Monday, October 26, 2009

DFC X Week Nine Games


25. Ole Miss Rebels (5-2) at Auburn Tigers (5-3), 1121a, ESPN360
Seriously, can Auburn be this bad? They started the season 5-0, and yeah, I could see a big loss to LSU, but they gave away that Kentucky game. The Rebels were completely overrated at #4, and might be overrated at #25. Pick 'em.

Georgia Bulldogs (4-3) vs 1. Florida Gators (7-0), 230p, CBS, in Jacksonville, Florida
Let's be realistic... at what point do the Gators run out of chances? An almost-loss to the Razorbacks, struggling against Mississippi State... this Georgia game scares me, really. If the Bulldogs don't beat themselves, they could pull the upset. Or... this might be the game the Gators win by 45, saying "Hey, we are the defending national champions. Reh-cah-nize." I hope for the latter.

5. USC Trojans (6-1) at 10. Oregon Ducks (6-1), 7p
I think Michael Nipp might have just peed himself, awaiting this game. This is going to be a fantastic game to watch... and its our tiebreak game.

3. Texas Longhorns (7-0) at 14. Oklahoma State (6-1), 730p
The 'Horns win blowout of Missouri, and for the first time this season, look like a championship contender. And now they face a former "flavor of the week" in OK State, who is much, much better than the Mizzou Tigers.


Houston Texans (4-3) at Buffalo Bills (3-4), 12p, CBS
I was one of 7 people who picked the Bills to win their game last week against the Panthers, and got it right. Cause really, Buffalo stinks, but they are one of the least smelly teams of the ten or so that stink in the NFL right now.

NYGiants (5-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-2), 12p, Fox
The New York Football Giants, after starting undefeated, are on a 2 game skid. Then again, after starting 5-0, here's who they played... Washington. Kansas City. Tampa Bay. Oakland. And yeah, they beat Dallas, the only good team on those first five games. Philly played some of the same teams, yet lost to Oakland. (they play Washington tonight)

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) at Tennessee Titans (0-6), 405p, CBS
If they are going to win, why not now? At some point, shouldn't the Titans win? Shouldn't all the fans be wearing Manning jerseys, just to feel like a winner?

Minnesota Vikings (6-1) at Green Bay Packers (4-2), 315p, Fox
If you can remember back this far, Favre started his career with the Packers... and does anybody else but me remember several years ago when the Vikings started like, 7-0 or something, and everyone was talking Super Bowl and how good they were, and then they collapsed, finished like, 9-7, and missed the postseason? I see this happening here with Favre at the helm.

Tiebreak Game
USC/Oregon, total points scored

Saturday, October 24, 2009

DFC X Week Eight Results

Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 17
(20) Pittsburgh 41, South Florida 14
(13) Pennsylvania State 35, Michigan 10
Notre Dave 20, Boston College 16
(8) TCU 38, (16) BYU 7 (tiebreak game--45 points)
Oklahoma 35, (25) Kansas 13
Cincinnati 45, Chicago 10
Buffalo 20, Carolina 9

It had been 96 DFC weeks, dating back to 2001 to last week, between Tommy McLeod's 2nd and 3rd Weekly Win... he didn't wait nearly that long this time around, cause this time he only waited one week. Tommy takes his 2nd win in a row, becoming only the 7th player in DFC History to win 2 in a row.

He took a 7-1 win, and Matt Latta followed up in 2nd place, also at 7-1. Big Eddy gets 3rd, and The Mighty Mark Gainey takes 4th, both at 7-1.

In 5th place for the week, Drew Morris goes 6-2, and also nails the TieBreak (45), becoming the first DFC'er to do so this season. In 6th, was Young Garrett, in 7th is Jay Turnbow, in 8th is Lori Sunshine Beirne, in 9th is Matt Halpert and Yours Truly round out the weekly top ten, all at 6-2.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Jennifer Ernst, Hawbaker, Wasyluka, Daniel Powell, Mikey Nipp, Joey Thornell, Ryan Sherman, Brad Latta, Tom Johnson, Sarah Hasha, Trey Cartledge, Jason Roberts, Tyler Campbell, Jason Duren
4-4: Zack Graves, Eddy Jr, DMOsborne, Stevie Ray, Tad Roose, Gina Roose, Lt Dan
3-5: Rhett Barnett, JustFish, Scotty Latta, Jonny Osborne
2-6: Croyle

Jason Turnbow, 38-26 (15.33)
Matt Latta, 36-28 (13.42)
Rhett Barnett, 34-30 (12.1)
Zack Graves, 33-31 (18.08)
DMOsborne, 32-32 (8.75)
Chris Croyle, 28-36 (17.42)

Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (10.83)
Brad Latta, 38-26 (15.1)
Joey Thornell, 37-27 (16.75)
Jennifer Ernst, 35-29 (13.833)
Justin Fisher, 33-31 (13.95)
Sarah Hasha, 32-32 (7.33)

Eddy McBroom, 43-21 (13.95)
Drew Morris, 38-26 (11.55)
Trey Cartledge, 38-26 (11.92)
Dan Sellers, 33-31 (12.08)
Tom Johnson, 33-31 (27.5)
Tad Roose, 32-32 (10.33)

1) Eddy McBroom, 43-21 (13.95) (West Division Champ, first round bye)
2) Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (10.83) (Central Division Champ, first round bye)
3) Jason Turnbowe, 38-26 (15.33) (North Division Champ)
4) Drew Morris, 38-26 (11.55) (wild card)
5) Trey Cartledge, 38-26 (11.92) (wild card)
6) Brad Latta, 38-26 (15.1) (wild card)
On the Bubble (within 2 games): Joey Thornell, 37-27 (16.75)... Matt Latta, 36-28 (13.42)

Yours Truly, 44-20 (16.33)
Mark Gainey, 42-22 (13.7)
Tyler Campbell, 39-25 (13.0)
Gina Roose, 37-27 (10.083)
Jason Roberts, 37-27 (18.7)
Ryan Sherman, 32-32 (14.25)

Lori Beirne, 41-23 (12.55)
Jonny Osborne, 37-27 (16.6)
Scott Latta, 36-28 (13.15)
Stevie Ray, 34-30 (14.667)
Garrett Cheney, 30-34 (14.15)
Jason Duren, 29-25 (19.75)

James Hawbaker, 40-24 (15.05)
Eddy Jr, 37-27 (8.5)
Matt Halpert, 34-30 (13.95)
Tim Wasyluka, 34-30 (16.75)
Daniel Powell, 32-32 (8.92)
Mikey Nipp, 27-37 (12.25)

1) Yours Truly, 44-20 (16.33) (East Division Champ, first round bye)
2) Mark Gainey, 42-22 (13.7) (wild card, first round bye)
3) Lori Beirne, 41-23 (12.55) (Central Division Champ)
4) James Hawbaker, 40-24 (15.05) (South Division Champ)
5) Tyler Campbell, 39-25 (13.0) (wild card)
6) Eddy Jr, 37-27 (8.5) (wild card)
On the Bubble (within 2 games): Gina Roose, 37-27 (10.083)... Jonny Osborne, 37-27 (16.6)... Jason Roberts, 37-27 (18.7)... Scotty Latta, 36-28 (13.15)

(Rank) Record (TBA) (LW)
1. Yours Truly, 44-20 (16.33) (1)
2. Eddy McBroom, 43-21 (13.95) (2)
3. Mark Gainey, 42-22 (13.7) (5)
4. Lori Beirne, 41-23 (12.55) (4)
5. Tommy McLeod, 40-24 (10.83) (9-tie)
6. James Hawbaker, 40-24 (15.05) (6)
7. Tyler Campbell, 39-25 (13.0) (3)
8. Drew Morris, 38-26 (11.55) (NR)
9. Trey Cartledge, 38-26 (11.92) (8)
10. Brad Latta, 38-26 (15.1) (12)
11. Jason Turnbow, 38-26 (15.33) (NR)
12. Gina Roose, 37-27 (10.083) (9-tie)
dropped out: Jon Osborne (7th)... Scott Latta (11th)

  • With 96 weeks between weekly wins, Tommy McLeod now has a record all his own--longest drought between weekly wins. The previous record was held by Daniel Powell, when he went 87 weeks between his weekly in 2001's DFC 2, Week 1 to last season, DFC 9, Week 3.
  • Crossing 500! Regular season wins, congrats to Big Eddy Mac (509), Drew Morris (505) and Michael Nipp (502). Up next? Tad Roose (497), Scotty Latta (492), Eddy Jr (488) and Jonathan Osborne (488).
  • Sarah Hasha is the latest to cross 400 (408), and it might be another season before Jason Duren gets to 400... he's at 350.
  • All of the Top 20 are active, except for Justin Glenn, who sits at #20 with 317 wins. The next in line is #21, Tyler Campbell, who has 296 wins all time. Trey Cartledge just crossed the 200 win mark (209) and Turnbow is next (195).
  • The Top Fifty has Scott Burks single season of 44 wins at #50. Brad Latta looks likely to make it into that Top Fifty, as he's at 38 wins now.
  • When we rearrange the spreadsheet to rank it from Regular Season + Playoff wins, it changes a little bit. The only ones above 600 All Time Wins are Jennifer Ernst (614) and Yours Truly (611), but that will change in the coming weeks. Matt Latta (597) and Drew Morris (585) are up next. And Eddy Jr? Cincinnati's beatdown of Chicago gave him his 500th win.
  • Chasing history, Gina Roose still has the longest active .500 streak at 15 weeks. Remember, its the hubby, Tad, who has the record--45 weeks of at least 4-4.
  • We've mentioned that record numerous times, but here's the rest of the list... Gary "The Idol" Eubanks at 24 weeks, followed by Justin Glenn (21), Lori Beirne (20), then Daniel, Trey and Tommy McLeod, all at 19 weeks.
  • Matt Latta holds the record for 5-3+, as he didn't have below a 5-3 mark between DFC VIII, Week 8 and Week 12 of last year.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DFC X Week Seven Results

Holy crap... the season is well past half finished! We've just finished our 56th game of the season, and for the original DFC'ers--Mikey, Latta, DMO, Tom, Yours Truly, Jennifer (Daniel & Tommy came in a week or two late)--our 912th game ever. And for me? I just crossed 25,000 games entered in over the course of 9 years. DFC Season X indeed.

Game Scores:
(3) Texas 16, (20) Oklahoma 13 (tiebreak game--29 points)
California 45 , UCLA 26
Kentucky 21, Auburn 14
(16) OK State 33, Mizzou 17
Minnesota 33, Baltimore 31
New Orleans 48, NYGiants 27
Kansas City 14, Washington 6
Atlanta 21, Chicago 14

Eleven people took a 6-2 record from this weekend... but only 10 can make it in the Weekly Top Ten. Who was left out?

First, its been over 7 years since I've been able to say this, but... congrats to Tommy McLeod for winning his 4th week of his career, but the first since DFC II, Week 7. He actually tied Jason Quinn for the win, but two weeks earlier (Week 5), he won it outright. Been a long time since he's hoisted that weekly trophy, but its all yours Tommy.

The Self-Proclaimed "Sexy Beast of the DFC", Tyler Campbell keeps his dream-season going, finishing 2nd, and what better way to be 2nd than to tie with a good friend and roommate, Trey Cartledge, which he did. In 4th, Matt Halpert and Yours Truly tied, and in 6th, Big Eddy continues his DFC Resurgance.

Coming in 7th for the week was former DFC Champ Drew Morris, while in 8th, a tie between two of the three competing Latta Brothers, Scott and Matt, and rounding out the top ten, rookie Stevie Ray. All at 6-2.

Also finishing:
6-2: James Hawbaker
5-3: Zack Graves, Croyle, Jenn Ernst, Tom Johnson, The Mighty Gainey, Gina Roose, Joey Thornell, Brad Latta, Sarah Hasha, Tad Roose, Lori Beirne, Jon Osborne, Daniel Powell, Mikey Nipp
4-4: DMOsborne, JustFish, Lt. Dan, Jason Roberts, Garrett Cheney, Tim Wasyluka
3-5: Jason Turnbow, Hurricane Rhett, Jason Duren, Eddy Jr

IF THE PLAYOFFS STARTED TODAY is a returning segment now that we are five weeks from the postseason... top two records get first round byes, the other four compete in "wild card weekend". Seeds determined by record, then by TieBreak Average. Division winners get advantage over same records, regardless of TBA.

Jason Turnbow, 32-24 (17.33)
Rhett Barnett, 31-25 (17.1)
Matt Latta, 29-27 (18.42)
Zack Graves, 29-27 (25.83)
DMOsborne, 28-28 (10.0)
Chris Croyle, 26-30 (23.92)

Tommy McLeod, 33-23 (13.58)
Brad Latta, 33-23 (19.6)
Joey Thornell, 32-24 (22.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 30-26 (16.33)
Justin Fisher, 30-26 (16.7)
Sarah Hasha, 27-29 (6.083)

Big Eddy McBroom, 36-20 (18.2)
Trey Cartledge, 33-23 (13.42)
Drew Morris, 32-24 (16.8)
Tad Roose, 28-28 (13.33)
Tom Johnson, 28-28 (32.75)
Dan Sellers, 29-27 (15.83)

First Round Byes
1. Eddy McBroom 36-20 (18.2) (West Division Champ)
2. Tommy McLeod, 33-23 (13.58) (Central Division Champ)
Wild Card Weekend
3. Trey Cartledge, 33-23 (13.42) (Wild Card)
4. Brad Latta, 33-23 (19.6) (Wild Card)
5. Jason Turnbow, 32-24 (17.33) (North Division Champ)
6. Drew Morris, 32-24 (16.8) (Wild Card)
On the bubble (within 2 games)... Joey Thornell, 32-24 (22.0)... Rhett Barnett, 31-25 (17.1)... Jennifer Ernst, 30-26 (16.33)... Justin Fisher, 30-26 (16.7)

Yours Truly, 38-18 (17.08)
Tyler Campbell, 35-21 (13.75)
Mark Gainey, 35-21 (17.7)
Gina Roose, 33-23 (13.58)
Jason Roberts, 32-24 (22.2)
Ryan Sherman, 27-29 (18.25)

Lori Beirne, 35-21 (15.8)
Jonathan Osborne, 34-22 (20.1)
Scott Latta, 33-23 (17.9)
Stevie Ray, 30-26 (20.17)
Jason Duren, 25-23 (23.75)
Garrett Cheney, 24-32 (26.8)

James Hawbaker, 35-21 (20.3)
Eddy Jr, 33-23 (25.25)
Tim Wasyluka, 30-26 (22.0)
Matt Halpert, 28-28 (15.7)
Daniel Powell, 27-29 (7.917)
Mikey Nipp, 22-34 (16.25)

First Round Bye:
1. Yours Truly, 38-18 (17.08) (East Division Champ)
2. Lori Beirne, 35-21 (15.8) (Central Division Champ)
Wild Card Weekend
3. James Hawbaker, 35-21 (20.3) (South Division Champ)
4. Tyler Campbell, 35-21 (13.75) (Wild Card)
5. Mark Gainey, 35-21 (17.7) (Wild Card)
6. Jonny Osborne, 34-22 (20.1) (Wild Card)
On the Bubble (within 2 games)... Gina Roose, 33-23 (13.58)... Scott Latta, 33-23 (17.9)... Eddy Jr, 33-23 (25.25)... Jason Roberts, 32-24 (22.2)

Rank., Record, (TBA) (Last Wk)
1. Yours Truly, 38-18 (17.08) (1)
2. Eddy McBroom, 36-20 (18.2) (5)
3. Tyler Campbell, 35-21 (13.75) (6)
4. Lori Beirne, 35-21 (15.8) (2)
5. Mark Gainey, 35-21 (17.7) (3)
6. James Hawbaker, 35-21 (20.3) (7)
7. Jonny Osborne, 34-22 (20.1) (8)
8. Trey Cartledge, 33-23 (13.42) (NR)
9. Gina Roose, 33-23 (13.58) (11)
10. Tommy McLeod, 33-23 (13.58) (NR)
11. Scott Latta, 33-23 (17.9) (NR)
12. Brad Latta, 33-23 (19.6) (NR)
dropped out: Eddy Jr (4)... Jason Turnbow (9)... Rhett Barnett (10)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

DFC X Week Eight Games

Because of a plethora of intriging games this weekend, we're doing 6 college and 2 NFL...


South Florida Bulls (5-1) at 20. Pitt Panthers (6-1), 11am, ESPN360

Arkansas Razorbacks (3-3) at Ole Miss Rebels (4-2), 1121a, ESPN360

13. Penn State Nittany Lions (6-1) at Meeeeechigan Wolverines (5-2), 230p

Boston College Golden Eagles (5-2) at Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (4-2), 230p, NBC

Oklahoma Sooners (5-1) at 25. Kansas Rock Chalk Jayhawks (3-3), 230p, ABC

8. Texas Christian Toady Frogs (6-0) at 16. Brigham Young Fightin' Mormons (6-1), 630p

This Week's Crap O'the Week...
Buffalo Bills (2-4) at Carolina Panthers (2-3), 305p

Chicago Bears (3-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (4-2), 315p

TieBreak Game
TCU/BYU... total points scored

Monday, October 12, 2009

DFC X Week Seven Games

Thanks to Lt. Dan the Rookie for some game suggestions when I was struggling with the college picks...

20. Oklahoma Sooners vs. 3. Texas Longhorns, 11am, ABC
This game is played at Fort Jerry, the new stadium in Dallas, a "neutral site", and its always our TieBreak game--it was the game that created the "Drop"

California Bears (3-2) at UCLA Bruins (3-2), 230p, ABC
Weren't these teams supposed to be good?

Kentucky Wildcats (2-3) at Auburn Tigers (5-1), 630p, ESPNU
I know Auburn is a 15 point favorite, but Auburn was also a heavy favorite against Arkansas, and we see what happened there. Still, most people will pick Auburn, but if you pick the Cats and you win, its a great way to gain a game.

Missouri Tigers (4-1) at 16. Oklahoma State Cowboys (4-1), 815p, ESPN2
Yeah, OK State is 16th, but first, what does that even mean this year, and secondly, OK State might not be that great... and Mizzou isn't that bad either.

NFL Games
Baltimore Ravens (3-2) at Minnesota Vikings (5-0), 12p, CBS
Seriously, though? Is Favre still this good? Or is it going to fall apart really, really soon, a la the 2008 NYJets?

The New York Football Giants (5-0) at The New Orleans Football Saints (4-0), 12p, Fox
So, I'm going to be the first of about 68,000 people to say "this is the biggest game of the weekend"

Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) at Washington Redskins (0-5), 12p, CBS
The other game I was considering was the Panthers and the Bucs, but I was afraid that one of the teams might not show up, and then what would we do with our game picks?

Chicago Bears (3-1) at Atlanta Falcons (3-1), 720p, NBC
ATL looked really good Sunday. Cutler is fun because you never know what you'll get (much like Romo). You could get 400 yards and 4 Tds or 100 yards and 4 INTs. Sez Dan Sellers.

Tiebreak Game
Oklahoma & Texas, total points scored

DFC X Week Six Results

21. Nebraska 27, 24. Missouri 12
Tennessee 45, Georgia 19
9. Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 13
1. Florida 13, 4. LSU 3 (tiebreak game--16 pts)

Cleveland 6, Buffalo 3
Cincinnati 17, Baltimore 14
Arizona 28, Houston 21
Denver 20, New England 17 OT

It's been a busy few weeks, so make sure your records and my records match up.

Well... its like Week One all over again. Some sort of record was set when 7 people actually went winless in the NFL games. 8 people's NFL record makes up 0-28. Just thought you should know.
Big ups to our winner this week, taking his 2nd win in 3 weeks... Jason Roberts gets it with a 5-3 record, only the 4th time that's happened (and the 2nd time this season--you're welcome). Also coming up with a 5-3 mark for 2nd is Yours Truly, while in 3rd is Joey Thornell. In 4th is the defending DFC Champ The Mighty Gainey, and in 5th place for the week is Jason Duren, all with 5-3 records.

In 6th place for the week is JustFish at 5-3, while taking 7th is DMOsborne, at 4-4. In 8th place is Eddy Jr, and finally, tying for 9th is Gina "Wife of Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose and Matta Latta, all at 4-4.

Also Finishing:
4-4: Jason Turnbow, James Hawbaker, Lori Beirne, Jon Osborne, Jennifer Ernst, Trey Cartledge, Drew Morris, Tommy McLeod,
3-5: Hurrican Rhett, Big Eddy Mac, Stevie Ray, Chris Croyle, Tad Roose, Dan Sellers, Tom Johnson, Ryan Sherman, Tyler Campbell, Tim Wasyluka, Daniel Powell
2-6: Sarah Hasha, Scott Latta, Garrett Cheney, Matt Halpert, Brad Latta
1-7: Mikey Nipp

Name, record, (TBA) (Conf Rank)
Jason Turnbow, 29-19 (21.67) (2)
Rhett Barnett, 28-20 (12.2) (3)
DMOsborne, 24-24 (9.33)
Zack Graves, 24-24 (17.67)
Matt Latta, 23-25 (14.83)
Chris Croyle, 21-27 (21.83)

Brad Latta, 28-20 (20.5)
Tommy McLeod, 27-21 (15.17) (4)
Joey Thornell, 27-21 (19.0) (6)
Justin Fisher, 26-22 (14.2)
Jennifer Ernst, 25-23 (19.67)
Sarah Hasha, 22-26 (9.17)

Eddy McBroom, 30-18 (20.67) (1)
Trey Cartledge, 27-21 (13.83) (5)
Drew Morris, 26-22 (15.67)
Dan Sellers, 25-23 (12.67)
Tad Roose, 23-25 (12.67)
Tom Johnson, 23-25 (29.5)

Yours Truly, 32-16 (16.17) (1)
Mark Gainey, 30-18 (13.4) (4)
Tyler Campbell, 29-19 (14.5) (5)
Gina Roose, 28-20 (13.17)
Jason Roberts, 28-20 (17.4)
Ryan Sherman, 27-21 (20.5)

Lori Beirne, 30-18 (12.0) (2)
Jonathan Osborne, 29-19 (17.2)
Scott Latta, 27-21 (13.8)
Jason Duren, 25-23 (21.5)
Steven Ray, 24-24 (16.33)
Garrett Cheney, 20-28 (26.67)

Eddy the Jr, 30-18 (14.5) (3)
Jimmy Hawbaker, 29-19 (16.83) (6)
Timmy Wasyluka, 26-22 (21.0)
Daniel Powell, 22-26 (9.83)
Matt Halpert, 22-26 (13.4)
Mikey Nipp, 17-31 (16.5)

(rank), record, (TBA) (Last Wk)
1. Yours Truly, 32-16 (16.17) (1)
2. Lori Beirne, 30-18 (12.0) (6)
3. Mark Gainey, 30-18 (13.4) (7)
4. Eddy Jr, 30-18 (14.5) (4)
5. Eddy Sr, 30-18 (20.67) (2)
6. Tyler Campbell, 29-19 (14.5) (3)
7. James Hawbaker, 29-19 (16.83) (11)
8. Jon Osborne, 29-19 (17.2) (8)
9. Jason Turnbow, 29-19 (21.67) (12)
10. Rhett Barnett, 28-20 (12.2) (9)
11. Gina Roose, 28-20 (13.17) (NR)
12. Jason Roberts, 28-20 (17.4) (NR)
dropped out: Scott Latta (10th)... Brad Latta (5th)

Lots and lots happening to the DFC membership! First... Jenny Ernst, the all time winningest DFC'er (though not for long) just had another munchkin. Welcome Elizabeth! Next... The Big Wasyluka got himself a little Wasyluka. No, not a kid, but a woman. Happy days to you and the missus! Jason Roberts, winner of Week Four and Week Six this year, is having a baby Thursday morning. Good luck and best wishes to you, KT and Baby Kaylee. DFC IX Rookie of the Year Matt Halpert is awaiting the birth of his own daughter as well in December. Finally, rookie Brad Latta is also anxiously awaiting his own little girl in the spring. Oh yeah, and there's one more of you expecting a baby--though I don't know if its public knowledge yet, but there's another baby coming to the world in May. Congratulations to all and your big events...

Don't forget... in a new tweak this year, the first six weeks of TBA are locked as one single number. Week 7 starts a new number, through Week 12, for the 2nd number, which are combined to make your overall TBA. Just so you know, I will display your overall TBA, not multiple numbers.

Who has used their TB drop so far?
Week One: Mark Gainey, Jonathan Osborne, Matt Halpert
Week Five: Jason Roberts
Week Six: Hurricane Rhett, Scott Latta

After last week's 13-3 debacle of a TieBreak Game, you still have until this Saturday morning to drop your TieBreak.


  • And now, America's favorite segment of stats, numbers and name drops, returns with an all new edition of the DFC history.
  • Due to the fact that just about everyone's Week One was so horrendous, its not hard to imagine that any successful record streaks will be pretty low. The much heralded (mostly by me because it amazes me) .500 record, that being 4-4 or more, is held by The Mighty Gainey at over more than 40 weeks.
  • The longest current streak? Yours Truly, at 18 weeks, follwed by Gina Roose, at 13 weeks in a row.
  • Scott Latta had a great streak going himself--22 weeks--until this week's 2-6 splat.
  • For years and years, the top spot in Overall Wins and College Wins has been held by Jennifer Ernst. Tom Johnson held the NFL record until last season when Jennifer overtook him. Now, Yours Truly is 4 games away from tying Jennifer in both Overal and College, and is currently tied in NFL.
  • Jennifer does get praise, though as Nebraska's win over Missouri allowed her to be the first DFC'er ever to cross 600 wins all time. That's 600 games she's picked correctly, counting both regular season and playoffs. That's impressive.
  • Reaching 500 wins (regular season) so far has been Tommy McLeod, DMOsborne, Daniel Powell and Tom Johnson. Up next is Big Eddy McBroom (496), Drew Morris (493) and Michael Nipp (492).
  • Tim Wasyluka crossed the 400 win mark this season, while Sarah Hasha is only 2 away from doing it. Behind her is Jason Duren, way back at 346.
  • In the 200 win column, Zack Graves writes his name. Going 1-7 this week, though, it was 2 weeks ago when he did it. He's currently at 201.
  • Trey Cartledge is 2 away from 200, while Jason Turnbow is at 186 overall.
  • When does a rivalry cease to become a rivalry because one surpasses the other completely? That's the question between Garrett Cheney and Tyler Campbell. Garrett, due mostly to his monster 64 win season in DFC V, has owned Tyler in all catagories... until this season. This season, Tyler is now a full 8 games ahead overall, including 7 of those in college.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

DFC X Week Six Games

NOTE: I will be out of email contact from Wednesday night until late Sunday night. I will try and send a DFC "Reminder" email on Wednesday before I leave, but I can't promise.

All times are Central, all rankings via the AP Poll

21. Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-1) at 24. Missouri Tigers (4-0), 8p, ESPN
I looked at the GameDay schedule for this coming weekend, and while watching CSI on DVD, I spent a good 20 minutes staring at games... and after the Saturday games, this is the best one I could come up with. It should be a dandy, even though it is on Thursday night.

Georgia Bulldogs (3-2) at Tennessee Volunteers (2-3), 1220p
This is dangerously close to being the Crap O'the Week. Seriously... weren't these teams supposed to be pretty good?

Wisconsin Badgers (5-0) at 9. Ohio State Buckeyes (4-1), 230p
Yeah, its an unranked team versus a top ten team... but remember Wisconsin is undefeated, and the 9th ranked team is the Ohio State Buckeyes. Just an FYI, the Coaches Poll does rank 'em #25.

1. Florida Gators (5-0) at 4. LSU Tigers (5-0), 7p, CBS
Let's face it... this game comes down to two questions--will Tebow play, and if so, will he be effective? Cause really, LSU just ain't that good...

Cleveland Browns (0-4) at Buffalo Bills (1-3), 12p, CBS
And this is why UGA and Tennessee can't be Crap O'the Week. Because the Browns and the Bills are.

Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1), 12p, CBS
The Ravens couldn't handle the Patriots, and took their first loss of the season, while the Bengals are one fluke play--the Immaculate Deflection--away from being undefeated. That's right, the Bungals get it right every now and again.

Houston Texans (2-2) at Arizona Cardinals (1-2), 315p, CBS
Is Warner just having a bad year? Or is it he's actually playing normal for a 54 year old?

New England Patriots (3-1) at Denver Broncos (4-0), 415p, CBS
Whats more surprising? The Pats being 3-1, after Tom Brady misses an entire year, or the Broncos being undefeated after being... well, the Broncos?

Florida vs. LSU... what else? Total points scored.

DFC X Week Five Results

4. LSU 20, 18. Georgia 13
Notre Dame 37, Washington 30 OT
Auburn 26, Tennessee 22
17. Miami 21, 8. Oklahoma 20
New England 27, Baltimore 21
Washington 16, Tampa Bay 13
New Orleans 24, NYJets 10 (tiebreak game--34 pts)
Minnesota 30, Green Bay 23

It took him into his 3rd season to do it, but finally, Justin Fisher has won himself a week in the DFC--and just in time, too, as his 7-1 record is one game shy of the combined win total of Weeks One (2-6), Two (3-5) and Four (3-5).

The Thornell South put in four players in the Top Ten, starting with #2 Eddy Jr at 6-2, and #3, The Big Wasyluka, tying with Jason Turnbow, both at 6-2. In 5th for the week is James Hawbaker and 6th is Tom Johnson, both at 6-2.

Tied for 7th is Daniel Powell and Tyler Campbell at 5-3, in 9th is Sarah Hasha, and 10th is Hurricane Rhett Barnett, at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Zack Graves, Lori Beirne, Jon Osborne, Stevie Ray, Jennifer Ernst, DMOsborne, The Mighty Gainey, Yours Truly, Ryan Sherman, Gina Roose, Tad Roose, Scott Latta, Brad Latta, Drew Morris, Big Eddy, Garrett Cheney, Matt Halpert
4-4: Croyle, Joey Thornell, Jason Roberts, Mikey Nipp, Tommy McLeod, Lt. Dan, Trey Cartledge
3-5: Matta Latta, Jason Duren

Rank, Record, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 27-13 (15.2) (1)
2. Eddy McBroom, 27-13 (16.4) (2)
3. Tyler Campbell, 26-14 (10.8) (4)
4. Lori Beirne, 26-14 (8.6) (3)
5. Eddy McB Jr, 26-14 (12.6) (5)
6. Brad Latta, 26-14 (18.2) (6)
7. Mark Gainey, 25-15 (9.5) (7)
8. Jonathan Osborne, 25-15 (10.15) (8)
9. Rhett Barnett, 25-15 (12.2) (9)
10. Scotty Latta, 25-15 (13.8) (10)
11. James Hawbaker, 25-15 (14.6) (11)
12. Jason Turnbow, 25-15 (17.2) (NR)
dropped out: Ryan Sherman (12)