Monday, November 29, 2021

DeuceBowl XXII

The games for DeuceBowl XXII...

11. Oregon Ducks (10-2) vs 19. Utah Utes (9-3)

Pac12 Championship, Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas NV
Friday Night, 7p, ABC

8. Baylor Bears (10-2) vs 7. Oklahoma State Cowboys (11-1)
Dr Pepper Big 12 Championship, AT&T Stadium, Arlington TX
11a, ABC

Kent State Golden Flashes (7-5) vs Northern Illinois Huskies (8-4)
Rocket Morgage MAC Championship, Ford Field, Detroit MI
11a, ESPN

Appalachian State Mountaineers (10-2) vs Louisiana Ragin Cajuns (11-1)
Sun Belt Championship, Cajun Field, Lafayette LA
230p, ESPN

17. Pittsburgh Panthers (10-2) vs 18. Wake Forest Devil Pastors (10-2)
ACC Championship, Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte NC
7p, ABC

USC Trojans (4-7) at Cal Bears (4-7)
Crap of the Week, Cal Memorial Stadium, Berkley CA
10p, FOX Sports 1

Dallas Cowboys (7-4) at New Orleans Saints (5-6)
Thursday Night, 720p, Fox/NFL Network

San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles (6-5) at Cincinnati Bengals (7-4)
12p, CBS

New York Football Giants (4-7) at Miami Dolphins (5-7)
12p, FOX

New England Patriots (8-4) at Buffalo Bills (7-4)
Monday Night, 715p, ESPN

Total Points Scored - New England vs Buffalo, total points scored


Iowa State 48, TCU 14
Florida 24, Florida State 21
Michigan State 30, Penn State 27
Virginia Tech 29, Virginia 24
(9) Oklahoma State 37, (13) Oklahoma 33
Buffalo Bills 31, New Orleans Saints 6
Cincinnati Bengals 41, Pittsburgh Steelers 10
New England Patriots 36, Tennessee Titans 13
Green Bay Packers 36, LA Rams 28
San Francisco 34, Minnesota Vikings 26


Short and sweet... Defending DFC Champ Steven Ray and DFC VIII Champ Drew Morris dominated.  Rookie Garrison Ryfun fell way short, and newly crowned DFC Hasha MVP winner Tim Wasyluka couldn't get it together one more week...

Both Drew & Steven finished with an 8-2 record, tied exactly on the TB at 14 off (though this will remain tied as it doesn't affect anything headed into DeuceBowl XXII)

Big Wasyluka's season ends in the semi-finals, this in his 8th playoff appearance (but first since DFC XVI), and actually his very first final four appearance in his 19th overall season. He finished the week at 6-4.

Kudos to Garrison Ryfun, for a great rookie season, and his bid to be the first rookie champion since Shawn Sharp in DFC I (there's a name I haven't typed in a DFC Email in a long time). He finished his week at 5-5, but his 11-9 overall playoff run this season moves him from 57th to 44th in the playoff standings -- among current DFC'ers, he's right behind Michael Nipp's 12-12 career playoff record. 

In the 22nd edition of the DFC Championship, we have Drew // Morris (the // being the nod to Slash, who himself holds Drew's guitar skills in high regard), winner of DFC VIII.  He's in his 21st year in the league, 7 time West Division Champion, MVP winner in VIII and XIV, and with his 24-6 run in the postseason this year, before we even get to next weekend, he's now #1 on the all time Playoff Win list, and is now #2 not only on the Regular Season win list (1233-771) but also #2 on the All Time Win List (1409-855)... behind... Yours Truly. Boo ya. A win next weekend would not only give Drew his 2nd championship, he would then hold the record for most seasons between titles (13 seasons, besting Mark "The Mighty" Gainey's 8 years between titles, from IX to XVIII)

Finally, Steven Ray, the humble, quiet principal who keeps showing his football prowess by not only grabbing his 2nd championship last year (the first being in DFC XV), but now has a shot to do two historic things -- be only the 2nd DFC'er to win 3 titles (Tad "The Dynasty" Roose won II, IV, and VII), but the very first to ever go back to back.  Essentially, Steven Ray is on the verge of becoming one of the all time greats. 

Full results and seasonal recap coming after DeuceBowl XXII!  

Yep, we've done this for going on 2 1/2 decades.

Monday, November 22, 2021


Your final four... The new, reigning DFC MVP Tim Wasyluka... the Defending DFC Champ Steven Ray... The Young Rookie and Pride of Ellijay Garrison Ryfun... and the Classic Veteran and former DFC Champ Drew Morris.  

Best two records compete in DeuceBowl XXII... Ties are broken by traditional tiebreak score. Seeds will not break a 2nd tie, as we will go to another tiebreak specific to those DFC'ers within the tie. 

There is a Thursday night game -- so yes, you can submit the Thursday night game and the rest on Friday, but ALL games must be in by Friday kickoff at 430p


TCU Hornady Froggys (5-6) at Iowa State Cyclones (6-5)

430p, FOX Sports 1

Florida State Seminoles (5-6) at Florida Gators (5-6) 
12p, ESPN

Penn State Nittany Lions (7-4) at 7. Michigan State Spartans (9-2)

330p, ABC

Virginia Tech Hokies (5-6) at Virginia Cavaliers (6-5)

345p, ACC Network

13. Oklahoma Sooners (10-1) at 9. Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-1)
730p, ABC

Buffalo Bills (6-4) at New Orleans Saints (5-5)

820p, NBC

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)

1p, CBS

Tennessee Titans (8-3) at New England Patriots (7-4)

1p, CBS

LA Rams (7-3) at Green Bay Packers (8-3)
425p, FOX

Minnesota Viking (5-5) at San Francisco 49ers (5-5)
425p, FOX

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State... total points scored

Sunday, November 21, 2021

DFC XXII: Division Playoffs RESULTS


Clemson 48, (12) Wake Forest 27
West Virginia 31, Texas 23
Colorado 20, Washington 17
Missouri 24, Florida 23 OT
UCLA 62, USC 33
California 41, Stanford 11
Miami 38, Virginia Tech 26
Miami Dolphins 24, NYJets 17
Cincinnati Bengals 32, Las Vegas Raiders 13
LA Chargers 41, Pittsburgh 37

(11) Drew Morris - 8-2 (advances to Final Four)
(1) Tim Wasyluka - 8-2 (advances to Final Four)
(2) Steven Ray - 6-4 (advances to Final Four)
(4) Garrison Ryfun - 6-4 (advances to Final Four)

(6) Tommy McLeod - 6-4 (eliminated)
(5) Yours Truly - 6-4 (eliminated)
(3) Eddy Mc Jr - 5-5 (eliminated)
(9) Brad Ashby - 5-5 (eliminated)

Monday, November 15, 2021

DFC XXII Divisional Playoff GAMES

And here are the games for the next round... remember that the top four records advance, using the tiebreak game to break any initial tie. Any tie remaining refers to higher seed. These rules are for this week only (DFC Final Four rules cease using seeding as a tiebreak)

All games must be sent at same time, and must be in by Saturday at kickoff.  You can change your picks as needed until Saturday morning, when all games are locked in.

College games are decent, NFL games are terrible, hence a 7/3 split... 


12. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (9-1) at Clemson Tigers (7-3)
11a, ESPN

Texas Longhorns (4-6) at West Virginia Mountaineers (4-6)
11a, ESPN2

Washington Huskies (4-6) at Colorado Buffaloes (3-7)
2p, PAC12

Florida Gators (5-5) at Missouri Tigers (5-5)
3p, SEC Network

UCLA Bruins (6-4) at USC Trojans (4-5)
3p, FOX

California Bears (3-6) at Stanford Cardinal (3-7)
6p, PAC12

Virginia Tech Hokies (5-5) at Miami Hurricanes (5-5)
630p, ACC Network

Miami Dolphins (3-7) at NY J-E-S-T Jest Jest Jest (2-7)

12p, CBS

Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) at Vegas Raiders (5-4)
305p, CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) at LA Chargers (5-4)
720p, NBC

UCLA vs USC, total points scored

Sunday, November 14, 2021

DFC XXII: Wild Card Weekend RESULTS

(6) Michigan 21, Penn State 17
(13) Baylor 27, (8) Oklahoma 14
Louisville 41, Syracuse 3
SMU 55, UCF 28
(15) Ole Miss 29, (11) Texas A&M 19 (48 pts in tiebreak)
(12) Wake Forest 45, (16) NC State 42
(25) Arkansas 16, LSU 13 OT
New England Patriots 45, Cleveland Browns 7
Green Bay Packers 17, Seattle Seahawks 0
Kansas City Chiefs 41, Las Vegas Raiders 14

As happens sometimes, several games had one team picked by everyone -- Mich/Penn St... Green Bay/Seattle... and New Eng/Cleveland ultimately didn't matter, but that still left 7 games in play.

In order of finish this weekend:
Drew Morris 8-2 (advances to Divisional Round)
Yours Truly 8-2 (advances to Divisional Round)
Tommy McLeod 7-3 (advances to Divisional Round via TB score of 1)
Brad Ashby 7-3 (advances to Divisional Round via TB score of 3)

Matthew Pinkerton, 7-3 (eliminated with TB score of 8)
DMOsborne, 7-3 (eliminated with TB score of 11)
Wookiee Fulaytar, 6-4 (eliminated)
Rhett Barnett, 6-4 (eliminated)

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

DFC XXII Playoffs: Wild Card Weekend

 Tim * Steven * Eddy Jr * Garrison - Congrats, you have the weekend off. See you next weekend.

The following games are for Yours Truly... Tommy... Wookiee... Rhett... Brad A... DMO... Drewski... Matty Pinky...  you are able to change your picks during the week, but ALL picks, both college & NFL must be submitted by kickoff of first game, otherwise you will forfeit that game. I'll make my picks Thursday, submit to a third party so when I go 10-0, it'll be legit. 

Good luck. We're all counting on you. 

6. Michigan Wolverines (8-1) at Penn State (6-3)

11a, ABC

8. Oklahoma Sooners (9-0) at 13. Baylor Bears (7-2)
11a, FOX

Syracuse Orangemen (5-4) at Louisville Cardinals (4-5)
11a, ESPN3

UCF Golden Knights (6-3) at SMU Mustangs (7-2)
11a, ESPNU

11. Texas A&M Aggies (7-2) at 15. Ole Miss Rebs (7-2)
6p, ESPN

16. NC State Wolfpack (7-2) at 12. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (8-1)
630p ACC Net

25. Arkansas Razorbacks (6-3) at LSU Fightin O's (4-5)
630p, SEC Net

Cleveland Browns (5-4) at New England Patriots (5-4)

12p, CBS

Seattle Seahawks (3-5) at Green Bay Packers (7-2)
325p, CBS

Kansas City Chiefs (5-4) at Las Vegas Raiders (5-3)
720p, NBC

TieBreak Game
Texas A&M vs Ole Miss.... total points scored


Boston College 30, Virginia Tech 3
(13) Texas A&M 20, (12) Auburn 3
Arkansas 31, Mississippi State 28 (Tiebreak game - 59pts)
Tennessee 45, (18) Kentucky 42
Iowa State 30, Texas 7
Arizona State 31, USC 17
Cleveland Browns 41, Cincinnati Bengals 16
New England Patriots 24, Carolina Panthers 6
Miami Dolphins 17, Houston Texans 9
Tennessee Titans 28, LA Rams 16

Perhaps it was a little too late, but perhaps the greatest DFC'er of all time (to be fair, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose has 3 titles, as opposed to two, but comparing overall careers may put Gainey in the top spot) had a grand week to finish the season overall. And yet, I had to check three times to confirm, Mark "The Mighty" Gainey has not won a DFC Week in 13 years -- 139 weeks -- since DFC IX in 2008... but congrats to Gainey for his 10th Weekly Win of his career, finishing the season at 8-2.

Coming in 2nd for the week, another legend that will fail to make the postseason, Big Eddy finishing up at 7-3, while Drew // Morris and Grandy Latta tie for 3rd at 7-3.

Brad "Lawdawg" Latta takes 5th, Brad "The Bald One" Ashby and Matt "Pinky the Eldest" Pinky tie for 6th, Garrison "Spawn of Macon" Ryfun and Lil Eddy Jr tie for 8th, and Jonny Oz and Tad "The Dynasty" Roose tie for 10th to round out the Top 10 -- all at 6-4.

Also finishing
6-4: Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Young Garrett... 

5-5: Defending DFC Champ Steven Ray... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Bradley "Pinky the Wisest" Pinky... Wook-Fu... Hurricane Rhett... Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Big Tom J... James "Not a Playoff Maker" Hawbaker... DMO... David "What Tha" Tuck... Mikey "High" Nipp... 

4-6: Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Chris "The Collapse" Croyle... Trey "The Wrong Answer" Cartledge... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Jenni Ersnt

3-7: Pinky "Pinky the Pinky" Pinky... Yours Truly... The Big Wasyluka... Danny P... Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinky... 


YOUR 2021 DFC XXII Official Playoff Rankings
1. Tim Wasyluka, 60-36 (10.2) - South Division Champ, First Round Bye
2. Steven Ray, 57-39 (6.7) - SouthCentral Division Champ, First Round Bye
3. Eddy Mac Jr, 57-39 (10.7) - Wild Card, First Round Bye
4. Garrison Ryfun, 57-39 (12.9) - Wild Card, First Round Bye

5. Yours Truly, 56-40 (9.7) - East Division Champ
6. Tommy McLeod, 56-40 (11.2) - MidCentral Division Champ
7. Chris Fulaytar, 56-40 (12.3) - Wild Card
8. Rhett Barnett, 55-41 (14.0) - North Division Champ
9. Brad Ashby, 55-41 (14.0) - Wild Card
10. DMOsborne, 54-42 (9.9) - Wild Card
11. Drew Morris, 53-43 (8.7) - West Division Champ
12. Matthew Pinkerton, 52-44 (8.8) - Wild Card


Out of the entire league, the top 12 records will get playoff berths.  All division winners are guaranteed a spot -- if a divisional champion's record is outside of the top 12, the division winner in particular will be the 13th seed. 

Top four seeds in record get a First Round Bye.

The Wild Card Weekend will consist of the remaining 8+ DFC'ers, in the playoff first round. After determining playoff seeds, the seasons TBA will be disregarded and will no longer count. The best FOUR records out of the 8+ will advance to the Divisional Round, the Conference Semi-Finals, joining those Four who had first round byes. 

Then, the best Four records out of those 8 will advance to the DFC Final Four. The best of the two that weekend will then go on to DeuceBowl XXII.

Thursday, November 04, 2021


(8) Michigan State 37, (6) Michigan 33
Virginia Tech 26, Georgia Tech 17
Clemson 30, Florida State 20
Purdue 28, Nebraska 23
(18) Auburn 31, (10) Ole Miss 20
Washington 20, Stanford 13
Carolina Panthers 19, Atlanta Falcon 13
San Francisco 49ers 22, Chicago Bears 22
Denver Broncos 17, Washington Football Team 10
Kansas City Chiefs 20, The New York Football Giants 17

It's his 9th win lifetime, but his first weekly win since Week 4 of DFC XVI (2015), and Big Tim Wasyluka is a Week 10 decent showing away from not only wrapping up the South Division title, but also the top seed in the playoff, and his first Most Valuable Player title... what a year for Big Tim -- so we'll see how he does in the postseason, as traditionally, he's struggled -- finished 8-2 this week.

Coming in 2nd for the week, also at 8-2, Bradley "Pinky the Wisest" Pinky, with Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinky in 3rd at 8-2. Yours Truly gets 4th at 7-3, with Zack "The Attack" Graves in 5th and Mikey "High" Nipp in 6th, at 6-4.

DMO and Big Wookiee tie for 7th, Young Garrett in 9th, and Brad "The Lawdawg" Latta in 10th, at 6-4.

Also finishing:
6-4: David "What tha" Tuck

5-5: Drew // Morris... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Matthew "Pinky the Eldest" Pinky... Big Eddy... Lil Stevie Ray... Grandy Latta... Big Tom J... Garrison "Pride of Villa Rica" Ryfun... Lil Eddy... Jeni Ernst... Brad "The Bald One" Ashby... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Hurricane Rhett... Tad "The Dynasy" Roose... Danny P

4-6: Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... James "The Playoff Not Maker" Hawbaker... Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinky... 

3-7: Chris "The Flameout" Croyle

2-8: Jonny Oz

X - Playoff Spot... Y - Division Title... Z - First Round Bye

THE DFC TOP 12 POWER POLL, delivered by FTD Flowers


1. Tim Wasyluka, 57-29 (10.9) - secured South Division title, projected First Round Bye
2. Yours Truly, 53-33 (10.6) - secured East Division, projected First Round Bye
3. Steven Ray, 51-35 (7.5) - leads South Central Division, would get First Round Bye
4. Eddy Jr, 51-35 (11.5) - wild card, would get First Round Bye
5. Chris Fulaytar, 51-35 (13.5) - wild card
6. Garrison Ryfun, 51-25 (14.0) - wild card
7. Tommy McLeod, 50-36 (11.4) - leads MidCentral Division
8. Rhett Barnett, 50-36 (15.3) - leads North Division
9. DMOsborne, 49-37 (10.0) - wild card
10. Brad Ashby, 49-37 (15.4) - wild card
11. Dan Sellers, 47-39 (8.8) - leads South Division
12. Trey Cartledge, 47-39 (9.6) - wild card

On the Bubble
Drew Morris, 46-40 (9.3)... Matthew Pinky, 46-40 (9.5)... Tad Roose, 46-40 (11.4)... Randy Latta, 45-41 (11.4)... Zack Graves, 45-41 (12.8)... Jonathan Osborne, 45-41 (14.3)... Jenni Ernst, 45-41 (14.6)... Chris Croyle, 45-41 (21.6) 

Sunday, October 31, 2021


We are now in our final week of the season, if you can believe it... playoff spots will be secured, division titles awarded and we'll know who made it and who didn't a week from now... 

Remember, for Week 10, once you send your picks in, you CANNOT change them

I will allow the Friday night game pick, then following picks Saturday morning -- but ALL games must be in by 230p Saturday (kickoff of first Saturday game)

Six college, four NFL games to round the regular season out. 


Virginia Tech (4-4) at Boston College Eagles (4-4)
Friday night game, 630p ESPN2

12. Auburn Tigers (6-2) at 13. Texas A&M Aggies (6-2)
230p, CBS

Mississippi State More Cowbells (5-3) at Arkansas Pig Sooey (5-3)
3p, SEC Network

Tennessee Volunteers (4-4) at 18. Kentucky Wildcats (6-2)

6p, ESPN2

Texas Longhorns (4-4) at Iowa State Cyclones (5-3)
630p, FOX Sports 1

USC Trojans (4-4) at Arizona State SunDevils (5-3)

930p, ESPN

Cleveland Browns (4-4) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-3)

12p, CBS

New England Patriots (4-4) at Carolina Panthers (4-4)
12, CBS

Houston Texas (1-7) at Miami Dolphins (1-7)
Pillowfight of the week, 12p, FOX

Tennessee Titans (6-2) at LA Rams (7-1)

720p NBC

Mississippi State vs Arkansas, Total Points Scored

Thursday, October 28, 2021


Wisconsin 30, (25) Purdue 13
(23) Pittsburgh 27, Clemson 17
Minnesota 34, Maryland 16
(10) Oregon 34, UCLA 31
Oregon State 42, Utah 34
Atlanta Falcons 30, Miami Dolphins 28
Tennessee Titans 27, Kansas City Chiefs 3
Indianapolis Colts 30, San Francisco 49ers 18


Two DFC'ers ended the week with a 6-2 record, and only 2 off of the tiebreak score... thus, we revert to a new record tiebreak rule installed this season... the rule states that if there are identical records, look at the tiebreak game itself -- if one person picked the winner, they'll get the nod over someone with the same record if that person didn't pick the winner of the game. 

Hence, Eddy Mc Jr is denied his first weekly win since DFC XV in 2014, ending up in 2nd for the week -- and Lil Stevie Ray becomes but the 14th (by my count) DFC'er to win two weeks in a row. Like I warned you people... Steven is suddenly on fire, and will be the one to beat in the playoffs, as the defending DFC Champ.

For the rest of the top ten, also creeping up quickly as we head to the postseason, Brad "The Bald One" Ashby takes 3rd, The Big Wasyluka continues his great year for 4th, And Big Tom Johnson gets 5th, while Jenni Ernst and Wook Fu tie for 6th, all at 6-2.

Mark "The Mighty" Gainey seems to have righted his ship, this week for 8th, at 5-3, also the record of Bradley "Pinky the Wisest" Pinky for 9th, and wrapping up the Top 10, Brad "Lawdawg" Latta.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Yours Truly...

4-4: Zack "The Attack" Graves... Drew // Morris... DMO... Tha Croyle... Big Eddy... Grandy Latta... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Garrison "Pride of Villa Rica" Ryfun... Mikey "High" Nipp... Danny P... David "What Tha" Tuck...

3-5: James "Standings Shaker" Hawbaker... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Jonny Os... Matty "Pinky the Eldest" Pinky... Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinky... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Hurricane Rhett... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinky...

2-6: Young Garrett



THE DFC TOP 12 POWER POLL scented by Bath & Body Works

1. Tim Wasyluka, 49-27 (12.3) (1)
2. Steven Ray, 46-30 (8.1) (6) 
3. Yours Truly, 46-30 (10.6) (3)      
4. Eddy McB Jr, 46-40 (12.4) (8)
5. Garrison Ryfun, 46-40 (15.3) (2)
6. Tommy McLeod, 45-31 (12.9) (4)
7. Wookiee Fulaytar, 45-31 (14.3) (12)
8. Rhett Barnett, 45-31 (15.7) (5)
9. Brad Ashby, 44-32 (16.1) (NR)
10. Dan Sellers, 43-33 (9.9) (7)
11. DMOsborne, 43-33 (10.3) (11)
12. Jon Osborne, 43.33 (15.1) (9)

dropped out - Trey Cartledge (10th)

Seedings based on record, then TBA; division winners have advantage in duplicate records. 
1 - Tim Wasyluka - South Division Champ, First Round Bye
2 - Steven Ray - South Central Division Champ, First Round Bye
3 - Yours Truly - East Division Champ, First Round Bye
4 - Eddy McB Jr - wild card, First Round Bye

5 - Garrison Ryfun - wild card
6 - Tommy McLeod - MidCentral Division Champ
7 - Rhett Barnett - North Division Champ
8 - Wookiee Fulaytar - wild card
9 - Brad Ashby - wild card
10 - Dan Sellers - West Division Champ
11 - DMO - wild card
12 - Jonathan Osborne - wild card

On the bubble (within two games) - Trey Cartledge 42-34 (9.6)... Chris Croyle 42-34 (24.1)... Matty Pinky, 41-35 (10.6)... Drew Morris, 41-35 (10.6)... Tad Roose, 41-35 (11.3) 

Monday, October 25, 2021


 TWO WEEKS LEFT in the regular season!!

6. Meeeeeechigan Wolverines (7-0) at 8. Michigan State Sparty

11a, FOX

Virginia Tech Hokies (3-4) at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-4)
11, ESPN3

Florida State Suckinoles (3-4) at Clemson Losers (4-3)
230p, ESPN

Purdue Boilermakers (4-3) at Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-5)
230p, ESPN2

10. Ole Miss Running Rebs (6-1) at 18. Auburn Tigers (5-2)

6p, ESPN

 Washington Go Ye Huskies (3-4) at Stanford Cardinal (3-4)
930p, FoxSports 1

Carolina Panthers (3-4) at Atlanta Falcons (3-3)

12p, FOX

San Francisco 49ers (2-4) at Chicago Bears (3-4)
12p, FOX

Washington Football Team (2-5) at Denver Broncos (3-4)

325p, FOX

The New York Football Giants (2-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (3-4)

Monday, 715p, ESPN

FSU vs Clemson, total points scored

Sunday, October 24, 2021


(12) Oklahoma State 32, (25) Texas 24
Auburn 39, (17) Arkansas 23
Baylor 38, (19) BYU 24
North Carolina 45, Miami 42
Colorado 34, Arizona 0
Washington State 34, Stanford 31
Minnesota Vikings 34, Carolina Panthers 28
Baltimore Ravens 34, LA Chargers 6
Las Vegas Raiders 34, Denver 24
Pittsburgh 23, Seattle 20

It's getting about that time of the season when Steven Ray gets hot... it's happened every year for the last few seasons, He bumbles about in the first part of the year, then as we turn the corner and stride to the postseason, here he comes -- he did just that last season, en route to winning the whole thing, his 2nd DeRamus Plate Championship. 

And here he is, in Week 7, taking his fourth weekly win of his career, this time at 8-2.  Coming in 2nd, at 7-3, Eddy Jr, and in a close 3rd, Trey "The Answer" Cartledge, also 7-3. The Big Wasyluka continues his fabulous season at 6-4, good enough for 4th, while Drew // Morris and DMO tie for 5th place. Drew "Grassman" Warren gets 7th, Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinkerton gets 8th, Big Tom J in 9th, and rounding out the Top Ten, Wookiee Fulaytar. 

Also Finishing
6-4: Jenni Ernst... Danny P... Brad "Not Scott Van Pelt" Ashby... 

5-5: Young Garrett... Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinky... Matty "Pinky the Elder" Pinky... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Yours Truly.., Grandy Latta... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Jonny Oz... Garrison "Pride of Buford" Ryfun... Mikey "High" Nipp... 

4-6: James "Playoff Makin" Hawbakin'... Bradley "Pinky the Wisest" Pinky... Tommy "There Can Only Be One" McLeod... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Hurricane Rhett... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... 

3-7: Big Eddy... David "What Tha" Tuck... Chris "The Anonymous" Croyle 


THE TOP TWELVE, mailed by UPS... 
(aka, who mades the postseason if it started today...)

dropped out: Matty Pinky (12)... Chris Croyle (8)... James Hawbaker (10)

Monday, October 18, 2021

DFC Week XXII Week Eight GAMES

Three weeks left in the season!! 28 games remain, and over 1/3rd of the league has a losing record... what a season!!!  Okay, our second of two weeks this year in which we feature only 8 games, with five college and three NFL

Wisconsin Badgers (3-3) at 25. Purdue Boilermakers (4-2)

2p, B1G Network

Clemson Tigers (4-2) at 23. Pitt Panthers (5-1)
230p, ESPN

Maryland Terrapins (4-2) at Minnesota Golden Gophers (4-2)

230p, ESPN2

10. Oregon Ducks (5-2) at UCLA Bruins (5-2)
230p, ABC - trap game! trap games! trap game!

Utah Utes (4-2) at Oregon State Beavers (4-2)

630p, Pac-12


Atlanta Falcon (2-3) at Miami Dolphins (1-4)
12p, FOX

Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) at Tennessee Titans (3-2)
12p, CBS

Indianapolis Colts (2-4) at San Francisco 49ers (2-3)
720p, NBC

Oregon vs UCLA, total points scored

Friday, October 15, 2021



(6) Oklahoma 55, (21) Texas 48
Tennessee 45, South Carolina 20
(17) Ole Miss 52, (13) Arkansas 51
UMass 27, UConn 13
(3) Iowa 23, (4) Penn State 20
Utah 42, USC 26
Atlanta Falcons 27, NYJets 20 
New Orleans Saints 33, Washington FT 22
LA Chargers 47, Cleveland Browns 42
Buffalo Bills 38, Kansas City Chiefs 20

Leave it to Texas & Oklahoma to have a score so jacked up, that someone who picked 66 for the TB would still be 37 points off... thus is the score that gives a rookie his first weekly win of his career, as Garrison "The Pride of Marietta" Ryfun takes home the crown, edging out #2 Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... both had 9-1 marks for the week. 

A handful of 8-2 records are up next, with Hurricane Rhett in 3rd, Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinky in 4th, and iun 5th, Trey "The Answer" Cartledge (all three former DFC champs by the way, in XVI, XIX, and XI respectively. 

Young Garret Cheney takes home 6th place for the week, with Chris Croyle continuing his career year for 7th, James "The Playoff Maker" Hawbaker in 8th, and finally having a good week, Wookiee Fulaytar and  Grandy Latta tie for 9th -- all at 7-3.  

Also Finishing:
7-3: Matthew "Pinky the Eldest" Pinky... Eddy the Jr... DMO... Lt Dan... Jenni Ersnt... 

6-4: Defending DFC Champ Stevie Ray... The Big Wasyluka... Brad "The Bald One" Ashby.. Dre // Morris... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Drew "The Grassman" Warren... Yours  Truly... Big Eddy... Big Tom Johnson... Danny P...

5-5: Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Jonny O... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... 

4-4: David "What Tha" Tuck... Jacob "Pinky the Drunker" Pinky... Bradley "pinky the Wisest" Pinkey... 

3-7: Mike "Low" Nipp 



The top 4 records/TB get a first round bye, the next 8 records/TB make the postseason, across the league, regardless of conference (had to look up the rules on the website to make sure).  TB breaks ties for seeding, but division winner gets higher seed regardless. 

Currently Playoff Ranks:

1 - Tommy McLeod, 37-21 (12.4) - MidCentral Division Champion, First Round Bye
2 - Tim Wasyluka, 37-21 (12.8) - South Division Champion, First Round Bye
3 - Garrison Ryfun, 37-21 (14.2) - South Central Division Champion, First Round Bye
4 - Yours Truly, 36-22 (12.6) - East Division Champion, First Round Bye
5 - Rhett Barnett, 35-23 (18.4) - North Division Champion
6 - Dan Sellers, 35-23 (11.4) - West Division Champion
7 - Jonathan Osborne, 35-23 (18.0)
8 - Chris Croyle, 35-23 (25.0)
9 - DMOsborne, 34-24 (11.8)
10 - James Hawbaker, 33-25 (12.0)
11 - Wook Fu Fulaytar, 33-25 (12.2)
12 - Matty Pinky, 33-25 (12.6)

On the bubble (within 2 games)
Eddy Jr, 33-25 (16.6)... Trey Cartledge, 32-26 (8.2)... Steven Ray, 32-26 (10.4)... Brad Ashby, 32-26 (18.8)... Tad Roose, 31.27 (10.4)... Randy Latta, 31.27 (12.0)... Drew Morris, 31-27 (12.6)... Zack Graves, 31.27 (16.4) 

Monday, October 11, 2021


 Here we are in Week Seven, 56 of 96 games down... 40 games to go... the playoff push has begun...

Games are kinda terrible this week, but we got 6 college and 4 NFL for your viewing pleasure. 


12. Oklahoma State Cowboys (5-0) at 25. Texas Hook 'Em Horns (4-2)
11a, FOX

Auburn Tigers (4-2) at 17. Arkansas Razorbacks (4-2)
11a, CBS

19. BYU Coogs (5-1) at Baylor Bears (5-1)
230p, ESPN

Miami Hurricanes (2-3) at North Carolina Tar Heels (3-3)
230p, ACCN

Arizona Wildcats (0-5) at Colorado Buffaloes (1-4)
230p, PAC12

Stanford Cardinal (3-3) at Washington State Cougars (3-3)
630p, ESPNU

Minnesota Vikings (2-3) at Carolina Panthers (3-2)
12p, FOX

LA Chargers (4-1) at Baltimore Ravens (4-1)
12, CBS

Las Vegas Raiders (3-2) at Denver Broncos (3-2)
325p, CBS

Seattle Seahawks (2-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3)
720p, NBC

Auburn vs Arkansas, total points scored in game

Friday, October 08, 2021


Tennessee 62, Missouri 24
(7) Cincinnati 24, (9) Notre Dame 13
(19) OK State 24, (21) Baylor 14
(22) Auburn 22, LSU 19
Arizona Cardinals 37, LA Rams 20
Baltimore Ravens 23, Denver Broncos 7
Tampa Bay Bradys 19, New England Belicheks 17
LA Chargers of San Diego 28, Vegas Raiders 14

Apologies for taking this long for results -- i worked on this in small chunks since Monday, so please let me know if I missed anything! 


So, I think going forward, I'm going to make my picks, then go on vacation. Weekly. Because thats what Yours Truly did last Tuesday morning, and I didnt even know who won what until Sunday. and somehow, I snagged the week.  I rule. 

Getting much needed 6-2s were Zack "The Attack" Graves and Wook-Fu Fulaytar, coming in at 2 and 3, while the rest of the Top Ten are at 5-3.

This includes DMO at 4, a three way tie for 5th between Tommy "Highlander" McLeod... Drew // Morris... and The Big Wasyluka, having an amazing season so far this year. 

Finishing up the Top Ten this week, Bradley "Pinky the Wiser" Pinky... Eddy Jr... and tied for 10th, Mitchell "Pinky the Younger" Pinky... and Jonny Osborne

Also Finishing
4-4: Mikey "High" Nipp... Brad "The Bald One" Ashby... David "What Tha" Tuck... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinky... Matthew "Pinky the Elder" Pinky... James "Playoff Maker" Hawbaker... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Garrison "Pride of Fulton County" Ryfun... Eddy the Bigger... Tyler "Self Proclaimed Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell

3-5: Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Defending DFC Champ tevei Ray... Hurricane Rhett... Grandy Latta... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Danny P... Croyle in the House... 

2-6: Jenni Ernst... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta.... Big Tom Johnson


Note: The TBA has been adjusted -- the lowest of your season has been dropped, but in case of a tief for rankings/playoffs, it will be added back in. So here we go!

NOTE: Brad Ashby is 26-22, not the record listed here. will be corrected on next week's standings


dropped out: Tad Roose (8th)


The Ray Conference - Dan Sellers... Tommy McLeod... DMO... Rhett Barnett... David Tuck... Zack Graves.... 

The Ernst Conference - Tim Wasyluka... Yours Truly... Jonathan Osborne... Chris Croyle... Garrison Ryfun... James Hawbaker

Monday, October 04, 2021


 Welcome to the halfway point of the season! I'm back from vacay and finally crunching some numbers,  but first, Week 6 of The DFC... SIX college games, FOUR NFL games... 


6. Oklahoma Sooners (5-0) vs 21. Texas Longhorns (4-1)
The Red River SHOOTOUT, 11a, ABC at Cotton Bowl in Dallas

South Carolina Gamecocks (3-2) at Tennessee Vols (3-2)
11a, ESPN2

13. Arkansas Razorbacks (4-1) at 17. Ole Miss Rebs (3-1)
Battle of the Beatens, 11a, ESPN

UConn Huskies (0-6) at UMass Minutemen (0-5)
Battle of the Really Beatens, 230p, not important enough to televise

4. Penn State Nittany Lions (5-0) at 3. Iowa Hawkeyes (5-0)
B1G Thinks It's a Big Deal! 3p, FOX

Utah Utes (2-2) at USC Trojans (3-2)
Battle of the Supposed to Be Goods, 7p, FOX


NYJets (1-3) vs Atlanta Falcons (1-3)
830a in London

New Orleans Saints (2-2) at Washington FT (2-2)
12p, CBS

Cleveland Brown (3-1) at San Diego Chargers of LA (3-1) 
305p, CBS

Buffalo Bills (3-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-2)
720p, NBC

Oklahoma vs Texas, total points scored 
(fun fact... this game from years ago is the reason we have the TieBreak Average score) 

Wednesday, September 29, 2021


 Top Ten This Week:

  1. Matthew "Pinky the Eldest" Pinkerton - 8-2
  2. Hurricane Rhett - 7-3
  3. Yours Truly 7-3
  4. Chris Croyle - 7-3
  5. Tim "The Big" Wasyluka - 7-3
  6. Big Eddy Mc - 7-3
  7. Brad "The Bald One" Ashby - 6-4
  8. Tommy "Highlander" McLeod - 6-4
  9. (tie) Big Tom Johnson & Dan "Maygic Legs" Sellers - 6-4
Also finishing:
6-4 - Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Young Garrett... Jonny Osborne... Lil Stvie Ray.... The Wookiee... Garrison "Pride of Tifon GA" Ryfun... Danny P... 

5-5: Zack "The Attack" Graves... Jenni Ernst... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinkerton ... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Lil Eddy Mc.. Drew // Morris... Grandy Latta... Mikey "high" Nipp

4-6: DMO... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... David "What Tha" Tuck... Bradley "Pinky the Wiser" Pinkerton... Mark" The Mighty" Gainey... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... James Hawbaker...

3-7: Mitchell "Pinky the Younger" Pinkerton

Sunday, September 26, 2021


Hola! Unbelievably, we are approaching the halfway point of the season... and when you get the results of Week Five, you'll also have the TB Drop installed -- your worst TB of the season will disappear, and will only be added back if there is an ultimate tie to be broken! 

EIGHT GAMES THIS WEEK... And I'm away through most of the week, so your Thursday reminder email may be sent late. So be aware.


Tennessee Vols (2-2) at Missouri Tigers (2-2)
11a, SEC Network

7. Cincinnati Bearcats (3-0) at 9. Notre Dame (4-0)
130p, NBC

21. Baylor Bears (4-0) at 19. Oklahoma State "Im a Man! I'm 40!" Cowboys (4-0)
6p, ESPN2

22. Auburn Tigers (3-1) at LSU Geaux Tigers (3-1)
8p, ESPN


Arizona Cardinals (3-0) at LA Rams (3-0)
305p, FOX

Baltimore Ravens (2-10 at Denver Broncos (3-0)
325p, CBS

Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) at New England Patriots (1-2)
720p, NBC

Las Vegas Raiders (3-0) at The San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles (2-1)

Monday, 715p, ESPN

Of course. Tampa Bay vs New England, total points scored

Thursday, September 23, 2021


Minnesota 30, Colorado 0
Wake Forest 35, Florida State 14
UCS 45, Washington State 14
(1) Alabama 31, (11) Florida 29
(10) Penn State 28, (22) Auburn 20
Cleveland Browns 31, Houston Texans 21
Carolina Panthers 26, New Orleans Saints 7
Las Vegas Raiders 26, Pittsburgh Steelers 17
San Francisco 49ers 17, Philadelphia Eagles 11
Dallas 20, LA Chargers 17

It's his 7th career win, but only his first since 2013... and the first implementation of a new TB rule (which will be explained later on down) -- James "The Prediction Maker" Hawbaker puts the small weekly trophy on his shelf (next to his DFC XIII DeRamus Championship Trophy, of course), finishing the week at 8-2

The only other 8-2 records for the week included Tommy "Highlander" McLeod, taking 2nd, and Lt. Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers, continuing his stellar start to the season.

Tim "The Big" Wasyluka takes 4th at 7-3, while Jonny Os and Mikey "High" Nipp tie for 5th. Yours Truly gets 7th, Chris "I'd Rather Kiss a Wookiee" Fulaytar takes 8th, Defending DFC Champ Stevie Ray is in 9th, and tied for 10th, DMO and Drew "Grassman" Warren, all at 7-3

Also finishing:
7-3: Garrison "Pride of Macon" Ryfun

6-4: Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Big Eddy... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... Lil Eddy... Drew // Morris... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Grandy Latta... David "What Tha" Tuck... Brad "Not Scott Van Pelt" Ashby... 

5-5: All Three Pinkys not names Mitchell... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Danny P... Jenni Ersnt... Hurricane Rhett... Young Garrett... Chris "For Whom the Bell" Croyle... 

4-6: Big Tom J... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose...

3-7: Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinky... 

North Division
DMOsborne - 17-13
Rhett Barnett - 17-13
Drew Warren - 15-15
Zack Graves - 15-15
Mitchell Pinkerton - 10-20

MidCentral Division
David Tuck - 18-12
Tommy McLeod - 17-13
Brad Latta - 16-14
Brad Ashby - 16-14
Jacob Pinky - 15-15
Jennifer Ernst - 14-16

West Division
Dan Sellers - 18-12
Trey Cartledge - 16-14
Eddy McBroom - 15-15
Drew Morris - 15-15
Bradley Pinkerton - 14-16
Tom Johnson - 13-17

East Division
Chris Croyle - 18-12
Yours Truly - 17-13
Mark Gainey - 14-16
Tyler Campbell - 11-19
Garrett Cheney - 11-19

South Central Division
Jon Osborne - 19-11
Garrison Ryfun - 18-12
Steven Ray - 17-13
Randy Latta - 16-14
Chris Fulaytar - 14-16
Matthew Pinkerton - 14-16

South Division
Tim Wasyluka - 19-11
James Hawbaker - 18-12
Tad Roose - 17-13
Michael Nipp - 15-15
Daniel Powell - 14-16
Eddy Jr - 14-16

Rank, Playa, Rec, LW
1. Tim Wasyluka - 19-11 (2)
2. Jonathan Osborne - 19-11 (3)
3. James Hawbaker - 18-12 (4)
4. David Tuck - 18-12 (6)
5. Dan Sellers - 18-12 (1)
6. Garrison Ryfun - 18-12 (8)
7. Chris Croyle - 18-12 (9)
8. Tad Roose - 17-13 (5)
9. Yours Truly - 17-13 (10)
10. DMO - 17-13 (12)
11. Steven Ray - 17-13 (7)
12. Tommy McLeod 17-13 (NR)

dropped out: Rhett Barnett (11)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Totally had these games pretty much ready to go on late Sunday night... and forgot to send them yesterday. Derp. 

This week... SIX College Games from a cornucopia of great games.. and FOUR NFL Games because NFL is killing everyone, so we need a slight break. 

COLLEGE GAMES (all ranks from ESPN Coaches Poll, all times central)

12. Notre Dame Fightin Irish (3-0) at 18. Wisconsin Fightin Badgers (1-1)
11a, FOX

LSU Fighnehahdda GEAUX TIGAHS (2-1) at Mississippi State Fightin Leaches (2-1)
11a, ESPN

SMU Fightin Methodists (3-0) at TCU Fightin' Frogs (3-0)
11a, FOXSports 1

7. Texas A&M Fightin Aggies (3-0) at 16. Arkansas Fightin Pig Sooeys (3-0)
230p, CBS

24. UCLA Fightin Chips (2-1) at Stanford Fightin Trees (2-1)

5p, PAC12 Network

Cal Cuddly Bears (1-2) at Washington Purring Cougars (1-2)
6p, ESPN+

NFL GAMES (times central)
Indianapolis Colts (0-2) at Tennessee Titans (1-1)
12p, CBS

Atlanta Falcons (0-2) at The New York Football Giants (0-2)
12p, FOX

Tampa Bay Bucs (2-0) at LA Rams (2-0)
325p, FOX

Philadelphia Iggles (1-1) at Dallas Cowboys (1-1)
Monday Night, 715p, ESPN

Texas A&M vs Arkansas, total points scored

Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Rutgers 17, Syracuse 7
(10) Iowa 27, (9) Iowa State 17
Mississippi State 24, NCState 10
Kentucky 35, Missouri 28
BYU 26, (21) Utah 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 23, Buffalo Bills 16
Arizona Cardinals 38, Tennessee Titans 13
Houston Texans 37, Jacksonville Jags 21
New Orleans Saints 38, Green Bay Packers 3
Denver Broncos 27, NYGiants 13

What a disaster the NFL was for everyone... a dozen 5-0 and 4-1 records collapsed as out of 34 DFC'ers, only one had a 3-2 record (Bradley Pinkerton).  The NFL sucked for everyone. 

That said, Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers takes home his third weekly win of his career (DFC X Wk 2 & DFC XV Wk 6), thought it might be one of those "team wins 9-6 in a sloppy Iron Bowl" wins. But it's still legit... at 5-5.

The rest of the top ten also went 5-5:  Starting at 2nd, its Tim "The Big" Wasyluka... David "What Tha" Tuck... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Bradley "Pinky the Wisest" Pinky... Garrison "Pride of Hinesville" Ryfun... Hurricane Rhett... Jonny Oz... and Danny P... and bringing up the Top 10 rear, Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell, at 4-6.

Also finishing
4-6: Brad "The Bald One" Ashby... Young Garrett... The Hawbaker... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinky... Matthew "Pinky the Eldest" Pinky... Chris Croyle... Lil Stevie Ray... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Zack "The Attack" Graves... 

3-7: Yours Truly... Big Tom J... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Eddy Jr... DMO... Drew // Morris... Mitchell "Pinky the Youngest" Pinky... Big Eddy... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Jeni Ernst... Wook Fu... Tommy "Highlander" McLeod

2-8: gRandy Latta... Mikey "High" Nipp

The North Division
Rhett Barnett - 12-8
DMOsborne - 10-10
Zack Graves - 10-10
Drew Warren - 8-12
Mitchell Pinkerton - 7-13

MidCentral Division
David Tuck - 12-8
Brad Latta - 10-10
Jacob Pinkerton - 10-10
Brad Ashby - 10-10
Tommy McLeod - 9-11
Jennifer Ernst - 9-11

West Division
Dan Sellers - 10-10
Trey Cartledge - 10-10
Tom Johnson - 10-10
Eddy McBroom - 9-11
Drew Morris - 9-11
Bradley Pinkerton - 9-11

East Division
Chris Croyle - 13-7
Yours Truly - 10-10
Tyler Campbell - 8-12
Mark Gainey - 8-12
Garrett Cheney - 7-13

SouthCentral Division
Jonathan Osborne - 12-8
Garrison Ryfun - 11-7
Steven Ray - 10-10
Randy Latta - 10-10
Matthew Pinkerton - 9-11
Chris Fulaytar - 7-13

South Division
Tad Roose - 13-7
Tim Wasyluka - 12-8
James Hawbaker - 10-10
Daniel Powell - 9-11
Michael Nipp - 8-12
Eddy Mc Jr - 8-12

Rank, Playa, Record (LW)
1. Tad Roose - 13-7 (3)
2. Chris Croyle - 13-7 (1)
3. David Tuck - 12-8 (6)
4. Tim Wasyluka - 12-8 (4)
5. Rhett Barnett - 12-8 (5)
6. Jonathan Osborne - 12-8 (9)
7. Garrison Ryfun - 11-7 (12)
8. Dan Sellers - 10-10 (NR)
9. James Hawbaker - 10-10 (NR)
10. DMOsborne - 10-10 (7)
11. Yours Truly - 10-10 (8)
12. Trey Cartledge - 10-10 (NR)

dropped out: Randy Latta (2)... Brad Latta (6)... Jenni Ernst (11)

Monday, September 13, 2021


 Welcome to Week 3 of the DFC!  Five college, Five NFL, good luck


Minnesota Golden Gophers (1-1) at Colorado Buffaloes (1-1)
12p, PAC12

Florida State Seminoles (0-2) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-1)
230p, ESPN

USC Trojans (1-1) at Washington State Cougars (1-1)
230p, FOX

1. Alabama Fightin Sabans (2-0) at 11. Florida Go Gators (2-0)
230p, CBS

#22 Auburn Tigers (2-0) at #10 Penn State Nittany Lions (2-0)
630p, ABC

NFL (all at noon!)
Houston Texans (1-0) at Cleveland Brown (0-1)

12p, CBS

New Orleans Saints (1-0) at Carolina Panthers (1-0)
12p, Fox

Vegas Raiders (1-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)
12p, CBS

San Francisco 49ers (1-0) at Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)
12p, FOX

Dallas Cowboys (0-1) at LA Chargers (1-0)
325p, CBS

TieBreak Game
Auburn vs Penn State, total points scored

Wednesday, September 08, 2021


Central Florida 36, Boise State 31
Michigan State 38, Northwestern 21
(19) Penn State 16, (12) Wisconsin 10
Kansas State 24, Stanford 7
Iowa 34, (17) Indiana 6
(21) Texas 38, (23) Louisiana
(5) Georgia 10, (3) Clemson 3
UCLA 38, (16) LSU 27
BYU 24, Arizona 16
Ole Miss 43, Louisville 24

While I have lots of stats at my fingertips, I don't have the longest drought between weekly wins -- but 13 years is likely up there. As a fresh faced DFC Sophomore, Chris Croyle won Week 12 of that season... and now, entering his 14th season as a grizzled veteran, he takes his 2nd Weekly win of his career at a solid 9-1.

Coming in a strong 2nd, gRandy Latta and 3rd, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, both at 8-2.  The remaining 7 spots all finished at 7-3, including in order, The Big Wasyluka in 4th, Hurricane Rhett, Brad "Lawdawg" Latta, DMO, Yours Truly, Jonny Os and rounding out the top 10, the returning David "What tha" Tuck.

Also Finishing
6-4: Jenn Ersnt... Garrison "Spawn of Ryfun" Ryfun... Mikey "High" Nipp... Big Tom Johnson... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Brad "Not Scott Van Pelt" Ashby... Big Eddy... Drew // Morris... Lil Steven Ray... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... James "Prediction Maker" Hawbaker... Jacob "The Pinky" Pinky... Zack "The Attack" Graves

5-5: Drew "Grassman" Warren... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Lil Eddy... Matthew "The Eldest Pinky" Pinky... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... 

4-6: Daniel "Traveling Tonight on a Plane" Powell... Mitchell "The Youngest Pinky" Pinky.. Bradley "The Wisest Pinky" Pinky... Tyler "SPSBotDFC" Campbell... Wookiee Fulaytar

3-7: Young Garrett


North Division
Rhett Barnett - 7-3
DMOsborne - 7-3
Zack Graves - 7-3
Drew Warren - 5-5
Mitchell Pinkerton - 4-6

MidCentral Division
Brad Latta - 7-3
David Tuck - 7-3
Jennifer Ernst - 6-4
Tommy McLeod - 6-4
Brad Ashby - 6-4
Jacob Pinky - 6-4

West Division
Tom Johnson - 6-4
Eddy McBroom - 6-4
Drew Morris - 6-4
Trey Cartlege - 6-4
Dan Sellers - 5-5
Bradley Pinkerton - 4-6

East Division 

Chris Croyle - 9-1
Yours Truly - 7-3
Mark Gainey - 5-5
Tyler Campbell - 4-6
Garrett Cheney - 3-7

SouthCentral Division
Randy Latta - 8-2
Jonathan Osborne - 7-3
Garrison Ryfun - 6-4
Steven Ray - 6-4
Matthew Pinkerton - 5-5
Chris Fulaytar - 4-6

South Division

Tad Roose - 8-2
Tim Wasyluka - 7-3
Michael Nipp - 6-4
James Hawbaker - 6-4
Eddy McB Jr - 5-5
Daniel Powell - 4-6

  1. Chris Croyle (9-1)
  2. Randy Latta (8-2)
  3. Tad Roose (8-2)
  4. Tim Wasyluka (7-3)
  5. Rhett Barnett (7-3)
  6. Brad Latta (7-3)
  7. DMO (7-3)
  8. Yours Truly (7-3)
  9. Jonathan Osborne (7-3)
  10. David Tuck (7-3)
  11. Jennifer Ernst (6-4)
  12. Mikey Nipp (6-4) (tie)
    Garrison Ryfun (6-4) (tie)

Coming soon... =) 


Monday, September 06, 2021

DFC XXII: Week Two Games

COLLEGE GAMES (rankings from AP)

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1-0) at Syracuse Orangedudes (1-0)
1p, ACC Network

10. Iowa Hawkeyes (1-0) at 9. Iowa State Cyclones (1-0)
330p, ABC

NC State Wolfpack (1-0) at Mississippi State Fightin Leaches (1-0)
6p, ESPN2

Missouri Tigers (1-0) at Kentucky Wildcats (1-0)

630p, SEC Network

21. Utah Utes (1-0) at BYU Battlin' Mormons (1-0)
915p, ESPN

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills

12p, Fox

Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans
12p, CBS

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans

12, CBS

Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints
325p, FOX

Denver Broncos at New York Football Giants

325p, FOX

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans, total points scored

DFC XXII Official Standings

The Official Standings of the DFC XXII season, and how many years each DFC'er has legit put into this game... 


Rhett Barnett (13th season, o
DMOsborne (22nd season)
Zack Graves (16th season)
Mitchell Pinkerton (8th season)
Drew Warren (12th season)

Brad Latta (13th season)
David Tuck (3rd season, back after 9 seasons off)
Jennifer Ernst (22nd season)
Tommy McLeod (22nd season)
Brad Ashby (10th season)
Jacob Pinkerton (9th season)

Tom Johnson (22nd season)
Eddy McBroom (21st season)
Drew Morris (21st season)
Trey Cartledge (16th season)
Dan Sellers (13th season)
Bradley Pinkerton (12th season)


Chris Croyle (14th season)
Yours Truly (22nd season)
Mark Gainey (20th season) 
Tyler Campbell (18th season)
Garrett Cheney (18th season)

Matthew Pinkerton (8th season)
Jonathan Osborne (21st season)
Garrison Ryfun (1st season)
Steven Ray (13th season)
Randy Latta (12th season)
Chris Fulaytar (7th season over 22 years)

Tad Roose (21st season)
Michael Nipp (22nd season)
Tim Wasyluka (20th season)
James Hawbaker (17th season)
Eddy McBroom Jr (21st season)
Daniel Powell (22nd season)

Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Official DFC XXII Preseason Top 12... and Playoff Predictions

 Here is your official Preseason Top 12...

1. Big Eddy McBroom

2. Mark "The Mighty" Gainey

3. Lil Stevie Ray

4. Tad "The Dynasty" Roose

5. Brad "Lawdawg" Latta

6. Matthew "The Elder" Pinky

7. Yours Truly

8. Drew // Morris

9. Jenni Ersnt

10. James "The Prediction Maker" Hawbaker

11. Jonny Oz

12. Hurricane Rhett Barnett

North Division Champion: Rhett Barnett

MidCentral Champion: Jenny Ernst

West Division: Big Eddy Mac

East Division: Mark Gainey

South Central Division: Lil Stevie Ray

South Division: James "Champion Maker" Hawbaker

The Ray Conference Playoffs, in no particular order:
Hurricane Rhett... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... Big Eddy Mc... Drew // Morris... Jenni Ernst

Conference Finals: Big Eddy over Drew // Morris

The Ernst Conference Playoffs, in no particular order:
Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Yours Truly... Jonny Oz... Steven Ray... Tad Roose... James Hawbaker

Conference Finals:

Jonathan Osborne over Tad Roose

Big Eddy McBroom defeats Jonathan Osborne

Sunday, August 29, 2021


 And welcome back to The DFC!  22 years and going strong!

The football season has begun... ten college games, including a Thursday night game

Boise State Broncos at UCF Golden Knights

6p, ESPN

Michigan State Spartans at Northwestern Wildcats

8p, ESPN

#19 Penn State Nittany Lions at #12 Wisconsin Badgers

11a, FOX

Stanford Trees vs Kansas State Wildcats
11a, FOX Sports 1

#17 Indiana Hoosiers at #1owa Hawkeyes
230p, B1G Network

#23 Louisiana Ragin Cajuns at #21 Texas Longhorns
330p, FOX

#5 Georgia Bulldogs at #3 Clemson Tigers
630p, ABC

#16 LSU Orgerons at UCLA 
730p, FOX

BYU Cougars vs Arizona Wildcats
930p, ESPN in Las Vegas, NV

Louisville Cardinals vs Ole Miss Runnin' Rebs

7p, ESPN, in Atlanta GA

BYU vs Arizona, total points scored