Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DFC VII Season Wrap Up

DFC Champion:
Tad Roose has won an unprecedented 3rd DFC Championship by winning Deuce Bowl VII. His 5-3 record outpaced Matt Latta's 3-5 attempt to become the first to repeat as champion.

Congrats to Tad!

DFC VII Most Valuable Player Award:
This year, its pretty evident that Tad Roose takes this award easily. Runners up includes Jennifer Ernst and Daniel Powell

DFC VII Rookie of the Year Award:
Gary Eubanks also easily takes this award, having won 62 games this season, as well as the West Division championship. If there is a second runner up, it may be Zack Graves or Jason Turnbow.

DFC VII Osborne Award:
This award, given to the best DFC player who didn't make the playoffs, goes to David Mark Osborne, who lost out of the Fulaytar Conference playoff race by less than 4 tiebreak points to Jason Barnette.

Final DFC Power Poll
1) Tad Roose
2) Matt Latta
3) Daniel Powell
4) Tebe Shaw
5) Jennifer Ernst
6) Mark Gainey
7) Drew Morris
8) Yours Truly
9) Tim Wasyluka
10) Gary Eubanks
11) Gina Williams
12) Tommy McLeod

All Time Regular Season Wins:
1) Jennifer Ernst, 405... 2) Yours Truly, 393... 3-tied) David Mark & Matt Latta, 383... 5) Tommy McLeod, 481... 6) Tom Johnson, 379... 7) Michael Nipp, 371... 8) Daniel Powell, 367... 9-tied) Eddy McBroom & Tad Roose, 350

All Time Wins (regular season + playoffs):
1) Jennifer Ernst, 453... 2) Yours Truly, 440... 3) Matt Latta, 424... 4) David Mark Osborne, 412... 5) Drew Morris, 407... 6) Tad Roose, 401... 7) Eddy McBroom, 400... 8) Daniel Powell, 396... 9) Tommy McLeod, 392... 10) Tom Johnson, 390

The Final Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • If you notice the top two lists, there is one notable name missing from the second one. Michael Nipp is not among the top ten in all time wins, including playoffs. Its the first time that an original DFC'er has not been among the main stats. Congrats. (he's in 11th with 383)
  • Looking at all-time playoff wins, Drew Morris is now the king. He only went 10-6 in his two rounds (wild card & 2nd round) but it was enough to pass Wookiee Fulaytar for #1 on the list.
  • Tad not only has set a record for winning 3 DeRamus Plates, but has also set a number of other small records... he's made the playoffs three times in six seasons, and has won the championship each time, winning at least 16 games each time. He became only the 7th person to cross the 400 all-time win mark. He finishes the year with 44 weeks of 4-4 or better.
  • Gary Eubanks, this year's Rookie of the Year winner, won the third highest total of games for a rookie ever. His 62 wins finished behind Garrett Cheney's 64 (DFC V) and Mark Gainey's 65 (DFC III)
  • Speaking of Peyton Manning, Mark Gainey continues to pile up regular season stats... he won his fifth straight DFC East Title, his fifth straight playoff appearance, and his fifth straight seasons with 60 wins or more. Add those season totals to his already-a-record 3 MVP titles, and then look to his playoff appearances... out in 2nd round of DFC III, DFC VI and this year, out in Final Four of DFC IV & V. Could he be brandished the title of "Best to Never Win the Big One?" And before you say "Marino", remember Marino at least played in the Super Bowl once.
  • Here's an interesting stat for you... Tim Wasyluka has long held the top spot in the All Time TieBreak Average... but after this season, there's a new #1 in town. James Hawbaker now has a 11.69 average, compared to Tim's 11.73. But there is an * by James name... he started in the late first half of DFC VI, meaning he hasn't completely played two full seasons.
  • Surprises this year: Jason Barnette's first foray into the postseason, though shut down after one round. Ryan Sherman, looking like he might just shed that Arizona Cardinal "here to just finish last" persona and do something next year, winning 52 games. Daniel Powell owning it, having a career year that translated into his first division title after 7 seasons.
  • The biggest suprise this season? Tebe Shaw. He stormed out of the gate early, then fell after a few disasterous weeks. He picked himself up nicely, winning 63 games overall, had his name bandied about in the MVP discussion, and made his first Final Four, the first and only of the DFC VI rookies to do so.
  • Disappointments? Michael Nipp and Eddy McBroom, both annual contenders who's last two seasons have been the equivilant of a kick in the crotch with a steel toed boot. Maybe next year (asked with unease)? Tyler Campbell who all but had a clear path into his first postseason, only to pull a Cheney (as in Garrett) and allow the rug to be yanked out from under him.
  • The biggest disappointment? Scott Latta, whom we all thought was finally ready to make it to the big time, making the finals last season, and looking poised to take the title again. But a 49-47 record won't make it happen. In fact, only one person had a bigger fall than Scott a season after making a final appearance... and that was Tad Roose in DFC VI, winning 45 games after winning the title the season before.
  • Checking out our weekly winners, we only had one rookie winner, and Zack Graves did it twice (Wks 5 & 12). Tebe won 3 weeks this season, the first to do it since Jennifer Ernst did it in DFC VI. And out of every single regular season week in the DFC, 83 total, only twice has a week been won by a 5-3 record... the first was waaaaay back in DFC I, when Wookiee Fulaytar did it in Week 9. Skip ahead 68 weeks later... and yes, Yours Truly managed a weekly win at 5-3. Yes, yes, I'm proud. Thanks.
  • Its been one heck of a season, and I thank you all for helping out. DFC VIII will be here before you know it, and we're looking at doing two major things... either shortening the sesaon by 2 weeks, so the playoffs and Deuce Bowl VIII will finish with the college football season, or keeping the season at 12 weeks, and putting a two week break in the playoffs and the Final Four and Deuce Bowl, to allow the final two weeks to coincide with the major bowl weeks and the big playoff push in the NFL.
  • Anyway, I will hopefully have some time to put some stats and records up on the DFC Blogspot in the offseason... have a great Christmas, congrast to Tad, Osborne, Gary and all the division winners, and thanks everyone--d$



Dallas 38, Atlanta 28 (66 points)
NYJets 26, Minnesota 13
Pittsburgh 37, Carolina 3
Buffalo 21, Miami 0
Philadelphia 36, NYGiants 22
Green Bay 17, Detroit 9
Tennessee 24, Jacksonville 17
Indianapolis 34, Cincinnati 16

Tad Roose:
Dallas, NYJets, Pittsburgh, Miami, NYGiants, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Jacksonville, 54. Finished 5-3. Wins DFC Championship.

Matt Latta:
Dallas, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Miami, NYGiants, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Jacksonville, 43. Finished 3-5. Fails to repeat as champion.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

DFC VII Final Four & Results

DFC VII Final Four:
Matt Latta, Tebe Shaw, Daniel Powell, Tad Roose

Atlanta 17, Tampa Bay 13
Philadelphia 21, Washington 19
NYGiants 27, Carolina 13
Baltimore 20, Kansas City 10

Green Bay 30, San Francisco 19
San Diego 48, Denver 20
Buffalo 31, NYJets 13
New Orleans 42, Dallas 17

Matt Latta: Atlanta, Philly, NYGiants, Baltimore, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 53... finished 5-3. Advances to Deuce Bowl VII
Tebe Shaw: Atlanta, Philly, NYGiants, Kansas City, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 48... finished 4-4. Eliminated.

Tad Roose: Atlanta, Philly, NYGiants, Baltimore, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 47... finished 5-3. Advances to Deuce Bowl VII
Daniel Powell: Atlanta, Philly, Carolina, Baltimore, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 45... finished 4-4. Eliminated

Monday, December 04, 2006

DFC VII Divisional Playoff Results

Wake Forest 9, Georgia Tech 6 (Flippin' Wake Forest wins ACC)
West Virginia 41, Rutgers 39, 3 OT (Louisville wins Big East)
Florida 38, Arkansas 28 (Florida wins SEC)
Oklahoma 21, Nebraska 7 (Oklahoma wins Big XII)
Oregon St 35, Hawaii 32
Dallas 23, NYGiants 20

Seattle 23, Denver 20
Philly 27, Carolina 24 (51 total points)

DFC VII Final Four
Matt Latta... Tad Roose... Tebe Shaw... Daniel Powell

Fulaytar Conference

2) Tebe Shaw - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, NYGiants, Seattle, Philly (6-2, 40 points... 10 points off tiebreak... in DFC VII Final Four)
3) Matt Latta - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (6-1, 49 points... 2 points off tiebreak... in DFC VII Final Four)
1) Jennifer Ernst - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (6-2, 31 points... 20 points off tiebreak... eliminated from playoffs)
4) Drew Morris - Wake, WV, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Denver, Carolina (4-4, 37 points... eliminated from playoffs)

Latta Conference
1) Tad Roose - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (6-2, 38 points... in DFC VII Final Four)
2) Daniel Powell - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Denver, Philly (6-2, 28 points... in DFC VII Final Four)
3) Mark Gainey - Ga Tech, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (5-3, 38 points... eliminated from playoffs)
8) Yours Truly - Wake, Rutgers, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Denver, Philly (4-4, 34 points... eliminated from playoffs)