Sunday, August 29, 2010

DFC XI Week One Games

There were a few missteps when I sent out the divisions, including forgetting altogether the DFC IX Rookie of the Year Matt Halpert (into the North Division he goes)...

A big welcome to David Tuck "Rule", Grandpa Randy Latta, Husker John Wolf and Grassman Drew Warren.  Enjoy your attempt at making the playoffs as Rookies, and let the Rookie of the Year Race begin!

A big welcome back to Tebe Shaw, returning after a year off to have himself a baby.  We hope that three time champ Tad Roose and his beloved Gina will also make a return if not by Week Two, then for DFC XII!

The obvious marquee game is Boise State and VA Tech, but I found 7 more interesting games that should get DFC XI kicked off with a shabang.  Sooooo....  here we go!

All times CST, all ranks from USAToday Coaches Poll

Illinois Fightin' Politically Incorrect Indians vs. Missouri "We Lost to Troy!" Tigers, 1130a (played at EJ Dome, St. Louis)

Purdue Boilermakers at Notre Dame Fightin' Catholics, 230pm, NBC

Kentucky Wildcats at Louisville Cardinals, 230pm, ABC

UConn Huskies at Michigan Wolverines, 230pm, ABC

21. LSU Tigers vs 18. North Carolina Tarheels, 7pm, ABC (played at Georgia Dome, Atlanta)

Northwestern Wildcats at Vanderbilt Commodores, 730pm, ESPN3

Cincinnati Bearcats at Fresno State Bulldogs, 9pm, ESPN2

3. Boise State Broncos vs 10. Virginia Tech Hokies (played at FedEx Field, Landover, MD)

TieBreak Game
Boise State vs Virginia Tech, total points scored in game

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DFC XI Final Preseason


Rank, DFC X Record
1. Scott Latta, 54-42
2. Mark Gainey, 58-38
3. Eddy McBroom, 61-35
4. Lori Beirne, 58-38
5. Drew Morris, 56-40
6. Jennifer Ernst, 53-43
7. Yours Truly, 61-35
8. Brad Latta, 54-42
9. James Hawbaker, 58-38
10. Trey Cartledge, 58-38
11. Matt Latta, 57-39
12. Tyler Campbel, 53-43

13-20... Matt Halpert (52-44)... DMOsborne (52-44)... Tommy McLeod (56-40)... Jonathan Osborne (56-40)... Joey Thornell (54-42)... Justin Fisher (48-48)... Eddy Jr (53-43)... Dan Sellers (53-43)

21-35... Sarah Hasha... David Tuck (rookie)... Steven Ray... Tom Johnson... Zack Graves... Tebe Shaw (returning)... John Wolf (rookie)... Tim Wasyluka... Rhett Barnett... Daniel Powell... Ryan Sherman... Chris Croyle... Garrett Cheney... Mikey Nipp

(listed in order of predicted finish)
Matt Latta
Matt Halpert
Rhett Barnett
Joey Thornell
Zack Graves
Drew Warren (rookie)

Jennifer Ernst
Justin Fisher
Tommy McLeod
Brad Latta
Tebe Shaw
Sarah Hasha

Eddy McBroom
Drew Morris
Trey Cartledge
Dan Sellers
Tom Johnson
David Tuck (rookie)

Prediction... DMOsborne and Big Eddy get byes, Jenn wins division and wild cards are Drew, Trey and Justin. Trey and Justin advance. Trey and Big Eddy, Big Eddy gets to DeuceBowl XI.

Mark Gainey
Yours Truly
Tyler Campbell
John Wolf
Ryan Sherman
Garrett Cheney

Scott Latta
Lori Beirne
Jonathan Osborne
Steven Ray
Randy Latta (rookie)
Jason Roberts

James Hawbaker
Eddy McBroom the Junior
Chris Croyle
Tim Wasyluka
Daniel Powell
Michael Nipp

Prediction. Mark and Scott get top two seeds and byes, Yours Truly seeded third, James (division winner) gets 4th, followed by Lori and Tyler. Yours Truly and Tyler advance, with Scott and Yours Truly getting to final four. Scott Latta advances to DeuceBowl XI

Scott Latta defeats Eddy McBroom for the 11th DFC title and his name on the Brook DeRamus Championship Plate.


On Monday, August 30th, an email will go out containing matchups and some details of 8 upcoming college games that will take place the weekend of September 3rd through 6th. The first week will be all college, then next week will incorporate NFL games. One game will be designated as "The Tiebreak" game. Your response is to predict the winners, and pick the tiebreak game correctly.

Except for the first week, on Tuesdays, you'll receive an email with the previous week's results. A "weekly winner" will be announced--weekly record first, then goes to tiebreak--and overall standings, an an overall Top 12, the Power Poll, is also released. On Thursday, a quick "reminder" email will be sent, just informing people who's games have been received, who's games are still being waited on.

Games are expected to be into my email box by kickoff of the first game, though the exception is Thursday games. They will be few, but when there is a Thursday game, the pick for that game can be sent in, and the rest of the games can be sent in the next day.

With your overall standings, a "Tiebreak Average" will be kept throughout the season. When you send in your TB score, its the total score of the game selected... example is if Nebraska beats Colorado 41-9, for a total score of 50, and you had selected 40 points total (50 - 40 = 10), then you were 10 points off. For the next two games you were off 12 and 5, thats a total of 27, divide by 3 (games or weeks) and your TieBreak Average is 9.

This score is kept all season, and will be used to break the ties at the end of the season, including like-records for divisional records and for playoff positioning seeds (and spots). One need look no further than DFC III when Mikey Nipp's 10.18 TBA beat out Scott Latta's 10.75 TBA, for the conference's final playoff spot, robbing Scott of his first postseason spot (which he would not get until DFC VI)

A slight change has been made to the to Drop system, which previously allowed you to drop one score per season. This year the "drop" has been removed and instead, your best and worst Tiebreak guess of the season will be dropped, leaving 10 weeks worth to calculate. If you have a horrendous week in Week 3, and go with 60 points in a game that ends up 13-3, that will be dropped. However, if in Week 4, you go 70 in a game that ends up 7-0, that will become your worst week, and your atrocity in Week 3 will return. It will be up to you to keep track of your scores (or just trust me to take care of it, like most people do)

The season will continue through 12 weeks, concluding the weekend of November 19-21st. The top six records in each conference will make the postseason, with division winners making it regardless, even if a division winner has a worse record than someone in another division for the 6th spot. The top two seeds, regardless of divisional status, get first round byes, the other four per conference will participate in "Wild Card Weekend". Divisional winners get higher seeds when in a record-tie with 2nd+ place in another division, regardless of TBA, but if 2nd place in a division has a higher record than a divisional winner, that higher seed is awarded to the 2nd place division finisher.

Top two records in Wild Card Weekend advance to next round. The top two seeds advance again to create a Final Four between the two conferences. Best record from each conference advance to DeuceBowl XI.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The DFC XI Preseason Part 1

Well... welcome back to the 11th season of The Deuce Football Championships. 

We are still awaiting final word from three time DFC Champion Tad "The Dynasty" Roose and Gina "Wife of Tad "The Dynasty" Roose" Roose, Jason Turnbow, Joey Thornell, Sarah Hasha and Ryan Sherman.

Joining us this year, our first rookie of DFC XI is David Tuck (more on him soon)

But... let's discuss the current DFC Lineup.

Returning for their 2nd Season
Brad Latta... DFC X Rookie of the Year.  54-42 record after one season, 6th seed in playoffs (wild card)
Lt Dan Sellers... 53-43 record after one season, fifth in West Division
Steven Ray... 53-43 record after one season, fourth in Central Division
Rhett Barnett... 51-45 record after one season, fourth in North Division

Returning for their 3rd Season
Chris Croyle... 102-90 lifetime record.  Finished 50-46 in DFC X, fifth in North Conference

Returning for their 4th Season
Matt Halpert... DFC VIII Rookie of the Year.  Won North Division in first season.  174-114 lifetime record.  Finished 52-44 in DFC X, third in South Division.

Returning for their 5th Season
Zack "The DFC Attack" Graves... 220-152 lifetime record.  Finished 43-53 in DFC X, last in North Conference

Returning for 6th Season
James Hawbaker... 269-187 lifetime record.  DFC X South Division Champion.  Finished 58-38 in DFC X.

Returning for 7th Season
Garrett Cheney... 307-269 lifetime record.  DFC V Rookie of the Year.  Finished 49-47 in DFC X, fifth in Central Division. 
Tyler Campbell... 310-266 lifetime record.  Finished 53-43 in DFC X, fifth in East Division

Returning for 9th Season
Mark "The Mighty" Gainey... DFC IX Champion.  499-269 lifetime record.  DFC III Rookie of the Year.  DFC III, V, VI MVP.  DFC East Division Champion in DFC III, IV, V, VI and VII.  Five straight 60+ win seasons, six 60+ wins in seven years.  Finished 58-38 in DFC X, 2nd in East Division. 
Tim "The Big" Wasyluka... 440-328 lifetime record.  DFC III, IV Central Division Champion.  DFC VI South Division Champion.  DFC IX West Division Champion.  Finished 48-48 in DFC X, fourth in South Division.
Lori "Sunshine" Beirne... DFC X Champion.  463-305 lifetime record.  DFC V, X  Central Division Champion.  Finished 58-38 in DFC X. 

Returning for 10th Season
Jonathan Osborne... 508-356 lifetime record.  DFC VIII Central Division Champion.  Finisshed 56-39 in Central Division, second in division.
Big Eddy McBroom... 527-337 lifetime record.  DFC III and X West Division Champion.  Finished 61-35 in DFC X.
Eddy McBroom Jr... 504-363 lifetime record.  DFC IV West Division Champion.  Finished 53-43 in DFC X, second in South Division.   
Scott Latta... 510-354 lifetime record.  DFC VI, IX Central Division Champion.  Finished 54-42 in DFC X, third in Central Division
Drew Morris... DFC VIII Champion.  DFC VIII MVP.  523-341 lifetime record.  DFC V, VI, VIII West Division Champion.  Finished 56-40 in DFC X, third in West Division.

Returning for 11th Season
Jennifer Ernst... 580-372 lifetime record.  DFC IV MVP.  DFC IV North Division Champion.  DFC VII Central Divison Champion.  Finished 53-43 in DFC X, fifth in Central Division.  
Yours Truly... 577-375 lifetime record.  DFC IX, X MVP.  Finished 61-35 in DFC X.
Matt Latta... DFC VI Champion.  565-387 lifetime record.  DFC VI, VII, X North Division Champion.  Finished 57-39 in DFC X. 
Tommy McLeod... 554-398 lifetime record,  DFC II MVP.  DFC II West Division Champion.  DFC VI, VIII, X Central Division Champion.   Finished 56-40 in DFC X
DMOsborne... 540-412 lifetime record.  DFC II North Division Champion.  Finished 52-44 in DFC X, second in North Division. 
Daniel Powell... 529-391 lifetime record.  DFC VII South Division Champion.  Finished 49-47 in South Division, fifth in South Division. 
Tom Johnson... 533-419 lifetime record.  DFC V North Division Champion.  Finished 54-42 in West Division, fourth in West Division. 
Michael Nipp... 515-437 lifetime record.  DFC V South Division Champion.  Finished 40-56 in South Division, dead last in South Division.