Monday, August 26, 2019


Welcome back to the 20th season of The Deuce Football Championships, aka, The DFC... it's bizarre that we are now entering our third decade of operation, as we start rolling to award the 20th DFC title... the Brooke DeRamus Championship Plate is updated, the games this week are weak, and 36 people are ready to pick some games

Check for the new line up (Rick TOOLIE and Drew "Grassman" Warren both have moved divisions) and the preseason info...

But now... let's pick some games.  The schedule is pretty bad on Week One, so I expect a few 10-0s and I expect everyone to have a great opening... but I'm sure someone will find a way to goof it up.

Here we go.

All times CST, all ranks from ESPN

(19) Wisconsin Badgers at South Florida Bulls
6pm, ESPN

Colorado State Rams vs Colorado Buffaloes
9p, ESPN, at Broncos Stadium at Mile High in Denver, CO

Oklahoma State Cowboys at Oregon State Beavers
930p, FOXSports 1

Ole Miss Politically Incorrect Mascot at Memphis Tigers
11a, ABC

South Carolina Gamecocks vs North Carolina Tarheels
230p, ESPN, at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC

Northwestern Wildcats at (25) Stanford Cardinal
3p, ABC

Virginia Tech Hokies at Boston College Golden Eagles
3p, ACC Network

Boise State Broncos vs Florida State Seminoles 
6p, ESPN at TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville, FL

(11) Oregon Ducks vs (16) Auburn Tigers
630p, ABC at The Jerry Dome at Arlington TX

Virginia Cavaliers at Pitt Panthers
630p, ACC Network

Oregon vs Auburn, total points scored

Sunday, August 25, 2019

DFC XX Standings

NOTE -- Rick TOOLIE has moved from South Central to MidCentral and Drew Warren has moved from North to West to even out division lineups.

North Division W-L TB
Mitchell Pinkerton 0-0 0.0
Matt Halpert 0-0 0.0
DM Osborne 0-0 0.0
Rhett Barnett 0-0 0.0
Zack Graves 0-0 0.0
Michael Ferris 0-0 0.0
MidCentral Division    
Brad Latta 0-0 0.0
Bill Seybolt 0-0 0.0
Tommy McLeod 0-0 0.0
Brad Ashby 0-0 0.0
Jennifer Ernst 0-0 0.0
Rick Theule 0-0 0.0
West Division    
Trey Cartledge 0-0 0.0
Drew Morris 0-0 0.0
Eddy McBroom 0-0 0.0
Dan Sellers 0-0 0.0
Bradley Pinkerton 0-0 0.0
Tom Johnson 0-0 0.0
Drew Warren 0-0 0.0

East Division W-L TB
Mark Gainey 0-0 0.0
Chris Croyle 0-0 0.0
Yours Truly 0-0 0.0
Clay Shaver 0-0 0.0
Garrett Cheney 0-0 0.0
Tyler Campbell 0-0 0.0
South Central Division    
Jonathan Osborne 0-0 0.0
Justin Dearing 0-0 0.0
Matthew Pinkerton  0-0 0.0
Randy Latta 0-0 0.0
Lori Beirne 0-0 0.0
Steven Ray 0-0 0.0
South Division    
Tad Roose 0-0 0.0
Jacob Pinkerton 0-0 0.0
Tim Wasyluka 0-0 0.0
Eddy Jr 0-0 0.0
James Hawbaker 0-0 0.0
Daniel Powell 0-0 0.0
Michael Nipp 0-0 0.0

DFC XX Preseason Week 2

1 - Mark "The Mighty" Gainey
2 - Brad "Lawdawg" Latta
3 - Matthew "The Elder" Pinkerton
4 - Lori "Sunshine" Beirne
5 - Mitchell "The Younger" Pinkerton
6 - Trey "The Answer" Cartledge
7 - Yours Truly
8 - Drew // Morris
9 - Clay "The Just" Shaver
10 - Big Eddy Mac
11 - Matt "The Mad Scientist" Halpert
12 - Tad "The Dynasty" Roose 

My predictions... 
Final Four -- Tad Roose over Mark Gainey & Drew Morris over Brad Latta  
DeuceBowl XX -- Drew Morris over Tad Roose to win his 2nd championship

X - Playoff berth... Y - Division Title... Z- First Round Bye

 North DivisionW-LTB
XYZMitchell Pinkerton62-349.44
XMatt Halpert59-3710.56
 DM Osborne56-408.67
 Drew Warren54-4210.56
 Zack Graves53-436.44
 Rhett Barnett53-4310.11
 Michael Ferris52-4416.11
 MidCentral Division  
XZYBrad Latta62-3410.44
XBill Seybolt59-379.22
XTommy McLeod58-388.56
 Brad Ashby52-449.44
 Jennifer Ernst46-5011.11
 Brett Smith48-4820.11
 West Division  
XZYDrew Morris62-3410.22
XTrey Cartledge60-369.11
XEddy McBroom58-4011.22
 Dan Sellers57-3910.67
 Bradley Pinkerton52-4410.56
 Tom Johnson47-4912.00

 East DivisionW-LTB
XYZMark Gainey63-3310.56
XClay Shaver61-3514.33
XChris Croyle60-3611.89
 Yours Truly59-3712.00
 Garrett Cheney55-4111.78
 Tyler Campbell51-4511.89
 South Central Division  
XYZJonathan Osborne65-3113.00
XZJustin Dearing62-348.78
XMatthew Pinkerton 61-3510.22
XLori Beirne60-3610.89
 Randy Latta58-3810.33
 Steven Ray57-399.78
 Rick Theule52-449.22
 South Division  
XYTad Roose59-378.78
 Jacob Pinkerton57-3912.00
 Eddy Jr52-447.78
 Tim Wasyluka52-4411.11
 James Hawbaker48-4812.11
 Michael Nipp43-5310.67
 Daniel Powell42-5412.89

Wild Card Weekend
--Matt Halpert & Bill Seybolt advanced, eliminating Tommy McLeod, Eddy McBroom & Trey Cartledge
--Matthew Pinkerton & Clay Shaver advanced, eliminating Tad Roose, Chris Croyle, & Lori Beirne

Divisional Round
--Mitchell Pinkerton & Bill Seybolt advanced, eliminating Brad Latta, Drew Morris, & Matt Halpert
--Mark Gainey & Justin Dearing advanced, eliminating Jonathan Osborne, Matthew Pinkerton, Clay Shaver

Final Four
Mitchell Pinkerton & Mark Gainey advanced, Justin Dearing and Bill Seybolt eliminated

DeuceBowl XIX - Mitchell Pinkerton defeats Mark Gainey for DFC Championship