Saturday, September 30, 2006

DFC Week Five Results

All adjustments sent to me as of 10/1 have been made (ie, Drew..)

College Games
Florida 28, Alabama 13 (tiebreak = 41 pts)
Georgia Tech 38, Virginia Tech 27
UAB 21, Troy 3
Ohio State 38, Iowa 17

NFL Games
Buffalo 17, Minnesota 12
Baltimore 16, San Diego 13
New England 38, Cincinnati 13

Chicago 37, Seattle 6

The Week That Was
Though Zack Graves becomes only the third rookie to win his first week since last season (Angie Mark Osborne won Weeks 1 & 5, and Gina Williams won Week 12, both last yer) but Zack becomes the first MALE rookie to win in his first season. The last guy rookie to win a week was Garrett Cheney in Week 5 of DFC V.

Justin Glenn comes in 2nd at 6-2, while Jennifer Ernst continues her comeback tour (after last season's rebuilding year) to finish 3rd at 6-2. Gary "The Idol" Eubanks gets another top 5 finish, with 4th at 6-2, while Tebe Shaw, Eddy McBroom and Daniel Powell all thie for 5th at 5-3. In 8th is Tad Roose, while in 9th, a tie between Barnie, Demastus, Wasyluka and Eddy Jr, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing:
5-3: Mackey, Sarah Hasha, Lori Smith, Michael Nipp
4-4: Jason Turnbow, Tom Johnson, Drew Morris, Tyler Campbell, Jon Osborne, Gina Williams, Ryan Sherman
3-5: Matt Latta, David Mark Osborne, Jason Duren, Tommy McLeod, Hawbaker, The Mighty Gainey, Yours Truly, Trey Cartledge, Scott Latta, Garrett Cheney
2-6: Ty Coffey

The Standings
Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 25-15 (9.25)
David Mark Osborne, 21-19 (11.75)
Ken Mackey, 21-19 (13.0)
Tom Johnson, 20-20 (9.5)
Ty Coffey, 17-23 (22.8)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer Ernst, 29-11 (16.0)
Jason Turnbow, 26-14 (10.75)
Justin Glenn, 26-14 (27.75)
Jason Barnette, 25-15 (18.25)
Tebe Shaw, 23-17 (14.0)
Tommy McLeod, 21-19 (9.5)

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 29-11 (11.25)
Drew Morris, 25-15 (8.75)
Eddy McBroom, 24-16 (4.0)
Jason Duren, 23-17 (33.4)
Sarah Hasha, 22-18 (12.2)
Jason Demastus, 21-19 (9.25)

Latta Conference
East Division
Yours Truly, 25-15 (12.6)
Tyler Campbell, 26-14 (13.25)
Mark Gainey, 25-15 (17.5)
James Hawbaker, 22-18 (15.75)
Trey Cartledge, 22-19 (20.4)

South Central Division
Zack Graves, 28-12 (9.25)
Tad Roose, 27-13 (13.0)
Eddy Mc Jr, 25-15 (21.0)
Scott Latta, 24-16 (13.75)
Jonathan Osborne, 23-17 (19.25)
Lori Smith, 22-18 (13.8)

South Division
Tim Wasyluka, 29-11 (10.5)
Gina Williams, 26-14 (10.75)
Daniel Powell, 26-14 (13.4)
Michael Nipp, 23-17 (9.5)
Garrett Cheney, 21-19 (18.8)
Ryan Sherman, 20-20 (14.75)

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1. Tim Wasyluka, 29-11 (10.5) (1)
2. Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, 29-11 (11.25) (2)
3. Jennifer Ernst, 29-11 (16.0) (3)
4. Zack Graves, 28-12 (9.25) (6)
5. Tad Roose, 27-13 (13.0) (9)
6-tie. Jason Turnbow, 26-14 (10.75) (4)
6-tie. Gina Williams, 26-14 (10.75) (7)
8. Tyler Campbell, 26-14 (13.25) (10)
9. Daniel Powell, 26-14 (13.4) (12)
10. Justin Glenn, 26-14 (27.75) (NR)
11. Drew Morris, 25-15 (8.75) (NR)
12. Matt Latta, 25-15 (9.25) (5)
dropped out: Yours Truly (8th), Mark Gainey (11th)

...and the Bottom Five
30. Garrett Cheney (27)... 31. Trey Cartledge (26)... 32. Tom Johnson (33)... 33. Ryan Sherman (32)... 34. Ty Coffey (34)

Playoff Update
Here's the tweak on the playoffs. Originally, The DFC expanded this season's playoffs from 6 to 8 per conference, and as a result there would be no "first round bye". Upon further consideration, it has been determined that since there is no head-to-head until the conference championships, that there will be two "first round byes", and six to participate in Wild Card Weekend.
The first round byes, and top 2 seeds, will be given to the best records in each conference... it is obvious that the top seed will be a division winner, but #2 doesn't have to be. Tiebreak average will break any tie, unless there is a tie between seeds when one is a division winner--tie goes to division winner regardless. Once the playoff seedings are set, all regular season TBAs are discarded.
During Wild Card Weekend, the top two out of the six will advance to the conference semi-finals, with seedings breaking ties until the Conference Final Four. Please contact the DFC Admin for any questions or clarifications.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • Twas a brutal weekend... Tad Roose's streak is kept intact, now at 37 weeks without a losing record, but Yours Truly saw my 10 week +.500 streak come crashing down, and Mark Gainey witnessed his at-least-.500 streak end at 14 weeks.
    The new longest current streaks of +.500 belong to Jennifer Ernst at 8 weeks and Tim Wasyluka at 7 weeks.
  • The next longest current at-least-.500 streak after Tad belongs to Eddy McBroom the Bigger at 12 weeks, while Jennifer (again) has 11 weeks.
  • It was such a weekend that by the end of Week 4, there were 19 DFC'ers who had yet to post a losing record this season. After Week 5? Only 12 remain... Justin, Barnie, Jenn, Turnbow, Big Eddy, Gary The Idol, Drew, Tad, Wasyluka, Zack, Gina and Daniel.
  • Who can boast that they've had 5-3 or better? Jenn, Zack, Wasyluka and Daniel
  • As for this year's rookie crop, only a few names really stand out so far... Trey Cartledge and Ken Mackey are on pace to finish up with the average amount of rookie wins, around 45 to 50, maybe a few more. Jason Turnbow has done well for himself, and if the playoffs began right now, he'd be in... but the real Rookie of the Year Race that seemingly belonged to Gary "The Idol" Eubanks is beginning to heat up now that Zack Graves has had himself a few solid weeks.
  • Looking at overall numbers, Justin Glenn and Tad Roose are now tied all time for 10th place, both with 311 wins lifetime. Jonathan Osborne is now only 3 away from 300. Not to keep bringing her name up, but Jennifer Ernst is now 30 away from 400. Worth mentioning.
  • James Hawbaker has now passed Vic Paschal for 31st all time on the list with 59 wins, putting him now chasing current DFC'ers like Ryan Sherman (67), Tebe Shaw (74) and Jason Barnette (75)
  • Over in college, Daniel Powell and Tommy McLeod both charted their 200th college wins, with Daniel taking over 6th place all time because of fewer losses (138 to Tommy's 150).
  • Michael Nipp might be getting some mojo back after last season's disaster, passing Matt Latta again for 3rd all time.
  • Yours Truly's reign atop the Pro Records was merely to keep Tom's streak from going to four years in a row... after one week at #1, I'm back to #3. Who's number 1? Well, a tie between Tom and... you guessed it, Jennifer Ernst.
  • The best seasons ever: 1) Mark Gainey, 68-28 (DFC V)... 2) Lori Smith & Yours Truly, 66-30 (DFC V) and Jennifer Ernst, 66-30 (DFC IV)... 3) Michael Nipp & Eddy Jr, 65-31 (DFC V) and Mark Gainey, 65-31 (DFC III)... 4) Wookiee Fulaytar & Garrett Cheney, 64-32 (DFC V)
  • Those who won the DeRamus Plate with 60 wins or more? Tad Roose, 62-34 (DFC II) & Wookiee Fulaytar, 64-32 (DFC V).
  • The other ones? Shawn Sharp, 58-30 (DFC I)... Wookiee Fulaytar, 57-39 (DFC III)... Tad Roose, 59-37 (DFC IV)... Matt Latta, 59-37 (DFC VI). So it seems 60+ wins doesn't necessarily mean success. But 57 wins? That might help.
  • Actually, to make the playoffs you should probably shoot for 56. Since the league expanded to 24 or more in DFC III, only Michael Nipp and Jenn Ernst has made the postseason with less than 56 wins--they both had 55 wins in DFC III.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

DFC VII Week Five

All Games & TieBreak scores are in...

Dave's picks (as in, how I'm going 8-0) -- Florida, Georgia Tech, Troy, Ohio State, Minnesota, San Diego, Cincinnati, Seattle... tiebreak score is 33

Because I barely know what I'm talking about when I do write ups anyway, this week, its DFC Haiku. Enjoy. (oh, and about the Alabama game... there's the Troy game too, so its fun for everyone)

College Games
All times CST, all ranks from AP Poll

Alabama Crimson Tide (3-1) at 5. Florida Gators (4-0), 130pm, CBS
Does Lee Tiffen play
for Florida State? Should be a
swamp battle. Wide right.

24. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-1) at 11. Virginia Tech Hokies (4-0), 230pm ABC
Ramblin Wreck is one
score away from 4 and oh
Va Tech? O'rated?

Troy Trojans (1-3) at UAB Blazers (1-3), 6pm
Troy hung with the Noles,
with Tech, got shelled by Huskers
Can they handle Blaze?

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0) at 13. Iowa Hawkeyes (4-0)
The Buckeyes take on
the Fightin' Hawbakers. Can
1 stay number 1?

NFL Games
All times CST

Minnesota Vikings (2-1) at Buffalo Bills (1-2), 12pm Fox
The Vikes are a weak
2 and 1 team. Are the Bills
more than 1 and 2?

San Diego Chargers (2-0) at Baltimore Ravens (3-0), 12pm CBS
Bet the Titans wish
they still had Air. The Bolts still
have LaDanian T.

New England Patriots (2-0) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-0), 315pm CBS
Pats are still playing
Denver at haiku writing
time. More on monday.

Seattle Seahawks (3-0) at Chicago Bears (3-0), 715pm NBC
Hawks have a great O
but gave up three TDs in
five minutes Sunday!

TieBreak Game
For DFC Week
five tiebreak, let's say Tide at
Gators, total points

Saturday, September 23, 2006

DFC Week Four Results

Arkansas 24, Alabama 23 (2OT)
Mississippi State 16, UAB 10 (OT)

Washington 29, UCLA 19
Notre Dame 40, Michigan State 37
Chicago Bears 19, Minnesota Vikings 16
Carolina Panthers 26, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24
Cincinnati Bengals 28, Pittsburgh Steelers 20

Seattle 42, NYGiants 30

The Week That Was
Well, Jennifer holds the record with 6 different weekly wins, while Mark Gainey is tied for 2nd with Wookiee Fulaytar with five... so its only fitting that they tie for the weekly win this week. This is the first time since Week 10 of DFC V (2004) there has been a tie for the weekly title, and only the fourth time in DFC history.

That is fitting, because the Top Ten is full of ties, all at 5-3... tied for 3rd is Jonathan Osborne, Justin Glenn and The Wasyluka, while Jason Barnette gets 6th all to his own. In 7th is Jason Turnbow, while tied for 8th is Matt & Scott Latta. In 10th is Tommy McLeod.

Also Finishing
5-3: David Mark Osborne, Drew Morris, Eddy Mc Jr, Jason Demastus, Yours Truly, James Hawbaker, Zack Graves, Daniel Powell
4-4: Ken Mackey, Jason Duren, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, Eddy Mac Sr, Tyler Campbell, Trey Cartledge, Gina Williams, Michael Nipp, Tad Roose
3-5: Tom Johnson, Lori Smith
2-6: Ty Coffey, Tebe Shaw (again), Ryan Sherman, Garrett Cheney, Sarah Hasha

The Standings (rec) (TBA)
Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 22-10 (11.67)
David Mark Osborne, 18-14 (11.33)
Ken Mackey, 16-16 (15.33)
Tom Johnson, 15-17 (9.67)
Ty Coffey, 15-17 (25.5)

MidCentral Division
Jenn Ernst, 23-9 (18.75)
Jason Turnbow, 22-10 (6.0)
Jason Barnette, 20-12 (23.0)
Justin Glenn, 20-12 (35.67)
Tommy McLeod, 18-14 (11.33)

Tebe Shaw, 18-14 (17.5)

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 23-9 (11.33)
Drew Morris, 20-12 (11.33)
Jason Duren, 20-12 (38.0)

Eddy McBroom, 19-13 (5.0)
Sarah Hasha, 17-15 (13.75)
Jason Demastus, 16-16 (3.0)

Latta Conference
East Division
Yours Truly, 22-10 (13.75)
Tyler Campbell, 22-10 (17.33)

Mark Gainey, 22-10 (22.67)
James Hawbaker, 19-13 (21.5)
Trey Cartledge, 18-14 (18.75)

South Central
Zack Graves, 22-10 (12.0)
Tad Roose, 22-10 (16.67)

Scott Latta, 21-11 (17.0)
Eddy Jr, 20-12 (25.25)
Jon Osborne, 20-12 (25.33)
Lori Smith, 17-15 (14.75)

South Division
Tim Wasyluka, 24-8 (12.67)
Gina Williams, 22-10 (13.0)
Daniel Powell, 21-11 (16.5)
Michael Nipp, 18-14 (9.67)
Garrett Cheney, 18-14 (20.0)
Ryan Sherman, 16-16 (19.33)

Used TB drop: (Wk 1) Mark Gainey, Ryan Sherman, Jon Osborne (Wk 2) Tyler Campbell, Jason Barnette, Justin Glenn, (Wk 3) Michael Nipp, Gina Williams, Zack Graves, James Hawbaker, Scott Latta, Tommy McLeod, Gary Eubanks, Tommy McLeod, Matt Latta, Tom Johnson, Ken Mackey, David Mark Osborne, Jason Turnbow, Tad Roose, Tim Wasyluka, Drew Morris

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
Rank, player, record (TBA) (last wk)
1) Tim Wasyluka, 24-8, (12.67) (2)
2) Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, 23-9, (11.33) (1)
3) Jennifer Ernst, 23-9 (18.75) (9)
4) Jason Turnbow, 22-10 (6.0) (8)
5) Matt Latta, 22-10 (11.67) (10)
6) Zack Graves, 22-10 (12.0) (6-tie)
7) Gina Williams, 22-10 (13.0) (4)
8) Yours Truly, 22-10 (13.75) (6-tie)
9) Tad Roose, 22-10 (16.67) (5)
10) Tyler Campbell, 22-10 (17.33) (3)
11) Mark Gainey, 22-10 (22.67) (NR)
12) Daniel Powell, 21-11 (16.5) (11)
Dropped Out: Tebe Shaw (12)

The Bottom Five: (30) Jason Demastus... (31) Ken Mackey... (32) Ryan Sherman... (33) Tom Johnson and (34) Ty Coffey

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • Forgot to mention this last week... Seattle and NY's game last Sunday was big because it was the 600th all time DFC game to be played. Chicago and Minnesota was the 250th pro game, while next week's Troy/UAB tilt has the honor of being the 350th college game picked.
  • Mentioned a weekly tie has only happened four times... besides this week, the others were DFC I's Week 2 (Wookiee Fulaytar & Brooke DeRamus), DFC II's Week 7 (Tommy McLeod & Jason Quinn) and DFC V's Week 10 (Eddy McBroom, Jon Osborne & Tad Roose)
  • Tim Wasyluka's #1 ranking is the first time he's been at the top since The DFC Power Poll was formed in DFC IV. Out of the 17 people who have been at #1 since its inception, 10 of those have only got one week there... Lori Smith, Mikey Nipp, Tom Johnson, Jonathan Osborne, Angie Mark Osborne, Sarah Hasha and this season, Matt Latta, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, Tebe Shaw and Tim.
  • Of those spending multiple weeks at #1, David Mark Osborne (7 wks), Mark Gainey (7 wks), Yours Truly, Jenn Ernst & Eddy Jr (4 wks) and Justin Glenn (2 wks)
  • I call it the DFC equivalent of pitching a no-no... it doesnt happen often, but it happens. To add to Tim's monster MVP-chasing season, he nailed the TieBreak for the week at 48.
  • Thank goodness for the NFL... after a 1-3 start, Yours Truly ended up 5-3 with an undefeated Sunday. This keeps my streak of 5-3 or better weeks alive, now at 10. Now at 3rd all time, Eddy McBroom has 2nd on this list with 11 weeks, while Mark Gainey is first with 14 weeks (these two are not current streaks)
  • Tad Roose keeps going, now at 36 straight weeks of .500 or better.
  • Scott Latta gets his 300th all time win this weekend, when Seattle beat the NYGiants. Up next for 300? Justin (297) and Jonathan (294).
  • The race to be the first of the 2005 rookie class to hit 100 is heating up.. Gian Wiliams leads with 75, Jason Barnette is 23nd with 70 and Tebe Shaw has 69.
  • After thier rookie season in 2004, Garrett Cheney and Tyler Campbell finished 14 games apart overall... its taken Tyler two years to do it, but he's within four of passing Garrett on the all time list, and only one win away from tying him in college.
  • Through the standings, there are a number of people who played but one year, called "The Retirement Bloc", starting with Vic Paschal who is at 56-40, ending with Willis Watkins, who ended at 12-26, and all first and some second year active players are mixed in between. On my chart, retired is in grey, while active is in black, so its fun to watch the actives slowly creep up the chart passing the likes of Ryan Smith, Scott Burk, the immortal Brook DeRamus and others. James Hawbaker has now tied Vic Paschal for 31st all time, finishing the Bloc, and will now chase Ryan Sherman for 30th all time.
  • With this years rookiee class, Zack, Turnbow, Gary The idol, Trey and Mackey, they've all passed Willis, and next up is Dawn Langner with 26 wins (41st all time) and Ross Kingrey with 27 (40th all time)
  • Looking at college, David Mark managed his 200th win, and up next is Tommy McLeod (199) and Daniel Powell (198).
  • Over on the pro side, its been a dismal season for Lori Smith, but she did managed to pass DFC I champ Shawn Sharp for 19th all time in pro wins.
  • And finally, for the first time in over four seasons, Tom Johnson is no longer atop the All Time Pro List. Last season, Yours Truly and Jenn Ernst tied him once, but Tom pulled away again... but this week, I passed him by a game to take the #1 spot on the list with 150 wins. Tom and Jenn are tied in 2nd with 149.

Monday, September 18, 2006

DFC VII Week Four

All Picks Have Been Received

Here is who has used their TB drop: (Wk 1) Mark Gainey, Ryan Sherman, Jon Osborne (Wk 2) Tyler Campbell, Jason Barnette, Justin Glenn, (Wk 3) Michael Nipp, Gina Williams, Zack Graves, James Hawbaker, Scott Latta, Tommy McLeod, Gary Eubanks, Tommy McLeod, Matt Latta, Tom Johnson, Ken Mackey, David Mark Osborne, Jason Turnbow, Tad Roose, Tim Wasyluka

From a week that saw some of the best games in a while transpire to a week that actually made me consider a Hawaii/Boise State game for lack of games, here goes Week Four in the DFC.

The Crimson Tide of Alabama (3-0) take on The Razorbacks of Arkansas (2-1), 230pm, CBS
This rivalry has a history of being physical, even by SEC standards, which, as we saw at Auburn last week, are a notch above most (ask California about its trip to Knoxville). It will be difficult to find anyone outside of either state who believes this is for anything other than third in the SEC West.

But it is an interesting game because of the youth of the respective teams. The Razorbacks' two offensive stars are sophomore tailback Darren McFadden and freshman quarterback Mitch Mustain. The Crimson Tide's inexperience on offense is evident in its record in the red zone: four touchdowns in 14 trips.

The Tide once again has a formidable defense. Alabama leads the SEC in turnovers forced with nine, and in turnover margin at plus-5. There's only one school in Division I-A that hasn't forced a turnover yet -- Arkansas. The Razorbacks are at minus-7, last in the league and next to last in the nation. That is reason enough to think that Alabama can win in Fayetteville for only the second time in five trips.

Crap O'the Week!
The Bulldogs of Mississippi State (0-3) visit the Blazers of University of Alabama-Birmingham (1-2), 6pm
All I know is, if Mississippi State gets throttled by UAB, we are totally pickeing the MSU/Jax St game in a few weeks. Welcome to the crappiest game you'll see this weekend.

The Bruins of UCLA (2-0) visit the Huskies of Washington (2-1), 6pm, TBS
I'll be honest with ya... I am hoping this game is on TBS, because this mght be a really good game. Go you Huskies.

The 12th Ranked Fightin' Irish of Notre Dame (2-1) visit the Spartans of Michigan State (3-0)
The 40th anniversary of the 10-10, "Tie One For The Gipper" Game doesn't carry the same gravitas, but it has become especially important for the Irish after their washout loss to Michigan last week.

This one will test Irish coach Charlie Weis, even if he will coach in the comfort of someone else's home (Weis is 6-0 on the road, 5-3 at home, and 0-1 at a neutral site). Michigan State has a passing game that bedeviled the Irish last season, just as it has nearly everyone on the Spartans' schedule. Senior quarterback Drew Stanton is living up to the expectations placed on him before the season. Stanton is one of Brady Quinn's greatest rivals to become an early first-round selection in the 2007 NFL draft.

Michigan State sputtered for a couple of weeks before the engine kicked in against Pittsburgh in the second half last Saturday. There's no doubt that the engine will start up immediately against Notre Dame. It always does. The Spartans have won seven of the nine games since the schools began playing annually in 1997.

Michigan exposed the same flaws in the Notre Dame pass defense that appeared to have been corrected in the opening wins over Georgia Tech and Penn State. Even if we didn't have overtime, it's safe to assume this game wouldn't finish 10-10.

NFL Games
Chicago Bears (2-0) at Minnesota Vikings (2-0), 12pm Fox
The Bears are playing well in all phases of the game. They have a dominant defense, an explosive offense that is averaging 30 points a game and an impressive special teams unit that has returned a punt for a touchdown. Minnesota has done a great job of being disciplined, sticking with and executing its game plans while grinding out two tough victories. This matchup puts an elite NFC team (Bears) facing a talented, mature team (Vikings). One of these teams will finish Sunday undefeated and in the NFC North driver's seat.

Carolina Panthers (0-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2), 12pm Fox
Although both teams entered the season with high expectations, they now find themselves in a must-win situation in this weekend's NFC South showdown. Bucs head coach Jon Gruden must find a way to improve the decision making and production of QB Chris Simms and his offensive system. Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's vaunted defense is playing more on reputation than production at this point in the regular season.

Panthers head coach John Fox has made a habit in recent years of digging his teams out of early season holes. They were 1-2 last year and still made it to the NFC title game. Look for the Panthers to incorporate a combination of RB DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams in their power running game to set up the play-action pass against a Buccaneers defense that is allowing 326.5 yards per game.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1), 12pm CBS
Even though the Steelers are not undefeated, this is the first of two battles for AFC North supremacy, with the rematch coming in Cincinnati on the last week of the season. In their three meetings last season, the road team won each game. The Steelers face a short week after their loss to Jacksonville, but they should be ready for this one and now need a win to keep pace in the division.

These teams didn't like each other even before their Wild Card game last season when Carson Palmer's knee was shredded early in the game. Now, they really don't like each other. The Pittsburgh crowd will be very loud. This game features two very good coaches, outstanding young quarterbacks and plenty of talent up and down both rosters. This has all the makings of a great football game. (tiebreak game)

New York Football Giants (1-1) at Seattle Seahawks (2-0), 315pm Fox
The Giants came from behind to beat the Eagles in overtime. Has Eli Manning arrived as a quarterback? The Giants will have their hands full this week against the third-ranked Seahawks' defense. Matt Hasselbeck could put up some big numbers against a weak Giants' secondary. This game should see the debut of WR Deion Branch, who could have a breakout game against the Giants.

Tiebreak Game:
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, total points scored

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week Three Results

Game Scores:
Michigan smacks around Notre Dame 37-14
Auburn edges LSU 7-3
Oregon beats Oklahoma in the last seconds 34-33
Miami stomps on L'ville field logo, L'ville stomps on Miami, 31-7
TCU wins offensive throwdown, 12-3 (tiebreak game... ha!)
Clemson wins 2006 Bowdoin Bowl 27-20
USC thumps the Huskers 28-10

Florida 21, Tennessee 20

The Week That Was
It's been 39 regular season weeks since we could say this, but Tim Wasyluka wins the week. At 7-1, he wins his second title, the first since going 7-1 in DFC III's Week 11.

Tyler Campbell the self-proclaimed Sexy Beast of the DFC takes 2nd place at 6-2, while Gina Williams also finishes at 6-2 for 3rd. Also at 6-2 is Gary "The Idol" Eubanks for 4th (and taking over #1 in the DFC Power Poll)

The rest of the top ten finished at 5-3--Sarah Hasha for 5th, Jennifer Ernst for 6th, Daniel Powell & Garrett Cheney tied for 7th, Yours Truly takes 9th and Eddy McB Sr in 10th

Also finishing:
5-3: Jason Turnbow, Drew Morris, Tad Roose, Zack Graves, Michael Nipp
4-4: Matt Latta, Tom Johnson, David Mark Osborne, Justin Glenn, Jason Barnette, Tommy McLeod, Jason Duren, Mark Gainey, James Hawbaker, Scott Latta
3-5: Ken Mackey, Ty Coffey, Jason Demastus, Trey Cartledge, Lori Smith, Ryan Sherman
2-6: Tebe Shaw, Jonathan Osborne, Eddy McBroom Jr

Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 17-7
David Mark Osborne, 13-11
Ty Coffey, 13-11

Tom Johnson, 12-12
Ken Mackey, 12-12

MidCentral Division
Jason Turnbow, 17-7
Jennifer Ernst, 17-7
Tebe Shaw, 16-8

Jason Barnette, 15-9
Justin Glenn, 15-9
Tommy McLeod, 13-11

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 19-5
Jason Duren, 16-8
Eddy McBroom, 15-9
Sarah Hasha, 15-9
Drew Morris, 15-9
Jason Demastus, 11-13

Latta Conference
East Division
Tyler Campbell, 18-7
Yours Truly, 17-7
Mark Gainey, 16-8
Trey Cartledge, 14-10
James Hawbaker, 14-10

South Central Division
Zack Graves, 17-7
Tad Roose, 18-6
Scott Latta, 16-8
Eddy Jr, 15-9
Jon Osborne, 15-9
Lori Smith, 14-10

South Division
Tim Wasyluka, 19-5
Gina Williams, 18-6

Daniel Powell, 16-8
Garrett Cheney, 16-8
Michael Nipp, 14-10
Ryan Shrman, 14-10

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
Rank (Rec) (Last Week)
1. Gary Eubanks (19-5) (2)
2. Tim Wasyluka (19-5) (12)
3. Tyler Campbell (18-6) (NR)
4. Gina Williams (18-6) (10)
5. Tad Roose (18-6) (5)
6-tie. Zack Graves (17-7) (8)
6-tie. Yours Truly (17-7) (9)
8. Jason Turnbow (17-7) (7)
9. Jennfer Ernst (17-7) (NR)
10. Matt Latta (17-7) (3)
11. Daniel Powell (16-8) (NR)
12. Tebe Shaw (16-8) (1)
Dropped Out: Mark Gainey (11), Eddy Jr (6), Jon Osborne (4)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • Big props to Tad Roose, who just broke Mark Gainey's seemingly impossible record of weeks at 4-4 or better... Tad now has 35 weeks straight. His last losing weekly record? DFC IV, in 2003, Week Four when he went 3-5. By the way, he's never gone 1-7 in five seasons.
  • Who holds the 2nd longest current streak? Gainey, with 14 weeks currently.
  • Mark Gainey also holds the record for 5-3 or better in consecutive weeks, with 14. The last 14 weeks of his 34 week .500+ was above .500.
  • However, the current streak? Yours Truly, at 9 weeks.
  • Congrats to Michael Nipp, who looks like he's turning his fortunes around. Winning 65 games, and the South Division title, in DFC V, he dropped 25 games for a 40 win season in DFC VI. He currently sits in 26th place in the league--that may seem low, but its the highest he's been since he was ranked 18th in Week One last year.
  • Whereas last year he struggled to catch David Mark Osborne (and only did at season's end because DMO choked), this season Matt Latta is tearing up the North Division right now. With his 17-7 current record, he's still tied with DMO for 3rd all time on the win list at 338.
  • Tad Roose crossed 300 wins this week, Jason Demastus crossed 200, and James Hawbaker hit 50 all time.
  • Michael Nipp hit 200 wins in college.
  • Tim Wasyluka's 39 weeks is a long time between weekly wins, but consider Tommy McLeod... his last win was 57 weeks ago, DFC II's Week 7, and even then, he sahred it with Jason Quinn. Two weeks before that, 59 weeks ago, he won it alone.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

DFC VII Week Three

As of Friday 942pm, 9/15, I've NEED games from: Tommy McLeod, Jason Duren, Garrett Cheney, Ryan Sherman

Used Tiebreak Drop So Far This Season: (Week 1) Jon Osborne, Mark Gainey, Ryan Sherman, (Week 2) Jason Barnette, Jason Demastus, Tyler Campbell, Justin Glenn

Correction: I made a blunder in Jason Duren's record. It does not affect the DFC Power Poll or the standings (which I got right), it only affects last week's top ten finishers. I have corrected it in the Week Two Results on this page -- DFC Admin

Usually there is one week that just has too many good college games to pass up--and usually, its somewhere in October. Very rarely, however, do we not only have eight solid college games like these so early in the season, and even more rare is the fact that 15 of 16 teams involved are ranked.

I give you... College Week 2006
All ranks from the AP Poll... all times CST

#11 Michigan Wolverines (2-0) at #2. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (2-0), 230pm, NBC
Okay... so Notre Dame struggles with a still unranked Georgia Tech team, and then blow out a Penn State squad that we now know is completely overrated. So, we are ready to give Brady Quinn the Heisman, huh?
Something's got to give: Michigan is tied for fourth nationally in turnover margin. Notre Dame is 11th.
What favors Michigan: The Wolverines have excelled at pressuring the quarterback, racking up 10 sacks, while Brady Quinn has been dumped five times already. The Irish are giving up a fairly fat 4.5 yards per carry, which means the nation's No. 7 rusher, Michael Hart, should have some room to run.
What favors Notre Dame: The Irish have won three of the last four in this series despite being solid underdogs in each game. If it comes down to quarterbacks making plays, you have to like Quinn more than Chad Henne. If Lloyd Carr loses a September game for the seventh straight season, Big Blue fans will plot the overthrow of the Schembechler Dynasty.

#6. LSU Tigers (2-0) at #3. Auburn Tigers (2-0), 230pm, CBS
Something's got to give: Tigers (LSU version) have the nation's No. 7 scoring offense. Tigers (Auburn version) have the nation's No. 7 scoring defense.
What favors LSU: Auburn QB Brandon Cox struggled last year against LSU, completing just 16 of 40 passes, and this year the Bayou Bengals' secondary is even better. Meanwhile, LSU QB JaMarcus Russell appears on the verge of mastering his position.
What favors Auburn: LSU hasn't won on The Plains since Gerry DiNardo was its coach. Auburn is primed for revenge after kicker John Vaughn missed five field goals in Baton Rouge last year in a three-point loss. He has made 10 of 12 since then.

#15. Oklahoma Sooners (2-0) at #18. Oregon Ducks (2-0), 230pm, ABC
Something's got to give: Sooners have won four straight against Pac-10 teams from outside the state of California (and lost five of their last six to Pac-10 teams from Cali). Ducks haven't been on the negative side in turnover margin in seven straight games, 12 of their last 14.
What favors Oklahoma: Peterson has a go at the No. 79 rushing defense in the country. The Sooners have beaten Oregon each of the past two years, including an upset win in the Holiday Bowl last season.
What favors Oregon: The Sooners are flatly unremarkable on paper, not ranking higher than 30th nationwide in any of the primary offensive and defensive statistical categories -- and ranking 111th in turnover margin. Explosive sophomore Ducks running back Jonathan Stewart is expected to play after getting only one carry last week while nursing a sprained ankle.

#17. Miami Hurricanes (1-1) at #12. Louisville Cardinals (2-0), 230pm, ABC
Something's got to give: Hurricanes have won 31 of their last 32 against Big East opponents. Cardinals have won 13 straight home games, averaging 54.6 points in that streak.
What favors Miami: The cast on Louisville jumbo back Michael Bush's leg, for starters. And the fact that the Cardinals are essentially untested after walkover wins over Kentucky and Temple. Canes 1-2? Don't pick up the paper off the front porch and don't turn on talk radio, Larry Coker.

What favors Louisville: Brian Brohm will be the best quarterback on the field, and Bobby Petrino will be the best offensive coach. The Cardinals' weak secondary matches up with a middling receiving corps hurt by the continued suspension of Ryan Moore.

#24. Texas Tech Red Raiders (2-0) at #20. Texas Christian Horned Frogs (2-0), 430pm
Something's got to give: Horned Frogs have won 12 straight games, the longest active streak in the country. Red Raiders are 10-0 against in-state nonconference opponents under Mike Leach, including a 70-35 torching of TCU two years ago.
What favors Tech: Protecting the quarterback. Graham Harrell has been sacked only once this season in 101 pass attempts. TCU, normally a team that creates mayhem in the backfield, has just two sacks in two games after racking up 41 last year.
What favors TCU: Tech's two opponents (SMU and UTEP) have run the ball well, and neither of those teams had anyone like Frogs sophomore RB Aaron Brown. He has piled up 288 yards rushing and receiving on just 37 touches, which makes his 7.8 yards-per-touch average better than those of Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Steve Slaton and Kenny Irons. Frogs, trying to copy Utah's 2004 run, continue their amphibious assault on the BCS.

(Also our Tiebreak game)

Clemson Tigers (1-1) at #9. Florida State Seminoles (2-0), 645pm, ESPN
Dude... that game versus Boston College was awesome... Clemson probably should have won it, but for the second year in a row they lost, in OT, to BC. And now? FSU awaits. FSU that almost lost to TU, though admittedly, they had played UM only five days before, fyi.

#19. Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-0) at #4. USC Trojans (1-0), 7pm, ABC
Something's got to give: The Cornhuskers have the No. 8 pass efficiency offense in the country. The Trojans have the No. 4 pass efficiency defense.
What favors Nebraska: Possible USC rustiness after playing one game and then taking a week off. The season-ending injury to USC safety Josh Pinkard further thins a callow secondary that will be taking a step up in class after Arkansas.
What favors USC: Nebraska hasn't beaten a team ranked this high in five years -- and glorified scrimmages against Louisiana Tech and Nicholls State are no way to get ready. The Trojans haven't lost in L.A. Coliseum since Pete Carroll's third game as coach.

#7. Florida Gators (2-0) at #13. Tennessee Volunteers (2-0), 7pm, CBS
First, the blow out the Bears of Cal. Then, the Vols get by Air Force due to a crappy play call by AF. Then... we get this. Of course, playing in Neyland Stadium has to be worth alot.
Something's got to give: Gators are allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete just 46 percent of their passes. Volunteers quarterback Erik Ainge is completing 74.5 percent of his passes.
What favors Florida: The Gators have converted 17 of 24 third downs in two games, and get to unleash freshman breakaway threat Percy Harvin on a Tennessee defense that lost two starters to season-ending injury last week and struggled containing Air Force. On defense, the lone scoring drive Florida has surrendered covered all of 28 yards.
What favors Tennessee: The Vols haven't allowed a sack in 2006, and only one Gator has recorded a sack in '06. Florida had four turnovers last Saturday against Central Florida; replicate that in Knoxville and it won't be close.

Tiebreak Game:
Texas Tech at TCU. Should be a defensive struggle. Riiiight.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

DFC Week Two Results

Notre Dame 41, Penn State 17
California 42, Minnesota 17
Georgia 18, South Carolina 0
Ohio State 24, Texas 7 (tiebreak total 31)
Florida State 24, Troy 17 (didn't pick this, but it was worth mentioning)

NFL Games:
Atlanta 20, Carolina 6
Baltimore 27, Tampa Bay 0
Arizona 34, San Francisco 27
Indianapolis 26, NYGiants 21

The Week That Was (corrected, with Jason Duren's proper stats)
Though I'm afriad we'll never hear the end of it, congrats to Tebe Shaw of the MidCentral Division who, in his second week of his second season not only wins the week (his first), he also lands atop the DFC Power Poll Top 12 (below)

Jason Duren, after getting the email that made me realize I didn't give him credit for one win, finishes 2nd at 7-1. Tied for 3rd, at 6-2, is Gary Eubanks, Eddy McBroom St and Jason Turnbow. David Mark Osborne, Zack Graves and Michael Nipp all tie for 6th at 6-2. In 9th is Gina Williams, in 10th is Trey Cartledge.

Also finishing:
6-2: Jennifer Ernst, Jason Duren, Tyler Campbell, Matt Latta, Scott Latta, Jon Osborne, Eddy Jr
5-3: Ken Mackey, Justin Glenn, Jason Barnette, Drew Morris, Mark Gainey, Yours Truly, Lori Smith, Tim Wasyluka, Daniel Powell, Ryan Sherman, Garrett Cheney
4-4: Tom Johnson, Sarah Hasha, James Hawbaker
3-5: Ty Coffey, Tommy McLeod, Jason Demastus

Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 13-3
Ty Coffey, 10-6
Ken Mackey, 9-7
David Mark Osborne, 9-7
Tom Johnson, 8-8

MidCentral Division
Tebe Shaw, 14-2
Jason Turnbow, 12-4
Jenn Ernst, 12-4
Jason Barnette, 11-5
Justin Glenn, 11-5
Tommy McLeod, 9-7

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 13-3
Jason Duren, 12-4
Drew Morris, 11-5
Eddy McBroom, 10-6
Sarah Hasha, 10-6
Jason Demastus, 8-8

Latta Conference
East Division
Yours Truly, 12-4
Mark Gainey, 12-4

Tyler Campbell, 12-4
Trey Cartledge, 11-5
James Hawbaker, 10-6

South Central Division
Jon Osborne, 13-3
Tad Roose, 13-3
Eddy McBroom Jr, 13-3
Zack Graves, 12-4
Scott Latta, 12-4
Lori Smith, 11-5

South Division
Gina Williams, 12-4
Tim Wasyluka, 12-4
Ryan Sherman, 11-5
Daniel Powell, 11-5
Garrett Cheney, 11-5
Michael Nipp, 8-8

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
Rank, record (last week's ranking)
1) Tebe Shaw, 14-2 (3)
2) Gary Eubanks, 13-3 (4)
3) Matt Latta, 13-3 (1)
4) Jon Osborne, 13-3 (10)
5) Tad Roose, 13-3 (7)
6) Eddy McBroom Jr, 13-3 (8)
7) Jason Turnbow, 12-4 (12)
8) Zack Graves, 12-4 (NR)
9) Yours Truly, 12-4 (2)
10) Gina Williams, 12-4 (NR)
11) Mark Gainey, 12-4 (5)
12) Tim Wasaluka, 12-4 (6)
Dropped out: Drew Morris, Ty Coffey

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • First and foremost, Tad Roose. From DFC I to DFC II, Tommy McLeod went 19 weeks scoring at least a 4-4 record. It was an impressive record, until Mark Gainey came along and shattered it, going 33 weeks from DFC III to DFC V. And now, with a 6-2 record this weekend, two time DFC Champion Tad Roose has now tied that seemingly impossible record. The last time he dipped below .500 was Week 4 in DFC IV, and now 33 weeks later, he's a good weekend away from owning the record.
  • To give you perspective, the next longest active streak right now? Mark Gainey is at 13 weeks. After that, Yours Truly, Matt Latta and Eddy McBroom are at 9 weeks.
  • With his stellar two opening weeks, Matt Latta has now caught up to David Mark, and passed Tommy McLeod to be in a tie with DMO for 3rd on the all time list. And as a defending champion, he's doing better than anyone ever has in their defense season.
  • DFC Legend Wookiee Fulaytar, two time champion, has fallen another spot on the all time list. Lori Smith registered her 241st victory this weekend, passing Wookiee for 18th.
  • There are 11 former DFC'ers to spend a season or less in the league, and to pass all of them on the all time list you need to notch 56 wins, passing Vic Paschal, to enter the stats of active players. From last season, Gina Williams and Tebe Shaw passed it last week, while Json Barnette and Ryan Sherman passed 56 all time wins this weekend. James Hawbaker is next, at 47, though admittedly, he didn't have a full season last year.
  • Matt Latta got his 200th college win this week. Next up, Michael (198), David Mark Osborne (195) and Tommy Mcleod (193).
  • I advertised it a little last year, but had my numbers wrong... this time, though, I did the math. Somewhere around Week 7 of this season, the DFC will log in its 15,000th football pick. Not kidding.
  • Along those lines, Week 4 will bring us our 600th DFC Game. We've been doing this a long time.
  • Finally, out of 34 active players in the DFC, 15 of them have never seen the playoffs. Of course, five of the 15 are in their first season, and five of the remaining 10 are in their second year. Out of the final five, longest drought is Jon Osborne at five full seasons, followed by Jason Demastus and Sarah Hasha with four seasons, and Tyler Campbell and Garrett Cheney are in their third seasons now.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DFC VII Week Two

As of 511am, Saturday 9/9, here's who I NEED picks from (as in, you aren't on the list, you're okay):
Jason Barnette, Jason Duren, Jason Demastus

Used tiebreak drop: Jonathan Osborne, Mark Gainey, Ryan Sherman

DFC Week Two Games
All times CST, all rankings from the USAToday/DEUCESPN Poll

19. Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0) at 19. Notre Dame Fightin' Irish (1-0), 230pm NBC
Joe Pa, coaching in his 143 season at Penn State, is taking on the Fightin' Irish, who came thisclose to getting beaten by the Ramblin' Wreck of Ga Tech. Read a little bit, you'll see that that game "exposed" some weaknesses in the Irish... I'll let you figure that out.

Minnesota Golden Gophers (1-0) at 22. California Bears (0-1), 6pm, TBS
This game intrigues me because we know that the Cal Bears laid a big egg on the field against the Vols. Does this mean they stink? Or did they just have a bad week?
Here's what ESPN's Bruce Feldman had to say about Cal: Cal is like that girl you convinced yourself was so perfect, but then something happened, and suddenly it all became clear. You broke up. It stung, but you realized all her faults, all the ones that you can't believe you didn't notice before. Fact is, Cal hasn't beaten anyone in the last three years. The Bears' big statement game was its close loss to USC in 2004. They griped about being left out of the BCS mix that season and then were lit up by Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl. Last season, they weren't much better than a middle-of-the-road Mountain West squad.
Course, they're playing Minnesota. Pick 'em.

11. Georgia Bulldogs (1-0) at South Carolina Gamecocks (1-0), 645pm ESPN
We know Georgia is pretty good. The question is, is So Car any good? I mean, they beat up on Mississippi State, but they didn't look at that great doing it, and... well, they beat up on Mississippi State.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (1-0) at 2. Texas Longhorns (1-0), 7pm ABC
Goodness gracious sakes alive... this is why we play The DFC. That, and the Texas QB's name is Colt McCoy. Yes, Colt McCoy. Personally? Hook 'em Horns! (also the tiebreak game)

And finally... let's begin some NFL games:

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers, 12pm Fox
Vick is back, but so are the Panthers (how did they get good all of a sudden?)

Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 12pm CBS
Just for David Mark Osborne... a Tampa Bay game. His favorite. Steve Air McNair is now tossing the pigskin for the Ravens, so they now have something more to rely on than their defense.

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals, 315pm Fox
This is an interesting game because the 49ers have sucked wind in the last few years, while the Cardinals have pretty much done that their entire existance... but now, the Cards have Edgerrin James running for them, and Matt Leinart throwing for them. Will this change anything? Pick 'em.

Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants, 715pm NBC

Really, the only thing to know about this game is that Vegas is putting the over/under on the number of times you'll hear the word "Manning" at 34,544.

Tiebreak Game:
Ohio State visiting Texas. It might be 120. It might be 12. Your call.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

DFC Week One Results

South Carolina 15, Miss St 0
Oregon 48, Stanford 10
Tennessee 35, California 18

Pittsburgh 38, Virginia 13
Auburn 40, Wash St 14
Arizona 16, Brigham Young 13
Ole Miss 28, Memphis 25
Florida State 13, Miami 10 (tiebreak score - 23)

The Week That Was
Picking up where he left off, as the defending Deuce Bowl champ, Matt Latta (7-1) fends off 9 other people at 7-1 to finish first for the week, capturing his 4th weekly win of his career. Yours Truly ends up 2nd for the week, while Tebe Shaw, Gary Eubanks and Mark Gainey all tie for 3rd.
The rest of the top ten sees Tim Wasyluka in 6th, Tad Roose in 7th, Eddy Jr in 8th, The Reverend Ty Coffey in 9th and Jon Osborne in 10th.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Drew Morris, Jason Turnbow, Tyler Campbell, Zack Graves, Daniel Powell, Tommy McLeod, Sarah Hasha, Scott Latta, Lori Smith, Gina Williams, Jennifer Ernst, Jason Barnette, Garrett Cheney, James Hawbaker, Justin Glenn, Ryan Sherman
5-3: Jason Dematus, Trey Cartledge, Jason Duren
4-4: Tom Johnson, Eddy McBroom, Ken Mackey
3-5: David Mark Osborne, Michael Nipp

Fulaytar Conference

North Division
Matt Latta, 7-1
Ty Coffey, 7-1
Tom Johnson, 4-4
Ken Mackey, 4-4
David Mark Osborne, 3-5

MidCentral Division
Tebe Shaw, 7-1
Jason Turnbow, 6-2
Tommy McLeod, 6-2
Jason Barnette, 6-2
Jennifer Ernst, 6-2
Justin Glenn, 6-2

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 7-1
Drew Morris, 6-2

Sarah Hasha, 6-2
Jason Demastus, 5-3
Jason Duren, 5-3
Eddy McBroom, 4-4

Latta Conference
East Division
Yours Truly, 7-1
Mark Gainey, 7-1
Tyler Campbell, 6-2
James Hawbaker, 6-2
Trey Cartledge, 5-3

SouthCentral Division
Tad Roose, 7-1
Eddy Jr, 7-1
Jon Osborne, 7-1
Zack Graves, 6-2
Scott Latta, 6-2
Lori Smith, 6-2

South Division
Tim Wasyluka, 7-1
Daniel Powell, 6-2
Gina Williams, 6-2
Garrett Cheney, 6-2
Ryan Sherman, 6-2
Michael Nipp, 3-5

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1) Matt Latta, 7-1
2) Yours Truly, 7-1
3-tie) Tebe Shaw, 7-1
3-tie) Gary Eubanks, 7-1
3-tie) Mark Gainey, 7-1
6) Tim Wasyluka, 7-1
7) Tad Roose, 7-1
8) Eddy McBroom Jr, 7-1
9) Ty Coffey, 7-1
10) Jon Osborne, 7-1
11) Drew Morris, 6-2
12) Jason Turnbow, 6-2

Lies, Darn Lies and Statistics

  • Winning week one has a good side and a bad side... the last time a defending champion won the first week of the following season? Never. Matt is the first to do so. However, the down side is that in six previous seasons, the winner of the first week made the playoffs only half the time (Shawn Sharp in DFCI, Mark Gainey in DFCIII, DMOsborne in DFCV). The other half (Daniel Powell in DFCII, Scott Latta in DFCIV and Angie Mark Osborne in DFCVI) didn't. But, if you pay attention, you see it happens every other year... so this might be good for Matt.
  • In Week 3 of DFC II (2002), Mark Gainey went 2-6. He didn't drop below 4-4 again for an amazing 33 regular season weeks, ending the streak at Week 1 of DFC VI (2005). Well, Tad Roose last had a below .500 record in Week 4 of DFC IV (2003). With his 7-1 finish this week, he now has 33 straight weeks of at least .500. He needs a 4-4 or better weekend next week to own this seemingly impossible record for his very own.
  • To put how hard this is to do in perspective, the next longest active streak is only 12 weeks, again by Mark Gainey.
  • Even though he only mustered a 4-4 weekend, Eddy McBroom becomes the 9th player to cross 300 lifetime wins. Next will be either Tad (291) or Drew Morris (290)
  • Lori Smith's 6-2 puts her equal with Wookiee Fulaytar's 236 all time wins, good enough for a tie for 18th all time.
  • Jenn Ernst (204) and Yours Truly (200) become the first two to make it to 200 college wins this weekend. Matt Latta can do it next week with a 4-0 record, as he's at 196
  • Though its early, the heated rivalry between Tebe Shaw and Jason Barnette in the MidCentral Division gets better, as Tebe now owns a 2 game all time lead on Jason.