7. Auburn Tigers (6-0), 230p

California Bears (3-2) at USC Trojans (4-2), 230p

Texas Longhorns (3-2) at 5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (5-0), 230p, ABC

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0) at 18. Wisconsin (5-1), 6pm, ESPN

Miami Dolphins (2-2) at Green Bay Packers (3-2), 12p, CBS

Baltimore Ravens (4-1) at New England Patriots (3-1), 12p, CBS

Atlanta Falcons (4-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-2), 12p, FOX

Tennessee Titans (3-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2), 730p, ESPN (Monday Night)

California vs USC, total points scored

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The DFC XI Week Six Results

Georgia 41, Tennessee 14
17. Michigan St. 34, 18. Michigan 17
12. LSU 33, 14. Florida Gators 29
23. Florida St 45, 13. Miami 17
Indianapolis 19, Kansas City 9
Washington 16, Green Bay 13 OT
NYGiants 34, Houston 10
Tennessee 34, Dallas 27

It would be easy to say "I Rule", with Yours Truly going 6-2 and taking home my 7th career win, but its had to say that not having any championship plates on my own shelf... so I'll just say I won.  Barely beating gRandy Latta, who came in 2nd, a week after a share of his first weekly win, at 5-3.  Coming in 3rd is Dan Sellers also at 5-3.

In 4th was Hurricane Rhett Barnett at 5-3, and in 5th is Matt Halpert at 4-4.  In 6th is John Wolf, in 7th is James Hawbaker and tied for 8th is The Big Wasyluka, and Drew Warren.  Finishing the Top Ten is David Tuck, all at 4-4.

Also finishing...
4-4:  DMOsborne
3-5: Matta Latta... Joey Thornell... JustFish... Chris Croyle... Scotty Latta... Tebershaw... Drew Morris... Ryan Sherman... Jonny Osborne... Stevie Ray... Jason Roberts...
2-6: Jenn Ernst... Lori Beirne... Tommy McLeod... Brad Latta... Sarah Hasha... Big Eddy... Trey Cartedge... Tom Johnson... The Mighty Gainey... Young Garrett... Mikey Nipp... Eddy Jr...
1-7: Zack Graves... Tyler Campbell... Tad Roose... Daniel Powell

Zack Graves, 32-16 (6.5)
Joey Thornell, 32-16 (15.0)
Matt Halpert, 29-19 (11.0)
DMOsborne, 29-19 (18.5)
Matt Latta, 28-20 (12.0)
Drew Warren, 26-22 (12.25)
Rhett Barnett, 26-22 (12.5)

Tebe Shaw, 31-17 (8.75)
Brad Latta, 28-20 (14.0)
Tommy McLeod, 27-21 (11.75)
Jennifer Ernst, 25-23 (8.25)
Justin Fisher, 25-23 (15.5)
Sarah Hasha, 24-24 (17.0)

Tom Johnson, 32-16 (16.75)
Dan Sellers, 31-17 (10.0)
Eddy McBroom, 30-18 (12.0)
David Tuck, 27-21 (12.8)
Trey Cartledge, 27-21 (13.67)
Drew Morris, 26-22 (6.75)

Yours Truly, 33-15 (13.75)
Chris Croyle, 29-19 (12.0)
Ryan Sherman, 27-21 (12.75)
Garrett Cheney, 26-22 (15.5)
John Wolf, 25-23 (8.25)
Mark Gainey, 25-23 (11.5)
Tyler Campbell, 25-23 (14.75)

Randy Latta, 32-16 (7.5)
Jon Osborne, 29-19 (9.0)
Steven Ray, 29-19 (11.75)
Jason Roberts, 28-20 (10.5)
Scott Latta, 27-21 (9.0)
Lori Beirne, 27-21 (14.25)

Tim Wasyluka, 31-17 (11.0)
James Hawbaker, 29-19 (10.25)
Eddy Jr, 29-19 (11.0)
Mikey Nipp, 27-21 (15.75)
Tad Roose, 25-23 (13.25)
Daniel Powell, 22-26 (19/75)

Rank, Record (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 33-15 (13.75) (9th)
2. Zack Graves, 32-16 (6.5) (1st)
3. Randy Latta, 32-16 (7.5) (5th)
4. Joey Thornell, 32-16 (15.0) (3rd)
5. Tom Johnson, 32-16 (16.75) (2nd)
6. Tebe Shaw, 31-17 (8.75) (4th)
7. Dan Sellers, 31-17 (10.0) (10th)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 31-17 (11.0) (8th)
9. Eddy McBroom, 30-18 (12.0) (6th)
10. Jonathan Osborne, 29-19 (9.0) (12th)
11. James Hawbaker, 29-19 (10.25) (NR-16th)
12. Eddy Jr, 29-19 (11.0) (7th)
dropped out:  Matt Halpert (11th)

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The DFC XI Week Five Results

Well, it doesn't happen too often--the TieBreak score is a good preventative measure--but it does happen sometimes.  That is, two (or more) people tying for the weekly win, not just with record but also with TB.  Last time was DFC IX, Week 11 when Drew Morris and Mark Gainey tied up at 7-1. 

This time around, Michael Nipp gets, at least a share of, his 6th career weekly win, while rookie gRandy Latta gets a share of his first weekly title.  Joey Thornell misses a three-way lock by 4 points, and all three are 8-0 this week.

For fourth place, we go the 7-1s of the group, which continues throughout the Weekly Top Ten... Zack Graves has another astounding week, this time for 4th, while in 5th is Ryan Sherman.  Tied up for 6th is DFC Legend Big Eddy Mac and also Teber Shaw, in 8th is Hurricane Rhett Barnett, in 9th is Tommy McLeod, and rounding out this weeks Top Ten is Brad Latta

Also Finishing:
7-1: Chris Croyle
6-2: Jay Rob, Hawbaker, Eddy the Junior, Matt Latta. Drew Warren, Trey Cartledge, Yours Truly, Lt. Dan, Big Tom J,
5-3: Young Garrett, Lori Beirne, Jonny Osborne, Stevie Ray, DMOsborne, Sarah Hasha, Drew Morris, Matt Halpert, Tyler Campbell, John Wolf,
4-4: Jenn Ernst, The Tuck Rule, The Big Wasyluka, The Mighty Gainey
3-5: JustFish
2-6: Daniel Powell

Zack Graves, 31-9 (5.0)
Joey Thornell, 29-11 (16.0)
Matt Latta, 25-15 (11.7)
Matt Halpert, 25-15 (12.7)
DM Osborne, 25-15 (18.0)
Drew Warren, 22-18 (12.0)
Rhett Barnett, 21-19 (11.0)

TeberShaw, 28-12 (9.0)
Brad Latta, 26-14 (14.7)
Tommy McLeod, 25-15 (10.0)
Jenn Ernst, 23-17 (6.33)
Justin Fisher, 22-18 (15.5)
Sarah Hasha, 22-18 (15.7)

Tom Johnson, 30-10 (17.7)
Eddy McBroom, 28-12 (10.3)
Dan Sellers, 26-14 (10.7)
Trey Cartledge, 25-15 (13.7)
Drew Morris, 23-17 (6.67)
David Tuck, 23-17 (10.3)

Yours Truly, 27-13 (11.7)
Chris Croyle, 26-14 (10.7)
Ryan Sherman, 24-16 (11.3)
Garrett Cheney, 24-16 (13.7)
Tyler Campbell, 24-16 (14.7)
Mark Gainey, 23-17 (11.0)
John Wolf, 22-18 (10.0)

Randy Latta, 28-12 (9.0)
Jon Osborne, 26-14 (11.0)
Steven Ray, 26-14 (12.7)
Jason Roberts, 25-15 (4.33)
Scotty Latta, 24-16 (8.0)
Lori Beirne, 24-16 (13.3)

Eddy Jr, 27-13 (9.0)
Tim Wasyluka, 27-13 (10.3)
James Hawbaker, 25-15 (10.0)
Mikey Nipp, 25-15 (15.3)
Tad Roose, 24-16 (12.0)
Daniel Powell, 21-19 (17.0)

(Rank) Playa, Record (TBA) (Last Wk)
1. Zack Graves, 31-9 (5) (1st)
2. Tom Johnson, 30-10 (17.7) (2nd)
3. Joey Thornell, 29-11 (16) (10th)
4-tie. Tebe Shaw, 28-12 (9) (5th)
4-tie. Randy Latta, 28-12 (9) (11th)
6. Eddy McBroom, 28-12 (10.3) (7th)
7. Eddy McBroom Jr, 27-13 (9.0) (6th)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 27-13 (10.3) (3rd)
9. Yours Truly, 27-13 (11.7) (4th)
10-tie. Dan Sellers, 26-14 (10.7) (NR-13th)
10-tie. Chris Croyle, 26-14 (10.7) (NR-18th)
12. Jonny Osborne, 26-14 (11) (9th)
dropped out: Steven Ray (8th)... Matt Halpert (12th)

Aaaaand... the bottom five...
(33) Drew Warren... (34) Justin Fisher... (35) Sarah Hasha... (36) Rhett Barnett... (37) Daniel Powell

  • I usually don't mention upcoming games in this section, unless its a milestone... and the Tennessee Titans visiting the Dallas Cowboys counts.  ITS OUR 1000TH GAME IN THE DFC.
  • That's right.  I just said ONE THOUSAND.  So, DMO, Matt, Mikey Nipp, Jennifer Ernst, Tommy McLeod and Yours Truly can all revel in this accomplishment.  (Daniel Powell started a few weeks late)
  • I mentioned that Mikey and Randy tying for the weekly win is a somewhat rare occurance, and its true.  Counting this past week, we've had 124 weeks of regular season play (11 weeks in DFC I, 12 weeks in every season after, 5 weeks completed this year) and a weekly tie between 2 DFC'ers has happened 5 times before this week.
  • DFC I, Wk 2, Hall of Famer Wookiee Fulaytar and Brooke DeRamus (of which our championship plate is named after) tied at 6-2.  In DFC II, Wk 7, Tommy McLeod and Jason Quinn tied up at 6-2.   DFC VII, Mark Gainey and Jennifer Ernst tied at 6-2 in Week 4 and in DFC VIII, Wk 11, Hawbaker and Ken Mackey tied up at 6-2.  Finally, in DFC IX, Drew Morris and Mark Gainey got a 7-1 tie in Wk 11.
  • A three way tie for the week is even more rare--its happened 2 times.  In DFC V, Eddy McBroom, Jonathan Osborne and Tad "The Dynasty" Roose tied with 7-1 in Week 10, and in DFC VIII, Wk 12, Drew Morris, Trey Cartledge and Ken Mackey all tied at 7-1.
  • Mikey Nipp went 8-0 this week, and in his 10+ year career, he's had a total of 2... including this week.  The other was DFC V, Week 5.
  • 8-0 is a pretty solid achievement, as its sheer undefeatedism, but winning a week at 8-0 actually happens more often than you'd think.  Including this week, 26 weeks have been won by the undefeated mark.  Shawn Sharp, Daniel Powell, Scotty Latta, Jenn Ernst, DMOsborne, Garrett Cheney, Wookiee Fulaytar, Tyler Campbell, Tebe Shaw, Zack Graves, Matt Latta, Hawbaker, Tim Wasyluka, Jason Barnette, Ryan Sherman,
  • Justin Glenn, Tad Roose, Lori Beirne and now Mikey Nipp have done it twice, and Mark Gainey has done it 3 times, once at 9-0, the only 9-0 week in DFC's history. 
  • Regular season wins... Jenn Ernst and Yours Truly just crossed 600 wins.  Matt Latta is up next at 590.  Lori Beirne is 13 wins away from 500.  James Hawbaker will hit 300 wins with 6 more, and Ryan Sherman will get there in a few weeks, at 288.  
  • Matt Halpert needs 1 more to hit 200, while Joey Thornell is at 191.   The race to 100 is heating up, with Brad Latta (80), Steven Ray (79), Dan Sellers (79) and Rhett Barnett (72) all in reach this season.
  •  All Time Wins (regular season + playoffs)... DMO has 594 all time wins, 6 from 600.  Tad Roose has 589, Daniel Powell has 579 and Tom Johnson has 574.  Up to 500, Tim Wasyluka has 498, while next to 300 all time wins, Ryan Sherman (299) and Trey Cartledge (288). 
  • Justin Fisher is 4 away from 200 (196), while Brad Latta's playoff run last year puts him at 85 all time wins, 15 from 100.