Thursday, October 29, 2020

DFC XXI Week Five Results

(14) North Carolina 48, (23) NC State 21
Auburn 35, Ole Miss 28
Louisville 48, Florida State 16
Missouri 20, Kentucky 10
(18) Meeeeeechigan 49, (21) Minnesota 24
(9) Cincinnati 42, (16) SMU 13
Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Tennessee Titans 24 (tiebreak score 51)
San Francisco 49ers 33, New England Patriots 6
LA Rams 24, Chicago Bears 10

It's hard to believe the time that has elapsed since future Hall of Famer Big Eddy McBroom has won a week, but the last time he did, it was DFC XIII... way back in 2014, six years ago. But it's a stellar 9-1 mark, good enough for his 7th win all time, and enough to take him from 14th in the league to 3rd.

Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers takes 2nd and Lil Stevie Ray takes 3rd, both at 7-3, and Mitchell "Pinky the Younger" Pinkerton and Mikey Nipp tie for 4th, with Hurricane Rhett in 6th at 7-3.

In 7th for the week is DMO at 6-4, and in a 3 way tie its Yours Truly, Grandy Latta, and The Big Wasyluka... and rounding out the Top 12 is a 5-way tie for 11th, with Brad "Lawdawg" Latta, Trey "The Answer" Cartledge, Mark "The Mighty" Gainey, Matthew "Pinky the Eldest" Pinkerton, and James "The Playoff Maker" Hawbaker, all at 6-4 for the week.

Also finishing:
6-4: Eddy Jr, Big Tom
5-5: Drew // Morris... Jacob "Pinky the Pinkest" Pinkerton... Bradley "Pinky the Wisest" Pinkerton... The Croyle... Jenni Ernst... Danny P... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Zack "The Attack" Graves...
4-6: Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Tyler "TSPSBotDFC" Campbell... Jonny Oz... Parliament Wookadelic... Young Garrett
3-7: Brad "Not Scott Van Pelt" Ashby... Drew "Grassman" Warren

x - If the playoffs started today, they would be in


Seeding based on record, with TBA as the tiebreak indicator.... however, division titles automatically give you a higher seed if there is a tie, regardless of TBA

1 - Jennifer Ernst (MidCentral Div champ, first round bye)
2 - Steven Ray  (South Central Div champ, first round bye)
3 - Eddy McBroom (West Div champ, first round bye)
4 - Daniel Powell (South Div champ)
5 - Brad Latta (wild card)
6 - Tyler Campbell (East Div champ)
7 - Randy Latta (wild card)
8 - James Hawbaker (wild card)
9 - Rhett Barnett (North Div champ)
10 - Mark Gainey (wild card)
11 - Tom Johnson (wild card)
12 - Tad Roose (wild card)

Playoff Format 
Wild Card Weekend (Dec 4-6) - Seeds 4 through 12 participate. Top Five records advance, Three worst eliminated
Divisional Round (Dec 11-13) - Seeds 1 through 3, and the 5 remaining participate. Top four records advance to comprise Final Four. Bottom four eliminated
Final Four (Dec 18-20) - Top Two advance to DeuceBowl XXI
DeuceBowl XXI (TBA) - Winner take all. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

DFC XXI: Week Six Games

 The Back Half of the Season is upon us!!!

As a reminder for this season -- We will still go the full 10 weeks of regular season, with no eliminations... The goal is still 96 games total... Top 12 get into the postseason, regardless of divisions or conferences... division titles give you the edge in TB... no drop this year of your worst TB score as in year's past... 


Hawai'i Warriors (1-0) at Wyoming Cowboys (0-1)

FRIDAY night, 845p, FOX Sports 1

Purdue Boilermakers (1-0) at Illinois Fightin' Illini (0-1)
11a, B1G Network

Former Nat'l Champs UCF Golden Knights (3-2) at Houston Cougars (2-1)
1p, ESPN+ 

TCU Horned Frogs (1-3) at Baylor Bears (1-2)
230p, ESPN2

LSU Tigers (2-2) at Auburn Tigers (3-2)
230p, CBS

New England Patriots (2-4) at Buffalo Bills (5-2)
12p, CBS

Vegas Raiders (3-3) at Cleveland Browns (5-2)
12p, FOX

San Diego Chargers (2-4) at Denver Broncos (2-4)
305p, CBS

New Orleans Saints (4-2) at Chicago Bears (5-2)
325p, FOX

TieBreak Game
LSU at Auburn, total points scored

Thursday, October 22, 2020

DFC XXI: Week Four Results

Memphis 50, UCF 49
Arkansas 33, Ole Miss 21
Wake Forest 40, Virginia 23
(23) Virginia Tech 43, Boston College 14
(2) Alabama 41, (3) Georgia 23 (TB Game: 65 points scored)
Atlanta Falcons 40, Minnesota Vikings 23
The New York Football Giants 20, Washington Team Playin Tha Foosball 19.
Pittsburgh Steelers 38, Cleveland Browns 7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38, Green Bay Packers 10
Arizona Cardinals 38, Dallas Cowboys 10

There are 11 people that started this thing back in 2000, and 8 of them are still here.  One, Tom Johnson, has points for longevity, but didn't win his first week until DFC IV.  He won three more since, with the last coming in Week 6 of DFC XIV (2013). This week, however, he can notch a 5th win on his DFC Belt, with a solid 8-2 record and becomes the first of the originals to win a week since DMO won last year.

Also having a stellar year thusfar, original DFC'er Jenny Ernst at 8-2, good enough for 2nd, while Young Garrett Cheney takes 3rd with 7-3.  Also at 7-3, Mark "The Mighty" Gainy gets 4th, Danny P in 5th, and at 6th, Lil Stevie Ray goes 6-4.

In 7th place for the week, Big Eddy Mac, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose and Tyler "TSPSBotDFC" Campbell tie for 8th, and Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinkerton and DMO tie for 10th, all at 6-4.  And Drew // Morris gets the 12th spot at 6-4

Also Finishing:
5-5: Zack "The Attack" Graves...  Wook Fu... James "The Playoff Maker" Hawbaker... Bradley "Pinky the Wiser" Pinkerton... Jonny Oz... Grandy Latta... Hurricane Rhett... Eddy Jr... Yours Truly... Mitchell "Pinky the Younger" Pinkerton... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... 
4-6: Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... The Croyle... Matty "Pinky the Elder" Pinkerton... Mikey Nipp
3-7: The Big Wasyluka... Brad "Not Scott Van Pelt" Ashby... Drew "Grassman" Warren



aaaaaand the bottom five  
Tim Wasyluka (16-21)... Dan Sellers (18-19)... Bradley Pinkerton (17-20)... Mitchell Pinkerton (17-20)... Drew Warren (13-24)


  • My fave segment, full of real numbers and real stats that hardly anyone looks at.
  • Looking at the All Time W-L records, Imma pat myself on the back as Yours Truly becomes the first one to reach 1200 lifetime regular season wins (1201), while Jennifer Ernst's great season is already helping her in the all time standings.  She and Tommy McLeod are tied with 1167 for 2nd all time.
  • Drew Morris is in 4th (1153)... Big Eddy Mac (1150)... Jonathan Osborne (1130)... Mark Gainey (1122)... DMOsborne (1108)... Tad Roose (1091) and Lil Eddy Mc (1087) complete the top 10
  • The retirement of Lori "Sunshine" Beirne definitely made an impact as her 1064 wins put her 12th all time.  Tom Johnson passed her this season for 11th place (1073), while both Mikey Nipp and Daniel Powell will likely pass her in the next week (1060 each)
  • Returning to the fray after a 10 year absence is two time DFC Champ Chris "Wookiee" Fulaytar, who's time off didn't help his overall win total. While making the most of his brief stint of 5 previous seasons (winning DFC III and the legendary run in DFC V), he's still sporting the lowest regular season win total of any active DFC'er, at 316 wins.
  • Adding in the postseason wins, the numbers get a little tighter. While Yours Truly sits atop this pile as well (due to longevity, not to huge success, mind you) with 1313 wins. Drew Morris (1295) and Big Eddy (1293) will likely cross 1300 this week, while Mark Gainey (1286) will get there soon. DMO moved into 9th all time (1153), passing Lori "Sunshine" Beirne (1152) this week. Big Eddy Jr is right outside the Top 10 with 1132 for 11th place.
  • Congrats to Daniel Powell for moving past 1100 now at 1101, while Big Tom Johnson is at 1087 and Mikey Nipp at 1072
  • Nearing 1000 wins all time is Tim Wasyluka with 992, and congrats to Trey Cartledge for getting past 900 all time (he's at 915).
  • Two streaks we always keep an eye on are the .500 streak and the .500+ streak... the long standing record for going .500 or better is Tad Roose, who went FORTY FIVE weeks with nary a losing record, in a streak that started in DFC IV (2003) and ending in DFC VIII (2007), and truthfully, its underappreciate how incredible this feat was -- I'm not sure it will ever be broken
  • Several have tried, though none have come close.  Yours Truly managed 32 weeks, while Matt "The Mad Scientist" Halpert and Gary "The Idol" Eubanks hit 24 weeks. 
  • However, the current streak is held by Mark "The Mighty" Gainey, who just hit his 27th week in the streak.  Fingers crossed. For Mark to break the record, it would have to continue until Week 2 in DFC XXIII, in 2022.
  • The even harder streak is the .500+ streak, which is records above .500 in consecutive weeks.  Matt 'The Great Bear of the North" Latta still holds that mark at 17 weeks, and truthfully, very few people have ever come close.  The current active streak is Steven Ray, who just hit 10 weeks in a row.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

DFC XXI Week Five Games

Holy crap, we are entering our halfway point of the season -- remember, we're pushing forward like a regular season, so there is no "eliminator" element... everyone goes all 10 weeks.

Here are the Games this week!

23. NC State Wolfpack (4-1) at 14. North Carolina Tarheels (3-1)
11a, ESPN

Auburn Tigers (2-2) at Ole Miss Rebs (1-3)
11a, SEC Network

Florida State Seminoles (2-3) at Louisville Cardinals (1-4)
11a, ESPN3

Kentucky Wildcats (2-2) at Missouri Tigers (1-2)
3p, SEC Network

18. Michigan Wolverines (0-0) at 21. Minnesota Golden Gophers (0-0)
630p, ABC

9. Cincinnati Bearcats (3-0) at 16. SMU Mustangs (5-0)
8p, ESPN2

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-0) at Tennessee Titans (5-0)

12p, CBS

Dallas Cowboys (2-4) at Washington Football Team (1-5)
12p, FOX

San Francisco 49ers (3-3) at New England Patriots (2-3)
325p, CBS

Chicago Bears (5-1) at LA Rams (4-2)
715p, ESPN, Monday night

Pittsburgh vs Tennessee, total points scored in game

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

DFC XXI - Week Three Results

(8) North Carolina 56, (19) Virginia Tech 45
Oklahoma 53, (22) Texas 45 4OT (98 points - TB game)
South Carolina 41, Vanderbilt 7
(3) Georgia 44, (14) Tennessee 21
(1) Clemson 42, (7) Miami 7
Kentucky 24, Mississippi State 2
Tennessee Titans 42, Buffalo Bills 16
Houston Texans 30, Jacksonville Jaguars 14
Cleveland Browns 32, Indianapolis Colts 23
New Orleans Saints 30, LA Chargers 27 OT

It's hard to believe that Tyler Campbell, who appointed himself "The Sexy Beast of the DFC" in Season XII (back when that term was actually used in regular conversation), has only won two previous weeks in his career. And you'd think that going 8-0 would help him win his third.

But it didnt... as Grandy Latta also went 8-0 and won his own third week of his career -- his first being Week 1 of DFC XI, and then Week 3 of DFC XVI (that's 2011 and 2015 respectively).  Tyler and his 8-0 takes 2nd place for the week, Brad "Lawdawg" Latta, Jenni Ernst, and Danny Powell took 3rd, 4th, and 5th, all with 9-1 records

In 6th place is Lil Stevie Ray, while Drew // Morris takes 7th, James "The Weekly Top Ten Ranking Maker" Hawbaker gets 8th, DMO in 9th, and Matthew "Pinky the Elder" Pinkerton takes 10th.

Rounding out the Weekly Top 12 is Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers and Brad "The Bald One" Ashby.  All are at 8-2

Also Finishing:
8-2: Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod
7-3: Young Garrett... Jonny Oz... Big Eddy... The Croyle... Hurricane Rhett... Bradley "Pinky the Wiser" Pinkerton... Eddy Jr... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Yours Truly... Mikey Nipp... 
6-4: Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Wookiee Fu... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Jacob "Pinky the Pinky" Pinkerton... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Big Tom J... 
5-5: Mitchell "Pinky the Younger" Pinkerton
4-6: The Big Wasyluka



dropped out: Yours Truly (12)... 

aaaaand... the bottom five... 
28) Tim Wasyluka - 13-14
29) Dan Sellers - 13-14
30) Bradley Pinkerton - 12-15
31) Mitchell Pinkerton -  12-15
32) Drew Warren - 10-17

Monday, October 12, 2020

DFC XXI - Week Four Games

Here are the 10 games for this coming week! Not great games, but games nonetheless... 


UCF Golden Knights (2-1) at Memphis Tigers (1-1)
230p, ABC

Ole Miss Runnin Kiffens (1-2) at Arkansas Razorbacks (1-2)
230p, ESPN2

Virginia Cavaliers (1-2) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-2)
3p, ACC Network

Boston College Eagles (3-1) at 23. Virginia Tech Hokies (2-1)
7p, ACC Network

3. Georgia Bulldogs (3-0) at 2. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0)
7p, CBS

Atlanta Falcons (0-5) at Minnesota Vikings (1-4)
12p, FOX

Washington Football Team (1-4) at The New York Football Giants (0-5)
12, FOX

Cleveland Browns (4-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0)
12, CBS

Green Bay Packers (4-0) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)
325p, FOX

Arizona Cardinals (3-2) at Dallas Dak Daltons (2-3)
Monday, 715p, ESPN

What else. Georgia vs Alabama, total points scored. 

Thursday, October 08, 2020

The DFC XXI Week Two Results

West Virginia Mountaineers 27, Baylor Bears 21
Kansas State Wildcats 31, Texas Tech Red Raiders 21
Ole Miss Runnin Rebs 42, Kentucky Wildcats 41
Iowa State Cyclones 37, (18) Oklahoma Sooners 30
(4) Georgia Bulldogs 27, (7) Auburn Tigers 6
Indianapolis Colts 19, Chicago Bears 11
Cincinnati Bengals 33, Jacksonville Jaguars 25
Minnesota Vikings 31, Houston Texans 23
Buffalo Bills 30, Las Vegas Raiders 23

It's been six years since his last weekly win, but Steven Ray picks up his 3rd weekly win of his career -- this time at 6-3.  Brad "Lawdawg" Latta has another great finish, this time in 2nd place, while Mark "The Mighty" Gainey gets 3rd both at 6-3.

DFC Legend Jenny Erst in 4th, and Jonathan Oz in 5th, both at 6-3.  Jacob "Pinky" Pinkerton comes in 6th, with Tommy "The Highlander" MecLeod in 7th, and finishing the top ten, all tied for 8th, is DMO, Chris "Wook Fu" Fulaytar, and Danny Powell, all at 5-4.

Also Finishing:
5-4: Drew // Morris... Tim "The Big" Wasyluka... Hurricane Rhett... James "The Top Ten Maker" Hawbaker... Tyler "The Self Appointed Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell... 
4-5:  Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Grandy Latta... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Trey "The Answer" Cartledge... Matthew "Pinky the Elder" Pinkerton... Big Tom Johnson... Bradley "Pinky the Wiser" Pinkerton... 
3-6: Big Eddy Mc... Mikey Nipp... Lil Eddy Mac... Yours Truly... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Zack "The Attack" Graves... Chris "The" Croyle... 
2-7: Brad "The Bald One" Ashby... Mitchell "Pinky the Younger" Pinkerton...




Monday, October 05, 2020

DFC XXI - Week Three Games

Week One results are up at -- please let me know if I missed something. Zack G, your record will be adjusted with Week Two results out Tuesday.

If there is a postponed game, a la Tenn/Pitts, we just drop it and we'll try to make up the game later. If a game is a tie, re: Cincy/Philly, its a win for everyone.


19. Virginia Tech Hokies (2-0) at 8. North Carolina Tar Heels (2-0)
11a, ABC

22. Texas Longhorns (2-1) vs Oklahoma Sooners (1-2) 
11a, FOX, Cotton Bowl in Dallas

South Carolina Gamecocks (0-2) at Vanderbilt Commodores (0-2)
11a, SEC Network

14. Tennessee Volunteers (2-0) at 3. Georgia Bulldogs (2-0) 
230p, CBS

7. Miami Hurricanes (3-0) at 1. Clemson Tigers (3-0)
630p, ABC

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-1) at Kentucky Wildcats (0-2)
630p, SEC Network

Buffalo Bills (4-0) at Tennessee Titans (3-0)
12p, CBS

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) at Houston Texans (0-4)

Indianapolis Colts (3-1) at Cleveland Browns (3-1)

LA Chargers (1-3) at New Orleans Saints (2-2)
715p Monday

Texas vs Oklahoma -- total points scored

DFC XXI Week One Results

Week One of the 21st DFC Season... several 1-7 records due to people missing week one... but because of the Cincinnati/Philadelphia tie, its an automatic win, so no one goes 0-8.

(normally there is a Top 10, but since the Top 12 make the postseason this year, this section will be the Top 12)
Three championships prior, though it's been 14 seasons since, but Tad "The Dynasty" Roose become the 8th DFC'er to start the season undefeated, going 8-0 for Season XXI.  Yours Truly finishes a close 2nd, at 7-1, while Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod, James "The Top Ten Maker" Hawbaker, and Young Garrett Cheney round out the top five.

The rest of the top 10 also finished at 6-2, with Brad "The Bald One" Ashby, Big Eddy Mc, Jonny Oz, The Wookiee Fulaytar, and Trey "The Answer" Cartledge.  Daniel Powell gets 11th at 5-3 and Brad "Lawdawg" Latta grabs 12th at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Lil Stevie Ray... Grandy Latta... Jenni Ernst... Tom "Big" Johnson... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... Matthew "The Elder Pinky" Pinkerton... Tyler "The Self Appointed Sexy Beast of the DFC"... Hurricane Rhett... The Croyle... Mitchell "The Younger Pinky" Pinkerton... 
4-4: Mikey Nipp... The Big Wasyluka... Eddy Jr... 
3-5: Pinky "The Pinky" Pinkerton... Drew // Morris
1-7: Drew "Grassman" Warren... Bradley "The Wiser Pinky" Pinkerton... DMO... Lt Dan "Magic Legs" Sellers... Zack "The Attack" Graves

Defending Champ Justin "The Rook" Dearing and Matt "The Mad Scientist" Dearing both have stepped out, both with work related time constraints. Justin retires after a brief, championship winning three season career, while Matt leaves behind a 13 year Hall of Fame worthy career that saw him winning the DFC XVII title.  

Chris Fulaytar moves from the East Division down to the South Central to even things up... onward we go! 


**The DFC Top 12 Power Poll are your Top 12 listed above

aaaaaand the bottom five