Wednesday, December 20, 2006

DFC VII Season Wrap Up

DFC Champion:
Tad Roose has won an unprecedented 3rd DFC Championship by winning Deuce Bowl VII. His 5-3 record outpaced Matt Latta's 3-5 attempt to become the first to repeat as champion.

Congrats to Tad!

DFC VII Most Valuable Player Award:
This year, its pretty evident that Tad Roose takes this award easily. Runners up includes Jennifer Ernst and Daniel Powell

DFC VII Rookie of the Year Award:
Gary Eubanks also easily takes this award, having won 62 games this season, as well as the West Division championship. If there is a second runner up, it may be Zack Graves or Jason Turnbow.

DFC VII Osborne Award:
This award, given to the best DFC player who didn't make the playoffs, goes to David Mark Osborne, who lost out of the Fulaytar Conference playoff race by less than 4 tiebreak points to Jason Barnette.

Final DFC Power Poll
1) Tad Roose
2) Matt Latta
3) Daniel Powell
4) Tebe Shaw
5) Jennifer Ernst
6) Mark Gainey
7) Drew Morris
8) Yours Truly
9) Tim Wasyluka
10) Gary Eubanks
11) Gina Williams
12) Tommy McLeod

All Time Regular Season Wins:
1) Jennifer Ernst, 405... 2) Yours Truly, 393... 3-tied) David Mark & Matt Latta, 383... 5) Tommy McLeod, 481... 6) Tom Johnson, 379... 7) Michael Nipp, 371... 8) Daniel Powell, 367... 9-tied) Eddy McBroom & Tad Roose, 350

All Time Wins (regular season + playoffs):
1) Jennifer Ernst, 453... 2) Yours Truly, 440... 3) Matt Latta, 424... 4) David Mark Osborne, 412... 5) Drew Morris, 407... 6) Tad Roose, 401... 7) Eddy McBroom, 400... 8) Daniel Powell, 396... 9) Tommy McLeod, 392... 10) Tom Johnson, 390

The Final Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • If you notice the top two lists, there is one notable name missing from the second one. Michael Nipp is not among the top ten in all time wins, including playoffs. Its the first time that an original DFC'er has not been among the main stats. Congrats. (he's in 11th with 383)
  • Looking at all-time playoff wins, Drew Morris is now the king. He only went 10-6 in his two rounds (wild card & 2nd round) but it was enough to pass Wookiee Fulaytar for #1 on the list.
  • Tad not only has set a record for winning 3 DeRamus Plates, but has also set a number of other small records... he's made the playoffs three times in six seasons, and has won the championship each time, winning at least 16 games each time. He became only the 7th person to cross the 400 all-time win mark. He finishes the year with 44 weeks of 4-4 or better.
  • Gary Eubanks, this year's Rookie of the Year winner, won the third highest total of games for a rookie ever. His 62 wins finished behind Garrett Cheney's 64 (DFC V) and Mark Gainey's 65 (DFC III)
  • Speaking of Peyton Manning, Mark Gainey continues to pile up regular season stats... he won his fifth straight DFC East Title, his fifth straight playoff appearance, and his fifth straight seasons with 60 wins or more. Add those season totals to his already-a-record 3 MVP titles, and then look to his playoff appearances... out in 2nd round of DFC III, DFC VI and this year, out in Final Four of DFC IV & V. Could he be brandished the title of "Best to Never Win the Big One?" And before you say "Marino", remember Marino at least played in the Super Bowl once.
  • Here's an interesting stat for you... Tim Wasyluka has long held the top spot in the All Time TieBreak Average... but after this season, there's a new #1 in town. James Hawbaker now has a 11.69 average, compared to Tim's 11.73. But there is an * by James name... he started in the late first half of DFC VI, meaning he hasn't completely played two full seasons.
  • Surprises this year: Jason Barnette's first foray into the postseason, though shut down after one round. Ryan Sherman, looking like he might just shed that Arizona Cardinal "here to just finish last" persona and do something next year, winning 52 games. Daniel Powell owning it, having a career year that translated into his first division title after 7 seasons.
  • The biggest suprise this season? Tebe Shaw. He stormed out of the gate early, then fell after a few disasterous weeks. He picked himself up nicely, winning 63 games overall, had his name bandied about in the MVP discussion, and made his first Final Four, the first and only of the DFC VI rookies to do so.
  • Disappointments? Michael Nipp and Eddy McBroom, both annual contenders who's last two seasons have been the equivilant of a kick in the crotch with a steel toed boot. Maybe next year (asked with unease)? Tyler Campbell who all but had a clear path into his first postseason, only to pull a Cheney (as in Garrett) and allow the rug to be yanked out from under him.
  • The biggest disappointment? Scott Latta, whom we all thought was finally ready to make it to the big time, making the finals last season, and looking poised to take the title again. But a 49-47 record won't make it happen. In fact, only one person had a bigger fall than Scott a season after making a final appearance... and that was Tad Roose in DFC VI, winning 45 games after winning the title the season before.
  • Checking out our weekly winners, we only had one rookie winner, and Zack Graves did it twice (Wks 5 & 12). Tebe won 3 weeks this season, the first to do it since Jennifer Ernst did it in DFC VI. And out of every single regular season week in the DFC, 83 total, only twice has a week been won by a 5-3 record... the first was waaaaay back in DFC I, when Wookiee Fulaytar did it in Week 9. Skip ahead 68 weeks later... and yes, Yours Truly managed a weekly win at 5-3. Yes, yes, I'm proud. Thanks.
  • Its been one heck of a season, and I thank you all for helping out. DFC VIII will be here before you know it, and we're looking at doing two major things... either shortening the sesaon by 2 weeks, so the playoffs and Deuce Bowl VIII will finish with the college football season, or keeping the season at 12 weeks, and putting a two week break in the playoffs and the Final Four and Deuce Bowl, to allow the final two weeks to coincide with the major bowl weeks and the big playoff push in the NFL.
  • Anyway, I will hopefully have some time to put some stats and records up on the DFC Blogspot in the offseason... have a great Christmas, congrast to Tad, Osborne, Gary and all the division winners, and thanks everyone--d$



Dallas 38, Atlanta 28 (66 points)
NYJets 26, Minnesota 13
Pittsburgh 37, Carolina 3
Buffalo 21, Miami 0
Philadelphia 36, NYGiants 22
Green Bay 17, Detroit 9
Tennessee 24, Jacksonville 17
Indianapolis 34, Cincinnati 16

Tad Roose:
Dallas, NYJets, Pittsburgh, Miami, NYGiants, Indianapolis, Green Bay, Jacksonville, 54. Finished 5-3. Wins DFC Championship.

Matt Latta:
Dallas, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Miami, NYGiants, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Jacksonville, 43. Finished 3-5. Fails to repeat as champion.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

DFC VII Final Four & Results

DFC VII Final Four:
Matt Latta, Tebe Shaw, Daniel Powell, Tad Roose

Atlanta 17, Tampa Bay 13
Philadelphia 21, Washington 19
NYGiants 27, Carolina 13
Baltimore 20, Kansas City 10

Green Bay 30, San Francisco 19
San Diego 48, Denver 20
Buffalo 31, NYJets 13
New Orleans 42, Dallas 17

Matt Latta: Atlanta, Philly, NYGiants, Baltimore, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 53... finished 5-3. Advances to Deuce Bowl VII
Tebe Shaw: Atlanta, Philly, NYGiants, Kansas City, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 48... finished 4-4. Eliminated.

Tad Roose: Atlanta, Philly, NYGiants, Baltimore, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 47... finished 5-3. Advances to Deuce Bowl VII
Daniel Powell: Atlanta, Philly, Carolina, Baltimore, San Fran, San Diego, NYJets, Dallas, 45... finished 4-4. Eliminated

Monday, December 04, 2006

DFC VII Divisional Playoff Results

Wake Forest 9, Georgia Tech 6 (Flippin' Wake Forest wins ACC)
West Virginia 41, Rutgers 39, 3 OT (Louisville wins Big East)
Florida 38, Arkansas 28 (Florida wins SEC)
Oklahoma 21, Nebraska 7 (Oklahoma wins Big XII)
Oregon St 35, Hawaii 32
Dallas 23, NYGiants 20

Seattle 23, Denver 20
Philly 27, Carolina 24 (51 total points)

DFC VII Final Four
Matt Latta... Tad Roose... Tebe Shaw... Daniel Powell

Fulaytar Conference

2) Tebe Shaw - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, NYGiants, Seattle, Philly (6-2, 40 points... 10 points off tiebreak... in DFC VII Final Four)
3) Matt Latta - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (6-1, 49 points... 2 points off tiebreak... in DFC VII Final Four)
1) Jennifer Ernst - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (6-2, 31 points... 20 points off tiebreak... eliminated from playoffs)
4) Drew Morris - Wake, WV, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Denver, Carolina (4-4, 37 points... eliminated from playoffs)

Latta Conference
1) Tad Roose - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (6-2, 38 points... in DFC VII Final Four)
2) Daniel Powell - Wake, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Denver, Philly (6-2, 28 points... in DFC VII Final Four)
3) Mark Gainey - Ga Tech, WV, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Seattle, Carolina (5-3, 38 points... eliminated from playoffs)
8) Yours Truly - Wake, Rutgers, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Dallas, Denver, Philly (4-4, 34 points... eliminated from playoffs)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

DFC VII Divisional Playoff Games

Below are the Elite Eight in the DFC, and below that are the games.

Fulaytar Conference (top two advance)
1) Jennifer Ernst... 2) Tebe Shaw... 3) Matt Latta... 5) Drew Morris

Latta Conference (top two advance)
1) Tad Roose... 2) Daniel Powell... 3) Mark Gainey... 8) Yours Truly

Saturday's Games
16. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (10-2) at 23. Georgia Tech (9-3), 12pm ABC
13. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (10-1) at 15. West Virginia Mountaineers (9-2), 645pm ESPN
8. Arkansas Razorbacks (10-2) at 4. Florida Gators (11-1), 5pm CBS
19. Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-3) vs 8. Oklahoma Sooners (10-2), 7pm ABC
Oregon State Beavers (8-4) at 24. Hawaii Warriors (10-2), 1105pm

Sunday's Games
Dallas Cowboys (7-4) at NYGiants (6-5), 315pm Fox
Seattle Seahawks (7-4) at Denver Broncos (7-4), 715pm NBC

Monday's Game

Carolina Panthers (6-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-6), 730pm ESPN

Tiebreak Game
Carolina at Philly, total points scored

Monday, November 27, 2006

DFC VII Wild Card Weekend Results

LSU 31, Arkansas 26 (tiebreak game, 57 points)
Wake Forest 38, Maryland 24
Georgia 15, Georgia Tech 12
South Carolina 31, Clemson 28
USC 44, Notre Dame 24
Baltimore 27, Pittsburgh 0
New Orleans 31, Atlanta 13
New England 17, Chicago 13

Fulaytar Conference
(5) Drew Morris - Arkansas, Wake, Georgia, SoCar, USC, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, 50
Finished 6-2, 7 off of TB... advances
(3) Matt Latta - LSU, Wake, Georgia, Clemson,USC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, 42
Finished 5-3, 15 off of TB... advances
(8) Tommy McLeod - Arkansas, Wake, Ga Tech, SoCar, USC, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, 37
Finished 5-3, 20 off of TB... eliminated
(7) Jason Barnette - Arkansas, Maryland, Georgia, Clemson, USC, Baltimore, Atlanta, NE, 50
Finished 4-4... eliminated
(4) Gary "The Idol" Eubanks - Arkansas, Maryland, Ga Tech, Clemson, USC, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago, 50
Finished 3-5... eliminated
(6) Jason Turnbow - Arkansas, Maryland, Ga Tech, Clemson, USC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, 46
Finished 2-6... eliminated
Latta Conference
(8) Yours Truly - Arkansas, Wake, Georgia, Clemson, ND, Baltimore, New Orlenas, NE, 48
Finished 5-3, 9 off of TB... advances
(3) Mark Gainey - LSU, Wake, Ga Tech, Clemson, USC, Baltimore, Atlanta, NE, 45
Finished 5-3, 12 off of TB... advances
(5) Gina Williams - Arkansas, Maryland, Georgia, Clemson, USC, Baltimore, New Orleans, NE, 41
Finished 5-3, 16 off of TB... eliminated
(4) Tim Wasyluka - Arkansas, Wake, Georgia, SoCar, USC, Pitt, Atlanta, Chicago, 41
Finished 4-4... eliminated
(6) Zack Graves - Arkansas, Wake, Georgia, Clemson, USC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, 42
Finished 4-4... eliminated
(7) Eddy McBroom Jr - LSU, Maryland, Ga Tech, Clemson, ND, Pitt, Atlanta, NE, 52
Finished 6-2... eliminated

DFC Week Twelve Results

The Week That Was
Something about the last week of the season... for the 4th time in 7 seasons, the Week 12 winner wins the week by going undefeated. Zack Graves takes his 2nd week of the season, doing it straight up 8-0 style. Chiggity check.

In a week when playoff spots were clinched and first round bye secured, Mark Gainey captured his fifth straight East Division title and 2nd for the week at 7-1, while Tommy McLeod got only his third playoff appearance in 7 seasons at the helm of a 7-1 week, good enough for 3rd.

Tad Roose all but sewed up his first MVP title with 5th for the week, another 7-1 week. Tying Tad for 5th is Matt Latta, winning his second straight North Division title, also going 7-1. Gary "The Idol" Eubanks and Tebershaw finished 6-2 for the week, enough to tie for 7th, while Hawbaker, Turnbow and Jason Barnette all tied for 9th, all at 6-2.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Tom Johnson, Jennifer Ernst, Big Eddy McBroom, Drew Morris, Jason Demastus, Sarah Hasha, Jonathan Osborne, Eddy McBroom Jr,
5-3: DMOsborne, Jason Duren, Lori Smith, Tim Wasyluka, Daniel Powell, Garrett Cheney, Michael Nipp
4-4: Ty Coffey, Ryan Sherman, Yours Truly
3-5: Trey Cartledge
2-6: Tyler Campbell, Scott Latta

Final Standings
Z-First Round Bye
Y-Division Title
X-Playoff Berth

Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Y-Matt Latta, 62-34 (10.64)
David Mark Osborne, 58-38 (19.55)
Tom Johnson, 57-39 (10.73)
Ty Coffey, 49-47 (24.67)
Ken Mackey, 44-52 (20.91)

Mid Central Division
ZY-Jennifer Ernst, 64-32 (18.82)
ZX-Tebe Shaw, 63-33 (14.91)
X-Jason Turnbow, 58-38 (12.36)
X-Jason Barnette, 58-38 (15.0)
X-Tommy McLeod, 58-38 (15.73)

West Division
Y-Gary Eubanks, 62-34 (13.27)
X-Drew Morris, 60-36 (17.36)
Sarah Hasha, 56-40 (17.0)
Jason Demastus, 55-41 (26.18)
Eddy McBroom, 52-44 (9.09)
Jason Duren, 50-46 (22.82)

Fulaytar Conference Playoff Race Finals
1. Jennifer Ernst, 64-32 (18.82) - first round bye
2. Tebe Shaw, 63-33 (14.91) - first round bye
3. Matt Latta, 62-34 (10.64) - division champ/wild card
4. Gary Eubanks, 62-34 (13.27) - division champ/wild card
5. Drew Morris, 60-36 (17.36) - wild card
6. Jason Turnbow, 58-38 (12.36) - wild card
7. Jason Barnette, 58-38 (15.0) - wild card
8. Tommy McLeod, 58-38 (15.73) - wild card
9. David Mark Osborne, 58-38 (19.55) - burned by the TBA
10. Tom Johnson, 57-39 (10.73) - made late season comeback... but no dice

Latta Conference
East Division
Y-Mark Gainey, 62-34 (15.82)
X-Yours Truly, 57-39 (13.18)
James Hawbaker, 54-42 (14.82)
Tyler Campbell, 53-43 (14.09)
Trey Cartledge, 51-45 (25.5)

South Central Division
YZ-Tad Roose, 66-30 (16.73)
X-Zack Graves, 58-38 (15.45)
X-Eddy McBroom Jr, 58-38 (18.5)
Lori Smith, 57-39 (16.75)
Jon Osborne, 55-41 (15.82)
Scott Latta, 49-47 (14.0)

South Division
YZ-Daniel Powell, 63-33 (17.64)
X-Tim Wasyluka, 60-36 (14.0)
X-Gina Williams, 60-36 (15.64)
Ryan Sherman, 52-44 (17.09)
Michael Nipp, 51-45 (15.73)
Garrett Cheney, 48-48 (20.08)

Latta Conference Playoff Race Finals
1. Tad Roose, 66-30 (16.73) - first round bye
2. Daniel Powell, 63-33 (17.64) - first round bye
3. Mark Gainey, 62-34 (15.82) - division title/wild card
4. Tim Wasyluka, 60-36 (14.0) - wild card
5. Gina Williams, 60-36 (15.64) - wild card
6. Zack Graves, 58-38 (15.45) - wild card
7. Eddy McBroom Jr, 58-38 (18.5) - wild card
8. Yours Truly, 57-39 (13.18) - wild card
9. Lori Smith, 57-39 (16.75) - outside looking in
10. Jon Osborne, 55-41 (15.82) - heads into 8th season with no playoffs

TieBreak Season Title
1. Eddy McBroom, 9.09
2. Matt Latta, 10.64
3. Tom Johnson, 10.73

College Game Season Title
1. Tad Roose, 43-17
2. Daniel Powell, 42-18
3. Gary Eubanks, Jenn Ersnt, 41-19

Pro Game Season Title
1. Eddy McBroom Jr, 25-11
2. Matt Latta, 24-12
3. Tom, Tebe Shaw, Jenn Ernst, Tad Roose, 23-13

The DFC Power Poll (DFC VII Final)
1. Tad Roose, 66-30 (1st for six weeks)
2. Jennifer Ernst, 64-32 (2nd for four weeks)
3. Tebe Shaw, 63-33 (4)
4. Daniel Powell, 63-33 (3)
5. Matt Latta, 62-34 (5)
6. Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, 62-34 (6)
7. Mark Gainey, 62-34 (8)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 60-36 (7)
9. Gina Williams, 60-36 (9)
10. Drew Morris, 60-36 (10)
11. Jason Turnbow, 58-38 (NR)
12. Jason Barnette, 58-38 (NR)
dropped out: Yours Truly (11th), DMOsborne (12th)

...and...The Bottom Five
29) Jason Duren... 30) Scott Latta... 31) Ty Coffey... 32) Garrett Cheney... 33) Ken Mackey

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics To Come

Monday, November 13, 2006

DFC Week Twelve

Remember two things... 1) if you haven't used your Tiebreak Drop, it will automatically be implemented Monday if it lowers your Tiebreak Average..

...more importantly, 2) think hard about your picks. Once submitted to me, your picks CANNOT be changed this week. Hopefully, I can keep you updated this week as playoff spots are clinched based on who turns in what picks.

Tad Roose and Jennifer Ernst have already clinched playoff berths in their respective conferences, with Tad on the verge of clinching the South Central Division.

College Games--who actually has a shot at the College Title this season, as of right now? Tad, Matt, DMO, Jenn, Turnbow, Tebe, Gary The Idol, Drew, Yours Truly, Gainey, Tyler, Daniel, Gina and Wasyluka
All ranks from Coaches poll, all times CST

#21 Maryland Terrapins (8-2) at #20 Boston College Eagles (8-2), 11am, ESPN
If you would have said, at the beginning of the season, that Maryland and BC would be battling each other to catch Wake Forest, in order to win the ACC Atlantic Division to take on Georgia Tech in the ACC Conference Championship, someone would have probably swung a Miami football helmet at you.

#2 Michigan Wolverines (11-0) at #1 Ohio State Buckeyes (11-0), 230pm, ABC
Winner to the title game in January. Loser... well, loser still might go to the title game in January. But, I said it a few weeks ago, I say it now... Michigan takes on Florida in the BCS National Championship game.

#15 Auburn Tigers (9-2) at Alabama Crimson Tide (6-5), 230pm, CBS
If ever there was a prime opportunity for Alabama to win, and win big, it would be this coming Saturday. Remember, even though Auburn laid 21 on the overachieving Tide in the first quarter, Alabama pretty much dominated the rest of the game, losing by what, 8? And this is a wiped out, banged up Tigers squad--and you don't think Alabama smells blood in the water? Pick 'em.

Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-4) at Texas Tech Red Raiders (6-5), 1pm
Talk about a high scoring crap shoot. What a way to end the season.

#19 Virginia Tech Hokies (8-2) at #14 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (9-1), 6pm, ESPN2
Not only did Florida State get shut out for the first time since 1988, and at home for the first time since the late 70s, it was Wake Forest that did it. If you would have said...

#17 California Bears (8-2) at #4 USC Trojans (8-1), 7pm ABC
Um... uh... there's every reason in the world that USC should pound Cal... just like Texas should pound K-State, Auburn should run over Georgia and Florida should be South Carolina by what, 40 points?

NFL Games -- if Eddy Jr gets either one of these, he captures the NFL title this season
Atlanta Falcons (5-4) at Baltimore Ravens (7-2), 12noon Fox
What's that? We're no longer just handing the NFL MVP to Michael Vick? Huh? You mean its no longer a foregone conclusion that Atlanta will take on Chicago for a shot at the Super Bowl? Hmm... Personally, I think Vick might just be a roose bit overrated. And heck, Steve McNair has got the Ravens rollin'.

Washington Redskins (3-6) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6), 12noon Fox
What better way to end a season than a good ol' fashioned, unpredictable, Tampa Bay game?

TieBreak Game
Why not put all the marbles on it... Alabama/Auburn. Total points scored.

ps... we went heavy on college games this week, so the whole week will be over by 3pm-ish on Sunday--I'm headed to the beach for my annual Thanksgiving vacation, and it will be tough to send out an email past that...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

DFC VII Week Eleven Results

Thurs Night:
Rutgers 28, Louisville 25
Saturday Games:
Kentucky 38, Vanderbilt 26 (tiebreak game; 64 pts)
Arkansas 31, Tennessee 14
USC 35, Oregon 10
NFL Games
Philadelphia 27, Washington 3
Green Bay 23, Minnesota Vikings 17
Seattle 24, St. Louis 22
Da Bears at New York Football Giants

Clinching Playoff Berths:
Jennifer Ernst, Tad Roose. Seven spots remain in each conference.

The Week That Was
It took four DFC Seasons to do it, but Ty Coffey has captured his first weekly win with a 7-1 weekend record. With a NYGiants win on Monday, Drew would have become only the 5th person to ever get 5 career wins--but Chicago won handily, giving it to the Reverend.

Matt Latta takes 2nd, Tim Wasyluka and Tom Johnson tie for 3rd, and Tebe Shaw takes 5th, all at 6-2. Jason Demastus gets 6th, at 6-2, while Tyler "DFC's Sexy Beast" Campbell is in 7th at 5-3.

In 8th is Drew Morris, while Big and Little Eddy McBroom tie for 9th, all at 5-3.

Also Finishing
5-3: David Mark Osborne, Jennifer Ernst, Jason Barnette, Gary Eubanks, Jason Duren, Sarah Hasha, Yours Truly, Lori Smith, Tad Roose, Daniel Powell, Ryan Sherman, Tommy McLeod
4-4: Mark Gainey, James Hawbaker, Trey Cartledge, Scott Latta, Zack Graves, Gina Williams, Michael Nipp
3-5: Mackey, Garrett Cheney
2-6: Jason Turnbow, Jonathan Osborne

Standings (with new TBA)
Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 56-32 (11.7)
DM Osborne, 53-35 (20.8)
Tom Johnson, 51-37 (11.3)
Ty Coffey, 45-43 (26.82)
Ken Mackey, 44-44 (19.3)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer Ernst, 58-30 (18.8)
Tebe Shaw, 57-31 (16.3)
Jason Turnbow, 52-36 (13.3)
Jason Barnette, 52-36 (16.4)
Tommy McLeod, 51-37 (16.8)

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 56-32 (14.5)
Drew Morris, 54-34 (18.3)
Sarah Hasha, 50-38 (18.2)
Jason Demastus, 49-39 (24.9)
Eddy McBroom, 46-42 (9.2)
Jason Duren, 45-43 (24.0)

The Fulaytar Conference Playoff Race:
1) Jennifer Ersnt, 58-30 (18.8)--MidCentral Division champ, first round bye

2) Tebe Shaw, 57-31 (16.3)--wild card, first round bye
3) Matt Latta, 56-32 (11.7)--North Division champ
4) Gary Eubanks, 56-32 (14.5)--West Division champ
5) Drew Morris, 54-34 (18.3)--wild card
6) David Mark Osborne, 53-35 (20.8)--wild card
7) Jason Turnbow, 52-36 (13.3)--wild card
8) Jason Barnette, 52-36 (16.4) --wild card
9) Tom Johnson, 51-37 (11.3)--outside looking in

10) Sarah Hasha, 50-38 (18.2)--outside looking in

Latta Conference
East Division
Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.3)
Yours Truly, 53-35 (14.4)
Tyler Campbell, 51-37 (15.2)
James Hawbaker, 48-40 (16.0)
Trey Cartledge, 48-40 (26.7)

South Central Division
Tad Roose, 59-29 (17.4)
Lori Smith, 52-36 (18.09)
Eddy Jr, 52-36 (19.73)
Zack Graves, 50-38 (16.7)

Jonathan Osborne, 49-39 (16.7)
Scott Latta, 47-41 (14.3)

South Division
Daniel Powell, 58-30 (19.2)
Tim Wasyluka, 55-33 (14.3)
Gina Williams, 54-34 (17.2)
Ryan Sherman, 48-40 (18.6)
Michael Nipp, 46-42 (17.1)
Garrett Cheney, 43-45 (20.73)

The Latta Conference Playoff Race:
1) Tad Roose, 59-29 (17.4)--South Central Division champ, first round bye

2) Daniel P0well, 58-30 (19.2)--South Division champ, first round bye
3) Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.3)--East Division champ
4) Tim Wasyluka, 55-33 (14.3)--wild card
5) Gina Williams, 54-34 (17.2)--wild card
6) Yours Truly, 53-35 (14.4)--wild card
7) Lori Smith, 52-36 (18.09)--wild card
8) Eddy McBroom Jr, 52-36 (19.73)--wild card
9) Tyler Campbell, 51-37 (15.2)--outside looking in

10) Zack Graves, 50-38 (16.7)--outside looking in

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1. Tad Roose, 59-39 (17.4) (1 for fifth straight week)
2. Jennifer Ernst, 58-30 (18.8) (2)
3. Daniel Powell, 58-30 (19.2) (3)
4. Tebe Shaw, 57-31 (16.3) (5)
5. Matt Latta, 56-32 (11.7) (7)
6. Gary Eubanks, 56-32 (14.5) (4--out of top 5 for first time all season)
7. Tim Wasyluka, 55-33 (14.3) (10)
8. Mark Gainey, 55-33 (15.3) (6)
9. Gina Williams, 54-34 (17.2) (9)
10. Drew Morris, 54-34 (18.3) (11)
11. Yours Truly, 53-35 (14.4) (12)
12. David Mark Osborne, 53-35 (20.8) (NR)
dropped out: Jason Turnbow (8)

...and... the Bottom Five
29. Michael Nipp (28th)
30. Jason Duren (32nd)
31. Ty Coffey (33rd)
32. Ken Mackey (30)
33. Garrett Cheney (31)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • I misspoke. Tad Roose did not go 3-5 last week, he went 4-4. Couple that with his 5-3 this past weekend, and he's at 43 weeks now with a 4-4 or better record. He also owns another record, a little more dubious... in DFC III, when he was the defending DFC Champion, he managed to grab 7, count 'em, SEVEN losing records, as in, 3-5 or worse, en route to a 45-51 season.
  • That record could be tied this weekend though... Young Garrett Cheney has 6 losing records this year. He's got one more weekend to tie Tad's record for futility in a year.
  • With only 8 games left, Jennifer Ersnt has assured herself a 4th season ending at #1 in all time wins. At 399 regular season wins, its likely she'll be the first to reach 400, and with Yours Truly at #2 with 389, she'll be the only to reach 400 this season.
  • In the competition between DFC V rookies, Tyler and Garrett finally have the exact same lifetime records--154-126. This is big because its taken 2 full seasons to make up the 18 game gap left at the end of DFC V. Tyler has already passed Garrett in NFL wins, and is 2 games back in college games.
  • Tebe's season keeps getting better--he becomes the first DFC Sophomore (rookie last year) to pass Gina Williams in wins. If you add 2 wins each to his disasterous back-to-back 2-6 weeks early this year, making him 4-4 in those weeks, he not only has a 3 game lead on Jennifer for the divisin title, but he's also #1 in the DFC Power Poll, almost guaranteed a first round bye and probably would win the MVP title that Tad Roose is about to win.
  • Matt Latta has 399 career wins (regular + playoffs), and is 1 away from 400, while a really good week would boost Eddy McBroom's 394 wins to that elusive 400.
  • With Tad's great season, Michael Nipp becomes the first Original DFC'er to fall out of the Top Ten in Career Wins. He, Tommy and Tad all have 378 victories, but their losses differ, of which Michael has the most.
  • Unless I stage some sort of massive miracle, Jennifer will also finish another season ahead in College wins.
  • Scott Latta (199) and Jon Osborne (198) are likely to get to 200 college wins this weekend.
  • Though he spent, what, one week at #2, Tom Johnson will finish the fifth straight year atop the NFL wins list.
  • Since his retirement two seasons ago, DFC Hall of Famer Wookiee Fulaytar has seen his all time wins and averages fall one by one as those in the league accumulate wins and losses year by year. One catagory he's managed to hold onto, though, has been all time playoff wins, with 55.
  • Until this year. Drew Morris has 53 career playoff wins, and is one good wild card weekend away from becoming the all-time playoff winner.
  • Of those with at least 15 playoff games to speak of, only three people have a 70% or better winning percentage: 1) Tad Roose, 72.9%... 2) David Mark Osborne, 72.5%... 3) Drew Morris, 70.7%
  • Who has the most playoff appearances? Mark Gainey has been there for what is about to be his 5th straight time, while Yours Truly is hopefully headed for my 4th straight appearance, 5th overall. Justin Glenn also has 4 straight appearances and overall, but will see that end due to his earlier retirement.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

DFC VII Week Eleven

Yes, yes, I hate to do it to you again... but one more Thursday night game.

#3. Louisville Cardinals (8-0) at #15 Rutgers Scarlet Knights (8-0), 630pm, ESPN
How can you resist this game? I mean, its Rutgers for pete's sake... battling for a BCS berth!

Vanderbilt Commodores (4-6) at Kentucky Wildcats (5-4), 1pm
couldn't resist... and yes, with a win, Kentucky will be... (gulp) bowl eligible... pick 'em

#13 Tennessee Volunteers (7-2) at #11 Arkansas Razorbacks (8-1), 1pm CBS
As an Auburn fan, I'll actually be rooting for Tennessee, which might actually get me shot around my wife's family.

#21 Oregon Ducks (7-2) at #7 Southern California Trojans (7-1), 915pm TBS (likely)
Not sure I buy into the USC Trojans this year. And I'm not sure I can buy into anything Oregon this year. Hmm.

Washington Redskins (3-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-4), 12pm Fox
Hey, the 'Skins beat the Cowboys on Sunday... perhaps a 2 game winning streak?

Green Bay Packers (3-5) at Minnesota Vikings (4-4), 12pm Fox
Never go against Favre. Unless he's like, 48 years old and falling apart, like now.

St. Louis Rams (4-4) at Seattle Seahawks (4-3), 315pm Fox
It was but four weeks ago when the Rams screwed me over, losing to the 'Hawks at the last minute... in St. Louis.

Chicago Bears (7-1) at NYGiants (6-2), 715pm NBC
NFC North leader against NFC East leader... and personally, I am not convinced Chicago is as good as they say--even before the Miami loss.

Tiebreak game:
Total points scored between the Resistable Force of Vanderbilt against the Movable Object of Kentucky

DFC Week Ten Results

#5 Louisville 44, #3 West Virginia 34 (also tiebreak game - 78 points)
#17 Wisconsin 13, Penn State 3
Nebraska 34, Missouri 20
#13 LSU 28, #8 Tennessee 24
#22 Wake Forest 21, #16 Boston College 14
#18 Oklahoma 17, #21 Texas A&M 16
Baltimore Ravens 26, Cincinnati Bengals 20

The Week That Was
Though I'm fearful of saying it, it looks like we might have another MVP candidate on our hands... Tebe Shaw has won another week, the third of the year, this time by going 8-0.

After several weeks of 4-4, Mark Gainey makes his regular late season run, this time to finish 7-1 for 2nd, while defending DeRamus Plate World Champion Matt Latta finishes 3rd with 6-2. Both Lori Smith and Tom Johnson have huge weeks, tied for 4th, as they come back from several down weeks, while in 6th is Tim Wasyluka, all at 6-2. In 7th, at 6-2, is James Hawbaker, while in 8th, Tommy McLeod and 9th, Drew Morris, both at 6-2. Our only 5-3 Top Ten appearance is from Jason Turnbow at number 10 for the week.

Also Finishing
5-3: David Mark Osborne, Jason Barnette, Jennifer Ernst, Jon Osborne, Daniel Powell
4-4: Ty Coffey, Gary "The Idol" Eubanks, Jason Duren, Jason Demastus, Sarah Hasha, Trey Cartledge, Gina Williams, Michael Nipp, Scott Latta
3-5: Ken Mackey, Big Eddy McBroom, Yours Truly, Tyler Campbell, Eddy Jr, Tad Roose, Garrett Cheney, Ryan Sherman
2-6: Zack Graves

The Standings
Fulaytar Conference
North Division

Matt Latta, 50-30 (12.33)

David Mark Osborne, 48-32 (20.22)
Tom Johnson, 45-35 (11.0)
Ken Mackey, 41-39 (18.89)
Ty Coffey, 38-42 (25.80)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer Ernst, 53-27 (17.4)

Tebe Shaw, 51-29 (15.67)
Jason Turnbow, 50-30 (13.22)
Jason Barnette, 47-33 (15.33)
Tommy McLeod, 46-34 (16.89)

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 51-29 (14.0)
Drew Morris, 49-31 (19.0)

Sarah Hasha, 45-35 (20.1)
Jason Demastus, 43-37 (26.67)
Eddy McBroom, 41-39 (8.67)
Jason Duren, 40-40 (24.56)

Fulaytar Conference Playoff Race
1. Jennifer Ernst, 53-27 (17.4) - MidCentral Division Champ, first round bye
2. Gary Eubanks, 51-29 (14.0) - West Division Champ, first round bye
3. Tebe Shaw, 51-29 (15.67) - wild card
4. Matt Latta, 50-30 (12.33) - second straight North Division title, wild card
5. Jason Turnbow, 50-30 (13.22) - wild card
6. Drew Morris, 49-31 (19.0) - wild card
7. DMOsborne, 48-32 (20.22) - wild card
8. Jason Barnette, 47-33 (15.33) - wild card
9. Tommy McLeod, 46-34 (16.89) - outside looking in
10. Tom Johnson, 45-35 (11.0) - outside looking in

Latta Conference
East Division
Mark Gainey, 51-29 (15.89)

Yours Truly, 48-32 (13.67)
Tyler Campbell, 46-34 (15.89)
James Hawbaker, 44-36 (17.22)
Trey Cartledge, 44-36 (26.7)

South Central Division
Tad Roose, 53-27 (16.56)
Jonathan Osborne, 47-33 (17.0)

Lori Smith, 47-33 (17.0)
Eddy Jr, 47-33 (20.3)
Zack Graves, 46-34 (14.56)
Scott Latta, 43-37 (14.11)

South Division
Daniel Powell, 53-27 (21.3)

Gina Williams, 50-30 (16.78)
Tim Wasyluka, 49-31 (14.33)
Ryan Sherman, 43-37 (18.89)
Michael Nipp, 42-38 (16.33)
Garrett Cheney, 40-40 (20.60)

Latta Conference Playoff Race
1. Tad Roose, 53-27 (16.56) - South Central Division champ, first round bye
2. Daniel Powell, 53-27 (21.3) - South Division champ, first round bye
3. Mark Gainey, 51-29 (15.89) - fifth straight East Division title, wild card
4. Gina Williams, 50-30 (16.78) - wild card
5. Tim Wasyluka, 49-31 (14.33) - wild card
6. Yours Truly, 48-32 (13.67) - wild card
7. Jon Osborne, 47-33 (17.0) - wild card (holds edge over Lori Smith-see L,DL&S)
8. Lori Smith, 47-33 (17.0) - wild card
9. Eddy Jr, 47-33 (20.3) - outside looking in
10. Zack Graves, 46-34 (14.56) - outside looking in

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1. Tad Roose, 53-27 (16.56) (1, four straight weeks)
2. Jennifer Ernst, 53-27 (17.4) (2)
3. Daniel Powell, 53-27 (21.3) (3)
4. Gary Eubanks, 51-29 (14.0) (4)
5. Tebe Shaw, 51-29 (15.67) (NR)
6. Mark Gainey, 51-29 (15.89) (10)
7. Matt Latta, 50-30 (12.33) (8)
8. Jason Turnbow, 50-30 (13.22) (6)
9. Gina Williams, 50-30 (16.78) (5)
10. Tim Wasyluka, 49-31 (14.33) (NR)
11. Drew Morris, 49-31 (19.0) (12)
12. Yours Truly, 48-32 (13.67) (7)
dropping out: Eddy Jr (11); Zack Graves (9)

...and... the Bottom Five
Low Rank. (last week)
29. Eddy McBroom (27)
30. Mackey (29)
31. Garrett Cheney (31)
32. Jason Duren (32)
33. Ty Coffey (33)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • Somewhere around mid-October 2003, it was Week 6 of DFC IV. That was the last time that Tad Roose had a 3-5 week. A record setting 41 weeks later, the two time DFC champion has seen his streak end, having another 3-5 weekend.
  • The new current streak? Daniel Powell at 13 weeks.
  • You may have noticed both Lori Smith and Jon Osborne have not only identical records (47-33), but identical TBAs (17.0). Though no one has ever been tied leading into the postseason, the rule is that the worst TB performance from the season is dropped, and a new average is calculated (TBs that have been dropped do not count--once it's dropped, it's gone). When you drop Jon's worst, 55 points off in Week 3, he ends up with a 12.25. Lori's worst, a 35 point debacle in Week 6, is dropped and recalculated to 15.0. Jon gets the edge.
  • Tebe Shaw's undefeated week is the 17th such week in the DFC regular season--but he is only the 3rd person to win 3 weeks in the same season--Wookiee Fulaytar did it in DFC I, and Jennifer Ersnt did it in DFC IV.
  • Sixteen games remain in DFC VII, and some people are having career years thusfar... Tebe Shaw has already equaled last year's win total, Gina and Barnie are three from doing so, while Ryan Sherman is 4 away from besting his rookie season.
  • Tyler Campbell on 55 last year, he's 9 away from beating that, and perhaps the biggest victory comes from Daniel Powell, a 7 year veteran, who has 53 wins right now... and his career best is 57 in DFC IV.
  • Matt Latta is also 10 away from his first 60 win season, and Michael Nipp has beaten his
  • On the flip side, not everyone is doing as well... Scott Latta's worst season ever was a 53-43. And he's got 43 wins right now. Ten more wins seems to be a much bigger challenge for Scott right now than for Matt.
  • Also hitting rock bottom right now, Big Eddy McBroom, who will have to go 14-2 in the last 16 games to reach 55 wins--his worst season (last year), at least until this year.
  • If Jon Osborne finally makes the postseason (its well known he's been in the league the longest without a postseason appearance), that would leave Jason Demastus and Sarah Hasha as the longest with no playoffs. This is both of their fifth seasons in the DFC.
  • Ty Coffey gets to 200 wins, while Gina Williams makes it to 100 first, though Tebe gets there the same weekend. Barnie is 3 away.
  • David Mark Osborne gets a huge milestone--with this 5-3 weekend he's had, he crosses 400 total wins in his career, only the 3rd person to do so, ever. Matt Latta has 393, and Big Eddy has 389.
  • In the college arena, both Dre Morris and Tom Johnson become the 9th and 10th persons to get 200 college wins, while Tom takes back over the #1 spot in the Pro Games.
  • I'm often asked how long will the DFC go on, and I just respond that as long as I have email and people want to do it, we'll keep going. I only mention this because I just figured out we'll have our 1,000 DFC Game somewhere during Week 6 of 2009's DFC X... which will be known as "DX" that year. Who doesn't want to win the DX title?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

DFC VII Week Ten (Thurs Nite Game)

As of Monday night, 812pm, I have recieved picks from: Tyler "Sexy Beast" Campbell, Mikey Nipp, Jason Demastus, Ryan Sherman and Yours Truly

SIX college games, TWO pro games and one THURSDAY NIGHT GAME...

As much as I hate to toss in another Thursday night game... how can you resist...

3. West Virginia Mountaineers (7-0) at 5. Louisville Cardinals (7-0), Thursday, 630p, ESPN

Saturday's Games
times CST, rankings from AP Poll
13. LSU Tigers (6-2) at 8. Tennessee Volunteers (7-1), time TBD

Missouri Tigers (7-2) at Nebraska Cornhuskers (6-3), time TBD

Penn State Nittany Lions (6-3) at 17. Wisconsin Badgers (8-1), 11am ABC

18. Oklahoma Sooners (6-2) at 21. Texas A&M Frannies (8-1), 12pm

16. Boston College (6-2) at 22. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (7-1), 6pm ESPN2

NFL Games
Cincinnati Bengals (4-3) at Baltimore Ravens (5-2), 12pm CBS

Indianapolis Colts (7-0) at New England Patriots (5-1, play Minn. on Mon. night), 715pm NBC

Tiebreak Game
THURS Night Game, Louisville vs West Virginia, total points scored

DFC Week Nine Results

19. Oklahoma 26, 23. Missouri 10
21. Georgia Tech 30, Miami 23
Maryland 27, Florida State 24

Washington State 37, UCLA 15
Atlanta Falcons 29, Cincy Bengals 27
San Diego Chargers 38, St. Louis Rams 24
Indy Colts 34, Denver Broncos 31 (tiebreak game -- 65 points)

New England Patriots 31, Minnesota Vikings 7

Special Greetings
Before we get to the week's finishes, let me wish a happy anniversary to Jason & Megan Demastus, who celebrated one year together last week, and to David Mark and Angie Mark Osborne, who also reached that one year day. Congrats, and have a happy day.

The Week That Was
Becoming the only DFC'er to ever win at least one week in five different DFC seasons, Michael Nipp walks away with his 5th career weekly win, finishing up at 7-1. He hasn't claimed a weekly victory since DFC V's Week 4, when he went 8-0, besting Yours Truly, who also went 8-0 that week.

Coming in 2nd is Gina Williams, 3rd is David Mark Osborne and 4th is Daniel Powell, all at 7-1. The rest of the top ten finished at 6-2, starting with Jason Duren in 5th, Jason Turnbow in 6th, Ken Mackey in 7th, Tom Johnson in 8th, Garrett Cheney in 9th and Tad Roose in 10th.

Also Finishing
6-2: Jenn Ernst, Tommy McLeod, Demastus, Sarah Hasha, Trey Cartledge

5-3: The Reverend Ty Coffey, Tyler Campbell, Scott Latta, Jon Osborne, Lori Smith, Zack Graves
4-4: Matt Latta, Jason Barnette, Gary The Idol, Tebe Shaw, Mark Gainey, Yours Truly, The Hawbaker, Eddy Jr and Ryan Sherman
3-5: Big Eddy McBroom, Tim Wasyluka

The Standings
Fulaytar Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 44-28 (12.0)
DM Osborne, 43-29 (18.0)
Tom Johnson, 39-33 (10.13)
Ken Mackey, 38-34 (15.88)
Ty Coffey, 34-38 (23.0)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer Ernst, 48-24 (15.88)
Jason Turnbow, 45-27 (13.63)
Tebe Shaw, 43-29 (15.67)
Jason Barnette, 42-30 (15.63)
Tommy McLeod, 40-32 (14.0)

West Division
Gary Eubanks, 47-25 (13.5)
Drew Morris, 43-29 (11.63)
Sarah Hasha, 41-31 (17.78)
Jason Demastus, 39-33 (23.25)
Eddy McBroom, 38-34 (7.75)
Jason Duren, 37-35 (24.56)

Fulaytar Conference Playoff Race
1. Jennifer Ernst, 48-24 (15.88) (wins MidCentral Division, first round bye)
2. Gary Eubanks, 47-25 (13.5) (wins West Division, first round bye)
3. Jason Turnbow, 45-27 (13.63) (wild card)
4. Matt Latta, 44-28 (12.0) (wins North Division, wild card)
5. Drew Morris, 43-29 (11.63) (wins wild card)
6. Tebe Shaw, 43-29 (15.67) (wins wild card)
7. DMOsborne, 43-29 (18.0) (wins wild card)
8. Jason Barnette, 42-30 (15.63) (wins wild card)
9. Sarah Hasha, 41-31 (17.78) (outside looking in)
10. Tommy McLeod, 40-32 (14.0) (outside looking in)

Latta Conference
East Division
Yours Truly, 45-27 (14.11)
Mark Gainey, 44-28 (15.25)
Tyler Campbell, 43-29 (14.25)
Trey Cartledge, 40-32 (23.67)
James Hawbaker, 38-34 (16.0)

South Central Division
Tad Roose, 50-22 (14.75)
Zack Graves, 44-28 (12.63)
Eddy McBroom Jr, 44-28 (20.11)
Jon Osborne, 42-30 (15.63)
Lori Smith, 41-31 (16.89)
Scott Latta, 39-33 (12.5)

South Division
Daniel Powell, 48-24 (18.11)
Gina Williams, 46-27 (15.38)
Tim Wasyluka, 43-29 (12.88)
Ryan Sherman, 39-33 (17.5)
Michael Nipp, 38-34 (14.25)
Garrett Cheney, 37-35 (18.89)

Latta Conference Playoff Race
1. Tad Roose, 50-22 (14.75) (wins South Central Division, first round bye)
2. Daniel Powell, 48-24 (18.11) (wins South Division, first round bye)
3. Gina Williams, 46-26 (15.38) (wild card)
4. Yours Truly, 45-27 (14.11) (wins East Division, wild card)
5. Zack Graves, 44-28 (12.63) (wild card)
6. Mark Gainey, 44-28 (15.25) (wild card)
7. Eddy McBroom Jr, 44-28 (20.11) (wild card)
8. Tim Wasyluka, 43-29 (12.88) (wild card)
9. Tyler Campbell, 43-29 (14.25) (outside looking in)
10. Jonathan Osborne, 42-30 (15.63) (outside looking in)

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
Rank, Record (TBA) (Last Wk)
1. Tad Roose, 50-22 (14.75) (1 - third straight week)
2. Jennifer Ernst, 48-24 (15.88) (3)
3. Daniel Powell, 48-24 (18.11) (5)
4. Gary Eubanks, 47-25 (13.5) (2)
5. Gina Williams, 46-26 (15.38) (NR)
6. Jason Turnbow, 45-27 (13.63) (12)
7. Yours Truly, 45-27 (14.11) (4)
8. Matt Latta, 44-28 (12.0) (7)
9. Zack Graves, 44-28 (12.63) (11)
10. Mark Gainey, 44-28 (15.25) (9)
11. Eddy Jr, 44-28 (20.11) (10)
12. Drew Morris, 43-29 (11.63) (6)
dropped out... Tim Wasyluka (8th)

...and the bottom five...
29. Ken Mackey (last week-30th)... 30. James Hawbaker (26th)... 31. Garrett Cheney (32nd)... 32. Jason Duren (33rd)... 33. Ty Coffey (34th)

Front runners for the MVP award... Tad Roose... Jennifer Ernst... Daniel Powell... Gary Eubanks (long shot)
Front runners for Rookie of the Year... Gary Eubanks... Zack Graves
Front runners for The Osborne Award (best player to not make the playoffs)... Tebe Shaw... Jason Turnbow... Tyler Campbell...
Leaders for the TBA Title, College Title and Pro Title are broken down in L,DL&S below

So Long Justin
Due to his overwhelming seminary schedule, plus working, plus being a good husband to his awesome wife Jennifer, Justin Glenn, a five year veteran of the DFC, announced his retirement after week 6 of this year's DFC.
Justin's stats, while not astronomical, are impressive nonetheless. Over 5 full seasons, plus half of this one, he's amassed 317 career wins (currently 16th all time, though that will change when Jon Osborne wins one more game), and when you toss in his playoff games, he's got 338 wins, good enough for 11th all time.
He managed to rack up a 180-133 college record, and a 130-85 pro record, both temporarily good enough for 11th all time in each catagory, though that will change in the next few weeks.
He won the North Division in DFC III, to which he made the conference semis; a wild card berth in DFC IV, becoming the first person to ver go 8-0 in the postseason (and then losing in the conference semis); the MidCentral in DFC V, to which he bombed in the conference semis; and managed a wild card appearance last season, losing during Wild Card Weekend.
Justin also lays claim to three weekly wins, two of which he scored 8-0 weeks -- add that to his 8-0 playoff win, and three undefeated weeks is hard to come by.
Are these Hall of Fame stats? We'll know in DFC IX, when the two season waiting period is over, and you the DFC voter can decide.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • There are 24 games left in this season (has it gone by that fast??). Its interesting to note that while a record 13 people had 60 or more wins in DFC V, we may see another season like last year, when only one person (Mark Gainey) had 60+ wins. Of those who will probably pass 60: Tad Roose, Jennifer Ernst, Daniel Powell, possibly Gary Eubanks. That's it.
  • There are those that either cannot possibly get to 60, or would have to have some ridiculous three week record along the lines of 22-2 or something, and that would include Ty Coffey (34-38), Jason Duren and Garrett Cheney (both at 37-35), and Michael Nipp, James Hawbaker, Mackey and Big Eddy (all at 38-34)
  • Sixty wins is like the mystique number, perhaps like 50 home runs--its attainable, its possible, but its darn hard to do. Mark Gainey has had a record 4 straight seasons with at least 60 wins... in fact, he's never had anything but 60+ wins, but he'll have to do no worse than 16-8 in his remaining weeks.
  • Of those who've never hit 60? Notably, Matt Latta has never done better than 59, which he's done twice, in DFC III and DFC VI... of course, he's got a ring, being the defending DFC Champion, so I'm sure he's okay with it.
  • Also never hitting 60, Tyler Campbell, Jason Duren, Jason Demastus, Sarah Hasha, Ty Coffey, Scott Latta (!), Jon Osborne (!!) and Daniel Powell, a 7 year veteran who looks like he'll break that wall this season. Perhaps.
  • Of course, none of our DFC Sophomores (Gina, Teber, Barnie, Ryan, Hawbaker) had more than 53 wins in their first seasons last year, so 54 is the goal for them--and Gina, Tebe and Barnie will probably do it this year.
  • As we picked our 640th game this past week, I just noticed that I've entered in 15,311 picks in 7 years. Worth noting.
  • Let's look at some all time numbers... The Mighty Gainey hit the 300 win point for his regular season career, Sarah Hasha crossed 250 wins and Ty Coffey sits 3 away from 200.
  • Closing in on 100? Gina Williams, who's 99 wins is well ahead of Tebe Shaw's 94, Jason Barnette's 92, Ryan Sherman's 86 and James Hawbakers 75.
  • Shawn Sharp is 24th on the all time wins list with 186 victories. #27 is the aforementioned Gina, with 99. In between is a fun little race to watch, as Garrett Cheney is 25th with 148, Tyler Campbell is 26th with 146. Even if either go 8-0, they won't catch or pass Shawn for 24th this year, and of course, Gina couldn't get to either of them, so it will be interesting to see who finishes in the Top 25 All Time DFC Wins.
  • Not only did Tad Roose make the 200 win mark in All Time College, he passed Tom Johnson for 8th all time. This is significant, because Tom is a 7 year vet... Tad is a 6th year DFC'er. Tom went 21-21 in DFC I in college, which means it took Tad six whole years to make up the 21 win difference... and he's probably going to keep going.
  • Tad also moved into 10th in the All Time Pro Wins, making him only the 2nd Non-Original DFC Player to be in the Top 10 in all three major catagories (all time, college, pro). Eddy McBroom was the first to do it.
  • Tim Wasyluka got his 100th pro win this weekend, while Lori Smith is at 99. Sarah will likely pass Wookiee Fulaytar this weekend for 20th in pro, as her 95 wins is 2 behind the hall of famer.
  • Leading off for the DFC College Title this season is both Daniel Powell and Tad Roose, who each have a 32-12 record. Right behind them is Gary "The Idol" Eubanks with 31-13 and then a six way battle for third.
  • The battle for the pro title is being led by Eddy Jr, who has a pretty good 19-9 record so far, with Jon Osborne's and Jennifer Ernst's 18-10 right behind them.
  • While Big Eddy's 7.75 TBA puts him in the running for the TBA title, right behind him are Tom Johnson with 10.13, Matt Latta with 12.0, and Yours Truly, who will have an 11.88 when I drop my tiebreak this week. =)
  • Previous College Titles were held by: DFC I - Shawn Sharp (29-13)... DFC II - Wookiee Fulaytar (39-14)... DFC III - Mark Gainey (42-14)... DFC IV - Jennfer Ernst (41-17)... DFC V - Mark Gainey (45-13)... DFC VI - Daniel Powell (36-20)
  • Previous Pro Titles: DFC I - Tom Johnson (30-16)... DFC II - DM Osborne & Tommy McLeod (28-15)... DFC III - Big Eddy McBroom (25-15)... DFC IV - Jennifer Ernst, Mark Gainey, Yours Truly and Eddy Jr (25-13)... DFC V - Yours Truly (28-10)... DFC VI - DMOsborne, Tommy McLeod, Justin Glenn, Scott Latta (27-13)
  • Previous TBA Titles: DFC I - Michael Nipp (8.2)... DFC II - Vic Paschal (13.3)... DFC III - Tim Wasyluka (8.27)... DFC IV - Tim Wasyluka (9.82)... DFC V - Jon Osborne (10.18)... DFC VI - Matt Latta (11.27)

Monday, October 23, 2006

DFC Week Eight Results

Rutgers 20, Pittsburgh 10
South Carolina 31, Vanderbilt 13
Boston College 24 , Florida State 19
Clemson 31, Georgia Tech 7
Cincinnati 17, Carolina 14
Atlanta 41, Pittsburgh 38 (OT)
Green Bay 34, Miami 24
NY Giants 36, Dallas 22

The Week That Was

Lo and behold, just when we thought he was down, he comes roaring back… Tebe Shaw picks up his second win of the year, and his career, with a great 7-1, with 6 Florida State points away from being 8-0.

Yours Truly was a Tebe Shaw loss away from winning the second time in a row, but alas, I’ll settle for 2nd at 6-2. Matt Latta and Sarah Hasha tie for 3rd, while Ryan Sherman and Tyler Campbell tie up for 5th, all at 6-2, and The Rev’rn Ty Coffey gets 7th, and Trey Cartledge has only the 3rd +.500 week of his young career, finishing 6-2 for 8th.

Both at 5-3, Tom Johnson finishes 9th and Drew Morris is 10th.

Also Finishing:
5-3: DMOsborne, Jason Turnbow, Jon Osborne, Daniel Powell
4-4: Jennifer Ernst, Tommy McLeod, Gary “The Idol” Eubanks, Jason Demastus, Tad Roose, Zack Graves, Tim Wasyluka, Gina Williams
3-5: Jason Barnette, Jason Duren, Lori Smith, Garrett Cheney
2-6: Ken Mackey, Eddy McBroom, Scott Latta, James Hawbaker, Eddy Mac Jr
0-8: Justin Glenn

The Standings
Fulaytar Conference
North Division

Matt continues to hold the lead in the division, despite DMO's attempts to catch him... still, I harken back to last season, when it was the complete opposite--will DMO pull a Latta, or will Latta pull a DMO?

Matt Latta, 40-24 (10.14)
DM Osborne, 36-28 (16.14)
Tom Johnson, 33-31 (8.71)
Ken Mackey, 32-32 (15.86)
Ty Coffey, 29-35 (21.75)

MidCentral Division
Jennifer is back to previous form after taking last year off, seemingly. Rookie Turnbow is only three games behind, though as weeks progress, those games get harder to make up. Tebe proves it only takes one good week to come back (and one bad one to fall), passing Barnie. And where's Justin??

Jennifer Ernst, 42-22 (15.88)
Jason Turnbow, 39-25 (13.43)
Tebe Shaw, 39-25 (14.63)
Jason Barnette, 38-26 (15.43)
Justin Glenn, 35-29 (30.57)
Tommy McLeod, 34-30 (11.86)

West Division
Gary "The Idol" Eubanks keeps his hold on Rookie of the Year honors, still up on Drew Morris, who is making his usual late season charge. Eddy is still struggling from last year.

Gary Eubanks, 43-21 (12.57)
Drew Morris, 40-24 (9.57)
Eddy McBroom, 35-29 (5.57)
Sarah Hasha, 35-29 (16.5)
Jason Demastus, 33-31 (16.0)
Jason Duren, 31-33 (26.38)

The Fulaytar Conference Playoff Race
Keep in mind the use of the Tie Break drop becomes important, as the TBA average breaks ties between two non-division winners or two division winners (division winners get the advantage over other wild cards when the record is the same)

1) Gary Eubanks, 43-21 (12.57) – West Division Champion, first round bye**
2) Jennifer Ernst, 42-22 (15.88) – MidCentral Division Champion, first round bye
3) Matt Latta, 40-24 (10.14) – North Division Champion, wild card**
4) Drew Morris, 40-24 (9.57) – Wild Card**
5) Jason Turnbow, 39-25 (13.43) – Wild Card**
6) Tebe Shaw, 39-25 (14.63) – Wild Card
7) Jason Barnette, 38-26 (15.43) – Wild Card**
8) David Mark Osborne, 36-28 (16.14) – Wild Card**
9) Eddy McBroom, 35-29 (5.57) – Outside looking in**
10) Sarah Hasha, 35-29 (16.5) – Outside looking in
** - has used tiebreak drop already

Latta Conference
East Division
For the first time ever, I'm actually in a position to get a first round bye. And I mean, ever. Of course, this is Mark "DFC's Peyton Manning" Gainey we're talking about here... Tyler's goal is the postseason, and he currently is right on the outside looking in.

Yours Truly, 41-23 (11.88)
Mark Gainey, 40-24 (14.43)
Tyler Campbell, 38-26 (14.0)
James Hawbaker, 34-30 (15.29)
Trey Cartledge, 34-30 (22.25)

South Central Division
Tad is looking more and more like an MVP this year, pulling ahead four games on Eddy Jr, though Eddy Jr's disasterous week didn't help. Zack continues to surprise, and Jon Osborne is beginning to show signs of late season life.

Tad Roose, 44-20 (13.14)
Eddy McBroom Jr, 40-24 (20.13)
Zack Graves, 39-25 (12.57)
Jon Osborne, 37-27 (16.0)
Lori Smith, 36-28 (16.38)
Scott Latta, 34-30 (13.43)

South Division
We can now honestly say this--Daniel Powell looks like a DFC Power to be reckoned with. He's been keeping up with The Wasyluka all year, and has a game on him currently. Ryan Sherman has finally freed himself of the stay-out-of-the-cellar battle between Young Garrett and Mikey Nipp.

Daniel Powell, 41-23 (16.63)
Tim Wasyluka, 40-24 (10.86)
Gina Williams, 39-25 (14.0)
Ryan Sherman, 35-29 (16.86)
Michael Nipp, 31-33 (13.43)
Garrett Cheney, 31-33 (18.38)

The Latta Conference Playoff Race:
1) Tad Roose, 44-20 (13.14) – South Central Division Champ, First Round Bye**
2) Yours Truly, 41-23 (11.88) – East Division Champ, First Round Bye
3) Daniel Powell, 41-23 (16.63) – South Division Champ, Wild Card
4) Tim Wasyluka, 40-24 (10.86) – Wild Card**
5) Mark Gainey, 40-24 (14.43) – Wild Card**
6) Eddy McBroom Jr, 40-24 (20.13) – Wild Card
7) Zack Graves, 39-25 (12.57) – Wild Card**
8) Gina Williams, 39-25 (14.0) – Wild Card**
9) Tyler Campbell, 38-26 (14.0) – Outside looking in**
10) Jon Osborne, 37-27 (16.0) – Outside looking in**
** - has used tiebreak drop already

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
1) Tad Roose, 44-20 (13.14) (1)
2) Gary “The Idol” Eubanks, 43-21 (12.57) (2)
3) Jennifer Ernst, 42-22 (15.88) (3)
4) Yours Truly, 41-23 (11.88) (10)
5) Daniel Powell, 41-23 (16.63) (7)
6) Drew Morris, 40-24 (9.57) (8)
7) Matt Latta, 40-24 (10.14) (NR)
8) Tim Wasyluka, 40-24 (10.86) (5)
9) Mark Gainey, 40-24 (14.43) (6)
10) Eddy McBroom Jr, 40-24 (20.13) (4)
11) Zack Graves, 39-25 (12.57) (9)
12) Jason Turnbow, 39-25 (13.43) (NR)
dropped out: Gina Williams (11)… Jason Barnette (12)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics

  • If Big Eddy McBroom’s tiebreak average holds, he will by far have the lowest seasonal tiebreak average in DFC history. At 5.57, it would shatter the current record of 8.20, held by Michael Nipp, set SEVEN years ago in DFC I, one of the longest standing records in the DFC.
  • Right behind Michael is Tim Wasyluka with 8.27 in DFC III and Mark Gainey with 9.0 in DFC V. James Hawbaker also holds an 8.55 from DFC VI, but that is a partial season.
  • Also keep in mind, Tom Johnson’s TBA is 8.71 currently, and if it holds, that would be good enough for 3rd.
  • Who has the worst? Jason Demastus with 25.27 from DFC VI, followed by Matt Latta with 23.2 in DFC II and Ryan Sherman, with 22.5, from DFC VI.
  • And again, keep in mind this year’s TBA… Jason Duren currently has a 26.38, and Justin Glenn has a 30.57, both enough to break the worst ever record.
  • Which got me to thinking… best lifetime TBA, with at least 3 full seasons? Mark Gainey, with 11.03. 2nd is Tim Wasyluka with 11.16, 3rd is Jon Osborne with 11.82, 4th is Yours Truly with 12.01 and 5th is DMOsborne with 12.89
  • Tyler Campbell has a lifetime TBA of 11.5, good enough for third all time, but only has two seasons to speak of. If his current 14.0 holds up, he’ll have a 12.33, good enough for 5th before factoring in other’s TBAs.
  • Jennifer still leads the all time regular season wins with 383, 17 away from the big Four-Oh-Oh.
  • Tad Roose keeps rolling his way to his first MVP crown. He passed Drew, storming into the Top 10 All Time, and at 328-216, he is five away from passing Big Eddy to become the highest ranking Non-Original DFC’er of all time. Oh yeah, and there’s this little thing of 40 straight regular season weeks at .500 or better.
  • Mark Gainey is only 3 away from 300, while Eddy Jr is five away. After that, we might wait until next season, because Lori is 17th all time, 34 away.
  • The race to 100 is almost complete, as this year’s DFC Sophomores try to hit the mark first… Gina Williams, DFC VI’s Rookie of the Year, is at 92 wins, while Tebe is at 90 and Jason Barnette is at 88.
  • To this year’s rookies, legend Vic Paschal is still the number to beat, with a 56-40 record, currently at 32nd all time. That’s the win total to reach for to be listed among the current players, not lost in the retired section. Gary the Idol is most likely to make it first, at 43 wins, he’s 14 away from passing it.
  • Out of six Deuce Bowls, only Shawn Sharp, Wookiee Fulaytar, Drew Morris, Tad Roose, Jenn Ernst, Eddy McBroom, Scotty Latta and Matt Latta have ever had the chance to play for it. Wookiee went there three times, with two championships, while Drew went twice with no title. Tad came out of both of his appearances with a title, Shawn won the first DFC title (to never see the postseason again), while Eddy, Jennifer and Scott came up short… and we know that Matt is the defending DFC champion.
  • I mention this because only Drew, Wookiee and Jennifer made it back to the postseason the following year after a Deuce Bowl appearance. Matt is on his way to becoming the fourth to do so.
  • Out of 24 division titles handed out in six full seasons, only Jennifer Ernst, Eddy McBroom, Justin Glenn, Mark Gainey, Tim Wasyluka, Lori Smith and Drew Morris have returned to the postseason the following year, with only Mark Gainey and Tim Wasyluka doing it as a division champion again.
  • Out of last year’s 6 division winners, Mark, Matt, Tommy, Drew, Tim and Scott, we may only see four of the six back, with Tommy and Scott in real trouble.
  • First round byes? Do they mean anything? In DFC III, the first year Byes were used, Eddy, Justin, Tim and Gainey had them… and none made it to the Final Four.
  • In DFC IV, Jennifer, Eddy Jr, Tad and Gainey had them… and this time, ALL four made it to the Final Four, where Tad went onto to beat Jennifer in the championship.
  • In DFC V, Drew, Justin, Lori and Gainey (again) had first round byes… and 50% made it, that being Drew and Gainey, to the Final Four… but it was Eddy and Wookiee, two wild cards, that went to Deuce Bowl V.
  • Finally, in DFC VI, Matt and Tommy, and Scott and Tim nabbed first round byes. And, again, 50% made it to the Final Four—that being Matt and Scott, who went on to Deuce Bowl VI.
  • One more thing… out of 5, count ‘em, 5 undefeated, 8-0 weeks, FOUR of them took place in Wild Card Weekend (Justin in DFC IV, Wookiee, Eddy and Michael in DFC V).
  • The other 8-0 week in the DFC Playoffs? When Tad Roose thrashed Jennifer Ernst with an 8-0 record in Deuce Bowl IV.
  • First round byes? A good break, or stops the momentum? You decide.