Monday, September 27, 2010

DFC XI Week Five Games

Several solid college games, not a ton of great NFL games, so we're going 6 college, 2 NFL this week...

Navy Midshipmen (2-1) at Air Force Falcons (2-1), 130p, Versus
U-S-A!  U-S-A!

(11) Wisconsin Badgers at (24) Michigan State Spartans, 230p, ABC

(21) Texas Longhorns vs. (8) Oklahoma Sooners, 230p, played in Dallas, ABC
this will probably be a lopsided pick, given Texas' performance this past weekend--though Oklahoma barely survived--but its a tradition, the game that gave us the TieBreak Drop and we have to pick it.

(7) Florida Gators at (1) The Alabama Crimson Tide, 7p, ESPN

(9) The Stanford Tree (4-0) at (4) Oregon Ducks (4-0), 7p, ABC

(22) Penn State Nittany Lions at (17) Iowa Hawkeyes, 705p, ABC

Baltimore Ravens (2-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0), 12p CBS

New England Patriots (2-1) at Miami Dolphins (2-0), 730p, ESPN (Monday Night)

TieBreak Game
Florida vs. Alabama, total points scored

Sunday, September 26, 2010

DFC XI Week Four Results

(1) Alabama 24, (10) Arkansas 20
(17) Auburn 35, (12) South Carolina 27
(3) Boise State 37, (24) Oregon State 24
(15) LSU 20, (22) West Virginia 14
Dallas Cowboys 27, Houston Texans 13
Seattle Seahawks 27, San Diego Chargers 20
NYJets 31, Miami Dolphins 23
Chicago Bears 20, Green Bay Packers 17

Its been a few years since his last victory, but Zack Graves won his third career week, this time at 7-1.   His first two wins came as a rookie in DFC VII, winning both weeks 5 and 12.  Good job Zack.

In 2nd place was The Big Wasyluka, and in 3rd is Dan Sellers.  In 4th is Teber Shaw, while coming in 5th for a strong comeback, Chris Croyle, all at 6-2.

In 6th this week is Jonny Osborne, also at 6-2, while in 7th, at 5-3 is Scotty Latta.  In 8th is Matt Latta, and for the third Latta finish in a row, in 9th is gRandy Latta. Rounding out the Top Ten is Stevie Ray, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Hurricane Rhett... Joey Thornell... Jenny Ernst... JustFish... Brad Latta.... Sarah Hasha... Tom Johnson... Tyler Campbell... Ryan Sherman... Jason Roberts... Eddy Jr... Danny Powell...
4-4:  DMOsborne... Tommy Mac... Drew Morris... The Mighty Gainey.... Young Garrett... Lori Beirne... James Hawbaker... Mikey Nipp
3-5:  Matt Halpert... Drew Warren... Eddy McBroom... Trey Cartledge... Dave Tuck... Yours Truly... John Wolf... Tad Roose

TIEBREAK AVERAGE RELEASED... You'll find your TBA after your record below.  As a reminder, there are no "drops" this year.  Your best and worst TieBreak score is dropped, the remaining numbers will be used to compile your average.  For example, in the four weeks of the season, Matt Latta has been off by 12 points, 28 points, 6 points and 4 points.  The best (4 points off) and the worst (28 points) are dropped, creating a total of 18 points, divided by 2 (for weeks that are used), equaling 9.  If in Week Five, Matt nails the TB, then that will be considered his "best", and the previous best, the 4, will be added back in.  If in Week Six, he also gets a 0, then one of those will be added back into his TBA.  Conversely, if in Week Five, he's off by 35 points, that will be his "Worst" and the 28 points will be added back in. 

Zack Graves 24-8 (5.5)
Joey Thornell, 21-11 (16.5)
Matt Halpert, 20-12 (12)
DMOsborne, 20-12 (21)
Matt Latta, 19-13 (9)
Drew Warren, 16-16 (9)
Rhett Barnett, 15-17 (11)

Tebe Shaw, 21-11 (9.5)
Jennifer Ernst, 19-13 (6)
Justin Fisher, 19-13 (12)
Brad Latta, 19-13 (13.5)
Tommy McLeod, 18-14 (9)
Sarah Hasha, 17-15 (20.5)

Tom Johnson, 24-8 (16.5)
Eddy McBroom, 21-11 (11.5)
Dan Sellers, 20-12 (13)
Trey Cartledge, 19-13 (15)
David Tuck 19-13 (19)
Drew Morris, 18-14 (6.5)


Yours Truly, 22-10 (14)
Chris Croyle, 19-13 (8.5)
Mark Gainey, 19-13 (9)
Garrett Cheney, 19-13 (16)
Tyler Campbell, 19-13 (16)
John Wolf, 17-15 (12.5)
Ryan Sherman, 17-15 (13.5)

Stevie Ray, 21-11 (12)
Jon Osborne, 21-11 (13)
Randy Latta, 20-12 (9.5)
Jason Roberts, 19-13 (6)
Lori Beirne, 19-13 (17.5)
Scotty Latta, 17-15 (7.5)

Tim Wasyluka, 23-9 (9)
Eddy Jr, 21-11 (10)
James Hawbaker, 19-13 (8)
Daniel Powell, 19-13 (19.5)
Tad Roose, 18-14 (14)
Mikey Nipp, 17-15 (17.5)

Rank, Playa, Record (TBA) (Last Wk)
1. Zack Graves, 24-8 (5.5) (6th)
2. Tom Johnson, 24-8 (16.5) (1st)
3. Tim Wasyluka, 23-9 (9) (4th)
4. Yours Truly, 22-10 (14) (2nd)
5. Tebe Shaw, 21-11 (9.5) (NR-13th)
6. Eddy Jr, 21-11 (10) (8th)
7. Eddy McBroom, 21-11 (11.5) (3rd)
8. Steven Ray, 21-11 (12) (9th)
9. Jonny Osborne, 21-11 (13) (NR-18th)
10. Joey Thornell, 21-11 (16.5) (11th)
11. Randy Latta, 20-12 (9.5) (NR-15th)
12. Matt Halpert, 20-12 (12) (5th)
dropped out:  DMOsborne (10th)... Trey Cartledge (7th)

Aaaaaand.... The Bottom Five
(33) Ryan Sherman... (34) Mikey Nipp... (35) Sarah Hasha... (36) Drew Warren... (37) Rhett Barnett


Sunday, September 19, 2010

DFC XI Week Four

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0) at 10. Arkansas Razorbacks (3-0), 230p, CBS

12. South Carolina Gamecocks (3-0) at 17. Auburn Tigers (3-0), 645p ESPN

24. Oregon State Beavers (1-1) at 3. Boise State Broncos (2-0), 7p, ABC

22. West Virginia Mountaineers (3-0) at 15. LSU Tigers (3-0), 8p, ESPN2

Dallas Cowboys (0-2) at Houston Texans (2-0), 12p, Fox

San Diego Chargers (1-1) at Seattle Seahawks (1-1), 315p, CBS

NYJets (1-1) at Miami Dolphins (2-0), 720p, NBC

Green Bay Packers (2-0) at Chicago Bears (2-0), 730p, ESPN

Oregon State at Boise State, total points scored

DFC XI Week Three Results

Georgia Tech 30, North Carolina 24
10. Florida 31, Tennessee 17 (tiebreak game, 48 points)
16. Auburn 27, Clemson 24 OT
24. Arizona 34, 9 Iowa 27
Pittsburgh Steelers 19, Tennessee Titans 11
Miami Dolphins 14, Minnesota Vikings 10
Kansas City Chiefs 16, Cleveland Browns 14
Indianapolis Colts 38, NYGiants 14

Usually it happens within the first few weeks of the season, and week three is DFC XI's week.  That is, when a rookie gets their first helmet sticker declaring "Weekly Winner"

This week has David Tuck winning it outright, at 7-1, capturing his first crown.  Coming in 2nd was another who badly needed a win, that being Chris Croyle at 6-2.  Tad "The Dynasty" Roose gets 3rd, and Big Tom Johnson had a monster week at 6-2 for 4th.  Also at 6-2 is Zack Graves, coming in 5th.  Yours Truly gets 6th, and in 7th is Tyler Campbell, both at 6-2.

In 8th is James Hawbaker, and tied for 9th is Matt Halpert and Big Eddy McBroom, all at 5-3.

Also finishing:
5-3:  DMOsborne, Joey Thornell, JustFish, Scott Latta
4-4:  Matt Latta, Eddy Jr, Tim Wasyluka, Daniel Powell, Mikey Nipp, Jonny Osborne, Stevie Ray, gRandy Latta, Jason Roberts, Jenn Ernst, John Wolf, Young Garrett, Ryan Sherman, Brad Latta, Tebe Shaw, Drew Morris, Dan Sellers
3-5:  Rhett Barnett, Lori Beirne, Mark Gainey, Drew Warren, Tommy McLeod, Sarah Hasha, Trey Cartledge

Zack Graves, 17-7
Matt Halpert, 17-7
DMOsborne, 16-8
Joey Thornell, 16-8
Matt Latta, 14-10
Drew Warren, 13-11
Rhett Barnett, 10-14

Tebe Shaw, 15-9
Jennifer Ernst, 14-10
Brad Latta, 14-10
Tommy McLeod, 14-10
Justin Fisher, 14-10
Sarah Hasha, 12-12

Tom Johnson, 19-5
Eddy McBroom, 18-6
Trey Cartledge, 16-8
David Tuck, 16-8
Drew Morris, 14-10
Dan Sellers, 14-10

Yours Truly, 19-5
Mark Gainey, 15-9
Garrett Cheney, 15-9
Tyler Campbell, 14-10
John Wolf, 14-10
Chris Croyle, 13-11
Ryan Sherman, 12-12

Steven Ray, 16-8
gRandy Latta, 15-9
Jon Osborne, 15-9
Lori Beirne, 15-9
Jason Roberts, 14-10
Scott Latta, 12-12

Tim Wasyluka, 17-7
Eddy Jr, 16-8
Tad Roose, 15-9
James Hawbaker, 15-9
Daniel Powell, 14-10
Mikey Nipp, 13-11

Rank, Record (Last Week)
1. Tom Johnson, 19-5 (3)
2. Yours Truly, 19-5 (5)
3. Eddy McBroom, 18-6 (1)
4. Tim Wasyluka, 17-7 (4)
5. Matt Halpert, 17-7 (6)
6. Zack Graves, 17-7 (NR-18th)
7. Trey Cartledge, 16-8 (2)
8. Eddy Jr, 16-8 (9)
9. Steven Ray, 16-8 (10)
10. DMOsborne, 16-8 (NR-19th)
11. Joey Thornell, 16-8 (NR-16th)
12. David Tuck, 16-8 (NR-29th)
dropped out:  Tebe Shaw (11)... Mark Gainey (7)... Randy Latta (12)... Lori Beirne (8)

and... the bottom five...
(33) Michael Nipp... (34) Ryan Sherman... (35) Scott Latta... (36) Sarah Hasha... (37) Rhett Barnett

  • David Tuck gets his first week, a feat that probably goes underappreciated.  There have been 65 people who have, in some form or fashion, been involved in at least a couple of weeks of DFC play, and Tuck becomes only the 38th person to have a weekly win. 
  • I dont have the records (well, I do, but finding this out would be overwhelmingly time consuming) but I would dare say of those 38, maybe half of them have won a week without virtue of a tiebreak.  That means that Tuck was the only one who was 7-1 this week, as opposed to Week One, when Mark Gainey was one of many who went 8-0, but got the win via TieBreak
  • Then again, its also important to note that Tim Wasyluka won Week Two outright as well, meaning for two weeks in a row, no TB was needed to determine the weekly winner.
  • Tom Johnson, one of the guys who has been here since the beginning and has picked everyone one of the 976 games we have picked in The DFC is having what we like to call a "Career Year".  He has now ascended to the top of the DFC Power Poll, aka, best record in the league, spending only his second week ever at #1.  The only other week he's seen the top was Week Two of DFC V, back in 2004.  By Week Seven of that season he was out of the Top 12, and hasn't seen it until this season.
  • This week, Trey Cartledge had a 3-5 week, ending the second longest current streak of 4-4 or better at 13 weeks, going back to last season.  He ties Zack Graves for the 12th longest streak of all time.  The longest current streak is being run by both Jennifer Ernst and DMOsborne, both right now at 14 weeks.  Matt Latta had 10 weeks, while Dan Sellers has 9 weeks.  The alltime record is Tad "The Dynasty" Roose is 45 weeks.
  • The longest current 5-3 or better streak?  Big Eddy, with 5 weeks.  The alltime record on that one is Matt Latta at 17 weeks.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

DFC XI Week Three Games

After a great weekend of games, I had a little trouble finding quality games for this next weekend... so hopefully it won't be too lopsided on the picks...

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (1-1) at North Carolina Tar Heels (0-1), 11a ESPN3

10. Florida Gators (2-0) at Tennessee Volunteers (1-1), 230p

Clemson Tigers (2-0) at 16. Auburn Tigers (2-0), 6p ESPN

9. Iowa Hawkeyes (2-0) at 24. Arizona Wildcats (2-0), 930p, ESPN

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) at Tennessee Titans (1-0), 12p CBS

Miami Dolphins (1-0) at Minnesota Vikings (0-1), 12p CBS

Crap O'the Week Alert!
Kansas City Chiefs (0-0) at Cleveland Browns (0-1), 12p CBS

NYGiants (1-0) at Indianapolis Colts (0-1), 720p NBC

Florida vs Tennessee, total points scored

DFX XI Week Two Results

2. Ohio State 36, 12. Miami 24
10 Oklahoma 47, 17. Florida State 17
24. South Carolina 17, 22. Georgia 6 (tiebreak game 23 points total)
Michigan 28, Notre Dame 24
Pittsburgh Steelers 15, Atlanta Falcons 9 (OT)
Green Bay Packers 27, Philadelphia Eagles 20
Washington 13, Dallas 7
Baltimore 10, NYJets 9

Its been right at two seasons (DFC IX, Wk 2) since Tim Wasyluka took home a weekly crown, but he gets the fourth of his career this week at a strong 7-1 mark.  Though I don't have the official number on it, I would venture to say that DMOsborne has finished second at least four or five times in his 11 season career.  And this week, he comes up just short, going 6-2 for the deuce spot.

Teber Shaw returns to the DFC this season after a year layoff, and winds up 3rd this week at 6-2, while Big Eddy Mac gets 4th while Jay Roberts gets 5th, both at 6-2.

Coming in 6th is Zack Graves, 7th is Tyler Campbell, 8th is Tad "The Dynasty" Roose and tying for 9th is Trey Cartledge and Lt. Dan Sellers.

Also finishing:
5-3: Matt Halpert, Tommy McLeod, Tom Johnson, David Tuck, Yours Truly, John Wolf, Stevie Ray, Randy Latta, Eddy the Younger
4-4: Matta Latta, Joey Thornell, Brad Latta, Drew Morris, Mark "The Mighty" Gainey, Drew Warren, Jennifer Ernst, JustFish, Ryan Sherman, Garrett Cheney, Lori Beirne, Jonny Osborne, James Hawbaker
3-5: Hurricane Rhett Barnett,  Sarah Hasha, Chris Croyle, Danny Powell, Mikey Nipp
2-6: Scott Latta

Matt Halpert, 12-4
Zack Graves, 11-5
Joey Thornell, 11-5
DMOsborne, 11-5
Drew Warren, 10-6
Matt Latta, 10-6
Rhett Barnett, 7-9

Tebe Shaw, 11-5
Tommy McLeod, 11-5
Brad Latta, 10-6
Jennifer Ernst, 10-6
Justin Fisher, 9-7
Sarah Hasha, 9-7

Trey Cartledge, 13-3
Eddy McBroom, 13-3
Tom Johnson, 13-3
Drew Morris, 10-6
Dan Sellers, 10-6
David Tuck, 9-7

Yours Truly, 13-3
Mark Gainey, 12-4
Garrett Cheney, 11-5
John Wolf, 10-6
Ryan Sherman, 8-8
Tyler Campbell, 8-8
Chris Croyle, 7-9

Lori Beirne, 12-4
Steven Ray, 12-4
Randy Latta, 11-5
Jon Osborne, 11-5
Jason Roberts, 10-6
Scott Latta, 7-9

Tim Wasyluka, 13-3
Eddy the Jr, 12-4
James Hawbaker, 11-5
Daniel Powell, 10-6
Michael Nipp, 9-7
Tad Roose, 9-7

Rank, Record (Last Week)
1. Eddy McBroom, 13-3 (6)
2. Trey Cartledge, 13-3 (2)
3. Tom Johnson, 13-3 (5)
4. Tim Wasyluka, 13-3 (4)
5. Yours Truly, 13-3 (3)
6. Matt Halpert, 12-4 (7)
7. Mark Gainey, 12-4 (1)
8. Lori Beirne, 12-4 (4)
9. Eddy Jr, 12-4 (8)
10. Steven Ray, 12-4 (12)
11. Tebe Shaw, 11-5 (NR)
12. Randy Latta, 11-5 (NR)
dropped out:  James Hawbaker (9th)... Joey Thornell (11th)

(33) Ryan Sherman... (34) Tyler Campbell... (35) Chris Croyle... (36) Scott Latta... (37) Rhett Barnett

In an effort to get standings out to you in a timely fashion, "L,DL&S" will return next week with more boring stats!

Monday, September 06, 2010

DFC XI Week Two

WEEK TWO of the 11th Season of the Deuce Football Championships... more college and the NFL is back!!

All times central, all rankings based on first week of polls, as new polls will not be released until late Monday or Tuesday.  And before you ask, we didn't pick the Alabama/Penn State game--mostly because 98% of people would pick Alabama.  This is how it works. =)

23. Georgia Bulldogs (1-0) at South Carolina (1-0), 11a

20. Florida State Seminoles (1-0) at 7. Oklahoma Sooners (1-0), 230p, ABC

Michigan Wolverines (1-0) at Notre Dame Fightin' Catholics (1-0), 230p, NBC

13. Miami Hurricanes (1-0) at 2. Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0), 240p, ESPN

Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers, 12p, FOX

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles, 315p, FOX

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins, 720p, NBC

Baltimore Ravens at NYJets, 6p, ESPN

Georgia/South Carolina total points scored

Saturday, September 04, 2010

DFC XI Week One Results

Missouri 23, Illinois 13
Notre Dame 23, Purdue 12
Kentucky 23, Louisville 16
Michigan 30, UConn 10
21. LSU 30, 18. North Carolina 24
Northwestern 23, Vanderbilt 21
Fresno State 28, Cincinnati 14
3. Boise State 33, 10. Virginia Tech 30 (tiebreak score of 63)

Remember... I have 36 other people sending me picks that I punch in, then do the math over the weekend to get the standings... so I do make a boo-boo here and there. Let me know if I missed something and I'll be happy to make the appropriate changes!  Thanks, DFC Admin (aka d$)

Breaking a record and now holding the #1 spot on the list, Mark "The Mighty" Gainey storms out of the gate to his 9th career weekly win (more on this below in LDL&S).  It was a big week for lots of people, though, as Gainey, going 8-0, edges out Trey Cartledge, also going 8-0. 

Yours Truly takes 3rd for the first week of the season, defending DFC Champ Lori Beirne gets 4th, Tom Johnson gets 5th, all at 8-0 (more on him later)

In 6th is Big Eddy McBroom, in 7th is Matt Halpert, 8th Eddy Mack the Junior, 9th is James Hawbaker and rounding out the Top Ten for the week is Jonathan Osborne, all at 7-1.

Also finishing:
7-1: Jonny Osborne, Joey Thornell, Stevie Ray, Young Garrett, Dannyboy Powell
6-2: Brad Latta, Matta Latta, Tommy McLeod, The Big Wasyluka, Mikey Nipp, Jennifer Ernst, Sarah Hasha, Zack Graves, gRandy Latta, Drew Warren, Drew Morris
5-3: JustFish, John Wolf, Lt. Dan Sellers, DMOsborne, Scotty "I Knew This Was Coming Being Ranked 1st Preseason" Latta
4-4: Jason Roberts, Chris Croyle, Hurricane Rhett, Davy Tuck, Ryan Sherman
3-5: Tyler Campbell

Matt Halpert, 7-1
Joey Thornell, 7-1
Zack Graves, 6-2
Drew Warren, 6-2
Matt Latta, 6-2
DM Osborne, 5-3
Rhett Barnett, 4-4

Brad Latta, 6-2
Jennifer Ernst, 6-2
Tommy McLeod, 6-2
Sarah Hasha, 6-2
Tebe Shaw, 5-3
Justin Fisher, 5-3

Trey Cartledge, 8-0
Tom Johnson, 8-0
Eddy McBroom, 7-1
Drew Morris, 6-2
Dan Sellers, 5-3
David Tuck, 4-4

Mark Gainey, 8-0
Yours Truly, 8-0
Garrett Cheney, 7-1
John Wolf, 5-3
Chris Croyle, 4-4
Ryan Sherman, 4-4
Tyler Campbell, 3-5

Lori Beirne, 8-0
Jonny Osborne, 7-1
Steven Ray, 7-1
Randy Latta, 6-2
Scott Latta, 5-6
Jason Roberts, 4-4

Eddy Jr, 7-1
James Hawbaker, 7-1
Tim Wasyluka, 6-2
Daniel Powell, 7-1
Tim Wasyluka, 6-2
Michael Nipp, 6-2
Tad Roose, 4-4

(one week into the season, this will mirror weekly standings)
1. Mark Gainey, 8-0
2. Trey Cartledge, 8-0
3. Yours Truly, 8-0
4. Lori Beirne, 8-0
5. Tom Johnson, 8-0
6. Big Eddy McBroom, 7-1
7. Matt Halpert, 7-1
8. Lil Eddy McBroom, 7-1
9. James Hawbaker, 7-1
10. Jonathan Osborne, 7-1
11-tie. Joey Thornell
11-tie. Steven Ray

And... the bottom five... Chris Croyle (4-4)... Rhett Barnett (4-4)... David Tuck (4-4)... Ryan Sherman (4-4)... Tyler Campbell (3-5)

And finally, my favorite part of the results column, and the part that everyone scans just to look for their name... just for the rookies, all of the stats and numbers you will read are real, I didn't make any of them up. I've been keeping stats on The DFC since it began, everything from all game scores to win-loss records to the ups and downs of everyone's DFC career.  You may ask "Why keep all that?" and I ask "Why not?  I've got the spreadsheets, might as well give you the recap!"  And the longer you're in the DFC, the more you'll see your name because the more stats you'll end up having... some good and some bad.   Mark Twain (though that attribution has been recently disputed) said, "There are three kinds of lies in this world...

  • First, congrats to Mark Gainey, winning his 9th career week, though his first since Week 11 of DFC IX in 2008.  He breaks a tie with Drew Morris, who has won 8 weeks.  The next on the list are Jennifer Ersnt (7), and the two time retired champ Wookiee Fulaytar and Yours Truly, both with 6.
  • Those currently active in the DFC with only one weekly win?  Dan Sellers (DFC X, Wk 2)... Garrett Cheney (DFC V, Wk 8)... Justin Fisher (DFC X, Wk 5)... Rhett Barnett (DFC X, Wk 3)... Ryan Sherman (DFC IX, Wk 9)... Tyler Campbell (DFC VI, Wk 10)... and surprisingly...
  • Eddy McBroom the Junior won his first week in Week 4 of DFC IV.  And now with this week, its been 81 weeks since the last time he won a week.  I checked the weekly win stats... that's a definite record.
  • And then there are those who have never had a 7 day period to celebrate their temporary DFC champion status... not counting this year's rookies, there is Sarah Hasha and... well, Sarah.  She also holds the record for most weeks without a playoff berth--currently at 96.  We love you Sarah.
  • Got to give Sarah credit though... she's the only one in the league right now with at least 7 weeks of 5-3 or better.  The record, of course, is currently held by Matt Latta (17 weeks), with the next longest active streak held by James Hawbaker, Jonathan Osborne, Trey Cartledge and Eddy McBroom, all tied at... three weeks
  • The current 4-4+ active streak (consecutive weeks with 4-4 or better) is being held right now by Trey Cartledge, DM Osborne, James Hawbaker and Mark Gainey, all with 12 straight weeks (including this one).  The mark needed to get into the Top Ten of that list is 16 (Jennifer Ernst), and the record is 45, held by Tad Roose.    
  • Tom Johnson made the Weekly Top Ten, and being the first week of the season, thusly made the DFC Power Poll at #5 this week.  The last time he made an appearance in the DFC Power Poll Top 12 was Week 9 of DFC V.  The closest he's come to that ranking was finishing 15th in both DFC VI (Wk7) and the end of last season.
  • The Rookie of the Year Race has, in fact, begun, with Drew Warren and gRandy Latta coming out strong with 6-2 records.  John Wolf has a respectable 5-3, while Davy Tuck gets a 4-4 mark.
  • Lots of 8-0 records this week--five, actually, which is a record for any one given week in the DFC.  This is a stark contract to the opening week of a year ago, when out of the 38 participants, 27 finished with 3-5 records or worse.  Yours Truly won the week with a paltry 5-3.  This week, out of 37 DFC'ers, 31 have winning records going into Week 2.
That's all the numbers I'll toss at you now...