Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DFC XVIII Final Four Games

NOTE -- THERE ARE TWO FRIDAY NIGHT GAMES, in addition to games all weekend.

Best record between Mitchell & Matt advances to face winner between Steven Ray & Mark Gainey.

Tiebreak in place. If there is a tie after tiebreak is utilized, we will use another tiebreak involving Monday night's game

Texas Tech Red Raiders (5-6) at Texas Longhorns (6-5)
Friday, 7p, FOX

California Bears (5-6) at UCLA (5-6) 
Friday, 930p, FOX Sports 1

Florida State Seminoles (4-6) at Florida Gators (4-6)
11a, ESPN (This is known as The Dumpster Fire Bowl)

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-0) at 6. Auburn Tigers (9-2)
230p, CBS

Vanderbilt Commodores (4-7) at Tennessee Volunteers (4-7)
3p, SEC Network

8. Notre Dame Fightin Irish (9-2) at 21. Stanford Tree (8-3)
7p, ABC

13. Washington Huskies (9-2) at Washington State Cougars (9-2) 
7p, FOX

Buffalo Bills (5-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)
12p, CBS

Denver Broncos (3-7) at Oakland Raiders (4-6)
325p, CBS

Houston Texans (4-6) at Baltimore Ravens (5-5)
Monday, 730p, ESPN

Total Points scored in Alabama/Auburn game.

DFC XVIII Divisional Results

25. Northwestern 39, Minnesota 0
(8) Wisconsin 24, (19) Michigan 10
Louisville 56, Syracuse 10
Florida 36, UAB 7
Texas A&M 31, Ole Miss 24
Missouri 45, Vanderbilt 17
Minnesota Vikings 24, LA Rams 7
Tampa Bay Bucs 30, Miami Dolphins 20
Baltimore Ravens 23, Green Bay Packers 0
Cincinnati Bengals 20, Denver Broncos 17


(2) Mitchell Pinkerton, 8-2 (advances to Final Four)
(5) Matt Halpert, 7-3 (advances to Final Four)
(1) Brad Latta, 7-3 (by tiebreak, eliminated)
(3) Eddy McBroom, 6-4 (eliminated)
(7) Tommy McLeod, 6-4 (eliminated)

(1) Steven Ray, 9-1 (advances to Final Four)
(4) Mark Gainey, 9-1 (advances to Final Four)
(2) Lori Beirne, 7-3 (eliminated)
(3) Randy Latta, 6-4 (eliminated)
(7) Clay Shaver, 4-7 (eliminated)

Other notes:

  • Congrats to Justin Dearing... not only did he take home the Rookie of the Year Trophy last week, he also captures the TBA Trophy, for having the lowest overall TBA this season.  
  • Of course, Justin's 12.0 overall was the 2nd highest ever, only beaten by John Wolf's 12.5 in DFC XII.
  • For comparison, Tim Wasyluka has the best Season TBA in history, scoring at 5.0 in DFC XV. 
  • Matt Halpert is seeking to become the first back-to-back DFC Champion in league history, and is trying to be only the 4th DFC'er to make it back-to-back DeuceBowls (Drew Morris in II & III; Matt Latta in VI & VII;  Mark Gainey in VIII & IX)
  • Mark Gainey's big two weeks in the postseason has put him within striking distance of the all time playoff record.  Big Eddy owns the most playoff wins with 139 (including his 6 wins from this past weekend), while Drew Morris is at 136.  Gainey has 127, and with a big week in the Final Four, plus a good showing in DeuceBowl XVIII, he can get to 140 postseason wins, the most all time.
  • This is also the first time in DFC History where 3 of the 4 participants have won DFC Titles before -- Gainey in DFC IX... Steven Ray in DFC XV... and Matt Halpert last season in DFC XVII
  • And joining the seasoned veterans in the Final Four?  Young Mitchell Pinkerton, in his first playoff run, first divisional title and possible MVP award.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DFC XVIII Divisional Round

Games for the weekend... ranks based on previous weekend's rankings

Minnesota Golden Gophers (5-5) at 25. Northwestern Wildcats

19. Michigan Wolverines (8-2) at 8. Wisconsin Badgers 
11a, FOX

Syracuse Orangeman (4-6) at Louisville Cardinal (6-4)
230p, ESPNU

UAB Blazers (7-3) at Florida Gators (3-6)
3p, SEC Network

Texas A&M Aggies (6-4) at Ole Miss Rebels (5-5)
6p, ESPN2

Missouri Tigers (5-5) at Vanderbilt Commodores (4-6)
630p, SEC Network

LA Rams (7-2) at Minnesota Vikings (7-2)
12p, FOX

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6) at Miami Dolphins (4-5)
12p, FOX

Baltimore Ravens (4-5) at Green Bay Packers (5-4)
12p, CBS

Cincinnati Bengals (3-6) at Denver Broncos (3-6)
325p, CBS

Total points scored in Michigan/Wisconsin game 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

DFC XVIII Wild Card Results

(11) Oklahoma State 49, (15) Iowa State 42
(6) Ohio State 48, (24) Michigan State 3
Minnesota 54, Nebraska 21
Missouri 50, Tennessee 17
(5) Oklahoma 38, (8) TCU 20
(10) Miami 41, (3) Notre Dame 8
New Orleans Saints 47, Buffalo Bills 10
Green Bay Packers 23, Chicago Bears 16
Atlanta 27, Dallas 7
San Francisco 31, The New York Football Giants 21


(7) Tommy McLeod, 8-2 (0 TB score) (advances to divisional round)
(5) Matt Halpert, 8-2 (8 TB) (advances to divisional round)
(6) Drew Morris, 7-3 (9 TB) (eliminated from postseason)
(4) Brad Ashby, 7-3 (3 TB) (eliminated from postseason)
(8) Bradley Pinkerton, 7-3 (13 TB) (eliminated from postseason)

(7) Clay Shaver, 8-2 (10 TB) (advances to divisional round)
(4) Mark Gainey, 7-3 (10 TB) (advances to divisional round)
(5) Matthew Pinkerton, 6-4 (9 TB) (eliminated from postseason)
(6) Yours Truly, 6-4 (12 TB) (eliminated from postseason)
(8) Eddy Jr, 5-5 (10 TB) (eliminated from postseason)

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

DFC XVIII Wild Card Weekend

Ten games, five college and five NFL.  There is a tiebreak, but if there is a tie after that, the higher seed gets the advantage.

11. Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-2) at 15. Iowa State Cyclones (6-3)
11a, ABC

24. Michigan State Spartans (7-2) at 6. Ohio State Buckeyes (7-2)
11a, FOX

Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-5) at Minnesota Golden Gophers (4-5)
11a, FOX Sports 1

Tennessee Volunteers (4-5) at Missouri Tigers (4-5)
630p, SEC Network

8. TCU Horned Frogs (8-1) at 5. Oklahoma Sooners (5-1)
7p, FOX

3. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (8-1) at 10. Miami Hurricanes (8-0)
7p, ABC

New Orleans Saints (6-2) at Buffalo Bills (5-3)
12p, FOX

Green Bay Packers (4-4) at Chicago Bears (3-5)
12p, FOX

Dallas Cowboys (5-3) at Atlanta Falcons (4-4)
325p, FOX

New York Football Giants (1-7) at San Francisco 49ers (0-9)
325p, FOX

Notre Dame vs Miami, total points scored

Monday, November 06, 2017

DFC XVIII Week Ten Results

(18) Stanford 21, (25) Washington State 24
(8) Oklahoma 62, (11) Oklahoma State 52 (114 pts for tiebreak)
(9) Miami 28, (13) Virginia Tech 10
(17) USC 49, (23) Arizona 35
Carolina Panthers 20, Atlanta Falcons 17
Jacksonville Jaguars 23, Cincinnati Bengals 7
Tennessee Titans 23, Baltimore Ravens 20
Oakland Raiders 27, Miami Dolphins 24

With upsets and a DFC record 114 points scored in the tiebreak game, everything was upended, divisions were won and lost at the last moment, and for the first time, the 9th best record in the conference will be the 8th seed in the playoffs... we'll get to that.

If you can believe that a guy who has won 4 straight division titles over his now 9 full seasons has never actually won a week, then believe it.  But finally, with an undefeated mark, Brad "The Lawdawg" Latta can hold up a weekly victory trophy as his gets his first weekly win of his career. (I totally had to double check this info with the DFC Archives, because I didn't believe it either.

And even with a down year, Chris Croyle ends the season with a bang, going 7-1 for 2nd place, while Steven "Mister" Ray wins  the division, probably the MVP and 3rd place for the week.  Tied for 4th this week are Trey "The Answer" Cartledge, Tyler "The Sexy Beast of the DFC (self appointed)" Campbell and Matty Pinky, while Lori "Sunshine" Beirne takes 7th place.

DMOsborne ends the year in 8th place, and Big Tom Johnson watched an undefeated week fall along with his Miami pick, but enough for 9th, and finally, Brad "The Bald One" Ashby takes 10th, all with 7-1 records.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Big Eddy Mac... Little Eddy Mac... Matt "The Mad Scientist" Halpert... Drew // Morris... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Bradley Pinky... Grandy Latta... Hurricane Rhett... Drew "The Grassman" Warren... Yours Truly... Rick TOOLIE... Jenny Ernst... Mitchell Pinky...
5-3:  Atlanta Bill Seybolt... Marky Mark "The Funky Bunch" Wahlwarner... Remodeling Clay Shaver... Big Tim Wasyluka... Jacob Pinky... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Casey "The Realtor" Lewis... Michael "The Wheel" Ferris... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Danny Powell
4-4: James "The Not Playoff Maker" Hawbaker... Young Garrett.... Justin "The Rookie" Dearing... Jonny Oz... Mikey Nipp... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers...  Sarah "Sashay" Hasha...
2-6: Brett "The PopMan" Smith

X-Playoff Berth... Y-Division Winner... Z-First Round Bye
North Division W-L TB
YZ Mitchell Pinkerton 69-27 15.78
X Matt Halpert 61-35 12.89
Rhett Barnett 60-36 17.44
DM Osborne 59-37 15.78
Zack Graves 57-39 14.56
Drew Warren 56-40 11.78
Michael Ferris 54-42 17.33
MidCentral Division    
XYZ Brad Latta 69-27 13.33
X Brad Ashby 62-34 21.11
X Tommy McLeod 61-35 17.11
Jennifer Ernst 60-36 17.56
Bill Seybolt 56-40 14.89
Casey Lewis 49-47 20.22
Justin Glenn 38-50 24.00
West Division    
YZ Eddy McBroom 68-28 13.89
X Drew Morris 61-35 14.22
X Bradley Pinkerton 60-36 14.44
Trey Cartledge 59-37 13.78
Sarah Hasha 54-42 16.33
Tom Johnson 51-45 16.56
Dan Sellers 47-45 13.22

(1) Brad Latta, 69-27 (13.33)... Won 4th straight MidCentral Division title, First Round Bye
(2) Mitchell Pinkerton, 69-27 (15.78)... Won 1st North Division title, First Round Bye
(3) Eddy McBroom, 68-28 (13.89)... Won 2nd straight (and 5th overall) West Div title, First Round Bye
(4) Brad Ashby, 62-34 (21.11)... Wild Card - First playoff appearance in 6 season career
(5) Matt Halpert, 61-35 (12.89)... Wild Card - 7th playoff appearance, Defending DFC Champ
(6) Drew Morris, 61-35 (14.22)... Wild Card - 13th playoff appearance, DFC VIII Champ
(7) Tommy McLeod, 61-35 (17.11)... Wild Card - 12th playoff appearance
(8) Bradley Pinkerton, 60-36 (14.44)... Wild Card - 3rd playoff appearance, first since DFC XIII

East Division W-L TB
XY Mark Gainey 63-33 15.33
X Clay Shaver 62-34 16.44
X Yours Truly 62-34 14.89
Tyler Campbell 59-37 12.89
Garrett Cheney 49-47 27.89
Brett Smith 46-50 19.44
Chris Croyle 43-53 19.33
South Central Division    
XYZ Steven Ray 70-26 15.44
YZ Lori Beirne 65-31 13.89
YZ Randy Latta 64-32 13.11
X Matthew Pinkerton  63-33 14.67
Justin Dearing 60-36 12.00
Rick Theule 59-37 17.44
Jonathan Osborne 52-44 11.67
Mark Warner 50-44 24.22
South Division    
XZ Eddy Jr 59-37 14.44
Jacob Pinkerton 59-37 14.89
Tad Roose 58-38 18.11
James Hawbaker 53-43 12.78
Michael Nipp 52-44 16.33
Tim Wasyluka 51-45 12.56
Daniel Powell 50-46 27.44

(1) Steven Ray, 70-26 (15.44) - Wins SouthCentral Div (3rd overall), First Round Bye, DFC XV Champ, 4th playoff appearance
(2) Lori Beirne, 65-31 (13.89) - Wild Card, First Round Bye, DFC X Champ, 11th playoff appearance
(3) Randy Latta, 64-32 (13.11) - Wild Card, First Round Bye, 6th playoff appearance
(4) Mark Gainey, 63-33 (15.33) - East Division Champ (5th overall), DFC IX Champ, 13th playoff appearance (DFC record)
(5) Matthew Pinkerton, 63-33 (14.67) - Wild Card, 2nd playoff appearance
(6) Yours Truly, 62-34 (14.89) - Wild Card, 12th playoff appearance
(7) Clay Shaver, 62-34 (16.44) - Wild Card, 4th straight playoff appearance
(8) Eddy McBroom Jr, 59-37 (14.44) - South Division Champ(2nd straight, 5th overall), 7th playoff appearance


What happens if a Division Winner has a worse record than someone in another division who didn't win their division.  This almost happened a few years back, and there was no official rule in place of the unlikely event that it DID happen.

So what happens when Eddy McBroom Jr wins the South Division with a record of 59-37, but is only 9th in the conference, while Justin Dearing gets a 60-36, good enough for 8th in the conference?  Well... here is the official rule:

If someone wins Division A, but another in Division B has a better record (but didn't win their divisional title), the Division A winner will still get the nod.

So like it or not, Justin Dearing, despite winning Rookie of the Year, sits out this postseason, while Eddy McBroom sneaks into the 8th position.