Sunday, December 14, 2008

DeuceBowl IX


Mark's picks:
Wake Forest, South Florida, Troy, Boise State, Dallas, Cleveland, Tennessee, NYGiants (49)

Joey's picks:
Wake Forest, South Florida, Troy, Texas Christian, Dallas, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Carolina (47)

College Games
EAGLE BANK BOWL, 10am, ESPN, Washington DC
Wake Forest 29, Navy 19 (Mark 1-0, Joey 1-0)

South Florida 41, Memphis 14 (Mark 2-0, Joey 2-0)

Baltimore Ravens 33, Dallas 24 (Mark 2-1, Joey 2-1)

Sunday Games
Cincinnati 14, Cleveland 0 (Mark 2-2, Joey 2-2)

Tennessee 31, Pittsburgh 14 (Mark 3-2, Joey 2-3)

NYGiants 34, Carolina 28 (Mark 4-2, Joey 2-4... Mark clinches DFC Title)

Southern Miss Homosexual Eagles (6-6) vs Troy Manly Men Trojans (8-4)

9. Boise State Broncos (12-0) vs 11. Texas Christian Horned Frogs (10-2)

Tiebreak Game
Boise State vs TCU, total points scored

Saturday, December 06, 2008

DFC IX Final Four Results

details to come shortly

Rutgers 63, Louisville 14

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DFC IX Final Four

Joey Thornell, 2nd year player, champion of the North Division
Eddy McBroom, longtime veteran, looking for a return to greatness

James Hawbaker, early in his career, managing early success
Mark Gainey, heralded by most as "The Greatest Player to Never Win a Championship", the Dan Marino or Charles Barkley of our sport

Two will advance to Deuce Bowl IX

College Games
Louisville Cardinals (5-6) at Rutgers Scarlet Knights (6-5), 630pm

Dave's prediction... Louisville 38, Rutgers 10

ACC Championship Game
17 Boston College Eagles vs 25 Virginia Tech Hokies, 12pm, ABC
Dave's prediction... VA Tech 22, Boston College 19

SEC Championship Game
1. Alabama Crimson Tide (12-0) vs 4 Florida Go Gators (11-1), 3pm, CBS

Dave's prediction... Florida 27, Alabama 23

South Florida Bulls (7-4) at West Virginia Mountaineers (7-4), 7pm ESPN2

Dave's prediction... West Virginia 44, South Florida 38 in 2 OTs

Atlanta Falcons (8-4) at New Orleans Saints (6-6), 12p, Fox
Dave's prediction... Atlanta 30, New Orleans 20

Dallas Cowboys (8-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3), 315p, Fox
Dave's prediction... Dallas 20, Pittsburgh 14

Washington American Indians (7-5) at Baltimore Ravens (8-4), 715p, NBC
Dave's prediction... Baltimore 26, Washington 3

Tampa Bay Bucs (9-3) at Carolina Panthers (9-3), 730p, ESPN
Dave's prediction... Tampa Bay 17, Carolina 13

Tiebreak Game
Alabama vs Florida, total points scored

Sunday, November 30, 2008

DFC IX Divisional Playoffs Results

Well... after clinched the Most Valuable Player award for the year, Yours Truly becomes another in the long line of DFC'ers who have a tremendous season... and then watch someone else take the prize.

Advancing to the DFC Final Four, even with one game left in the weekend...

Top Seed Joey Thornell and wild card (7) Big Eddy McBroom in the Gainey Conference AND Mark Gainey (3rd) and James Hawbaker (8th) advance.

Left out, done for the year...
Matt Latta... Jennifer Ernst... Barney... Yours Truly... Scott Latta... B-Pinky

I guess... wait til next year?

Anyway, no offense to Joey and James... but I'm personally rooting for an old school showdown between Big Eddy and The Mighty Gainey...

Full results and next games coming Monday night

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DFC IX Divisional Playoffs

Making it through Wild Card Weekend...

East Division Champion Jason Barnette and Wild Card Big Eddy Mac made it in the Gainey Conference... eliminated are West Division Champ Tim Wasluka, wild card Ryan Sherman and wild card Trey Cartledge

In the Morris Conference, 8th seeded James Hawbaker pushes through, as does South Division Champ (and newly winning Rookie of the Year) Bradley Pinkerton, while done for the year is North Division Champ Zack Graves, wild card Jon Osborne and wild card Lori Beirne.

Now... for the next round, this includes, in the Gainey Conference...
Joey Thornell, Matt Latta, Jennifer Ernst, Jason Barnette and Eddy McBroom

In the Morris Conference
Yours Truly, Scott Latta, Mark Gainey, Bradley Pinkerton and James Hawbaker.

West Virginia Mountaineers (7-3) at 25. Pitt Panthers (7-3), 11am, ABC
This is an early Friday game, the day after Thanksgiving. If Cincinnati loses their game, either one of these teams can swoop in and take the Big East. Least.

1. Alabama Crimson Sabans (11-0) at 83. Auburn Tireds (5-6), 230pm, CBS
I know, I know, this is almost a gimme. But I can't win. If I put it on the game sheet, everyone says, "This is a gimme!". If I don't, then the Sabanation gives me the, "Oh, you're gonna leave that game off now that Bama is good, huh??". So, here it is. But for kicks and giggles, THIS is our tiebreak game.

23. Oregon Ducks (8-3) at 17. Oregon State Beavers (8-3), 6pm
Aw, its hard to pick a Ducks game when there is no Mikey Nipp to pick it... but if I waited for him to make the postseason, it might be years... so there we are. Personally, I love the Ducks, but I'd love to see the Beavs go to the Rose Bowl.

Vanderbilt Commodores (6-5) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (6-5), 6pm, ESPNU
This one? Just for the heck of it. Pick 'em!

Carolina Panthers (8-3) at Green Bay Packers (5-5), 12pm, Fox
Green Bay and New Orleans play Monday Night, so adjust their records accordingly... Its easy to see the records and say that the Panthers have this... but don't forget, they are playing on the Froo-zen Tun-Druh of Lambooooow Field...

New Orleans Saints (5-5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3), 12pm, Fox
Green Bay and New Orleans play Monday night, so adjust their records accordingly... how great is it to put the fate of all involved in the DFC in the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) at New England Patriots (7-4), 315pm, CBS
What the...? Don't look now! Matt Cassel might actually be a good QB!

Kansas City Chiefs (1-10) at Oakland Raiders (3-8), 315pm, CBS
We don't do it every week... but sometimes... The Crap O'the Week!!

Alabama/Auburn, total points scored

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wild Card Weekend Results

With less than a minute, Indy & San Diego are tied at 20-20... and the outcome of this game decides the fate of some in the playoffs

Gainey Conference
Standing, (seed), record (# off TB guess) (remaining picks)
1. (6) Jason Barnette, 7-1 (11) (Indy) -- advances
2. (7) Eddy McBroom, 6-2 (6) (Indy) -- advances
3. (4) Tim Wasyluka, 6-2 (14) (Indy) -- eliminated
4. (8) Ryan Sherman, 5-3 (18) (Indy) -- eliminated
5. (5) Trey Cartledge, 5-3 (26) (San Diego) -- eliminated

Morris Conference
Standing, (seed), record (# off TB guess) (remaining picks)
1. (8) James Hawbaker, 7-1 (14) (Indy) -- advances
2. (5) Bradley Pinkerton, 6-2 (34) (Indy) -- advances
3. (4) Zack Graves, 4-4 (0) (Indy) -- eliminated
4. (7) Jon Osborne, 4-4 (6) (San Diego) -- eliminated
5. (6) Lori Beirne, 3-5 (4) (San Diego) -- eliminated

Monday, November 17, 2008

DFC IX Playoff Rules

Each conference has 8 participants, based on record. The top three records, regardless of division status, get a first round bye. However, in the event of a tied record (ie, both at 60-36), the tie goes to a division winner, regardless of tiebreak average. If both records are tied, and both are division winners, the lower tiebreak average gets the higher seed.

Wild Card Weekend--The remaining five per conference compete in Wild Card Weekend. Out of the five, the best TWO records from each conference during the weekend advance to the Divisional Playoffs. Tiebreak scores determine the winners between the same record, but if the TB is equal (ie, one person picks 48, the next picks 52, the final points scored is 50, leaving both off 2 points) the tie then goes to the higher seed.

Divisional Weekend--The two survivors of WCW join the 3 top seeds in the next round in each conference. Again, the top TWO records advance to the DFC Final Four. Tiebreak scores are in done in the same manner as WCW.

Final Four--This is one-on-one battle per conference to determine the two finalists. Each will be given the 8 games, and two tiebreak scores. The first will be the determining tiebreaker used, unless there is a tie in the "tiebreaker", in which it will defer to the next one.

Deuce Bowl IX--Finally. The chance to have your name engraved on the Brooke DeRamus Championship Plate as DFC Champion. Yes, it does exist. Yes, there are 8 names on it now.

The Deuce Bowl will be held later in December, after a few weeks, when the bowl season picks up, to avoid having straight NFL games. If by chance Yours Truly makes the Deuce Bowl, a pool of three--Chris "Wookiee Fulaytar", Michael Nipp and Matt Halpert--will determine the games that will decide the DFC Champion. If Yours Truly falls in battle before such time, I'll do the games.

Eight games, two tiebreakers, best record wins the DFC Championship.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

DFC IX Wild Card Weekend

If you have a first round bye, then you can disregard this... enjoy the games. For those 10 in Wild Card Weekend, here goes...

Washington Huskies (0-11) at Washington State Cougars (1-10), 2pm

14. BYU Cougars (10-1) at 7. Utah Utes (11-0), 5pm

20. Pittsburgh Panthers (7-2) at 19. Cincinnati Bearcats (8-2), 615pm, ESPN2

Florida State Seminoles (7-3) at 25. Maryland Terrapins (7-3), 645pm, ESPN

2. Texas Tech Red Raiders (10-1) at 5. Oklahoma Sooners (9-1), 7pm, ABC

NFL Games
New England Patriots (6-4) at Miami Dolphins (6-4), 12pm, CBS

Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1) at Baltimore Ravens (6-4), 12pm, CBS

Indianapolis Colts (6-4) at San Diego Chargers (4-6), 715pm, NBC

TB Game
Texas Tech vs Oklahoma, total points scored

Saturday, November 15, 2008

DFC IX Week Twelve Results

Games Done:
Cincinnati 28, Louisville 20
Oregon State 34, California 21
Boston College 27, Florida State 17
Vanderbilt 34, Kentucky 24
Green Bay 37, Chicago 3
Tampa Bay 19, Minnesota 13
Dallas 14, Washington 10
Cleveland 29, Buffalo 27 (tiebreak game, total points scored 56)

Gainey Conference
1) North Division Champ Joey Thornell
2) Wild Card Matt Latta
3) South Division Champ Jennifer Ernst
4) West Division Champ Tim Wasyluka
5) Wild Card Trey Cartledge
6) East Division Champ Jason Barnette
7) Wild Card Big Eddy Mac
8) Wild Card Ryan Sherman

Morris Conference
1) East Division Champ Yours Truly
2) West Division Champ Scott Latta
3) Wild Card Mark Gainey
4) North Division Champ Zack Graves
5) South Division Champ Bradley Pinkerton
6) Wild Card Lori Beirne
7) Wild Card Jonathan Osborne
8) Wild Card James Hawbaker

Sunday, November 09, 2008

DFC IX Week Twelve Games

Remember this... in Week Twelve, once your picks are sent in, they are LOCKED in. There is no changing. This is due to the fact that playoff spots will be clinched all during the week as picks are sent in by various people.

College Games... lots of crappy games to choose from, so I picked the best I could...

22. Cincinnati Bearcats (7-2) at Louisville Cardinals (5-4), 7p, ESPN2
So, how good is Cincy, anyway? That had most of us fooled a few weeks ago against UConn...

California Bears (6-3) at Oregon State Beavers (6-3), 230p, ESPN2
The Beavers win out, and its they, NOT the USC Trojans, who go to the Rose Bowl. I kid you not. But can they get past the Fightin' Tedfords?

Boston College Golden Catholics (6-3) at 22. Florida State Seminoles (7-2), 8p, ABC
In what might be one of Bobby Bowdoin's final games, its a showdown for the Coastal... er, Atlantic Division in the ACC. Is that right? Atlantic? Who cares. Pick 'em.

Vanderbilt Commodores (5-4) at Kentucky Wildcats (6-4), 8p, ESPN2
The official "Who Wants To Go to a Crappy Bowl Game More" Bowl

Chicago Bears (5-4) at Green Bay Packers (4-5), 12p, Fox
Should we lay odds on when Aaron Rodgers gets benched for some old QB like Hogeboom or Testaverde?

Minnesota Vikings (5-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3), 12p, Fox
For all you who have trouble with the Bucs--I say you must earn your way to the playoffs

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) at Washington Redskins (6-3), 715p, NBC
The Cowboys might be more disfunctional that the McCain campaign right now. And they are on the road.

Cleveland Browns (3-6) at Buffalo Bills (5-4), 730p, ESPN
I picked this because the Browns suck, the Bills started sucking last week, and its a toss up game that will be the final game of the DFC IX regular season. And its our tiebreak game too.

Tiebreak Game
Cleveland vs Buffalo, total points scored

Updated results coming soon... Gainey & Drew make history this week, while Scott, Matt, Joey, Jennifer and Yours Truly clinch the DFC postseason berths... find out who else has been eliminated.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

DFC IX Week Eleven Results

The Week That Was
I went back to the DFC Archives to pull up the weekly winner sheet, go through it and make sure it was correct. And it was then I discovered the record breaking weekend Mark Gainey and Drew Morris had...

There will be more of their great weekend in Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics, but for right now, Drew and Mark split the weekend at 7-1, and each take--at least a share of--their 8th weekly win in their careers, breaking the tie they had with Jennifer Ersnt.

Tim "The Big" Wasyluka took 3rd place for the week, at 7-1, while Scott Latta and Joey Thornell went 6-2, both clinching playoff berths, and tying for 4th. In 6th, Bradley Pinkerton, still vying for Rookie of the Year, went 6-2, and in 7th, Matt Halpert.

Rounding out the weekly top ten, all at 6-2, in 8th was Clif Render, 9th was Trey Cartledge and in 10th, Daniel Powell.

Also Finishing
5-3: Tom Johnson, Matt Latta, Yours Truly, Michael Nipp, Big Eddy McB, Sarah Hasha, Zack Grave, Tad Roose, Barney, Gina Roose, Tyler Campbell, Ryan Sherman, JustFish
4-4: DMOsborne, Mackey, Tebe Shaw, The Spawn of Wookiee, Chris Croyle, Hawbaker, Tommy McLeod, Jenn Ernst, Lori Beirne, Jason Duren
3-5: Jason Turnbow, Jason Roberts, Jon Osborne
2-6: Garrett Cheney, Eddy Jr
0-8: Jon Lenning

X - Clinched Playoff Berth
Y - Clinched Division
X-Joey Thornell, 61-27 (10.91)
X-Matt Latta, 61-27 (13.2)
DM Osborne, 55-33 (14.45)
Clif Render, 50-38 (12.7)
Justin Fisher, 50-38 (16.3)

Jason Barnette, 58-30 (18.64)
Ryan Sherman, 55-33 (12.4)
Eddy Jr, 53-35 (12.64)
Tad Roose, 52-36 (13.2)
Garrett Cheney, 45-43 (15.64)

X-Jennifer Ernst, 61-27 (13.55)
Tommy McLeod, 54-34 (13.7)
Tebe Shaw, 51-37 (18.64)
Jonathan Lenning, 49-39 (17.09)
Tom Johnson, 48-40 (14.3)

Tim Wasyluka, 58-30 (12.1)
Trey Cartledge, 58-30 (14.91)
Eddy MacB, 55-33 (12.36)
The Spawn of Wookiee, 54-34 (13.4)
Drew Morris, 52-36 (14.2)

If The Playoffs Started Today
Top Three Records Get First Round Bye, Tie Goes to Division--Division Winners are "If Playoffs Started Today"
1) North Division Champ Joey Thornell, 61-27 (10.91)
2) Wild Card Matt Latta, 61-27 (13.2)
3) South Division Champ Jennifer Ernst, 61-27 (13.55)
Wild Card Weekend, Next Five Records, Tie Goes to Division Champ
4) West Division Champ Tim Wasyluka, 58-30 (12.1)
5) East Division Champ Jason Barnette, 58-30 (18.64)
6) Wild Card Trey Cartledge, 58-30 (14.91)
7) Wild Card Big Eddy McB, 55-33 (12.36)
8) Wild Card Ryan Sherman, 55-33 (12.40)
On the Bubble, Within 2 Games
DMOsborne, 55-33 (14.45)... AJ Fulaytar, 54-34 (13.4)... Tommy McLeod, 54-34 (13.7)... Eddy Jr, 53-35 (12.64)...

X - Clinched Playoff Berth
Y- Clinched Division
Zack Graves, 57-31 (10.0)
James Hawbaker, 56-32 (12.1)
Jason Turnbow, 56-32 (18.91)
Sarah Hasha, 54-34 (16.2)
Mackey, 42-46 (19.64)

X-Yours Truly, 64-24 (10.64)
Mark Gainey, 58-30 (10.6)
Matt Halpert, 56-32 (12.4)
Jason Roberts, 51-37 (10.82)

Daniel Powell, 57-31 (11.7)
Bradley Pinkerton, 56-32 (12.2)
Jason Duren, 52-36 (14.55)
Mikey Nipp, 46-42 (10.45)
Chris Croyle, 46-42 (22.36)

X-Scott Latta, 64-24 (12.27)
Lori Beirne, 57-31 (12.0)
Jonathan Osborne, 54-34 (12.9)
Tyler Campbell, 50-38 (17.2)
Gina Roose, 49-39 (14.6)

If the Playoffs Started Today
First Round Bye
1) East Division Champ Yours Truly, 64-24 (10.64)
2) West Division Champ Scott Latta, 64-24 (12.27)
3) Wild Card Mark Gainey, 58-30 (10.6)
Wild Card Weekend
4) North Division Champ Zack Graves, 57-31 (10.0)
5) South Division Champ Daniel Powell, 57-31 (11.7)
6) Wild Card Weekend Lori Beirne, 57-31 (12.0)
7) Wild Card James Hawbaker, 56-32 (12.1)
8) Wild Card Bradley Pinkerton, 56-32 (12.2)
on the bubble... Matt Halpert, 56-32 (12.4)... Jason Turnbow, 56-32 (18.91)... Jon Osborne, 54-34 (12.9)... Sarah Hasha, 54-34 (16.2)

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1) Yours Truly, 64-24 (10.64) (1-8wks)
2) Scott Latta, 64-24 (12.27) (2-3wks)
3) Joey Thornell, 61-27 (10.91) (5)
4) Matt Latta, 61-27 (13.2) (4-3wks)
5) Jennifer Ernst, 61-27 (13.55) (3)
6) Mark Gainey, 58-30 (10.6) (NR)
7) Tim Wasyluka, 58-30 (12.1) (NR)
8) Trey Cartledge, 58-30 (14.91) (10)
9) Jason Barnette, 58-30 (18.64) (7)
10) Zack Graves, 57-31 (10.0) (9)
11) Daniel Powell, 57-31 (11.7) (12)
12) Lori Beirne, 57-31 (12.0) (6)
dropped out: James Hawbaker (11)... Jason Turnbow (8)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • As reported, a number of things happened this weekend... Mark and Drew split the weekly win, the 6th time thats happened in DFC history. Its also the only time that the previous Deuce Bowl competitors split a week the following year.
  • Mark and Drew both chalk up their 8th career weekly win, though its a little misleading. Much like LSU won the BCS title in 2004, and claim it fully even though they had a "split" title with USC, I would look at it the same way.
  • Jennifer won 7 weeks lifetime, one of those she split with none other than Mark Gainey, in DFC VII, Week 4. The other six she won outright. Gainey also has the pleasure of claiming 6 outright, while splitting the one mentioned with Jennifer, he also now shares this week with Drew.
  • Drew has also won 6 outright... and one he split with Gainey (again, this week), and DFC VIII, he split Week 12 with Trey AND Mackey.
  • Anything can happen in the final week... but its pretty thrilling to watch in the Morris Conference, conference ranks 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, with TBAs being Hawbaker's 12.1, Pinky's 12.2, Halpert's 12.4 and Turnbow's ghastly 18.9. Jon Osborne and Sarah Hasha (!) sits 2 games back as well.
  • Defending DFC Champion Drew Morris finds himself in an interesting position as well. He's the champ, and still the champ until a new one is crown (Yours Truly, probably), but he's 13th in the conference, 6 games out of a divisional race, 3 games out of the playoff race and stands a good chance at missing the postseason.
  • Only 2 DFC Champions have missed the postseason the year after they won it... Shawn Sharp won DFC I, and never saw the playoffs in his few continuing years. Tad Roose won DFC II, missed the postseason in DFC III, returned and won DFC IV, then missed the playoffs in DFC V and VI. Wookiee Fulaytar missed the postseason in DFC IV and VI after winning the previous year, but that was due to injury and missing those years entirely.
  • Eliminated from the postseason thusfar? Tom Johnson, Mikey Nipp, Mackey and Croyle.
  • On the verge, meaning at least five games out? JustFish, Clif Render, Tyler Campbell and J Roberts.
  • The most spectacular playoff bomb ever? Garrett Cheney, who needed but 2 wins in DFC V to make the postseason. He went 1-7. Wookiee needed to go undefeated. He went 8-0. Out goes the 64 game winning Garrett, who's never come close to that total, ever, and Wookiee goes in, winning DFC V.
  • Potential for Career Years, meaning the best regular season ever? Matt Latta, who is at 61-27, and is 1 away from his career best in DFC VII, 62-26. Its the only other time he had won 60+ games.
  • Scott Latta has already beaten his career best, 60-36 in DFC VIII. Joey Thornell has far and above beaten his 41 wins from last year, and Daniel's 57-31 is 6 away from his career best of 63-33 in DFC VII.
  • Zack Graves has finished his two previous seasons in the DFC with exactly the same record, 58-38. With 57 wins so far this season, it would be a Cheneyesque tumble to stay at 58 wins for the third consecutive season.
  • Though he probably won't get into the postseason (and I'm hoping it might happen, for his sake) Tyler Campbell's best record is 55 wins in DFC VI. He's at 50 now, so he's five from tying. Sarah Hasha is in the same boat, with her best being 58 wins in DFC V. She's at 54 wins currently.
  • The Big Wasyluka only has one 60 win season to his name--in DFC VII, when he lost the divisional title to Daniel Powell. He won three division titles with under 60 wins, the most ever. He's at 58, and likely to cross into 60+ terratory next weekend.
  • The DFC Playoff start... NEXT WEEKEND!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

DFC IX Week Ten Results

The Week That Was
Another "two out three weeks" winner, as Jason Barnette wins his 2nd week out of the last 3, going a solid 7-1. Looks like he's building some momentum heading into the postseason...

Coming in 2nd this time is Jason Turnbow, followed closely by Scott Latta, both 7-1.

Mark Gainey and Tommy McLeod tied for 4th, at 6-2, while Hawbaker is also rolling at 6-2, for 6th, tying with The Spawn of Wookiee. In 8th place, Tad Roose is desperately trying to salvage his season, in 9th is Zack Graves. Round out the Weekly Top Ten is Tebershaw, all at 6-2.

Also Finishing
6-2: Joey Thornell, Yours Truly, Matt Halpert, Lenning, Drew Morris, Jennifer Ersnt, Trey Cartledge
5-3: DMOsborne, Ryan Sherman, Matt Latta, Big Eddy, JustFish, The Big Wasyluka, Sarah Hasha, Jason Roberts, Pinky, Tyler Campbell, Jason Duren, Jonathan Osborne, Sunshine Beirne
4-4: Eddy Jr, Tom Johnson, Daniel Powell,
3-5: Garrett Cheney, Gina Roose
2-6: Clif Render
0-8: Mackey, Croyle

Matt Latta, 56-24 (14.44)
Joey Thornell, 55-25 (11.5)
DMOsborne, 51-29 (13.7)
Justin Fisher, 45-35 (17.89)
Clif Render, 44-36 (12.78)

Jason Barnette, 53-27 (19.9)
Eddy Jr, 51-29 (13.3)
Ryan Sherman, 50-30 (13.22)
Tad Roose, 47-33 (13.67)
Garrett Cheney, 43-37 (16.0)

Jennifer Ernst, 57-23 (14.2)
Tommy McLeod, 50-30 (14.78)
Jonathan Lenning, 49-31 (13.4)
Tebe Shaw, 47-33 (20.5)
Tom Johnson, 43-37 (15.67)

Trey Cartledge, 52-28 (12.33)
Tim Wasyluka, 51-29 (14.2)
Big Eddy Mac, 50-30 (13.4)
AJ Fulaytar, 50-30 (15.1)
Drew Morris, 45-35 (15.33)

Top Three Records Get First Round Bye, Tie Goes to Division Winner
1) South Division Champ Jennifer Ernst, 57-23 (14.2)
2) North Division Champ Matt Latta, 56-24 (14.44)
3) Wild Card Joey Thornell, 55-25 (11.5)
Wild Card Weekend, Tie Goes to Division Winner
4) East Division Champ Jason Barnette, 53-27 (19.9)
5) West Division Champ Trey Cartledge, 51-29 (14.2)
6) Wild Card Eddy Jr, 51-29 (13.3)
7) DMOsborne, 51-29 (13.7)
8) The Big Wasyluka, 51-29 (14.2)
On the Bubble (within two games): Ryan Sherman, 50-30 (13.22)... Big Eddy, 50-30 (13.4)... Tommy McLeod, 50-30 (14.78)... AJ Fulaytar, 50-30 (15.1)

Jason Turnbow, 53-27 (20.4)
Zack Graves, 52-28 (10.89)
James Hawbaker, 52-28 (12.89)
Sarah Hasha, 49-31 (16.89)
Mackey, 38-42 (20.6)

Yours Truly, 59-21 (11.3)
The Mighty Gainey, 51-29 (11.33)
Matt Halpert, 50-30 (12.78)
Jason Roberts, 48-32 (10.7)

Daniel Powell, 51-29 (10.89)
Bradley Pinkerton, 50-30 (12.89)
Jason Duren, 48-32 (15.1)
Chris Croyle, 42-38 (22.1)
Mikey Nipp, 41-39 (10.6)

Scott Latta, 58-22 (13.0)
Lori Beirne, 53-27 (11.0)
Jon Osborne, 51-29 (13.89)
Tyler Campbell, 45-35 (18.56)
Gina Roose, 44-36 (16.1)

First Round Bye
1) East Division Champ Yours Truly, 59-21 (11.3)
2) West Division Champ Scott Latta, 58-22 (13.0)
3) Wild Card Lori Beirne, 58-22 (13.0)
Wild Card Weekend
4) North Division Champ Jason Turnbow, 53-27 (20.4)
5) Wild Card Zack Graves, 52-28 (10.89)
6) Wild Card James Hawbaker, 52-28 (12.89)
7) South Division Champ Daniel Powell, 51-29 (10.89)
8) The Mighty Gainey, 51-29 (11.33)
On the Bubble (within two games): Jon Osborne, 51-29 (13.89)... Matt Halpert, 50-30 (12.78)... Bradley Pinkerton, 50-30 (12.89)... Sarah Hasha, 49-31 (16.89)

The TieBreak Title Top Five
1-tie) Daniel Powell - 10.89
1-tie) Zack Graves - 10.89
3) Lori Beirne - 11.0
4) Yours Truly - 11.30
5) Gainey - 11.33

The College Game Top Five
1) Jennifer Ernst - 36-12
2) Joey Thornell - 35-13
3-tie) Lori Beirne - 34-14
3-tie) Ryan Sherman - 34-14
5) Scott Latta - 33-15

The NFL Title Top Five
1-tie) Matt Latta - 25-7
1-tie) Scott Latta - 25-7
1-tie) Yours Truly - 25-7
4) James Hawbaker - 23-9
5-tie) Tim Wasyluka, AJ Fulaytar, Barney, Turnbow, Zack Graves - 22-10

1) Yours Truly, 59-21 (11.3) (1-7wks)
2) Scott Latta, 58-22 (13.0) (2-2wks)
3) Jenn Ernst, 57-23 (14.2) (3)
4) Matt Latta, 56-24 (14.44) (4-2wks)
5) Joey Thornell, 55-25 (11.5) (5-3wks)
6) Lori Beirne, 53-27 (11.0) (6-2wks)
7) Jason Barnette, 53-27 (19.9) (NR)
8) Jason Turnbow, 53-27 (20.4) (NR)
9) Zack Graves, 52-28 (10.89) (9-2wks)
10) Trey Cartledge, 52-28 (12.88) (NR)
11) James Hawbaker, 52-28 (12.89) (10)
12) Daniel Powell, 51-29 (10.89) (7)
dropped out: Eddy Jr (8th)... DMOsborne (12th)... Tim Wasyluka (11th)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • With two weeks left, I'm in danger of jinxing what could be a phenomenal record that will topple. Remember how Maris' record of 61 stood for years and years, only to be finally surpassed many times over in recent years--steriods or not? The record I speak of is The Mighty Gainey's incredible DFC V season that gave him 68 wins in a single season.
  • With 16 games left in the regular season, 8 people have a shot at beating 68, and another three--Zack, Hawbaker and Trey--have a shot at tying it. Of course, they'll have to go 16-0 in the final 2 weeks, so that may or may not be feasible. Possible, but not feasible.
  • Out of the 8 who can pass it, Barney, Lori and Turnbow have to go 15-1, while Joey Thornell needs to have two 7-1 weeks.
  • Who's within real striking distance? Matt Latta, who needs 13 wins, which is a good, but possible 7-1 and 6-2 week, and Jennifer Ernst need 12.
  • However, it is in the hands of two--Yours Truly and Scott Latta--that are in the best position, needing only 10 and 11 wins respectvely to hold the once-unthinkable 68 win margin. Go us.
  • MVP Candidates? Most likely right now, Yours Truly and Scotty Latta, both who will easily pass 60 wins and even more, as listed above. Dark horse candidates include Jenn Ernst and Matt Latta
  • Rookie of the Year? I dunno, because earlier this year, it seemed as if Bradley Pinkerton would sweep this out of nowhere. However, mustering up 50 wins thusfar, he's been equaled by The Spawn of Wookiee, and J Roberts is only 2 back. Jonathan Lenning is another story, already missing one week and still has 49 wins.
  • Finally, The Osborne Award, given to the best player to not make the playoffs. Sort of a double edged sword, because if they were that good, why didn't they make the playoffs, right? Well, its those who just had an unlucky break here, or an unfortunate bounce there... previous winners include Tad Roose, DMOsborne (whom the award was named after), and last year, Jennifer Ernst picked it up. This season, I'm thinking of two names--Jonathan Osborne and Sarah Hasha.
  • With 16 games up in the air, its hard to pinpoint exactly who is "in" the postseason--it could happen that some of us go 0-16 over two weeks, though with people picking differently, the chances of more than one person going 0-16 is extremely remote.
  • Its more likely, however, to talk about who is NOT going to be in the postseason... right now, it would take one heck of a two week run to put Tom Johnson or Garrett Cheney in the postseason. Tom's already feasibly eliminated from the division crown, yet again.
  • Clif Render is also on the outs, needing a monumental finish to the season, while Justin Fisher also needs quite a finish. Mikey Nipp, Mackey, Croyle and Gina Roose is also just about out of it, while Tyler Campbell is on the bubble. This coming week will determine alot of postseason shuffles.
  • Concerning regular season wins, Matt Latta looks as if he'll join the 2-Member Regular Season 500 Win Mark... he's 2 away. Lori Smith needs 3 more to reach 400, while The Big Wasyluka needs another year to get to 400--he's at 380.
  • Passing Wookiee on the list, though, in recent weeks is Garrett (now at 22nd all time) and Tyler (23rd)
  • Hawbaker gets past 200 this weekend, and Clif Render and Justin Fisher stumble past 100 in the last two weeks. Joey is 4 out from 100, while The Spawn of Wookiee and Pinky each need 7 wins to pass Vic Paschal's 56 wins, the last remaining obsticle before reach the block of multi-year DFC'ers on the list.
  • Toss in the playoff victories, and Daniel Powell becomes the 9th player to reach 500 all time. Mark Gainey needs 10 more to do so, and this is significant because Tom Johnson and Mikey Nipp need 17 and 22 respectively--meaning it will be DFC X.
  • Isn't that a cool title? DFC X! Rock on.
  • The Big Wasyluka got his 400th All Time Win this weekend, and while Trey has 179 regular season wins, needing 21 for 200, he might pick up some in the postseason.
  • Let's talk college... Jennifer is still the only one over 300 (311), and Yours Truly and Matt Latta look to get there this weekend or next, needing 3 and 7. Wait 'til Next Year goes to Tommy (288), Daniel (288), and DMOsborne (285)
  • One college record that no one has even come close to is 45. As in, 45 college games won by Gainey in DFC V. Tad Roose had 43 in DFC VI, but was then the only one to hit 40 in DFC VII.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

DFC IX Week Eleven Games

College Games

19. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7-2) at 20. North Carolina Tar Heels (6-2), TBA
Even though all the attention hs been on the Big 12 and SEC (and rightly so), the ACC is actually shaping up to be an interesting conference battle. Tech needs this to pretty much take the Coastal.

9. Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-1) at 2. Texas Tech Red Raiders (9-0), TBA
This is bound to be one heckuva game... especially if its anything like the Texas/TT game was. Trap game? Trap game?

1. Alabama Crimson Sabans (9-0) at 16. LSU Tigers (6-2), 230pm
My guess is, the only real story here is Saban's return to Death Valley. The fact its not a night game will probably mean it will be slightly easier--LSU Fans will only have 12 hours to drink, and not 18. And for the record, I expect just about everyone will pick 'Bama in this game.

Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (5-3) at Boston College Golden Eagles (5-3), 7pm
Here's a great toss-up pick 'em for ya...

NFL Games
New Orleans Saints (4-4) at Atlanta Falcons (5-3), 12p, Fox
The NFC South!

Green Bay Packers (4-4) at Minnesota Vikings (4-4), 12p, Fox
The NFC North!

Indianapolis Colts (3-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2), 315p, CBS
AFC South takes on the AFC North! Indy is currently playing New England, Pittsburgh plays Washington Monday night

NYGiants (5-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (7-1), 715p, NBC
The NFC East!

TieBreak Game
Atlanta vs New Orleans, total points scored!

Monday, October 27, 2008

DFC IX Week Ten Games

Coming tomorrow... full results of Week Nine. Three undefeateds, only one takes the crown and one DFC'er comes up short. Again.

Rankings from AP Poll, times CST

Auburn Tigers (4-4) at Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels (4-4), 1130a
Wow. This might just be a terrible game. Did you know that Ole Miss is favored???
The Duke Blue Devils (4-3) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-3), 230p

This falls under the catagory of "there is no gimmes this week". The Blue Devils are actually pretty decent.

8. Georgia Bulldogs (7-1) vs 5. Florida Go Gators (6-1), 230p, CBS
Game played in Jacksonville, FL. I'm ready for my Go Gators to win a championship with me on the b'wagon. They beat Georgia, they have the best shot at facing/beating Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

1. Texas Longhorns at 6. Texas Tech Red Raiders, 7pm
Yes, yes, we've seen a wealth of Texas games. But this has been a rough schedule for the Horns, finishing up with this one... this time not in Austin, but in Lubbock, TX.


NYJets (4-3) at Buffalo Bills (5-2), 12p, CBS
So here I was, sitting on the 2nd bench of the Bills Bandwagon. But before the wagon could leave, they lost! So, do I get up? Do I get comfy? I'm lost...

Arizona Cardinals (4-3) at St. Louis Rams (2-5), 12p, Fox
Not only is Arizona leading their division, they are also favored in this game. When Kurt Warner visits his old team, there's hell to pay! (well, not really. just sounded good)

Dallas Cowboys (5-3) at NYGiants (6-1), 315p, Fox
The Cowboys are falling completely apart, but they are one of those teams you can never truly count out. And the Giants are one of those teams you can never truly count on. Pick 'em.

New England Patriots (5-2) at Indianapolis Colts (3-3), 715p, NBC
Indy playing tonight against the Titans.

TieBreak Game
Georgia vs Florida, total points scored.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

DFC IX Week Nine Results

Thursday night
West Virginia 31, Auburn 17

Saturday games
8. Texas Tech 63, Kansas 21 (tiebreak game, 84 total points)
UConn 40, Cincinnati 16
1. Texas 28, 6. Oklahoma State 24
7. Georgia 52, 13. LSU 38
25. Florida State 30, Virginia Tech 20
Ole Miss 23, Arkansas 21
3. Penn State 13, 9. Ohio State 6

The Week That Was
Welcome to the world of winners, Ryan Sherman. In winning Week 9, Ryan becomes the 27th person in the DFC to claim a weekly win to their name, and the second week in a row that a First Time Winner has been declared--Jason Barney was last week.

Coming up short, though undefeated, were 2nd place Jason Roberts and 3rd place DMOsborne. Not sure what the current record is, but this is 56 weeks now between DMO's last win (DFC V, Week 1) and now, and though I don't know it exactly, this is at least the fourth or fifth time DMO has come up with a stellar record, and finished 2nd--and in this case, 3rd--to someone(s) who were a little more stellarer.

Lori "Sunshine" Beirne comes up with a 7-1 record, and Jason Duren did likewise, finishing up 4th and 5th this week. Jonathan Osborne finishes 6th, and Scotty Latta gets 7th, both at 6-2. Joey Thornell continues his march towards the postseason, grabbing 8th place, while Eddy Jr gets 9th, and tied for 10th is Big Eddy and The Big Wasyluka, all at 6-2.

Also finishing:
6-2: Sarah Hasha, Clif Render, Jenn Ernst, The Mighty Gainey, Tom Johnson, Lenning, Tebershaw, Daniel Powell, Croyle
5-3: Jason Turnbow, Mackey, Pinkerton, Yours Truly, Halpert, Matt Latta, Tad Roose, DFC Defending Champion Drew Morris, Spawn of Wookiee
4-4: Zack Graves, Young Garrett, Barney, Mikey Nipp, Gina Roose, Tyler Campbell, Tommy Mac, Trey Cartledge, Hawbaker
2-6: JustFish

North Division
Matt Latta continues to lead the North Division, at 51-21 (16.13), holding a three game lead over Joey Thornell, 49-23 (11.67). DMOsborne's 8-0 week vaulted him right back in the playoff race, now at 46-26 (14.56), while Clif "troy boy" Render's good week also gave him hope. He's at 42-30 (14.25). Justin Fisher had a tough week, both in family and in the DFC, finishing at 40-32 (18.5).

East Division
Eddy Jr took a backseat last week, falling to 2nd, but climbs back to the top at 47-25 (13.22), while Barney's average week keeps him on the playoff edge. He's 46-26 (22.0). Ryan Sherman's big week put him back in contention, at 45-27 (12.5), while three time DFC Champ cannot have back to back good seasons. Tad Roose is 41-31 (14.88), keeping himself ahead of the DFC Detroit Lions, Garrett Cheney, at 40-32 (16.11).

South Division
Looks like another division title for Jennifer Ernst, holding a commanding 6 game lead over Tommy McLeod. Jennifer's 51-21 (14.78) is strong, while Tommy Mac's once strong record has fallen to 44-28 (18.11), barely ahead of J. Lenning, 43-29 (13.33) and Tebe Shaw, 41-31 (22.11). And it looks like original DFC'er Tom Johnson will have another 'wait til next year' kind of year, at 39-33 (14.88)

West Division
We knew it would happen, and it did. Tim Wasyluka overtakes Trey Cartledge for the divisional lead. Tim's 46-26 is the same as Trey's 46-26, but Tim's 14.25 TBA edges out Trey's 15.67, and sometimes, thats all it takes. But wait! Whats that? Do I hear Big Eddy, wanting more postseason glory? He's one game back at 45-27 (14.44), and only a game ahead of The Spawn of Wookiee, at 44-28 (15.63). Defending DFC Champ Drew Morris must have one heckuva run in him to improve his worst-in-conference 39-33 (16.13)

If the Playoffs Began Today
The three first round byes would go to top seed South Division Champ Jennifer Ernst (51-21, 14.78), while 2nd seed would be North Division Champ Matt Latta, 51-21 (16.13). Taking the last first round bye spot would be wild card Joey Thornell, at 49-23 (11.67).

Participating in Wild Card Weekend, East Division Champ Eddy Jr would be the 4th seed at 47-25 (13.22), and 5th seeded Tim Wasyluka, the West Division Champ (46-26, 14.25). Coming into 6th would be DMO at 46-26 (14.56). Trey Cartledge would take 7th, also at 46-26 (15.67), while Jason Barnette would get that last spot at 46-26 (22.0)

On the Bubble, within two games... 9th place (in the conference) Ryan Sherman (45-27, 12.5), 10th place Big Eddy (45-27, 14.44), 11th place Spawn of Wookiee (44-28, 15.63) and 12th place Tommy Mac (44-28, 18.11)

North Division
Suddenly the most exciting division in the DFC... a three way tie at the top, seperated only by TBA. Zack Graves, James Hawbaker and Jason Turnbow all are at 46-26, and while Zack's 10.25 TBA edges Hawbakers 10.88 for first, both blow away Turnbow's terrible 22.22. But wait! Still in contention, one Sarah Hasha, at 44-28 (16.13), and still not quite in contention, Mackey at 39-33 (16.33)

East Division
With a stumble here and a stumble there, Yours Truly is thankful that Gainey and Halpert haven't been able to capitalize. Heading towards Yours Truly's possible first MVP title, Yours Truly has a 53-19 record, with 10.78 TBA. The Mighty Gainey sits 8 games back at 45-27 (12.63), while Halpert is at 44-28 (13.0), one game ahead of rookie Jason Roberts, 43-29 (11.33)

South Division
The Powell ain't done yet. With the end of the season in sight, he has a 47-25 (11.13) mark into the final 1/4 of the year. Right behind him, though, leading the way towards Rookie of the Year, Bradley Pinkerton at 45-27 (12.38), while Final Fouralist Jason Duren is in 3rd at 43-29 (16.0). Rookie Christopher Croyle has a respectable 42-30 (18.0), while Michael Nipp... 36-36 (11.33). He's an original DFC'er, but I guess so was the Cardinals in the NFL...

West Division
Scotty Latta has opened up a few game lead at 51-21 (13.89), while Lori Beirne is in 2nd at 48-24 (11.78). Third in the division is Jon Osborne, 46-26 (14.88), and in 4th is Gina "Wife of 'Tad "The Dynasty" Roose' Roose, at 41-31 (17.63). In the cellar, again, is Tyler Campbell, at 40-32 (20.5).

If the Playoffs Started Today
Taking the coveted first week off of the playoffs would be top seed Yours Truly, the East Division Champ, followed by the 2nd seed, West Division Champ Scotty Latta. Edging out The Powell for the 3rd seed is Lori Beirne (remember, she has to beat him by a game, because tied record defers to divisional champs, regardless of TBA)

For Wild Card Weekend, The Powell wins the South, and gets the 4th seed at 47-25 (11.13), followed by 5th seed North Division Champ Zack Graves, 46-26 (10.25) and 6th seed Hawbaker, 46-26 (10.88). In 7th goes Jonathan Osborne, 46-26 (14.88) and Turnbow would take 8th at 46-26 (22.22)

On the Bubble... 9th place Pinkerton, 45-27 (12.38), 10th place Mark Gainey, 45-27 (12.63), 11th place Matt Halpert, 44-28 (13.0) and 12th place Sarah Hasha, 44-28 (16.13).

1. Yours Truly, 53-19 (10-78) (1-6 weeks)
2. Scott Latta, 51-21 (13.89) (3)
3. Jennifer Ernst, 51-21 (14.78) (4)
4. Matt Latta, 51-21 (16.13) (2)
5. Joey Thornell, 49-23 (11.67) (5-2 wks)
6. Lori Beirne, 48-24 (11.78) (11)
7. Daniel Powell, 47-25 (11.13) (10)
8. Eddy Jr, 47-25 (13.22) (12)
9. Zack Graves, 46-26 (10.25) (6)
10. James Hawbaker, 46-26 (10.88) (8)
11. Tim Wasyluka, 46-26 (14.25) (NR-15th)
12. DMOsborne, 46-26 (14.56) (NR-22nd)
dropped out... Trey Cartledge (7th)... Jason Barnette (9th)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • This has been a monster year for weekly winners so far. With another 8-0 record to win the week, DFC IX now holds the record for most undefeated weekly wins... and there are still 3 weeks to go.
  • DFC V has been widely considered the most "prosperous" year in DFC history, with a record 13 DFC'ers winning over 60 games--and that was out of a 24 person league. With 24 games left to pick, 20 people have at least 45 wins, meaning that a 5-3 average week for the next three weeks puts many more people over the 60 win mark--out of a 39 person league.
  • DFC IV and V both had 84-12 records when you add up all the weekly win records in the 12 game season. So far, our weekly winners have 67 wins and 5 losses. To break the earlier season records, our winners need only two 6-2 records, and a 5-3 record. Considering out of 104 possible weeks in the DFC, only 3 people have won a week with a 5-3 record, its quite possible this will be done.
  • MVP Awards... who's won 'em? Typically, and I say that because its really happened in all cases, they are won by the person with the most wins. Shawn Sharp won the MVP title in DFC I, going wire to wire #1 and winning the championship.
  • Tommy Mac won DFC II's MVP Award, but bombed out of the first round of the postseason. Mark Gainey easily won the MVP Award in DFC III, racking up 65 wins, and also taking Rookie of the Year honors. Got the first round bye, but was beaten by Wookiee Fulaytar in the 2nd round of the postseason.
  • In DFC IV, Jennifer Ernst became the first female to win the honors, with her 66 win performance, and then followed it up with a run to DeuceBowl IV, though she lost to Tad Roose by 2 games.
  • DFC V saw Mark's still-record 68 win season, possibly the greatest single season anyone has ever had in the DFC... well, regular season, that is, as he got to the Final Four and lost.
  • DFC VI was a hotly contested battle between Matt Latta and Mark Gainey. Mark was the only one who won 60 games that year (finishing 61-35), but many felt as if Matt's consistency deserved recognition. The voters spoke, and Gainey won his 3rd MVP title in four years, but once again was in the 2nd round of the postseason and done--while Matt Latta held up another trophy. The Brook DeRamus DFC Championship Plate. I'm sure Gainey would trade.
  • DFC VII saw Tad Roose win his first MVP title, despite winning the championship two times before, and becomes the 1st DFC'er since Shawn Sharp to win the DFCMVP and then win the whole thing.
  • Drew Morris makes it two DFCMVP'ers in a row, as he won the DFC VIII MVP and championship last season.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DFC IX Week Eight Results

FYI... We all send our prayers and love to Justin Fisher and his wife Kelly, as their newborn Will struggles with an illness keeping him in the hospital, and JustFish and KellFish struggle with daily hospital food. We're thinking about you, brotha.

The Week That Was
Just as the season is beginning to tighten, playoff races heating up, and haves and have nots are separating themselves, in walks Jason Barnette (is there an "e" there?), having an undefeated week (while archrival Tebe Shaw fails to even show up this week). Its good enough for him to claim the first weekly win of his three season career.

And then it gets really crazy. Finishing a clean 2nd is Jonathan Lenning, at 7-1, while Hawbaker and Scotty Latta tie for 3rd at 7-1.

In 5th, still staking his claim for rookie of the year Bradley Pinkerton goes 6-2, while 2nd year guy Clif Render, trying to salvage his season, ties Pinky for 5th. In 7th, The Spawn of Wookiee and DMOsborne tie at 6-2, and getting 9th all by his lonesome, Trey Cartledge, also at 6-2.

Rounding out the Weekly Top Ten, another tie, this time a three-way, between Young Garret Cheney (making a very rare appearance), archrival Tyler Campbell and Lori Sunshine, all at 6-2.
Also Finishing:
6-2: Sarah Hasha, Jason Turnbow, Gina Roose
5-3: Matta Latta, JustFish, Joey Thornell, Chris Croyle, Jason Duren, Tad Roose, Ryan Sherman, Eddy Jr, Tommy Mac, Jenn Ersnt, Tom Johnson, Eddy Mac Bee, Zack Graves, Mackey, Matt Halpert, The Mightbe Gainey
4-4: Jon Osborne, J Roberts, Yours Truly, Daniel Powell
3-5: The Big Wasyluka, Mikey Nipp
0-8: Tebershaw

Matt Latta, 46-18 (16.0)
Joey Thornell, 43-21 (11.88)
DMOsborne, 38-26 (10.88)
Justin Fisher, 38-26 (16.29)
Clif Render, 36-28 (12.86)

Jason Barnette, 42-22 (22.38)
Eddy Mac Jr, 41-23 (13.5)
Ryan Sherman, 37-27 (14.71)
Tad Roose, 36-28 (12.29)
Garrett Cheney, 36-28 (17.0)

Jennifer Ernst, 45-19 (14.63)
Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (15.88)
Jonathan Lenning, 37-27 (12.0)
Tebe Shaw, 35-29 (21.25)
Tom Johnson, 33-31 (12.57)

Trey Cartledge, 42-22 (12.75)
Tim Wasyluka, 40-24 (14.29)
Eddy Mac Sr, 39-25 (14.5)
AJ Fulaytar, 39-25 (15.86)
Drew Morris, 34-30 (13.57)

First Round Bye (top three records, tie goes to division winner)
1. North Division Champ Matt Latta, 46-18 (16.0)
2. South Division Champ Jenn Ernst, 45-19 (14.63)
3. Wild Card Joey Thornell, 43-21 (11.88)
Wild Card Weekend (next five records, tie goes to division)
4. West Division Champ Trey Cartledge, 42-22 (12.75)
5. East Division Champ Jason Barnette, 42-22 (22.38)
6. Wild Card Eddy Jr, 41-23 (13.5)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 40-24 (14.29)
8. Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (15.88)
on the bubble (within 2 games): Eddy Mac, 39-25 (14.5)... AJ Fulaytar, 39-25 (15.86)... DMOsborne, 38-26 (10.88)... JustFish, 38-26 (16.29)

Zack Graves, 42-22 (12.71)
James Hawbaker, 42-22 (13.57)
Jason Turnbow, 41-23 (20.13)
Sarah Hasha, 38-26 (14.14)
Ken Mackey, 34-30 (14.88)

Yours Truly, 48-16 (11.0)
The (formerly)Mighty Gainey, 39-25 (12.14)
Matt Halpert, 39-25 (12.29)
Jason Roberts, 35-29 (8.25)

Daniel Powell, 41-23 (5.29)
Bradley Pinkerton, 40-24 (9.57)
Chris Croyle, 36-28 (16.5)
Jason Duren, 36-28 (16.63)
Mikey Nipp, 32-32 (10.13)

Scott Latta, 45-19 (11.25)
Lori Beirne, 41-23 (11.57)
Jon Osborne, 40-24 (16.43)
Gina Roose, 37-27 (12.86)
Tyler Campbell, 36-28 (16.43)

First Round Bye
1. East Division Champ Yours Truly, 48-16 (11.0)
2. West Division Champ Scott Latta, 45-19 (11.25)
3. North Division Champ Zack Graves, 42-22 (12.71)
Wild Card Weekend
4. Wild Card James Hawbaker, 42-22 (13.57)
5. South Division Champ Daniel Powell, 41-23 (5.29)
6. Wild Card Lori Beirne, 41-23 (11.57)
7. Wild Card Jason Turnbow, 41-23 (20.13)
8. Wild Card Bradley Pinkerton, 40-24 (9.57)
on the bubble: Jonathan Osborne, 40-24 (16.43)... Mark Gainey, 39-25 (12.14)... Matt Halpert, 39-56 (12.29)... Sarah Hasha, 38-26 (14.14)

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
rank, record (TB) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 48-16 (11.0) (1-4 wks)
2. Matt Latta, 46-18 (16.0) (2-3 wks)
3. Scott Latta, 45-19 (11.25) (6)
4. Jenn Ernst, 45-19 (14.63) (3)
5. Joey Thornell, 43-21 (11.88) (4)
6. Zack Graves, 42-22 (12.71) (8)
7. Trey Cartledge, 42-22 (12.75) (5)
8. James Hawbaker, 42-22 (13.57) (NR-13th)
9. Jason Barnette, 42-22 (22.38) (NR-22nd)
10. Daniel Powell, 41-23 (5.29) (7)
11. Lori Beirne, 41-23 (11.57) (12)
12. Eddy Jr, 41-23 (13.5) (10)
dropped out: Tim Wasyluka, (9th)... Jon Osborne (11th)

In This Week's Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics...

  • The playoffs are quickly approaching, and Drew Morris is currently the king of the postseason charts. His 80-35 record not only far surpasses Mark Gainey's #2 record of 61-36, Drew also has the most playoff games to his credit.
  • Big Daddy Wookiee is third with a 55-24 record, while three time world champion Tad Roose is 4th, at 54-27. In 5th is Big Eddy McBroom, despite not making the postseason since DFC V, with a great 50-22 mark.
  • I mention the top five because it looks like they'll remain where they are. Drew, Gainey and Tad are not locks for the postseason, and while Eddy Mac has a decent shot, he'd need a good week in Wild Card Weekend to tie for 4th.
  • Most likely to make a splash in the Top 5? Jennifer Ersnt, who is in a great postseason position, has 48 playoff wins and 24 losses, just slightly ahead of Matt Latta, who has 48 wins and 25 losses, which is slightly ahead of Yours Truly, with 47 wins and 25 losses.
  • Drew Morris is also tied with The Mighty Gainey for another postseason record, as in, most appearances. Drew and Mark have both been in 6 times, though Drew did it in 7 years, and Mark did it 6 straight times. Mark holds the current best streak, though Tommy Mac and Matt Latta are both likely to make it in for their fourth straight season.
  • Matt Latta now owns the .500+ record to his very own. He last had a week below 5-3 during Week 7 of DFC VIII, and for 13 weeks, its been 5-3 or better. Congrats.
  • Who's got the current 4-4 or better streak? That would be a tie between Jonathan Osborne and Trey Cartledge, both at 15. Until they reach 20 or more, though, we'll leave it at that.
  • For the rookies, a 50 win season seems to be a good indicator of success. Its pretty attainable, though, as most rookies do... Bradley Pinkerton seems like he's gonna shoot past that quickly, as he's at 40 now, while Chris Croyle may have more struggles, 4 games back at 36 wins.
  • Lots of "century" marks passed this week... Matt Halpert crosses 100 midway through his sophomore season, which has got to be close to a record, while Barney's undefeated week puts him at 205 wins lifetime--ahead of the pack of the DFC VI rookies, a class that included Tebershaw, James Hawbaker, Gina Roose and Ryan Sherman. FYI, Gina and Tebe also passed 200 this weekend.
  • Ryan Sherman is sitting at 198, and James Hawbaker at 193.
  • Jason Duren gets past 300 wins lifetime, and while no one hit 400 so far this weekend, Jennifer Ernst crossed 500 regular season wins.
  • Adding in All Time Wins (including playoffs), Tad Roose and Tommy McLeod become 500 Members, with 500 and 503 respectively.
  • Who's got a division title, you ask? Well, here's the quick rundown... In DFC I, there were no divisions, just 11 players, which Shawn Sharp went wire-to-wire #1, through the championship.
  • In DFC II, DMOsborne (North), Tommy (West), Tad Roose (East) and Wookiee (Central) were our division winners.
  • In DFC III, keeping the same divisions, Justin Glenn took the North, Big Eddy got the West, The (then very)Mighty Gainey won his first East crown by a still-record 12 games over Jon Osborne, and The Big Wasyluka edged out Daniel Powell and Wookiee for the Central Division.
  • In DFC IV, keeping it in the family, Eddy Jr won the West, while Gainey took his 2nd East, The Big Wasyluka got his 2nd straight Central and Jennifer Ernst won her first division, the North, by 11 games over Tom Johnson.
  • In DFC V, we expanded to six divisions, and realigned. Tom Johnson got his only divisional crown in The North Division, while Justin Glenn's 17.55 TBA edged out Jennifer's 17.82 for the Mid Central Division crown. Drew Morris captured the West, while Gainey's monster 68 win season--still a record--took the East. Lori Smith/Beirne got the South Central, while Mikey Nipp got his first, and only, divisional crown in the South.
  • In DFC VI, Matt Latta started his North dominance by winning the division, with a TBA of 11.27, over DMOsborne's 16.64. Tommy McLeod won the MidCentral, with a TBA of 15.73, putting Justin on the losing end, with his 19.91. Drew Morris also edged Jason Duren via TBA, 14.64 to 18.82 for another West crown. Gainey got his 4th straight East title, while Scott Latta broke through into the postseason with the South Central, and Tim Wasyluka again added to his totals in the South.
  • In DFC VII, Matt Latta won his 2nd North title, Jennifer Ernst won the Mid Central (in a division where FIVE people made the postseason), and Gary "The Idol" Eubanks took the West. Mark took another East title, while Tad Roose got a South Central, and Daniel Powell won the South.
  • Last season, DFC VIII, rookie Matt Halpert won the North, while Tommy captured the Mid Central and eventual champ Drew Morris won the West title. James Hawbaker broke Gainey's divisional streak with an East Division win, and Jon Osborne finally made it to the playoffs with a South Central win. Ryan Sherman also got his first division title in the South, the only one of 7 people in that division to make the postseason.
  • All that other stuff I listed? I'll talk about it next week. This was quite long.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

DFC IX Week Nine Games (Thursday night game)

It happens once per year, when all the games are college... and this week is it. Just too many great college games to pass up...

Auburn Tigers (4-3) at West Virginia Mountaneers (4-2), 630p, ESPN
I quote Wookiee, father of The Spawn of Wookiee, "Do not... I mean, do NOT put the Auburn/West Va game on the list." Sorry, Wook and AJ... I mean, talk about wasted expectations...

8 Texas Tech Red Raiders (7-0) at 23 Kansas Jayhawks (5-2), 11a
Don't be so fooled by the record of the Tech Raiders... they've beaten some great juggernauts like Eastern Washington and Massachusetts, though they did take care of Nebraska (in OT, mind you). This is TTRR's first real test, against a Jayhawk team who's only 2 losses are against Oklahoma (no shame there) and South Florida (very little shame there).

Cincinnati Bearcats (5-1) at The UConn Huskies (5-2), 11a
Even though the Big East is the Big East, this should actually be a pretty good game. Cincy's only loss is to Oklahoma (again, no shame), though you wonder about a team who could only get by Rutgers with 3 points. UConn is riding a 2 game losing streak, the last of which was against Rutgers... by 2 points. Talk about your pick 'ems. The over/under on getting "Go You Huskies" for those picking UConn is somewhere around 7.

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-0) at 1. Texas Longhorns (7-0), 230p, ABC
Man, I want to pick Texas. I should pick Texas. I really, really should. But Texas now has two huge victories (Oklahoma & Mizzou) and how tired are they? Cause really, OK State (who Troy beat last year, mind you) looks good. Really good.

7. Georgia Bulldogs (6-1) at 13. LSU Tigers (5-1), 230p, CBS
Yes, yes, LSU is at home. But its a day game. Like The Swamp, home of the Go Gators, its not quite as formidible 230 in the afternoon than it is at 7pm at night. The LSU fans have only had five hours to drink as opposed to 12. Do or die for both teams when it comes to the SEC title game, especially for the Dawgs.

Virginia Tech Hokies (5-2) at 25. Florida State Seminoles (5-1), 230p
Is anyone talking about either one of these teams, even though the ACC completely blows this year? VA Tech had a terrible loss against a now-proven-crappy East Carolina team, but has managed to win a few here and there, though losing last week to BC by 5. FSU? Who knows. It depends on who is able to play and who's been arrested this week.

Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels (3-4) at Arkansas Razorbacks (3-4), 6pm
The ONLY reason we're even interested in this game... Houston Nutt returns to Arkansas. Pick 'em.

3. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-0) at 9. Ohio State Buckeyes (7-1), 7pm, ABC
For Ohio State, its just a Big 10 title at stake. Honestly, unless the world turns upside down--like last year, ya know--OSU is out of the big race. For Penn State, however, this is a one game season each week... they win this, they are probably going to win out, and we're discussing who Penn State will play in the national title game (the Horns or Go Gators). Never mind the fact that Penn State has NEVER won in Columbus while a member of the Big 10.

TieBreak Game
Hmm... Texas Tech & Kansas. Total points scored. This might be ugly.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

DFC IX Week Seven Results

The Week That Was
As the season progresses, my fear of a terrible season is slowly being eclipsed by my fear of a historic DFC Meltdown, the likes of which we haven't seen.

Having said that, I'll only say that a 6-2 record gets me another weekly win. Go me.

Coming in 2nd, Jason Duren stages what might be a late season run, finishing at 6-2, while Jennifer Ernst's 4-0 NFL record gets her the 3rd place. In 4th, James Hawbaker also seems to be making a run for the playoffs, and in 5th, Jason Barnette's 6-2.

For 6th, Zack Graves, in 7th, Jonathan Osborne, in 8th, The (possibly)Mighty Gainey, in 9th is The Big Wasyluka and rounding out the top 10, Matt Latta, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing
5-3: Justin Fisher, Joey Thornell, Drew Morris, Chris Croyle
4-4: Clif Render, Tad Roose, Mackey, Gina Roose, Eddy Jr, Eddy Sr, Bradley Pinky, Trey Cartledge
3-5: Lenning, Tebershaw, DMOsborne, AJ Fulaytar, Tyler Campbell, Ryan Sherman, Garrett Cheney, Tommy McLeod, Matt Halpert, Mikey Nipp, Scotty Latta
2-6: Tom Johnson, Jason Turnbow, Daniel Powell
1-7: Sarah Hasha, Jason Roberts, Lori Sunshine

Matt Latta, 41-15 (18.17)
Joey Thornell, 38-18 (12.67)
Justin Fisher, 33-23 (17.33)
David Mark Osborne, 32-24 (11.71)
Clif Render, 30-26 (14.67)

Eddy Jr, 36-20 (15.14)
Jason Barnette, 34-22 (25.14)
Ryan Sherman, 32-24 (16.17)
Tad Roose, 31-25 (17.57)
Garrett Cheney, 30-26 (18.14)

Jennifer Ernst, 40-16 (15.86)
Tommy McLeod, 35-21 (16.57)
Tebe Shaw, 35-21 (19.0)
Jonathan Lenning, 30-26 (13.57)
Tom Johnson, 28-28 (13.33)

Trey Cartledge, 38-18 (13.57)
Tim Wasyluka, 37-19 (16.0)
Eddy McBroom, 34-22 (15.43)
AJ Fulaytar, 34-22 (18.43)
Drew Morris, 30-26 (16-16)

First Round Bye (Top three seeds, tie goes to division winner)
1. North Division Champion Matt Latta, 41-15 (18.17)
2. South Division Champion Jennifer Ernst, 40-16 (15.86)
3. West Division Champion Trey Cartledge, 38-18 (13.57)
Wild Card Weekend Round (next five best records, tie goes to division winner)
4. Joey Thornell, 38-18 (12.67)
5. Tim Wasyluka, 37-19 (16.0)
6. East Division Champion, 36-20 (15.14)
7. Tommy McLeod, 35-21 (16.57)
8. Tebe Shaw, 35-21 (19.0)
on the bubble (within two games): Big Eddy, 34-22 (15.43)... Spawn of Wookiee, 34-22 (18.43)... Jason Barnette, 34-22 (25.14)

Zack Graves, 37-19 (13.67)
James Hawbaker, 35-21 (12.6)
Jason Turnbow, 35-21 (21.29)
Sarah Hasha, 32-24 (13.83)
Mackey, 29-27 (16.86)

Yours Truly, 44-12 (12.14)
The (at one time was)Mighty Gainey, 34-22 (13.67)
Matt Halpert, 34-22 (14.0)
Jason Roberts, 31-25 (8.57)

Daniel Powell, 37-19 (10.86)
Bradley Pinkerton, 34-22 (16.29)
Chris Croyle, 31-25 (16.71)
Jason Duren, 31-25 (17.43)
Mikey Nipp, 29-27 (11.29)

Scotty Latta, 38-18 (16.43)
Jon Osborne, 36-20 (18.0)
Lori Beirne, 35-21 (11.57)
Gina Roose, 31-25 (16.71)
Tyler Campbell, 30-26 (17.67)

First Round Bye (top three records, tie goes to division winner)
1. East Division Champion Yours Truly, 44-12 (12.14)
2. West Division Champion Scotty Latta, 38-18 (16.43)
3. South Division Champion Daniel Powell, 37-19 (10.86)
Wild Card Weekend (next five records, tie goes to division winner)
4. North Division Champion Zack Graves, 37-19 (13.67)
5. Jonathan Osborne, 36-20 (18.0)
6. Lori Beirne, 35-21 (11.57)
7. James Hawbaker, 35-21 (12.4)
8. Jason Turnbow, 35-21 (21.29)
on the bubble (within two games): Gainey, 34-22 (13.67)... Matt Halpert, 34-22 (14.0)... Bradley Pinkerton, 34-22 (16.29)

Final Scores
5. Texas 45, 1 Oklahoma 35
South Carolina 24, Kentucky 17
22. North Carolina 29, Notre Dame 24
11. Florida 51, 4. LSU 21
Atlanta 22, Chicago 20
Indianapolis 30, Baltimore 3
Houston 29, Miami 28
San Diego 30, New England 10

Rank, playa, record, (TB) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 44-12 (12.14) (1)
2. Matta Latta, 41-15 (18.17) (2)
3. Jenn Ernst, 40-16 (15.86) (7)
4. Joey Thornell, 38-18 (12.67) (8)
5. Trey Cartledge, 38-18 (13-57)
6. Scotty Latta, 38-18 (16.43) (4)
7. Daniel Powell, 37-19 (10.86) (3)
8. Zack Graves, 37-19 (13.67) (11)
9. Tim Wasyluka, 37-19 (16.0) (12)
10. Eddy Jr, 36-20 (15.14) (10)
11. Jonathan Osborne, 36-20 (18.0) (NR-18)
12. Lori Beirne, 35-21 (11.57) (6)
dropped out: Jason Turnbow (9th)

  • What a terrible week for most people... almost half the league-17-finished 3-5 or worse, and when you toss 4-4 records, that's 25 people unable to score a winning record this week.
  • Even worse, never in the 9 year history of The DFC have we had three different people score 1-7... the honors this week go to Lori Beirne, Sarah Hasha and Jason Roberts
  • A week this terrible could not have come for a worse time for any of them. Rookie Jason was keeping pace with division stalwarts Halpert and Gainey, but this sets him back. Lori was perhaps, funny enough, impacted the least, because of her solid record already, though she can't afford another week like that. Sarah, however, takes it the worst, as she was building momentum for a possible first time playoff appearance.
  • Scanned over the weekly winners in DFC History, and found that many people have done the "won two in three weeks", but never have two done it interchangably--meaning Lori won Week Four, Yours Truly took Week Five, Lori then won Week Six, then I grabbed Week Seven. Your turn.
  • One more point about Lori Beirne... its been quite a roller coaster. Her last four weeks, including two weekly wins, have given her an 11-13 record. Her weekly wins were both undefeated weeks, meaning in between wins, she went 2-6, then this week, 1-7. She might be due for a colossal Week Eight.
  • The Mighty Gainey has another problem. Not only is he sitting 10 games back in the East Division, a division that gave him five trophies on his mantle, his DFC Power Poll legacy is fading fast. From DFC IV, when the Power Poll was started, Gainey spent 45 of the possible 48 weeks within the Top 12. Last year, he spent 9 of the 12 weeks outside of the Top 12, 3 times as many weeks as he had in his entire career previous. This season? He finished Week 1 at 31st, climbed and fallen, much lower than his previous low ranking of 18 last year.
  • Staying in the Power Poll Top 12 all season is quite a feat... in DFC IV, five people managed to do it. Yours Truly, Gainey, Eddy Jr, Eddy Sr, Lori then-Smith and Mikey Nipp. All but Lori managed it in DFC V, as did Garrett Cheney, while in DFC VI, DMOsborne, Scott Latta, Tommy Mac and Justin Glenn managed it. In DFC VII, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose did it, en route to a championship, as did Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, and last year, Scott did it again, as did Jon Osborne, Tad Roose and Gary "The Idol" Eubanks.
  • My point for all that is, besides useless information, no one has ever done it three times, much less three straight. So far, this year, staying in the Top 12 has been Matt Latta, Jenn Ernst, Yours Truly and Trey Cartledge--aside from Trey, there are three that all have the potential to be "the first" to stay in the rankings all season long three times in their career.
  • Let's talk about the other end of the rankings... who hasn't seen sunlight north of 20th? As in, who hasn't gotten past the rank of 20 so far this season? Jason Barnette has his highest rank of the season right now, at 22, while Gina Roose is also sitting at her season high of 27th. Tom Johnson, currently in last place, started the season 24th, but fell from there, while rookie Jonathan Lenning's 28th ranking last week gave him his season high. Mikey Nipp also managed a 21st spot in Week 4.
  • Defending DFC Champion Drew Morris? He's 35th right now, but was at 22 in Week 2.
  • Then there is Garrett, Tyler, and Clif Render--their highest positions this year are 33, 32 and 33 respectively.
  • For you rookies out there... the total number of DFC Picks made, regular season, from DFC I to now? 21,757.
  • Up until his 3-5 week, Matt Halpert was slowly chugging away at the Unbreakable Streak, posted by Tad Roose. Matt had accomplished 18 weeks, looking for two records--the best start in DFC History, and Tad's 45 straight .500+ weeks.
  • The best start in DFC History still belongs to Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, who retired after two seasons, 24 straight weeks of 4-4 or better. Kinda reminds me of Barry Sanders, walking away at his peak.
  • The longest current streak now belongs to Jon Osborne, who has gone past 14 weeks with at least 4-4 for the week.
  • Matt Latta has another streak going, quite impressive and I am startled I missed it... he's now at 12 weeks with at least 5-3 record. This is hard to maintain, because an even 4-4 won't do it. In DFC VIII, Week 7, he went 2-6, and hasn't looked back since.
  • What's the record? 12 weeks. Mark Gainey did it from Week DFC IV Week 11 to DFC V Week 12. And now Matt ties the record this week, and needs one more to make it his. But Matt has to look over his shoulder... Jennifer Ernst has 11 straight weeks currently.

DFC IX Week Eight Games

All ranks from AP Poll, all times CST

22. Vanderbilt Commodores (5-1) at 10. Georgia Bulldogs (5-1), TBA
If, at the beginning of the season, I told any of you that after the mid-point of the season, the Vandy/Georgia game would be a matchup to determine which match against Florida would essentially win the SEC East, you'd laugh at me and say something like, "Yeah, and Auburn's offense is going to suck so bad they'll fire their over-hyped OC before mid-season!"

Mississippi State Bulldogs (2-4) at Tennessee Volunteers (2-4), 11am
Yeah, pick 'em

12. Ohio State Buckeyes (6-1) at 20. Michigan State Spartans (6-1), 230pm, ABC
For one afternoon, perhaps for only three hours on one afternoon, I'm going to be a big Spartan fan. Mostly 'cause I can't stand The Ohio State. Yes, unless something big happens, I'm taking the Spartans all the way.

11. Missouri Tigers (5-1) at 1. Texas Longhorns (6-0), 7pm, ESPN
The game against Missouri next week in Austin could have all of the elements of a potential No. 1 vs. No. 2 battle. Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel will return to his home state. The Tigers haven't won in Austin since 1896 and will be itching for another statement victory to prove themselves as legitimate BCS title contenders.

NFL Games...
San Diego Chargers (3-3) at Buffalo Bills (4-1), 12p, CBS
So, I'm in line for the Bills bandwagon. I have my ticket in my hand. The b'wagon itself is coming down the road, I can see it. I'll see what happens after this game, before I decide to take my seat.

Minnesota Vikings (3-3) at Chicago Bears (3-3), 12p, Fox
The Vikes got past the Lions on a fluke penalty play, to win a game they should have lost. The Bears took the lead with about 7 seconds left over the Falcons, then gave up the yardage, setting up an Atlanta field goal... they lost a game they had won. So, all that is to say... pick 'em.

Indianapolis Colts (3-2) at Green Bay Packers (3-3), 315p, CBS
The Colts finally game alive this past week, putting a beatdown on the Ravens, while Green Bay finally got moving with a win over the Seahawks. And now a 75% Manning runs up against Aaron and his boys.

Denver Broncos (4-2) at New England Patriots (3-2), 7pm, ESPN, Monday Night
What a great year to be Jay Cutler... starting QB for the AFC West leader, and your alma mater so close to their first bowl game since 1733!

TieBreak Game
Mississippi State vs Tennessee Vols, total points scored

Monday, October 06, 2008

DFC IX Week Six Results

The Week That Was
Chalk up another undefeated week, and chalk up another weekly win for the surging Lori Beirne. Rebounding from a terrible 2-6 week, she goes 8-0, beating back a number of 7-1 records... including...

Daniel Freakin' Powell, who gets another top five finish, at 7-1. In third, Joey Thornell and Jonathan Lenning tie, and for 5th, its Clif Render at 7-1.

In 6th, Sarah Hasha nails the TB this week, getting 6th, while 7th goes to Eddy Jr at 6-2. A three way tie to round out The Weekly Top Ten, all at 6-2, between DMOsborne, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose and Jason Turnbow.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Matta Latta, JustFish, Garrett Cheney, Jennifer Ernst, Tebe Shaw, Big Eddy Mac, The Big Wasyluka, Hawbaker, Zack Graves, Jason Roberts, Scotty Latta, Gina "Wife of Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose, Tyler Campbell, Chris Croyle
5-3: Ryan Sherman, Tommy Mac, Trey Cartledge, Mackey, Yours Truly, The (un)Mighty Gainey, Matt Halpert, Brad Pinky, Jon Osborne, Barney
4-4: Jason Duren, Tom Johnson, The Spawn of Wookiee, DFC Defending Champion Drew Morris 3-5: Mikey Nipp

Matt Latta, 36-12 (16.0)
Joey Thornell, 33-15 (9.17)
DMOsborne, 29-19 (6.33)
Justin Fisher, 28-20 (13.8)
Clifton Render, 26-22 (16.33)

Eddy Jr, 32-16 (11.83)
Ryan Sherman, 29-19 (16.4)
Jason Barnette, 28-20 (23.5)
Tad Roose, 27-21 (14.33)
Garrett Cheney, 27-21 (18.67)

Jennifer Ernst, 34-14 (14.83)
Tommy McLeod, 32-16 (14.17)
Tebe Shaw, 32-16 (16.33)
Jonathan Lenning, 27-21 (12.5)
Tom Johnson, 26-22 (11.6)

Trey Cartledge, 34-14 (9.5)
Tim Wasyluka, 32-16 (13.8)
AJ Fulaytar, 31-17 (16.5)
Big Eddy, 30-18 (13.33)
Drew Morris, 27-21 (15.5)

First Round Byes (top three records, tie goes to division winner)
1) North Division Champ Matt Latta, 36-12 (16.0)
2) West Division Champ Trey Cartledge, 34-14 (9.5)
3) South Division Champ Jenn Ernst, 34-14 (14.83)
Wild Card Weekend (next five best records, tie goes to division winner)
4) Joey Thornell, 33-15 (9.17)
5) East Division Champ Eddy Jr, 32-16 (11.83)
6) The Big Wasyluka, 32-16 (13.8)
7) Tommy McLeod, 32-16 (14.17)
8) Tebe Shaw, 32-16 (16.33)
on the bubble (within 2 games): Big Eddy, 30-18 (13.33)

Jason Turnbow, 33-15 (11.5)
Zack Graves, 32-16 (12.8)
Sarah Hasha, 31-17 (7.0)
James Hawbaker, 29-19 (12.6)
Mackey Daddy, 25-23 (14.33)

Yours Truly, 38-10 (12.0)
Matt Halpert, 31-17 (12.8)
Jason Roberts, 30-18 (9.0)
The (not as)Mighty Gainey, 29-19 (11.4)

Daniel Powell, 35-13 (5.33)
Bradley Pinkerton, 30-18 (10.83)
Mikey Nipp, 26-22 (9.0)
Chris Croyle, 26-22 (14.0)
Jason Duren, 25-23 (17.0)

Scott Latta, 35-13 (15.5)
Lori Beirne, 34-14 (10.33)
Jon Osborne, 31-17 (17.6)
Gina Roose, 27-21 (13.0)
Tyler Campbell, 27-21 (17.2)

First Round Bye (top three records, tie goes to division winner)
1) East Division Champ Yours Truly, 38-10 (12.0)
2) South Division Champ Daniel Powell, 35-13 (5.33)
3) West Division Champ Scott Latta, 35-13 (15.5)
Wild Card Weekend (next five records, tie goes to division winner)
4) Lori Beirne, 34-14 (10.33)
5) North Division Champ Jason Turnbow, 33-15 (11.5)
6) Zack Graves, 32-16 (12.8)
7) Sarah Hasha (!), 31-17 (7.0)
8) Jason Roberts, 31-17 (9.0)
on the bubble (within 2 games): Matt Halpert, 31-17 (12.8)... Jonathan Osborne, 31-17 (17.6)... Bradley Pinkerton, 30-18 (10.83)... Mark Gainey, 29-19 (11.4)... James Hawbaker, 29-19 (12.6)

Rank, Playa Playa, Record (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 38-10 (12.) (1)
2. Matta Latta, 36-12 (16.0) (2)
3. Daniel Powell, 35-13 (5.33) (6)
4. Scotty Latta, 35-13 (15.5) (5)
5. Trey Cartledge, 34-14 (9.5) (3)
6. Lori Beirne, 34-14 (10.33) (11)
7. Jennifer Ernst, 34-14 (14.83) (4)
8. Joey Thornell, 33-15 (9.17) (10)
9. Jason Turnbow, 33-15 (8)
10. Eddy Jr, 32-16 (11.83) (NR-14)
11. Zack Graves, 32-16 (12.8) (NR-13)
12. Tim Wasyluka, 32-16 (13.8) (NR-15)
dropped out: Tommy McLeod (7)... Matt Halpert (12)... AJ Fulaytar (9)

Used their TB Drop so far this season:
Week One: Matt Latta, JustFish, Hawbaker, Mark Gainey, Jon Osborne, Tyler Campbell
Week Two: Tim Wasyluka, Matt Halpert
Week Three: Ryan Sherman, Tom Johnson, Sarah Hasha, Zack Graves
Week Four: None
Week Five: Clif Render
If you've dropped yours and I don't have your name listed, let me know. If your name is here and you didn't drop your TB, let me know.

There are three kinds of lies in this world. Lies. Damn lies. And statistics. -- Mark Twain.

  • If ever there was a year for parity in the DFC, this is it. Its as if DFC IX is mirroring last year's college football mess that they called a season. Example? This year, perennial powers Drew Morris, Mark Gainey and Tad Roose have an average record of 28-20, while sometimes bottom dwellers and seldom playoff powers Daniel Powell, Sarah Hasha and Joey Thornell are sitting with an average of 33 wins and 15.
  • I mention Joey Thornell somewhat unfairly, as last season was his first season, but he's definately started fast and looks to be making a run at The Great Bear of the North Matt Latta's divisional strangle.
  • Daniel Powell is doing alright too. He's only been to the postseason 3 times out of 8 in his DFC Career, twice making it to the Final Four, though never to the finals. His best season ever was a division winning effort in DFC VII, going 63-33, though he might be known more for his infamous head-to-head with Tim Wasyluka in DFC III
  • Why was it so infamous? Tim Wasyluka advanced to the DFC Final Four with a 2-6 record that week, beating out Daniel's 1-7... the worst playoff matchup, by far, in DFC History
  • And that brings us to Sarah Hasha, this season's Vanderbilt. Sitting pretty, literally, at 31-17, she's still outside the DFC Power Poll Top 12, but just barely. In fact, out of 66 possible weeks since the DFC Power Poll was formed (in DFC IV), she's only spent 7 weeks in the Power Poll, last seen there at #6 in DFC VI in 2005. She actually started that season at #1 after the first week, dropped to 7, moved to 6, then fell out.
  • It's been known that Jonathan Osborne holds the record for most games picked before one of them was a playoff game--672--and Sarah Hasha is in 2nd on that list, with her current streak at 624. If she can slip into the postseason this year, she'll tie Jon Osborne for that record, and a new streak will begin for someone.
  • Who will that someone be? If neither make the postseason, then at the end of this season both Tyler Campbell and Garrett Cheney will be tied at 480 games.
  • Could we be watching an era end? Mark Gainey, always good for at least 60 games is sitting where he has never been sitting at the halfway point of a season... out of the "if the playoffs started today" scenario. Last year, his streak of 60 wins per season was snapped at 5 (including a monster 68 win year in DFC V), his streak of East Division titles was snapped at 5 by James Hawbaker, his streak of consecutive first round byes was stopped at 5--all records, by the way--and though he managed his first Deuce Bowl appearance last year, losing to Drew Morris, will he be able to crawl back? It seems that Yours Truly has finally figured him out, and now a division with superstar Matt Halpert and rookie sensation Jason Roberts isn't going to make it easy.
  • Speaking of The (formerly) Mighty Gainey, some good news... he becomes the 15th DFC'er to cross 400 regular season wins (he's at 407). Lori Beirne seems next at 378, with The Big Wasyluka at 361 behind her.
  • 300 is still an important mark, and Jason Duren is almost there (292), while Tebe Shaw can thank Tennessee for beating Baltimore and making him the first in the DFC Class of 2005 to get to 200. Gina "Wife of "Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose is next at 193, while Barney may beat her with 191
  • Factoring in playoff wins and losses, and the list changes a little. Hail to Drew Morris for being the 4th to ever get past 500 total wins, now at 516 lifetime. Tommy Mac is at 496, while Tad "Husband of Gina "Wife of "Tad 'The Dynasty" Roose" Roose" Roose is at 491 and DMOsborne is at 489.
  • Jennifer Ernst, the all time winningest DFC'er ever, is only 4 away from being the first to gain 300 college wins. She'll do it too, as in 2nd, Yours Truly, is only at 284, and 3rd, Matt Latta, has only 281. Unless, of course, she has a monumental collapse, which some of us are hoping for.
  • And, for the first time in at least 6 years--and I'm not kidding--someone other than Tom Johnson or Jenn Ernst sits atop the NFL All Time Standings. Yours Truly is a lone number one with 201 victories. Jennifer has 200, while Tom, long the leader in NFL Prognostication Excellence, has slipped into a tie for 3rd with Matt Latta, both at 198.
  • There have been 56 people to play the game we call DFC, so Top 50 doesn't quite have the same stature... however, it is a cool sounding title, that to be in The Top 50 All Time, so I thought it good to mention our rookies... AJ "Spawn of Wookiee" Fulaytar and Jason Roberts passed Ross Kingery this weekend to be in the Top 50 All Time, with Trey O'Neal's impressive career of 34-62 to come soon. In college, Bradley Pinkerton's record thus far of 18-10 puts him ahead of Dawn "Snapdragon" Langner for 49th place, while Pinky's likewise NFL record of 12-8 puts him ahead of Josh Crosby's 12-31 for 49th place in the NFL. Well done.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

DFC IX Week Seven Games

We have passed the midpoint of the 9th DFC Season! Time goes by when you are on pace for 76 wins...

All ranks from AP Poll, all times CST

5. Texas Longhorns (5-0) at 11. Oklahoma Sooners (5-0), 11am, ABC
Do you know the media doesn't call this "The Red River Shootout" anymore? I'm guessing because when you hear the word "Shootout", it probably makes Jon Osborne want to go do a drive by and Sarah Hasha has her gat out right now. So, I won't say "Shootout", I'll say "Red River Rivalry". Hey, Lenning, put that glock down.

South Carolina Gamecocks (4-2) at Kentucky Wildcats (4-1), 1130am
Tricky. The Wildcats took it to Bama, though I'm not sure if thats because Kentucky is pretty good, or the Tide had a "Look at us! We're #2!" hangover. And really... how much more is Steve Superior going to give to SC before he says, "Screw it. I'm going fishing with my millions."?

Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (4-1) at 22. North Carolina Tar Heels (4-1), 230pm, ABC
How good are these Irish? We dunno. How good are the Tar Heels? Again, we dunno. Pick 'em.

4. LSU Tigers (4-0) at 11. Florida Go Gators (4-1), 7pm, CBS
Not only does LSU now have to compete with Alabama and not Auburn in the SEC West, Florida now has to keep pace with... not Georgia... not Tennessee... VANDERBILT. This game frightens me more than you can possibly imagine.

Chicago Bears (3-2) at Atlanta Falcons (3-2), 12p, Fox
Weren't the Bears supposed to be better than 3-2? And weren't the Falcons supposed to be a lot worse?

Baltimore Ravens (2-2) at Indianapolis Colts (2-2), 12p, CBS
Don't worry--Baltimore has two crappy games coming up, so this will be the last Ravens game for a while. Did you see the Colts come back and drop 21 on the Texans in 2:10?

Miami Dolphins (2-2) at Houston Texans (0-4), 12p, CBS
Did you see the Texans, with the game in hand, have the Colts drop 21 on them in 2:10?

New England Patriots (3-1) at San Diego Chargers (2-3), 715p, NBC
Sheesh. I dont have a clue. And neither will most of you.

TieBreak Game
Its tradition. Oklahoma vs Texas. Total points scored.

Monday, September 29, 2008

DFC IX Week Five Results

I'm not going to list Official Standings just yet... I wanted to give some people a chance to look at their weekly finish and correct me if I made a mistake. It was a busy weekend, and this was all done quickly between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The Week That Was
I, perhaps, have learned the secret to success in The DFC. Don't think about it too much. After all, I picked my games on Thursday morning, right before I sent out the reminder, then left two hours later. I checked scores on Saturday, while in line for Space Mountain, and again on Sunday, while awaiting "Its Tough To Be A Bug" to start. Got home last night, and lo and behold--I'm 7-1. And lo-er and behold-er... almost everyone else had a horrid weekend.

Yours Truly takes the fourth weekly win of Your Truly's career, but the first at 7-1! In 2nd, Scott Latta holds serve at 7-1, while Christopher Croyle comes charging back to go 6-2 for 3rd. In 4th, a tie between Joey Thornell and Sarah Hasha. Matt Latta proves his Great Bear of the Northdom by surviving the week almost unscathed, tying with Jay Turnbow, for 6th.

In 8th, Clif Render has a for-this-season-anyway rare good week at 5-3, while in 9th, Daniel Powell escapes a 4-4 week by getting to 5-3. In 10th, Ryan Sherman finishes the weekly top ten.
Also finishing
5-3: Garrett Cheney, Jenn Ernst
4-4: DMOsborne, Eddy Jr., Tom Johnson, Defending DFC Champion Drew Morris, Spawn of Wookiee, Trey Cartledge, Zack Graves, Matt Halpert, Jon Osborne, Sexy Beast Campbell
3-5: Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Barney, Tommy Mac, Lenning, Tebe Shaw, Big Eddy, The Big Wasyluka, Hawbaker, Mackey, The unMighty Gainey, Jason Roberts, Mikey Nipp, Bradley Pinky, Jason Duren, Gina "Wife of Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose
2-6: JustFish, Lori Beirne

Matt Latta, 30-10 (17.5)
Joey Thornell, 26-14 (9.6)
DMOsborne, 23-17 (7.0)
Justin Fisher, 22-18 (15.25)
Clif Render, 19-21 (14.2)

Eddy Jr, 26-14 (13.8)
Ryan Sherman, 25-15 (20.5)
Jason Barnette, 23-17 (24.6)
Tad Roose, 21-19 (16.6)
Garrett Cheney, 21-19 (11-13)

Jennifer Ernst, 29-11 (15.6)
Tommy McLeod, 271-3 (13.2)
Tebe Shaw, 26-14 (18.2)
Tom Johnson, 22-18 (10.0)
Jonathan Lenning, 20-20 (13.6)

Trey Cartledge, 29-10 (10.8)
AJ Fulaytar, 27-13 (16.8)
Tim Wasyluka, 26-14 (16.8)
Eddy McBroom, 24-16 (14.4)
Drew Morris, 23-17 (16.0)

Jason Turnbow, 27-13 (13.2)
Zack Graves, 26-14 (13.25)
Sarah Hasha, 25-15 (8.75)
James Hawbaker, 23-17 (12.75)
Ken Mackey, 20-20 (15.2)

Yours Truly, 33-7 (11.6)
Matt Halpert, 26-14 (12.75)
Jason Roberts, 24-16 (7.8)
Mark Gainey, 24-16 (11.75)

Daniel Powell, 28-12 (6.2)
Bradley Pinkerton, 25-15 (11.2)
Mikey Nipp, 23-17 (10.2)
Jason Duren, 21-19 (19.4)
Christopher Croyle, 20-20 (16.0)

Scotty Latta, 29-11 (16.4)
Lori Beirne, 26-14 (12.2)
Jonathan Osborne, 26-14 (21.25)
Gina Roose, 21-19 (13.2)
Tyler Campbell, 21-19 (20.0)

1. Yours Truly, 33-7 (11.6) (LW 1)
2. Matta Latta, 30-10 (17.5) (LW 6)
3. Trey Cartledge, 29-11 (10.8) (2)
4. Jenn Ernst, 29-11 (15.6) (5)
5. Scotty Latta, 29-11 (16.4) (NR-13)
6. Daniel Powell, 28-12 (6.2) (7)
7-tie. Tommy Mac, 27-13 (13.2) (4)
7-tie. Jason Turnbow, 27-13 (13.2) (NR-18th)
9. AJ Fulaytar, 27-13 (16.8) (8)
10. Joey Thornell, 26-14 (9.6) (NR-22nd... first appearance)
11. Lori Beirne, 26-14 (12.2) (3)
12. Matt Halpert, 26-14 (12.75) (10)
dropped out: Eddy Jr (12)... Tebe Shaw (9)... Bradley Pinkerton (10)

Florida State 39, Colorado 21
Notre Dame 38, Purdue 21
8. Alabama 41, 3. Georgia 30
12. Penn State 38, 22. Illinois 24
Cleveland 20, Cincinnati 12 (tiebreak game, 32 total points)
Tampa Bay 30, Green Bay 21
NYJets 56, Arizona 35
Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 20 OT

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics Returns Next Week with new updates on the 500-win club, new streaks, who's hot, who's not and your mid-season grade report.

DFC IX Week Six Games

I'm back from The Happiest Place on Earth! You'll see results between Tuesday and Thursday, with results sent out on The DFC Reminder on Thursday. Here's the games leading up to the MIDPOINT of the season. Wow.

I don't know anyone's record this week, except for myself--I'm 6-1, leading into the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game.

ACC Battle!
Florida State Seminoles (3-1) at Miami Hurricanes (2-2), 230p, ABC

SEC Battle!
13. Auburn Tigers (4-1) at 19 Vanderbilt 'Dores (4-0), 5pm, ESPN

PAC-10 Battle!
23. Oregon Ducks (4-1) at 9. USC Trojans (2-1), 7pm

Big 10 Battle!
14. Ohio State Buckeyes (4-1) at 18. Wisconsin Badgers (3-1), 7pm

NFL Games
Seattle Seahawks (1-2) at NYGiants (3-0), 12pm, Fox

Washington Redskins (3-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-2), 12pm Fox

Tennessee Titans (4-0) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1), 12pm, CBS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) at Denver Broncos (3-1), 305p, Fox

TieBreak Game
Total points scored of Auburn/Vanderbilt game.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DFC IX Week Four Results

The Week That Was
She'd won three as Lori Smith, but as the married Lori Beirne, this is her first weekly win... and her 2nd undefeated week. Strangely enough, despite her 3 previous weekly wins, her first undefeated week was in Week 6 of DFC VII, and she came up 2nd to Tad "The Dynasty" Roose's 8-0.

Its been a long time since Michael Nipp has seen some good news in the DFC, but perhaps his 7-1 record, good enough for 2nd this week, will be his springboard. In 3rd comes a three way tie between Yours Truly, Tommy Mac and young AJ Fulaytar, all at 7-1. In 6th, another surprise as Sarah Hasha manages a 7-1 record.

In 7th for the week is another stellar week from Daniel Powell, at 7-1, and in 8th is Turnbow, at 6-2. In 9th is rookie Jason Roberts, while finishing up the Week Four Top Ten is rookie Bradley Pinkerton, at 6-2.

Also finishing:
6-2: The Great Bear of the North Division Matt Latta, Joey Thornell, Eddy Jr, Jenn Ernst, Tebe Shaw, Drew Morris, Eddy Mac, Trey Cartledge, Hawbaker, Zack Graves, Matt Halpert
5-3: DMOsborne, JustFish, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Garrett Cheney, Barney, Tom Johnson, Jonathan Lenning, Tim Wasyluka, Jason Duren, Jon Osborne, Tyler "Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell, The Mighty Gainey
4-4: Ryan Sherman, Gina "Married to Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose, Chris Croyle, Mackey
3-5: Clif Render

North Division
Perhaps it was a vision that caused Matt Latta to nickname himself "The Great Bear of the North", but years later, it fits, as he continues to own the North--again. Joey is finally playing up to potential, as is Justin, while DMOsborne continues his New Orleans Saints-like "he should be better this year" display of football prognostication. And what the heck happened to Clif? Playoff spot to bottom feeder? Wow.
Matt Latta, 24-8 (19.33)
Joey Thornell, 20-12 (10.75)
Justin Fisher, 20-12 (18.67)
DMOsborne, 19-13 (8.75)
Clif Render, 14-18 (17.5)

East Division
Somehow it just feels right to have a McBroom atop some standings, and Eddy Jr is finally there, doing what Pop has been unable to do for several seasons. Barney and Ryan are there together, both with ridiculous TBAs, while Tad is doing his best to stay out of Garrett's backyard, aka, The Cellar.
Eddy Jr, 22-10 (15.5)
Ryan Sherman, 20-12 (23.75)
Jason Barnette, 20-12 (27.5)
Tad Roose, 18-14 (18.0)
Garrett Cheney, 16-16 (21.75)

South Division
It doesn't happen every year, but when Tommy is on his game, its rough for everyone else. It feels like old times, with he and Jennifer battling it out, while Tebe, after starting slower, is keeping a game behind. Tom is trying to keep his record above .500 heading into the mid-season weeks, while rookie Jonathan still is bouncing back from that devestating 0-8 miss early on.
Tommy McLeod, 24-8 (14.25)
Tebe Shaw, 23-9 (18.75)
Jennifer Ernst, 22-8 (18.0)
Tom Johnson, 18-14 (14.75)
Jonathan Lenning, 17-15 (16.25)

West Division
Another week, another game Trey leads by, though the Spawn of Wookiee, little AJ manages to throw up on the right teams. Its pretty tight between AJ, The Big Wasyluka and Papa Eddy Mack, while reigning DFC Champ Drew Morris is having the championship hangover it seems.
Trey Cartledge, 25-7 (11.5)
AJ Fulaytar, 23-9 (18.0)
Tim Wasyluka, 22-10 (17.33)
Eddy McBroome, 21-11 (14.75)
Drew Morris, 19-13 (16.75)

North Division
Big Zack showing some muscles in the division, now that he's out from under Osbornes, Lattas and Beirne's shadow. And I call it right here--Sarah Hasha makes the playoffs this season. Bank on it.
Zack Graves, 22-10 (19.25)
Jason Turnbow, 21-11 (12.0)
James Hawbaker, 20-12 (14.67)
Sarah Hasha, 19-13 (13.5)
Mackey, 17-15 (15.75)

East Division
Okay, first, I am under no illusion that this success will continue. But if it does, I'm going to start sending my picks to my DFC Admin deFacto, Mikey Nipp, to assure all that its not skullduggary, but that I'm actually doing well this year. This year, in the TOUGHEST division in the DFC. Trust me, if I was stacking the deck, I would not have placed myself in with the likes of Gainey, Halpert and the rookie Roberts.
Yours Truly, 26-6 (13.25)
Matt Halpert, 22-10 (11.0)
Jason Roberts, 21-11 (9.0)
The Mighty Gainey, 21-11 (11.67)

South Division
Boy, I don't know what happened with Daniel, but wow, he's rocking. In a division I expected to see Duren and Nipp go back and forth, its been Powell and rookie Pinky all the way.
Daniel Powell, 23-9 (7.25)
Bradley Pinkerton, 22-10 (11.0)
Mikey Nipp, 20-12 (9.5)
Jason Duren, 18-14 (22.5)
Chris Croyle, 14-18 (19.75)

West Division
Shocker. Lori's undefeated week thrust her into the top of the division. That puts the divisional leaders Scotty and Osborne in 2nd, while Gina is actually better than her Dynastic husband this week. And there's Tyler.
Lori Beirne, 24-8 (14.25)
Scott Latta, 22-10 (16.75)
Jonathan Osborne, 22-10 (25.67)
Gina Roose, 18-14 (15.25)
Tyler Campbell, 17-15 (23.3)

Rank, Record, (TBA), (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 26-6 (13.25) (2)
2. Trey Cartledge, 25-7 (11.5) (1)
3-tie. Lori Beirne, 24-8 (14.25) (NR)
3-tie. Tommy McLeod, 24-8 (14.25) (5)
5. Jennifer Ernst, 24-8 (18.0) (3)
6. Matt Latta, 24-8 (19.33) (4)
7. Daniel Powell, 23-9 (7.25) (9)
8. AJ Fulaytar, 23-9 (18.0) (NR)
9. Tebe Shaw, 23-9 (18.75) (7)
10-tie. Matt Halpert, 22-10 (11.0) (10)
10-tie. Bradley Pinkerton, 22-10 (11.0) (11)
12. Eddy Jr, 22-10 (15.5) (NR)
dropped out: Tim Wasyluka (6)... Jonathan Osborne (8)... Mark Gainey (12)

(4) Florida 30, Tennessee 6
(18) Wake Forest 12, (24) Florida State 3
Vanderbilt 23, Ole Miss 17
(6) LSU 26, (10) Auburn 21 (Tiebreak game, 47 points)
Seattle 17, St Louis 13
San Francisco 31, Detroit 13
Dallas 27, Green Bay 16
San Diego 49, NYJets 28

DFC Fantasy League
Play... Lori Beirne. She's hot right now, on a great streak, and has the consistancy to keep moving.
Play... Bradley Pinkerton. He's underrated and overlooked, yet has really kept pace in his tough division
Play... Michael Nipp. He might not bring you an 8-0 week, but overall, he's been good for the 4 and 5 win weeks.
Bench... Daniel Powell. How long can he keep this pace up? Be careful, he's due for a crash.
Bench... Ryan Sherman. Beginning to show some signs of wear and tear on his record.
Bench... The Mighty Gainey. Can't believe I'm saying that, because he was always a "PLAY", easily. Not this year. He's no longer the dependable 6+ win week you want.
Trade... Jason Duren. As fast as you can. Sinking ship. Division champ last year, doesnt look like he's got the wherewithal to do it again.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics... is on a 2 week hiatus. I know, I know, its my favorite part too, but its a busy two weeks, and I want to give ample time to get all the stats in that you only care about if you see your name!