Monday, May 22, 2006

The History of the DFC

Before we begin what will be the ultimate DFC archive--every score, every pick, all the standings--I'd like to tell you where this came from... back in Troy, as Wookiee & I lived together in the Thomas Circle Apartment Complex, we lived under a chain smoking lawyer wannabe named Steve.

Steve, Wookiee & I loved college football, so one day, in 1996, we decided to come up with The Sportsdawg Competition... we'd pick a bunch of college and pro games per week, ten to be exact, and the person with the best record would be crowned that week's "Sports Dawg", complete with a big, stuffed dog to display in your room for the next seven days.

Well, it lasted about three weeks. Wookiee won once, Steve won once, then I went undefeated (complete with a prediction of Northwestern over Michigan) one week... then we kind of let it fall apart.

Skip ahead four years, I'm at The Deuce with Mikey, Tom & Shawn, and Wookiee is probably sleeping on our couch. So, we decide to put together a football game of some sort... and immediately I, as the Deuce planner guy, thought of The Sportsdawg, so I pulled together The Deuce Football League. Then we bounced around a few names, finally coming up with The Deuce Football Championship... and we started calling it The DFC for short.

Starting the league was Michael Nipp, Shawn Sharp, Wookiee, myself, David Mark Osborne, Brook DeRamus, Matt Latta and Jennifer Hudson... then we added Tommy McLeod at the last minute. Daniel Powell didn't join up until Week Three.

The next season, we added a few more people, like Jonathan Osborne, Scott Latta, Eddy McBroom, Drew Morris and Tad Roose and had gone up to 20. DFCIII saw the likes of Ty Coffey, Jason Dematus and future DFC Hall of Famer Mark Gainey in the 20 person field, while DFCIV saw the group expand to 24.

By DFCV, in 2004, we'd grown to six 4-person divisions, and in 2005, the DFC jumped to 30 people. In 2006, I expect to add a few more, perhaps to 32 or 34, though its getting now that we may begin to lose some. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm going to begin working on The DFC from the beginning... over the next two months, I'd like to add it week by week, season by season, so you get a total comprehensive view of The DFC and its players. At the end, I will move the DFCVI information, currently on this blogsite, to the end, so there it will be totally chronological.

Enjoy the past... look forward to the future. (quite a tagline, huh?)