Wednesday, November 16, 2005

DFC Postseason Race

My my my... what four games in college can do to you. Tommy McLeod, front runner for the MidCentral, went 1-4. Justin, with Tommy's stumble could take the division, but went 2-2. David Mark Osborne, front runner for the North Division and possibly the MVP title, went 0-4. Jonathan Osborne, five years in the DFC with no playoff appearances and looking to finally break in, went 1-3. Jason Duren, seeking the first wire to wire division lead & the division title & a spot in the postseason, went only 2-2.

And the people who needed to get it done--Matt (3-1), Yours Truly (3-1), Lori Smith (3-1), Drew Morris (3-1)--got it done.

These results are unofficial--will be authenticated by tomorrow afternoon.

Fulaytar Conference
1. Matt Latta
(North Division champion & 1st round bye. First playoff appearance since DFC III in 2002.)
2. Tommy McLeod
(MidCentral Division champion & 1st round bye. First playoff appearance since division title & MVP in DFC II)
3. Drew Morris
(West Division champ for 2nd consecutive year. Fourth playoff appearance in five seasons)
4. David Mark Osborne
(Wild Card. Second straight year in playoffs, third appearance overall)
5. Justin Glenn
(Wild Card. Second straight playoff appearance)
6. Jason Duren
(Wild Card. First playoff appearance in four year DFC career)

McBroom Conference
1. Mark Gainey
(Fourth straight East Division champ & 1st round bye. Fourth straight playoff appearance)
2. Scott Latta
(SouthCentral Division champ & 1st round bye. First postseason appearance in his five season DFC career)
3. Tim Wasyluka
(South Division champion. Third division title & playoff appearnce in four seasons)
4. Lori Smith
(Wild Card. Third straight postseason appearance)
5. Daniel Powell
(Wild Card. Only second playoff spot in career, the first playoff spot since DFC II)
6. Yours Truly
(Wild Card. Third straight playoff appearance, fourth in five seasons)

Matt Latta edges Mark Gainey for the College Title at 35-21.

Yours Truly's 11.18 edges Tyler Campbell's 11.36 for the TBA Title.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

DFC Week Twelve

Week Twelve in the DFC

This is it, ladies & gentlemen. Remember, once you submit your picks, they CANNOT be changed for any reason. I will submit my picks to a third party (probably Stephanie and/or Wookiee) so when I go 8-0 and fly into the postseason, no one can make any claims of impropriety.

College Games
All ranks from AP Poll, all times CST

Oklahoma Sooners (6-3) at #21 Texas Tech Red Raiders (8-2), 11am
Boomer Sooners become bowl eligible after their win over Coach Fran, and now take on the other Texas team, the high flying Red Raiders, who were put down in a mild upset by OK State. Attention... there has been an Adrian Peterson sighting.

#9 Ohio State Buckeyes (8-2) at #17 Michigan Wolverines (7-3), 12pm ABC
Penn State takes on Michigan State later on in the afternoon. You'd expect the Lions to dominate, but this is college football. Anyway, this OSU/Michigan winner will win the Big Ten IF Penn State loses... and if the Lions win, the winner of this one (especially OSU) takes a huge step towards that BCS at-large bid. (Also the TB Game)

#8 Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1) at #11 Auburn Tigers (8-2), 230pm CBS
Uh........ um....... yeah.

Clemson Tigers (6-4) at #19 South Carolina Gamecocks (7-3), 6pm
Steve Superior taking on The Bowdoin Son Not Named Terry, fresh off a win in Bowdoin Bowl VII yesterday. Actually, it wasn't just a win, it was a domination over Florida State. And who doesnt love the Gamecocks right now? I mean, when Georgia loses to Kentucky, South Carolina will win the SEC West!

NFL Games

Philadelphia Eagles (4-4) at NYGiants (6-3), 12pm Fox
I gve you the announcers take anytime the Giants play ball: Eli Manning Eli Manning Eli Manning Eli Manning Amani Toomer Eli Manning Eli Manning Eli Manning Tiki Barber Eli Manning Eli Manning Eli Manning Peyton vs Eli Super Bowl Oh How We Dream Eli Manning Eli Manning Eli Manning...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3) at Atlanta Falcons (6-2), 12pm Fox
When Tampa beat Washington on Sunday, I heard words I'd never heard before... "Chris Simms has led the team to a victory". Who knew?

Buffalo Bills (4-5) at San Diego Chargers (5-4), 315pm CBS
The Bills did a great job shutting down a Priest-less Chiefs team this weekend. However, they go to the coast to take on a LaDanian Tomlinson team... if you aren't watching this guy, you are missing it.

Indianapolis Colts (9-0) at Cincinnati Bengals (7-2), 315pm CBS
Can the Colts go undefeated? Probably not. But it will be fun watching them try. And don't you just love the Bungals, the NFL version of Vanderbilt (only the Bungels would be bowl eligible) and look out--Carson Palmer may be a QB decision that just might work out (Akili Smith, anyone? Anyone?)

TieBreak Game
Ohio State vs. Michigan--total points scored

DFC Week Eleven Results

DFC Week Eleven Results

This has been updated to reflect TB Drops from Matt Latta, Angie Pilgrim, James Hawbaker & Yours Truly, as well as standings that it affects.

Playoff Spots Clinched So Far: David Mark Osborne (at least wild card)

The Week That Was...
Big Tom Johnson, on a surge for a playoff spot, wins his second week of his career. He also won in 2003's DFC IV, Week Five, both with a 7-1 record.

The Vandy/Kentucky total score of 91 points wreaked havoc on TBAs all the way around, but made it easy to pick the top ten... whoever picked higher for their TB finished better. Second place goes to Big Eddy McBroom, at 6-2, while 3rd goes to Mark Gainey, also with a 6-2 record. Fourth through seventh all finished at 6-2, and they are Yours Truly, James Hawbaker, Tebe Shaw and Lori Smith. In 8th is Tim Wasyluka at 5-3, and in 9th and 10th are Jon Osborne and Jason Barnette, both at 5-3.

The Standings
x=clinched postseason berth; z=clinched division;
Fulaytar Conference
North Division

Being the first to clinch a playoff spot, David Mark Osborne now shoots for the division title, still holding a three game lead over Matt Latta. Though winning the week, Tom Johnson looks to be all but out of it, barring a miracle finish.
X-DM Osborne, 56-32 (17.9) (32-20) (24-12)
Matt Latta, 53-35 (12.1) (32-20) (21-15)
Tom Johnson, 48-40 (15.09) (29-23) (19-17)
Angie Osborne, 44-44 (16.2) (27-15) (17-19)
Ty Coffey, 39-49 (22.8) (25-27) (14-22)

MidCentral Division
Its Tommy's division to lose now, with one week left and a game ahead of Justin. Both are almost certain of postseason appearances, with Jason Barnette several games back (and with very little hope of the playoffs)
Tommy McLeod 53-35 (16.7) (29-23) (24-12)
Justin Glenn, 52-36 (21.0) (28-24) (24-12)
Jason Barnette, 47-41 (14.5) (27-25) (20-16)
Tebe Shaw, 45-43 (16.8) (29-23) (16-20)
Jennifer Ernst, 45-43 (17.2) (25-27) (20-16)

West Division
While Jason Duren holds tight to his one game lead, Drew and Eddy volley back and forth for the 6th seed, and that TBA looking more important than ever. Again, this division looks as if there will be a division winner and a wild card, nothing else.
Jason Duren, 51-37 (20.0) (31-21) (20-16)
Eddy McBroom, 50-38 (13.3) (29-23) (21-15)
Drew Morris, 50-38 (15.5) (30-22) (20-16)
Jason Demastus, 46-42 (25.3) (26-26) (20-16)
Sarah Hasha, 43-45 (17.45) (27-25) (16-20)

The Fulaytar Conference Playoff Race
6 playoff spots--top two division winners get first round byes, 3rd division winner and three wild cards are in Wild Card Weekend
(1) DMOsborne, 56-32 (17.9) (would be North Div champ)
(2) Tommy McLeod, 53-35 (16.7) (would be MidCentral Div champ)
(3) Jason Duren, 51-37 (20.0) (would be West Div champ)
(4) Matt Latta, 53-35 (12.1) (wild card)
(5) Justin Glenn, 52-36 (21.0) (wild card)
(6) Eddy McBroom, 50-38 (13.3) (wild card)
(7) Drew Morris, 50-38 (15.5)
(8) Tom Johnson, 48-40 (15.09)
(9) Jason Barnette, 47-41 (14.5)

McBroom Conference
East Division
Though not officially, Mark has all but clinched not only his fourth straight playoff spot, but his fourth straight division title, and has moved up to potentially a first round bye. Though Tyler is ahead of Yours Truly, that will change once I put my TB Drop in.
Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.4) (32-20) (23-13)
Yours Truly, 50-38 (11.7) (31-21) (19-17)
Tyler Campbell, 50-38 (12.2) (31-21) (19-17)
Garrett Cheney, 41-47 (17.9) (24-28) (17-19)
James Hawbaker, 34-30 (13.29) (20-20) (14-10)

SouthCentral Division
Like Mark, Scott has pretty much sewn up his first playoff appearance, and the division is not his to lose (as is the first round bye). The real battle is shaping up for the wild card positions between Jon, Tad, Lori, Yours Truly, Tyler, Daniel and Tim. Eddy Jr is going to have come on strong to make it back to the playoffs.
Scott Latta, 55-33 (15.5) (31-21) (24-12)
Jon Osborne, 52-36 (12.8) (31-21) (21-15)
Tad Roose, 51-37 (14.7) (31-21) (20-16)
Lori Smith, 51-37 (15.4) (30-22) (21-15)
Eddy Jr, 49-39 (20.55) (32-20) (17-19)

South Division
Pretty much for Daniel and Tim, its like this... you win the division or you don't make the playoffs. There will be no wild card for either one, though whomever wins the division will be speding week one of the postseason in Wild Card Weekend.
Tim Wasyluka, 51-37 (14.4) (31-21) (20-16)
Daniel Powell, 51-37 (15.6) (33-19) (18-18)
Gina Williams, 46-42 (14.0) (29-23) (17-19)
Ryan Sherman, 43-45 (27-25) (16-20)
Michael Nipp, 34-54 (15.5) (24-28) (10-26)

McBroom Conference Playoff Race
(1) Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.4) (would be East Division champ)
(2) Scott Latta, 55-33 (15.5) (would be SouthCentral Div champ)
(3) Tim Wasyluka, 51-37 (15.6) (would be South Div champ)
(4) Jon Osborne, 52-36 (12.8) (wild card)
(5) Tad Roose, 51-37 (14.7) (wild card)
(6) Lori Smith, 51-37 (15.4) (wild card)
(7) Daniel Powell, 51-37 (15.6)
(8) Yours Truly, 50-38 (11.7)
(9) Tyler Campbell, 50-38 (12.2)
(10) Eddy Jr, 49-39 (20.55)

DFC Power Poll
(rank) (rec) (tba) (last Week)
1. DM Osborne, 56-32 (17.9) (1)
2. Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.4) (4)
3. Scott Latta, 55-33 (15.5) (2)
4. Matt Latta, 53-35 (12.1) (3)
5. Tommy McLeod, 53-35 (16.7) (5)
6. Jon Osborne, 52-36 (12.8) (7)
7. Justin Glenn, 52-36 (21.0) (6)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 51-37 (14.4) (NR)
9. Tad Roose, 51-37 (14.7) (9)
10. Lori Smith, 51-37 (15.4) (NR)
dropped out: Jason Duren (8th); Tyler Campbell (10th)

The MVP Race
Here's the most likely candidates for the DFC Most Valuable Player Award:
David Mark Osborne... Why he should win: An entire season in the Top Ten, plus six straight weeks at #1, and the best record in the league
Why he shouldn't win: Weak division, with really only Matt giving him competition. He's been #1, but that best record lead has been shrinking over the last few weeks
Mark Gainey... Why he should win: Two time MVP (including winning it last year), he's rebounded from a rough start to capture his fourth straight division title, plus seems on the verge of getting his fourth straight 60+ win season.
Why he shouldn't win: He's a victim of his own success, as even if he goes 5-3 this week to win 60 games, it will still be his worst season to date. True, he's rebounded from a rough start, but he shouldn't have started so rough to begin with.
Scott Latta... Why he should win: May not have had the strongest showings in the leauge, but week after week, he's been consistant in the South Central Division, a division that possibly will have four of the six conference playoff spots--and he's about to win it.
Why he shouldn't win: Don't reward him for simply having a good season. He spent two weeks out of the top ten, and has only been as high as 2nd this year.

Rookie of the Year
Angie Mark Osborne... Why she should win: Became the first rookie since Mark Gainey to win her very first week in the leauge, then won another week in Week Five. Respectable record in a tough year.
Why she shouldn't win: Got lucky. After her week five win, the second half of her season has been horrible, and will be lucky to finish .500 or better. Currently ranked 24th. Also, sometimes picks games based on mascots.
Jason Barnette... Why he should win: Consistancy. No, he hasnt won a week (yet) but has really been on fire the second half of the season, and is still in contention for a postseason berth.
Why he shouldn't win: The Rookie of the Year Award is for the whole season, not just for the last six weeks. Average ranking is 20.2 for season, and will need a miracle to make the playoffs.

Playoff History
In case you are wondering what's happened in years past--and I know you are--here's a refresher course on DFC Playoffs

First season, field of eleven players, top 4 make it to postseason
Michael Nipp and Jennifer Ernst are semi-finalists, while Shawn Sharp defeats Chris Fulaytar for Deuce Bowl I's championship
(first season with divisions, 8 spots ,head to head bracket)
First round: Drew Morris def. West Division Champ Tommy McLeod; Big Eddy McBroom def. North Division Champ DMOsborne; East Division Champ Tad Roose def. Vic Paschal; Yours Truly def. Central Division Champ Chris Fulaytar
Second Round: Drew Morris def. Eddy McBroom; Tad Roose def Yours Truly
Deuce Bowl II: Tad Roose def. Drew morris
Three wild cards in each conference, top two in Wild Card Weekend advanced to play division winners
First Round: Drew Morris and Jenn Hudson advance, as does Chris Fulaytar and Daniel Powell. Matt Latta and Michael Nipp eliminated.
Second Round: Jenn Hudson def. West Division Champ Eddy McBroom; Drew Morris def. North Division Champ Justin Glenn; Chris Fulaytar def. East Division Champ Mark Gainey (via TB); Daniel Powell def. Central Division Champion Tim Wasyluka
Final Four: Drew Morris def. Jenn Hudson; Chris Fulaytar def. Daniel Powell (again, via TB)
Deuce Bowl III: Chris Fulaytar def. Drew Morris
(same format as DFC III)
First Round: Justin Glenn and Eddy McBroom advance, as does Lori Smith and Tim Wasyluka. Yours Truly and Tom Johnson are eliminated.
Second Round: North Division Champ Jenn Ernst (formerly Hudson) def. Justin Glenn; Big Eddy def. West Division Champ Eddy Jr in McBroom Bowl I; East Division Champ Mark Gainey def. Lori Smith via TB; Tad Roose def. Central Div. Champ Tim Wasyluka
Final Four: Jennifer Ernst def. Eddy McBroom; Tad Roose def. Lori Smith
Deuce Bowl IV: Tad Roose def. Jennifer Ernst

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • This playoff might be the first time that none of the original Deuce guys--Michael, Tom, Shawn or Yours Truly--will be in the postseason. In DFC I, it was Michael & Shawn representin', in DFC II it was Yours Truly, in DFC III it was Michael Nipp, in DFC IV it was Tom and Yours Truly, and last season, it was Tom, Michael and Yours Truly. For this year, Michael's already out, and Tom is on the verge, and I've got a decent shot, though I don't control my own destiny.
  • We already know that DMO is in... given past years and trends, in the Fulaytar Conference, its safe to say that Matt, Tommy and Justin are in. The final two spots in that conference will come down to Jason Duren (who controls his own future--as in, he does what he's supposed to, there shouldnt be an issue), Drew Morris, Eddy McBroom and on the outside, Tom Johnson.
  • In the McBroom Conference, Mark, Scott and Jonathan can pretty much make their playoff reservations. The other three spots (including a division title) will be decided this weekend between Yours Truly, Tyler Campbell, Tad Roose, Lori Smith, Eddy Jr, Tim Wasyluka and Daniel Powell. Thats four people sitting at home this December.
  • Incidentally, the total points scored in this week's TB game (Vandy/UK) is the highest ever scored in a DFC Game. The 93 total by far blows out the previous high of 83 points scored in DFC II, when the NFL's Arizona got by Detroit 45-38 in Week 11.
  • The rest of the top five highest scores ever: #3, DFC V, Week 9, Kansas City beats Indy 45-35 for 80 points. #4, DFC IV, Oklahoma blows out Texas in Week 7, 65-13 for 78 points. And Mikey's Oregon Ducks beats Mississippi State in DFC IV's Week 1 by the score of 42-34 for 76 total points.
  • The lowest ever scored? Also this year... Alabama 6, Tennessee 3.
  • Jennifer's lead atop the All Time Win List is narrowing, as Yours Truly has moved within 6 games of her, her smallest margin in at least two seasons. With a 336-224 record, compared to my 330-230 record, I hopefully can catch her by next year.
  • Daniel needs just 2 more wins to hit 300, becoming the final active original DFC'er to do so. With a big week, Eddy McBroom can become the first non-original DFC'er to hit that mark, as his record is 293-179.
    Mark Gainey passes Eddy Jr this week for 15th on the all time list.
  • Though she had a rough start, Sarah's 4-4 record this week pushed her over 200 wins lifetime, the 20th person in the DFC to do so. Tyler Campbell's stellar season has helped him hit 100 this week as well.
    As far as rookies go, Jason Barney's 47 wins puts him 1 win away from at least a .500 season, and 3 wins away from legendary Brook DeRamus for 28th on the all time list. However, he won't get to Vic Paschals 56 win mark until next season.
  • Also up for a winning season their first year: Gina Williams (needs a 3-5 week), Tebe Shaw (needs a 4-4 week), Angie Mark Osborne (needs a 5-3) and a little farther back, Ryan Sherman (who needs a 6-2). With 96 games in the season, a 49 win season pushes you over .500.
  • However, despite all the possible winning records from the rookies, it looks like the third season in a row that no rookies will make the playoffs---both Jason Duren & Sarah Hasha missed it in 2003, both Tyler and Garrett last season, and barring an unbelievable finish from Jason Barnette and a meltdown from some others, all will miss the postseason this year.
  • With both Jonathan Osborne and Scott Latta likely breaking their five season playoff drought this year, that puts Sarah Hasha and Jason Demastus as the longest in the league without a playoff appearance. This will be their fourth full season that will end at Week 12.
  • Tommy McLeod is also breaking a playoff drought... he made the playoffs in his MVP winning DFC II season, but hasn't been back until this year, four seasons later.
  • At 196-123, Jennifer also has the chance of being the first to 200 college wins... though Yours Truly is in 2nd, again 6 games behind her. Obviously, I won't catch her this year, with only four games remaining. But I might not catch her at all, as Osborne's tremendous season has pushed him to 3rd on the All Time College list, one behind me.
  • Big Eddy is 9th on the All Time College rankings at 173-104. Four games back, with one week left, with the chance to finish among the top ten all time college this season sits Drew Morris at 169-108. One game behind him is Jon Osborne, and two more games back is both Tad Roose & Scott Latta.
  • Currently, the highest ranking retiree in the college list is Chris Fulaytar, with a 139-70 record, ranking 18th all time. Shawn Sharp is 22nd, with a 101-80 record. Then you have four active members, Ty, Jason Duren, Garrett Cheney and Tyler Campbell, followed by two more retirees in 27th and 28th, Vic Paschal (30-23) and Ryan Smith (30-26). I mention this only to say that tied for 29th is Gina Williams and Tebe Shaw, both with 29-23 records. This means that both can move up to at least 28th, possibly 27th on the all time list.
  • Checking out Pro, Tom Johnson still prevails, with 142 wins, as compared to Yours Truly and Jennifer at 140.
  • Justin Glenn needs but one pro win, or one loss by Tad Roose, or one game both picked the same for him to cement his status in the All TIme Pro Top Ten list. Currently 10th, he's actually only five games back from 9th (Daniel Powell, 120-102 wins) and 8th (Eddy McBroom, 120-75).
  • As far as this season goes, Daniel Powell is the front runner for the DFC VI College Title, with a 33-19 record. Close behind him, though, is a three way tie between Mark Gainey, DMOsborne and Matt Latta at 32-20.
  • For the Pro Title, Scott Latta, Tommy McLeod, Justin Glenn and DMOsborne are in contention for a piece of that one. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker used to determine who wins the Pro Title is simply taking the TBA from ONLY the pro games this year. Lowest one wins. Using this method, it stacks up like this: Justin, Scott, Tommy, DMO

Sunday, November 06, 2005

DFC Week Eleven

Six College, Two Pro Games

College Games
Rutgers Scarlet Knights (6-3) at #23 Louisville Cardinals (6-2), Friday night, 7pm ESPN2
That's right, I said Rutgers. For the first time in DFC history, we are picking a Rutgers game. And do you know why? They are the Big East's Vanderbilt--and since the 'Dores aren't going bowling, Rutgers will do (going to a bowl game for the first time since 1834, I think...). Do you know that if Rutgers beats the Cards (which is very possible, considering how shaky Louisville has been all season) there is a chance that the Scarlet Knights could win the Big East and play in a BCS Bowl?

#25 Northwestern Wildcats (6-3) at #10 Ohio State Buckeyes (7-2) , 11am ABC
The Cats are running wild! They put up, what, 1500 yards of offense every week? Of course, their defense totally blows... they can only hope to score more points than the Buckeyes (which I'm told would help them win the game). And of all things, Ohio State is trying to win the Big 10 by fending off not Michigan, not Wisconsin... but Penn State (!)

Kentucky Wildcats (2-6) at Vanderbilt Commodores (4-5), 1pm
Attention! Pillow Fight of the Week!
They started 4-0, and have lost five straight. I don't know if they would have beaten Florida on the two point conversion at the end of the game Saturday, but they were jobbed on the celebration call... as in, they really should have beaten the Gators. Now, this is the letdown game... can they bring the fire they showed and blow out the Wildcats? Or will they be on the "we should be bowl eligible by now" mentality, and let Kentucky creep closer to a great 3 win season?

#5 LSU Bengal Tigers (7-1) at #4 Alabama Crimson Tide (9-0) , 230pm CBS
And here's where the train stops for the Tide, the BCS gets its two perfect teams, fans quit whining that (a better) Miami one-loss team jumped an undefeated Tide in the AP Poll and I get yelled at for picking LSU. I'll be rooting for the Tide (marrying into the family does something to you--you old DFC'ers know that back in the day, I'd never root for Alabama. But you will NEVER, EVER, NEVER see me wear Alabama gear or cheer "Roll Tide". I can only give so much.) but I'm picking LSU to win this.

#15 Auburn Tigers (7-2) at #9 Georgia Bulldogs (7-1), 645pm ESPN
If... and thats a big IF... Auburn beats a DJ Shockley led Bulldog team, on the road no less, and if... IF... Alabama loses to LSU... I call it here. Auburn beats Alabama. Send all your hate mail addressed to me, at

Texas A&M Aggies (5-4) at Oklahoma Sooners (5-3), time TBA
This game is just for the Bama Fans. Is it sick to hope for a situation where, for Alabama to play in the Rose Bowl for the title, A&M has to beat Texas, thereby forcing the Tide faithful to root for Franchione? When posed this question to my father-in-law, a diehard Bama boy, he said "well... I guess they won't be playing for the title then". And in case you hadn't noticed (and judging by the attendance, you haven't), the Sooners have won a few here and there, and are threatening to climb out of the cellar.

NFL Games
Washington Redskins (5-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3), 315pm Fox
What a time to have a Buccaneers game. I watched the Skins come off one of the worst defeats in their history (36-0 shutout at the hands of Eli and the Tall Men), and the worst defeat of Joe Gibbs' career. They bounced back nicely... the question now is the Bucs, who got shelled last week against the sorry Niners, and then yesterday got drilled by Carolina in a beat-down fashion. Of course, with Tampa, they always play good at just the wrong time. DMO, this one is for you.

St Louis Rams (4-4) at Seattle Seahawks (6-2), 315pm Fox
Is Seattle really this good? And is St. Louis really this bad? I think they are both somewhere in the middle, which makes for a great NFC West Game.

TieBreak Game:
Vandy/Kentucky, total points scored (I would have said the Bama or Auburn game, but with LSU and Georgia, fans have more to worry about than total points scored--but I also wanted to keep it in the SEC)

DFC Week Ten Results

The Week That Was
I knew one day he'd find DFC success... and this week, he did. Tyler Campbell, the self-proclaimed Sexy Beast of the DFC, wins the week, doing it in an undefeated fashion: 8-0, becoming the 14th person to do so in DFC history.

Mark Gainey makes huge strides towards his fourth straight division title, ending up in 2nd at 7-1, while Scott Latta--fresh off of 2 straight weekly wins--comes in 3rd with 7-1.

The rest of the top ten finished at 6-2, and they are Daniel Powell in 4th, Tim Wasyluka in 5th, Tad Roose in 6th, Ryan Sherman in 7th, Lori Smith in 8th, Big Eddy Mac in 9th and Tom Johnson in 10th, rounding out the top ten.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Jennifer Ernst
5-3: DMOsborne, Matt Latta, Angie Pilgrim, Justin Glenn, Tommy McLeod, Jason Barnette, Drew Morris, Sarah Hasha, Jason Duren, Yours Truly, Garrett Cheney, James Hawbaker, Eddy Mac Jr, Gina Williams
4-4: Tebe Shaw, Jon Osborne, Mikey Nipp
0-8: Ty Coffey

The Standings
Fulaytar Conference
North Division
A three game lead is held by DMO, looking for his second division title and possibly his first MVP award. Matt Latta, despite having the 2nd best in the conference, may have to settle for a wild card spot. Defending division champ Tom is ranked 10th in the conference, and it seems he's going to have to be nearly perfect in the next two weeks to make up ground.
DM Osborne, 52-28 (13.56) (29-17) (23-11)
Matt Latta, 49-31 (12.10) (29-17) (20-14)
Tom Johnson, 41-39 (14.0) (24-22) (17-17)
Angie Pilgrim, 40-40 (16.2) (25-21) (15-19)
Ty Coffey, 35-45 (21.0) (22-24) (13-21)

MidCentral Division
Justin keeps pace with Tommy, though the first round bye he held tightly is turning into a 5th seed and a seat in Wild Card Weekend. Tommy is seeking his second division title of his career, while rookie Jason Barnette's flirtation with the postseason may become the rejection he's used to, though in 8th, he's not out of it yet.
Tommy McLeod, 49-31 (12.89) (26-20) (23-11)
Justin Glenn, 48-32 (18.56) (25-21) (23-11)
Jason Barnette, 42-38 (11.67) (23-23) (19-15)
Jennifer Ernst, 40-40 (14.33) (20-26) (20-14)
Tebe Shaw, 39-41 (12.78) (24-22) (15-19)

West Division
He's two weeks away from pulling an unprecedented start-to-finish divisional lead, but Jason Duren's got Drew right on him. Both Drew and Eddy are battling back and forth for that final playoff spot--I can almost guarantee only one will make it (if either do).
Jason Duren, 47-33 (16.78) (28-18) (19-15)
Drew Morris, 45-35 (12.11) (26-20) (19-15)
Eddy McBroom, 44-36 (10.89) (25-21) (19-15)
Jason Demastus, 42-38 (19.67) (24-22) (18-16)
Sarah Hasha, 38-41 (13.3) (25-21) (14-20)

McBroom Conference
East Division
The Mighty Gainey hits his stride late, still with the possibility of four straight 60+ win seasons. Tyler's 8-0 weekend was absolutely huge for him, vaulting him into the thick of the playoff race, while the chances that Yours Truly took (New England? Tampa?) didnt work, pushing me to the edge.
Mark Gainey, 49-31 (12.78) (27-19) (22-12)
Tyler Campbell, 46-34 (8.11) (28-18) (18-16)
Yours Truly, 44-36 (11.7) (26-20) (18-16)
Garrett Cheney, 38-42 (17.9) (21-25) (17-17)
James Hawbaker, 28-28 (13.29) (16-18) (12-10)

SouthCentral Division
What was the most exciting division in the league has now become a runaway lead for Scott Latta, though Jon looks like barring a collapse, a playoff berth awaits. With Lori and Tad, and even Eddy Jr, this is now not a race for the division title, its a race for those wild card spots.
Scott Latta, 51-29 (11.67) (28-18) (23-11)
Jon Osborne, 47-33 (9.89) (28-18) (19-15)
Tad Roose, 47-33 (10.33) (28-18) (19-15)
Lori Smith, 45-35 (11.11) (26-20) (19-15)
Eddy McBroom Jr, 44-36 (18.0) (29-17) (15-19)

South Division
THIS is now the most exciting divisional race in the league, with Daniel & Tim once again tying for the lead. Daniel and Tim have both used their drops, so it is what it is. Farther back is Gina and Ryan, and of course, Mikey, who is now officially eliminated from playoff contention.
Daniel Powell, 46-34 (11.11) (30-16) (16-18)
Tim Wasyluka, 46-34 (11.78) (27-19) (19-15)
Gina Williams, 41-39 (10.0) (26-20) (15-19)
Ryan Sherman, 39-41 (21.7) (24-22) (15-19)
Michael Nipp, 29-51 (11.11) (20-26) (9-25)

The Playoff Race
Top Six in each conference get playoff spot.
Top two division winners (Seeds 1 & 2) get first round bye, third division winner, plus three next best records (Seeds 3-6) are in Wild Card Weekend
Fulaytar Conference
1. DMOsborne, 52-28 (13.56) (would be North Division champ)
2. Tommy McLeod, 49-31 (12.89) (would be Midcentral Division champ)
3. Jason Duren, 47-33 (16.78) (would be West Division champ)
4. Matt Latta, 49-31 (12.10) (wild card)
5. Justin Glenn, 48-32 (18.56) (wild card)
6. Drew Morris, 45-35 (12.11) (wild card)
7. Eddy McBroom, 44-36 (10.89)
8. Jason Barnette, 42.38 (11.67)
9. Jason Demastus, 42-38 (19.67)
10. Tom Johnson, 41-39 (14.0)

McBroom Conference
1. Scott Latta, 51-29 (11.67) (would be Southcentral Division champ)
2. Mark Gainey, 49-31 (12.78) (would be East Division champ)
3. Daniel Powell, 46-34 (11.11) (would be South Division champ)
4. Jon Osborne, 47-33 (9.89) (wild card)
5. Tad Roose, 47-33 (10.33) (wild card)
6. Tyler Campbell, 46-34 (8.11) (wild card)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 46-34 (11.78)
8. Lori Smith, 45-35 (11.11)
9. Yours Truly, 44-36 (11.7)
10. Eddy Mac Jr, 44-36 (18.0)

The DFC Power Poll
Rank, Record, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. DMOsborne, 52-28 (13.56) (1)
2. Scott Latta, 51-29 (11.67) (2)
3. Matt Latta, 49-31 (12.1) (3)
4. Mark Gainey, 49-31 (12.78) (7)
5. Tommy McLeod, 49-31 (12.89) (4)
6. Justin Glenn, 48-32 (18.56) (6)
7. Jon Osborne, 47-33 (9.89) (5)
8. Jason Duren, 47-33 (16.78) (8)
9. Tad Roose, 47-33 (10.33) (9)
10. Tyler Campbell, 46-34 (8.11) (NR)
dropped out: Drew Morris (10)

Game Bucket O'Wings
Picked to finish dead last by just about every newspaper in the country, Tyler Campbell has pretty much given them a big fat poo-burger for them to chew on. Whether he makes the playoffs or just comes darn close, this was his week. This bucket of hot wings is for you, Tyler.

The T.O. Decision
Shortly after it was announced that Terrell Owens had been suspended indefinately from the Eagles, a day before their game with the Redskins, I received two phone calls asking to change their pick from Philly to the Skins.
There has been a longstanding rule that in an "extraordinary circumstance", a game may be changed before the kickoff of that game. However, this rule is very seldom called upon, so therefore, most people in the league had either forgotten or didn't know it existed. I consulted with a retired member of the DFC to get his take, and he suggested that no changes should be allowed, because not everyone would know this rule.
However, since the situation had arisen a full 24 hours before kickoff (which was Sunday night at 7pm), I decided that via email, there was enough time for people to make this decision.
In hindsight, its a decision I would not make again. Furthermore, I call into question if this situation would even qualify as an extraordinary circumstance--certainly, it would different if the entire Eagle starting line were in a bus wreck and unable to play, as opposed to the suspension of a player that was already on the edge of having such action taken against him. Luckily, only three people were affected (one of which made the wrong decision).
Therefore, for this week (Week Eleven) the standard rule applies--a pick can be changed up until the slate of games start... as in, once kickoff of the first game on Saturday happens, ALL picks are locked. For Week Twelve, ALL picks are locked in once I recieve them. All picks will be locked in once recieved through out the duration of the DFC VI postseason, including Deuce Bowl VI games.
The "change picks due to extraordinary circumstances" rule will be looked at and adjusted in the off season for next year.
For the record, I picked Washington to begin with. =)
Thanks--DFC Admin.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • Just so you know, the title of this section (my favorite in the email, by the way) is from the old Mark Twain line... "There are three kinds of lies. There are lies, damn lies and statistics". Some of you knew this, some didn't, but I thought I'd share.
  • Yes, Michael Nipp is now officially eliminated from playoff contention. WIth two weeks remaining, even a 16-0 record would only give him a 45-51 record, good enough for 8th in the conference... and that would ONLY be if the current 1-7 went 0-16 in that same time.
  • To add to Mikey's woes... James Hawbaker, who started midseason and has been a part of 7 weeks opposed to Mike's 10, has 28 wins. Michael has 29.
  • As mentioned before, there were 13 60+ game winners last year. This year? There will probably be three to five, with DMOsborne, Scott Latta, Matt Latta, Tommy McLeod or Mark Gainey. With the final two weeks, Osborne needs only a combined 8-8 record to make it, Scott needs a 9-7 record, and Matt, Mark and Tommy all would need 11-5 in their last weeks, all very doable.
  • Going 12-4 in the final two weeks would give 60 games to Justin, while 13-3 would be needed for Jonathan Osborne, Jason Duren and Tad Roose. 14-2 for Daniel, Tim and Tyler, while 15-1 would be needed for Drew and Lori.
  • Yours Truly, Big Eddy and Little Eddy would need two consecutive 8-0 weeks. So, more than likely, we'll have about five.
  • In the all-time standings, Wookiee will fall no further. Starting out at 10th all time this season, he has fallen to 17th, with Lori in 18th. Even with a 16-0 run, she can only get up to 234 wins... Chris has 236.
    Still having an outside shot at reaching 300 career wins: Daniel (293) and Big Eddy (177).
    Jason Barnette still has the best chance at being the first of the rookies to break into the Top 30 All Time... he's got 42, in 32nd, while retired Scott Burk has 34, in 30th.
  • For College, who has the shot at 200 wins? Its never been reached... but Jennifer is 9 away at 191-122. With six this week, and probably 4 next week, it will be hard--but possible.
  • Wookiee is also safe at 18th in college... 19th is Tim Wasyluka, 12 back at 127-91.
  • After Monday night's game... the top of the Pro List is now a two way tie. Both Jennifer and Tom are at 140-99, marking the first time that Tom has lost the sole lead in many years... and the first time that one person (Jennifer Ernst) has owned at least a share of all three major catagories.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

DFC Ruling / Terrell Owens

So here's the deal. The Philly Eagles suspended Terrell Owens indefinately before tomorrow's game with Washington.

The DFC rule is (and has always been) that all games are locked in as soon as the ball is kicked off for the first game of the weekend. However, if there is an extraordinary circumstance on Sunday's games, a pick may be changed. With the news of the Eagles losing a star player, this is such a circumstance.

I've had two phone calls on this, and after conferring with another member of the DFC Administration and contimplating what to do (this is why I run the DFC for you people), a decision has been made that since the game is tomorrow night, there is ample time for people to read their email and/or the website and determine:

If they picked Philly, do they want to go with Washington, because they lost a star


If they picked Washington, do they want to change to Philly because the loss of Owens might solidfy and unify the team.

Please email or call me with your decision IF you want to change.