Sunday, January 03, 2010

The DFC X Wrap U

It's been a long time coming, and we guys knew it would happen one day... and it did.  A chick has taken the ultimate Deuce Sports crown, the DFC Title, and has now gotten her name on the Brook DeRamus Championship Plate. 

First, here's a postseason recap....

Wild Card Weekend
Gainey Conference
(4) Tommy McLeod (6-2) and (5) Drew Morris (7-1) advance, (3) Matt Latta (5-3) and (6) Brad Latta (5-3) eliminated
Thornell Conference
(3) James Hawbaker (7-1) and (4) Mark Gainey (8-0) advanced, (5) Jon Osborne (6-2) and (6) Gina Roose (3-5) eliminated

Divisional Playoffs
(1) Eddy McBroom (7-1) and (2) Trey Cartledge (7-1) advance, (4) Tommy McLeod (5-3) and (5) DrewMorris (6-2) eliminated
(2) Lori Beirne (6-2) and (4) Mark Gainey (7-1) advance, (1) Yours Truly (4-4) and (3) James Hawbaker (5-3) eliminated

Final Four
(1) Eddy McBroom (5-3) to DeuceBowl X, (2) Trey Cartledge (4-4) eliminated
(2) Lori Beirne (4-4) to DeuceBowl X, (4) Mark Gainey (2-6) eliminated

DeuceBowl X
Lori Beirne (5-3) over Eddy McBroom (4-4)

Lori captures her first DFC Crown in her first Final Four appearance, while Eddy McBroom, in his 2nd DeuceBowl (DFC V) and his 5th overall Final Four appearance (II, IV, V, IX & X).  Mark Gainey, after a stellar 15-1 run in the first 2 weeks, fell apart in the Final Four for his worst playoff week of his career.  Trey Cartledge, a possible preseason #1 pick for DFC XI, can't make it happen in this, his 2nd Final Four in three years.

Rookie of the Year... Gotta give it up for Brad Latta, finishing up 54-42.  Not only was he the only rookie to make the postseason, he posted a game better than Lt Dan (53-43) and Stevie Ray (53-43), and a few more games better than Hurricane Rhett Barnett (51-45).   Enjoy your trophy, Brad.

The Osborne Award... The Best Player to Not Make the Postseason has got to be Joey Thornell. Coming off of a DeuceBowl IX appearance (and a loss to Mark Gainey), he started slow but came on strong in the last few weeks.  He missed that 6th seed by less than a single TBA point--Brad Latta's 15.52 over Joey's 16.4.  Joey, its a small solace.

The MVP Award... You can say its a form of nepotism, or selfishness... but Yours Truly wins this award, given for the regular season, not counting postseasons chokes, for the second straight season.  Why?  One of two DFC'ers to win 60 or more games (both Yours Truly & Big Eddy made 61-35) and narrowly edges out Big Eddy for the award by virtue of Yours Truly spending 10 of 12 weeks at the top of the DFC Power Poll--Eddy got the other two.  So congrats to me.  There.

Top Ten Postseason Records
1) Mark Gainey, 94-51 (8 postseason appearances, 1 title)
2) Drew Morris, 93-38 (7 apperances, 1 title)
3) Big Eddy McBroom, 84-36 (6 appearances, 0 titles)
4) Matt Latta, 58-31 (6 appearances, 1 title)
5) Wookiee Fulaytar, 55-24 (4 postseason apperances, 2 titles, retired)
6) Yours Truly 55-33 (7 appearances, 0 titles)
7) Tad Roose, 54-27 (4 appearances, 3 titles)
8) Jennifer Ernst, 52-28 (6 appearances, 0 titles)
9) Lori Beirne, 38-26 (5 appearances, 1 title)
10) James Hawbaker, 37-11 (3 appearances, 0 titles)

Alrighty, league... thank you for a great season.  If not before, we'll talk to you in August... there will be a DFC XI as long as people want to participate.   And maybe, just maybe, I can translate a great season into something more than a postseason choke job. 

Yours Truly
DFC Admin