Monday, August 29, 2005

DFC Week One Games

Its time... the email you have been waiting for has finally arrived. The kickoff to the 2005 Deuce Football Championships...

This year we are honored to have in our midst as our guest analyst future hall of famer, and winner of 2 DFC championships in four years, including last season, Chris "Wookiee" Fulaytar, giving us expert analysis and his picks for the season.

All games are college this week, All rankings are from DeucESPN Poll, all gametimes CST:

Saturday's Games:
Colorado State Rams at Colorado Buffalos, 2:30pm, TBS
Traditionally one of the first games of the year, its always a toss up...

Wookiee sez: Yeah, whatever. Colorado rolls

#18 Boise State Broncos at #13 Georgia Bulldogs, 430p
Boise State is always a good team, but lets see how they do against the traditionally powerful Dawgs of GA

Wookiee sez: BSU is from the BIG WEST for crying out loud. Quit drinking the Boise Kool-Aid People. Georgia ...... Big.

#17 Texas A&M Aggies at Clemson Tigers, 7pm, ABC
Coach Fran takes his boys against Coach Tommy, who somehow keeps his job always at the last minute

Wookiee sez: Texas A&M b/c Clemson's new uniforms are UGGGGGGGLY! Also b/c every time A&M wins, Bama fans get even madder at him.

Notre Dame Fightin' Catholics at #23 Pittsburgh "don't call us Pitt" Panthers, 7pm, ABC
The defending Big East champs host the revived Irish, now coached by the Super Bowl champ Patriots' former sideline coach Charlie Weis

Wookiee sez: Actually they are called Pitt again. And being the defending Big Least champ is not something I would crow too loudly about. God is on Notre Dame's side. Go Irish!

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at #16 Auburn Tigers, 7:45pm, ESPN
Two years ago, GT gave Auburn their second loss in a row, setting up a disasterous season after being ranked preseason #2. Last season's 13-0 told a different story... but how will the Tigers handle losing half of their defense?

Wookiee sez: They will handle it fine. Auburn will be 6-0 going into LSU

Sunday's Games
West Virginia Mountaineers at Syracuse "dont call us Orangemen" Orange, 12:30pm, ABC

Yeah... I won't pretend to have a clue about this game. And yes, they are no longer Orangemen. Pick 'em.

Wookiee sez: I don't have a clue either. Take the 'Cuse at home.

#8 Virginia Tech Hokies at N.C.State Wolfpack, 6:15pm, ESPN2
As much as I'm thinking Va Tech, can you every truly count out the Wolfpack? Don't urn your back on the Wolfpack, you might end up Their the schitzos of the ACC

Wookiee sez: If Frank Beamer can hide the bong and the doritos from Marcus Vick, then the Hokies will win. I think he will.

Monday Night Game
#9 Miami Hurricanes at #14 Florida State Seminoles, 7pm, ABC

Speaking of hurricanes... What will it be this year... wide right? wide left? (also the tiebreak game)

Wookiee sez: FSU has lost 6 straight to the 'Canes. The last two they have manged to give away in impressive displays of choking. They will probably do it again. Take Miami from now until forever until Bowden's Boys figure out a way to win the big one.

TieBreak Game...
Total points scored in the Miami/FSU game

Picks due by Friday afternoon. Send to this email address ( or, I will send a confirmation that your picks have been received.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

DFC VI Preseason Part Three - Rules, Predictions & Stats

The Final Preseason Email
--Conference layouts & predictions
--The Preseason DFC Power Poll
--The DFC Rules & Regulations
--Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

"Now that Chris has chickened out this is the Year of the Nipp. All McBrooms, Gaineys, and Roosters beware. It's hunting season and the rifle is loaded" -- Michael Nipp

"There are three things you don't do... 1) You don't get in a land war in Asia. 2) You don't negotiate with a Sicilian when death is on the line. 3) You don't get in a football game with the greatest of all football minds in the world--my wife Tiffiany" -- Tebe Shaw

A few rookies have joined the fray this year, probably not at all understanding what the power of the DFC holds, and how long some of us have been wanting to claim the Brooke DeRamus Championship Plate as our own... and some of us-Tad Roose-wanting to lay claim to a third plate, to solidify his place as possibly The Greatest Ever.

Here's the Conferences and Divisions, lined up with how they'll finish this year...

North Division
Matt Latta
Angie Pilgrim (rookie)
Tom Johnson
DM Osborne
Ty Coffey
Tom is coming off of a division championship season, though the North Division was the only division to have only one person to cross the 60 win mark, Tom at 61 wins. This is the year that Matt "Great Bear of the North" will finally break through. I'm picking Angie to come in second, because every now and then, someone just comes along and surprises you--this will be her. I see Tom coming in third, with Osborne having a down year, and Ty finishing up the rear.

Midcentral (formerly the "central) Division
Justin Glenn
Jason Barnett (rookie)
Jennifer Ernst
Tebe Shaw (rookie)
Tommy McLeod
This is a monster year for The Glenn, as not only is he coming off of a division championship season in '04 (beating out J-Ernst by .27 TBA to do it), he's also the reigning Deuce Madness Champion from March. I see him expanding on that this year, while Jason heads the crop of the rookies this year (he's my Rookie of the Year prediction) to finish behind Justin. Not too far behind either is Jennifer, who always has a good year somehow, and candidate number one to be the Terrell Owens of the DFC is Tebe Shaw... I see him 4th this time. Tommy... he's just one of those unknown factors.

West Division
Eddy McBroom
Jason Demastus
Drew Morris
Jason Duren
Sarah Hasha
Big Eddy went to the championship last season, losing via TB to Chris Fulaytar in the closest DeuceBowl yet. Even though Drew Morris won the West last year, I think the West Division belongs to Eddy unless he gives it away. Demastus, entering his fourth year in the league, is due to shine finally, while Drew will come in a close third. I want to pick Jason Duren and Sarah to finish higher, I just can't yet.

The Fulaytar Conference Playoffs:
WildCard Weekend: Matt Latta (3rd) and Jason Barnett (5th) will make it past Drew Morris (6th) and Jason Demastus (4th)
Divisional Playoffs: Big Eddy (1st) and Justin Glenn (2nd) make easy work of the remaining Wild Card, Jason, and the North Division Champ Matt, as both Eddy and Justin head to the Final Four

East Division
Yours Truly
Mark Gainey
Willis Watkins (rookie)
Garrett Cheney
Tyler Campbell
After years of being a little timid about picking myself as the division winner, this year I'm going all out. The East Division now belongs to me, while the Mighty Gainey, three time defending East Champ, will be left picking up the pieces and wondering where it all went wrong. Willis, the 2nd Candidate for the DFC's T.O., will make a strong showing his first year, while Garrett won't be able to match last season's Rookie of the Year performance. And Tyler, well, he's a Sexy Beast to the ladies. To football however... more of a Stinky Bust...

SouthCentral (formerly Central) Division
Scott Latta
Tad Roose
Eddy McBroom Jr
Lori Smith
Jon Osborne
We all know that Scott and Jon are big buddies, and being in the same division makes for an interesting rivalry. They have also both been in the league the longest without a playoff appearance (this is their fifth year, the longest such dry spell in DFC history). For Scott, that changes. He's got a habit of starting huge and finishing with a stumble, but I predict this year he starts and finishes big big enough for the number one seed, in my opinion. Tad, the two time DFC champ, always has good years in odd years, so it would be amiss to not mention him, while Lil Eddy still stands in his father's shadow. Lori, the defending division champ, won't make it two in a row, and last season might have been Jon's best shot at glory.

South Division
Michael Nipp
Tim Wasyluka
Ryan Sherman (rookie)
Gina Williams (rookie)
Daniel Powell
In a relatively weak division, as Chris Fulaytar retired in the offseason, Michael shouldn't have any problem winning this division again. Tim took home two consecutive division titles, but persistent injuries, plus a faith in democrats, have caused him trouble in getting back to his former perch. Ryan, another newcomer, is a Tide faithful, picking them to the bitter end, which could hurt him (Re: Jon Osborne, Eddy McBroom, anyone named Latta) while Gina Williams, companion to Tad Roose, has decided to try her hand at football to little success, I'm afraid. This year anyway. And Daniel, once again, will have trouble getting things going, although he always finishes strong.

The McBroom Conference Playoffs
Wild Card Weekend: Michael Nipp (3rd) and Tad Roose (5th) move on, leaving behind Willis Watkins (6th) and a bewildered Mark Gainey (4th) wondering what went wrong.
Divisional Playoffs: Yours Truly (2nd) and Scott Latta (1st) blow out Michael and Tad by several games a piece, moving onto the final four.

DFC VI Final Four
Eddy over Justin, Scott over Yours Truly
Scott Latta wins over Eddy McBroom

The Preseason DFC PowerPoll
1. Eddy McBroom... 2nd year in a row to start on top
2. Scott Latta... breakthrough coming
3. Tad Roose... never discount the Trojan empire
4. Mark Gainey... has he peaked? or just getting started?
5. Justin Glenn... ready to capatalize on his division title
6. Jennifer Ernst... always a threat to the league
7. Yours Truly... ranked at #7 for the third season in a row
8. Matt Latta... the Great Bear of the North wants to roar... or will he meow?
9. Michael Nipp... the Nippster is gunning
10. Jason Barnett... will he be a Peyton Manning rookie? Or a Ryan Leaf rookie?

The DFC Rules
Each week, beginning the first weekend in September, you'll be given 8 games via email. Your goal is to simply pick the winners of these games, preferably by email, though I've taken phone calls, notes and other forms of communication. Get them back to me within a day of the first kickoff. If you miss the deadline for a Thursday or Friday night game (we'll have only a few of those) you can still get in the rest of your picks for the weekend games. Each Monday, you'll get another set of games via email. On Tuesday, you'll get an email with the previous week's results. Usually, I send out a reminder email on Friday to determine who's picks I still need.

Tiebreak Games
One of the games among the eight will be picked as the "Tiebreaker Game". You will send in your guess for the total combined points of the football game. Doesn't matter if you go over or under, just try to get it close. How far off you are will be recorded and used in something we call the TieBreak Average

The TieBreak Average is basically the average amount of points you are off from all the tiebreak games in the season. Though you can keep up with your own, the TBA usually is not released until after t he fourth week. Example: Auburn plays Ga Tech. You guess they'll score a combined 40 points, and Auburn beats GT 21-14, totaling 35 points. Your TBA after one week is 5 points. The next week, you guess 50 in a game, and the total points scored is 25, so you were off by 25 points. The average of the two weeks is now 15 (5 + 25 = 30 divided by 2 weeks). You can see how this number will become more stable as the weeks go on. The TBA is used to determine rankings and playoff spots--if Tebe Shaw & Jason Barnett both finish the season at 60-36, and Tebe has a TBA of 12.58, and Jason has a TBA of 12.75 at the end of the season, and there is one playoff spot remaining, Tebe gets it. Lower TBA.

TieBreak Drop
Everyone has a bad week every now and then. Each season, you get one "TieBreak Drop", which means you can use it to erase one bad tiebreak performance. Example being, you picked Texas and Oklahoma to score 80 points, and Oklahoma wins 14-3, your decent TBA suddenly took a 63 point hit. You can use the drop to get rid of the 63 points and its like it never happened. However, you can only use your drop in the week following the game, you cannot wait until the end of the season to use it on a Week Three game. While there is no penalty for not using it, know that you only have one per season, you must think of when it would be most advantageous.

There are six people per conference to make it to the postseason. They are seeded 1 thru 3 for division winners, based on record & TBA, then 4 thru 6 for wildcards, again based on record and TBA. The top two division winners get a first round bye in the playoffs, getting to sit back and enjoy the weekend, while the third division winner will go with the three wild cards to "Wild Card Weekend". Out of those four people, the top two records for the weekend advance to the second round. Once in the second round, the two from WCW and the two division winners all play out, with the top two records again advancing. Once in the Final Four, you go head to head against the other person in your conference to determine who goes to play in DeuceBowl VI. Two finalists remain, they pick their winners, and the top record of the weekend is declared the DeuceBowl VI champion, and will get their name engraved on the Brooke DeRamus Championship Plate as the greatest football mind in all the land.

If there is a tie in TBA to determine seedings or playoff berths, the worst week of the season is dropped for each person, and the TBA is reconfigured. (if you used your drop in the season, that week will NOT be considered, its gone forever). If there is still a tie, the best week of the season is dropped, and then the TBA is reconfigured. Worst, then best, will be dropped one at a time until someone has a lower TBA, no matter how small the difference.
If there is a tie game in the NFL, that game will be discarded altogether, and an extra NFL game will be used the following week. If the tie occurs in the final week of the season, the Monday Night Football game will be chosen as an extra game "just in case". If that game is also a tie, well, we'll see what happens.

The DFC Power Poll
Each Tuesday, when the results are released from the previous week, the DFC Power Poll is updated with the Top Ten of the week, ranked solely on record, then TBA. This Poll has no bearing on standings, or playoff rankings, but it does alot for braggin rights.

Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics
  • Let's start out big this time--right in the middle of this year's Week Four, The DFC will be celebrating its 500th game, regular season, of course, that's a five with two zeros after it. So for those of you who have been here since the start--Matt, DMOsborne, Jenn, Tommy, Daniel, Mikey, Tom and myself--that means we'll have chosen the winners of 500 football games in six years. Amazin'.
  • Even more, if you factor in the 104 playoff games thus far in the DFC, we're sitting right now at 576, which means the final game of Week Three will be the 600th total game of the DFC
  • And, one more, if you factor in the 88 picks per week from DFC I all the way to 208 per week in DFC V, someone in Week One of this season will be the person to turn in the 20,000th DFC Pick. Yes, that's a two with four zeroes after it.
  • A few weeks away from having the combined stats available, lets look at regular season stats: approaching 300 career wins in the first few weeks of the season is: Jennifer (291) and Mikey & Yours Truly (280)
  • Looking further down the road at 300 is: Tom (268), Tommy & DMOsborne (266) and Matt (262)
  • With a solid season, Daniel (247) and Eddy (243) could make it as well.
  • The Big Wookiee crawled back into the top ten at #10 of all three major categories: All Time, College & Pro, but will quickly fall out within the first few weeks of the season. He stands at 236 all time wins, with Tad (228), Drew (228), Justin (223), Scott (221) and Jon (218) all ready to pounce.
  • Wookiee's college record is 139-70, while Drew is at 139-86, so unless Morris goes 0-8 in Week One, Wook is out. Ready to take on Drew for the #10 spot on the all time college list is Jon (137), Scott (136), Tad (136) and Justin (130). As far as pro goes, Wookiee's 97 wins will fall quickly to Justin (91), Tad (91) and Drew (89).
  • With Lil Eddy hitting 201 wins at the end of last season, who's poised for the 200 mark? Well, Mark (196), Lori (173) and Tim (164) should do it, with Sarah (159) needing only 41 wins to do so. Demastus (139) will need a very solid 61 win season to do it, while Ty needs a league shattering 80-- so next year for Ty.
  • Incidentally, Jason Duren is only one game away from 100, while both Garrett (64) and Tyler (48) have a legit shot at it.
  • As far as college milestones go, Sarah is at 99 wins, so she'll hit 100 in Week One, while Demastus is a little farther back at 87. Having a very serious shot at 200 college wins is Jennifer (171), though she'll need a very good season, while Michael (164) will need almost a perfect season.
  • For Tebe, Jason B, Gina, Angie, Ryan and Willis to NOT be the worst rookie ever, it wont be that hard. The worst to ever complete a season (several just quit, which I don't favor) would be Trey O'Neal at 34-62. The lowest college record in a season belongs to Jason Demastus at 21-35, while Trey also has the worst pro record ever at 11-27.
  • Who's won the most weeks in the DFC? Weekly winners have been varied, with Jennifer Ernst having won 6 different weeks in five seasons. Mark Gainey has won five, while Michael Nipp and Eddy McBroom have each won four, while it should be noted that one of Eddy's weeks was shared with Jon Osborne and Tad Roose.
  • Fourteen people have gone 8-0 for the weekend in the regular season, while a few more have done it in the playoffs. A few of note would be Tad Roose's 8-0 DeuceBowl III performance that let him finish the season perfect, while last season, Garrett Cheney needed Chris Fulaytar to only lose one game, and Garrett would make the playoffs
  • Chris not only went 8-0, he also went 8-0 in WildCardWknd. All told, from Week Eleven to the Divisional Playoffs, Chris won 18 straight games, a DFC record. He rode this momentum into the championship, where he won it all for a second time.
  • Mark Gainey is not only the three time defending East Division champ, he's also riding a couple of records of note: he's the only person to go through the entire season without a single 4-4 or worst record (2004) after becoming only the second person to go through the whole season with at least a 4-4 or better record (2003). Chris Fulaytar did it in 2002. He's completed 33 regular season weeks with at least a 4-4 record (he went 2-6 in Week Three of DFC III) and has completed 14 weeks without a 4-4 week (another record)
  • The only people in 2004 to stay in the DFC Power Poll all season long? Mark Gainey, Yours Truly and Garrett Cheney. The only people to never see the anything but 20 thru 26? Ty Coffey, Tommy McLeod and Tyler Campbell.
  • Last season's best TBA? Mark Gainey at 9.0, with #2 being Jon Osborne at 10.182, #3 Chris Fulaytar at 10.73, #4 Yours Truly at 11.0, and despite his 48-48 record, Tyler Campbell at 11.64.
  • The worst? Garrett Cheney ( 20.27), Jason Duren (21.67) and Jason Demastus (21.91).
  •  The best ever TBA? Michael Nipp in DFC I with 8.2, and Tim Wasyluka in DFC III with 8.27. The worst ever was Matt Latta's dreary 23.2 TBA in DFC II, but to be fair, that was the season before the Drop was instituted.

There you have , folks... another preseason gone. See you in the regular season... DFC Week One Games go out Monday, August 29th

Monday, August 22, 2005

DFC VI Preseason Part Two - DFC V in Review

The DFC V Season in Review
A week by week account of how the season went down, how Scott choked, how Mark crashed, how Garrett stumbled, how Demastus rose and how Wookiee gained the mo' to take the title once again...

Week One
Winning the week was David Mark Osborne, starting his season at 8-0. The rest of the weekly top five was Jenn Ernst (7-1), Mark Gainey (7-1), Garrett Cheney (7-1) and Jason Duren (7-1). Top three in the DFC Power Poll was David Mark, Jenn and Mark. Game of the week is Troy State beating Marshall 17-7

Week Two
Tom Johnson won the week with a 7-1 mark, followed by Scott (7-1), Yours Truly (7-1), Matt Latta (6-2) and Sarah (6-2). The DFC Power Poll top three is Tom, Yours Truly and Mark. Game of the week is Fresno State destroying Kansas State 45-21, with only Shawn, Sarah and Yours Truly picking F'St.

Week Three
Mark Gainey won the week at 6-2, followed by Scott (6-2), a tie between Sarah & Yours Truly (6-2), and Tim (6-2). The DFC Power Poll top three is Yours Truly, Mark and Scott. Game of the week is Auburn over LSU in a classic 10-9 fashion during Wookiee's wedding weekend.

Week Four
Michael Nipp wins the week at 8-0, beating my 8-0 record via TB, making the first time someone finished 8-0 and didn't win the week. In third was Wookiee at 7-1, and Mark, Jason Duren and Shawn finished 6-2 in a three way tie for 4th. The DFC Power Poll top three is Yours Truly, Mark and Michael. New Orleans beats St. Louis 28-25 in a thriller.

Week Five
Garrett Cheney becomes the first rookie of the season to win a week at 8-0, followed by Tyler (6-2), Michael (6-2), Lori (6-2) and Mark (5-3). The DFC Power Poll top three is Yours Truly, Garrett and Michael. Game of the week--Vandy shocks Miss St 30-13

Week Six
The halfway point of the season find Jennifer Ernst winning the week at 6-2, followed by Jon (6-2), Michael and Drew in a tie for 3rd at 5-3 and Scott and Tad in a tie for 5th at 5-3. The DFC Power Poll top three is Yours Truly, Michael and Mark. Props goes to Shawn Sharp as the only one to pick Tennessee over Georgia (the Eddys included) as they won 19-14

Week Seven
Justin Glenn wins the week going 7-1. Coming up second is Jon at 6-2, followed by Wookiee (6-2), Tyler (5-3) and Ty Coffey (5-3). The DFC Power Poll top three is Michael, Mark and Yours Truly. Game of the week, Wisconsin over Purdue 20-17, only Demastus, Jon and Little Eddy having Badger faith.

Week Eight
Lori Smith wins the week overall, at 6-2. In 2nd is Wookiee at 6-2, followed by Drew (6-2), Jenn (6-2) and Demastus (5-3), beginning his charge that will end up just short of the postseason. The DFC Power Poll top three is Mark, Michael and Yours Truly. Jacksonville Jags beat Indy 27-24 in a tough one to watch.

Week Nine
Big Eddy wins the week at 7-1, followed by Daniel at 7-1, Mark at 6-2, Justin at 6-2 and Tad at 6-2. The DFC Power Poll top three is Mark, Michael and Yours Truly. Game of the week... Oklahoma State should have beaten the Sooners, but they lose 38-35

Week Ten
Three people take a share of the weekly title, as Jon, Little Eddy and Tad all go 7-1. Jason Duren is 4th at 7-1 and Demastus is 5th at 7-1. The DFC Power Poll top three is Mark, Michael and Yours Truly. Game of the Week... Alabama over Miss St, in a very hard one to predict.

Week Eleven
I finally avenge my loss to Michael earlier in the year as Yours Truly takes this week at 6-2, followed by Lil Eddy (6-2), Jenn (6-2), and a tie for 4th between Tad and Mark (6-2). The DFC Power Poll top three is Mark, Yours Truly, Lori. Game of the Week--Auburn 24, Georgia 6

Week Twelve
Garrett needed Wookiee to lose only once this week, and Garrett would be playoff bound. Didn't happen, as Wookiee wins the week going 8-0 (his total streak went 18 games in a row from the end of Week 11 to the Conference Final Four). Drew comes in 2nd at 8-0, losing via tiebreak, while Tom is in 3rd at 7-1. Shawn and Jenn finish 4th and 5th, both at 7-1. The DFC Power Poll top three to finish the season is Mark, Yours Truly and Lori Smith. Mark's streak of .500 or better finishes extends to 33 regular season weeks.

Wild Card Weekend
In the Roose Conference, Big Eddy's 8-0 was huge, and DMO's 6-2 beat out Jenn's 6-2 via tiebreak, while Tom's 5-3 went up in smoke. In the Ernst Conference, Michael and Wookiee both scored 8-0 weeks, beating my 5-3 and Lil Eddy's 6-2.

Divisional Playoffs
Justin tanked, going 2-6, and DMO's tiebreak luck ran out, losing 4-4 to Big Eddy's 4-4, while Drew coasted into his third Final Four at 5-3. On the other side, Mark and Chris both had 5-3 records, enough to beat Mikey's and Lori's 4-4.

Final Four
Drew had a 6-2 record, but Eddy's 7-1 was better, sending him to his first DeuceBowl, while Mark once again choked at the end, losing 5-3 to Wookiee's 6-2.

Deuce Bowl V
Both Eddy and Chris went 5-3, but Arizona's 31 to St Louis's 7 gave the TB 38 points total... enough for Chris' guess of 41 to beat Eddy's 45, as The Wookster wins his 2nd DFC title in three years.

DFC VI Preseason Part One - Random Stats

Here are some random stats to throw at you... to begin to stir your soul for what will be quite an exciting DFC adventure...

Last Season's Final Top Ten:
1. Mark Gainey, 68-28 (9.00)
2. Yours Truly, 66-30 (11.0)
3. Lori Smith, 66-30 (15.55)
4. Eddy Mc Jr, 65-31 (15.91)
5. Michael Nipp, 65-31 (19.09)
6. Chris Fulaytar, 64-32 (10.73)
*7. Garrett Cheney, 64-32 (20.27)
8. Drew Morris, 63-33 (13.73)
9. Tad Roose, 62-34 (11.91)
10. Justin Glenn, 62-34 (17.55)
(*Garrett is the highest ranked DFC'er at the end of the year to NOT make the playoffs, ever)

Championship Results:
DeuceBowl I : Shawn Sharp (5-3) over Chris Fulaytar (4-4)
DeuceBowl II: Tad Roose (6-2) over Drew Morris (4-4)
DeuceBowl III: Chris Fulaytar (6-2) over Drew Morris (5-3)
DeuceBowl IV: Tad Roose (8-0) over Jennifer Ernst (6-2)
DeuceBowl V: Chris Fulaytar (5-3) over Eddy McBroom (5-3) (chris wins via tiebreak--closest DeuceBowl in history)

Division Champions
North Division
DFC-I: No Division Title
DFC-II: David Mark Osborne (60-36)
DFC-III: Justin Glenn (61-35)
DFC-IV: Jennifer Ernst (66-30)
DFC-V: Tom Johnson (61-35)

Central Division
DFC I-IV: No division
DFC V: Justin Glenn (62-34)

West Division
DFC-II: Tommy McLeod (63-33)
DFC-III: Eddy McBroom (61-35)
DFC-IV: Lil Eddy McBroom (63-33)
DFC-V: Drew Morris (63-33)

East Division
DFC-II: Tad Roose (62-34)
DFC-III: Mark Gainey (65-31)
DFC-IV: Mark Gainey (63-33)
DFC-V: Mark Gainey (68-28)

Central Division
DFC-II: Chris Fulaytar (62-34)
DFC-III: Tim Wasyluka (58-38)
DFC-IV: Tim Wasaluka (57-29)
DFC-V: Lori Smith (63-30)

South Division
DFC I-IV: No division
DFC V: Michael Nipp (65-31)

DFC-I: Shawn Sharp
DFC-II: Chris Fulaytar
DFC-III: Mark Gainey
DFC-IV: Jennifer Ernst
DFC-V: Mark Gainey

Rookie of the Year
DFC II: Eddy McBroom
DFC III: Tad Roose
DFC IV: Jason Duren
DFC V: Garrett Cheney