Monday, July 23, 2007

DFC VIII Preseason 1

Utah vs Oregon State, Thursday, August 30th, 2007, 9pm.

Whats the deal with this game? Its the first game of the 8th season of the Deuce Football Championships. DFC Ocho.

Eleven more weeks, then Week 12, the weekend of November 16th thru 18th. It remains to be seen if we will take Thanksgiving week off before the playoffs, or if we'll use that week... what will happen, though, the DFC VIII Final Four will have their showdown during Bowl Week & the last part of the NFL Season.

So, who's in?

In the North Division:
Matt Latta... a DFC original, won 62 games for the first time, en route to a 2nd straight North Division championship
DMOsborne... edged out of the postseason by the TBA, coming back for his 8th season.
Tom Johnson... one more DFC original
Ty Coffey... coming back again for season number 6
hold out: Ken Mackey

MidCentral Division:
Jenn Ernst... the all time DFC most winningest player, she's back for season 8 to defend her division title
Tebe Shaw... his 3rd year in the league, blasting into the 2nd seed with 63 wins last year
Jason Turnbow... in his 2nd year
Jason Barnette... back for his 3rd year, still not able to beat rival Tebe Shaw
Tommy McLeod... back for his 8th season, the DFC original was the fifth person from this division to make the DFC VII postseason
hold out: Justin Glenn may be making a return, after retiring last year

West Division:
Gary Eubanks... won Rookie of the Year and the West Division, back for Year 2
Drew Morris... back after his 500th playoff appearance
Sarah Hasha... still seeking to make the postseason after 6 seasons
Jason Demastus... still seeking to mak the postseason after 6 seasons
Eddy McBroom... it what had to be a rebuilding year, this former division champ is back for year 7
hold out: Jason Duren

East Division:
Mark Gainey... won his 5th straight division title, yet never made the finals
Yours Truly... a DFC original, back for year 8, ready to dethrone The Mighty Gainey
Tyler Campbell... fell apart in the DFC VII end, hoping to make the playoffs in his fourth year
hold outs: Trey Cartledge, James Hawbaker

SouthCentral Division
Zack Graves... hoping his sophomore season will match his rookie year
Lori Beirnkeiknenke (sp?)... will a wedding make a difference in her 6th year?
Jon Osborne... the winningest player to only go 12 weeks per season. Year seven for him.
Scott Latta... seen the playoffs once, hoping to regain DFC VI form
hold outs: Tad Roose (he's verbally agreed, but being champion as a free agent means he's commanding more money) and Eddy McBroom Jr

South Division:
Daniel Powell... won 63 games last year, and a division title. This is his 8th season
Michael Nipp... also his 8th season, coming off of 2 dreadful seasons
Garrett Cheney... trying to match his DFC V, as VI and VII sucked for him.
hold outs: Tim Wasyluka, Ryan Sherman, Gina Roose

Will hold out for holdouts until August 3rd, then will open up spots to newcomers...