Friday, August 31, 2007

DFC VIII Week One Results

Before we get to the first week's results in the DFC, I must mention something that I forgot to mention, so the rookies will know.

Every year there is one game that we choose for a tiebreak game that ends up killing everyone, because everyone picks low (like, 20 or 22) or just goes average (like 37 or 44), and the score ends up being 6-3 or, as in the case of this weekends TB game, 45-31. That's why we instituted the Tie Break Drop.

The TieBreak Drop is simple. Its a free pass once per season. If your tiebreak game is totally off, you may choose to invoke your Drop, in which case your TB from that week is erased. I just delete it from the records, and it was as if it never happened. You have until the following weeks games to use your TieBreak Drop (as in, you can use your drop for this past weekend until this coming Saturday. Then this past weekend is set in stone). Again, you only get one per season, so be careful when you use it. When you send me your games, just mention you want to use your drop.

The purpose of the TieBreak itself is to not only break ties from week to week (as in, to keep people with the same records from tying every week) but it also serves to break ties when it comes to playoff time. Its how close you are to total points scored, no matter whether you go over or not. Since there is no head-to-head competition, your "TieBreak Average" is kept all season long (how many points off per game divided by number of games) to determine where you are in the standings. For instance, Gary Eubanks at 60-36, with a TBA of 12.58 would be ranked higher--and thus get into the playoffs seeded higher--than Drew Morris at 60-36 but with a TBA of 13.02.

The Week That Was
Due to Clemson's domination--then escape--of Florida State on Monday night, Matt Latta takes his second straight Week 1, undefeated, 8-0. Last season, he won Wk 1 at 7-1.

Finishing undefeated as well, but in 2nd and 3rd due to tiebreak, is defending DFC Champion Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, followed by perennial underachiever Jon Osborne. Both finished at 8-0.

As for the rest of the top ten, it was good week for most... in 4th was rookie Justin Fisher, going 7-1 for his first ever DFC week. Scott Latta, Tim Wasyluka and DFC sophomore Zack Graves tied for 5th at 7-1, while Ryan "Roll Tide" Sherman busts into the top 10 at 8, with a 6-2 record. In 9th is Mark "The Mighty" Gainey, and in 10th is Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, all at 6-2.

The Rest:
6-2: Jennifer Ernst, Drew Morris, Big Eddy, Clif Render, Lori Beirne, Gina Roose

5-3: Matt Halpert, DMOsborne, Mackey, Tom Johnson, Tebe Shaw, Turnbow, Barnie, Jason Duren, Yours Truly, Tyler "Sexy Beast" Campbell, Hawbaker,
Eddy Jr, Daniel Powell, Michael Nipp
3-5: Ty Coffey, Sarah Hasha, Trey Cartledge
0-8: Demastus

North Division
Matt Latta, 8-0
Mackey, 5-3
Matt Halpert, 5-3
Tom Johnson, 5-3

DMOsborne, 5-3
Ty Coffey, 3-5

MidCentral Division
Justin Fisher, 7-1
Tommy McLeod, 6-2

Jennifer Ernst, 6-2
Jason Turnbow, 5-3
Jason Barnette, 5-3
Tebe Shaw, 5-3

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 6-2
Drew Morris, 6-2
Eddy McBroom, 6-2

Jason Duren, 5-3
Sarah Hasha, 3-5
Jason Demastus, 0-8

East Division
Mark Gainey, 6-2
Clif Render, 6-2
James Hawbaker, 5-3
Yours Truly, 5-3
Tyler Campbell, 5-3

Trey Cartledge, 3-5

South Central Division
Tad Roose, 8-0
Jon Osborne, 8-0
Zack Graves, 7-1

Scott Latta, 7-1
Lori Beirne, 6-2
Eddy Jr, 4-4

South Division
Tim Wasyluka, 7-1

Ryan Sherman, 6-2
Garrett Cheney, 6-2
Gina Roose, 6-2
Michael Nipp, 4-4
Daniel Powell, 4-4

The First DFC Power Poll will be released in Week Two. Right now, it just mirrors the week one top ten.

The TieBreak Averages will be released during Week Four's results, when an accurate number can be given.

Oregon State 24, Utah 7
Appalachian State 34, #5 Michigan 32 (not a DFC game, but worth remembering)
Colorado 31, Colorado State 28 (OT)
Ole Miss 23, Memphis 21
Georgia Tech 33, Notre Dame 3
Boston College 38, Wake Forest 28
#18 Auburn 23, Kansas State 13
#12 California 45, #15 Tennessee 31 (tiebreak game.. 76 freakin' points)
Clemson 24, #19 Florida State 18

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
"There are three kinds of lies. Lies. Damn lies and statistics" - Mark Twain.

  • In winning week one, Matt Latta joins Jennifer Ernst, Mark Gainey, Michael Nipp and Hall of Famer Wookiee Fulaytar as the only ones to win 5 or more weeks in a career.
  • In an example of how we've grown over the years, Matt Halpert ranks last on the DFC all time win list. Of course, this is his first week, but he's ranked 50th all time at 5 wins. 49th is Clif Render with 6 wins, 48th is Justin Fisher with 7 wins, and 47th is retired Willis Watkins, with 12 wins.
  • Looking at 100 wins, Ryan Sherman finally gets his. After two lackluster seasons, "Roll Tide" Sherman now sits at 30th all time in both regular season wins and college wins.
  • Going down the list, Jennifer crossed 400 lifetime wins last year to sit at #1. Yours Truly is 2 wins away, while Matt Latta is 9 wins away. In the next few weeks, expect to see DMOsborne (388), Tommy McLeod (387) and Tom Johnson (385) break the 400 barrier.
  • Looking at 300, Lori Was-Smith-Now-Beirne is at 293, so a good week puts her over in Week Two, or possibly in Week Three. Tim Wasyluka is next at 287 all time, while Sarah is a half-season away with 268.
  • As far as 200 goes, it now becomes a race between Garrett Cheney, with 165 wins and 35 away, and Tyler "Self Proclaimed Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell at 161 wins and 39 away. Loser buys the wings.
  • We started a new list last season, combining regular season, which we had kept up with regularly, and playoff wins together, and that threw an interesting dynamic into the all-time standings. Jennifer Ernst, still on top, has 459 all time wins, and is currently 41 away from 500. Thats half of a thousand games picked correctly. Yours Truly, again 2nd, is with 445, 55 away. Next is Matt Latta, again in 3rd, with 432, which is 68 regular season wins away... but this list combines regular, plus playoff, so even with a 59 win season, he can still easily rack up 10 playoff wins and hit 500 this year.
  • Eight years later, the DFC is approaching its 700 game, which should occur in the middle of Week Four this year. I haven't looked that far ahead, but I'll let you know.
  • Three DFC Championships only tell some of the Michael Jordanesque career of Tad "The Dynasty" Roose. Its been 45 regular season weeks since Tad has gone 3-5 or worse. It was Week Four of the 2003 season, DFC IV. As far as active streaks go, Tad keeps it in the family... his wife Gina is 2nd right now, with 17 straight weeks, while Daniel Powell is third with 16 weeks and Gary "The Idol" Eubanks is 4th, with 13 weeks. It warrants mentioning, however, that Gary, the reigning Rookie of the Year and West Division champ, has never had below a 4-4 week. Ever.
  • On the opposite side, Trey Cartledge hasn't had a 5-3 or better week since Week 9 of last year.
  • And finally, the undefeated week, once a rarity, has become like the 60+ homer season... much more frequent than ever thought possible. With Tad, Jon and Matt all going 8-0, thats at least 21 different 8-0 weeks, with The Mighty Gainey pulling a 9-0 in Wk 12 of 2002 (there were only 7 games that counted the week before).
  • However, Matt shouldn't get comfortable... out of the four that won Week One at 8-0, only two made the postseason--Shawn Sharp, who won DFC I, and DMOsborne in DFC V. Daniel did it in DFC II, and finished last in his division, while Scott Latta did it in DFC IV, in the infamous "TieBreak Drops are for pansies" year, when he missed the playoffs by .57 to Michael Nipp.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

DFC VIII Week One Games

It's time... here are the games for the first week of the 8th Season of the DFC... these eight games truly define the word "Crapshoot". Good luck.

All times CST, all ranks from USAToday Coaches Poll

The Utah Utes at the Oregon State Beavers, 9pm
What better way to kick off the season than with a bunch of Mormons?

Colorado State Rams at Colorado Buffs, 11am
I'm not sure the Buffalos have won much of anything the in the last few years

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Notre Dame Fightin' Irish, 230pm, NBC
Is Weis finally gonna take his Caths to the big time? Remember, last year, the Jackets took 'em to the edge

Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels at Memphis Tigers, 230pm
Good ol' down home southern football.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons at Boston College Eagles, 230pm
Why Wake Forest? Because they almost won the stinking conference last year!

Kansas State Wildcats at #18 Auburn Tigers, 645pm
Being ranked 18th mean that the Tigers will run the table again and get shut out of the BCS. Its when they are ranked 4th that they really suck

#15 Tennessee Volunteers at #12 Cal Bears, 7pm
Kudos to the few people who picked the Vols last year. Remember that kick in the pants?

#19 Florida State Seminoles at Clemson Tigers, 7pm, ESPN
Bowdoin Bowl... something. Does anyone keep up anymore?

TieBreak Game
Total points scored in the Tennessee/California game.

And finally...

The DFC Preseason Top Ten:
10... Big Eddy McBroom. Has the old man lost a step since his 60+ win-seasons early in his career? After a rebuilding year, look for him to bounce back

9... Tim Wasyluka. Perhaps the most consistant of the DFC not named Mark Gainey.

8... Mark "The Mighty" Gainey. This is the season where he "only" wins 58 games, not 60

7... Yours Truly. This is finally the year I come out from under Gainey's shadow

6... Jennifer Ernst. You can't be the all time winningest player in DFC history and not get some preseason respect

5... Matt Latta. Two times to the Deuce Bowl, two straight North Division titles. The Great Bear of the North has finally proven himself to be the Peyton to brother Scott's Eli.

4... Drew Morris. Also very consistant, and holder of the all time winningest playoff record. Actually, when you factor in playoff victories to regular season, he's 5th on the all time list.

3... Tebe Shaw. Third season in the league, proven to back up the smack he likes to talk, and so far, dominating over arch-rival Barnie

2... Tad "The Dynasty" Roose. Three DFC Championships. Thats all you have to say.

1... Gary "The Idol" Eubanks. Expect him to win it all this year.

DFC VIII Preaseason Week Four

DFC VIII Season Predictions:
DFC North:

Matt Latta wins 3rd straight division title
Matt Halpert
Ken Mackey
Tom Johnson
Ty Coffey

DFC MidCentral:
Tebe Shaw wins 1st division title
Jennifer Ernst
Jason Barnette
Jason Turnbow
Just Glenn
Tommy McLeod

DFC West:
Gary "The Idol" Eubanks wins 2nd straight division title
Drew Morris
Eddy McBroom
Justin Fisher
Jason Demastus
Sarah Hasha

Playoff Predictions:
Wild Card Weekend: Matt Latta and Jason Barnette advance; Matt Halpert, Drew Morris, Eddy McBroom, Jenn Ernst lose first round
2nd Round: Gary Eubanks and Tebe Shaw advance to Final Four, Matt and Barnie lose

DFC East
Yours Truly wins 1st division title
Mark Gainey
James Hawbaker
Tyler Campbell
Clif Render
Trey Cartledge

DFC South Central
Tad "The Dynasty" Roose wins division
Jon Osborne
Lori Beirne
Eddy Jr
Scott Latta
Zack Graves

DFC South
Tim Wasyluka wins division
Ryan Sherman
Daniel Powell
Gina Williams
Garrett Cheney
Michael "The Arizona Cardinals" Nipp

Wild Card Weekend Predictions:
Yours Truly and Tyler Campbell advance; Hawbaker, Ryan, Gainey, Jonathan out
2nd Round: Yours Truly, Tim Wasyluka advance to Final Four; Tad Roose, Tyler out

Rookie of the Year: Matt Halpert
Osborne Award: Jason Turnbow
MVP: Tim Wasyluka

DFC Final Four Predictions:
Yours Truly over Tim Wasyluka; Gary Eubanks over Tebe Shaw
Deuce Bowl VIII: Gary "The Idol" Eubanks over Yours Truly

Preseason Rankings (cont'd)...
15... Zack Graves - Surpising rookie season, can he avoid the sophomore slump?
14... Scott Latta - Still wanting to match his career year in DFC VI
13... Tyler Campbell - This is his New Orleans Saints breakthrough year, you know, without the Katrina flooding George Bush hates black people stuff
12... Jason Barnette - How much will he let himself play second fiddle to arch-rival Tebe Shaw?
11... David Mark Osborne - Like the Tennessee Vols, he's always a contender and a dark horse in a tough division

Top Ten Released on Monday, when first slate of games goes out...

DFC VIII Preseason Week Three

As promised, here's a DFC VII review, week by week...

Week One
Matt Latta takes the week, via tiebreak, 7-1. In the top five: Tebe, Gary, Mark, Wasyluka. Tennessee crushes Cal, and Pitt smacks up Virginia by 25.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Matt, Yours Truly, Tebe, Gary, Gainey

Week Two
Tebe Shaw wins the week at 7-1. Jason Turnbow, Big Eddy, Turnbow and Gary round out top 5. Ohio State beats Texas, meaning we hear how great the Big 10 and Ohio State is for the next fifteen weeks
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tebe, Gary, Matt, Jonathan, Tad

Week Three
Big Tim Wasyluka takes the week at 7-1. Tyler, Gina, Gary and Sarah round out top 5, meaning two girls not named Jennifer or Lori show signs of greatness. Oregon edges Oklahoma 34-33 amidst controversy, while Michigan scrapes by Notre Dame 47-21. Tebe finishes 2-6, though we still hear how great he is for the next fifteen weeks
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Gary, Wasyluka, Tyler, Gina, Tad

Week Four
Two future Hall of Famers, Mark Gainey and Jenn Ernst, split the week, only the 4th weekly tie in DFC history, and the first since DFC IV's Week 10. Jonathan, Tim and Justin all tie for 3rd.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Wasyluka, Gary, Jennifer, Turnbow, Matt Latta

Week Five
Zack Graves, the rookie, wins his first week at 6-2, with Justin, Jenn, and Gary 2, 3 and 4,while Tebe and Eddy tie for 5th. Only Mackey and Eddy Jr don't drink the Bengal Kool-Aid as the Pats crush Cincy 38-13.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Wasyluka, Gary, Jennifer, Zack, Tad

Week Six
Tad Roose begins his first step toward a title run with an 8-0 week. Eddy Jr, Lori, Mark and Drew are in the top five. Florida begins its title run with a 23-10 whuppin' of LSU.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Gary, Jennifer, Tad, Wasyluka, Eddy Jr

Week Seven
Yours Truly gets another weekly win, albeit at 5-3, the first time someone has won with only 5 wins since Wookiee won Week 9 of DFC I. As in, the first one. Yours Truly wins via tiebreak, as Tad takes 2nd, then Gina, DMO, Mackey and Eddy Jr tie for 3rd. Auburn gives Florida its only loss 27-17 in one heckuva game.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tad, Gary, Jennifer, Eddy Jr, Wasyluka

Week Eight
Tebe takes another win at 7-1, while Yours Truly follows up at #2. Sarah and Matt tie for 3rd, while Sherman and Trey tie for 5th. Rutgers becomes an enjoyable team to watch, as they beat Pitt 20-10, while Vick and the Falcons beat the dog out of the Steelers in OT, 41-38
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tad, Gary, Jennifer, Yours Truly, Daniel

Week Nine
Michael Nipp has his only really shining moment all season, winning the week at 7-1. Gina has another top 5 appearence at 2, with DMO, Daniel and Jason Duren at 3-4-5. The Bengals lay another egg, this time against Atlanta 29-27
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tad, Jennifer, Gary, Daniel, Gina

Week Ten
Tebe Shaw gets his third for the season, going 8-0 for the week. Gainey, Matt, Lori and Tom Johnson round out the Top 5.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tad, Jennifer, Daniel, Gary, Tebe

Week Eleven
Ty Coffey gets his first ever weekly win at 7-1, with Matt, Tom Johnson, Wasyluka and Tebe in the Top 5. In a collapse of Scott Latta proportions, Wasyluka allows Daniel Powell to pass him and take the division in Week 12. Sad. #15 Rutgers shocks #3 Louisville 28-25 in one of the best of the year.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tad, Jennifer, Daniel, Tebe, Matt

Week Twelve
Zack wins the final week of the season at 8-0, with Gainey, Tommy, Tad, Gina and Matt in the Top 5. Auburn gets One for the Thumb 22-15, while Ohio State beats Michigan 42-39 in a "holy crap did that just happen" kind of game.
DFC Power Poll Top 5: Tad, Jennifer, Tebe, Daniel, Matt

Matt Latta, Jennifer Ernst, Gary Eubanks, Mark Gainey, Tad Roose and Daniel Powell win their divisions.

Wild Card Weekend
Fulaytar Conference: #3 Matt Latta and #5 Drew Morris advance, #4 Gary, #6 Turnbow, #7 Barnie and #8 Tommy eliminated.
Latta Conference: #3 Mark Gainey, #8 Yours Truly advance; #4 Wasyluka, #5 Gina, #6 Zack, #7 Eddy Jr eliminated

Conference Semis
Tebe Shaw and Matt Latta advance, Jenn Ernst and Drew Morris eliminated.
Tad Roose and Daniel Powell advance, Mark Gainey and Yours Truly eliminated

DeuceBowl VII
Tad Roose (5-3) over Matt Latta (3-5)

Tad wins his 3rd Brook DeRamus Championship Trophy, also picks up the Wookie Fulaytar MVP Trophy, and Gary Eubanks takes Rookie of the Year. DMOsborne picks up the coveted Osborne Award.

The DFC VIII Preseason Ranks

34... Michael Nipp - Another down year expected for the DFC Original
33... Trey Cartledge - He needs another year of development. Perhaps came out too early.
32... Sarah Hasha - Can she finally live up to the potential? Can she get some potential?
31... Ty Coffey - In it for the glory and tv time
30... Mackey - Is a dark horse, could surprise
29... Demastus - Is not a dark horse, won't surprise
28... Garrett Cheney - Is a lame horse
27... Tommy McLeod - On the heels of a good year, a down year is expected
26... Justin Fisher - A rookie with too much to prove
25... Ryan Sherman - Distracted by daddydom, could prove fatal in later weeks
24... Tom Johnson - The reigning NFL champ expects to see his record fall
23... Jason Turnbow - Want to rank him higher, but he's got Culpepper written all over him... high hopes, but uncertain results
22... Jonathan Osborne - We're weary of believing
21... Lori Beirne - Can the blonde bombshell overcome a wedding and its duties to continue her success?
20... James Hawbaker - Signed a big contract, might be a bust
19... Gina Roose - living in the shadow of her champion husband
18... Justin Glenn - too much time off might leave him rusty
17... Eddy McBroom Jr - still a season away from overtaking daddy
16... Daniel Powell - Can he build on last season's division title?

And that leaves 15 more... to be ranked next week, along with season predictions. (did you want to see your name in the bottom half, and be underestimated, or is this bulletin board material? and who really wants to be a preseason #1?)

DFC VIII Preseason Week Two

Here's some lies, some darn lies and some statistics to get you going...

Last Season's Final Top Ten:
1. Tad Roose (66-30) (16.73)
2. Jennifer Ernst (64-32) (18.82)
3. Tebe Shaw (63-33) (14.91)
4. Daniel Powell (63-33) (17.64)
5. Matt Latta (62-34) ( 10.64)
6. Gary Eubanks (62-34) (13.27)
7. Mark Gainey (62-34) (15.82)
8. Tim Wasyluka (60-36) (14.0)
9. Gina Williams (60-36) (15.64)
10. Drew Morris (60-36) (17.36)

Top Ten Regular Season All Time Winnings:
Ranking at beginning of last season also in ( )
1. Jennifer Ernst (405-259) (1)
2. Your Truly (393-271) (2)
T-3) Matt Latta (383-291) (6)
T-3) DMOsborne (383-291) (3)
5) Tommy McLeod (381-283) (4)
6) Tom Johnson (379-285) (5)
7) Michael Nipp (371-293) (7)
8) Daniel Powell (367-265) (8)
T-9) Tad Roose (350-226) (T-10)
T-9) Eddy McBroom (350-226) (9)
The next five, with their win totals... Drew Morris (344), Eddy Jr (340), Jon Osborne (329), Scotty Latta (328) and The Mighty Gainey (319)

Top Ten College Rankings:
1. Jennifer Ernst (239-144); 2. Yours Truly (231-152); 3. Matt Latta (227-156); 4. Michael Nipp & DMOsborne (225-158); 6. Daniel Powell (223-148); 7. Tommy McLeod (222-161); 8. Tad Roose (212-129); 9. Drew Morris (210-131); 10. Tom Johnson (210-173)
The next five... Eddy McBroom (205)... Jon Osborne (202)... Mark Gainey and Scott Latta (200)... Eddy Jr (187).

Its interesting to note that Mark Gainey and Scotty Latta both have 200 wins, but Scott started a full season before Mark. Their losses? 141 for Scott, 88 for Mark. Amazing.

Top Ten Pro Rankings
1. Tom Johnson (169-112); 2. Jenn Ernst (166-115); 3. Yours Truly (162-119); 4. DMOsborne (160-121); 5. Tommy McLeod (159-122); 6. Matt Latta (157-124); 7. Michael Nipp (146-136); 8. Eddy Mc (145-90); 9. Daniel Powell (144-118); 10. Tad Roose (137-98)
Next five: Drew (134)... Justin Glenn (130)... Jonathan (127)... Eddy Jr (126)... Scott (125)

Championship Results:
DeuceBowl I : Shawn Sharp (5-3) over Chris Fulaytar (4-4)
DeuceBowl II: Tad Roose (6-2) over Drew Morris (4-4)
DeuceBowl III: Chris Fulaytar (6-2) over Drew Morris (5-3)
DeuceBowl IV: Tad Roose (8-0) over Jennifer Ernst (6-2)
DeuceBowl V: Chris Fulaytar (5-3) over Eddy McBroom (5-3), via TB
DeuceBowl VI: Matt Latta (5-3) over Scott Latta (4-4)
DeuceBowl VII: Tad Roose (5-3) over Matt Latta (3-5)

Division Champions
North Division
DFC-I: No Division Title
DFC-II: David Mark Osborne (60-36)
DFC-III: Justin Glenn (61-35)
DFC-IV: Jennifer Ernst (66-30)
DFC-V: Tom Johnson (61-35)
DFC-VI: Matt Latta (59-37)
DFC-VII: Matt Latta (62-34)

Central Division
DFC I-IV: No division
DFC V: Justin Glenn (62-34)
DFC VI: Tommy McLeod (57-39)
DFC VII: Jennifer Ernst (64-32)

West Division
DFC-I: No division
DFC-II: Tommy McLeod (63-33)
DFC-III: Eddy McBroom (61-35)
DFC-IV: Lil Eddy McBroom (63-33)
DFC-V: Drew Morris (63-33)
DFC-VI: Drew Morris (56-40)
DFC-VII: Gary Eubanks (62-34)

East Division
DFC-I: No division
DFC-II: Tad Roose (62-34)
DFC-III: Mark Gainey (65-31)
DFC-IV: Mark Gainey (63-33)
DFC-V: Mark Gainey (68-28)
DFC-VI: Mark Gainey (61-35)
DFC-VII: Mark Gainey (62-34)

South Central Division
DFC-I: No division
DFC-II: Chris Fulaytar (62-34)
DFC-III: Tim Wasyluka (58-38)
DFC-IV: Tim Wasaluka (57-29)
DFC-V: Lori Smith (63-30)
DFC-VI: Scott Latta (58-38)
DFC-VII:Tad Roose (66-30)

South Division
DFC I-IV: No division
DFC V: Michael Nipp (65-31)
DFC VI: Tim Wasyluka (57-39)
DFC VII: Daniel Powell (63-33)

DFC-I: Shawn Sharp
DFC-II: Chris Fulaytar
DFC-III: Mark Gainey
DFC-IV: Jennifer Ernst
DFC-V: Mark Gainey
DFC-VI: Mark Gainey
DFC-VII: Tad Roose

Rookie of the Year
DFC III: Tad Roose
DFC IV: Jason Duren
DFC V: Garrett Cheney
DFC VI: Gina Williams
DFC VII: Gary Eubanks

August 13th
DFC VII Week by Week Review, and part 1 of the DFC Preseason Rankings

August 20th
Part 2 of the DFC Preseason Rankings, includng the coveted Preseason DFC Power Poll... who's #1?

August 26th
Week One Games released