Monday, September 29, 2008

DFC IX Week Five Results

I'm not going to list Official Standings just yet... I wanted to give some people a chance to look at their weekly finish and correct me if I made a mistake. It was a busy weekend, and this was all done quickly between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The Week That Was
I, perhaps, have learned the secret to success in The DFC. Don't think about it too much. After all, I picked my games on Thursday morning, right before I sent out the reminder, then left two hours later. I checked scores on Saturday, while in line for Space Mountain, and again on Sunday, while awaiting "Its Tough To Be A Bug" to start. Got home last night, and lo and behold--I'm 7-1. And lo-er and behold-er... almost everyone else had a horrid weekend.

Yours Truly takes the fourth weekly win of Your Truly's career, but the first at 7-1! In 2nd, Scott Latta holds serve at 7-1, while Christopher Croyle comes charging back to go 6-2 for 3rd. In 4th, a tie between Joey Thornell and Sarah Hasha. Matt Latta proves his Great Bear of the Northdom by surviving the week almost unscathed, tying with Jay Turnbow, for 6th.

In 8th, Clif Render has a for-this-season-anyway rare good week at 5-3, while in 9th, Daniel Powell escapes a 4-4 week by getting to 5-3. In 10th, Ryan Sherman finishes the weekly top ten.
Also finishing
5-3: Garrett Cheney, Jenn Ernst
4-4: DMOsborne, Eddy Jr., Tom Johnson, Defending DFC Champion Drew Morris, Spawn of Wookiee, Trey Cartledge, Zack Graves, Matt Halpert, Jon Osborne, Sexy Beast Campbell
3-5: Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Barney, Tommy Mac, Lenning, Tebe Shaw, Big Eddy, The Big Wasyluka, Hawbaker, Mackey, The unMighty Gainey, Jason Roberts, Mikey Nipp, Bradley Pinky, Jason Duren, Gina "Wife of Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose
2-6: JustFish, Lori Beirne

Matt Latta, 30-10 (17.5)
Joey Thornell, 26-14 (9.6)
DMOsborne, 23-17 (7.0)
Justin Fisher, 22-18 (15.25)
Clif Render, 19-21 (14.2)

Eddy Jr, 26-14 (13.8)
Ryan Sherman, 25-15 (20.5)
Jason Barnette, 23-17 (24.6)
Tad Roose, 21-19 (16.6)
Garrett Cheney, 21-19 (11-13)

Jennifer Ernst, 29-11 (15.6)
Tommy McLeod, 271-3 (13.2)
Tebe Shaw, 26-14 (18.2)
Tom Johnson, 22-18 (10.0)
Jonathan Lenning, 20-20 (13.6)

Trey Cartledge, 29-10 (10.8)
AJ Fulaytar, 27-13 (16.8)
Tim Wasyluka, 26-14 (16.8)
Eddy McBroom, 24-16 (14.4)
Drew Morris, 23-17 (16.0)

Jason Turnbow, 27-13 (13.2)
Zack Graves, 26-14 (13.25)
Sarah Hasha, 25-15 (8.75)
James Hawbaker, 23-17 (12.75)
Ken Mackey, 20-20 (15.2)

Yours Truly, 33-7 (11.6)
Matt Halpert, 26-14 (12.75)
Jason Roberts, 24-16 (7.8)
Mark Gainey, 24-16 (11.75)

Daniel Powell, 28-12 (6.2)
Bradley Pinkerton, 25-15 (11.2)
Mikey Nipp, 23-17 (10.2)
Jason Duren, 21-19 (19.4)
Christopher Croyle, 20-20 (16.0)

Scotty Latta, 29-11 (16.4)
Lori Beirne, 26-14 (12.2)
Jonathan Osborne, 26-14 (21.25)
Gina Roose, 21-19 (13.2)
Tyler Campbell, 21-19 (20.0)

1. Yours Truly, 33-7 (11.6) (LW 1)
2. Matta Latta, 30-10 (17.5) (LW 6)
3. Trey Cartledge, 29-11 (10.8) (2)
4. Jenn Ernst, 29-11 (15.6) (5)
5. Scotty Latta, 29-11 (16.4) (NR-13)
6. Daniel Powell, 28-12 (6.2) (7)
7-tie. Tommy Mac, 27-13 (13.2) (4)
7-tie. Jason Turnbow, 27-13 (13.2) (NR-18th)
9. AJ Fulaytar, 27-13 (16.8) (8)
10. Joey Thornell, 26-14 (9.6) (NR-22nd... first appearance)
11. Lori Beirne, 26-14 (12.2) (3)
12. Matt Halpert, 26-14 (12.75) (10)
dropped out: Eddy Jr (12)... Tebe Shaw (9)... Bradley Pinkerton (10)

Florida State 39, Colorado 21
Notre Dame 38, Purdue 21
8. Alabama 41, 3. Georgia 30
12. Penn State 38, 22. Illinois 24
Cleveland 20, Cincinnati 12 (tiebreak game, 32 total points)
Tampa Bay 30, Green Bay 21
NYJets 56, Arizona 35
Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 20 OT

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics Returns Next Week with new updates on the 500-win club, new streaks, who's hot, who's not and your mid-season grade report.

DFC IX Week Six Games

I'm back from The Happiest Place on Earth! You'll see results between Tuesday and Thursday, with results sent out on The DFC Reminder on Thursday. Here's the games leading up to the MIDPOINT of the season. Wow.

I don't know anyone's record this week, except for myself--I'm 6-1, leading into the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game.

ACC Battle!
Florida State Seminoles (3-1) at Miami Hurricanes (2-2), 230p, ABC

SEC Battle!
13. Auburn Tigers (4-1) at 19 Vanderbilt 'Dores (4-0), 5pm, ESPN

PAC-10 Battle!
23. Oregon Ducks (4-1) at 9. USC Trojans (2-1), 7pm

Big 10 Battle!
14. Ohio State Buckeyes (4-1) at 18. Wisconsin Badgers (3-1), 7pm

NFL Games
Seattle Seahawks (1-2) at NYGiants (3-0), 12pm, Fox

Washington Redskins (3-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (2-2), 12pm Fox

Tennessee Titans (4-0) at Baltimore Ravens (2-1), 12pm, CBS

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) at Denver Broncos (3-1), 305p, Fox

TieBreak Game
Total points scored of Auburn/Vanderbilt game.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DFC IX Week Four Results

The Week That Was
She'd won three as Lori Smith, but as the married Lori Beirne, this is her first weekly win... and her 2nd undefeated week. Strangely enough, despite her 3 previous weekly wins, her first undefeated week was in Week 6 of DFC VII, and she came up 2nd to Tad "The Dynasty" Roose's 8-0.

Its been a long time since Michael Nipp has seen some good news in the DFC, but perhaps his 7-1 record, good enough for 2nd this week, will be his springboard. In 3rd comes a three way tie between Yours Truly, Tommy Mac and young AJ Fulaytar, all at 7-1. In 6th, another surprise as Sarah Hasha manages a 7-1 record.

In 7th for the week is another stellar week from Daniel Powell, at 7-1, and in 8th is Turnbow, at 6-2. In 9th is rookie Jason Roberts, while finishing up the Week Four Top Ten is rookie Bradley Pinkerton, at 6-2.

Also finishing:
6-2: The Great Bear of the North Division Matt Latta, Joey Thornell, Eddy Jr, Jenn Ernst, Tebe Shaw, Drew Morris, Eddy Mac, Trey Cartledge, Hawbaker, Zack Graves, Matt Halpert
5-3: DMOsborne, JustFish, Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Garrett Cheney, Barney, Tom Johnson, Jonathan Lenning, Tim Wasyluka, Jason Duren, Jon Osborne, Tyler "Sexy Beast of the DFC" Campbell, The Mighty Gainey
4-4: Ryan Sherman, Gina "Married to Tad 'The Dynasty' Roose" Roose, Chris Croyle, Mackey
3-5: Clif Render

North Division
Perhaps it was a vision that caused Matt Latta to nickname himself "The Great Bear of the North", but years later, it fits, as he continues to own the North--again. Joey is finally playing up to potential, as is Justin, while DMOsborne continues his New Orleans Saints-like "he should be better this year" display of football prognostication. And what the heck happened to Clif? Playoff spot to bottom feeder? Wow.
Matt Latta, 24-8 (19.33)
Joey Thornell, 20-12 (10.75)
Justin Fisher, 20-12 (18.67)
DMOsborne, 19-13 (8.75)
Clif Render, 14-18 (17.5)

East Division
Somehow it just feels right to have a McBroom atop some standings, and Eddy Jr is finally there, doing what Pop has been unable to do for several seasons. Barney and Ryan are there together, both with ridiculous TBAs, while Tad is doing his best to stay out of Garrett's backyard, aka, The Cellar.
Eddy Jr, 22-10 (15.5)
Ryan Sherman, 20-12 (23.75)
Jason Barnette, 20-12 (27.5)
Tad Roose, 18-14 (18.0)
Garrett Cheney, 16-16 (21.75)

South Division
It doesn't happen every year, but when Tommy is on his game, its rough for everyone else. It feels like old times, with he and Jennifer battling it out, while Tebe, after starting slower, is keeping a game behind. Tom is trying to keep his record above .500 heading into the mid-season weeks, while rookie Jonathan still is bouncing back from that devestating 0-8 miss early on.
Tommy McLeod, 24-8 (14.25)
Tebe Shaw, 23-9 (18.75)
Jennifer Ernst, 22-8 (18.0)
Tom Johnson, 18-14 (14.75)
Jonathan Lenning, 17-15 (16.25)

West Division
Another week, another game Trey leads by, though the Spawn of Wookiee, little AJ manages to throw up on the right teams. Its pretty tight between AJ, The Big Wasyluka and Papa Eddy Mack, while reigning DFC Champ Drew Morris is having the championship hangover it seems.
Trey Cartledge, 25-7 (11.5)
AJ Fulaytar, 23-9 (18.0)
Tim Wasyluka, 22-10 (17.33)
Eddy McBroome, 21-11 (14.75)
Drew Morris, 19-13 (16.75)

North Division
Big Zack showing some muscles in the division, now that he's out from under Osbornes, Lattas and Beirne's shadow. And I call it right here--Sarah Hasha makes the playoffs this season. Bank on it.
Zack Graves, 22-10 (19.25)
Jason Turnbow, 21-11 (12.0)
James Hawbaker, 20-12 (14.67)
Sarah Hasha, 19-13 (13.5)
Mackey, 17-15 (15.75)

East Division
Okay, first, I am under no illusion that this success will continue. But if it does, I'm going to start sending my picks to my DFC Admin deFacto, Mikey Nipp, to assure all that its not skullduggary, but that I'm actually doing well this year. This year, in the TOUGHEST division in the DFC. Trust me, if I was stacking the deck, I would not have placed myself in with the likes of Gainey, Halpert and the rookie Roberts.
Yours Truly, 26-6 (13.25)
Matt Halpert, 22-10 (11.0)
Jason Roberts, 21-11 (9.0)
The Mighty Gainey, 21-11 (11.67)

South Division
Boy, I don't know what happened with Daniel, but wow, he's rocking. In a division I expected to see Duren and Nipp go back and forth, its been Powell and rookie Pinky all the way.
Daniel Powell, 23-9 (7.25)
Bradley Pinkerton, 22-10 (11.0)
Mikey Nipp, 20-12 (9.5)
Jason Duren, 18-14 (22.5)
Chris Croyle, 14-18 (19.75)

West Division
Shocker. Lori's undefeated week thrust her into the top of the division. That puts the divisional leaders Scotty and Osborne in 2nd, while Gina is actually better than her Dynastic husband this week. And there's Tyler.
Lori Beirne, 24-8 (14.25)
Scott Latta, 22-10 (16.75)
Jonathan Osborne, 22-10 (25.67)
Gina Roose, 18-14 (15.25)
Tyler Campbell, 17-15 (23.3)

Rank, Record, (TBA), (Last Week)
1. Yours Truly, 26-6 (13.25) (2)
2. Trey Cartledge, 25-7 (11.5) (1)
3-tie. Lori Beirne, 24-8 (14.25) (NR)
3-tie. Tommy McLeod, 24-8 (14.25) (5)
5. Jennifer Ernst, 24-8 (18.0) (3)
6. Matt Latta, 24-8 (19.33) (4)
7. Daniel Powell, 23-9 (7.25) (9)
8. AJ Fulaytar, 23-9 (18.0) (NR)
9. Tebe Shaw, 23-9 (18.75) (7)
10-tie. Matt Halpert, 22-10 (11.0) (10)
10-tie. Bradley Pinkerton, 22-10 (11.0) (11)
12. Eddy Jr, 22-10 (15.5) (NR)
dropped out: Tim Wasyluka (6)... Jonathan Osborne (8)... Mark Gainey (12)

(4) Florida 30, Tennessee 6
(18) Wake Forest 12, (24) Florida State 3
Vanderbilt 23, Ole Miss 17
(6) LSU 26, (10) Auburn 21 (Tiebreak game, 47 points)
Seattle 17, St Louis 13
San Francisco 31, Detroit 13
Dallas 27, Green Bay 16
San Diego 49, NYJets 28

DFC Fantasy League
Play... Lori Beirne. She's hot right now, on a great streak, and has the consistancy to keep moving.
Play... Bradley Pinkerton. He's underrated and overlooked, yet has really kept pace in his tough division
Play... Michael Nipp. He might not bring you an 8-0 week, but overall, he's been good for the 4 and 5 win weeks.
Bench... Daniel Powell. How long can he keep this pace up? Be careful, he's due for a crash.
Bench... Ryan Sherman. Beginning to show some signs of wear and tear on his record.
Bench... The Mighty Gainey. Can't believe I'm saying that, because he was always a "PLAY", easily. Not this year. He's no longer the dependable 6+ win week you want.
Trade... Jason Duren. As fast as you can. Sinking ship. Division champ last year, doesnt look like he's got the wherewithal to do it again.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics... is on a 2 week hiatus. I know, I know, its my favorite part too, but its a busy two weeks, and I want to give ample time to get all the stats in that you only care about if you see your name!

DFC IX Week Five Games

Another undefeated week, Daniel Powell completes a third straight unbelievable week, and a change is gonna come at the top of the DFC Power Poll... coming up on the DFC Results...

Now, the games--

Colorado Buffalos (3-0) at Florida State Seminoles (2-1), 230p, ABC
I looked at this game long and hard, trying to decide what to do. Bottom line is, its an intriguing game, two different styles, two different kind of coaches, one team exceeding expectations, the other falling far short. You figure out who is who. Truth be told, I picked it mostly because it will be a split on picks in the league, and I have no idea who might win this game.

Purdue Boilermakers (2-1) at Notre Dame Fightin' Catholics (2-1), 230, NBC
Purdue took Oregon to the brink a while ago, while Notre Dame manhandled a bad Michigan team, only to be handled man-like by Michigan State.

8. Alabama Crimson Sabans (4-0) at 3. Georgia Dawgs (4-0), 645, ESPN
I remember someone (probably a Latta or an Osborne) predicting at least 7 Alabama games on the DFC roster. At the beginning of the season, I scoffed. Seven? No way. Now? Alabama is... well, they're pretty good. And this game looks a heckuva lot better now than it did in August. And I think the Fightin' Sabans win this.

22. Illinois Fightin' Illini (2-1) at 12. Penn State Nittany Lions (4-0), 7pm, ABC
Zooker was never this good when coaching the Go Gators... and I'm taking odds on whether Jo Pa is actually dead, and just being propped up, a'la Bernie and his weekend.

NFL Games
Arizona Cardinals (2-1) at NYJets (2-1), 12pm, Fox
You might keep wondering, whats the appeal of the J-E-T-S Favre Favre Favre this year... well, they keep playing interesting games. Like the Bama game, this wasn't very interesting until now, when the Cards started Warner and started 2-1.

Green Bay Packers (2-1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1), 12pm, Fox
See above note.

Clevelend Browns (0-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (0-3), 12pm, CBS
Just for fun, this would be a great tiebreak game. Will the offense show up? Will the defense show up? Will they declare the team that gets off the bus first the winner? Yay! Its the Crap O' the Week!

Baltimore Ravens (2-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1), ESPN, Monday Night
I don't know enough about either team, really, to make any sort of intelligent comment here. For that matter, copy this sentence and paste it under every game in this email.

Tiebreak Game
Yes. Cincy Bengals vs Cleveland Browns. Total points scored. Doesn't matter how they are scored.

Just a note... I will be leaving town on Thursday afternoon. I will send out the DFC Reminder on Thursday, but depending on whether the hotel has internet access or not, you may not see Week Six Games until early Tuesday morning, nor see any results posted on the DFC Website until Tuesday or Wednesday. Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

DFC IX Week Four

DFC Games

4. Florida Go Gators (2-0) at Tennessee Volunteers (1-1), 230p CBS
Who knows. Its the SEC.

18. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (2-0) at 24. Florida State Seminoles (2-0), 6p ESPN2
Remember when we wouldn't ever pick this game because everyone knew that FSU would blow out the Deacons?

Vanderbilt 'Dores (3-0) at Ole Miss Runnin' Rebels (2-1), 6pm
Can it be true? The Dores are not only favored, but they could be 4-0. DFC Trap game. Pick 'em.

6. LSU Tigers (2-0) at 10. Auburn Tigers (3-0), 645p ESPN
Lucky for LSU, their game with Troy was pushed back due to Hurricane Ike. Think of the emotional drain a loss to the Trojans would have given them.

NFL Games
St. Louis Rams (0-2) at Seattle Seahawks (0-2), 305p, Fox
Gosh these teams are terrible.... Crap O'the Week!!

Detroit Lions (0-2) at San Francisco 49ers (1-1), 305p, Fox
These teams are pretty terrible too... Crap O'the Week Double Feature!

Dallas Cowboys (1-0) at Green Bay Packers (2-0), 715p, NBC
The Cowboys play Philly tomorrow (monday) night, so their record will be adjusted.

NYJets (1-1) at San Diego (0-2), Chargers MONDAY, 730p, ESPN
Could San Diego be the best 0-2 team like, ever? How is this possible?

Tiebreak Game
LSU at Auburn, total points scored

Saturday, September 13, 2008

DFC IX Week Three Results

Week Three in the DFC, Season 9

The Week That Was
It's been a long, long time. Too long, in fact, but Daniel Powell takes the week, his third of his career, at a 7-1 record. Its also worthy of note that he's missed the TB score by 1 the past two weeks... his current TBA? 1.0. Look for this information in the upcoming Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics...

Also, who holds the record for the most weeks between weekly wins? Its not Daniel, though he came close.

Finishing 2nd for the week... Zack Graves goes 7-1, but comes up short in the TB area, while Tebe Shaw also gets a 7-1, in 3rd this week. Joey Thornell and The Mighty Gainey tie up for 4th at 6-2, while Trey Cartledge continues his early season dominance, finishing 6-2 for 6th. Its possible that this might be his gauntlet laid down for MVP.

In 7th, Tom Johnson and Gina Roose both have much, much needed big weeks, 6-2, while in 9th, a three way tie rounds out the Weekly Top Ten, with Matt Halpert, Jenn Ernst and Jonathan Lenning, all at 6-2.

Also finishing:
6-2: Yours Truly, Hawbaker, Matt Latta, Jonathan Osborne, Barney
5-3: Ryan Sherman, Eddy Jr, Tommy McLeod, Eddy Mac, Spawn of Wookiee, Sarah Hasha, Turnbow, Jason Roberts, Mikey Nipp, Bradley Pinkerton, Jason Duren, Scott Latta, Tyler Campbell
4-4: DMOsborne, Justin Fisher, Garrett Cheney, The Big Wasyluka, Lori Sunshine
3-5: Tad "The Dynasty" Roose, Clifton Render, Drew Morris, Mackey
0-8: Chris Croyle

I missed JustFish's record two weeks in a row--so please double check yours and shoot me an email if something is awry!

North Division
Matt Latta, 18-6 (17.5)
Justin Fisher, 15-9 (14.5)
DMOsborne, 14-10 (6.0)
Joey Thornell, 14-10 (6.67)
Clif Render, 11-13 (15.33)

East Division
Eddy Jr, 16-8 (15.33)
Ryan Sherman, 16-8 (26.33)
Jason Barnette, 15-9 (29.33)
Tad Roose, 13-11 (17.11)
Garrett Cheney, 11-13 (25.0)

South Division
Jennifer Ernst, 18-6 (16.33)
Tommy McLeod, 17-7 (13.33)
Tebe Shaw, 17-7 (19-33)
Tom Johnson, 13-11 (10.0)
Jonathan Lenning, 12-12 (15.33)

West Division
Trey Cartledge, 19-5 (8.67)
Tim Wasyluka, 17-7 (18.0)
AJ Fulaytar, 16-8 (22.0)
Eddy McBroom, 15-9 (14.33)
Drew Morris, 13-11 (18.33)

North Division
Zack Graves, 16-8 (15.67)
Jason Turnbow, 15-9 (17.0)
James Hawbaker, 14-10 (19.0)
Ken Mackey, 13-11 (15.67)
Sarah Hasha, 12-12 (10.0)

East Division
Yours Truly, 19-5 (12.0)
Matt Halpert, 16-8 (10.0)
Mark Gainey, 16-8 (12.5)
Jason Roberts, 15-9 (9.0)

South Division
Daniel Powell, 16-8 (1.0)
Bradley Pinkerton, 16-8 (11.0)
Mikey Nipp, 13-11 (12.0)
Jason Duren, 13-11 (22.0)
Chris Croyle, 10-14 (21.0)

West Division
Jon Osborne, 17-7 (27.5)
Lori Beirne, 16-8 (12.67)
Scott Latta, 16-8 (17.67)
Gina Roose, 14-10 (10.33)
Tyler Campbell, 12-12 (20.0)

The DFC Power Poll Top 12
Rank, Record, (TBA) (Last Week)
1. Trey Cartledge, 19-5 (8.67) (1)
2. Yours Truly, 19-5 (12.0) (2)
3. Jennifer Ernst, 18-6 (16.33) (6)
4. Matt Latta, 18-6 (17.5) (7)
5. Tommy McLeod, 17-7 (13.33) (4)
6. Tim Wasyluka, 17-7 (18.0) (3)
7. Tebe Shaw, 17-7 (19.33) (NR)
8. Jon Osborne, 17-7 (27.5) (NR)
9. Daniel Powell, 16-8 (1.0) (NR)
10. Matt Halpert, 16-8 (10.0) (NR)
11. Bradley Pinkerton, 16-8 (11.0) (8)
12. Mark Gainey, 16-8 (12.5) (NR)
dropped out: Lori Beirne (5), Eddy Jr (9), Justin Fisher (10), Scott Latta (11), AJ Fulaytar (12)

(19) South Florida 37, (13) Kansas 34
(18) Brigham Young 59, UCLA 0
(1) USC 35, (5) Ohio State 3
(10) Wisconsin 13, (21) Fresno State 10
Carolina 20, Chicago 17
Buffalo 20, Jacksonville 16
New England 19, NYJets 10 (tiebreak game, 29 points total)
Dallas 41, Philadelphia 37

And... The Bottom Five
35. Jonathan Lenning (12-12)... 36. Tyler Campbell, (12-12)... 37. Clif Render (11-13)... 38. Garrett Cheney (11-13)... 39. Chris Croyle (10-14)

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • Daniel Powell has a 1.0 Tiebreak average. While its not likely to hold much longer, its still remarkable in that the first three weeks of the season, he's been no more than 3 off the TB. I personally don't have records--well, I do, but I am not looking that closely into it--to see if this is a record, but its gotta be close.
  • The lowest TBA for a career? Tim Wasyluka. His TBA of 11.7 over his 6 season career edges out Mark Gainey's 11.79, over the same time.
  • Jon Osborne and James Hawbaker tie for 3rd lifetime, with a 12.5, over 7 and 3 seasons respectively.
  • For a single season, one of the longest and oldest records in DFC history... Michael Nipp had an 8.2 in DFC I, waaaay back in 2000, and its never been topped. The following season, Tim Wasyluka came close with a 8.27, but since then, only one person has even had a 8.99 or below TBA for the year---James Hawbaker at 8.55, in his rookie year of DFC VI
  • For an entire season, I've seen that a 9.99 and under TBA is actually pretty rare.... as mentioned, Hawbaker did it once. Tim Wasyluka did it in DFC III and IV (8.27 & 9.82)... Mark Gainey did it once, in DFC V (9.0)... Wookiee Fulaytar did it once in DFC III (9.55)... Michael Nipp did it only once, as mentioned above... DMOsborne did it twice, DFC I (9.5) and DFC III (9.82)... Jennifer Ernst did it in DFC I (9.5)... and Big Eddy did it in DFC VII (9.09). And thats it.
  • As mentioned in the email, Daniel has waited a long while for another weekly win. He got himself his 3rd career weekly win, but the first since DFC IV, Week 7. His first came in DFC II, Week 1, where he went 8-0.
  • While Daniel's 55 weeks without a win seemed like a while, keep in mind that last week, The Big Wasyluka broke a 62 week dry spell by winning the week.
  • The record? Tommy McLeod. With last week's non-weekly-win, its his 80th week without at least share of the victory. He last got a piece of it in DFC II, Week 7, when he shared the victory with Jason Quinn. Two weeks earlier was when he won the week outright, giving him 82 weeks since a real weekly win.
  • Lastly... way to cross 400, Scotty Latta!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

DFC IX Week Three

So... its on for Monday night's NFL game... someone will win the week at 8-0. If Minnesota beats Green Bay, Lori "Sunshine" Beirne goes undefeated and will win her 4th weekly win of her career, but it would be the first win since Week 8 of DFC V (2004).

If Green Bay beats Minnesota, The Big Wasyluka takes the week, for only the 2nd of his career, and his first undefeated week. Check out The DFC Blogspot for updated results Monday night!

All rankings are from AP Poll, all times CST

13 Kansas Jayhawks (2-0) at 19 South Florida Bulls (2-0), FRIDAY NIGHT, 7p, ESPN2
I love South Florida, what can I say... when I made the leap from full-on Auburn fan to parttime Auburn fan and full-on Florida fan, I considered jumping to South Florida instead... especially since the bandwagon is just beginning to sell some tickets. And Kansas? Really? This should be, really, a pretty good ballgame.

UCLA Bruins (1-0) at 18. Brigham Young Fightin' Mormons (1-0), 230p, regional
Let's be honest, whether they would have won in overtime, ridiculous penalty or not, BYU should have never been in a position to lose the game to Washington. Plain and simple. So, after UCLA beat up on Tennessee, I'm intrigued by this game. Is Tennessee good enough to say UCLA had a "good" win? Or did UCLA beat up on a overrated Vols team? And is BYU not as good, or is Washington better? Can I keep my hot streak going, beating both Halpert and Gainey? These things must be sorted out.

5 Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0) at 1 USC Trojans (1-0), 7p, ABC
Trap game! Trap game! By all accounts, USC should blow out the Buckeyes by at least 30 points... but its interesting to see, first, who will chance it with Ohio State, and secondly, who will actually pay enough attention to college football to know who they should pick in this game

10 Wisconsin Badgers (2-0) at 21 Fresno State Bulldogs (1-0), 930p, ESPN2
It was between this and Auburn/Mississippi State, because with both games, we're likely to get a rush of everyone picking the same team... except for a few people who, if they are right, are likely to gain a game over everyone. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. And Fres is at home.

Chicago Bears (1-0) at Carolina Panthers (1-0), 12pm, Fox
So, the Bears beat Indy, when they weren't supposed to. Then the Panthers beat the Chargers on a last second play, when they weren't supposed to. One of these teams, expected to not contend, will be 2-0

Buffalo Bills (1-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1), 12p, CBS
Did you see the Bills this weekend? They actually looked really, really good. And the Jaguars looked decent, though Tennessee edged 'em out.

New England Patriots (1-0) at NY J-E-T-S Jetsjetsjets (1-0), 315p, CBS
Tom Brady. That's all you need to know. If you don't know what I mean, then this will be a long DFC season for you. FYI, depending on what happens with Tom, you can change your NFL picks during the week... but only Saturday's first college game kicks off... yes, I know Friday night is the first game, but I give you the Saturday deadline.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) at Dallas Cowboys (1-0), MONDAY NIGHT, ESPN
Always exciting when these two tie up, especially since it seems that McNabb is "back", whatever that means.

New England vs NY Jets. Total points scored in this game.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

DFC IX Week Two Results

The Week That Was
It came down to an interception with a minute left, and with it, it not only secured Green Bay's win over Minnesota, but also Tim Wasyluka's 2nd career weekly win (his first was DFC VI, Week 3) and he takes it with his first undefeated week.

Trey Cartledge continues his early season dominance, finishing 2nd this time around, at 7-1, while Yours Truly once again finishes behind Trey, for 3rd at 7-1. Tebe Shaw gets 4th for the week, Lori "Sunshine" Beirne and Clif Render ties for 5th, and Jennifer Ernst gets 8th, all at 7-1

Coming in 9th is rookie Jonathan Lenning at 6-2, while rounding out the Weekly Top Ten is DMOsborne, also at 6-2.

Also Finishing:
6-2: Matt Latta, Tad Roose, Ryan Sherman, Eddy Jr, Tommy McLeod, Drew Morris, Big Eddy, Hawbaker, Turnbow, Mackey, The Mighty Gainey, Chris Croyle, Jon Osborne, Scott Latta
5-3: Garrett Cheney, Jason Barnett, Tom Johnson, AJ Fulaytar, Sarah Hasha, Zack Graves, Matt Halpert, Jason Roberts, Daniel Powell, Tyler Campbell, Gina Roose
4-4: JustFish, Joey Thornell, Michael Nipp
3-5: Jason Duren

(5) Florida 26, Miami 3 (tiebreak game, total points 29)
(20) Wake Forest 30, Ole Miss 28
Georgia Tech 19, Boston College 16
Texas A&M 28, New Mexico 22
Tennessee 17, Jacksonville 10
New Orleans 24, Tampa Bay 20
Pittsburgh 38, Houston 17
Green Bay 24, Minnesota 19

The Gainey Conference
North Division
Matt Latta, 12-4
DMOsborne, 10-6
Justin Fisher, 9-7
Joey Thornell, 8-8
Clif Render, 8-8

Eddy Jr, 11-5
Ryan Sherman, 11-5
Tad Roose, 10-6
Jason Barnette, 9-7
Garrett Cheney, 7-9

Tommy McLeod, 12-4
Jennifer Ernst, 12-4
Tebe Shaw, 10-6
Tom Johnson, 9-7
Jonathan Lenning, 6-10

Trey Cartledge, 13-3
Tim Wasyluka, 13-3
AJ Fulaytar, 11-5
Drew Morris, 10-6
Eddy McBroom, 10-6

Mackey, 10-6
Jason Turnbow, 10-6
Zack Graves, 9-7
James Hawbaker, 8-8
Sarah Hasha, 7-9

Yours Truly, 13-3
Jason Roberts, 10-6
Mark Gainey, 10-6
Matt Halpert, 10-6

Bradley Pinkerton, 11-5
Chris Croyle, 10-6
Daniel Powell, 9-7
Michael Nipp, 8-8
Jason Duren, 8-8

Lori Beirne, 12-4
Scott Latta, 11-5
Jon Osborne, 11-5
Gina Roose, 8-8
Tyler Campbell, 7-9

Rank, Record, (last week)
1. Trey Cartledge, 13-3 (1)
2. Yours Truly, 13-3 (2)
3. Tim Wasyluka, 13-3 (12)
4. Tommy McLeod, 12-4 (3)
5. Lori Beirne, 12-4 (6)
6. Jennifer Ernst, 12-4 (8)
7. Matt Latta, 12-4 (5)
8. Bradley Pinkerton, 11-5 (NR)
9. Eddy Jr, 11-5 (10)
10. Scott Latta, 11-5 (NR)
11. AJ Fulaytar, 11-5 (4)
12. Ryan Sherman, 11-5 (NR)
dropped out: Jason Roberts (7), Matt Halpert (9), Jason Duren (11)

TieBreak Drop
Used theirs in Week One: Matt Latta, JustFish, Hawbaker, The Mighty Gainey, Jonathan Osborne, Tyler Campbell
Used theirs this past week: Matt Halpert (though your record is reflected with your TB in it)

The History of Week Two
Here's a look back at who's won Week Two in past DFC Seasons... starting with DFC I, Wookiee Fulaytar and Brook DeRamus each claimed it at 6-2. In II, Big Vic Paschal won with 7-1. In III, Wookiee Fulaytar got it again at 6-2. In IV, Jason Demastus won with 7-1. In V, Big Tom Johnson won at 7-1. In VI, Jason Duren won, 6-2. With VII, Tebe Shaw won it with 7-1, and last year, VIII, Ty Coffey won it with a 6-2 record.

Lies, Darn Lies & Statistics
  • Though it didn't seem like that big of a week for some, looking back, it ranks as one of the most successful week in DFC history. Out of 39 people, only one had a losing record (Jason Duren, 3-5), and three had a 4-4 record (Joey Thornell, JustFish, Mikey Nipp), and everyone else? 5-3, 6-2, 7-1, and yes, 8-0
  • For The Big Wasyluka, it was a huge week. He got his first undefeated week, and vaulted from 12th to 3rd in the DFC Power Poll, only behind Trey Cartledge and Yours Truly via TBA
  • For Trey, the success continues. Starting slowly last year (3 of the first 5 weeks were losing efforts), he finished huge, got to the Final Four, and considering this week's 7-1 record, in the last three regular season weeks, he's 20-4. And if you think I'm trying to jinx him by saying this, well... you're right.
  • I have to feel for poor Tyler Campbell, however. Now in his fifth season, he's never posted above a 55 win season, never been to the playoffs, and typically is out of contention by Week 7 or 8. His roommates include Trey, who we discussed above, in his 3rd season, and two DFC rookies, Bradley Pinkerton, who just popped into The DFC Power Poll at #8 (Tyler has spent a total of 4 weeks in the DFC Power Poll, the last being Week 5 of DFC VII) and Jonathan Lenning, who is at 6-10, but that includes an 0-8 non-respondant week. Could the DFC Veteran of the apartment be the low guy on the DFC pole already?
  • Daniel Powell deserves props this week two. Last week he was off on the TB by 1. This week, he was off by 1. Add those two together, divide by 2, and you have his TBA.. 1.0. I don't have the stats on such week to week TBAs, but thats mucho impressive.
  • All time wins & losses... Eddy Jr and Jonathan Osborne become the next two to join the 400 club.
  • Michael Nipp breaks another record, of infamy. With his latest 4-4 record, he now officially has the most losses in DFC history, with 343. He now the only DFC'er with at least 300 wins to have less than 100 between his wins and losses, at 433-343.
  • Don't laugh, Big Tom Johnson. You're second on that list with 338 losses, and exactly 100 separate your record, at 438-338.
  • Over in the College Catagory, division title holder James Hawbaker got to the 100 college wins mark. Sarah Hasha is 2 away from 200, while 300 is still a bit away. Jennifer looks like she'll get there first, while Yours Truly and Matt Latta are trailing behind.