Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DeuceBowl XII

DeuceBowl XII Games


Florida State Seminoles (8-4) vs. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (8-4)
The Champs Sports Bowl
Thursday, December 29th, Orlando FL, 430p

Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-6) vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (6-6)
Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
Friday, December 30th, Nashville TN, 540p

Michigan State Spartans (10-3) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (10-3)
The Outback Bowl
Monday, January 2nd, Tampa FL, 12p

Wisconsin Badgers (11-2) vs. Oregon Ducks (11-2)
The Rose Bowl Presented by Vizio
Monday, January 2nd, Pasadena CA, 4p

Stanford Cardinal (11-1) vs Oklahoma State Cowboys (11-1)
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Monday, January 2nd, Glendale, AZ, 730p

NFL GAMES (Sunday, January 1st)
Seattle Seahawks (7-8) at Arizona Cardinals (7-8)
315p, FOX

San Diego Chargers (7-8) at Oakland Raiders (8-7)
315p, CBS

Dallas Cowboys (8-7) at NYGiants (8-7)
730p, NBC

Stanford vs Oklahoma State, total points scored

Saturday, December 24, 2011

DFC XII Final Four Results


Jennifer Picked:  Southern Miss... North Carolina... Purdue... Louisville... NYJets... Carolina... Detroit... New Orleans... TieBreak 48

Matt picked:  Southern Miss... Missouri... Western Michigan... NC State... NYJets... Carolina... Detroit... New Orleans... TieBreak 51

Deciding games:  UNC-Missouri... Purdue-WMich... L'ville-NC State... Atlanta-New Orleans (for TB)


James picked:  Southern Miss... Missouri... Western Michigan... Louisville... NYGiants... Carolina... San Diego... New Orleans... TieBreak 51

Tyler picked:  Southern Miss... Missouri... Purdue... NC State... NYJets... Carolina... Detroit... New Orleans... TieBreak 56

Deciding games:  WMich-Purdue... L'ville-NC State... NYG-NYJ... San Diego-Detroit...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

DFC XII Final Four Games

Jennifer Ersnt vs. Matt Halpert... James Hawbaker vs. Tyler Campbell.

Next stop... DeuceBowl XII

Rankings from AP Poll, Times CST

Nevada Wolf Pack (7-5) vs. 22. Southern Miss Golden Eagles (11-2)
The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Honolulu HI
Saturday, December 24th, 7p, ESPN

Missouri Tigers (7-5) vs. North Carolina Tar Heels (7-5)
The Advocare v100 Independance Bowl, Shreveport, LA
Monday, December 26th, 4pm, ESPN2

Western Michigan Broncos (7-5) vs. Purdue Boilermakers (6-6)
The Little Caesars Bowl, Detroit Michigan
Tuesday, December 27th, 330p, ESPN

Louisville Cardinals (7-5) vs. NC State Wolfpack (7-5)
The Belk Bowl, Charlotte NC
Tuesday, December 27th, 7p, ESPN

NYGiants (7-7) at NYJets (8-6)
Saturday, December 24th
12p, FOX

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-10) at Carolina Panthers (5-9)
Saturday, December 24th
12p, FOX

San Diego Chargers (7-7) at Detroit Lions (9-5)
Saturday, December 24th
305p, CBS

Atlanta Falcons (9-5) at New Orleans Saints (11-3)
Monday, December 26th
730p, ESPN

Atlanta vs New Orleans, total points scored

Saturday, December 03, 2011

DFC XII Divisional Playoff Results

Pittsburgh 33, Syracuse 20
17. Baylor 48, 22. Texas 24
3. Oklahoma State 44, 10. Oklahoma 10 (tiebreak game, 54 points)
15. Wisconsin 42, 13. Michigan State 39
Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Cincinnati Bengals 7
Houston Texans 17, Atlanta Falcons 10
Tennessee Titans 23, Buffalo Bills 10
New Orleans Saints 31, Detroit Lions 17

ONE record breaking season ends abruptly... and another dream season continues.  One long time veteran makes it to the four... and all Lattas are now home for the year.   A preseason #1 is two weeks away from fulfilling a huge prediction... and the lone remaining former champion in the postseason is gone... and a Rookie of the Year goes for the championship...

Quite simply... Jennifer Ernst and Matt Halpert move on, Halpert having a 7-1 record, and Jennifer getting by via TB.  And surprise, surprise, Tyler Campbell, competing in his first postseason week ever, and the preseason #1 James Hawbaker also moves on.

Jennifer Ernst... Matt Halpert... Tyler Campbell... James Hawbaker... The Brook DeRamus Championship Plate will contain one of those single names for 2011.  In two weeks, we take the final step to Deuce Bowl XII.

(5) Matt Halpert, 7-1 (16 pts off TB) (Advances to DFC Final Four)
(1) Jennifer Ernst, 6-2 (6 pts off) (Advances to DFC Final Four)
(3) Dan Sellers, 6-2 (14 pts off)
(8) Drew Morris, 6-2 (16 pts off TB)
(2) Brad Latta, 5-3 (11 pts off)

(3) Tyler Campbell, 7-1 (9 pts off) (Advances to DFC Final Four)
(7) James Hawbaker, 7-1 (15 pts off TB) (Advances to DFC Final Four)
(2) Randy Latta, 6-2 (18 pts off)
(4) Daniel Powell, 6-2 (19 pts off)
(1) Jonathan Osborne, 5-3 (19 pts off)

Monday, November 28, 2011

DFC XII Divisional Playoffs

(1) Jennifer Ernst
(2) Brad Latta
(3) Dan Sellers
(5) Matt Halpert
(8) Drew Morris
eliminated... (4) Eddy McBroom... (6) Tommy McLeod... (7) Matt Latta

(1) Jonathan Osborne
(2) Randy Latta
(3) Tyler Campbell
(4) Daniel Powell
(7) James Hawbaker
eliminated.... (5) Scott Latta... (6) Jessica Hawbaker... (8) Mark Gainey


The Syracuse Orangemen (5-6) at Pittsburgh Panthers (5-6)
11am, ESPN

22. Texas Longhorns (7-4) at 17. Baylor Bears (8-3)
230p, ABC

10. Oklahoma Sooners (9-2) at 3. Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-1)
7p, ABC

15. Wisconsin Badgers (10-2) vs. 13. Michigan State Spartans (10-2)
The Inaugural Big Ten Championship Game, 717p, FOX


Cincinnati Bengals (7-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3)
12p, CBS

Atlanta Falcons (7-4) at Houston Texans (8-3)
12p, FOX

Tennessee Titans (6-5) at Buffalo Bills (5-6)
12p, CBS

Detroit Lions (7-4) at New Orleans Saints (7-3)
720p, NBC

Oklahoma Sooners at Oklahoma State Cowboys, total points scored

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DFC XII Wild Card Weekend Results


25. Texas 27, Texas A&M 25
1. LSU 41, 3. Arkansas 17 (tiebreak game, 58 total points)
13. Georgia 31, 23. Georgia Tech 17
12. South Carolina 34, 17. Clemson 13
The Baltimore Harbaughs 16, The San Fran Harbaughs 6
Arizona 23, St. Louis 20
Denver Broncos 16, San Diego 13 OT
NYGiants at New Orleans

(5) Matt Halpert, 6-1 (12 off of TB) (ADVANCES)
(8) Drew Morris, 5-2 (52 off) (ADVANCES)
(7) Matt Latta, 5-2 (10 off) (eliminated)
(6) Tommy McLeod, 4-3 (9 off) (eliminated)
(4) Eddy McBroom, 4-3 (16 off) (eliminated)

(7) James Hawbaker, 5-2 (9 off) (ADVANCES)
(4) Daniel Powell, 5-2 (34 off) (ADVANCES)
(6) Jessica Hawbaker, 4-3 (11 off) (eliminated)
(5) Scott Latta, 3-4 (picked TB exactly) (eliminated)
(8) Mark Gainey, 3-4 (5 off) (eliminated)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DFC XII Wild Card Weekend Games


25. Texas Longhorns (6-4) at Texas A&M Aggies (6-5)
Thursday, 7p, ESPN

3. Arkansas Razorbacks (10-1) at 1. LSU Tigers (11-0)
Friday, 130p, CBS

13. Georgia Bulldogs (9-2) at 23. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (8-3)
Saturday, 11am, ESPN

17. Clemson Tigers (9-2) at 12. South Carolina Gamecocks (9-2)
Saturday, 645p, ESPN


San Francisco 49ers (9-1) at Baltimore Ravens (7-3)
Thursday, 720p, NFL Network... Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh!!

For Old Time's Sake... Some Crap O'the Week...
Arizona Cardinals (3-7) at St. Louis Rams (2-8)
Sunday, 12p, FOX

Denver Tebows (5-5) at San Diego Chargers (4-6)
Sunday, 315p, CBS

NYGiants (6-4) at New Orleans Saints (7-3) 
Monday, 730p, ESPN

Tiebreak Game
Arkansas at LSU, total points scored.  Any tie beyond this tiebreak goes to higher DFC seed.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DFC XII Playoff Standings

What a final weekend of the regular season... matching the craziness of the BCS and the college football weekend, in the DFC we saw a guy who had never made the postseason--Tyler Campbell--storm to his first division title... we saw a all-but-assured-top-seed--Dan Sellers--stumble to a 3-5 record and barely get that coveted 3rd spot... we saw another guy finish a dominating season with a record setting 70 wins... we saw a thrilling North Division bout between two Matts come down to a 4 point TBA decision... and out of 42, 16 DFC'ers move on to the "second season".


(1) Jennifer Ernst, 64-32 (17.40)... Central Division Champ, first round bye
(2) Brad Latta, 62-34 (15.7)... first round bye
(3) Dan Sellers, 61-35 (13.6)... West Division Champ, first round bye
(4) Eddy McBroom, 61-35 (16.7)... wild card
(5) Matt Halpert, 60-36 (13.0)... North Division Champ
(6) Tommy McLeod, 60-36 (16.3)... wild card
(7) Matt Latta, 60-36 (17.6)... wild card
(8) Drew Morris, 58-38 (14.8)... wild card

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 70-26 (16.1)... Central Division Champ, first round bye
(2) Randy Latta, 65-31 (16.3)... first round bye
(3) Tyler Campbell, 62-34 (17.0)... East Division Champ, first round bye
(4) Daniel Powell, 62-34 (20.7)... South Division Champ
(5) Scott Latta, 62-34 (18.2)... wild card
(6) Jessica Hawbaker, 61-35 (14.2)... wild card
(7) James Hawbaker, 60-36 (13.9)... wild card
(8) Mark Gainey, 60-36 (14.7)... wild card

It did him no good when it came to the postseason, but DFC IX Rookie of the Year Bradley Pinkerton, who made a decent comeback after a two year layoff, got his first career win in the last week of the regular season.  Pinky headed up a slew of 7-1 records, which included Jonathan Osborne (2nd)... Big Eddy McBroom (3rd)... Scott Latta (4th)... and Tyler Campbell (5th).

Finishing in 6th for the week is Jennifer Ernst at 6-2, James Hawbaker gets 7th at 6-2 and Young Garrett Cheney in 8th place.  Tied up for 9th is Tebe Shaw, Matt Halpert and Michael Nipp, all at 6-2.

Also Finishing:
6-2:  Matt Latta... Rhett Barnett... Brad Latta... Randy Latta... Lori Beirne... Daniel Powell...  
5-3:  Zack Graves...  Trey Cartledge... Tommy McLeod... Greg Graves... Tom Johnson... Mark Gainey...
4-4:  Joey Thornell... Eddy Jr... Big Tim Wasyluka... DMOsborne... Drew Morris... Drew Warren... Stamper... David Tuck... Sarah Hasha... Ryan Sherman... Chris Croyle... Steven Ray... Jessica Hawbaker... Mark Warner...
3-5:  Justin Fisher... Dan Sellers... Yours Truly... John Wolf...
0-8:  Tad Roose...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DFC XII Playoff Updates

Updated Saturday, 1145p, after the BCS completely imploded

Unofficial results tells us:

JOHN WOLF wins Seasonal TieBreak Title with a 12.5 TBA.  Matt Halpert and Tim Wasyluka tied for 2nd with a 13.0.

JONATHAN OSBORNE wins the Regular Season College Title with a 42-14 record.  Brad Latta in 2nd with a 40-16 record.  Matt Latta, Jennifer Ernst and Randy Latta tie for 3rd at 39-17


Here is a by-conference top to bottom ranking in the DFC.  Each is listed with their record and TBA, by ranking.  The top 8 get into the postseason, and the current standings, and whether they would get a first round bye, is listed.  

An X denotes a playoff berth, and it is mentioned if a division or first round bye is clinched.  

X-1) Jennifer Ernst, 61-31 (17.4)... Central Division Champion, clinches first round bye
X-2) Dan Sellers, 58-34 (13.6)... West Division Champion, first round bye
X-3) Brad Latta, 58-34 (15.7)... 2nd place in Central, first round bye
4) Matt Latta, 57-35 (17.6)... leads North Division
5) Big Eddy McBroom, 57-35 (16.7)... 2nd in West Division
6) Matt Halpert, 56-36 (13.0)... 2nd in North Division
7) Tommy McLeod, 56-36 (16.3)...3rd place in Central
8) Drew Morris, 55-37 (14.8)... 3rd in West Division
9) Rhett Barnett, 55-37 (17.6)... 3rd in North Division
10) Trey Cartledge, 55-37 (19.1)... 4th in West Division
11) Justin Fisher, 55-37 (19.6)... 4th in Central Division
12) Joey Thornell, 54-38 (16.2)... 4th in North Division
13) Drew Warren, 53-39 (17.6)... 5th in North Division
14) Tebe Shaw, 52-40 (17.1)... 5th in Central Division (eliminated from postseason)
15) Bradley Pinkerton, 52-40 (20.5)... 5th in West Division (eliminated from postseason)
16) Sarah Hasha, 50-42 (15.2)... 6th in Central Division (eliminated from postseason)
17) Tom Johnson, 49-43 (22.3)... 6th in West Division (eliminated from postseason)
18) Zack Graves, 47-45 (14.5)... 6th in North Division (eliminated from postseason)
19) David Tuck, 46-46 (14.4)... last in West Division (eliminated from postseason)
20) DMOsborne, 43-49 (20.0)... last in North Division (eliminated from postseason)
21) David Stamper, 35-57 (18.7)... last in Central Division (eliminated from postseason)

North Division... Jacksonville beats Cleveland, Matt Latta wins division.  If Cleveland beats Jacksonville, Matt Halpert wins division.

X-1) Jonathan Osborne, 67-25 (16.1)... Central Division Champion, clinched first round bye
X-2) Randy Latta, 62-30 (16.3)... 2nd in Central Division, clinched first round bye
X-3) Daniel Powell, 59-33 (20.7)... South Division Champion, clinched first round bye
X-4) Scott Latta, 59-33 (18.2)... 3rd in Central Division
5) Mark Gainey, 58-34 (14.7)... leads East Division, first round bye
6) Jessica Hawbaker, 58-34 (14.2)... 4th in Central Division
7) Tyler Campbell, 58-34 (17.0)... 2nd in East Division
8)James Hawbaker, 56-36 (13.9)... 2nd in South Division
9) Greg Graves, 56-36 (14.3)... 3rd in South Division
10) Tad Roose, 55-37 (17.4)... 4th in South Division
11) Chris Croyle, 55-37 (19.8)... 3rd in East Division
12) Garrett Cheney, 55-37 (20.0)... 4th in East Division
13)  John Wolf, 54-38 (12.5)... 5th in East Division
14) Steven Ray, 54-38 (18.2)... 5th in Central Division
15) Eddy McBroom Jr, 54-38 (20.40)... 5th in South Division
16) Tim Wasyluka, 53-39 (13.0)... 6th in South Division (eliminated from postseason)
17) Michael Nipp, 51-41 (15.1)... last in South Division (eliminated from postseason)
18) Yours Truly, 51-41 (15.3)... 6th in East Division (eliminated from postseason)
19) Ryan Sherman, 51-41 (15.4)... last in East Division (eliminated from postseason)
20) Lori Beirne, 50-42 (19.2)... 6th in Central Division (eliminated from postseason)
21) Mark Warner, 41-51 (21.5)... last in Central Division (eliminated from postseason)

East Division... If Seattle AND Cleveland win, Tyler Campbell wins division.  If Seattle OR Cleveland wins, Mark Gainey wins division.

Monday, November 14, 2011

DFC XII Week Eleven Results

10. Virginia Tech 37, 21. Georgia Tech 26
19. Nebraska 17, 12. Penn State 14
West Virginia 23, 23. Cincinnati 21
15. Georgia 45, 20. Auburn 7
TCU 36, 5. Boise State 35
Florida State 23, Miami 19
7. Oregon 53, 4. Stanford 30 (tiebreak game, 83 total points)
Nevada 42, Hawai'i 28

Its been over four full seasons since Matt Latta took a Weekly Trophy home (like, Week 1 of DFC VIII), but he gets one this week.  At 7-1, he bests a slew of 6-2 records, like Jonathan Osborne in 2nd, Michael Nipp in 3rd, Justin Fisher in 4th and Scott Latta in 5th.

Matt Halpert gets 6th at 5-3, while The Big Wasyluka and Jessica Hawbaker tie for 7th at 5-3.  In 9th place is a tie between Dan Sellers and James Hawbaker.

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Joey Thornell... Brad Latta... Jennifer Ernst... Yours Truly... Tyler Campbell... Chris Croyle... Randy Latta... Tad Roose... Greg Graves... Daniel Powell...
4-4:  Zack Graves... Hurricane Rhett... Drew Warren... David Stamper... Sarah Hasha... Defending DFC Champion Trey Cartledge... Big Eddy... Drew Morris... David Tuck... The Mighty Gainey... John Wolf... Garrett Cheney... Lori Beirne...
3-5: DMOsborne... Tommy McLeod... Tebershaw... Bradley Pinkerton... Tom Johnson... Ryan Sherman... Steven Ray... Marky Mark... Eddy Jr...


Matt Halpert, 54-34 (14.0)
Matt Latta, 54-34 (19.11)
Joey Thornell, 53-35 (17.44)
Rhett Barnett, 52-36 (17.89)
Drew Warren, 52-36 (19.22)
Zack Graves, 45-43 (15.0)
DMOsborne, 41-47 (21.56)

Jennifer Ernst, 58-30 (18.89)
Brad Latta, 56-32 (15.44)
Tommy McLeod, 55-33 (17.78)
Justin Fisher, 54-34 (20.56)
Tebe Shaw, 50-38 (18.87)
Sarah Hasha, 48-40 (15.44)
David Stamper, 35-53 (19.89)

Dan Sellers, 58-30 (14.0)
Drew Morris, 54-34 (15.56)
Eddy McBroom, 54-34 (17.89)
Trey Cartledge, 53-35 (19.89)
Bradley Pinkerton, 48-40 (22.56)
Tom Johnson, 47-41 (24.56)
David Tuck, 44-44 (14.56)

(1) Dan Sellers, 58-30 (14.0)... Would win West Division, first round bye
(2) Jennifer Ernst, 58-30 (18.89)... Would win Central Division, first round bye
(3) Brad Latta, 56-32 (15.44)... Would get Wild Card, first round bye
(4) Tommy McLeod, 55-33 (17.78)... Wild Card
(5) Matt Halpert, 54-34 (14.0)... Would win North Division
(6) Drew Morris, 54-34 (15.56)... Wild Card
(7) Eddy McBroom, 54-34 (17.89)... Wild Card
(8) Matt Latta, 54-34 (19.11)... Wild Card
On the Bubble:  Justin Fisher, 54-34 (20.56)... Joey Thornell, 53-35 (17.44)... Trey Cartledge, 53-35 (19.89)... Rhett Barnett, 52-36 (17.89)... Drew Warren, 52-36 (19.22)

Eliminated from the postseason:  Zack Graves... DMOsborne... David Stamper... David Tuck


Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.44)
Tyler Campbell, 55-32 (17.89)
Chris Croyle, 53-35 (21.0)
Garrett Cheney, 53-35 (22.0)
John Wolf, 52-36 (13.11)
Ryan Sherman, 50-38 (15.22)
Yours Truly, 50-38 (16.44)

Jonathan Osborne, 63-25 (17.67)
Randy Latta, 59-29 (17.33)
Jessica Hawbaker, 56-32 (15.44)
Scott Latta, 55-33 (19.44)
Steven Ray, 52-36 (19.22)
Lori Beirne, 48-40 (18.67)
Mark Warner, 40-48 (22.78)

Daniel Powell, 56-32 (21.56)
Tad Roose, 55-33 (15.89)
James Hawbaker, 54-34 (15.0)
Eddy Jr, 54-34 (18.67)
Greg Graves, 53-35 (14.78)
Tim Wasyluka, 51-37 (13.89)
Michael Nipp, 49-39 (16.44)

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 63-25 (17.67)... Would win Central Division, first round bye
(2) Randy Latta, 59-29 (17.33)... Wild Card, first round bye
(3) Daniel Powell, 56-32 (21.56)... Would win South Division, first round bye
(4) Jessica Hawbaker, 56-32 (15.44)... Wild Card
(5) Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.44)... Would win East Division
(6) Tad Roose, 55-33 (15.89)... Wild Card
(7) Tyler Campbell, 55-33 (17.89)... Wild Card
(8) Scott Latta, 55-33 (19.44)... Wild Card
On the Bubble:  James Hawbaker, 54-34 (18.67)... Eddy McB Jr, 54-34 (18.67)... Greg Graves, 53-35 (14.78)... Chris Croyle, 53-35 (17.89)... Garrett Cheney, 53-35 (22.0)... John Wolf, 52-36 (13.11)

Eliminated from the postseason:  Mark Warner...

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 63-25 (17.67) (#1 three weeks)
(2) Randy Latta, 59-29 (17.33) (#2 three weeks)
(3) Dan Sellers, 58-30 (14.0) (#3, four weeks)
(4) Jennifer Ernst, 58-30 (18.89) (#4, four weeks)
(5-tie) Brad Latta, 56-32 (15.44) (6th)
(5-tie) Jessica Hawbaker, 56-32 (15.44) (8th)
(7) Daniel Powell, 56-32 (21.56) (9th)
(8) Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.44) (7th)
(9) Tad Roose, 55-33 (15.89) (12-tie)
(10) Tommy McLeod, 55-33 (17.78 (5th)
(11) Tyler Campbell, 55-33 (17.89) (NR)
(12) Scott Latta, 55-33 (19.44) (NR)
dropped out:  Drew Morris (11th)... Eddy McBroom Jr (10th)... Eddy McBroom (12-tie)

(38) Zack Graves, 45-43... (39) David Tuck, 44-44... (40) DMOsborne, 41-47... (41) Mark Warner, 40-48... (42) David Stamper, 35-53


  • The Most Valuable Player... The MVP Award.  Typically, its given to the player with the best record, and though you can make an argument for Randy Latta (spent the entire season 1st or 2nd in the Power Poll, not a single 3-5 or worse record), but can you give the MVP to someone who doesn't win their own division?  Its Jonathan Osborne's award to lose.
  • The MVP Awards, from DFC I to DFC XI... Shawn Sharp... Tommy McLeod... Mark Gainey... Jennifer Ernst... Gainey again... Gainey yet again... Tad Roose... Drew Morris... Yours Truly... Yours Truly... and last season, Yours Truly.  
  • Who has won the MVP and the DFC Championship in the same season?  Only Shawn Sharp in DFC I... Tad Roose in DFC VII... and Drew Morris in DFC VIII
  • As far as The Rookie of the Year Award goes, it looked early like Greg Graves was going to run away with it.  Huge splash in the standings, ranked near the top of the DFC Power Poll.  However, its a clear cut case of Jessica Hawbaker being just that good, at least this season.  Like Osborne with the MVP, the RotY Trophy is Jess Hawbaker's to lose this next week.
  • The Rookie of the Year Award winners... because we were all rookies in DFC I, there was no award. So starting with DFC II, here's the winners... Tad Roose... Mark Gainey... Jason Duren... Garrett Cheney... Angie Mark Osborne... Gary "The Idol" Eubanks... Matt Halpert... Bradley Pinkerton... Brad Latta... Randy Latta
  • Only Tad Roose in DFC II managed to win both Rookie of the Year and the championship in the same season.  As a matter of fact, besides Tad Roose and Mark Gainey, no other RotY winner has even won a championship in their following years.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DFC XII Week Twelve Games

This is the final week of the DFC's regular season.  Once you send your picks in, they are locked, and you cannot change them--so pick carefully.

16. Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-2) at 18. Michigan Wolverines (8-2)
11am, ESPN and ESPN3

Louisville Cardinals (5-5) at UConn Huskies (4-5)

Vanderbilt Commodores (5-5) at Tennessee Volunteers (4-6)
6p, ESPNU and ESPN3D

13. Kansas State Wildcats (8-2) at 23. Texas Longhorns (6-3)
7p, FX

Seattle Seahawks (3-6) at St. Louis Rams (2-7)
305p, FOX

Cincinnati Bengals (6-3) at Baltimore Ravens (6-3)
12p, CBS

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-6) at Cleveland Browns (3-6)
12p, CBS

Tennessee Titans (5-4) at Atlanta Falcons (5-4)
315p, CBS

Vanderbilt at Tennessee, total points scored

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

DFC XII Week Ten Results

1. LSU 9, 2. Alabama 6 (tiebreak game, 15 points total)

It took a sophomore season, a total of 22 weeks of competition, but Drew "The Grassman" Warren finally has a helmet sticker... a weekly win to call his own, at 7-1.  And as you'll see, one solid week can sometimes throw you right back in the midst of a playoff run... and Drew is on the verge.

Late comer rookie Marky Mark Warner gets his best finish of the season thusfar, at 2nd with a 6-2 record, while Danny Powell gets 3rd at 6-2.  JustFish takes 4th, Ryan Sherman is 5th and Tyler Campbell is 6th, all at 5-3.

Finishing up the Weekly Top Ten, all at 5-3, is Jonathan Osborne at 7th, Drew Morris in 8th, Michael Nipp in 9th and Big Tom Johnson at 10th place.

Also finishing:
4-4:  James Hawbaker... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Eddy the Junior... The Big Wasyluka... Yours Truly... John Wolf... Croyle... Zacky Graves... Hurricane Rhett... Brad Latta.. Tommy McLeod... Jennifer Ernst... Tebershaw... David Stamper... Defending DFC Champion Trey Cartledge... Big Eddy McBroom... Dan Sellers... Scotty Latta... Randy Latta... Lil Stevie Ray... 
3-5:  David Tuck... Young Garrett Cheney... Lori "Sunshine" Beirne... Mark "The (un)Mighty" Gainey... Sarah Hasha... Greg Graves... Jessica Hawbaker... Joey Thornell... Bradley Pinkerton... DMOsborne... Matt Latta... 
2-6:  Matt Halpert...

James Hawbaker had a question about his TBA a week or so ago, concerned that the numbers I had and the numbers he had didn't quite match up.  Now, its customary for to start combing through everything about week 11, look for mistakes in typing, trying to catch anything I didn't see earlier in the season because when less than 1 point can make the difference in a postseason spot and sitting home, its important to be exact.  And I noticed two mistakes, rather large ones, actually.  In one, the Florida/Auburn game, I had the total number of points as 20 and not 23 (the final score was 17-6, Auburn) in the Tiebreak Spreadsheet--that is to say, on the "game page" I have, I had the correct score, and therefore the Weekly Top Ten was correct.  But TBAs overall were off a little.  And this past week, I had the Florida/Georgia total points correct--44--but the issue was, the tiebreak game was actually Michigan State/Nebraska.  After double and triple checking, the Weekly Top Ten was still unaffected, but again, the TBAs were slightly altered.  

So for these mistakes, I do apologize, and I continue to invite you to help me make the necessary corrections.  As for anything that should have been changed in those affected weeks, like the over all Power Poll standings and such... I'm going to leave as-is.  Chalk it up to a blown call by the refs.  Let's move on.

Matt Halpert, 49-31 (15.38)
Joey Thornell, 48-32 (17.75)
Rhett Barnett, 48-32 (18.88)
Drew Warren, 48-32 (19.38)
Matt Latta, 47-33 (17.88)
Zack Graves, 41-39 (13.0)
DMOsborne, 38-42 (16.75)

Jennifer Ernst, 53-27 (17.13)
Tommy McLeod, 52-28 (15.75)
Brad Latta, 51-29 (14.25)
Justin Fisher, 48-32 (19.25)
Tebe Shaw, 47-33 (17.63)
Sarah Hasha, 44-36 (13.88)
David Stamper, 31-49 (20.38)

Dan Sellers, 53-27 (14.0)
Drew Morris, 50-30 (15.38)
Eddy McBroom, 50-30 (15.88)
Trey Cartledge, 49-31 (19.0)
Bradley Pinkerton, 45-35 (20.63) 
Tom Johnson, 44-36 (23.50)
David Tuck, 40-40 (14.63)

(1) Dan Sellers, 53-27 (14.0)... Wins West Division, first round bye
(2) Jennifer Ernst, 53-27 (17.13) ... Wins Central Division, first round bye 
(3) Tommy McLeod, 52-28 (15.75)... Wild Card, first round bye
(4) Brad Latta, 51-29 (14.25)... Wild Card
(5) Drew Morris, 50-30 (15.38)... Wild Card
(6) Eddy McBroom, 50-30 (15.88)... Wild Card
(7) Matt Halpert, 49-31 (15.38)... Wins North Division
(8) Trey Cartledge, 49-31 (19.0)... Wild Card
On the Bubble... Joey Thornell, 48-32 (17.75)... Rhett Barnett, 48-32 (18.88)... Justin Fisher, 48-32 (19.25)... Drew Warren, 48-32 (19.38)... Tebe Shaw, 47-33 (17.63)... Matt Latta, 47-33 (17.88)

Mark Gainey, 51-29 (15.25)
Tyler Campbell, 50-30 (17.63)
Garrett Cheney, 49-31 (23.88)
John Wolf, 48-32 (14.13)
Chris Croyle, 48-32 (21.38)
Ryan Sherman, 47-33 (13.38)
Yours Truly, 45-35 (15.63)

Jonathan Osborne, 57-23 (19.5)
Randy Latta, 54-26 (17.38)
Jessica Hawbaker, 51-29 (16.38)
Scott Latta, 49-31 (17.88)
Steven Ray, 49-31 (18.38)
Lori Beirne, 45-35 (18.88)
Mark Warner, 37-43 (21.25)

Daniel Powell, 51-29 (18.75)
Eddy Jr, 51-29 (18.88)
Tad Roose, 50-30 (15.88)
James Hawbaker, 49-31 (15.13)
Greg Graves, 48-32 (14.63)
Tim Wasyluka, 46-34 (14.63)
Michael Nipp, 43-37 (16.38)

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 57-23 (19.5)... Wins Central Division, first round bye
(2) Randy Latta, 54-26 (17.38)... Wild Card, first round bye
(3) Mark Gainey, 51-29 (15.25)... Wins East Division, first round bye
(4) Daniel Powell, 51-29 (18.75)... Wins South Division
(5) Jessica Hawbaker, 51-29 (16.38)... Wild Card
(6) Eddy Jr, 51-29 (18.88)... Wild Card
(7) Tad Roose, 50-30 (15.88)... Wild Card
(8) Tyler Campbell, 50-30 (17.63)... Wild Card
On the Bubble... James Hawbaker, 49-31 (15.13)... Scott Latta, 49-31 (17.88)... Steven Ray 49-31 (18.38)... Garrett Cheney, 49-31 (23.88)... John Wolf, 48-32 (14.13)... Greg Graves, 48-32 (14.63)... Chris Croyle, 48-32 (21.38)

1. Jonathan Osborne, 57-23 (19.5) (1-two wks)
2. Randy Latta, 54-26 (17.38) (2-two wks)
3. Dan Sellers, 53-27 (14.0) (3-three wks)
4. Jennifer Ernst, 53-27 (17.13) (4-three wks)
5. Tommy McLeod, 52-28 (15.75) (6)
6. Brad Latta, 51-29 (14.25) (8)
7. Mark Gainey, 51-29 (15.25) (5)
8. Jessica Hawbaker, 51-29 (16.38) (7)
9. Daniel Powell, 51-29 (18.75) (NR)
10. Eddy Jr, 51-29 (18.88) (9)
11. Drew Morris, 50-30 (15.38) (NR)
12-tie. Tad Roose, 50-30 (15.88) (11)
12-tie. Eddy McBroom, 50-30 (15.88) (12)
dropped out:  Matt Halpert (10th)

(38) Zack Graves, 41-30... (39) David Tuck, 40-40 ... (40) DMOsborne, 38-42... (41) Mark Warner, 37-43... (42) David Stamper, 31-49


  • Amazingly enough, another season is beginning to dwindle to a close.  Ten weeks in, two weeks left, and the playoffs loom large... well, for many.  The longest DFC playoff streak is held by Mark Gainey, making the postseason from his rookie year in DFC III until DFC IX, two years ago.  The longest current streak is held by Trey Cartledge, the defending DFC champ, and Jonathan Osborne, both who have been postseason bound for four straight years.  Jonathan will have to have a monumental collapse to miss it this season, while Trey is on the edge.
  • As for those who are looking for their first playoff experience, look no further than Tyler Campbell.   In his 7th season, he's started strong many times, yet finished with a limp, though right now he's ranked 8th in the conference--and due to the expanded postseason, from 6 to 8 berths, he might get in.  Or not.
  • The longest DFC tenure without a playoff spot?  Sarah Hasha.  Ten years, including this one, and nary a game after Week 12.  While its not out of the realm of possibility to make it this season, being 5 games out of the 8th spot with only 2 weeks to go is quite an obstacle.
  • Speaking of miserable DFC performances, let's check out David Tuck this year... he's got four straight weeks, from Week 6 to Week 10, with an under .500 record... 3-5, 3-5, 1-7 and 3-5.  
  • While four weeks doesn't seem excessive, just more like a run of bad luck, its actually unusual to have such a streak.  Not counting weeks where people have gone 0-8 for lack of picks, only a few people have had 4 weeks of such failure--DMOsborne and Jason Duren in DFC VIII... both Ty Coffey and Big Eddy Mc in DFC VII... Mikey Nipp in DFC IX... Josh Crosby in DFC II... 
  • The kings of misery, though?  Tad Roose had five straight weeks of 3-5 and less in DFC III, and Garrett Cheney finished the last three weeks of DFC IX below .500, and had the first two weeks of DFC X at 1-7 and 2-6.
  • Looking at success streaks, though, first is the 4-4+ streak, finishing each week at 4-4 or better.  The current streak is Eddy McBroom, with 16 weeks.  He's getting closer to rarified air, as a number of people have gone 10 to 14 weeks, but only 11 times has it been done 16 weeks straight--his own personal best was 15 until now.  Only 5 have gone 20 weeks or more, including the unbreakable record of 45 straight weeks held by Tad Roose.
  • None other than the aforementioned Tyler Campbell holds the 5-3+ record.  He's gotten 8 weeks now of at least 5-3.
  • With a 96 game schedule each year, it takes 48 wins to go .500 for the year, and 49 to make it a winning season.  There's just something about winning 50 games, though, and 60 seems to be that special, "regardless of what happens, it was a great year" mark to make it. 
  • Those looking to beat their career high wins includes 2nd DFC'er Randy Latta (he's got 54 right now, he had 57 last season), Hurricane Rhett (51 wins in each of last two seasons, 48 right now), Brad Latta (won 54 in DFC X, at 51 right now), Tyler (won 55 in DFC VI, at 49 right now) and leading MVP candidate Jonathan Osborne, who won 62 in DFC VIII, and has 57 wins right now.
  • Osborne could feasibly make a run at the all time season win mark, that being 69, won by Yours Truly in DFC IX.  Going 7-1 and 6-2 would put him at the elusive 70 wins record, which might never be broken.
  • For those others who will likely get 60 wins this year (who are 8 wins or less away with 16 games remaining), that includes Jennifer Ernst (53 wins currently), Tommy McLeod (52), Dan Sellers (53) and Randy Latta (54) 
  • Finally, checking out our rankings overall, its always interesting to see who has remained in the Top 12, and who can't get there... Jonathan Osborne, Randy Latta and Mark Gainey have spent the entire season in that list, with Randy being #1 three weeks, and #2 seven weeks, which is impressive itself.
  • The list of those who haven't seen the Top 12 at all is longer... Chris Croyle, Tyler Campbell, Bradley Pinkerton, James Hawbaker, Scott Latta, Trey Cartledge, Joey Thornell and Hurricane Rhett have spent at least one week (and sometimes only one single week) ranked up to #13, but never higher.
  • And those who have not been in the Top 20 all season?  Drew Warren... Tom Johnson...  Lori Beirne... David Tuck... 
  • And finally, those who have languished ranked 30th and below all year?  Mikey Nipp... Sarah Hasha... DMO... Stamper... Mark Warner... 


Sunday, November 06, 2011

The DFC XII Week Eleven Games

Two weeks left in the season... 16 games remain... 13 DFC'ers have crossed that 50-win mark... 7 more could do it as soon as tomorrow night's Chicago/Philly game is over... and for some of us, we are just trying to finish the season with dignity...

We do it once per year... and this year, its right now... ITS A DFC ALL COLLEGE WEEKEND...


10. Virginia Tech Hokies at 21. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


19. Nebraska Cornhuskers (7-2) at 12. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-1)
11am, ESPN

West Virginia Mountaineers (6-3) at 23. Cincinnati Bearcats (7-1)
11am, ABC

20. Auburn Tigers (6-3) at 15. Georgia Bulldogs (7-2)
230p, CBS

TCU Horned Frogs (7-2) at 5. Boise State Broncos (8-0)
230p, Versus

Miami Hurricanes (5-4) at Florida State Seminoles (6-3)
(does anyone remember when this game mattered?  Like, I didn't even know it was this week until five minutes ago)
230p, ESPN

7. Oregon Ducks (8-1) at 4. Stanford Cardinal (9-0)
7p, ABC

Hawaii Warriors (5-4) at Nevada Wolfpack (5-3)
915p, ESPNU

Oregon at Stanford, total points scored

Friday, November 04, 2011

DFC XII Week Nine Results

13. Nebraska 24, 9. Michigan State 3 (tiebreak game, 27 point total)
11. Oklahoma 58, 10. Kansas State 17
22. Georgia 24, Florida 20
8. Stanford 56, 20. USC 48 3OT
Minnesota Vikings 24, Carolina Panthers 21
Buffalo Bills 23, Washington Redskins 0
Pittsburgh Steelers 25, New England Patriots 17
Philadelphia Eagles 34, Dallas Cowboys 7

Many in the DFC pick the same number week after week as their tiebreak game, with no regard for the teams actually playing... and many of those consistent numbers are between 40 and 50... so when a Tiebreak game has points that fall in that range, TBAs are changed dramatically, and there are load of ties in the Weekly Top Ten... and its remarkable that there wasn't a split for the week.

However, big Upz to the guy who does a repeat... winner in Week 8 and now Week 9, Young Garrett Cheney, pushing hard to the postseason.  He takes his third win of his career, this time at 6-2.

And now the ties... tied up for 2nd place, its Justin Fisher and TeberShaw, both at 6-2, and in 4th place, a four way tie between James Hawbaker, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Jennifer Ernst and Scotty the Latta.  And in 8th place, a three way tie between Mark "The Mighty" Gainey, John "The Lone" Wolf and Chris "Insert Clever Rhyming and/or pop culture play on words Here" Croyle.

Also finishing:
6-2: Jonathan Osborne... Little Stevie Ray... Eddy the Junior... Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod
5-3: Joey Thornell... Zack "The Dead Horse" Graves... Drew "Grassman" Warren... Brad "Lawyer Up" Latta... The Defending DFC Champion Trey Cartledge... Eddy the Senior... Bradley Pinky... Jessica Hawbaker... Sarah Hasha.. Tyler "The DFC Sexy Beast" Campbell... Marky Mark... Tim "The Big" Wasyluka... Greg Graves... Matt Halpert
4-4:  Mikey Nipp... Danny Powell... gRandy Latta... Ryan Sherman"ator"... Yours Truly... Drew Morris... Lt. Dan Sellers... Matta Latta... DMOsborne... Hurrican Rhett...
3-5:  Stamper... Tom J... Lori "Sunshine" Beirne...
1-7:  The Tuck Rule


This week only, instead of "If the Playoffs Began Today", I'm just listing your conference rank by your record... the top 8, plus those "on the bubble", within 2 games.  Remember, the top two division winners get a first round bye, then the next highest record, division winner or not, gets the third bye.  The next five best records appear in Wild Card Weekend... records determine seeds, followed by TBA, though a division winner trumps a wild card, regardless of TBA.  

Matt Halpert, 47-25 (14.71) (4th in conference)
Matt Latta, 45-27 (17.43) (8th)
Joey Thornell, 45-27 (18.14) (9th)
Rhett Barnett, 44-28 (18.57) (10th)
Drew Warren, 41-31 (18.57)
Zack Graves, 37-35 (12.29)
DMOsborne, 35-37 (20.71)

Jennifer Ernst, 49-23 (17.43) (2nd in conference)
Tommy McLeod, 48-24 (15.71) (3rd)
Brad Latta, 47-25 (14.0) (5th)
Tebe Shaw, 43-29 (18.57) (11th)
Justin Fisher, 43-29 (23.0) (12th)
Sarah Hasha, 41-31 (15.14)
David Stamper, 27-45 (20.86)

Dan Sellers, 49-23 (14.14) (1st in conference)
Big Eddy McBroom (46-26) (6th)
Drew Morris, 45-27 (15.14) (7th)
Trey Cartledge, 45-27 (18.29) (10th)
Bradley Pinkerton, 42-30 (20.29)
Tom Johnson, 39-33 (22.57)
David Tuck, 37-35 (16.14)

Mark Gainey, 48-24 (15.43) (3rd in conference)
Garrett Cheney, 46-26 (24.29) (7th)
Tyler Campbell, 45-27 (18.57) (11th)
John Wolf, 44-28 (15.57) (14th)
Chris Croyle, 44-28 (21.43) (15th)
Ryan Sherman, 42-30 (14.14)
Yours Truly, 41-31 (16.71)

Jonathan Osborne, 52-20 (20.71) (1st in conference)
Randy Latta, 50-22 (17.71) (2nd)
Jessica Hawbaker, 48-24 (17.71) (4th)
Scott Latta, 45-27 (18.0) (10th)
Steven Ray, 45-27 (18.71) (12th)
Lori Beirne, 42-30 (20.57)
Mark Warner, 31-41 (22.0)

Eddy Jr, 47-25 (18.29) (5th in conference)
Tad Roose, 46-26 (15.57) (6th)
Greg Graves, 45-27 (15.57) (8th)
James Hawbaker, 45-27 (17.33) (9th)
Daniel Powell, 44-27 (15.43) (13th)
Tim Wasyluka, 42-30 (14.71)
Michael Nipp, 38-34 (16.14)

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 52-20 (20.71) (back at #1)
(2) Randy Latta, 50-22 (17.71) (2nd last week)
(3) Dan Sellers, 49-23 (14.14) (3rd, two weeks)
(4) Jennifer Ernst, 49-23 (17.43) (4th, two weeks)
(5) Mark Gainey, 48-24 (15.43) (9th)
(6) Tommy McLeod, 48-24 (15.71) (7th)
(7) Jessica Hawbaker, 48-24 (17.71) (5th)
(8) Brad Latta, 47-25 (14.0) (6th)
(9) Eddy McB Jr, 47-25 (18.29) (12-tie)
(10) Matt Halpert, 46-26 (14.71) (8th)
(11) Tad Roose, 46-26 (15.57) (NR)
(12) Eddy McBroom, 46-26 (18.17) (11th)
dropped out:  Drew Morris (10th)... Matt Latta (12-tie)

Monday, October 24, 2011

DFX XII Week Nine Games

Important note... I will be out of town next weekend when these games are occurring.  You will get a reminder email on Thursday morning, but then I won't be much good for the next several days.  I will send out Week Ten games on Monday, probably via my iPhone, but those teams won't have records or ranks attached to them--you'll have to hunt that up yourself.

And Week Nine results likely won't be released on Monday, at least via email.  If I have access to a computer, I might try and send something out with a brief update on who won the week and so on, but its only if I can.  Full results will be released the next Thursday, November 3rd, as well as the Week Ten reminder email.   Thanks--Admin.


9. Michigan State Spartans (6-1) at 13. Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-1)
11a, ESPN

11. Oklahoma Sooners (6-1) at 10. Kansas State Wildcats (7-0)
230p, ESPN

Georgia Bulldogs (5-2) vs. Florida Gators (5-3)
230p, CBS... played in Jacksonville, FL

8. Stanford Cardinal (7-0) at 20. USC Trojans (6-1)
7p, ABC


Minnesota Vikings (1-6) at Cam'olina Panthers (2-5)
12p, FOX

Washington Redskins (3-3) at Buffalo Bills (4-2)
305p, FOX

New England Patriots (5-1) at Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2)
315p, CBS

Dallas Cowboys (3-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-4)
720p, NBC

Michigan State and Nebraska, total points scored

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DFC XII Week Eight Results

Cincinnati 37, South Florida 34
Florida State 41, Maryland 16
USC 31, Notre Dame 17
16. Michigan State 37, 6. Wisconsin 31
NYJets 27, San Diego Chargers 21
Chicago Bears 24, Tampa Bay Bucs 18
Denver Tebows 18, Miami Dolphins 15 OT (tiebreak game, 33 points)
Houston Texans 41, Tennessee Titans 7

Starting as early as Saturday evening, but especially several times on Sunday, I heard the exact, or some variation of, this statement:  "Boy, I did horrible this week in The DFC."  And for most of you, yeah, you are right, you did.  But, the solace you can take in that is, quite simply, most everyone else did too.  So maybe you lost several games, but the one you were trying to catch up did too, so its not so bad, right?  Right.

This week's winner stands alone at 6-2, the only 6-2 of the entire weekend, and he gets only his 2nd career weekly win... the first was in Week 5 of DFC V, seven years ago, going 8-0.  Garrett Cheney, take a bow.

Hurricane Rhett gets 2nd for the week, while Lt. Dan Sellers and Little Eddy Jr tie for 3rd, and Tyler Campbell in 5th, all at 5-3.  And in 6th place--note, the rest of the Weekly Top Ten are at 4-4--is rookie David Stamper, in 7th place is Sarah Hasha, in 8th place is Matt Halpert, in 9th is Daniel Powell, and tied for 10th and rounding out the list, are DMOsborne and Mark Warner.

Also finishing:  
4-4:  Chris Croyle... Yours Truly... Joey Thornell... Randy Latta... Tommy McLeod...  Bradley Pinkerton... Tom Johnson... Jessica Hawbaker... Tim Wasyluka... Greg Graves...
3-5:  Zack Graves... Matt Latta... Justin Fisher... Drew Warren... Drew Morris... David Tuck... Mark Gainey... Brad Latta...  Jonathan Osborne... Michael Nipp
2-6:  Jennifer Ernst... Tebe Shaw... Scott Latta... James Hawbaker... Tad Roose... Trey Cartledge... John Wolf... Lori Beirne... Steven Ray...
1-7:  Eddy McBroom... Ryan Sherman...

Matt Halpert, 42-22 (16.5)
Matt Latta, 41-23 (19.33)
Rhett Barnett, 40-24 (19.83)
Joey Thornell, 40-24 (20.0)
Drew Warren, 36-28 (20.67)
Zack Graves, 32-32 (12.83)
DMOsborne, 31-33 (22.5)

Jennifer Ernst, 43-21 (19.67)
Brad Latta, 42-22 (15.17)
Tommy McLeod, 42-22 (16.5)
Tebe Shaw, 37-27 (20.5)
Justin Fisher, 37-27 (25.0)
Sarah Hasha, 36-28 (17.0)
David Stamper, 24-40 (23.67)

Dan Sellers, 45-19 (15.5)
Drew Morris, 41-23 (16.83)
Eddy McBroom, 41-23 (18.17)
Trey Cartledge, 40-24 (20.0)
Bradley Pinkerton, 37-27 (21.83)
David Tuck, 36-28 (16.40)
Tom Johnson, 36-28 (26.17)

(1) Dan Sellers, 45-19 (15.5)... Wins West Division, First Round Bye
(2) Jennifer Ernst, 43-21 (19.67)... Wins Central Division, First Round Bye
(3) Matt Halpert, 42-22 (16.5)... Wins North Division, First Round Bye
(4) Brad Latta, 42-22 (15.17)... wild card
(5) Tommy McLeod, 42-22 (16.5)... wild card
(6) Drew Morris, 41-23 (16.83)... wild card
(7) Eddy McBroom, 41-23 (18.17)... wild card
(8) Matt Latta, 41-23 (19.33)... wild card
On the Bubble--within two games... Rhett Barnett, 40-24 (19.83)... Defending DFC Champion Trey Cartledge, 40-24 (20.0)... Joey Thornell, 40-24 (20.)... 

Mark Gainey, 42-22 (17.17)
Tyler Campbell, 40-24 (19.33)
Garrett Cheney, 40-24 (28.0)
Ryan Sherman, 38-26 (15.0)
John Wolf, 38-26 (17.33)
Chris Croyle, 38-26 (24.0)
Yours Truly, 37-27 (18.5)

Randy Latta, 46-18 (19.83)
Jonathan Osborne, 46-18 (21.5)
Jessica Hawbaker, 43-21 (20.0)
Scott Latta, 39-25 (19.33)
Steven Ray, 39-25 (19.83)
Lori Beirne, 39-25 (22.5)
Mark Warner, 26-28 (24.67)

Eddy Jr, 41-23 (19.33)
Daniel Powell, 41-23 (20.0)
Tad Roose, 40-24 (17.5)
Greg Graves, 40-24 (17.83)
James Hawbaker, 39-25 (17.33)
Tim Wasyluka, 37-27 (15.67)
Michael Nipp, 34-30 (17.67)

(1) Randy Latta, 46-18 (19.83)... Wins Central Division, First Round Bye
(2) Jonathan Osborne, 46-18 (21.5)... First Round Bye
(3) Mark Gainey, 42-22 (17.17)... Wins East Division, First Round Bye
(4) Jessica Hawbaker, 43-21 (20.0)... wild card
(5) Eddy McBroom Jr, 41-23 (19.33)... Wins South Divison, wild card
(6) Daniel Powell, 41-23 (20.0)... wild card
(7) Tad Roose, 40-24 (17.5)... wild card
(8) Greg Graves, 40-24 (17.83)... wild card
On the Bubble... Tyler Campbell, 40-24 (19.33)... Garrett Cheney, 40-24 (28.0)... James Hawbaker, 39-25 (17.33)... Scott Latta, 39-25 (19.33)... Steven Ray, 39-25 (19.83)... Lori Beirne, 39-25 (22.5)... Ryan Sherman, 38-26 (15.0)... John Wolf, 38-26 (17.33)... Chris Croyle, 38-26 (24.0)

(1) Randy Latta, 46-18 (19.83) (last week-2nd)
(2) Jonathan Osborne, 46-18 (21.5) (1st)
(3) Dan Sellers, 45-19 (15.50) (4)
(4) Jennifer Ernst, 43-21 (19.67) (3)
(5) Jessica Hawbaker, 43-21 (20.0) (8)
(6) Brad Latta, 42-22 (15.17) (7)
(7-tie) Tommy McLeod, 42-22 (16.50) (9)
(7-tie) Matt Halpert, 42-22 (16.5) (11)
(9) Mark Gainey, 42-22 (17.17) (6)
(10) Drew Morris, 41-23 (16.83) (10)
(11) Eddy McBroom, 41-23 (18.17) (5)
(12-tie) Matt Latta, 41-23 (19.33) (NR)
(12-tie) Eddy McB Jr, 41-23, (19.33) (NR)
dropped out:  Tad Roose (12)

Aaaaaand.... the Bottom Five...
(38th) Michael Nipp... (39th) Zack Graves... (40th) DMOsborne... (41st) Mark Warner... (42nd) David Stamper...


Sunday, October 16, 2011

DFC XII Week Eight Games

Cincinnati Bearcats (5-1) at South Florida Bulls (4-2)
11a, ESPN3

Maryland Terrapins (2-4) at Florida State Seminoles (3-3) 
230p, ABC

USC Trojans (5-1) at Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (4-2)
630p, NBC

6. Wisconsin Badgers (6-0) at 16. Michigan State Spartans (5-1)
7p, ESPN

San Diego Chargers (4-1) at NYJets (2-3)
12p, CBS

Chicago Bears (2-3) at Tampa Bay Bucs (4-2)
12p, FOX

Denver Broncos (1-4) at Miami Dolphins (0-4) 
12p, CBS

Houston Texans (3-3) at Tennessee Titans (3-2) 
12p, CBS

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins, total points scored

DFC XII Week Seven Results

23. Michigan State 28, 11. Michigan 14
21. Texas A&M 55, 20. Baylor 28
19. Virginia Tech 38, Wake Forest 17
24. Auburn 17, Florida 6 (tiebreak game, 23 points)
San Francisco 49ers 25, Detroit Lions 19
Atlanta Falcons 31, Carolina Panthers 17
NYGiants 27, Buffalo Bills 24
Baltimore Ravens 29, Houston Texans 14

DP becomes a VIP this week!  Daniel Powell becomes the third "Original DFC'er to take a week here in Season XII, and does so with a stellar 7-1 record, and plants himself in the thick of the divisional hunt, only a game back behind division winner Tad Roose.

Tied up for 2nd, however, is The Mighty Gainey and Scotty Latta, while in 4th place Joey Thornell and in 5th for the week is Matt Halpert at 7-1.

In 6th place is Marky Mark Warner, in 7th place for the week is Brad "The Lawdawg" Latta, and in 8th place, James Hawbaker, all at 6-2.  Round out the Top Ten, tied for 9th is Jennifer Ernst and Lt. Dan Sellers.

Also Finishing:
6-2:  Drew "The Grassman" Warren... The DFC Defending Champion Trey Cartledge... Eddy The Older...  Tom Johnson... gRandy Latta... Lori "Sunshine" Beirne... Little Stevie Ray... Jessica Hawbaker... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... Eddy the Younger... JustFish
5-3:  Matt Latta... Tebershaw...  Tyler "The Sexy Beast" Campbell... John "The Lone" Wolf... Ryan Sherman(ator)... Sarah Hasha... Jonathan Osborne...  Greg "The Elder" Graves...
4-4:  Zacky Graves... Hurricane Rhett... The Big Wasyluka... Tommy McLeod...  Young Cheney... Bradley Pinkerton... Drewski Morris...
3-5:  DMOsborne...  David "The Rule" Tuck...  Croyle...  Mikey Nipp
2-6:  David Stamper... Yours Truly...

Matt Halpert 38-18 (17.2)
Matt Latta, 38-18 (19.2)
Joey Thornell, 36-20 (20.0)
Rhett Barnett, 35-21 (27.0)
Drew Warren, 33-23 (22.0)
Zack Graves, 29-27 (13.4)
DMOsborne, 28-28 (23.6)

Jennifer Ernst, 41-15 (18.2)
Brad Latta, 39-17 (16.4)
Tommy McLeod, 38-18 (15.2)
Tebe Shaw, 35-21 (20.4)
Justin Fisher, 34-22 (25.2)
Sarah Hasha, 32-24 (18.2)
David Stamper, 20-36 (27.0)

Dan Sellers, 40-16 (15.2)
Eddy McBroom, 40-16 (17.6)
Drew Morris, 38-18 (16.0)
Trey Cartledge, 38-18 (19.8)
David Tuck, 33-23 (16.4)
Bradley Pinkerton, 33-23 (21.2)
Tom Johnson, 32-24 (25.6)

(1) Jennifer Ernst, 41-15 (18.2) (Wins Central, First Round Bye)
(2) Dan Sellers, 40-16 (15.2) (Wins West, First Round Bye)
(3) Eddy McBroom, 40-16 (17.6) (First Round Bye)
(4) Brad Latta, 39-17 (16.4) (Wild Card)
(5) Matt Halpert, 38-18 (17.2) (Wins North)
(6) Tommy McLeod, 38-18 (15.2) (Wild Card)
(7) Drew Morris, 38-18 (16.0) (Wild Card)
(8) Matt Latta, 38-18 (19.2) (Wild Card)
On the Bubble (within two games):  Trey Cartledge 38-18 (19.8)... Joey Thornell, 36-20 (20.0)... 

Mark Gainey, 39-17 (15.6)
Ryan Sherman, 37-19 (17.0)
John Wolf, 36-20 (17.4)
Tyler Campbell, 35-21 (19.0)
Chris Croyle, 34-22 (22.2)
Garrett Cheney, 34-22 (30.8)
Yours Truly, 33-23 (17.0)

Jonathan Osborne, 43-13 (20.6)
Randy Latta, 42-14 (19.6)
Jessica Hawbaker, 39-17 (20.4)
Steven Ray, 37-19 (20.6)
Scott Latta, 37-19 (20.8)
Lori Beirne, 37-19 (22.8)
Mark Warner, 22-34 (26.2)

Tad Roose, 38-18 (17.8)
James Hawbaker, 37-19 (16.2)
Daniel Powell, 37-19 (21.2)
Greg Graves, 36-20 (16.8)
Eddy Jr, 36-20 (19.8)
Tim Wasyluka, 33-23 (14.0)
Michael Nipp, 31-25 (17.0)

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 43-13 (20.6) (Wins Central, First Round Bye)
(2) Randy Latta, 42-14 (19.6) (Wild Card, First Round Bye)
(3) Mark Gainey, 39-17 (15.6) (Wins East, First Round Bye)
(4) Jessica Hawbaker, 37-19 (16.2) (Wild Card)
(5) Tad Roose, 38-18 (17.8) (Wins South)
(6) James Hawbaker, 37-19 (16.2) (Wild Card)
(7) Ryan Sherman, 37-19 (17.0) (Wild Card)
(8) Steven Ray, 37-19 (20.6) (Wild Card)
On the Bubble (within two games):  Scott Latta, 37-19 (20.8)... Daniel Powell, 37-19 (21.2)... Greg Graves, 36-20 (16.8)... John Wolf, 36-20 (17.4)... Eddy Jr, 36-20 (19.8)... Tyler Campbell, 35-21 (19.0)... 

1. Jonathan Osborne, 43-13 (20.6) (1st-5 wks)
2. Randy Latta, 42-14 (19.6) (2nd-5 wks)
3. Jennifer Ernst, 41-15 (18.2) (3rd-3 wks)
4. Dan Sellers, 40-16 (15.2) (4th)
5. Eddy McBroom, 40-16 (17.6) (7th-3 wks)
6. Mark Gainey, 39-17 (15.6) (12th)
7. Brad Latta, 39-17 (16.4) (8th)
8. Jessica Hawbaker, 39-17 (20.4) (10th)
9. Tommy McLeod, 38-18 (15.2) (6th)
10. Drew Morris, 38-18 (16.0) (5th)
11. Matt Halpert, 38-18 (17.2) (NR)
12. Tad Roose, 38-18 (17.8) (NR)
dropped out:  Matt Latta (9th)... Ryan Sherman (11th)


  • Holy smokes what a crappy week for me.  For anyone out there who has their suspicions that I might be rigging my own scores just a bit, let me tell ya, a 2-6 record is not the way I would have gone about it.  There is something about the drop-off between 3-5 and 2-6... that one game means the difference between "wow, crappy week" and "holy crap, I stunk up the joint like Mikey Nipp's bathroom after taco night".  Big difference.  And truly, this might be the week where Yours Truly falls off the playoff cliff.
  • So now, who owns the current 4-4 or better weekly streak?  At 13 weeks, its Joey Thornell.  And Trey Cartledge.  And Big Eddy McBroom.  And Little Stevie Ray.  Thats right, a four way tie.
  • Though I keep you up to date on such things, I don't think its necessarily cause for celebration yet, but it is something to watch out for.  Its like, watching a baseball player hitting in 24 straight games--nowhere near the record of 56, but its high enough to notice.
  • And for the 5-3 or better weekly streak?   Eight weeks is the current streak, held by Brad Latta, Jonathan Osborne and Randy Latta.  
  • Checking out the season's past winners of Week 7, lots of repeats.  Mikey Nipp won DFC I's Wk 7 with a 6-2 record, while Tommy McLeod won it in both DFC II (where he tied with Jason Quinn) and DFC X, both at 6-2.  Jennifer Ernst won it as a Hudson in DFC III, at 6-2, while Daniel Powell not only won this week with 7-1, but also DFC IV at 6-2.
  • Justin Glenn won DFC V's Wk 7, at 7-1, while Drew Morris won it in DFC VI and VIII at 7-1 both times, and Yours Truly picked up Week 7 in DFC VII (5-3), in IX (6-2) and XI (7-1).
  • No, its not your imagination--TB's this year are awful.  For just about everyone.  However, you can't really blame the "automatically drop your best and worst TB" feature this year, as we also had it last year, and last year's TBAs weren't nearly this bad.  
  • I don't have a "Last year after Week 7, TBAs were..." stat, but I do know that at season's end last year, there were only 6 total TBAs over 15.0--Sarah Hasha (15.9)... Justin Fisher (16.3)... David Tuck (16.6)... Garrett Cheney (18.9)... Jason Roberts (15.13)... and Daniel Powell (17.7)
  • Currently, Zacky Graves is ONLY TieBreak Average that is BETTER than 15.0--his is at 13.4, but because of his career worst record, he might not even see the postseason.
  • And the TBA is very important this year... in the Fulaytar Conference, Matt Latta sits in 8th, with a 38-18 record and a 19.2 TBA--only 0.6 points ahead of 9th place Trey Cartledge.
  • In the Cartledge Conference, its even tighter... In the 8th spot right now is Steven Ray with a 37-19 record, and a TBA of 20.6, while 9th is Daniel Powell, with a 20.8 TBA--0.2 difference.  That's a field goal in one game. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DFC Week Six Results

3. Oklahoma 55, 11. Texas 17 (tiebreak game, 72 total points)
Notre Dame 59, Air Force 33
10. Arkansas 38, 15. Auburn 14
Georgia 20, Tennessee 12
Minnesota Vikings 34, Arizona Cardinals 10
Kansas City Chiefs 28, Indianapolis Colts 24
San Francisco 49ers 48, Tampa Bay Bucs 3
Detroit Lions 24, Chicago Bears 13

It was quite a successful week for the most part--and a bad time for those who didn't do so well... as evidenced by not two, but THREE undefeated records this week, plus incredibly tight divisional races... in the Cartledge Conference, only THREE DFC'ers are more than 2 wins outside of playoff contention--for now.

Anyway, the first undefeated week comes courtesy of one who had three wins in DFC VII, including one 8-0 then, but nothing since... getting his fourth weekly win of his career, and his second 8-0 of his career, Tebe Shaw goes first.

Coming in a close second, and putting in a strong bid for Rookie of the Year, is Jessica Hawbaker, also at 8-0, and in third, getting his first and only 8-0 week since Week 9 of DFC IX, Ryan Sherman.

The rest of the top ten finished at 7-1, and are as follows:  Big Eddy McBroom in 4th place... David "The Rule" Tuck and John "The Lone" Wolf tied for 5th place... Hurricane Rhett Barnett and Tommy "The Highlander" McLeod tie for 7th place.  In 9th is Lori "Sunshine" Beirne, and in a two way tie for 10th and rounding out the Weekly Top Ten is The Defending DFC Champion Trey Cartledge and Bradley Pinkerton.

Also finishing:
7-1: Jonny Osborne... Tad Roose...
6-2: The Mighty Gainey... gRandy Latta... Eddy the Junior... Jennifer Ernst... Drew "Slash" Morris... Matt Halpert... JustFish... Lt. Dan Sellers... Drew "The Grassman" Warren... James Hawbaker... Brad "Lawdawg" Latta... Chris Croyle... Scotty "The DFC Houston Texans" Latta
5-3: Joey Thornell... Sarah Hasha... DMOsborne... Mikey Nipp... Matt "The Great Bear of the North" Latta... Tom Johnson... Yours Truly... Tyler "The Sexy Beast" Campbell... Marky Mark "The Funky Bunch" Warner... The Big Wasyluka... Daniel Powell
4-4: Steven Ray... Greg "The Elder" Graves
3-5: Zack "The Dark Horse" Graves... Young Garrett Cheney
0-8: David Stamper

Matt Latta, 33-15 (15.50)
Matt Halpert, 31-17 (16.0)
Rhett Barnett, 31-17 (18.75)
Joey Thornell, 29-17 (17.75)
Drew Warren, 27-21 (21.0)
Zack Graves, 25-23 (12.25)
DMOsborne, 25-23 (23.25)

Jennifer Ernst, 35-13 (16.50)
Tommy McLeod, 34-14 (14.50)
Brad Latta, 33-15 (15.25)
Tebe Shaw, 30-18 (17.0)
Justin Fisher, 28-20 (22.33)
Sarah Hasha, 27-21 (23.50)
David Stamper, 18-30 (23.25)

Dan Sellers, 34-14 (13.25)
Drew Morris, 34-14 (14.25)
Eddy McBroom, 34-14 (14.75)
Trey Cartledge, 32-16 (18.0)
David Tuck, 30-18 (18.75)
Bradley Pinkerton, 29-19 (19.25)
Tom Johnson, 26-22 (22.0)

(1) Jennifer Ernst, 35-13 (16.5)... Central Division Champion, First Round Bye
(2) Dan Sellers, 34-14 (13.25)... West Division Champion, First Round Bye
(3) Tommy McLeod, 34-14 (14.5)... First Round Bye
(4) Drew Morris, 34-14 (14.25)... Wild Card
(5) Eddy McBroom, 34-14 (14.75)... Wild Card
(6) Matt Latta, 33-15 (15.50)... North Division Champion
(7) Brad Latta, 33-15 (15.25)... Wild Card
(8) Trey Cartledge, 32-16 (18.0)... Wild Card
On the Bubble (within two games)... Matt Halpert, 31-17 (16.0)... Rhett Barnett, 31-17 (18.75)... Tebe Shaw, 30-18 (15.25)... David Tuck, 30-18 (18.75)

Ryan Sherman, 33-15 (18.25)
Mark Gainey, 32-16 (13.25)
John Wolf, 31-17 (14.0)
Yours Truly, 31-17 (16.5)
Chris Croyle, 31-17 (20.0)
Tyler Campbell, 30-18 (16.25)
Garrett Cheney, 30-18 (26.0)

Jonathan Osborne, 38-10 (17.25)
Randy Latta, 36-12 (17.75)
Jessica Hawbaker, 33-15 (17.0)
Steven Ray, 31-17 (18.0)
Lori Beirne, 31-17 (21.0)
Scott Latta, 30-18 (19.5)
Mark Warner, 16-32 (29.0)

Tad Roose, 32-16 (15.75)
Greg Graves, 31-17 (13.0)
James Hawbaker, 31-17 (14.25)
Eddy Jr, 30-18 (18.0)
Daniel Powell, 30-18 (21.75)
Tim Wasyluka, 29-19 (11.75)
Michael Nipp, 28-20 (16.50)

(1) Jonathan Osborne, 38-10 (17.25)... Central Division Champion, First Round Bye
(2) Randy Latta, 36-12 (17.75)... First Round Bye
(3) Ryan Sherman, 33-15 (18.25)... East Division Champion, First Round Bye
(4) Jessica Hawbaker, 33-15 (17.0)... Wild Card
(5) Tad Roose, 32-16 (15.75)... South Division Champion
(6) Mark Gainey, 32-16 (13.25)... Wild Card
(7) Greg Graves, 31-17 (13.0)... Wild Card
(8) John Wolf, 31-17 (14.0)... Wild Card
On the Bubble (within two games)... James Hawbaker, 31-17 (14.25)... Yours Truly, 31-17 (16.50)... Steven Ray, 31-17 (18.0)... Chris Croyle, 31-17 (20.0)... Lori Beirne, 31-17 (21.0)... Tyler Campbell, 30-18 (16.25)... Eddy Mc Jr, 30-18 (18.0)... Scott Latta, 30-18 (19.5)... Daniel Powell, 30-18 (21.75)... Garrett Cheney, 30-18 (26.0)

Rank, Record (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Jonathan Osborne, 38-10 (17.25) (1-4 wks)
2. Randy Latta, 36-12 (17.75) (2-4 wks)
3. Jennifer Ernst, 35-13 (16.5) (3)
4. Dan Sellers, 34-14 (13.25) (6)
5. Drew Morris, 34-14 (14.25) (5)
6. Tommy McLeod, 34-14 (14.5) (4)
7. Eddy McBroom, 34-14 (14.75) (7)
8. Brad Latta, 33-15 (15.25) (9)
9. Matt Latta, 33-15 (15.50) (4)
10. Jessica Hawbaker, 33-15 (17.0) (NR)
11. Ryan Sherman, 33-15 (18.25) (NR)
12. Mark Gainey, 32-16 (13.25) (12)
dropped out:  Greg Graves (10th)... Steven Ray (11th)

Just in case you forgot... this is how the playoffs work--there will be 3 Division Winners and five wild card spots. The Top Two Division Winners, those with the best records (and TBA) will get a First Round Bye. The third first round bye will be given to the next best overall record, division winner or not. If a Division Champion has the same record as a Wild Card, they will be ranked higher, regardless of TieBreak Average. 
Find full rules by clicking here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

DFC XII Week Seven Games

11. Michigan Wolverines (6-0) at 23. Michigan State Spartans (4-1)
11am, ESPN

20. Baylor Bears (4-1) at 21. Texas A&M Aggies (3-2)
11am, FX

19. Virginia Tech Hokies (5-1) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-1)

Florida Gators (4-2) at 24. Auburn Tigers (4-2)
6pm, ESPN

San Francisco 49ers (4-1) at Detroit Lions (4-0)
12p, FOX

Cam'olina Panthers (1-4) at Atlanta Falcons (2-3)
12p, FOX

Buffalo Bills (4-1) at The New York Football Giants (3-2)
12p, CBS

Houston Texans (3-1) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
305p, CBS

Florida Gators at Auburn Tigers, total points scored

Monday, October 03, 2011

DFC XII Week Six Games

Its the halfway point of the season, so I'll refrain from waxing nostalgic on how fast this football season is going by...  soon, it will be time for the DEPLC (The Deuce English Premier League Championships), but for now... Week Six...

All times Central, all ranks from AP Poll

3. Oklahoma Sooners (4-0) vs. 11. Texas Longhorns (4-0)
Note:  The game that begat the TieBreak in DFC III
11a, ABC, Dallas, TX

Air Force Falcons (3-1) at Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (3-2)
230p, NBC

15. Auburn Tigers (4-1) at 10. Arkansas Razorbacks (4-1)
Auburn went from unranked to 15th because South Carolina is stupid?
6p, ESPN

Georgia Bulldogs (3-2) at Tennessee Volunteers (3-1) 
Note:  Hoping the stadium will blow up with both teams inside isn't an option
6p, ESPN2

All Times Central

Arizona Cardinals (1-3) at Minnesota Vikings (0-4)
12p, FOX

Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) at Indianapolis Colts (0-3)
Note:  Indy is playing against the Bucs, like, right now.
12p, CBS

Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1) at San Fran 49ers (3-1)
Note:  Tampa Bay is playing against  the Colts, like, right now
305p, FOX

Chicago Bears (2-2) at Detroit Lions (4-0)
Can the Lions actually be 5-0?  That's the question you have to ask yourself.
Monday Night, 730p, ESPN

Oklahoma vs. Texas, total points scored

Sunday, October 02, 2011

DFC XII Week Five Results

18. Arkansas 42, 14. Texas A&M 38
13. Clemson 23, Virginia Tech 3 (tiebreak game, 26 pts)
3. Alabama 38, 12. Florida 10
7. Wisconsin 48, 8. Nebraska 17
Kansas City Chiefs 22, Minnesota Vikings 17
San Francisco 49ers 24, Philadelphia Eagles 23
New England Patriots 31, Oakland 19
Baltimore Ravens 34, NYJets 17

Just in case you were curious... the TB Drop hasn't existed for two seasons.  Started in DFC XI, your worst, and best, TB week were automatically dropped over the course of the season.  So you if you notice your TBA got really good last week, thats because your worst was dropped.  And if you notice your TBA got really bad this week, its because your best was dropped.  If a best/worst happens in the second part of the season, it will be dropped, and the previous best/worst will be implemented back in.  Just so you know.

His career has fallen on hard times in recent years, getting no more than 52 wins in three of the last four years--even 57 wins in DFC IX couldn't get him a postseason spot--but DMOsborne keeps coming back, and sometimes, just sometimes, he shows what he's made of in the football prognostication world.  Picking up his fourth weekly win of his career, DMO charges back with a 7-1 record, narrowly beating out Tyler Campbell for the victory.  Tyler, 2nd, also went 7-1, as did Daniel Powell, who got 3rd.

In 4th for the week, Jennifer Ernst, while a tie between Sarah Hasha and Randy Latta nabs 5th place.  In 7th is Hurricane Rhett Barnett, while in 8th is Steven Ray, all at 6-2.

Also at 6-2 is Jonathan Osborne in 9th, and Yours Truly at 5-3, narrowly making the Weekly Top Ten in 10th.

Also Finishing:
5-3:  Joey Thornell... Brad "The Lawdawg" Latta... Matt Latta... Matt Halpert... Chris Croyle... The Defending DFC Champion Trey Cartledge... Big Eddy McBroom... Drew Morris... Tom Johnson... David Tuck... Jessica Hawbaker... Pre-season #1 James Hawbaker...
4-4:  Drew Warren... Tommy McLeod... David Stamper... Lt. Dan Sellers... Bradley Pinkerton... Garrett Cheney... Lori Beirne... Scott Latta... Tebershaw... JustFish... The Mighty Gainey... John Wolf... Ryan Sherman... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose... The Big Wasyluka... Eddy Eddy the Slender... Greg Graves... Mikey Nipp
3-5:  Zack Graves... Mark Warner...

Matt Latta, 28-12 (13.33)
Matt Halpert, 25-15 (14.33)
Joey Thornell, 24-16 (13.67)
Rhett Barnett, 24-16 (19.33)
Zack Graves, 22-18 (12.0)
Drew Warren, 21-19 (19.67)
DMOsborne, 20-20 (21.0)

Jennifer Ernst, 29-11 (14.0)
Tommy McLeod, 27-13 (13.67)
Brad Latta, 27-13 (15.0)
Sarah Hasha, 22-18 (16.67)
Tebe Shaw, 22-18 (18.67)
Justin Fisher, 22-18 (22.33)
David Stamper, 18-22 (17.0)

Drew Morris, 28-12 (14.0)
Dan Sellers, 28-12 (15.0)
Eddy McBroom, 27-13 (12.33)
Trey Cartledge, 25-15 (16.0)
David Tuck, 23-17 (20.33)
Bradley Pinkerton, 22-18 (17.67)
Tom Johnson, 21-19 (22.67)

Mark Gainey, 26-14 (13.0)
Yours Truly, 26-14 (14.33)
Ryan Sherman, 25-15 (15.33)
Tyler Campbell, 25-15 (16.33)
Chris Croyle, 25-15 (17.33)
Garrett Cheney, 25-15 (25.33)
John Wolf, 24-16 (14.0)

Jonathan Osborne, 31-9 (13.67)
Randy Latta, 30-10 (16.67)
Steven Ray, 27-13 (20.33)
Jessica Hawbaker, 25-15 (17.33)
Scott Latta, 24-16 (19.0)
Lori Beirne, 24-16 (21.33)
Mark Warner, 11-29 (27.3)

Greg Graves, 27-13 (16.33)
Tad Roose, 25-15 (12.67)
James Hawbaker, 25-15 (14.67)
Daniel Powell, 25-15 (18.0)
Tim Wasyluka, 24-16 (10.0)
Eddy Jr, 24-16 (16.0)
Michael Nipp, 22-18 (13.0)

Rank, Rec, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Jonathan Osborne, 31-9 (13.67) (1-three wks)
2. Randy Latta, 30-10 (16.67) (2-three wks)
3. Jennifer Ernst, 29-11 (14.0) (6)
4. Matt Latta, 28-12 (13.33) (7)
5. Drew Morris, 28-12 (14.0) (8)
6. Dan Sellers, 28-12 (15.0) (3)
7. Big Eddy McBroom, 27-13 (12.33) (11)
8. Tommy McLeod, 27-13 (13.67) (4)
9. Brad Latta, 27-13 (15.0) (10)
10. Greg Graves, 27-13 (16.33) (5)
11. Steven Ray (27-13) (20.33) (NR)
12. Mark Gainey, 26-14 (13.0) (9)
dropped out:  Tad Roose (12th)


  • We'll jump right in with a look at seasons past winners of Week Five in the DFC.  Shawn Sharp busted out in DFC I with his second win of the season in Week Five, by going 6-2.  Tommy McLeod won DFC II at 6-2, while Justin Glenn won in III, going undefeated.   Tom Johnson got a 7-1 mark in IV, while Young Garrett Cheney went 8-0 in DFC V to win Week Five.  
  • Eventual Rookie of the Year Angie Mark Osborne (also DMO's babymama) got Week Five in DFC VI, at 6-2, while Zacky Graves won his first career week in VII at 6-2.  Jason Duren got a rare 5-3 weekly win in VIII, while Yours Truly went 7-1 in IX.  In DFC X, Justin Fisher took the week with 7-1, and last season, it was Mikey Nipp and an undefeated record for the win.
  • Quick check on streaks--Yours Truly and Drew Morris both are at 8 consecutive weeks with a 5-3 or better record, dating back to last year.  Brad Latta is at 6 weeks. 
  • Yours Truly also has the longest active streak of 4-4 or better, now at 13 weeks, while close by are Trey Cartledge, Chris Croyle (!), Big Eddy McBroom, Steven Ray and Joey Thornell, all at 11 weeks and Mark Gainey, Scott Latta and John Wolf are all at 9.
  • Big Congrats to Big Eddy and his wife, Little Mary, who celebrated their 30th (?) wedding anniversary this week, and also to John "The Lone" Wolf, who's wife Ashley gave birth to their second, a little girl named Evalie.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

DFC XII Week Four Results

Georgia Tech 35, North Carolina 28
Alabama 38, Arkansas 14
Oklahoma 30, Texas A&M 29
Clemson 35, Florida State 30
New Orleans Saints 40, Houston Texans 33
Carolina Panthers 16, Jacksonville Jaguars 10
Green Bay Packers 27, Chicago Bears 17
Dallas Cowboys 18, Washington Redskins 16

Congrats to another undefeated weekly champion, and perhaps the only person who has gone undefeated twice and has also twice denied another undefeated from their own weekly win.  Both Mikey Nipp and Lt. Dan Sellers reeled off 8 straight this week, but due to that pesky TieBreak, Michael Nipp for the win.  And yes, Lt. Dan comes in a strong 2nd, but in my massive DFC Archives, guess which spot I don't keep a record of?  Second place.

A huge tie for 3rd place with Brad Latta, Drew Morris and Jonathan Osborne, with Tommy McLeod getting the 6th place.  In 7th place is Jennifer Ernst, in 8th place is Big Eddy McBroom, in 9th is Scotty Latta, and finishing the Weekly Top Ten is Matt Latta, all at 7-1.

Also Finishing:
7-1:  Tyler Campbell... David Tuck
6-2:  Sarah Hasha... Joey Thornell... Zack Graves... Matt Halpert... Trey Cartledge... Lori Beirne... Steven Ray... Jessica Hawbaker... The Mighty Gainey... Tim Wasyluka... Greg Graves... James Hawbaker... Tad Roose...
5-3:  DMOsborne... John Wolf... Ryan Sherman... Chris Croyle... Garrett Cheney... Tebe Shaw... Yours Truly... David Stamper... Drew Warren... Eddy Jr... Daniel Powell... Drew Warren
4-4:  Bradley Pinkerton... Mark Warner...
3-5:  Hurricane Rhett... Tom Johnson... Justin Fisher

TieBreak Average now in the standings... over four weeks, your worst TB was removed.  Next week, your worst will still be dismissed, but your best will also be removed.


Matt Latta, 23-9 (8.33)
Matt Halpert, 20-12 (8.67)
Zack Graves, 19-13 (6.33)
Joey Thornell, 19-13 (10.67)
Rhett Barnett, 18-14 (13.67)
Drew Warren, 17-15 (13.67)
DMOsborne, 13-19 (19.67)

Tommy McLeod, 23-9 (7.0)
Jennifer Ernst, 23-9 (8.0)
Brad Latta, 22-10 (7.0)
Tebe Shaw, 18-14 (14.67)
Justin Fisher, 18-14 (17.33)
Sarah Hasha, 16-16 (9.33)
David Stamper, 14-18 (12.33)

Dan Sellers, 24-8 (10.33)
Drew Morris, 23-9 (8.33)
Eddy McBroom, 22-10 (12.33)
Trey Cartledge, 20-12 (11.33)
Bradley Pinkerton, 18-14 (10.0)
David Tuck, 18-14 (13.33)
Tom Johnson, 16-16 (14.33)


Mark Gainey, 22-10 (7.0)
Garrett Cheney, 21-11 (9.0)
Yours Truly, 21-11 (11.0)
Ryan Sherman, 21-11 (15.33)
John Wolf, 20-12 (9.0)
Chris Croyle, 19-13 (12.33)
Tyler Campbell, 18-14 (14.67)

Jonathan Osborne, 25-7 (7.67)
Randy Latta, 24-8 (9.33)
Steven Ray, 21-11 (11.0)
Jessica Hawbaker, 20-12 (11.33)
Scott Latta, 20-12 (14.33)
Lori Beirne, 20-12 (15.67)
Mark Warner, 8-24 (24.0)

Greg Graves, 23-9 (7.33)
Tad Roose, 21-11 (6.33)
Tim Wasyluka, 20-12 (6.67)
James Hawbaker, 20-12 (8.33)
Eddy Mc Jr, 20-12 (12.0)
Daniel Powell, 19-13 (18.0)
Michael Nipp, 18-14 (9.0)

Rank, Rec, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Jonathan Osborne, 25-7 (7.67) (1st-2 wks)
2. Randy Latta, 24-8 (9.33) (2nd-2 wks)
3. Dan Sellers, 24-8 (10.33) (7)
4. Tommy McLeod, 23-9 (7.0) (8)
5. Greg Graves, 23-9 (7.33) (3)
6. Jennifer Ernst, 23-9 (8.0) (9)
7-tie. Matt Latta, 23-9 (8.33) (4)
7-tie. Drew Morris, 23-9 (8.33) (6)
9-tie. Mark Gainey, 22-10 (7.0) (5)
9-tie. Brad Latta, 22-10 (7.0) (NR)
11. Eddy McBroom, 22-10 (12.33) (NR)
12. Tad Roose, 21-11 (6.33) (NR)
dropped out:  Garrett Cheney (12)... Yours Truly (10)... Ryan Sherman (11)


  • This will be brief, as its late... 
  • Just a quick nod to those who have lasted such a long time in the DFC... Looking at regular season victories, Drew Morris got to 600 this past weekend... Big Eddy Mc did a double this weekend, going over 600 wins for regular season, and crossing 700 wins all time.
  • Looking at All Time Wins (regular season + playoffs), Eddy Jr hit 600 all times (now at 601)... Tebe Shaw got over 300 this weekend (305), and Zack Graves has hit 300 this weekend (at 301)... upcoming milestones are Matt Latta (695)... Drew Morris (693)...   Michael Nipp (597)... Sarah Hasha (495)... 
  • Congrats to Jonathan Osborne, as his great run so far in the first three weeks of the season has placed him in the Top Ten All Time on regular season victories with 588.  He's in 10th place, behind Daniel Powell, who has 593, so given the current trajectories, Jonathan have a shot at passing him for 9th place. 
  • Looking across the DFC weeks, Michael Nipp has won Week 4, but its actually the 3rd Week 4 he's won.  In DFC I, Brook DeRamus won it with a 7-1 record.  DFC II was Drew Morris at 7-1.  III was Michael Nipp at 6-2.  IV was Eddy Jr at 6-2.  Mikey won it in DFC V, undefeated.  Justin Glenn won Week 4 in DFC VI with a 8-0 record as well.  
  • In DFC VII was a tie between The Mighty Gainey and Jennifer Ernst, at 6-2.  In VIII, The Mighty Gainey won it alone at 7-1.  Another undefeated week in DFC IX, won by Lori Beirne.  In DFC X, Jason Roberts took the weekly win at 6-2, and last season, Zacky Graves won Week 4 with a 7-1 record.  

DFC XII Week Five Games

If Washington defeats Dallas on Monday night, there will be a tie for the Weekly win between Matt Halpert, who would get his 2nd weekly crown in his career and Sarah Hasha, who has never won a week in the DFC.

However, if Dallas defeats Washington, Mikey Nipp will capture his 8th career week, and go 8-0, heading off Lt. Dan Sellers, who would also be 8-0 but would come up to 2nd due to that pesky TieBreak...

Week Five in The DFC brings us to a game where two schools are licking their wounds... two schools who are riding high for a possible chance to lose to the SEC in the BCS Championship... an SEC game that will hopefully not end the way I think it will end... and a legendary program with its first game in its new conference... 

all times central, all rankings from the AP Poll

(14) Texas A&M "We Choked" Aggies (2-1) vs. (18) Arkansas "We Got Blowed Out" Razorbacks (3-1)
11am, ESPN, played at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, TX

(13) Clemson Tigers (4-0) at (11) Virginia Tech Hokes (4-0)
5pm, ESPN2

(3) Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0) at (12) Florida Go Gators (4-0)
7pm, CBS

(8) Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-0) at (7) Wisconsin Badgers (4-0)
7pm, ABC

all times central

Minnesota Vikings (0-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-3)
12p, FOX

San Francisco 49ers (2-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)
12p, FOX

New England Patriots (2-1) at Oakland Raiders (2-1)
315p, CBS

NYJets (2-1) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
720p, NBC

Clemson at Virginia Tech, total points scored

Monday, September 19, 2011

DFC XII Week Three Results

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 66, Kansas Jayhawks 24
Miami Hurricanes 24, (17) Ohio State Buckeyes 6
(1) Oklahoma Sooners 23, (5) Florida State Seminoles 13
Utah Utes 40, Brigham Young Coogs 10
Cleveland Brown 27, Indianapolis Colts 19
Tampa Bay Bucs 24, Minnesota Vikings 20
Washington Redskins 22, Arizona Cardinals 21
New England Patriots 35, San Diego Chargers 21

The DFC has now accepted the application of Mark Warner as a rookie.  Warner, 53 or something, was recently a member of the W&LPC (the WNBA and LPGA Pick'em Championships), and seeks to be a part of our league instead.  The conditions of his late arrival is that he will begin the season at 0-16, and he will not be eligible for the postseason, regardless of his regular season performance.  However, the initial 16 losses will not be added to his all-time records.  He will, however, be eligible for postseason awards such as Rookie of the Year, meaning if he finishes with 60+ wins after a 0-16 hole, he might deserve such.  Warner, a lifelong Mississippi State junkie, will join the Central Division in the Cartledge Conference.

He hasn't won a week since Week 12 of DFC IX, and hasn't gone undefeated since Week 1 of DFC VIII, but Jonathan Osborne has gone 8-0 for a second time in his career, and won his 4th week overall.  Counting the last two games of last week, thats 10 straight...

Former DFC Champ Matt Latta gets a strong 2nd week performance, coming in 2nd, while Dan Sellers gets 3rd place, both at 7-1.  In 4th place, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, in 5th, Tommy McLeod and in 6th, Jennifer Ersnt, all at 6-2.

For 7th place, Ryan Sherman"ator", and tied for 8th place is Eddy the Junior and Yours Truly.  And tied in 10th place in our Weekly Top Ten is Mark "The Mighty" Gainey and Drew Morris, all at 6-2.

Also Finishing
6-2:  Jessica Hawbaker... Matt Halpert... Hurricane Rhett... JustFish...
5-3: Joey Thornell... Zack Graves... Brad Latta... Trey Cartledge... Bradley Pinkerton... Tyler Campbell... John "The Lone" Wolf... Garrett Cheney... Randy Latta... Lori Beirne... Steven Ray... Scotty Latta... James Hawbaker... Greg Graves...
4-4:  Teber Shaw... Eddy the Bigger... Tom Johnson... David Tuck... Chris Croyle... Marky Mark Warner.. Tim "The Big" Wasyluka... Daniel Powell
3-5:  DMOsborne... Drew Warren... David Stamper... Sarah Hasha... Mikey Nipp

Matt Latta, 16-8
Rhett Barnett, 15-9
Matt Halpert, 14-10
Zack Graves, 13-11
Joey Thornell, 13-11
Drew Warren, 12-12
DMOsborne, 8-16

Tommy McLeod, 16-8
Jennifer Ernst, 16-8
Brad Latta, 15-9
Justin Fisher, 15-9
Tebe Shaw, 13-11
Sarah Hasha, 10-14
David Stamper, 9-15

Drew Morris, 16-8
Dan Sellers, 16-8
Eddy McBroom, 15-9
Trey Cartledge, 15-9
Bradley Pinkerton, 14-10
Tom Johnson, 13-11
David Tuck, 12-12

Mark Gainey, 16-8
Yours Truly, 16-8
Ryan Sherman, 16-8
Garrett Cheney, 16-8
John Wolf, 15-9
Chris Croyle, 14-10
Tyler Campbell, 11-13

Jonathan Osborne, 18-6
Randy Latta, 17-7
Steven Ray, 15-9
Jessica Hawbaker, 14-10
Lori Beirne, 14-10
Scott Latta, 13-11
Mark Warner, 4-20

Greg Graves, 17-7
Tad Roose, 15-9
Eddy McBroom Jr, 15-9
Tim Wasyluka, 14-10
James Hawbaker, 14-10
Daniel Powell, 14-10
Michael Nipp, 10-14

rank, DFC'er, record, (last week)
1. Jonathan Osborne, 18-6 (9)
2. Randy Latta, 17-7 (1-tie)
3. Greg Graves, 17-7 (1-tie)
4. Matt Latta, 16-8 (NR)
5. Mark Gainey, 16-8 (8)
6. Drew Morris (10)
7. Dan Sellers, 16-8 (NR)
8. Tommy McLeod, 16-8 (NR)
9. Jennifer Ernst, 16-8 (NR)
10. Yours Truly, 16-8 (12)
11. Ryan Sherman, 16-8 (NR)
12. Garrett Cheney, 16-8 (3)
dropped out:  John Wolf (6th)... Brad Latta (7th)... Big Eddy (4th)... Steven Ray (11th)... Tim Wasyluka (5th)

38. Michael Nipp (10-14)... 39. Sarah Hasha (10-14)... 40. David Stamper (9-15)... 41. DMOsborne (8-16)... 42. Mark Warner (4-20)

  • First up, a correction on last week... I had Big Eddy's record miscounted in the standings--but if you look at last week's results via the site, its been updated. 
  • Week Three in the DFC, Jonny Osborne has the first undefeated Week Three in the league's history.  Looking back over all the weekly winners, the only weeks without an undefeated champion are Weeks 6, 7 and 11. 
  • Check out the list of Weekly Undefeated wins (sometimes there were multiple in one week, but I'm only listing who actually won the week).  Week 1-- Shawn Sharp (DFC I), Daniel Powell (DFC II), Scotty Latta (DFC III), DMOsborne (DFC IV), Matt Latta (DFC V) and Mark Gainey (DFC XI).  Week 2--Big Tim Wasyluka (IX)... Week 3--Jon Osborne (XII)... Week 4--Mikey Nipp (V), Justin Glenn (VI)... Week 5--Justin Glenn (III), Garrett Cheney (V), Mikey Nipp (XI)... Week 6--None
  • Week 7--None... Week 8--Jason Barnette (IX)... Week 9--Jenn Ernst (IV), Ryan Sherman (IX)... Week 10--Tad Roose (IV), Tyler Campbell (VI), Tebe Shaw (VII), James Hawbaker (VIII)... Week 11--None... Week 12--Mark Gainey (III), Mark Gainey (IV), Wookiee Fulaytar (V), Zack Graves (VII)
  • Interesting to note, Mark Gainey went 9-0 in Week 12 of DFC III.  If a game (now only NFL can do this) ends in a tie in Week 1 through Week 11, its disregarded and there are 9 games the following week.  In Week 12, its just granted as a "win".  And this happened to be the only time this rule has ever come into play.
  • Then there are those who have seen 8-0, but was unfortunate enough to do so when another someone does the same thing, only their TB is better.  Those who have seen 2nd place perfection include Joey Thornell, Randy Latta, Eddy Jr and Trey Cartledge.  Both Yours Truly and Lori Beirne has had this 2nd place 8-0 thing happen twice in their careers. 
  • Who's still waiting for that perfection?  Not counting the newbies this year, there are a few who have only had one or two years of experience and haven't seen that Zero in the L column--Drew Warren, Brad Latta, Hurricane Rhett, Dan Sellers, Bradley Pinkerton, David Tuck, John Wolf, Steven Ray
  • As far as those who have been in more than a few seasons, you've got Matt Halpert... Justin Fisher
  • And then there are those who's waits are much longer.  Sarah Hasha has had 111 weeks of DFC without an undefeated week.  Big Eddy Mac has seen 123 weeks go by. 
  • But the longest wait for an undefeated week?  Both Tom Johnson and Tommy McLeod, in the DFC since the beginning, have gone 134 weeks with nary an 8-0... though in Tommy's defense, that week when Mark Gainey went 9-0, he managed a pretty good 8-1 record.