Monday, November 26, 2007

DFC VIII Wild Card Weekend Games

These games are for:
Tommy McLeod, Gary Eubanks, Mackey, Matt Latta, Justin Fisher, Scott Latta, Tad Roose, Mark Gainey, Clif Render, Trey Cartledge

First Round Bye:
Matt Halpert, Jon Osborne, Jason Duren, Drew Morris, James Hawbaker, Ryan Sherman

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (7-4) at Louisville Cardinals (5-6), 630pm, ESPN
Two programs who were supposed to be dominate this year, both stumbling to the end of the season.

#11 Boston College Golden Eagles (10-2) vs #6 Virginia Tech Hokies (10-2), 12pm, ABC
The ACC Championship game. Not sure where it's played.

#7 LSU Tigers (10-2) vs #14 Tennessee Volunteers (9-3), 3pm, CBS
The SEC Championship game, and I think its still played in Atlanta Georgia. LSU should be favored, and should win unless the game goes into overtime.

#1 Missouri Tigers (11-1) vs #9 Oklahoma Sooners (10-2), 7pm, ABC
The Big XII Championship game. I think its played in Dallas. You know, Troy beat Missouri three years ago. Just so you know.

NFL Games
Green Bay Packers (10-1) at Dallas Cowboys (10-1), 715pm
This probably determines home field advantage in the playoffs, and possibly who goes on to the Super Bowl to lose to New England

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-3) at Indianapolis Colts (9-2), 12pm, CBS
Before you start thinking "oh, the Colts will win this easily", remember Indy has tons of injuries and has lost 2 in a row.

Houston Texans (5-6) at Tennessee Titans (6-5), 12pm, CBS
Ah, the Almost-Decent bowl

Seattle Seahawks (7-4) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-6), 12pm, Fox
Either of these teams could beat anybody on a random Sunday, or lose to anyone else on another random Sunday.

NYGiants (7-4) at Chicago Bears (6-5), 315pm, Fox
Can Eli recover after getting beat down by the Vikes, in front of bro Peyton no less?

TieBreak Game
Total points scored in LSU vs Tennessee game (if the tiebreak doesn't determine weekly ranking, higher seed gets the favor)

DFC VIII Playoffs

Finally... who's in the postseason, and who's not...

The Roose Conference
First Round Byes
1. West Division Champion Drew Morris, 65-31 (10.64)
2. North Division Champion Matt Halpert, 63-33 (13.18)
3. Jason Duren, 62-34 (14.09)

Wild Card Weekend
4. Mid Central Division Champion Tommy McLeod, 59-37 (12.18)
5. Gary Eubanks, 59-37 (13.18)
6. Mackey, 59-37 (13.45)
7. Matt Latta, 59-37 (14.18)
8. Justin Fisher, 57-39 (13.45)

Barely missing the postseason.... Jennifer Ernst, 57-39 (15.45)... Big Eddy McBroom, 56-40 (12.82)... Jason Barnette, 55-41 (12.5)... Tebe Shaw, 55-41 (17.5)

The Latta Conference
First Round Byes
1. South Central Division Champion Jonathan Osborne, 62-34 (12.6)
2. South Division Champion Ryan Sherman, 62-34 (17.83)
3. East Division Champion James Hawbaker, 60-36 (14.18)
Wild Card Weekend
4. Scott Latta, 60-36 (11.91)
5. Defending DFC Champion Tad Roose, 60-36 (11.91)
6. Former East champ Mark Gainey, 59-37 (10.82)
7. Clif Render, 59-37 (16.92)
8. Trey Cartledge, 58-38 (13.27)

Barely missing the playoffs... Zack Graves, 58-38 (17.0)... Lori Beirne, 57-39 (11.82)

The College Title goes to both Drew Morris and Scott Latta at 38-20.

The Pro Champion for DFC VIII is Drew Morris at 27-11

The TieBreak Title is Drew Morris at 10.64... Drew Morris becomes the first to get at least a share of all three major catagories in a DFC Season

Monday, November 12, 2007

DFC VIII Week Twelve Results

Finally... after over a week from being back from Disney World, I thought it would be good to finish up Week 12 results, and give some regular season information as DFC VIII comes to a dramatic close.

FYI... my worst nightmare would be one of you emailing me to tell me that I missed a game you picked, resulting in you missing the postseason when you should have been in it, were it not for the game I didn't get right from you. Just know that if this in fact did happen, at this point, there's nothing that can be done. Like a ref the costs you a shot at the title, thems the breaks. And I apologize. Your choice whether to tell me or not.

Ohio State 14, Michigan 3 (tiebreak total - 17)
Arkansas 45, Mississippi State 31
Boston College 20, Clemson 17
West Virginia 28, Cincinnati 23
Cleveland 33, Baltimore 30
NYGiants 16, Detroit 10
Seattle 30, Chicago 23
St. Louis 13, San Francisco 9

The Week That Was
In a fitting end to a crazy college football season, an unpredictable DFC season and a maddening NFL season, for only the second time in DFC history, ending the season there is a three way tie for Week 12's weekly crown...

Mackey, gets a share of his second week in a row, Drew Morris gets a piece of his record-tying 6th weekly win (and probably securing his first MVP title), and Trey Cartledge gets a share of his first weekly win ever. Just like both USC and LSU were both champions, even though they were "co-champions" in 2004, Mackey, Trey and Drew will all get a "win" in the record books, even as "co-weekly champions".

Coming in 4th, defending DFC Champion Tad Roose, while in 5th, in another tie, Tommy McLeod, Mark Gainey and James Hawbaker all have huge weeks to lock up playoff spots and division titles. For 8th, Matt Halpert, likely securing Rookie of the Year honors, while in 9th, Eddy Jr is the final 7-1 of this last Top Ten. In 10th, Gina Roose makes a rare appearance at the top, getting a 6-2 mark.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Matt Latta, DMOsborne, Jason Duren, Jon Osborne, Scott Latta, Ryan Sherman
5-3: Tebe Shaw, Jenn Ernst, Gary Eubanks, Sarah Hasha, Tyler Campbell, Clif Render, Lori Beirne, Zack Graves, Tim Wasyluka
4-4: Tom Johnson, Jason Barnette, Justin Fisher, Garrett Cheney
3-5: Yours Truly, Michael Nipp
2-6: Daniel Powell
0-8: Jason Turnbow, Jason Demastus, Joey Thornell

X-Clinched Playoff Berth
Y-Divisional Champion
Z-First Round Bye
XYZ - Matt Halpert, 63-33 (13.18)
X - Ken Mackey, 59-37 (13.45)
X - Matt Latta, 59-37 (14.18)
Tom Johnson, 50-46 (21.08)
DMOsborne, 48-48 (19.64)

XY - Tommy McLeod, 59-37 (12.18)
X - Justin Fisher, 57-39 (13.45)
Jennifer Ernst, 57-39 (15.45)
Jason Barnette, 55-41 (12.5)
Tebe Shaw, 55-41 (17.5)
Jason Turnbow, 41-55 (12.55)

XYZ - Drew Morris, 65-31 (10.64)
XZ - Jason Duren, 62-34 (14.09)
X - Gary Eubanks, 59-37 (13.18)
Big Eddy Mc, 56-40 (12.82)
Sarah Hasha, 53-43 (26.0)
Jason Demastus, 37-59 (30.45)

XYZ - James Hawbaker, 60-36 (14.18)
X - Mark Gainey, 59-37 (10.82)
X - Clif Render, 59-37 (16.92)
X - Trey Cartledge, 58-38 (13.27)
Yours Truly, 54-42 (15.55)
Tyler Campbell, 49-47 (14.45)

XYZ - Jonathan Osborne, 62-34 (12.6)
X - Scott Latta, 60-36 (11.91)
X - Tad Roose, 60-36 (15.0)
Zack Graves, 58-38 (17.0)
Lori Beirne, 57-39 (11.82)
Eddy Jr, 54-42 (13.33)

XYZ - Ryan Sherman, 62-34 (17.83)
Michael Nipp, 54-42 (12.33)
Gina Roose, 53-43 (15.55)
Daniel Powell, 53-43 (18.91)
Garrett Cheney, 51-45 (19.91)
Tim Wasyluka, 48-48 (11.55)
Joey Thornell, 41-47 (15.82)

1. Drew Morris, 65-31 (10.64) (1)
2. Matt Halpert, 63-33 (13.18) (2)
3. Jonathan Osborne, 62-34 (12.6) (4)
4. Jason Duren, 62-34 (14.09) (3)
5. Ryan Sherman, 62-34 (17.83) (5)
6. Scott Latta, 60-36 (11.91) (6)
7. James Hawbaker, 60-36 (14.18) (10)
8. Tad Roose, 60-36 (15.0) (9)
9. Mark Gainey, 59-37 (10.82) (NR)
10. Tommy McLeod, 59-37 (12.18) (NR)
11. Gary Eubanks, 59-37 (13.18) (7)
12. Mackey, 59-37 (13.45) (NR)
dropped out: Matt Latta (11)... Clif Render (8)... Justin Fisher (12)

And... the Bottom Five
33) DMOsborne... 34) Jason Turnbow... 35) Joey Thornell... 36) Jason Demastus

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
coming soon

Sunday, November 11, 2007

DFC VIII Week Twelve Games

Note: As tradition with Week 12, once your picks are sent in this week, you CANNOT change them, so choose wisely. For those in the East Division, I'll be making my picks on Wednesday. If you have not used your tiebreak drop this season, it will be applied to your TB automatically if & only if it helps your score (unless for some reason you don't want that...)

Also, I'll be on vacation starting Friday... I'll make sure that results and playoff matchups are taken care of, but I can't promise internet access from where I'll be over the weekend...

College Games:
#7 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-1) at #21 Michigan Wolverines (8-3), 11am ABC
Winner of this game not only wins the Big Ten outright, but also has an assured spot in the BCS games...

Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-4) at Arkansas Razorbacks (6-4), 1pm, JeffPilot?
Ya know, I'm actually rooting for the Croomdawgs... I mean, Mississippi State fans have been suffering for what, five years now? They deserve a little success... and this game was picked because its in Arkansas, probably McFadden's last go-round (I'm guessing he'll hit the draft next year...), so you know MSU has its work cut out.

#17 Boston College Golden Eagles (8-2) at #15 Clemson Tigers (8-2), 645pm
Its the end of the year, the battle for the ACC Atlantic Division!

#6 West Virginia Mountaineers (8-1) at #22 Cincinnati Bearcats (8-2), 645pm
Can you believe it? Not only are the Bearcats good enough to be picked two weeks in a row, if they beat WVU, they'll pretty much have the Big East in their hands, after already beating UConn last weekend.

NFL Games
Cleveland Browns (5-4) at Baltimore Ravens (4-5), 12pm CBS
So, the Browns took it to the Steelers, but let it get away... and the Ravens, with a shell of their former defense, aren't that bad... nor that good.

NYGiants (6-3) at Detroit Lions (6-3) , 12pm Fox
Gotta be honest... I'm lovin' the Lions this season. Seriously. I think they beat Green Bay in a few weeks and win the North.

Chicago Bears (4-5) at Seattle Seahawks (4-4), 315pm, Fox
Weren't both of these teams supposed to be better than this?

And Finally... the final game of the regular season...

St. Louis Rams (1-8) at San Francisco 49ers (2-6)
Its the Crap O'the Week!! Pick 'em!!

TieBreak Game
Ohio State vs Michigan, total points scored...

DFC VIII Week Eleven Results

The week that was:
Its only happened five times out of 94 possible regular season weeks, and here's the fifth... James Hawbaker takes his 3rd week of the season, while sharing the weekly win with Ken Mackey, who gets his first weekly win of his 2 year career.

Lots of ties this week, as Scott Latta and Matt Latta both share in 3rd, while The Mighty Mark Gainey, vying for a record 6th straight playoff appearance, gets 5th all by himself. Big Eddy gets 6th, tying with Ryan Sherman, and Jon Osborne takes 8th. Rounding out the top ten, all tied for 9th are rookies Matt Halpert and Justin Fisher. The entire top ten went 6-2

Also finishing:
5-3: DMOsborne, Jennifer Ernst, Jason Barnette, Tommy McLeod, Drew Morris, Daniel Powell, Garrett Cheney, Michael Nipp, Tad Roose, Trey Cartledge, Lori Beirne, Joey Thornell
4-4: Tebe Shaw, Gary Eubanks, Jason Duren, Jason Demastus, Sarah Hasha, Yours Truly, Clif Render, Eddy Jr
3-5: Jason Turnbow, Tyler Campbell, Zack Graves, Gina Roose
2-6: Tim Wasyluka, Tom Johnson

Playa, record (tba) (college) (pro)
North Division
Matt Halpert, 56-32 (11.2) (34-20) (22-12)
Matt Latta, 53-35 (12.6) (33-21) (20-14)
Ken Mackey, 52-36 (12.0) (31-23) (21-13)
Tom Johnson, 46-42 (20.27) (29-25) (17-17)
DMOsborne, 42-46 (17.7) (23-31) (19-15)

MidCentral Division
Justin Fisher, 53-35 (13.45) (32-22) (21-13)
Tommy McLeod, 52-36 (10.2) (32-22) (20-14)
Jennifer Ernst, 52-36 (13.9) (33-21) (19-15)
Jason Barnette, 51-37 (12.5) (31-23) (20-14)
Tebe Shaw, 50-38 (17.18) (32-22) (18-16)
Jason Turnbow, 41-47 (12.55) (28-26) (13-21)

West Division
Drew Morris, 58-30 (8.9) (35-19) (23-11)
Jason Duren, 56-32 (11.6) (34-20) (22-12)
Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, 54-34 (11.2) (34-20) (20-14)
Eddy McBroom, 49-39 (10.6) (33-21) (16-18)
Sarah Hasha, 48-40 (26.1) (27-27) (21-13)
Jason Demastus, 37-51 (30.45) (19.35) (18-16)

First Round Bye:
1) West Division Champ Drew Morris (58-30 rec, 8.9 tiebreak)
2) North Division Champ Matt Halpert (56-32, 11.2)
3) Jason Duren (56-32, 11.6)
Wild Card Weekend:
4) Gary "The Idol" Eubanks (54-34, 11.2)
5) MidCentral Division Champ Justin Fisher (53-35, 13.45)
6) Matt Latta (53-35, 12.6)
7) Tommy McLeod (52-36, 10.2)
8) Mackey (52-36, 12.0)
On the bubble (within two games): Jennifer Ernst (52-36, 13.9)... Jason Barnette (51-37, 12.5)... Tebe Shaw (50-38, 17.18)

East Division
Clif Render, 54-34 (15.82) (31-21) (23-11)
James Hawbaker, 53-35 (12.4) (34-20) (19-15)
Mark Gainey, 52-36 (8.7) (33-21) (19-15)
Trey Cartledge, 51-37 (32-22) (19-15)
Yours Truly, 51-37 (14.7) (31-21) (20-14)
Tyler Campbell, 44-44 (12.0) (24-30) (20-14)

South Central Division
Jonathan Osborne, 56-32 (12.6) (33-21) (23-11)
Scott Latta, 54-34 (9.9) (35-16) (19-15)
Tad Roose, 53-35 (9.2) (37-17) (16-18)
Zack Graves, 53-35 (15.5) (34-20) (19-15)
Lori Beirne, 52-36 (10.3) (30-24) (22-12)
Eddy Jr, 47-41 (11.36) (27-27) (20-14)

South Division
Ryan Sherman, 56-32 (16.55) (35-19) (21-13)
Michael Nipp, 51-37 (28-26) (23-11)
Daniel Powell, 51-37 (19.0) (32-22) (19-15)
Gina Roose, 47-41 (14.3) (34-20) (13-13)
Garrett Cheney, 47-41 (17.60) (27-27) (20-14)
Tim Wasyluka, 43-45 (9.7) (28-26) (15-19)
Joey Thornell, 41-47 (15.82) (22-32) (19-15)

First Round Bye:
1) South Central Division Champ Jonathan Osborne (56-32, 12.6)
2) South Division Champ Ryan Sherman (56-32, 16.55)
3) East Division Champ Clif Render (54-34, 15.82)
Wild Card Weekend
4) Scott Latta (54-34, 9.9)
5) Tad Roose (53-35, 9.2)
6) James Hawbaker (53-35, 12.4)
7) Zack Graves (53-35, 15.5)
8) Mark Gainey (52-36, 8.7)
On the bubble: Lori Beirne (52-36, 10.3)... Michael Nipp (51-37, 10.91)... Trey Cartledge (51-37, 13.27)... Yours Truly (51-37, 14.7)

DFC Top Twelve Power Poll
1. Drew Morris, 58-30 (8.9) (1)
2. Matt Halpert, 56-32 (11.2) (3)
3. Jason Duren, 56-32 (11.6) (2)
4. Jonathan Osborne, 56-32 (12.6) (5)
5. Ryan Sherman, 56-32 (16.55) (8)
6. Scott Latta, 54-34 (9.9) (10)
7. Gary Eubanks, 54-34 (11.2) (4)
8. Clif Render, 54-34 (15.82) (7)
9. Tad Roose, 53-35 (9.2) (9)
10. James Hawbaker, 53-35 (12.4) (NR)
11. Matt Latta, 53-35 (12.6) (NR)
12. Justin Fisher, 53-35 (13.45) (NR)
dropped out: Zack Graves (6th)... Tommy McLeod (11th)... Lori Beirne (12th)

The College Title Race
1. Tad Roose, 37-17
2. Ryan Sherman, Drew Morris, Scott Latta, 35-19

The TieBreak Title Race
1. Mark Gainey, 8.7
2. Drew Morris, 8.9
3. Tad Roose, 9.2
4. Tim Wasyluka, 9.7
5. Scott Latta, 9.9

The Pro Title Race
1. Jon Osborne, Mikey Nipp, Clif Render, Drew Morris, 23-11
2. Jason Duren, Matt Halpert, Lori Beirne 22-12

And... the Bottom Five...
32. Tim Wasyluka... 33. DMOsborne... 34. Jason Turnbow... 35. Joey Thornell... 36. Jason Demastus

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • The postseason is here, if you can believe it, and it looks as though Jonathan Osborne might get the playoff monkey off his back. Its been said before how he's long held the record for longest career without a postseason appearance (currently at 83 regular season weeks--will be 84 at season's end), so who's next if Jon doesn't have that record anymore?
  • That would be Sarah Hasha and Jason Demastus, but you truly have to give the nod to Sarah, who has turned in games every week, while Demastus has been known to miss a few from time to time. By the end of the season, she'll have completed 72 weeks with nary a playoff game decided. After her, it falls to Tyler Campbell and Garrett Cheney, with 60 weeks.
  • The DFC Triple Crown would be winning the College, Pro and TBA titles, and has never been done. Drew Morris has a shot at it this year, though, appearing the top five of each of the major catagories. This would almost certainly guarantee him an MVP title
  • Who's up for MVP this year? You gotta think Jon Osborne first, but he's slacked off in a last few weeks since spending 5 straight weeks at the top. Drew Morris has the best record (so far), while both Matt Halpert, Jason Duren and Ryan Sherman all have equal records to Osbornes, though neither Ryan nor Matt have seen #1 yet.
  • Rookie of the Year comes down to two: Matt Halpert, coasting to a North Division title, and Clif Render, who looks close to getting an East Division title and breaking Gainey's five year streak.
  • The Osborne Award, named for David Mark Osborne, is typically the best player to NOT make the postseason, sort of like the NIT winner being the 66th best team in the country, so the OA winner would be the 17th best in the league. Potential winners this year include Mark Gainey, Jennifer Ernst, Lori Beirne, Barney and possibly Yours Truly, though I'm leaning towards Tom Johnson, who missed a week and still managed to storm back to almost make the postseason--though it would absolutely take a miracle to do so.
  • I'll be in Disney World for over a week starting Friday, so more than likely, you'll see few, if not zero, LDL&S next week during Week 12 results, breaking a tradition that has been in every result email since... well, since I've been sending out results emails. At least DFC III or so. Hope you'll survive.

Monday, November 05, 2007

DFC VIII Week Eleven Games

After careful consideration, to avoid the "everyone picks the same team" bug that sometimes happens in the NFL when there really just aren't that many good games, we're going six college and two NFL this week.

College Games
Wake Forest Demon Deacons (6-3) at #21 Clemson Tigers (7-2), 11am, ESPN2
I'm paraphrasing what Kirk Herbstreit said about Clemson a few weeks ago... "I want to pick Clemson. I really do... but I can't trust 'em. They lose games they are supposed to roll in, they win games they shouldn't, I don't even know what to do about this team!"

#22 Alabama Crimson Tide (6-3) at Mississippi State Bulldogs (5-4), 1134am
I see a line forming. One side, there stand the Lattas, one of the Osbornes, Tyler Campbell and Ryan Sherman. On the other side, there stands Tim Wasyluka and the other Osborne. Tad Roose, Trey Cartledge and a few others stand, confused, deciding whether to take a chance and perhaps gain a game... and Garrett's in the back, throwing up at both of them. And the rest of us, stand on the line, trying to decide who we dislike more.

#13 UConn Huskies (8-1) at Cincinnati Bearcats (7-2), 230pm, ESPNU
No, we've not started the Deuce Basketball Championships... this should be a really good game. While Cincinnati knocked out South Florida, UConn thumped Rutgers real good like, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one that thinks last year's Rutger's team was an oddity, rather than a premonition of how good they will be for years and years.

#18 Auburn Tigers (7-3) at #10 Georgia Bulldogs (7-2), 230pm, CBS
Sigh. Root for Auburn, Georgia loses... and Tennessee would probably go on to win the East in the SEC. Root for Georgia, Auburn loses, and LSU or Alabama represent the West in the SEC in the title game. This is a no win, for anyone.

#17 USC Trojans (7-2) at California Bears (6-3), 7pm
So, what happened to Cal? Whatever, they should get trounced by the mighty Trojans, right? I mean, its not like USC lost to Stanford... wait...

Fresno State Bulldogs (6-3) at #16 Hawaii Warriors (8-0), 10pm
Boy, this should be no contest. After Hawaii barely got behind the 477th best team in the country, La Tech, they cruised past college juggernauts like Charleston Southern, Idaho (go Vandals!), and New Mexico State. I jest, but seriously, this would be Hawaii's first real test, considering their schedule is actually weaker than several Div I-AA schools (not joking). And Fresno State is no Northern Colorado. Though, Colt Brennen may actually pass for 322 yards by half.... of the 1st quarter.

NFL Games
Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3) at Tennessee Titans (6-2), 12pm, CBS
Go Jags! Go Titans! I have no idea!!

Dallas Cowboys (7-1) at NYGiants (6-2), 315pm, Fox
A big battle for supremacy of the NFC East! Winner takes the lead with the Packers as the team to beat in the NFC, and the team that gets trounced in the Super Bowl by the Patriots or the Colts!

TieBreak Game
Lets go points. Fresno State at Hawaii, total points scored. And no, no one has ever picked over 100 in a DFC week.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

DFC VIII Week Ten Results

#24 Virginia 17, #23 Wake Forest 16
Penn State 26, Purdue 19
#3 LSU 41, Alabama 34 (seriously... how many craps calls can LSU get? First the not-really-first-down at Auburn, then the bad no-catch call against Bama... I'm irritated)
#5 Oregon 35, #4 Arizona State 23
and oh yeah, #10 Georgia 44, Troy 34. (Larry Blakeney, Troy's head coach, on keeping it close at Georgia's homecoming: "...I don't think we'll get an invite back any time soon")

New Orleans 41, Jacksonville 24
New England 24, Indianapolis 20

Dallas 38, Philadelphia 17
Pittsburgh 38, Baltimore 7

The Week That Was
For the 19th time in DFC history, a week has been won undefeated, and James Hawbaker does it with his 2nd weekly win of the season. This win has put him in a prime position for vaulting into the postseason. The rest of the top ten all finished with a 7-1 record.

Finishing 2nd for the week is Daniel Powel, 3rd is Tommy McLeod and 4th is Justin Fisher. Coming in 5th is Mackey, 6th is a tie between Jason Turnbow and Drew Morris, 8th is Matt Latta, and rounding out the top ten is a father/son tie for 9th, between Eddy McBroom the Junior and the Senior.

Also Finishing
7-1: Matt Halpert
6-2: Tom Johnson, Jason Barnette, Yours Truly, Mark "The Mighty" Gainey, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, Jon Osborne, Michael Nipp, Lori Beirne, Scott Latta, Zack Graves, Ryan Sherman
5-3: DMOsborne, Sarah Hasha, Clif Render, Trey Cartledge, Tim Wasyluka, Gina Roose, Garrett Cheney, Tad Roose, Tebe Shaw, Jennifer Ernst,
4-4: Jason Duren, Tyler Campbell, Joey Thornell
0-8: Jason Demastus

North Division
Matt Halpert, 50-30 (11.0)
Matt Latta, 47-33 (13.78)
Ken Mackey, 46-34 (13.22)
Tom Johnson, 44-36 (22.1)
DMOsborne 37-43 (17.78)

MidCentral Division
Tommy McLeod, 47-33 (9.89)
Jennifer Ernst 47-33 (13.3)
Justin Fisher, 47-33 (13.5)
Jason Barnette, 46-34 (13.56)
Tebe Shaw, 46-34 (17.44)
Jason Turnbow, 38-42 (13.30)

West Division
Drew Morris, 53-27 (9.67)
Jason Duren, 52-28 (14.3)
Gary Eubanks, 50-30 (12.11)
Sarah Hasha, 44-36 (26.22)
Eddy McBroom, 43-37 (10.67)
Jason Demastus, 33-47 (29.56)

If the Playoffs Started Today
First Round Byes:
1) West Division Champion Drew Morris (53-27, 9.67 TBA)
2) Jason Duren (52-28, 14.3)
3) North Division Matt Halpert (50-30, 11.0)
Wild Cards
4. Gary Eubanks 50-30 (12.11 tba) (wild card)
5. Tommy McLeod, 47-33 (9.89) (MidCentral Division champ)
6. Jennifer Ernst, 47-33 (13.3) (wild card)
7. Justin Fisher, 47-33 (13.5) (wild card)
8. Matt Latta, 47-33 (13.78) (wild card)
On the Bubble (within two games)
Mackey (46-34, 13.22)... Jason Barnette (46-34, 13.56)... Tebe Shaw (46-34, 17.8)...

East Division
Clif Render, 50-30 (16.6)
James Hawbaker, 47-33 (13.67)
Yours Truly, 47-33 (15.56)
Mark Gainey, 46-34 (9.11)
Trey Cartledge 46-34 (13.4)
Tyler Campbell, 41-39 (11.44)

South Central Division
Jon Osborne, 50-30 (12.78)
Zack Graves, 50-30 (16.44)
Tad Roose, 48-32 (9.33)
Scott Latta, 48-32 (11.3)
Lori Beirne, 47-33 (10.78)
Eddy Jr, 43-37 (11.7)

South Division
Ryan Sherman, 50-30 (17.2)
Michael Nipp, 46-34 (10.8)
Daniel Powell, 46-34 (19.0)
Gina Roose, 44-36 (14.78)
Garrett Cheney, 42-38 (18.78)
Tim Wasyluka, 41-39 (10.67)
Joey Thornell, 36-44 (14.9)

If the Playoffs Started Today
First Round Byes
1) Jonathan Osborne (South Central division champ)
2) Clif Render (East division champ)
3) Ryan Sherman (South division champ)
Wild Cards
4. Zack Graves (50-30, 12.78) (wild card)
5. Tad Roose (48-32, 9.33) (wild card)
6. Scott Latta (48-32, 11.3) (wild card)
7. Lori Beirne (47-33, 10.78) (wild card)
8. James Hawbaker (47-32, 13.67) (wild card)
On the Bubble (within two games)
Yours Truly (47-33, 15.56)... Mark Gainey (46-34, 9.11)... Michael Nipp (45-34, 10.8)... Trey Cartledge (45-34, 13.4)... Daniel Powell (46-34, 19.0)

The College Title Race:
1) Tad Roose, 33-15
2-tie) Zack Graves, 32-16
2-tie) Gina Roose, 32-16
4-tie) Drew Morris, Gary Eubanks, Ryan Sherman, Jason Duren, 31-17
(defending College Title holder - Tad Roose)

The Pro Title Race:
1-tie) Drew Morris, Clif Render, Jon Osborne, Michael Nipp, 21-10
5-tie) Matt Halpert, Jason Duren, Sarah Hasha, Lori Beirne, 20-11
(defending Pro Title holder - Eddy Jr)

The TieBreak Title Race:
1) Mark Gainey, 9.11
2) Tad Roose, 9.33
3) Drew Morris, 9.67
4-tie) Tim Wasyluka, Eddy McBroom, 10.67
(defending TB Title holder - Big Eddy)

The DFC Power Poll Top Twelve
1. Drew Morris, 53-27 (9.67) (2)
2. Jason Duren, 52-28 (14.3) (1)
3. Matt Halpert, 50-30 (11.0) (9)
4. Gary Eubanks, 50-30 (12.11) (4)
5. Jon Osborne, 50-30 (12.78) (5)
6. Zack Graves, 50-30 (16.44) (6)
7. Clif Render, 50-30 (16.6) (3)
8. Ryan Sherman, 50-30 (17.2) (7)
9. Tad Roose, 48-32 (9.33) (8)
10. Scott Latta, 48-32 (10)
11. Tommy McLeod, 47-33 (9.89) (NR)
12. Lori Beirne, 47-33 (10.78) (12)
dropped out: Jennifer Ernst (11)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • With two weeks left, there are a few close to "a sure thing" for the postseason, that being Drew Morris, Jason Duren and Gary Eubanks, and first time appearances for possibly Ryan Sherman, rookies Matt Halpert and Clif Render, and... could it be, after 7 seasons and 656 football games picked, that Jon Osborne finally sees the light of the postseason?
  • Of course, there's no such thing as a "sure thing" until about the end of Week 12, hence Garrett Cheney's historic collapse in his rookie year of DFC V, when, in the last two weeks of that season, he dropped the ball... and Chris Fulaytar went 8-0 to knock Garrett out of the postseason contention (and later went on to win the whole thing)
  • Week 10 of this season will be remembered as the best week ever, in terms of total victories. I didn't do all the math, but out of 36 people, only one had a losing record, and two went 4-4. The rest were above .500. That equals, if not bests, Week 12 of DFC V when Jon Osborne & Duren went 4-4, and Tommy had a 3-5 week, the lone losing record.
  • Speaking of Garrett Cheney, he beat his rival Tyler Campbell to 200 wins, as Garrett hit 201 this week, compared to Tyler's 197.
  • Looks like the next race to 200 will be next season, when Tebe (160), Gina Roose (157), Barney (154) and a few others look for the double century mark.
  • When Pittsburgh beat Baltimore, a milestone was reached. Add in playoffs and regular season, Jennifer Ernst becomes the first DFC'er to 500 victories. Her 500-316 overall record is tied with Yours Truly for most games participated in, ever. 816. That's alot.
  • Big Tim Wasyluka, our hero--he just joined the National Guard to serve the country--also crossed over 200 in the college records, while Tebe got to 100.