Sunday, August 30, 2009

DFC X... Week One Games

Real quick like, I'd like to welcome our rookies to the game... Steven Ray, "Hurricane" Rhett Barnett, and Brad Latta...

Now to the games--just pick the winners, send 'em back...


Troy Trojans at Bowling Green Falcons, 6p

16. Oregon Ducks at 14. Boise State Broncos, 915p, ESPN


13. Georgia Bulldogs at 9. OK State Cowboys, 230p, ABC

20. BYU Fightin' Mormons at 3. Oklahoma Boomer Sooners, 7p, ESPN

5. Alabama Crimson Sabans at 7. VA Tech Hokies, 7p, ABC


Colorado State Rams at Colorado Buffaloes, 6p


Cincinnati Bearcats at Rutgers Scarlet Knights, 3p, ESPN

Miami Hurricanes at 18. Florida State Seminoles, 7p, ESPN

Tiebreak Game...
BYU at Oklahoma. Give me the TOTAL number of points scored in this game.

To answer your question, yes its permissable to send in Thursday nights game winners, then get the rest to me on Friday or Saturday--but it MUST be before Kickoff of first game, which is 23op this Saturday.

Welcome back, DFC'ers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

DFC X Divisional Lineup

So here's how it was done. I decided to pull back to six divisions this year, from eight, per conference. With eight, that would put 4 people per division in 5 divisions, and if slacker loser dropped out, that would leave 3 people... this way, there is 5 to 6 people per division, so if we lose someone, then its still a solid division.

I use a program called "The Hat", which allows me to enter in division names in one, and then the DFC'ers in the other. The tradition is the participants of the previous year's DeuceBowl get the conferences named after them--hence, The Gainey Conference and The Thornell Conference.

The rivalries I left intact are: Matt Latta & DMOsborne in the Gainey North Division... Jennifer Ernst and Tommy McLeod in the Gainey Central... Big Eddy and Drew Morris in the Gainey West Division... Yours Truly and Mark Gainey in the Thornell East... Scott Latta, Jon Osborne & Lori Beirne in the Thornell Central... and Daniel Powell, Mikey Nipp and Tim Wasyluka in the Thornell South.

The other rules I put in place... Joey Thornell cannot go to the conference with his name on it. When James Hawbaker is selected, Matt Halpert will go to that division as well, setting up another rivalry. The rookies Steven Ray & Rhett Barnett will not be in the same division.

Got all that? Well, here are your DFC X Divisions... each is ranked in the order of predicted season finish

The North Division
Matt Latta
Zack Graves
Jason Turnbow
Rhett Barnett
Chris Croyle

The Central Division
Justin Fisher
Jennifer Ernst
Joey Thornell
Tommy McLeod
Brad Latta
Sarah Hasha

The West Division
Eddy McBroom
Trey Cartledge
Drew Morris
Tad Roose
Tom Johnson
Dan Sellers

The East Division
Mark Gainey
Yours Truly
Ryan Sherman
Gina Roose
Jason Roberts
Tyler Campbell

The Central Division
Scott Latta
Lori Beirne
Jon Osborne
Steven Ray
Jason Duren
Garrett Cheney

The South Division
Matt Halpert
Eddy Jr
James Hawbaker
Tim Wasyluka
Daniel Powell
Michael Nipp

d$'s Pre-season Playoff Predictions
Gainey Conference
Wild Card Weekend... Justin Fisher (3 seed) and Trey Cartledge (4) advance over Zack Graves (6), Drew Morris (5)
Divisional Weekend... Big Eddy (2) and Trey Cartledge (4) advance over Justin Fisher (3) and Matt Latta (1)

Thornell Conference
Wild Card Weekend... Yours Truly (5) and Scott Latta (3) advance over Lori Beirne (4) and Eddy Jr (6)
Divisional Weekend... Mark Gainey (2) and Scott Latta (3) advance over Yours Truly (5) and Matt Halpert (1)

Final Four... Big Eddy over Trey Cartledge, Scott Latta over Mark Gainey

DeuceBowl X... Eddy McBroom beats Scott Latta

Playoff Records & Streaks

Top Ten Playoff Records
1. Drew Morris, 80-35
2. Mark Gainey, 77-44
3. Eddy McBroom, 68-28
4. Wookiee Fulaytar, 55-24
5. Tad Roose, 54-27
6. Matt Latta, 53-28
7. Jennifer Ernst, 52-28
8. Yours Truly, 51-29
9. DMOsborne, 29-11
10. Daniel Powell, 29-19

Top Ten Playoff Win % (at least 2 playoff appearances)
1. James Hawbaker, 78.1% (25-7 in 2 playoff seasons)
2. DMOsborne, 72.5 % (29-11 in 2 playoffs)
3-tie. Eddy McBroom, 70.8% (68-28 in 5 playoffs)
3-tie. Jason Duren, 70.8% (17-7 in 2 playoffs)
5. Trey Cartledge, 69.7% (23-10 in 2 playoffs)
6-tie. Wookiee Fulaytar, 69.6% (55-24 in 4 playoffs)
6-tie. Drew Morris, 69.6% (80-35 in 6 playoffs)
8. Tom Johnson, 68.8% (11-5 in 2 playoffs)
9. Ryan Sherman, 68.8 % (11-5 in 2 playoffs)
10. Tad Roose, 66.7% (54-27 in 4 playoffs)

Never Made Playoffs (DFC Seasons)
Sarah Hasha (7)
Tyler Campbell (5)
Garrett Cheney (5)
Jason Roberts (1)
Chris Croyle (1)
Rhett Barnette (1)
Steven Ray (1)

Current Playoff Streaks (Consecutive Playoff Apperances)
Mark Gainey (7)
Matt Latta (4)
James Hawbaker (2)
Trey Cartledge (2)
Scott Latta (2)
Ryan Sherman (2)
Jon Osborne (2)
Lori Beirne (1)
Jennifer Ernst (1)
Yours Truly (1)
Tim Wasyluka (1)
Eddy McBroom (1)
Joey Thornell (1)
Bradley Pinkerton (1)
Zack Graves (1)

Years Since Previous Playoff Appearance (last apperance)
Mikey Nipp (DFC V)
Tom Johnson (DFC V)
DMOsborne (DFC VI)
Eddy McB Jr (DFC VII)
Daniel Powell (DFC VII)
Tad Roose (DFC VIII)
Drew Morris (DFC VIII)
Tommy McLeod (DFC VIII)
Matt Halpert (DFC VIII)
Jason Duren (DFC VIII)
Justin Fisher (DFC VIII)

All Time Win Records

1. Jennifer Ernst, 527-329
2. Yours Truly, 516-340
3. Matt Latta, 508-348
4. Tommy McLeod, 498-358
5. DMOsborne, 488-368
6. Daniel Powell, 480-344
7. Tom Johnson, 47-377
8. Mikey Nipp, 475-381
9. Drew Morris, 467-301
10. Eddy Mac, 466-302
11. Tad Roose, 465-303
12. Scott Latta, 456-312
13. Eddy Jr, 451-317
13. Jon Osborne, 451-317
15. Mark Gainey, 441-231
16. Lori Beirne, 405-267
17. Tim Wasyluka, 392-280
18. Sarah Hasha, 376-296
19. Jason Duren, 321-255
20. Justin Glenn, 317-211
21. Jason Demastus, 282-234
22. Garrett Cheney, 258-222
23. Tyler Campbell, 257-223
24. Wookiee Fulaytar, 236-140
25. Ty Coffey, 233-255
26. Jason Barnette, 224-160
27. Tebe Shaw, 224-160
28. Ryan Sherman, 221-163
29. Gina Roose, 219-165
30. James Hawbaker, 211-149
31. Shawn Sharp, 186-142
32. Zack Graves, 177-111
33. Trey Cartledge, 171-17
34. Jason Turnbow, 157-131
35. Ken Mackey, 145-143
36. Matt Halpert, 122-70
37. Gary Eubanks, 121-71
38. Justin Fisher, 113-79
39. Clif Render, 112-80
40. Joey Thornell, 108-76
41. Bradley Pinkerton, 61-35
42. AJ Fulaytar, 58-38
43. Vic Paschal, 56-40
44. Jason Roberts, 52-44
44. Chris Croyle, 52-44
46. Brook DeRamus, 50-38
47. Angie Mark Osborne, 50-46
48. Jonathan Lenning, 49-47
49. Jason Quinn, 47-49
50. Scott Burks, 44-52
51. Ryan Smith, 43-53
52. Josh Crosby, 39-57
53. Trey O'Neal, 34-62
54. Ross Kingrey, 27-37
55. Dawn "Snapdragon" Langner, 26-38
56. Willis Watkins, 12-26
57-tie. Rhett Barnette, 0-0
57-tie. Steven Ray, 0-0

retired/inactive... (playoff appearances)
1. Jennifer Ernst, 579-357 (6)
2. Yours Truly, 567-369 (6)
3. Matt Latta, 561-376 (5)
4. Drew Morris, 547-336 (6)
5. Eddy McBroom, 534-330 (4)
6. Tommy McLeod, 521-376 (4)
7. Tad Roose, 513-330 (4)
8. Mark Gainey, 518-275 (7)
9. DMOsborne, 517-379 (3)
10. Daniel Powell, 509-363 (3)
11. Tom Johnson, 490-382 (2)
12. Mikey Nipp, 487-393 (3)
13. Scott Latta, 479-330 (3)
14. Eddy Jr, 463-329 (3)
15. Jonathan Osborne, 461-323 (2)
16. Lori Beirne, 428-284 (4)
17. Tim Wasyluka, 423-305 (5)
18. Sarah Hasha, 376-296 (0)
19. Jason Duren, 338-262 (2)
20. Justin Glenn, 338-230 (4)
21. Wookiee Fulaytar, 291-164 (4)
22. Jason Demastus, 282-294 (0)
23. Garrett Cheney, 258-222 (0)
24. Tyler Campbell, 257-223 (0)
25. Jason Barnette, 240-168 (2)
26. James Hawbaker, 236-156 (2)
27. Tebe Shaw, 234-166 (1)
28. Ty Coffey, 233-255 (0)
29. Ryan Sherman, 232-168 (2)
30. Gina Roose, 224-168 (1)
31. Shawn Sharp, 197-147 (1)
32. Trey Cartledge, 194-127 (2)
33. Zack Graves, 185-119 (2)
34. Jason Turnbow, 159-137 (1)
35. Ken Mackey, 152-145 (1)
36. Matt Halpert, 127-73 (1)
37. Justin Fisher, 125-84 (1)
38. Gary Eubanks, 124-76 (2)
39. Joey Thornell, 122-86 (1)
40. Clif Render, 110-82 (1)
41. Bradley Pinkerton, 70-42 (1)
42. Vic Paschal, 59-45 (1)
43. AJ Fulaytar, 58-38 (0)
44-tie. Jason Roberts, 52-44 (0)
44-tie. Chris Croyle, 52-44 (0)
46. Brook DeRamus, 50-38 (0)
47. Angie Mark Osborne, 50-46 (0)
48. Jonathan Lenning, 49-47 (0)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The TBA Records

Top Records in a Single Season
1) Michael Nipp, 8.2 (DFC I)
2) Tim Wasyluka, 8.27 (DFC III)
3) James Hawbaker, 8.55 (DFC VI)
4) Mark Gainey, 9.0 (DFC V)
5) Big Eddy McBroom, 9.09 (DFC VII)
6-tie) Jennifer Ernst, 9.5 (DFC I)
6-tie) DMOsborne, 9.5 (DFC I)
8) Wookiee Fulaytar, 9.55 (DFC III)
9) Joey Thornell, 10.17 (DFC IX)
10-tie) Jonathan Osborne, 10.18 (DFC III)
10-tie) Jonathan Osborne, 10.18 (DFC V)

All Time Career TieBreak Averages
1) Mark Gainey, 11.66
2) Tim Wasyluka, 11.74
3) Jonathan Osborne, 12.42
4) Yours Truly, 12.44
5) James Hawbaker, 12.46
6) Big Eddy McBroom, 12.77
7) Matt Halpert, 12.82
8) Wookiee Fulaytar, 12.85
9) Joey Thornell, 13.0
10) Mikey Nipp, 13.13
--players with at least two full seasons played...

The DFC X Preseason... the Rules

Ladies & Gentlemen... its another season... the 10th season of The Deuce Football Championships... and here we go...

Wanted to set forth the rules of the game:

Each week, in your inbox, you'll be given a set of 8 games. Usually its 4 college, 4 pro, typically selected for the teams good records, or intrigue and interest in the game.

Your job is to pick the winner of these games, and send them back via email. A game will also be selected as the "Tie Break Game", and you will guestimate the total number of points scored in the game. For example, if the game is Florida State vs. Georgia Tech, and you have a sneaking suspicion that Ramblin' Wreck will pull out the upset by a score of 30 to 20, you won't send "30", you'll send "50" (30 + 20 = 50)

Your games will be recorded, and your wins and losses will be tallied over the course of the weekend. A "weekly winner" will be awarded to whoever got the most right, and was closest to the Tiebreak score, either over or under.

Week to week, your TieBreak Score will be tallied and averaged as to how far off you are. This is known as your TieBreak Average. This will be kept all year, and in case of records that are the same between people, the lower TBA will be considered and that person will be ranked higher, either given a higher playoff seed, or will finish higher in the regular season.

You have a "get out of a bad week" card to use during the season, known as a Tie Break Drop. If you have a terrible week, you may elect to use this Drop on your TieBreak Score, and it will be erased like it never happened. You only have one to use, so use it wisely. You have until the following week's games kickoff to let me know you want to use the drop.

NEW TWIST... Because those are lucky enough to not need their drop early in the season, and then are forced to use it at the end of the season when it matters very little, this year's TBA will broken up into two parts... Weeks 1-6 and Weeks 7-12. Your TieBreak Average will be tallied until the end of Week 6, then locked in. Then your TBA starts over on Week 7, through the end of the season, then locks in. Then, your first TBA and your second TBA are added and averaged, to form your full season TBA. Again, you only have ONE single TieBreak Drop to use for the entire season, so use with caution.

There are 6 playoff spots available per conference. The three division winners get automatic bids (regardless of where their record falls in the overall conference), and three wild card bids. The top two records get a first round bye, the remaining four vie for two spots in Wild Card Weekend. The top two advance to join the first round bye records for the Divisional Playoffs. The top two advance from each conference for the Final Four, then the winner of each conference participates in DeuceBowl X to determine a world champion.

To be awarded per season are the 8 divisional titles (The Gainey North, East, South, West and The Thornell North, East, South, West), the Most Valuable Player, the Rookie of the Year and the Osborne Award, given to the player voted the best of those who missed the postseason.

Your game emails will come out either Sunday night or Monday. You'll have until the kickoff of Saturday's games to get your picks in. This can be done by email, or texting me or voicemail if needed. The previous weeks' results will be emailed to you between Tuesday and Thursday.

Because of the sheer amount of games I record each week, I do make mistakes, so please check your record each week to make sure I get it right, and email me if its not correct.