Monday, January 07, 2013

The DFC XIII Champion... James Hawbaker

For the first time since DFC VIII, the newly awarded DFC MVP took the DFC Championship as well...

James Hawbaker, the DFC South Division Champion and DFC MVP, has taken home the Brook DeRamus DFC Championship Plate, and will have his name etched on it forever and ever. 

Also picking up hardward this offseason...

The North Division Champion is Matt Halpert, who has won 2 years in a row, and his 3rd division title overall. 
The Central Division was won by Jennifer Ernst, also her 3rd overall and 2nd in a row. 
The West Division Champion is former Rookie of the Year in DFC IX, Bradley Pinkerton.  Its his first divisional title.

The East Division was taken in the last few minutes of the regular season by Jessica Hawbaker, also her first divisional title.
The (other) Central Division Champion is another first timer, Steven Ray.
Finally, James Hawbaker took the South Division for the 2nd time.  Its his 3rd division title, though he won the East in DFC VIII before being moved.

As mentioned, James gets the Most Valuable Player after a steller 68 win season...

Brad Ashby takes Rookie of the Year honors... Yours Truly wins the College Title... James Hawbaker gets the NFL Award... and Jessica Hawbaker gets the TB Award for the season--the Hawbakers shelves are filled with gold trophies this year.

Here's the playoffs as a whole...

Wild Card Weekend
In the Campbell Conference, 4th seed Matt Halpert (5-3), 7th seed Trey Cartledge (6-2) and 8th seed Matt Latta (5-3) advance over (5) Tommy McLeod (4-4) and (6) Drew Morris (4-4)
In the Halpert Conference, (5) Tad Roose (5-3) and (8) Lori Beirne (6-2) beat out, via TB, (4) Steven Ray (5-3) and also (6) Mark Gainey (4-4) and a disasterous weekend by (7) Randy Latta (1-7)

In the Divisional Weekend...
In the Campbell Conference, 1 and 2 seeds Bradley Pinkerton and Jennifer Ernst, respectively, flame out at 5-3, while 3rd seed Brad Latta posts a 7-1 record... and due to TB, loses to Tad Roose and Lori Beirne, who both had 7-1 records.
In the Halpert Conference, 1st seed James Hawbaker rolls with 7-1, as does 8 seed Lori Beirne, also at 7-1, eliminating (2) Jessica Hawbaker, (3) Yours Truly and (4) Tad Roose, all at 6-2.

(7) Trey Cartledge (5-3) gets by (4) Matt Halpert (2-6), while (1) James Hawbaker (3-5) stumbles past (8) Lori Beirne (3-5) due to Tiebreak

James Hawbaker goes 7-1, while Trey Cartledge gets 6-2, giving James the season victory

  • James Hawbaker won the title, but Trey Cartledge made the biggest leaps in all time playoff stats... He went from 8th to 4th all time in playoff wins... and his second DeuceBowl appearance makes him on the 4th DFC'er ever to win 10+ games in the championship. 
  • The DeuceBowl game winners at 10+ are Tad Roose (19-5)... Drew Morris (15-9)... Trey (12-4)... and Wookiee Fulaytar (10-6)
  • The Mighty Gainey becomes the first person to ever make 10, count 'em TEN, postseasons, while Drew Morris and Yours Truly reach their 9th. 
  • Big Eddy Mac... Matt Latta... and Jennifer Ersnt all are at 8th overall.
  • Right now, the longest current active playoff streak, though, belongs to Tommy McLeod, who has made his 4th straight.  He missed DFC IX postseason.  He made it the three previous years... meaning had he also made it in IX, he'd be at 8 straight postseasons. 
  • The all time consecutive playoff appearances?  The Mighty Gainey, with 8 straight, from DFC III to DFC X
  • Working on their own streaks, Randy Latta has made it 3 straight years.
  • James Hawbaker, Matt Halpert, Brad Latta, Jessica Hawbaker, Drew Morris, Mark Gainey, Matt Latta and Jennifer Ernst, 2 straight years.
  • One more note about Trey... he's the only DFC'er who has won 20+ games in multiple postseasons.  He won 22 in DFC XI, his championship year... and this year, he won 24.  He also ties Matt Halpert with the best record in a playoff, with 24-8.  Trey did it this year, while Matt went 24-8 last year in DFC XII... Mark Gainey went 24-9 in DFC VIII.

And here's the final list of playoff wins.. grey indicated "retired"

1 Drew Morris 109 46
2 Mark Gainey 102 59
3 Eddy McBroom 100 44
4 Trey Cartledge 80 33
5 Yours Truly 77 43
6 James Hawbaker 73 23
7 Matt Latta 69 36
8 Jennifer Ernst 68 36
9 Tad Roose 65 32
10 Chris Fulaytar 55 24
11 Lori Beirne 54 34
12 Tommy McLeod 46 35
13 Matt Halpert 43 21
14 Daniel Powell 41 23
15 Tim Wasaluka 40 32
16 DM Osborne 29 11
17 Scott Latta 27 22
18 Jonathan Osborne 25 15
19 Justin Glenn 21 19
20 Tyler Campbell 19 5
21 Joey Thornell 19 13
22 Lil Eddy McBroom 19 21
23t Brad Latta 17 7
23t Jason Duren 17 7
25t Dan Sellers 16 8
25t Jason Barnette 16 8
27 Randy Latta 16 16
28t Tom Johnson 14 10
28t Bradley Pinkerton 14 10
30 Justin Fisher 12 5
31 Michael Nipp 12 12
32t Shawn Sharp 11 5
32t Ryan Sherman 11 5
32t Jessica Hawbaker 11 5
35 Tebe Shaw 10 6
36 Gary Eubanks 10 7
37t Zack Graves 8 8
37t Steven Ray 8 8
38 Gina Williams 8 8
40t Mackey 7 2
40t Clif Render 7 2
42 Vic Paschal 3 5
43 Jason Turnbow 2 6

So there ya have it... DFC XIII is in the books... congrats to James Hawbaker, all of the trophy winners this year... and the invitation for DFC XIV extends to all of you... and we'll see you in July for preseason... and August for the first week of games...

Thanks for making this a great season, I apologize for the delays here and there, and I'll be a better admin next year!